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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 26, 2022 1:37am-2:06am PST

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[ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank jeremy irons, hilary duff, jeff wright, everybody [ cheers and applause i want to thank daniel fang and the 8g band. stay safe, get vaccinated, get boosted. we love you guys [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ not backing down. ukrainian forces in a fierce
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exchange with russian soldiers overnight. this is video from just a few hours ago showing heavy fighting near the kyiv zoo. as the sun rises in ukraine we are seeing the aftermath of of some of that overnight fighting. new video showing a fire still burning near that zoo. and in the last hour president zelenskyy tweeted this video, denying online rumors that he told the army to stop fighting. in fact, he says, quite the opposite. he's asking ukrainians to defend their country. the u.s. meanwhile urging zelenskyy to evacuate kyiv, an offer a senior intelligence official says the ukrainian president flatly turned down saying, "the fight is here. i need ammunition, not a ride." well, it is the start of another day of uncertainty, fear and likely more fighting. >> every hour matters here. and seeking the truth of this invasion is critical. america's response also critical. the u.s. embassy in kyiv issuing this urgent message for u.s. citizens there.
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"the security situation throughout uk raip remains highly volatile and conditions may deteriorate without warning. u.s. citizens should remain vigilant and know the location of your closest shelter or protected space." from ukraine here to the bay area. take a look. the world is watching anxiously. san francisco city hall lit up in blue and yellow. the colors of the ukrainian flag. the show of support for the people there who don't know what tomorrow will bring. we begin our coverage tonight with nbc's alice barr in washington, d.c. >> reporter: on the streets of ukraine the horrifying evidence of a russian assault as forces closed in on the capital of kyiv. ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy warned of a hard night that would decide ukraine's destiny. as reports of civilian casualties rise. train stations are crammed with desperate families and impossible choices. some hoisting children to safety or leaving loved ones behind.
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all men aged 18 to 60 ordered to stay in the country as people in trucks hand out guns to civilians. >> my husband is still there. they'll fight. >> reporter: these brothers in their 50s are trying to get back into ukraine. >> this is my country. i love ukraine. >> reporter: the west fighting with financial weapons. today the u.s. joining the european union in leveling sanctions directly against russian president vladimir putin, a rare step for a world leader. the u.n. security council condemning what members called a brutal invasion. >> the nations of the world can, will, and should hold russia accountable. >> reporter: for the first time in history the nato security alliance deploying part of its response force for collective defense along nato's eastern flank. the 40,000-member force includes american troops.
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they will not fight in ukraine. standing alone, ukraine's military putting up a tough battle. a ukrainian official says this video shows a russian jet shot down. a brave stand against a giant of an enemy. on a mission to overthrow the sovereign democracy next door. tonight sources telling nbc news the biden administration is asking congress for $6.4 billion in military and humanitarian assistance to ukraine. in washington alice barr, nbc news. >> thank you, alice. escaping airstrikes underground. new video into our newsroom tonight. this was sent to our jodi hernandez from a family friend in ukraine. it was taken in an underground bomb shelter near the black sea. that's about a seven-hour drive from kyiv. you can see how crowded it is under there. jodi's friend told her it was packed, hot, and damp. women and children on the move and in need of refuge.
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day three of russia's invasion into ukraine has already displaced thousands of people. but that number could go as high as 5 million. some of those people may end up here in the bay area. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd on the push to open doors and welcome ukrainian families fleeing warfare. >> right now they are relatively safe in the mountains. >> reporter: as russian troops get closer to the capital, nikita safranenko's family is on the move, looking for a safe place. >> today they should -- orphan house where 50 orphans were staying there and some of them were injured. >> reporter: the international rescue committee is estimating that more than 100,000 people have been displaced during russia's invasion of ukraine. other organizations believe that number could go as high as 5 million. >> in san francisco we have two charities, two ukrainian charities and the event centers, music halls where we are ready
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to provide food, provide some shelter for those refugees who was able to come to san francisco. >> reporter: it may take a while for people to get here. a person has to declare themselves as a refugee at the border. >> they need to fulfill very specific criteria in order to be able to be identified as a refugee. and then once in that neighboring country or second country but whatever country outside their country of origin they would need to go through a vetting process that is pretty rigorous. >> reporter: groups here estimate some 10,000 ukrainian refugees may make their way to the bay area. possibly 70,000 to the sacramento area. once they get here, they will need legal representation, money, a job and housing. people are already volunteering to be sponsors. bay area groups say they are here to do everything they can to help in this crisis.
