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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  February 20, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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right now at 11:00, bay area ukrainians on edge as tensions in eastern europe continue to rise. but now there's a last-ditch effort to diplomacy to stop the invasion. the new agreement between president biden and president putin. also it's the lone holdout in one bay area county. the city still requiring masks be worn indoors, and why that could change in a matter of days. plus rising sea levels could cost you more. we investigate how climate change could raise the cost of homeowners' insurance. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney.
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>> and i'm audrey asistio. tensions in eastern europe appear to be getting closer to a boiling point. tonight the u.s. is warning the united nations it believes russia has plans to kill and arrest certain ukrainians after an invasion. here's a look in kyiv where it's just after 9:00 in the morning on a monday. nbc news has obtained a letter sent to the u.n. high commissioner for human rights. it indicates, russian forces are creating lists of critics and vulnerable populations in ukraine to kill or send to camps following a military occupation. late tonight, president biden agreed in principle to a meeting with russian president vladimir putin only if russia doesn't launch an invasion. white house sources tell nbc news a final decision on a summit will only be made only after talks between the secretary of state and russia's foreign minister. earlier today, president biden convened a rare sunday meeting of the national security council to discuss the latest developments regarding russia's military buildup on the borders
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of ukraine. here in the bay area, ukrainian americans are closely monitoring the situation. many fear for the safety of their loved ones overseas. nbc bay area's marianne favro continues our coverage. >> stand with ukraine. >> stand with ukraine! >> reporter: at a rally in san francisco, this man shares his concerns about the safety of his family in ukraine. >> i have a family in ukraine. most of us have families in ukraine, and putin is putting them at risk. >> reporter: across the bay area, the ukrainian community is growing more concerned about the dangers their families face in the hours and days ahead. this man says his parents are in ukraine. >> of course they are also concerned a lot. so for them, it's a very hard situation, but they are trying to be strong in this situation, and we need to defend. >> reporter: dr. katherine stoner is the moss bacher director of the center on
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democracy, development, and the rule of law at stanford. she says she believes a russian attack on ukraine is inevitable. >> there has been an uptick in shelling from the rebels toward ukraine, and so they're trying to create a sense of panic and crisis, and i think that's the pretext that mr. putin will use to send in more russian troops. >> reporter: she also says there may be a reason behind russia escalating military efforts this week. >> the fatherland day is tomorrow. mr. putin has repeatedly said that the ukrainians are committing genocide in eastern ukraine against russian-speaking people. of course that's not true, but it is a way to sort of heighten russian nationalism and perhaps get more popular support for this invasion. >> reporter: an invasion bay area ukrainians are praying
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won't happen. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. take a look at this. a similar demonstration in support of ukraine in washington, d.c. today. activists from across the country gathered at the lincoln memorial for a rally and march against russian aggression and for peace in the region. we are staying on top of this developing situation. when we're not on the air, you can get the latest updates on our website. just head to click on the link in our trending bar. an update right now on some breaking news in the south bay. police just gave the all-clear after a k-9 detected something suspicious in a locker outside the sap center. there was a that sharks game were stuck there for hours while police investigated. but, again, it is now all clear. taking you outside now for a live look at the golden gate bridge. so beautiful. if you stepped outside today, you probably noticed it's chilly out there. temperatures are going to drop even more. let's go ahead and bring in
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meteorologist rob mayeda now. rob, you're tracking this change in temps but also rain and maybe even snow in our bay area hills. >> yeah. another component right now we're seeing tonight is the wind. it is very gusty right now in san francisco. west at 17 miles per hour. earlier we had gusts up to 46 miles per hour at sfo. san mateo, sustained winds at 32. this is part of a weather system, a frontal boundary passing by to the east. what we're watching here for those low snow levels and showers, moving down from the pacific northwest, it is an inland track. so it doesn't have a lot of moisture with it, but look at that cold air surging southward as we get into tuesday. that's going to drive our snow levels down and also the weather system appears to be speeding up slightly. so now we've added shower chances tomorrow afternoon out of the north bay. then as we head towards this time tomorrow night, colder air arriving, which means increasing chances of snow as low as 2,000 to 3,000 feet heading into tuesday morning. we'll take a look at how much we're expecting out of this
