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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 26, 2022 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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forecast. wind and rain on the way. next at 11:00. flush . bay area start-ups, lot of people feel betrayed. >> out thousands of dollars, start-up shuts down and how they found out. >> never stopped, search on for two drivers after a deadly crash.
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trying to make the streets safer. >> it will be here before the weekend is over, rain falling in your neighborhood. it is dry right now, but this time tomorrow night is different story. no secret, we desperately need rain and might be the last time this season, it's headed our way. storm ranger, it's foggy an san bruno mountain, but scanning for bands of rain. >> you have to believe it. meteorologist rob mayeda, how much are we going to get? >> updates brought up the rain totals more than 6:00. storm ranger on san bruno mountain not finding anything under the high clouds. rain producing clouds are still offshore. tomorrow morning, light rain late morning, sundown, 7:00 to
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this time tomorrow night, check it out. should be very danger for storm ranger mobile doppler radar. now to the south, a flash flood wash for the burn scars of the colorado and dolan fire zones. 7:00 tomorrow night to 6:00 a.m. across monterey county and gusty winds, 25 to 40 miles per hour near the coast and rain 1 to 2 inches for the santa cruz mountains. full forecast in a few minutes. before the rain moves n download the free nbc bay area app to give you access to storm ranger's exclusive doppler radar and track it in your neighborhood, type in zip code for a forecast tailored for where you live. developing story out of san
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jose, police searching for two hit-and-run drivers, who hit a man on motorized scooter, never stopped. the man died. what leaders are doing. >> reporter: the accident early this morning is 23rd, say the police, traffic fatality in san jose this year. see where the investigators marked the site of the deadly crash. around 2:00 a.m., police say the driver of 2017 gray honda sedan hit a man on motorized scooter and took off. police say that's when driver of midsized suv hit the man lying in the street and drove off. he's stunned neither stopped. >> they don't care about people. >> reporter: city councilman chair of vision zero, a task
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force working to reduce traffic fatales fatalities in san jose. >> we're on pace to end up higher than that, disturbing to see the trend right now. >> says most involve speeding, why vision zero is working to slow drivers down. >> will use infrastructure to attempt to slow down traffic, narrow lanes, make intersections more visible. >> reporter: says he's seen donuts and speeding but not seen anyone get hurt. hopes police will catch the drivers who didn't stop to help the man they hit. >> bring justice to the person who died. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. tonight president biden is headed back to the u.s. after wrapping up a trip to europe.
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earlier met with two top level ukrainian officials in warsaw. marked first time he's met face-to-face with ukrainian officials since the russian invasion began. white house said they gave update on the military, diplomatic and humanitarian situation. spent part of the day meeting with refugees in poland, says most of the children asked him to pray for their fathers, grandfathers and brothers in ukraine right now fighting. before leaving poland, president biden delivered a passionate address from warsaw, blasting russian president vladimir putin for his country's invasion of ukraine. >> a dictator bent on rebuilding on empire will never erase a people's love for liberty. brutality will never down the will to be free. ukraine will never be evicted for russia. gore god's sake, this man cannot
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remain in power. >> white house official said later the president was not calling for putin's removal. ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy is once again asking for air defense. stressed need for aircraft, saying ukrainian fighters can't shoot down russian missiles using shot guns and machine guns. russian forces launched new attack in western ukraine today. this is video from lviv, city hit by at least three missile strikes. five people hurt at least. up until now lviv had largely been spared. 200,000 ukrainians had fled to the city. >> support for ukraine going strong in the bay area. demonstrators walking with the colors of ukraine in castro valley, determined to show that bay area and rest of the world stand against russia's unprovoked war on its neighbors.