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cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> now, if you're wondering how you can help just go to, click on our link on the trending bar. there you'll find a list of humanitarian organizations working o'help ukrainians impacted by this russian invasion. new at 11:00, the silicon valley is very involved. meta wants to put a dent into russia's revenue. meta is the parent company of facebook and instagram. tonight its head of security policy says russian state media is now banned from running ads or monetizing content. meta says it doesn't want russian state media to make any money on its platform. the changes are being implemented as of tonight. meta has also been identifying state-run media with labels on videos and other posts. ukraine is also calling on apple to block russia from using its app store and to stop supplying it with products. in a tweet earlier today ukraine's minister of digital transformation posted a letter to tim cook asking the company to take action against russia. on thursday cook said apple was
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supporting local humanitarian efforts and joining calls for peace. so far no response yet to that request from ukraine. tonight protests continued outside of the white house. people are calling on the president to do more to help ukraine. many bay area lawmakers are on key committees relating to policy involving ukraine and russia. nbc's ian cull spoke with some of those lawmakers this evening, and ian joins us for the news, and what are they saying? >> reporter: yeah, raj, they're united on condemning putin's attack on ukraine but we also asked what they'll be planning for next week and if the sanctions imposed on putin will be effective. tonight as russian forces move into the ukrainian capital of kyiv bay area congress members are watching and working on plans to help. >> we have already provided more than $2 billion in aid to ukraine. we're now next week going to look at $6 billion in aid to ukraine. >> russia has shattered peace on the european continent.
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>> reporter: congresswoman jackie speier agrees with the sanctions imposed on putin and other oligarchs along with freezing russian banks. >> it has to be painful for russia to recognize that they had overestimated their power and they underestimated the ukrainian people. >> reporter: speaker nancy pelosi in the east bay today touring the lawrence berkeley national lab, assuring that american troops will not be going into ukraine to fight. >> putin's not going to provoke the world into the nato and the rest of us into world war 3. >> reporter: representative mark desaulnier has been to russia and ukraine and sits on a house oversight subcommittee on national security. >> my own personal belief is i'm not surprised that the ukrainians are putting up a fight and the russian military is not prevailing in the way that i think a lot of people thought they were. >> reporter: he also believes the sanctions will be effective.
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>> yes. from my understanding having watched this and been briefed on it i think this is very proportionate and it's -- there's still more to come if he doesn't back off. >> reporter: but so far there are no signs of backing off. all of the lawmakers saying the u.s. will continue to support its nato allies. live in the newsroom, ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, ian. now, as that battle rages in ukraine, work continues uninterrupted at the ukrainian consulate in san francisco. it's the only ukrainian diplomatic outpost on the west coast. tonight we spoke to the consul general democratic roe kushnaruk. he says the consul is getting calls from a lot of people who want to help and actually people who want to go to ukraine to fight. >> so all of the people who want to go to ukraine and help by fighting or providing any other help, they just have to consult the consulate, writing e-mail or calling, and we'll direct them to the procedures. the only thing, they will have to fly there.
