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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 18, 2022 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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. we begin this midday with collection of breakinnews. we'll start you in san francis bayview neighborhood where fire crews are telling people to leave their homes because of a large propane tank leak. this is video from what it looked like earlier in the area. crews were going door to door right now, asking people to evacuate the area. van dyke avenue and engle street, advising people to leave. we are working to get more information about this situation but so far officials are only saying to avoid the area to other breaking news, in
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sprouted in sunnyva near fair folks and ahwanee avenue. gallons of water flooding the roadway there, shooting into the air. this was all caused by a water main break, though we can't say why it broke in the first place. crews are still at the scene. they're trying to clear the water. we are making phone calls on that one. and also, breaking news in campbell, where you can see from nbc bay area's sky ranger, lots of smoke and that is coming from a three-alarm commercial fire. all of that smoke billowing into the area. this is in the area of dell and knowle. firefighters say it is a vacant building. they are confident no one is inside but firefighters are now being ordered outside of the building. they are taking a defensive position. if you are in the area of dell and knowle, firefighters ask that you keep your distance so
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they can do their work. we are trying on get more information on all three of these incidents. we will bring them to you as we get them. another big story this 48, the first court appearance for the man accused of killing a security guard who died protecting a tv news crew last november. he is one of three men charged in the shooting of retired police officer kevin nishida. he faced a judge today. let's talk about the charges he's facing in this killing. >> reporter: we weren't allowed into the courtroom but we were able to get information that he is accused of pulling the trigger, this week police identified three connected to the shooting of kevin nishita. they believe the individual on the left is the one who pulled thetrigger. atte second-degre robbery, assault with a
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semi-automatic firearm and possession of a firearm. he did not enter ame. he will a appearourt on l 15. that second suspect named hershel hale was in court last month. he has not been in court and police are looking for a third suspect, laron gilbert. the victim died in a shooting in downtown oakland. he was also a decorated bay area law enforcement officer. we were able to speak to the victim's wife. >> i'm hoping there will be clarity and understanding of this senseless act and other acts of of violence. >> reporter: and after that hearing, that wife, virginia, and her family did leave without addressing and reacting to the outcome of what they heard
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inside that arraignment. the individual in court today will appear back in court next month. nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, cierra. we want to get you up to date on the latest out of ukraine and the continuing assault on civilian targets. this is new video from lviv where you can see smoke rising there on the horizon. this is the western city near the polish border where millions of refugees have been headed to safety. it does not appear to be safe anymore. according to the mayor, several missiles hit an aircraft plant, destroying the building, and witnesses report hearing at least three explosions in different parts of lviv. u.s. ambassador to the united nations delivered a joint statement today, once again condemning russian attempts to spread misinformation that ukraine had a biolo weapons program in concert with the un states. the ambassador says those claim are unfounded and said that
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russia is trying to use the united nations security council to spread those mistruths. >> it must also be said that russia is abusing its responsibilities and privileges as a permanent member of the security council. our mandate is to serve as a venue for achieving peace through diplomacy. russia's subversion of our mission and its horrific campaign of violence against the ukrainian people are deeply shameful. >> this comes on the heels of russian president vladimir putin celebrating his military special operation in ukraine at this rally in moscow today. that rally was to mark the eighth anniversary of russia's annexation of the crimean peninsula which used to be part of southern ukraine. from athleters to apartment buildings with people sleeping inside, russia's strikes appear to have no limits at this point. a question of whether china
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might >> reporter: president biden healed virtual qual china's president this morning as the white house looks to assess where russia's allies stand on the war. cell phone video shows the bombing of a theater in ukraine. inside, hundreds were sheltering in place. outside the building, a satellite image shows the words children written in russian. officials say this and other attacks are signs russia is knowingly going after civilians. president biden not mincing words about russian president vladimir putin. >> murderous dictator, a pure thug who is waging an immoral war against the people of ukraine. >> reporter: this one day after the president declared putin a war criminal. something the kremlin called inexcusable. but the president's sentiment is now being echoed by the state department. >> it is hard to walk away with
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any other conclusion but that war crimes have been committed. >> reporter: administration officials say russia's attacks are under review. in the meantime, there is a push to provide killer drones and other weapons to ukraine. >> we're doing it because we have to be ready to defend europe. to defend our interests. >> reporter: with the convoy stalled and putin's back against the wall, there are growing concerns that china may give russia military aid. the u.s. warns doing so would come with consequences. nbc news. >> although not all the aid is coming from big government like ours, a southern california micro brewer is trying to help in its own way. a brewery in san diego is making a beer called glory to the heroes and it will hit the market next month. all proceeds will benefit the families of soldiers.
