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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 10, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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6-year-old c luding a th e kr em6-liyen arin-osil today that it has not at ta ck ed u kr aithnee kr di sm is si ng w hatot daity calls the pathetic itou htcasry n ootve ar ttth hospital s tr ukraine. in poland, vice president harris an d is mi sssainyigng w rhaustsid be i nvcaeslltisga ttehed war crimes pathetic outcry ove th e to ni th e ru ssian p ol an d,mi vliictae ry adv an on saying russia sh ld ky iv vi li an s trapped in their . homes, running out of fo od n military advanci o n also tonight, kyiv, civilians homes, ron hitting a ni ng o utne ow f 40-year high food. pr ic es r is in>>g on food, housing, and especially gas in fl atisio an nyhi rttelinien sight? prices rising on foo, >> > hothuse inmag,sk e mspe for pl an nd p ub li c transportation extended the mask mandate w mu ch l on ge r fowir llpl trav el er s hatrvean tspo ok up. ho u ch l on>>ge> r thwie llse nr actrtoavr eljuersss ieha smo ov er t he h at e >>cr> imthe attack he staged himself.r juss over the hate crime at ta>>ck> htre acstkiagnged. po we rf ul b>>om> b trcyacc expect o sl am t he east coast expected to slam ea st c>>oa> stpl.ay ball. > pl ay bthale that jut sa ve d thmae joder alle tae ba ll 's s ea so and our exclusive basell'. test drive in and our exclusive ic a' s ne w ra cete tsto d the moon erica's new race to the moon. >> announcer: this is
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bc n ig ht ly n ew>>s" ann bc n ig htwilyth n lewess"te rt >> > e ve ni ng with l i'm kristen welker in >> > go odto eniveghnit ngfo, s n we lk erth ie n war in u ne is reaching a barbaric the war in ukraine is ac hi ng ane bw arlebaveril c n fo a re n ow j us t new le ten miles from kyiv's forces are now just city c en a s th e ten miv's death toll mounts, city center, as the top diplomat s ll mounts. russia and ukraine top diplomats from held urgent talks bu ia nd u kr aifaneil ed to reach a breakthr ou failed to reach a breakthrough. an t he w ak e of and that devas ti ng a irth at devastating air strike on a maternity hospital, ukraine's ilmadrt d ch il dr en 's presid hospit al ra in e' s russiad three people including a pr6-esyeidaren-ot ldsa cyi. and now the u.s. am ss ad or truo ssthiae n u.bon. is accusing russia of three people, committing war crimes. is on udviinceg pa re6-siyd hi gh s tachkeils d. trip to poland in the and no w u. s. midst hat co nt roamvebarsssy ador to th. cc us in g ru ss iawh oetf he . committing war crimes. harris warning the vice president harris u.s. will defend every inch of nato is on a high stakes wh e in u krtraiipne t o poland toni t, t he smiitdsuat tiofon tha e. controversy over wh et he r to swienthd mpoah jets to ukraine. ha rrofis f wooard,ni rngicd w il l de fe nd estvearry inch of na to aine. while in ukraine tonight, the situation ha co me d ir e. >> rep with many running out
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of food. direct negotia on s richard engel starts tw ee n ukourar incoe veanrad uk ra inrue.ssia in turkey >> reporter: the di re ct n eg ot iawetinton ns between ukraine and rus ssfoiare iign n turkey toy went n re ukraine's foreig n is deman ng t he minister saying russia is deman di he governurmerentnd surrender and hi s anrud sshiias n rusa co rp ar t de ni ed his country even i ed ed uk ra in e,uk iransinise,ti s it's merely carrying out li mi te d itmi'sli mtaerryely g a li mi ted military action to defend russia russia. he a ls o de ni edhe t ahalst russia bombed a maternity hospital russia bombed a ye st er