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and there is no direct flight obviously right now. so they will probably have to go to -- to fly to poland and then cross the border to ukraine. what probably russians did not anticipate is how many people in kyiv and throughout the ukraine are ready to fight. almost every adult is ready to fight. they just got the weapons from their military forces. >> he went on to tell us that ukraine is united and will not surrender. what you're looking at is lviv, ukraine. that's about an hour from the polish border. eerily calm there tonight. we showed you san francisco's city hall. but other global landmarks are lit up in blue and yellow this evening. there's the eiffel tower in paris. also here in the united states the empire state building in new york city. bathed in the colors of the ukrainian flag. and it's not just the world landmarks. smaller cities taking part as well to show support. this is the lowry avenue bridge in minneapolis. we invite you to stay with us for the very latest. our twitter page is a great resource for breaking news and
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we expect a lot of updates in the next several hours. we're constantly tweeting those updates. our handle, @nbcbayarea. we're back in 60 seconds. ahead, who's doing it and why. a bizarre string of attacks in an east bay neighborhood involving garage doors. the driver police are anxious to talk to as well. and moving forward, big change from the cdc. its new message about masks and when and where they're no longer recommended. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking this system. i'll show you what
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new at 11:00, pleasant hill police are looking for a driver they say smashed a car into several garages. these are surveillance photos now of that car. p it's a gray or silver vw jetta with temporary plates. now, this happened in the gregory gardens neighborhood of pleasant hill. thursday night around 11:00. some people say they may have been targeted because their driveways simply were empty. >> the house on the corner here, they were hit first. took out their garage door. and then they came down here. they skipped the two houses in between us because there were cars in the driveway. we had no car in the driveway. our car was in the garage. >> it's believed the same car smashed into a safeway in clayton earlier this week. if you recognize this vw jetta, please contact pleasant hill police. a teenager is dead after a
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tragic car crash in concord this afternoon. happened around 3:00 at galindo and clayton. witnesses told nbc bay area that it a work truck ran a red light. it hit other cars in the intersection, then veered off the road, hitting a 16-year-old that was on the sidewalk. police arrested the driver for vehicular manslaughter. they're still investigating, and they are asking any witnesses to contact them. two years ago today then candidate joe biden pledged to nominate the first black woman to the u.s. supreme court. today he kept that promise. >> i'd like you to go to the supreme court. how about that? >> sir, i would be so honored. >> that's the phone call the president named federal appeals court judge ketanji brown jackson to replace retiring justice stephen breyer. she once worked for breyer as a clerk after she graduated from harvard law. >> justice breyer in particular not only gave me the greatest job that any young lawyer could ever hope to have, but he also
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exemplified every day in every way that a supreme court justice can perform at the highest level of skill and integrity while also being guided by civility. >> the mother of two grew up in florida. she served eight years as a trial court judge before president biden named her to the u.s. court of appeals just last year. today we also spoke with retired judge ledoris cornell. she herself was a trailblazer. cornell was the first african american female judge here in northern california. she says jackson will bring new life to the court, pave the way for others and might be a consensus builder in what's currently a divided supreme court. >> i expect there's a lot of pressure on her. we want to see her succeed. she's going to bust stereotypes. and just bring i think a different feel to the court. and my hope is that this is just the start. we have never had an asian american on the court. we want this court to look like
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america. >> judge cordell also noted jackson will be the first supreme court justice with a background as a public defender. convicted murderer scott peterson in a redwood city courtroom today. he is hoping to convince a judge to throw out his conviction, claiming juror misconduct. peterson's attorneys allege that the juror rochelle nice lied on her youy selection questionnaire because she didn't disclose two separate restraining orders for domestic violence incidents while she was pregnant. nice testified today that she didn't acknowledge being a victim of a crime because she didn't herself a victim. peterson, as you remember, was convicted in 2004 of killing his wife, lacey, who was pregnant at the time. this weekend the search for a missing woman in oakley gets a boost from a national organization. we've been following the disappearance of alexis gabe now for several weeks. the 23-year-old vanished in late january. for days police and volunteers searched with no luck. today the klaas kids foundation arrived to help train and
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organize volunteers for a new search. more than 70 people showed up at the contra costa county fairgrounds. >> i'm overwhelmed with all the support. these guys are like family now. they're looking for alexis. >> very touching there. organizers say they will be there through the weekend to make sure volunteers are ready and trained. the klaas foundation says it will be also helping out, mapping out the search areas. most of us are safe going without a mask indoors. that is the message from the cdc tonight. moving forward the agency is no longer recommending universal masking indoors. instead it says you should decide whether to wear a mask based on how covid is spreading in your county. here are the risk factors. if you're in what's considered a high transmission area then you should wear a mask indoors. in the medium transmission areas you should ask your doctor. and if you're in a low transmission area like most of the bay area, mask wearing should be a personal choice, even at school.