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the brewery owner said he is trying to do his part to help. if you want to do your part to help, you find a list of vetted charities. we've checked them out for you. the link there in the trending bar has the latest headlines from the front lines. to news at home, this morning, teachers and staff in one bay area community are preparing to strike. and other educators in a different district say they reached a tentative agreement with their district. now, according to the mount diablo education association, they call themselves un dia, staff members have been working more than 250 days without a contract and at this point, union members say they've authorized a strike if necessary. according to the fact finding with the district is scheduled for later today. now, all schools in the could theati-roaneert park district is
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scheduled to end the strike. the union shared that tentative agreement that that was in fact reached. it is time form micro chime weather forecast. this is a live look. you'd better take advantage of that weather if you need to clean your gutters. the rain is coming. and this time, widespread. usually, we have spots in the bay area. >> it looks like it lasts for a while throughout much of saturday. it is time to get the patio furniture covered. get ready for the rain. i've got a couple of seeds in the ground so i'm excited about that. >> we get a look at the golden gate bridge. people are getting ready to head out to the city. we'll see temperatures in the low 50s. some upper 50s as you head toward fremont. 58 in orinda. as we go into today, our temperatures head for the upper
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60s this afternoon with dublin headed for 67 degrees. 66 in napa and san francisco up to about 60 degrees. tomorrow is when those big changes start to come in. take a look at our high temperatures. only reaching into the mid to upper 50s with a hey of 56 in san mateo and 54 in moraga. we will see a significant cooldown as the rain comes in. once again, we are looking at widespread rain starting in the morning and continuing into the afternoon with kind of a light, steady shower expected for many of our micro climates. this could be some decent rainfall, but then we go back to some dry weather. we'll talk about that in the forecast as well as how many snow we're expecting in the sierras. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. a middle school community in the south bay is reeling after stud.ragic death of one of its grief cellors were o hand to help students and staff d with a real tragedy. nbc bay area bob redell has
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more. >> reporter: graham middle school in mountain view will provide grief counsellors today and monday to help students and teachers help deal with the tragic death of a 13-year-old student who was killed yesterday morning on the way to school. this happened at the intersection of el camino and grant road. it is a very busy expect, if you're not family with it. it is about a mile from the school. yesterday morning 13-year-old jorge was riding his bike to class when he was hit by a truck at t intersection. cey tver remained at scene and was very cooperative. spoke with one ofhe family members other visited the s leave flowers for her young cousin. >> he was always good with family. he was a good student. he always had good grades. he was a really good person worst placeor as if they don't see something about the corner or something. they just ignore and you drive
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on. >> we're leaving the area which provokes the use of a bike as part of the ronment, part o the healthy life. we n to do more to protect our children, our boys, hters. >> rter: although crash didn't happen in front of graham middle school, the website says there been at leastee crashesnvolving students, bicycles and cars in th last ecember t sl h an eventut bicycle safety to the k the impnce of that. in a letter to famili the perintendentnced the availability of grief an student tak care nts self, one an to your loved ones a little ghter. bobrede nbc bay area news. >> as good advice. >>well,ing upon us and th spring, the retur of travel. ng break is here. peoplelly tg to the s. co up, what you can expect as you prepare for your vacation. san francisco, the tech
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capital of the world with a $12 billion budget. we all know the city is struggling with crime and homelessness. episode four of our streaming series saving san francisco comes out on monday. we asked mayor london breed what has to happen to fix the city. catch up on the first three episodes right now. you can download them by downloading the streaming app or you can watch on the plus, saving san francisco. watch episode four on monday. we'll be right back.
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drug maker moderna is asking the fda to authorize a fourth shot of its covid vaccine as a booster for all adults. the company is making that request based partly on the most recently omicron data out of the u.s. and israel. currently a single vaccine
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booster is authorized for emergency use on top of the two-dose vaccine, as you might know. the request comes days after pfizer requested emergency authorization for a second booster for folks over 65. this morning, an inside look at your next vacation. spring break is getting underway and a lot of americans are eager to get away, cut loose, as america emerges from two years in the pandemic. what we can expect as we dust off our suitcases. >> reporter: from the skies to the seas, travelers are once again flocking to their dream destinations. >> to get out there and actually be traveling. it is great to be back. >> reporter: while many may be itching for that long awaited vacation, these days it looks a little different. covid restrictions are rolling back. some travel changes are sticking around, at least for now. many hotels cut back on housekeeping services, limiting or getting rid of daily cleanings and turn-down services
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altogether with some now offering on demand housekeeping by request. but at higher end properties and luxury boutique hotels, daily room services are back. complementary breakfast spreads, restaurants, kids clubs and other services are absent because of covid. some tourists with jam packed sight-seeing schedules -- >> shower, change, go back at it again. it's not much of a big deal for us. >> reporteome h moving to a more contactless experience, turning smart phones boo room keys. others are offering check in and check out on an app. aboard cruise ships, guests can decide how often and when their room is cleaned. and making everything from dinner to show reservations. while most these protocols were put into place for safety, some believe they're sticking around thanks to labor shortages.
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f the cost of these people became exorbitant and the reality was they could still use covid as an excuse to not provide these services. >> reporter: if you're flying, tsa says you still need to put on a mask until april 18th. that also is for airports before and after you fly. another big reminder that that dream destination might look a little bit different. march madness is in full swing and not quite the story book ending at usf. the player hit a clutch three-pointer halfway through overtime but murray finished a little stronger down the state. they beat the dons 92-87. we're also tracking saint mary's on the water, of course, and the game was in the bag when the opponents' best play came from the cheer leading squad. check out what happened here.