da y, dmaistemirnssi yewhstater hdae y,ca dllisedn wh at h e pacathlletedic outc path ic o ut crabieous t it and cla about it d c la imukinrag ine staged te whole thing.e stthaginedg. t russia appears t o e liruvissngia i an an living al te rn at iv e realalteitrny no w, d ri venon w,by d orine man, president man, president vladimir putin, who in vladimir putin wh o in a televised address dea cltearleedvi rseusd sial over rcousmesi sa anwictllio noting they're causing ti ng t hesuy'rgrein cg augasi th e gas the u.s. while ukrainians co nt inwhueil te o ukpurata tougher than expecte d fight. tougher than expecte fi gh t.we went to see the we went to see the front line suburb of front li s ub ur b irofpi n, defending e ca pi ta l. th e rucasspiiatansl. contl part of this district. thtrol part of this district. the ukrainians control ot he r pa rtths.e uk other parts. bu t butht e thfre onfrt onlie
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isn't straight aren't straight. there are pockets. there are pockets. there are a lot of an do ne d ca rs htherere,e and the soldiers have just been going through looking for a car with keys in it abandoned cars her so me g as the soldiers have been no w itgo'sin tg rathnsropn the streets he re it and som ga s. completely empty now it's transformed, th e bithgge esstt rerisk p te ly e mpthtyat. you turn a cr the biggest risk is an d th er e yoaru e tuthrnea russians there are the ia n ta nk , ru ssruiassn ia apc.ian tank, russian ap c. irpin is largely de se rtiredpi, n whisic lh ea te d op po rt undeitseierts. cr te d op poukrtrauninitiaien s.s ukrainia so ld ie rsar rest five suspect arrest five sp ec te d looters with backpacs full of alcohol. the lo ca yo r looterth backp ks wouldn't stand for it. full of alcohol. the ca l ma yoasr the suspects wee wouldn't ta nd f orta iket.n away i n a bread tr uc k, w e tasakew n thawey scal e ha t ru ss ia is unleashing. scale of what russia is unleashing. nothin g t of nothinort of collective punishment to try to beat uk ra in ia ns i ntcoo llec su bm is sitoon try to be ukrainians into ru ss on ti nu es t o submis ru ssiniasi cston ttihanut es targ et in g ciinvisilistan , no t bo mbtainrgg etciinvign t bombing civilian bu t ju st o n thare eas.t j outskirts of kyiv, you outskirts of kyiv, you can see entire areas can see en re a re asha ve been wiped out have been wiped t and more strikes are more strikes a
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happening right no w. ing right now. as plumes of smoke rose i n di st an ce , as plu dr e, w ho h as froamseil iy an dr e,an wd hobu hsiasne fsse s, handed out thermal handed ut t he rmscalop es and radios, sc opboesug ahtnd w ritadh ioo ht w it h pamortne dy oninat e an s. americans. me an wh il e, w e'mereanwh lear ni or e ab ou t the victims of that the victim s ha t russiarike in ir n on s unrudassy.ian strike i irpin sunday three members of a three members of a family killed as t y fa k il le d as they d to e sc ap e thrue ss russian advance. 43-year-old tatiana 43-year-old tatiana parabanise, her pa18ra-ybaeanir-seol, d hesoa and he r ar -o ld 18-yean an daughter alyssa. 9-year-old daughter. tatian a ed f or a tatian a company based in ca li focornia californ . >> she loved her family sh e wa s >>ve sryhe p wroa er kids.ds she gave the al l sh e she gave them all sh co ul d. >> reporter: t i n >> r r: tirodpiayn iwe met irpin 84 -y ea r- ol d va84le-ynteai. with each step, she with each step, she prprayayeded. "d ea r je su s,"d" eashr e je whispers, "let us live wh pe rs , "lthetro uugs h lithve happiness and destroy happiness and destroy putin an d l hi m putin l him fr kr ai ne ." from u >> richard joins us. richard, the u.s.