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however, right now california still requires that masks be worn indoors at schools. a south bay church that repeatedly defied covid rules is the target of a new lawsuit filed by santa clara county. a judge says the county can collect nearly $3 million in unpaid fines accrued by calvary chapel and its pastor. the county says most churches and businesses complied with the strict early public safety protocols and it's not fair that the violators of the health laws go unpunished. a san francisco federal judge is back in the spotlight following his decision in the trump versus twitter case. twitter suspended then president trump, his account, for inciting violence on january 6th of last year. this week both sides ended up in federal court as twitter urged the judge to dismiss trump's lawsuit. a lawyer for the former president argued that twitter was pressured by lawmakers to kick the president off of the platform. judge james dinato was skeptical
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saying he didn't see any evidence of that. he'll issue his opinion at a later date. want to show you some new video of a late-night rescue near pacifica. chp posted on its facebook page today. it happened last night. a man trapped at the bottom of a cliff near devil's slide. the man was fishing but then the tooild caught him by surprise. as we've seen happen before. so he climbed onto some rocks to save himself, then used a light to make sure people could see him. it worked. a person nearby called for help. first responders flew in and pulled him to safety. he escaped unharmed but i'm sure pretty emotionally wrecked. but smart thinking and resourceful on his part, you know, to know what to do, jeff, because we've talked so many times about those waves knocking you out. >> and this weekend we are going to see some waves four to eight feet. also some rip currents. so please be careful if you're headed anywhere near the coastline as we head through saturday and sunday. now, my top weather headline, it's all about this system moving in. unfortunately, no rainfall for us. we could desperately use it.
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we've had the top ten driest january and february on record for us. the one thing, though, it is going to do, you can see right here it's going to bring the cloud cover in for us as we head to tomorrow's forecast. not nearly as sunny as it has been this week. let me go ahead and show it to you. as we started off at 8:00 in the morning we'll see a few breaks of sunshine but then that high cloud cover will start to move in. and check this out. as we hit the afternoon cloud cover's going to be pretty widespread from the north bay down to the south bay. now, the clouds that's also going to help keep us from getting quite as cold tomorrow morning. we started it off with plenty of 20s and low 30s all through this week but tomorrow morning we're going to go a little warmer here to start off. and i think that's going to also make it better here for us. peninsula 39, south bay at 38. tri-valley coming in at 35. we have those 30s over the east bay starting you off at 38 in the east bay. san francisco 43. and the north bay coming in at 34. through the afternoon tomorrow temperatures on a pretty good climb. looking at 30 degrees warmer for those afternoon temperatures.
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that's going to put us up to 65 in san jose. let's move it over to the east bay where we have it at 650 in vallejo. 63 peninsula. 59 in san mateo. down to palo alto 62. with san francisco it's going to be chilly especially if you're headed to the marina. 55 degrees there. and for the north bay 59 in mill valley. right over to napa, 60. so no rainfall as we talked about. now, i have been mentioning the chance of some very active weather as we head from sunday through thursday of next week p. but everything continues to point toward all of this being so frustratingly close. watch as -- you're going to see how these storms go right near the california-oregon border but really hit seattle and portland. eventually right here by next wednesday and thursday we might get some shower chances but that's about it, the way it looks now. you're seeing that seven-day forecast once we hit next wednesday and thursday. i have put it to about 50% chance of some possible showers. otherwise, in san francisco 50s for highs, 40s for those morning
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temperatures, and through the inland valleys we get a little bit more in the way of sunshine on sunday. that'll make it better for you. 67. and we'll hold at those 60s as we head through next week. raj and jessica, everyone at home, i don't think a little bit of cloud cover's going to get in our way this weekend, get in the way of any of your plans. it's still looking good. >> it's been a heavy few days. we look forward to the weekend. thanks, jeff. happening now, another bart restroom back open for the first time in 20 years, this time at the 19th street station in oakland. it's a big deal believe it or not. restroom has been closed since the 9/11 attacks over security concerns but now the restroom has been remodeled. earlier this month bart also reopened the restroom at the powell street station. and it says it plans to keep
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you're going to want to see this. our new streaming series "saving san francisco" comes out on monday. the city as you know is in crisis. the issues of homelessness, drug use and crime. >> we talk about this so much these days. our investigative unit found one woman whose struggle with homelessness and crime really mirrors what's happening across the city. >> even if i scream no one's going to hear me. >> i just know he's going to come back here. he's hearing these voices telling him to do these things.