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storm and the big changes heading towards the sierra for the middle part of the week coming up in about eight minutes. people in the south bay may have felt a little jolt. a 3.6 earthquake hit a few miles south of hollister around 9:00 tonight. no reports of any injuries or damage. now to a disturbing situation in san francisco. police are investigating the death of a 16-year-old girl who possibly overdosed. the girl was found just after 6:30 friday morning on mi in, na. she died at the scene. homicide detectives were brought in to lead the investigation. the girl hasn't been identified and there have been no arrests. our investigative unit is examining san francisco's deep-rooted problems. we're talking about homelessness, drug use, and mental health issues. our new series, saving san francisco, starts streaming february 28th. you can learn more by heading to
11:07 pm san francisco. san francisco mayor london breed opened up about the city's recent school board recall on "meet the press" this morning. voter overwhelmingly voted to oust three school board members last week who pursued progressive policies like renaming schools in the middle of the pandemic. some news outlets have been saying this is an example of even liberal voters being sick of so-called woke politics. mayor breed pushed back a bit against that idea this morning. >> not to say those other things around renaming schools and conversations around changes to our school district weren't important. but what was most important is the fact that our kids were not in the classroom. >> breed will be appointing new school board members, and she's looking for people who will focus on priorities such as learning loss, mental health challenges, and the budget deficit. as you know, communities across the bay area began unmasking indoors en masse after california rescinded statewide mask rules last week. but in solano county, vallejo is the only city still requiring
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face covering indoors. but that could soon change as nbc bay area's thom jensen reports. reaction is mixed. >> reporter: when the city council meets tuesday night to decide whether or not masks can come off indoors, the meeting will be held virtually, not in city hall, because city hall is closed due to high covid numbers in vallejo. vallejo has recorded nearly a third of all solano county's covid cases, more than 24,000. and with more than 75% of the county's icu beds occupied, some people say they're concerned. so should masks come off inside? >> i don't think we're quite there yet. >> reporter: tuesday night, the city council is expected to decide whether to keep the order requiring face coverings indoors and in enclosed spaces or rescind it and allow masks to come off. the rest of solano county has already followed the state and eased mask rules. but vallejo remains the holdout. >> i think it's time for us to make our own decisions. >> leave it up to people.
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>> reporter: others say it's time to do what governor newsom said last week and treat covid-19 like an endemic and not a pandemic. >> time to get back to normal, i feel. yes, i mean, if you feel unsafe, then go ahead and keep the mask on. >> most likely they're going to lift it. i think, again, it is a personal choice. and just because the mask mandate is over, in that sense, i'm still going to continue wearing it. >> reporter: a bar and grill owner told us that lifting the mandate will make life simpler for workers who have had to enforce mask rules. >> it's going to make it more easier and probably help us get the business better too. >> reporter: we also reached out to the mayor and city council members for comment but received no responses. in vallejo, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00, workers and shoppers at a south bay mall aren't happy about a new parking fee. and now they're taking action. dozens protested outside valley fair today. the mall says the new fee is to
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stop drivers from using its parking garages for things like commuting to work or going to the airport. for shoppers, the first two hours of parking is free. then it's $1 per hour maxing out at $10 per day. but workers now have to pay $40 for a monthly pass. >> making us pay to work, which doesn't make any sense, i feel like they just contrived up a lazy plan. they tried to lump us together with the customers because they didn't want to come up with a system to make it fair for us. >> in response to today's demonstration, valley fair said it supports the workers' rights to voice their opinions but the mall remains, quote, committed to our controlled parking lot. a follow-up to a story we've been covering all week, and it's the outcome we were hoping for. a woman missing in el sereno has been found safe and sound. she was found in west oakland. a woman recognized her from the fliers the family had been putting out and called the sister, she was in el seer eno
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visiting family. tonight she was found safe and sound. the search for another woman in the east bay continues, though. the family of alexis gabe is getting help from the class kids foundation. the 23-year-old hasn't been seen since january 26th. her car was found in oakley, the door open, the keys in the ignition. several volunteers are set to arrive on wednesday to help in the search effort and to raise awareness. coming up, if you live near water, chances are your flood insurance rates are going up all because of climate change. it doesn't matter if you don't believe in climate change. your insurance company does. >> we investigate how climate change and rising sea levels could drive up the cost of insurance for thousands of bay area homeowners. and we're tracking a big change in the weather. a chance of showers, lowering snow levels and highs by tuesday that could be close to that 49 degree temperature we're seeing right now in san jose. a closer look at your forecast when we come back in just 60 seconds.