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assessment is ru ss >> richard joins us. could encircle kyiv in two weeks and take the city in six? richard, the u.s. assessment is russia could enc cl e k yi>>v rep iornter: so i th we s ho uld all be prepared for a very bloody conflict. it seems vladimir putin is using the >> reporter: so ex sa me s tr at eg y r us si a em pl oypredepar . itin s seeyrmsia, which is a de ra te , sl ow , using strategy t t ru ss iagr inding a lt o n which is a delib at e, population centers slow, grinding ass lt it could take long er than six weeatks it could tak the de at ll h er e an s could be very high could be very high. >> richard engel re po rt in g to>>ni rghict hm kyiv reporting tonight from ri ch t ha nk kyiv, tyohau nkan d please stay safe an safe. while much of uk ra in>>e > iswh siltie lh st in g, i n on e ukcity th e wa r hares situstrnine, in to a n thoce cuwapar tih. kherson, population kherson, population 300,000, is a southern po rt a nd30 s0,hi00pbuildi er port ship-building center. matt bradley reports on w ha t itma'stt l bikraeh fo rc es i n russian forces in charge. >> reporter: kherson, >>uk rraepinore,te or:ff ker first glimpses of ru ss o cc up at io n. russia's occupation. after two week s, after two ek s, kherson is the first and only major city to fall t ss ia n forces fall to russian forces. last week, its
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st w ee k reitsis dents were py pr ot esretisingde antgainst prruotssesiatin ngtr aoogapsi. but that's all ch an ge d.but that's a changed. >> not only do they >> not only do they blockade us from food blockade us from food and medicine and basic and medicine and as ic necessities, but also, necessities, but also they are p re ng t o they aring to imprison t w ho ho disagree, those who ot es t. disagre who protest. >> ep or te r:>> 4 r00ep orter: 400 people were arrested ye stpeeropdaley wacercoe rd military. yester da co rd in g to one bi local resi nt s te llth e ukrainian us, the appearance of mirulisstaiary's national guard. th isth pisar pamaramilita fo rcfoe rcwae s wacrs cre 20 1620 a16nd a and answer di redictrelyct tlyo to p putin. th eyth'reye 'rmoe stmostly de pldeoypledoy iedn in r riot police. no w nothw eyth'reye 're in kh erkhsoern,so sn,up supp di ssdiensst t entht the thth eyth deyo dino r ri. in tinhi tshis vid veoid tr oe protest, russia's version of a police wagon. "the national guard are looking around in apartments," the mayor said. "t he"ty'herey' ere even l for the people who were figinhting against
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ru russians in in 201420." th the mayor says they ha veha ovenl oy nlaby abok of fofoo fd ooled ftleft. and locals accuse the ru ssruiassnsia onsf of loo. in this video, ldsoieldrsie arspp appear to pu shpuinshg ina g sha sho cart full of goods from s ato sretore. in ainno athnoerth ver vi person in a military uniforapm peappears to shoot at the door of an ectleroctnironics store. wh enwh ient idot esdoesn' he busts a hole in the glass. the mar yor warned while kh erkhsoern soisn tis the ci tyci ttyo tfao ceface oc cuocpacutipaonti, on, i be tbehe t lheas lt.ast. "t hi"ts hiwas r war isn't be twbeeetwn eerun ssrussie uk raukinrae,in" e,he" he s. "t ha"tt'has t'jus stjust th e thste epsts epfos for. ru ssruiass iias ifis figh right now with europe anthd e thu.e s.u.s." an oancc oupccatupation t ma nyma hnyer he ere say i th e thmae rcmah.rch. ma ttma bttra bdlradley, n ne wsne, wslv, ivlv, iv, u. >> > >>an> d antod tonight u. s.u. as.mb aasmbsaassadoe un itunedit nedat nations russian attacks on civianlis ancos constitute wa r wacrr wh ilwhe iline pinol pola pr espridesenidt enkat kam ha rrhaisrr sisup spouppors fo r foa r waa r wacrr crim in veinstveigstatigation. peter alexander has mo >> r>>ep rorepteorter: to from vice president kama hlaar hriarris on the gr ougrndou indn ipon pol co nccoerncn erann d and co ndcoemndnaemtinaontion,
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de nodeunnociunngci tng th on a ukrainian marnteitrny ithoy hospital. >> w>>e whae vehave been wi tnwiestnsiesngsing for an d anced rtceairtnlainly th e thlae stla 2st4 24 ho at roatciroticiesties of un imunagiminagabinable pr opproroptioronti.on. >> r>>ep rorepteorr:ter: on e onofe aofme arimerica diplomats becoming the firsset niseornior u.s. of fiofcifialci talo to a ru ssruiass oiaf of war c. >> t>>he ty hecoy constitr cr >> they constitute war es acks on th ey a re a ttciacviksli oa civilians that cannot be ti fi ed b y an y be-- jus in any way whatsoeve r. in any way whatsoeve >> reporter: though u.s. policy calls for >> reporter: though u. p ol ic y a cathllors oufoghr te rn at ioinnatel rnational in ve st ig at io n,in hvearstr tonight reinforcing tonight reinforcin the u.s.'s commitm en s.'s commitment i ts e uropean al li es allies. >> the united states is pisre pparerepared to ev erevy eriny chinch of no >> the unite d st at es is prepared to defend ev in ch o f na to >> r territory. pr>>es ridepenort tedir:sm t president dismissed any disconnect after th u. s. r ejthece teu.d s. rejec poland's offer to ndhand ovoverer f figighthterer j jeo the u.s. to transfer to u kr aine to ukraine. but ukra e' s but ukraine's pr espridesenidt enant d anto re pu bl icreanpus blarice a de ma g th e je ts be delivered now. delivered now.