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>> do you think he's become obsessed with you? >> yes, i do. so does the detective. >> i just keep expecting him to be dead. and every day i wonder if he he does die would i even know. >> it's frightening. it's creepy. there's this guy who just watches me. >> this is a free call from an inmate at the san francisco county jail. >> if you just look at what he's accused of, he's so much more than the accusation. >> there was nobody i thought that would be more successful. >> he's a tragic character in his own life. >> these are real-life stories from everyday people across san francisco. you can stream episode 1 of "saving san francisco" next monday, a couple days from now. you can watch it it on roku, apple tv or amazon fire by downloading the nbc bay area app. you can also learn more about
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the series right now by going to francisco. up nex okay. there's been a lot of grumbling about this one. will the giants and the a's season start on time? don't hold your breath. the owners and players still cannot reach a new labor deal. >> this will be a glass half empty on this situation. if no deal is reached by monday supposedly the owners say they will delay the start of the regular season. okay. now let's talk about football. the 49ers, all this talk about jimmy g., is he going to be traded and when. today's news centers around this guy john lynch.
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the 49ers general manager was reportedly offered a job by amazon tv at double or triple his salary. amazon will begin airing nfl games next season. lynch reportedly said no thanks i'm staying here in the bay area with the 49ers. we love this story. tomorrow the earthquakes kick off their season and it marks the debut of a 16-year-old phenom from south bay. nico chicares goes to south bay, takes classes there. his real classroom is the pitch. the sophomore signed a contract with the earthquakes. >> it was definitely a dream come true and yeah, i couldn't be more thankful and humbled by the opportunity that san jose gave me. >> not only is he a stud soccer player, a really nice young man. sounds like it. tsikaris is the fifth youngest player in club history. his father, by the way, runs in the family here, is an assistant coach with the u.s. under 20 national team. we
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before we go, an update on the latest in ukraine. you're looking at a time lapse now of the sun rising in kyiv. it's now just a few minutes after 9:30 saturday morning. an adviser to the ukrainian president says the city is still under ukrainian control. within the last hour president zelenskyy tweeted this video, denying any online rumors that he told his army to stop fighting. quite the opposite, he's asking ukrainians to defend their country. >> overnight romanians gathered at the border with ukraine, sending in food and supplies into the country. this video taken by a local romanian newspaper. we should note that we are careful of where we get our video and with whom we are verifying all of this because of the massive misinformation out there. and finally a bit of hope in the midst of so much destruction. a baby born overnight in a hospital. doctors say the airstrikes were
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happening above the hospital nearby at the time. truly, you know, emblematic of hope and that life has to move forward even in the darkest moments. >> it's hard to digest all of this. we invite you to stay with us throughout the weekend. our next newscast tomorrow morning at >> in detroit, some signs of breaking news tonight on several fronts breaking news tonight on several fronts the battle for ukraine's capital. missiles rain down on the capital. apartment buildings and schools destroyed. street battles breaking out and shocking images a tank crushing a civilian car ukraine's defense ministry urging civilians to use molotov cocktails against russian forces the new move from the white house today personally sanctioning vladimir putin
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it comes as massive demonstrations erupt in russia and around the world and the urgent rates to escape ukraine. 100,000 people fleeing their homes and millions more expected our team at the border also tonight, president biden's historic pick for the supreme court. ketanji brown jackson. if confirmed, she would be the first black woman to serve as a justice. her message to the nation and the confirmation battle ahead in the senate the major news from the cdc on masks. the agency easing guidelines for 70% of americans regardless of vaccination status and that goes for schools, too the science behind the change. this is "nbc nightly news with lester holt." good evening, they are fighting for their country how a senior u.s. defense official is describing ukrainian military forces sent tonight to be putting up more resistance and russian forces expected ukraine claiming it shot down a russian aircraft over kyiv overnight. still russia appears to have its is sights set on the capital where fire fights have bro


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