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the ball gets stuck behind the back board. they bring out some brooms. there's a ladder, so they boost the cheerleader to get one. the indiana cheerleader using those pyramid skills, prompting cheers. after the game, the gaels hardly broke a sweat. they go on to defeat big ten powerhouse indiana. the hoosiers, 82-53. now they face ucla on saturday. our climate in crisis is hitting deep they are week for california water agencies and water suppliers. as early as today, we may learn about more severe cutbacks from the state this summer. they are scaling back distribution plans as new data suggests, the sierra will only provide about half the normal levels of snow pack runoff in the months ahead. if you remember those unusual rains we had in december, the federal water forecasters say if
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not for those early season storms, we would be in really big trouble. we know we're expecting widespread rain on saturday but it won't be enough. >> no. we need really high amounts of rainfall to catch up to normal. say for instance, santa rosa, we need about four inches of rain to get to normal. and then a lot more snow. if we're only at half the normal amount. the season is coming to an end. march, april, and that's about it. we remember the beginning of the water year in october, through december. we were so excited to see all of this rainfall. the sierra snow pack went up to 160% of normal. we had about 8 to 14 inches of rain. and then our averages were about 90 to 160% of normal in terms of rainfall. but then we have what the climate scientists are calling precipitation whiplash. that's where we had all the heavy rain in the beginning and
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then we went to the other end of the spectrum very quickly where we had this record dry spell from january to now. our rain averages have gone down to 62% of normal in some spots. and as we mentioned, the sierra snow is only providing about half of what we normally see. we have some rain coming our way. it is all clear and we have a little more time enjoy the sunshine. our temperatures today reach into the mid 60s with oakland headed for4 degrees. 67 inato and 70 in los tos. as the rain comes in morrow, our temperatures only reach into the 50s. and we'll struggle to make it there. it will be a very chilly day. gusty winds and temperatures reaching 56 in san mateo and 59 in fairfield. maybe a few breaks here and there but we're lookinga lot more sunsh in sun forecast. our tratures rebound into the low to mid 60s for the end of the weekend and first day of spring. concord will head to about 65
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degrees. this is the storm system coming our way. you can see how long and pretty wide it is ast is apphing e bay area all the clouds that w start to see later this ing will hold off with the rain until early tomorrow morning. we could see the light showers as early as 5:00 to 6:00 in some spots. most of us getting at least the light rain by 10:00 tomorrow morning. it gets a little heavier from noon to 1:00. there would be some breaks. it does continue into the evening and then it clears out. for the most part, we're looking at a tenth to a quarter inch of rain. there may be some spots with a little bit more. about one to five inches of snow in the sierras. after that, our temperatures get a big bounce back, going into the mid 80s next week for a spot like brentwood. but then back down next weekend. hopefully we'll get more rain. we do have this one storm system
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coming in. our temperatures dip into the upper 50s and then we'll see the highs reach into the mid 60s for sunday. mid 70s for monday and then low 80s for tuesday and wednesday, and once again, we're looking ahead. there may be another chance of rain next tuesday. that's a long time in between with some very warm temperatures next week. >> all right. well, good sleeping weather on saturday. if even rain doesn't help you fall asleep, we may have a solution for you. there is a viral trend that some say can help you sound asleep in two minutes, sleeping like a tired soldier. and happening now, the city of vallejo is warning residents about a new scam. city officials say it has gotten reports of fraudsters swooping the water bill number and then calling people to complain about outstanding water bills. the city says it will never call customers and for money over the phone. you can pay your water bill in
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person or online.
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we started the midday with breaking news in san francisco. we have an update. it is now resolved. this was the firefighters in san francisco in the bay view district. they were dealing with a gas leak.
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they say they fixed it, the evacuation order is now lifted and people are now allowed to go back home. trending this morning, one of the best kept secrets to falling asleep might be coming from the military as featured in a viral tiktok trend. this is a technique claiming to help you fall asleep in just two minutes. the real question, does it work? see for yourself. find a comfortable position, breathe out slowly while focusing on releasing any tension in your body. relax your shoulders. continue to inhale and exhale slowly, letting the muscles in your legs and feet relax and visualize a clear blue sky above to help you empty your mind of restless spots. i don't think it works because kari is still awake. oh, wait! >> i have to drive home, too. we'll see some sunshine today and temperatures reaching the upper 60s, and that rain is
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there tomorrow across the bay area. i think i'll be sleeping in. i'm so looking forward to that. we'll have some nice warm weather next week. >> i get to sleep in, too. >> we deserve it after springing forward. >> that's right. i paid for that!
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right now on "california live," spring has sprung. >> i've got the hottest female founded fashion and beauty in this enchanted garden. >> then i'm riding shotgun as we take out aintage ride thr the valley relicsmuseum. >> plus, back to the future. a hidden gem that is teaching kids to love the art of writing. >> these are written by real students. >> and ross discovered the grand canyon under water. >> we're going on d i and explores rld. on "california live." right now


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