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some of the demonstrators are from ukraine and said pictures of these give relatives emotional support. >> everyone back there is grateful for the visibility and turnout and solidary being put together by good people of the bay area. >> demonstrators say they also support ukrainians by weakening vladimir putin's disinformation campaign. >> fedex is sending disaster relief to poland to help refugees. loaded 76 tons on a cargo jet headed to warsaw, some coming from california. >> going to send to a hospital donated by state of california, get the supplies into poland, direct relief will move them where they're desperately needed. >> u.s. based humanitarian
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organization called direct relief coordinated the effort. war in ukraine still affecting the payment at pumps. $5.91 is the average cost for gallon of regular in california. up 5 cents from last year, more than a dollar from last month. unpaid bills what bay area businesses are dealing with after a food delivery company shut down. spoke with business owners with unpaid tabs who only found out through social media. >> reporter: bay area startup offering plastic free delivery service. >> scrolling instagram, came across the post saying bad news, we're out of business. i was shocked. >> reporter: company announced it was expanding to l.a. winston checked her accounts and
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realized zero grocery owed money. >> it's exactly 806 bagels. >> reporter: it's not going to break her business but could have been handled better. hearing what happened to others. >> lot of people are outraged. it's a problem as small business, food business, you have to extend credit. >> reporter: one was left here at starter bakery for $25,000. according to the spreadsheet, several more in the same boat. including bakery in san leandro, owner owed nearly $5,000. >> operate a relatively small food business, 20 employees. $5,000 is several people's wages in a two week period. >> reporter: we reached out to zero grocery, not heard back, but social media the company posted that fundraising is
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biggest battle. business owners can only learn from their experiences. nbc bay area news. uber's battle to continue operating in london is settled for now. san francisco based company won a 30 month license to stay in operation. for years city regulators have raised questions whether the ride hailing app is fit to do business in london. revoked the license in 2017 and 2019 and uber offered safety features and recognizing drivers as workers instead of independent contractors. moving from pandemic to endemic, helping the students cope, state has shipped or delivered more than 14 million home test kits. students and employees get a free kit with two tests inside, part of the push to limit infections after the break.
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many are keeping the kids who tested positive. stakes are much higher now that the schools have mostly lifted mask mandates. in hollywood but not going to the oscars. why lin-manuel miranda won't be walking the red carpet tomorrow night. not your typical patrol car, touching tribute behind this addition to north bay police force. one-two punch with the storm, rain totals coming up and wind speeds suggests 40 miles per hour. closer look coming up. one woman in san francisco's presidio neighbor fears for their life. ann ray thinks the city and law enforcement are failing her. episode five of "saving san francisco" on monday, download the nbc bay area app on
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limited availability. at least 19,000 people under mandatory evacuations near boulder, colorado tonight, fast moving fire burning out of control. quickly doubled in size, threatening thousands of homes. no reports so far of homes destroyed but high anxiety as people pack essentials and get to safety. 123 acres but no containment at this point. one of the most prominent oscar nominees won't be at the ceremony tomorrow, lin-manuel
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miranda announced his wife tested positive for covid, he and kids tested negative but going to be extra cautious. nominated for best original song from "encanto," would win the egot, emmy, grammy, oscar and tony winner. also directed "tick tick boom" and nominated for best director. another ukraine benefit concert. ♪♪ bay area performers held it in the gorgeous cathedral. older ukrainian songs and other works to inspire hope and peace. $10 to $1,000, whatever folks are willing to give. two years in her name was u.
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no ordinary patrol car, it's low rider with all the bells and whistles and artwork as well. in honor of detective armer. made in cooperation with the sonoma county low rider council and office of community engagement. 44 years old when she died, one of the first employees in the department to test positive for the virus. >> nice tribute there. getting girls interested in firefighting, that's goal of the camp this weekend. it's just for high school girls interested in becoming firefighter he's. get hands on experience with chainsaws, ladders, hoses and gear. teachers are mostly women as well. el segundo is hosting first ever
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girls empowerment camp as well to get girls interested in fire service industry, so far meeting the goal. >> i want to learn new skills to teach my family. >> how are we feeling? good? >> yeah! >> i love that. >> what is it like to see female firefighters out there? >> empowering. like seeing other people have made it this far. >> right now women make up less than 5% of the firefighting work force. a few minutes ago, rob mayeda, so many storms have fallen apart, this is getting better than advertised. >> good to see. seeing the numbers come up for central coast. there's a flood warning due to the rain rates which could be heavy. change-up coming our way. dry in san jose, 55 degrees.
