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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 21, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PST

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a glimmer of hope. president biden and russia's putin agree in principle to meet but only if ukraine is not invaded. we're live in the region with the latest. we'll have the latest on queen elizabeth as she battles a case of covid. a punch thrown in a scrum at the university of michigan. and a crash of two helicopters. the case of black property
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owners fighting to take the property taken from them as we shine a light on black history month. "early today" starts right now good morning i'm cori coffin. >> glad you're with us i'm frances rivera. president biden was in the briefing room sunday meeting with his national security council and we learned overnight of a summit in the works with vladimir putin brie, what more do we know about this possible meeting with russia >> good morning, frances this was spearheaded by french president emmanuel macron who spoke with both biden and putin on sunday. the white house has agreed to the meeting only if russia does not move forward with an ichb vags in a statement overnight the white house press secretary said, quote, we are always ready for diplomacy, but she also added russia is ready for a full-scale assault very susan.
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she is convinced he is ready for an invasion on ukraine and antony blinken said the same thing on "meet the press." >> it seems like everything is happening. we're seeing false flag operations taking place in eastern ukraine. the provocations and justifications for russia to go in, all of this seems to be following the script that i laid out at the united nations security council and president biden talked to the nation about just the other day. >> three sources tell nbc news that a final decision about a potential summit with putin will come after those talks and the next moves will likely depend on russia's actions over the coming days. frances? >> a whoil lot at stake and a whole lot to watch with it brie, thank you. there have not been many signs of de-escalation along the
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border the state department has issued a warning for u.s. citizens to leave ukraine as soon as possible defense secretary lloyd austin says russia has entered a stance it would be in for an attack matt, this situation seems to be growing more dangerous by the day. >> reporter: yeah. you know, that stance you were mentioning for an attack, that's across the border from where i am in eastern ukraine. in belgrade we're seeing troop movements in fast 24 hours with tanks and heavy artillery moving around, driving on the highway all of this is coming from tiktok users in russia uploading images of heavy weapons moving around the country that's really troubling from military analysts. we're seeing the same thing from technologists watching satellites, trying to gauge the situation on the ground. they're also seeing troop
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movements and heavy armaments away interest their more permanent positions near tree lines and what analysts say it looks like they're setting the stage for an invasion. it's not just here over the border in russia we're also seeing them in two separatist enclaves which are russian-backed or russian-led. we're starting to see an increase in the tempo of the exchanging of fire between ukrainian forces, regular army here, and those russian-backed separatists. that has been increasing over the past couple of days. it's exactly like antony blinken said on "meet the press" yesterday and what he said in front of the united nations security council that it looks like these russian-backed separatists are pashrt of a russian operative under the notion that he's defending the russian-speaking peoples of eastern ukraine. that is what antony blinken laid out. that's what intelligence assessments have been laying out. so this is, you know, part of what the intelligence that
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washington's been saying over and over again the latest we're hearing from that, very troubling this was first reported by "the washington post" that vladimir putin and the russians have come up with a list of people including journalists and politicians who they will kill or arrest and even torture this came from a report that the white house gave to the united nations and human rights group saying the russians were planning on doing this if they invade that's a very troubling assessment after a barrage of reports coming out of washington really, really raising the alarm bells and raising the temperature here in eastern ukraine around the crisis. guys >> they certainly are, matt. stay safe. investigators are trying to find out more about two helicopter crashes that happened hours apart near popular beaches on opposite sides of the country. both are raising new concerns about helicopter safety. here's blayne alexander with a
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story and dramatic video >> reporter: the surveillance video is simply stunning first, the growing roar of engine trouble then on the left side of your screen, a police helicopter tumbles from the sky, crashing into the water below >> airplane crash. airport alert. >> reporter: it happened just south of l.a. in newport beach, california, where the officers were responding to a call. >> it was like flipping over and spinning. >> it just started losing control and went into a tailspin and came all the way down. >> reporter: inside two officers with the huntsington beach police report. one, released from the hospital. but a 14 year veteran, mychal bell la did not survive. the entire fleet is grounded as investigators try to determine what happened. >> we do regular maintenance, ongoing maintenance and a