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listen to this. two-thirds of all bay area homeowners who currently pay for flood insurance could see their rates go up because of rising sea levels. >> a senior investigator stephen stock joins us with how that might affect you. stephen. >> reporter: for the first time since the flood insurance program began in 1968, the federal emergency management agency, fema, has changed the way it calculates the risk that your home faces from possible flooding. and for the first time, fema will be taking into account sea level rise for that calculation. a decade or so ago, when many residents moved into this menlo park neighborhood located in the shadow of facebook headquarters in san francisco bay, their developer told them they would not need to buy flood insurance. >> they advised us that the house had been elevated to a specific height where flood insurance was not required. >> reporter: that's why when
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residents like claudia solis got this 2019 letter from fema, it came as a total shock. >> i was trying to understand how it was possible that there was no need for us to have flood insurance in the past and how all of a sudden it changed. >> reporter: under fema's calculations called risk rating 2.0, solis and many of her neighbors who never needed to buy flood insurance before suddenly have to according to fema's new flood maps. >> if you live near water, you are going to see your flood insurance go up. >> reporter: nick vin zant is senior analyst for quote wizard, a part lending tree. >> essentially what fema is doing, they're changing the way flood insurance is priced and regulated, and they're doing that because of climate change. >> reporter: vinzant's team estimates that 157,000 california homeowners who currently pay for flood insurance, 31,000 of them living here in the bay area, could see their rates go up because of rising sea levels.
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that's 3 out of every 4 property owners who currently hold flood insurance. >> it doesn't matter if you don't believe in climate change. your insurance company does. >> most definitely it is a factor. >> reporter: stevie loehmann is the national flood insurance specialist for fema region 9, which oversees operations in nine western states and territories. >> one of the goals of the rating system, the new rating system, is to make sure there's equity in the rates. >> reporter: the new flood rating, loehmann says, considers how close your home is to water, its elevation, replacement cost, as well as other variables, meaning that some homeowners' cost will go up while others could go down. >> is there more than one flooding source? how big is the flooding source? how high is this building elevated on the natural grade? >> reporter: loehmann points out that in the past under the program, a one size fits all model had owners of smaller homes often subsidizing
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beachfront mansions, and homes built at higher elevations often had to pay for flood insurance even though they were not at risk because the rest of the neighborhood was in a fema flood zone. >> there's opportunities to be more creative with how we live with flood risk in the future. >> reporter: kathy schaffer, who worked for fema for more than a decade before retiring, think she has a better idea. while researching her ph.d. thesis on flood insurance at uc davis, she became convinced that california should walk away from the national flood insurance program. so i got to be devil's advocate. isn't this the way insurance works? you pay in. maybe you pay more than your fair share, but down the road when you need it, then the money's there for you. isn't this how it's supposed to work? >> and that is how it should work. but over the long term, you should kind of equal out, right? so that's kind of why we have discounts for older drivers and people who are younger drivers
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pay more. >> reporter: schaffer's research shows that in the past 30 years, california homeowners paid in almost $5 billion more in flood insurance than they received back in claims. that's why she thinks the state should pull out of the national program and spend that money locally instead of nationally. >> my research is suggesting that one way to start is with a community-based insurance program where you pool the risk, and you pool the resources. >> is that a prudent course of action? >> well, i work for fema's national flood insurance program, so of course i'm going to not recommend that as an option. it does flood here, and people should be concerned, and they should have a conversation with their insurance agent about what the risk is. >> a lot of our neighbors are very upset. >> reporter: claudia solis still can't believe that she may now have to pay several thousand dollars a year for flood insurance when she's lived without it for more than a
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decade. right now schaffer's idea is just an academic exercise that one small community is considering implementing. it has yet to be tested or proven to work. fema's edie loehmann admits that the national flood insurance program has a long history of inequity and fairness issues. that's why she says this new risk rating 2.0 is so important and why it was developed to correct all of that. i'm stephen stock, nbc bay area news. >> stephen, thank you. if you have a story for stephen or anyone in our investigative unit, all you have to do is call 888-996-tips, or you can visit our website, happening this week, the city of hayward will raise the pan-african flag at city hall for the very first time. it's happening tuesday in celebration of black history month. the flag is a symbol of liberation for black people. one city council member says it could bring everyone together. >> the flag is not to divide us. it's to unite us, and it's to
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educate everyone of how important it is for the black community to feel empowered. we helped build this country, and it's important for all of hayward to recognize this population that is in desperate need of love and attention. >> the council plans on raising the flag for other important events throughout the year, like juneteenth. the flag raising ceremony is tuesday at noon, and it is open to the public. over the past 18 days, the world watched thousands of athletes compete in the winter olympics. after inspiring and making history, they are now heading home as the games have come to an end. you watched the closing ceremony hopefully right here on nbc bay area. american bobsledder elana meyers taylor carried the u.s. flag. she won a silver and bronze medal during these games. she was set to be the flag bearer at the opening ceremony, but she tested positive for covid. an amazing fireworks display was part of the ceremony. u.s. athletes are bringing home 25 medals total from beijing.