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one thing you'll probably notice, low temperatures won't be that low. tomorrow morning still probably see upper 40s and low 50s outside as bit of a southerly wind ticks up into tomorrow morning. 52 now in san francisco, increasing clouds tomorrow morning. there is a chance early in the day as moisture increases and is forced to rise to the hilltops, may have a few sprinkles show up around the santa cruz mountains and north bay hills early as midday. and temperatures trending to upper 60s. may feel a little bit muggy outside. wind out of the south. upper 60s around san jose, rain nearing the coast towards sunset. clouds approaching towards sunset tomorrow. one thing we'll notice as storm approaches on the coast. by midafternoon, wind gusts 25
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to 40 miles per hour. wind speeds should come down monday morning as the front passes through the bay area. rain, there's a few sprinkles 11:00 in the morning around the coastal hills, but main event of widespread rain, 6:00 throughout north bay, 8:00 to the mountains. break monday morning, then heating of the day, increasing instability, we'll watch for chance of more scattered showers and potential for isolated thunder in the mix, midday to monday evening. updated look on rainfall, 1 to 2 inches all over the santa cruz mountains and north bay hilltops. east and foothills, three-quarters inch of rain but
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central coast could see 3 inches. hopefully we get what we can out of the storm, then monday things trend drier again. wind and rain, peak rain event after sundown, early monday and chance for thunderstorms as well. good start, trending drier midweek and next weekend. should be seeing these storms every three to five days but this is the biggest since december 29th. tells you how dry it's been. >> appreciate it, i guess. >> absolutely. anthony flores in sports, one of the greatest coaches in college basketball history was in town tonight. >> it's his last dance, we know that. he's not ready to go home yet. dancing his way easy, coach k and duke moving on to the final four. new record established with the
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win over arkansas. stick around. sports is next.
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welcome back. i'm anthony flores. from the bay area to the big easy. final stop on the farewell tour. final season in the legendary career of coach k. steph curry and checking out the action. buries the triple to beat the buzzer. blue devils in control rest of the day. duke beats arkansas 78-69. headed to final four in new orleans for ncaa record 13 times under head coach. warriors continue the road trip at washington. still no steph curry, back in the bay watching march madness
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tonight. rehabbing the sprained left foot, steve kerr gave an update. >> still sort of in rehab stage, not on the court yet. but everything's going well. and you know, again they're going to be cautious, make sure everything is in order by the time he really gets back on the court and starts getting after it. that hasn't happened yet, but shouldn't be too far off. >> eight games until postseason. shark tank, hats off to timo meier, san jose sharks hitting ice against the ducks. meier scored in the second period, added two in the third, it's his third career hat trick and second of the season. sharks beat the ducks 4-1. give it up for cal men's swimming and diving team. golden bears won the national championship today in atlanta, second in school history and fifth under their head coach.
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cal has been so dominant in the pool, finished first or second at ncaa championships each of the past 12 years. great job. that's sports. news will continue after this.
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there he is, already a legend, taking it to another level, 83-year-old yachtsman sailing across the pacific by himself. sailing from sausalito to home country of japan. he's done this before, back in the 1960s, guided a plywood sailboat from japan to san francisco, surviving on canned food and rice for three whole months. first person to sail solo and nonstop across the pacific.
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took off for new voyage this morning, expected to last 2 1/2 months. >> this boat aged better than last one but really going out into storm? >> will be tough, first two days of the trip. >> oh, boy. >> "saturday night live" right now. good night. flush
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[ nbc theme tones play ] [ theme music plays ] ♪♪ >> good evening. good evening. i'm judge jeanine pirro.


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