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schedule that has competent maintenance. i don't know what occurred. >> reporter: it comes houring after another shocking crash, this time in miami beach this one plunged into the water with a crowded beach this lieutenant was one of the first on the scene. >> the location helped the three survivors tremendously it wasn't too far into the ocean. not very deep. >> just off the sand. >> reporter: experts say helicopters are relatively safe and crashes like these not do happen often. >> typically you're supposed to be 500 feet horizontally or vertically away from a person or structure, but when they're taking off in crowded areas, they're designed for that, then there are exceptions. >> reporter: the ntsb is investigating. blayne alexander, nbc news. queen elizabeth has tested positive for covid-19. according to the palace, the queen is experiencing modest
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symptoms it comes after her son prince ago and also spent time with the queen. a number of cases have been reported at windsor castle spread across the front page, the queen's dedication to keep working. she wasn't too sick to congratulate the women's curling team over their victory in japan. she turns 96 in april. there's good news in the fight against coronavirus as infection rates are plummeting across the country the cases have dropped by 67% in the last two weeks, but the covid decline isn't just being felt in american foreign countries are feeling it as well. israel will own to all foreign tourists regardless of their vaccination status as of march 1st. but after a nearly two-year
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ban, borders are heading to australia. meanwhile justin bieber is the latest pop star who has contracted covid his concert series just kicked off. he was supposed to occur last night in las vegas a twice-delayed global tour was originally scheduled to begin march 20. the 2022 games ended with history-breaking moments norway breaking the record winning 16 gold medals, the most every at a single winter olympics russia came in second with 32. germany and canada followed, taking home eight gold and 25 medals we look back at the action-packed two weeks. >> reporter: the beijing winter olympics ends with an exclamation point for team usa
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cross-country skier jessie diggins fighting for the bronze medal. >> every last drop of energy went into that race. >> reporter: that silver capping off a 25-medal haul for the u.s. over two weeks filled with moments that moved and inspired us, athletes proving the sky's the limit and age is just a number with fierce competition and the power of a positive attitude despite missed medals and finish lines >> you kind of have to just laugh at it. >> reporter: crying is okay, too, after a run to end an era. >> i'm leave behind a whole lifetime in this sport and i'm proud of that. i'm proud of every moment. >> reporter: a tear-stained two weeks in figure skating overshadowed by a doping scandal ended on a lighter note with gold medalist nathan chen flipping out in an exhibition gala and vincent zhou stepping
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ban on the ice team usa says good-bye to beijing. liz mclaughlin, nbc news, beijing. all right. let's turn to weather and turn to nbc meteorologist michelle grossman she's in for janessa webb this morning. how are things shaping up? >> it's perfect in the northeast. other areas are watching we have the cold side and the warm side. we have 15 million people impacted by some sort of winter weather alert. the white, that's your winter weather advisory the pink, a winter weather warning. anywhere from 1 to 3 foot of snow watching a severe threat later on this evening into the overnight hours. 9 million at risk.
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winds gusting, hail, and a few tornadoes are possible that threat moveoff tos h plain. 3 below in bismarck and just 22 in minneapolis we have a big difference in temperatures across the country. we'll talk about that coming up next. we'll see you in a bit thank you. when we return, a reunion 12 years in the making. how a lost dog finally found her family. and the plaque psoriasis, the burning, itching. the pain. emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections
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lighting up the scoreboard steph curry's 50 points were the second most. closing down the stretch, the game came down to the last bucket >> cleveland, cleveland! >> team lebron gets the win, 163-160. kobe bryant wtrophy went to the all-star winners. there was a fight that turned physical with grabbing and punching before howard struck the face of wisconsin assistant. howard said in his postgame press conference he was protecting himself in a statement the big ten conference says it is reviewing the incident. the san juan county
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sheriff's department is being awarded after reconnecting a dog with its family. a dog was dropped off outside a rural property after scanning zoey's microchip they discovered she'd been missing since 2010 and in 2015 her microchip company listed her as deceased. officers were able to reunite zoe with her owner after she had the same phone number for more than a decade. the memories that come flooding back and more memories to be made too. >> we need more video of that. still to come. after giving us shows like "seinfeld" and "curb your enthusiasm," the spotlight goes back on a new hbo documentary with larry david. plus, the swiss bank citing criminal activity. cnbc's steve sedgwick is
