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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 30, 2022 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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right now at 11:00, many in the bay area rolling up their sleeves to get an extra layer of protection against covid. a second booster is now approved for some for where those qualified can get the shot. thank you for joining us this midday. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we're moving you forward as the fda is authorizing a second covid booster shot for anyone 50 years of age and older. starting today at least one bay area county rolling out those appointments for the shot. >> bob reddell joins us live outside a vaccine clinic in concord. how necessary is this fourth shot? are people showing up?
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>> reporter: some but we haven't seen long lines. the parking lots half packed. we've seen a slow trickle of people, maybe 20, maybe 30, most of whom are elderly coming here to this vaccine clinic that's put on by the contra costa help services on oak grove road. we presume most to receive their second booster shot which was just approved by the fda. >> i want to be safe. i want to get the second booster. i'm over 65. not much. >> reporter: but this is something you are concerned about? >> absolutely. >> i just think everything i can do to not get sick is what i should do. i wear my mask, get vaccinated, and stay away from situations where i might get exposed. >> reporter: yesterday the fda authorized the second booster shot for both pfizer and moderna vaccines. this for anyone who is 50 years of age and older. you must wait at least four
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months after your first booster shot. the fda authorized a fifth shot for immunocompromised individuals. remember, they were given three initial doses plus the booster, the second booster is the fifth. it is recommended people receive their first booster shot but so far less than half of those eligible have received the shot. the authorization of the second booster shot is not in response to any new safety concerns. a doctor we've spoke ebben to believes it could rather than should, something you could do if you feel like you're at high risk or your immunity is waning especially if you are elderly or severely immunocompromised. check with your local doctor, your pharmacy. here in contra costa county they do recommend you get an appointment, but the couple people we spoke with today were
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walk-ins and they had no problem getting in. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> it looks like some people didn't want to depp lay at all. interesting. thanks, bob. happening now president biden just receiving his second covid booster shot. this is just on the heels of his comments about the launch of the website aims to provide one-stop shop for treatment, testing even free masks. the president qualifies for the second booster shot due to the fact he's over the age of 50. and we are keeping track of the changing guidance. be sure to go to you'll find the latest on the rules and mandates. the american red cross declared the first-ever national blood crisis in the u.s. the nonprofit supplies 40% of the nation's blood. as the bay area moves forward we wanted to see where the need is
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now. we spoke to justin we asked abol blood donations for covid antibodies, if it could help as a donor or recipient. >> last year we were hopeful as cases were dropping but then delta impacted us, omicron impacted us, and really as we were looking at hospitals and with new testing indicating that those that are immunocompromised can really benefit from that convalescent plasma, we introduced the testing on march 7th. it is a limited time. i don't know how long it will go at this point. that will detendon the need. when you go in to donate those donations are tested. whether it's a whole blood donation, a platelet donation, we do test all of those types and make those results available for the donors by looking at an
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app or by calling 1-800-red-cross. >> covid infections are on the decline but are still happening. what do people need to know before they donate blood if they're able to? any new requirements? >> safety measures were heightened throughout the pandemic, and we continue to make sure we're safe at all times. additional hand washing, practicing social distancing, and you're still asked to wear a facemask. a lot of those things are still happening. one of the questions as vaccines became available a lot of folks thought because they were vax napted they could not donate. that is not true. with the vaccines, pfizer,ti el donate. we still need you even though you've been vaccinated. just in, actor bruce willis
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is battling what's called asphasia. that condition is impacting his cognitive abilities and as a result he is stepping away from his career. willis has starred in such films "die hard," "the sixth sense" and in the hit '80s tv show "moonlighting." bringing back a lot of memories. willis just 67 years old. nurses at seton medical center holding a one-day strike. they claim the hospital is not following state staffing laws. cierra johnson reports hospital administrators say some elective surgeries are postponed because of staffing. >> reporter: this morning you can both see and hear dozens ofers ins set up in front of the medical center, all part of a