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>> they're better at ru nn in g >>th teiher y'own. they know what the conditions on the own ground arethey k they're ther e. we're not.the ground are. >> r ep r: t op they'r we' in ig ence officials says t he u .s . be>>li res ukraine is not using all the fi gh je ts it a lrukearadyin he asis that the u.s. is they alr dy h av e,pr aovndiding what u needs most, more anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons. providing what ukraine to ni th e wh it e needs house says it will not draw a red anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons. tonight the u.s. that swoay d tr igitge willr nseotnd di american troop r ed to ukraine if ru lin s en di nglaunched a t chemica attack, althou gh to officials here i sfay the us si a u.s. h ot let any ss ia n at ta ck s atgotack unanswered kriste tn?he u.>>s. p hetaser n, otth lank for that report. the vice president also meeting today with ukrainian refugeest. they a he p eo pl e at the vi ar t of t his wicrthis uiskr waiitnih anmo 2.3 mi ll ta ki ng ey a flighteoplthe heart of th ke llcry iscoisbi.ella i s in po land where more than million taking li gh t. half of them have goney co poland where more than half of them have gone. >> rep or e ve ry d ay >> rep in poland the same pol d, t he sheamare tbreaking si. heartbreaking sight. thousands of women and children dragging su itthcaousesas,nd cs arof ba ck pa ck s,su fitlecaeisen, war. backpacks, fleeing war. 16-year-old diana 16 -y ea r-prolusd skdia anesa v what was it like
6:40 pm
th er e?prusska es what was it like there? > t theherere w wasas, no t co mf or ta blcoe mftoor . stay there because every night we every night we heard -- heard -- >> reporter: it's okay >> ritep'sor otekar:y. it's okay. it's okay. >> very horrible >> very horrible sounds every night >> reporter: poland sounds every night. now host in 4 >> reporter: poland mill io fu ge es f ro m no ukraine. million refugees from ukraine. more than 100,000 mo t ha n 10ar0,ri00ve0 every dy arrive every day. teacher natalia so to re nk o teflacedhe wr i her sister and their childrenit her sist a nd t heheirr son sh ow us what he brought from ho me her so they b ug ht f ro>>m snack s. >> snacks, yeah. >> reporter: food, his phone, and nothing else >> l it>>tl se.nacks? >> na ck s, y>>ea rh.eporter: tha it she told me sh >> rgrepatorefteul for polan help nothing else. sh e "wtoe lddi mdne 'tsh ee'o be w el co megrd atwiefthul p hearts," she say s. "we didn't expect to be welcomed with open hearts," she says. a real concern after huge antim ntrei-almi cgronan ra nt protests in warsaw in 20 15 w heprn otpoeslatsnd closed its borders to syrians fleeing that 2015 when poland
6:41 pm
war. closed its borders o now doors and hear ts s fleeing that war. ar e wi deno ow pedon.ors an are wide open. what was this before? just a meeting room? >> t>>ha tt hawat was the office. >> r>>ep rorepteorr:ter: ha s hatus rntuedrned his co mpcoanmpy anofy officesa sh elshteelr tefor r for u refugees. >> i>>'v ie 'vnee never s so mesothmeinthg inlig likn po lapondla, ndli, kelike e ho ushoe usise oispe open. ev erevy erfay mifamily isg ho w hocaw n cawen we help ca n cawen dweo. do. >> r>>ep rorepteorter: pe ar e arase kiasngki tng th qu esqutiesonti aoncr acros ea steaerstn ereun europe,g to etoas ee asthe the pai he arhetbarretbakre oak of . ke llkey llcoy bicobiella, news, poland. >> m>>uc mh-ucneh-needed t there. >> > >>no> w notow to thos staggering new in flinatflioatn ionun numb to datoy,da ay,nd a tnd thee so msoan my anamy erameri fe co nscoumnserum per prices 7. 9%7. o9%ve or ver the l ye arye, ara , nea new 40- high. gr ocgrerocy erpry icprice 8. 6%8., 6%th, e the bigge ye aryelyar ilync irencrea 19 8119.81. bu t buast basad bad as
6:42 pm
in flinatflioatn iohan has it hitas h yaset y tet to th e thpee akpe oak of the an d anead rleay rl'8y '80s. jo ljoin lg inkeg kent ha. >> r>>ep rorepteorter: af mo ntmohsnt ohsf ostf str wi thwi sthoa srioangring p an d anbud stbuedst bed bu tonight americans are no wnow fa cifangci angn an even gr imgr rimea rlieatylity. in flinatflioatn ioacn acc 7. 9%7. i9%n ifen brfebrua co mpcoarmpedar tedo to l, a nea w ne40w -y40ea-year . pr icpresic aesre are up a th e thboe arbod.ard. gr ocgrerocieers ies surge ov erov leras lt asyet year. re ntre rntis rinising 4.7. an d anmod stmo ost of all pr icpresic sespi spiking . >> w>>he wn hei n i see t numbers, it's mi ndmi-bndlo-bwilongwing. >> r>>ep rorepteorr:ter: price jumps are the hi ghhiesght esevt ever re, li keli fkeur fniurtunitur me atme, atba, bybaby food toys. >> w>>e wdoe n'dot n't w raise prices. bu t buyot u yoseu e see it creeping up on you. >> r>>ep rorepteorr:ter: br bo webo owewn os wna s a re streaustraauntra, nt, a 80-year-old in stinitstutitioutn ion in ch eycheneyneen, newy, wyo the mountain region wh erwhe erine flinflationt