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also during the closing ceremony, the olympic flame was extinguished, officially ending the games. in less than two weeks, beijing will welcome athletes again. the paralympic games kick off march 4th. then in 2024, we'll have summer games along the seine. instead of taking place in a stadium, the opening ceremony will happen throughout paris. those games will also debut a new sport. ready for this, audrey? >> okay. >> you may medal in this. breakdancing. >> oh! >> and the next winter games will be here before we know it. the 2026 winter games going to be held in two italian cities. the official name of the competition is milano cortina. >> that's so exciting. >> now you know where it is. it's impossible to know who will be competing in 2026, but we can start to make some guesses right now. we posted an article with five athletes to look out for in milan. among them, the bay area's alysa liu. just head to let's go ahead and take a
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look at our weather. it's getting chilly out there. >> yes. we're still in winter coming our way over the next couple of days. we did see a bit of a cooldown today and gusty conditions on the coast tonight. san jose not too windy at 49 degrees. a little bit of that breeze getting into walnut creek at 47. san francisco still seeing winds out of the southwest from about 15 to 25 miles per hour. 48 degrees. on the map, the areas in orange along the coast over the peninsula, san francisco gusts at times up to 35 miles per hour. this will be a consistent theme. the hour by hour wind gust forecast, those winds will be ongoing. as they begin to change direction out of the north, that wind will have a little extra bite. it's going to be much colder out there with wind speeds still staying in that 15 to 30 miles per hour range. for the morning, 30s and 40s to start. unlike this weekend, we're not going to get out of the 50s as we head towards the afternoon. by lunchtime, low to mid-50s and pretty much staying there. now the showers coming in a bit earlier as this weather system
11:22 pm
speeds up as it heads down the coast. so here you go. hour by hour tomorrow, starting to see the first of the showers showing up along the coastal range, filling in after sundown. now, watch the color coding here around some of the north bay mountains and east of san jose, the hills south of livermore. those are snow showers. starting off near 3,000 feet, locally lower as we get into tuesday night, those could drop to as low as maybe about 2,000 feet. cold air aloft, but the issue with that much cold air is it tends to be pretty dry. it's not moving out over the ocean before swinging through the bay area. so rain totals don't look all that impressive. it's the precipitation type that could get very interesting as we go through the day on tuesday. as that cold air arrives, accumulating snow there, we expect around the diablo range, probably the higher peaks of the santa cruz mountains, and the higher mountains of the north bay as well. for the sierra, this is going to be a good snow event as we should see more than a foot of snow come down at elevations above 5,000 feet and locally lower down into the sierra foothills too as the low snow
11:23 pm
levels will be found there. after tuesday, things should settle down. we do have a chance of maybe seeing some showers towards next weekend, but watch how this kind of falls apart on approach. it's the reason why for now in the seven-day forecast, we're saying a chance of showers north on sunday. we will continue to see that pattern hold up likely through about the 2nd of march. no real signs we're going to see much rain after that tuesday opportunity, which really could just be a mix of everything. you could have some hail at times with some of those showers on tuesday. low snow levels. then the chilly temperatures, mornings in the 20s and 30s and some of the valleys as the winds back off. that's something to watch for over the next few nights and mornings. cold temperatures rebounding some as we head towards next weekend. a pretty active day around here getting started with those low snow levels around the bay area. >> tuesday is going to get really interesting, rob. thank you. let's check in with anthony
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flores right now with the latest installment in the story of steph. >> yeah. big night for steph in a game full of stars, no one shining brighter than steph curry. the record the warriors shooting star set in tonight's nba all-star game. stick around. sports is next.