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my mother would call me up and go, larry, did they like you? did they tell you you were doing a good job i'm number one in the country. but did they like you? >> larry's fans will not need to kcon curb their enthusiasm. the new series drops march 1st. a fear of an invasion on ukraine is growing on edge but they're going to need strong stomachs plus a swiss bank scandal. it leaks ties to thousands of criminals and politicians. cnbc's steve sedgwick joins us now from london. hi, steve. >> good morning. the u.s. markets have got presidents' day today. last week the markets across the board were down. the dow was down 2% last week, the nasdaq, the tech-heavy index, is now 16% off its
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record-high of oil a few weeks ago. the brent, measuring 96.27 we're all globally on tenterhooks to see what comes out. i just spoke to a goldman sachs analyst who thinks $100 oil is on the cards regardless of what happens in ukraine elsewhere you mentioned the swiss bank it's credit suisse which is reeling from one problem to noochlt scrambling at the moment to gain control of the narrative after there was a whistle-blower leak to several newspapers including the german paper which said they had potentially 18,000 accounts with some with criminal links against human rights abusers, sanctioned individuals, and alleged criminals as well. now credit suisse for their part, they're strongly rejecting these accusations. they're saying the matters presented are predominantly
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historical, in some cases going back to the 1940s as well. just another scandal that credit suisse doesn't need at the moment as the company is reeling from one problem to another at the moment as well it's interesting to see where that story goes next cori and frances. >> thank you. up next, michelle grossman is tracking temperature swings across the country. and the fight for a family lecyhow ga, one black family is working to reclaim lost land in california ce, and people love it. of course, they love the savings they're gonna get with geico, but... it goes beyond that. you. deserve. to save. ha — heard that before. you. deserve. to save. i know. i need you to hear me. you deserve to save. i deserve to save! i mean he has a way of making you feel...seen. bundle car and motorcycle insurance and save at king c. gillette is a complete lineup of tools and facial hair care products. bundle car and motorcycle insurance and save
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this black history month we're looking at land and reparation and land taken from black families for many it's not happening enough here's aaron gilchrist. >> history is in dispute this is where westward pioneers rushed to find gold in the 1800s including family of jonathan burgess. >> my great, great grandfather was brought here as a slave, worked in the gold mines hchl sent for his family. >> burgess said his family's
4:27 am
ancestor brought land here in this county. the state acquired much of the land through this park in the eminent domain in the mid-1900s. >> give us back our church, restore the land that we once had. >> reporter: burgess shared deeds and property records prove that a significant portion of this land are his. >> do you have an expectation a real expectation that you'll own this church one day without dispute? >> yes we will own this church, what's left of the land because like i said it's already been chopped up without dispute. >> reporter: burgess shoulder me the building rufus burgess owned as the town blacksmith and where homes would have been along the south fork american river. >> along this river were structures, houses, and orchards >> that you believe belonged to your family. >> that i believe belonged to my family, yeah. >> reporter: they say the burgess family did own land
4:28 am
here, but they haven't been able to substantiate all of burgess's claims his claims are not unique. just last year california returned land at manhattan beach to the bruce family nearly 100 years after they took the land citing imminent domain others' home were taken to build interstates generations ago. last year he took his stouffer to investigate wrongs done to generations of black families. professor javon lewis is a member. >> we've gone through let's call it injury by injury and looking at areas of society in which african-americans have seen themselves, you know, put to a disadvantage. >> reporter: this summer a task force will look at the scope of what's been faced for centuries. in another year they'll make a recommendation jonathan burgess isn't waiting for a reparations policy he wants his family made whole now and history to tell the
4:29 am
whole story. >> this would be no need for a black history month if you just told the stories of black american history throughout history. >> reporter: aaron gilchrist, nbc news, kolo ma, california. >> thanks for waking up with us. i'm frances rivera. >> a
4:30 am
the latest overnight on fast-moving developments in the ukraine crisis. bay area ukrainians reacting to the new agreement between president biden and president putin. >> and a mask mandate still in place for one bay area city. when requirements could be lifted. >> meteorologist kari hall is back tracking the new trend in our workweek forecast. this is "today in the bay." a good monday morning to you. thanks so much for making us a


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