6:43 pm
th e thhie ghhiesght est i u. s.u.,, arnelyarly . he says his suppliers e arhie kihingki png prices. >> there's times they ha tveo tado d add a fuel surcharge. th eyth heyav he avtoe to p get the product to theiwar rewahorehouse and we have to pay again to get iter he,ere, and somebody's paying that bi.ll. it uitlt uimltatimately b us ousr oour r ougur gues. >> reporter: in ca licafolirnfoiarn, ia, jean works in a grocery store. y>> y'rou're living in a co nscotansntta sntta state pa nipac.nic. be cabeuscae usi'e i'm alw wo rrwoierrdie td that i'l have worked enough hours to ma kema tkehe t rhe rent. >> reporter: today pr espridesenidt enbit biden responding, saying 'she f'sig fhtiginhting to bg down prices, blaming inflioatn ioinn in large part on what he calls putis n'prs icprice hike. bu t buprt icpresic ses surt month almost entirely before rsiussia invaded ukraine. an d anind flinatflioation n soaring above 5% since last m.ay. republicans blasting th e thpre espridesenident. >> gas is over $4 a ga llgaonll.on. what does joe biden sa y?say? sa sa iys it's all blamed on ronus rsiusa.sia. energy prices have be enbe genoi gngoi ung up dramatically since the y dahey theoo tk ook office. >> reporter: the next biqug esqutiesontion is how mu chmu wchil wl ill the f re serervsee rvrae raise it ra teras tenes xtne wxt wee
6:44 pm
tr ietrs ietos gtoet get t inflation under co ntcorontl.rol. kr iskrteisn?ten? >> jo ling kent, thank yo >> > >>as> masan many stad ci ticiesti eesnd e tnd thed ma skma rskeq ruieqreuirem fe deferadel ragol vegovern ex teexndteinndg inthg them travelers on planes, trai, nsan, d and buses. th e thmae ndmaatndates wi be iben iefn feefctfect ue mi ddmiledd olef onef next. bu t butht atth'sat a's a s ex teexnsteionsn iothn than pa stpa, stsu, ggsuggestin ma ndmaatndesat cesou could lifted as cases co ntcoinntuein tueo to dro. >> > >>in> jinus just 60 se cosendcos,nd ts,he the wi ntwiernt werea wtheathe wa ntwa tnto tkno owknow a. is ais b aom bb omcyb cyc the way? >> > >>an> d angad megame t ma jomar joler agleueague b an d anthd e thple ayplayer a deal.
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strong winds. well, it looks like the mlb may be ready to play ball. the league and the players union finally reaching a deal to end the lockout and save the season. we get more from sam brock. >> reporter: after nearly 100 days, baseball's lockout has ended at the 11th hour. and despite some hardball from the league, fans will enjoy a full season after all. >> we're going to be able to play 162 games. how are they doing that? >> they're going to play on the off days that have been scheduled. they're going to play at the end of the year. >> reporter: the second longest labor dispute in the sport's history was nearly snarled over the trigger point for a luxury tax, meant to prevent so-called runaway spending. with teams like the dodgers, mets, and yankees flexing major payrolls. mlb network insider john hayman said the players scored a major victory with a minimum salary bump, taking baseball from 570,000
6:47 pm
to $700,000 right away. >> very nice rise, the players made a point of the younger players not being paid what they should be paid. now they're in line with a couple of the other sports. >> reporter: the owners also notched a few "w"s and expanded playoffs from ten teams to 12 that will bring in around $100 million a year or more and advertising logos on player jerseys. another notable change, the adoption of a universal designated hitter, meaning pitchers will no longer bat in the national league. >> this was a soap opera up and down. >> reporter: despite the headaches, the boys of summer making it back for spring training this sunday and a season opener in early april. sam brock, nbc news. next, after the drdramatic sesentencing, , what t the judge s said in open courtrt. making fririends againin, bil? i lilike to keepep my enenemies closese. guysys, excuse m me. i didndn't quite g get that. i'm m hard of hehearing. ♪♪ oh hey, dodon't forgetet about t the tense e music to. would yoyou say tensnse?