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this isn't working! and it all went downhill. with all those fires to put out. ahhhhhhhhh! this is a much better way to work. agreed. welcome back. i'm anthony flores. a record-setting homecoming for the nba's greatest shooter. >> from the golden state warriors, stephen curry! >> steph in cleveland for the nba all-star game. he was born in nearby akron. curry was feeling it. doesn't even look at it go through the hoop. he had 24 points and eight tres
11:28 pm
at halftime. second half, more of the same. he made an all-star record 16 three-pointers. he finished with 50 points, two shy of tying the single-game record. andrew wiggins scored 10 points for team durant. curry was named the game's mvp after leading team lebron to a 163-160 win over team durant. >> it's pretty special obviously being back in ohio, playing with the best guys in the league and, you know, celebrating the highest level of basketball. and obviously this trophy has a very special meaning, honoring kobe, gigi, everybody that was ago. very blessed. i really appreciate it. >> big night for steph. back here at home at the shark tank, san jose hitting the ice against the golden knights. third period, vegas in control. but a great pass here by andrew cogliano. nick bonino with the goal. it was the only score of the
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game for the sharks. the golden knights win 4-1. san jose has now lost six in a row. last week it was the nfl. today nascar holding its super bowl. the daytona 500. ever wonder what it looks like to be in the driver's seat? seven cautions in the race. final lap in overtime. 23-year-old austin cindric blocks ryan blaney and just holds off bubba wallace at the finish line. cindric wins the daytona 500. he's the ninth driver in nascar history to make the great american race his first cup series win. ugly scene in college basketball. michigan head coach juwan howard and wisconsin coach greg gard with heated words after the badgers beat the wolverines. howard strikes a wisconsin assistant coach, setting off a brawl involving players and coaches from both teams. now, howard said he was upset because wisconsin called a time-out with a big lead in the final seconds of the game.
11:30 pm
he claims he reacted after someone from wisconsin put hands on him. the big ten and michigan a.d. said they will take swift and appropriate disciplinary action when they complete a review of the incident. that's a look at sports. the news will continue right after this. okay, it's go time. team usa on the largest gig-speed network. which means this mega fan never misses a second. it's gig-speed wifi that's “mikaela shiffrin” fast. ok, that's fast! speed's cool, but does yours block threats? yup, even for these upstairs all-nighters rocking wifi speeds faster than a gig. can your internet do that? learn more about gig-speed wifi, or get started with xfinity internet for $19.99 a month for 12 months. click, call, or visit a store today.
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♪ the land is such a great way of connecting us. and i just remembering thinking this is such a special moment and i am extremely thankful to be here with these people. i love sharing the places i hold dear to my heart with my friends.
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i didn't become a snowboarder until after i became an amputee. we all win when everyone can get to their starting line. ♪ and just like that, the winter olympics are behind us. before we go, here's a look at the final medal count. norway dominated with 37 total medals, 16 of them gold. in second, the russian olympic committee with 32 total medals. germany not far behind with 27 overall medals. and the u.s. rounding out the top five with 25 medals overall,
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8 of them gold. he took the games by storm. we're talking about bing dwen dwen. the mascot of the winter olympics. we saw him ice skate, and people wait in line for hours. and now they're making a cake out of this. >> i'm intrigued. >> he's become a cake. look at this. the video was posted on the official olympics instagram account of a banker making a bing dwen dwen cake. >> he's so cute. pandas are just so cute. >> and can we go online and get one of these? >> i know. probably good. >> thanks for joining us. i'm going to look for a cake. have a great week. thanks yeah. - wait! before you click that... - (gasp) i'm you, from 20 years in the future. - i have a message. - wait! (panting, grunting)
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♪ the best skater in the world just brought it on the biggest stage in the world better k the bird's nest, china's national stadium, known for the 2008 summer games, 14 years later, the home of the opening and closing ceremonies of these winter gamesny before. for the members of team this is a night to celebrate the
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experience of a lifetime and fo


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