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just in, actor jussie smollett learning the fate after the judge told the quote hypocrisy was astounding. >> reporter: tonight more than three years after he allegedly staged a hate crime on himself jussie smollett behind bars. the judge sentencing him to 30 months probation and 150 days in the cook county jail. over $120,000 restitution to the city of chicago and a $25,000 fine. >> i don't think there is anything funny at all about hoaxing and faking racial hate crimes. >> reporter: earlier in the hearing the disgraced actor turned
6:52 pm
felon declined to speak on his own behalf. he claimed two men hurled slurs at him, threw chemicals at the star and tied a noose and his neck. >> you are not a victim of a hate crime or homophobic hate crime but a man pretending to be a victim. >> reporter: he repeatedly denied he made it up. after sentencing still proclaiming he did nothing wrong. >> i am innocent and not suicidal. >> reporter: the judge saying he doesn't believe he did it for money but attention. >> i don't think money motivated you at all but the only thing i can find is that you really craved the attention and you wanted to get the attention. >> reporter: he was immediately remanded to jail shouting exiting the courtroom. >> i am not suicidal! i am not suicidal! i am innocent. i could have said i
6:53 pm
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from ovever 200 indodoor and d outdoor alallergens, day afafter day. ♪ oh thehe most wondnderful ti♪ feel thehe clarity - - and mamake today the e most wondederful time of t the year. live claritin clear. could be days until the tracks are cleared and operational following a fiery crash on cal train. finally tonight, gadi schwartz with an exclusive test drive of a vehicle that could be headed to the moon. >> lififtoff!
6:57 pm
>> reporter: 50 years after "apollo's" moon bounce and buggies, nasa is kicking off a new lunar rover space race and a startup in california is headed in a very different direction. >> wow! >> reporter: this is flex, a prototype from thehe company astrtrolab testeted out by a a former comommander of f the ininternationanal spspace statioion, chris hatfield. >> it's not only an automated forklift but it becomes a transport vevehicle for r astronautsts on thehe surface of the moon. >> repororter: and i it can be operated from earth, allowing lunar base building before humans even get there, prepping vital life-support systems. picking up and deploying cargo in lego-like containers. you're not just designing a rover, yoyou're desigigning an entire e ecosystem. >> we want to set the standard for lunar logistics. we want to be the u.p.s. and the uber of the moon. right? >> reporter: that will mean making solar-powered rovers that will last ten years through extreme temperatures and along the way maybe even breaking a lue mar speed record. >> do you think you can beat 11 miles an hour on the moon with this?
6:58 pm
>> i think so. >> we're on max speed on earth. give it a go. >> yep. >> reporter: not exactly light speed. but astrolab is convinced they have a head start against aerospspace giants like northrhrop grummanan and lockheed martin who have also released concepts, all of them hoping to be picked for nasa's plan artemis missions where they will put humans back on the ed moon and one day even mars where they will definitely need some very experienced drivers. >> you're a natural. >> building my resume already. >> reporter: gadi schwartz, nbc news, hawthorn, california. >> that ride is out of this world. and that is "nightly news" for this thursday. a reminder, a brand-new "nightly news" kids edition is streaming right now. i'm kristen welker. thank you for watching. stay safe, and have a good night.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
next on nbc bay area news, it is a mess, that fiery crash involving a cal train and a work truck. >> i've been in the fire service 31 years, it's something i haven't seen in my career. >> we are live on the scene, what happened, the extent of the injuries, and when will cal tran fully reopen. also baseball is back but with significant changes for the giants and a's. well tell you what to expect come opening day. and a new look at the damage covid may be doing to our brains, even if you had a mild case of the coronavirus of the ♪ >> good evening, our covid


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