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one day strike where they are demanding hospital management follow the state's safe staffing law, how many patients are nurse can safely care for. according to information from the nurses association the union says more than 65 nurses have left the working conditions and it is not produing enoug assistance, clerks and secretaries,ers ins say the lack of support has led to problems with retention, to added stress for existing nurses. >> right now there are times we don't have enough staff to safely take care of our patients and we want to provide high quality care. >> i'm on the board of supervisors. we've invested $20 million in the hospital. i want to make sure this hospital provides services in a
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health care desert. >> reporter: administrators say it's really about a wage increase. the union has been in contract negotiations and has not considered a wage increase for a 12% increase. >> despite having a situation where we had more than fair offer on the table, i felt staffing stabilization efforts we've made throughout the last 18 months. season medical center has been through quite a bit and so 18 months ago we were acquired out of a bankruptcy situation and are recovering from that. this is definitely taking a step back. >> reporter: and that administrator tells us some of the elective procedures have had to be postponed because of the
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strike which involves dozens of nurses. these nurses will continue to stand on this corner for the next couple of hours and hold a rally at 3:00 p.m. >> thank you, cierra. new details this midday, four people in san jose now displaced after an early morning house fire. it started along cavindish drive. one of the people living in the home woke up, saw the fire in the garage and got the rest of the family out safely. however, the family's dog did die. the cause is still under investigation. members of the u.s. senate are getting a classified briefing on ukraine right now. president biden spoke with president zelenskyy by phone again this morning. >> scott mcgrew, all this while peace talks are under way as well. >> it makes some people hopeful, right? while we were waiting about the readout on the two presidents
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who talked about the more money going to ukraine, we certainly are not going to hear about the classified briefing with the senators how that went or at least we hope we won't. as for the peace talks in istanbul, russia talking about withdrawing some of its troops as a, quote, show of trust. the world has been looking for an exit ramp for russia. that could be it. ukrainians on the ground say they're not seeing the withdrawal russia is talking about, and the white house is suspicious. >> no one should be fooled by russia's announcements. we believe any movement of forces from around kyiv is a redeployment and not a withdrawal and the world should be prepared for a major offensive against other areas of ukraine. >> now ukraine has indicated it might give up some territory in these talks and pledge not to join nato, but it wants some kind of security guarantee, a treaty, that some country will come to its aid if it's attacked, a country like, say, the united states, which, marcus and laura, is a lot like joining nato. >> you're right. thanks, scott. senator susan collins of
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maine says she will support president biden's pick for the supreme court. the first republican to announce support o judge ketanji brown jackson's nomination. the pair met earlier this month. chuck schumer says he'd like to have the full senate vote before the easter break on april 8th. the benefits of going electric. still ahead on nbc bay area, the reason experts say making the switch cannot only save you money but improve your health. testifying about the january 6th insurrection. the first trump family member to talk to investigators. the major develop the committee has uncovered. and it's not the bright and sunny lunch hour we like to see but we will see more clouds over the bay area. some peeks of sunshine. a warm-up in our fm coming up.
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kelly clarkson with the dish after a long hiatus between seasons two and three and having what he says is the time of his life filming with castmates. you can see that at 3:00 this afternoon.
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new developments this midday. san jose police chief defending the actions of the department following a late night officer involved shooting. the fight inside la victoria taqueria near san jose state sunday morning. k'aun green was inside and that's when the attorney says he tried to disarm a gunman. the san jose police chief says officers didn't know what role when they saw him with the gun. his attorney is preparing legal action. we are getting a look at the man
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police say brought the gunaunt. brian carter is facing the criminal fraud trial for sonny balwani following a closed door hearing when his attorneys made a bid to have his charges tossed out. they argue prosecutors withheld evidence until before the start of the trial. the judge did not issue a ruling. he faces charges similar to those of his former girlfriend elizabeth holmes who jurors convicted in january. the january 6 committee is calling former president trump's son-in-law, jared kushner, expected to be interviewed this week. as nbc's garrett haake reports he would be the first to testify before the group. >> reporter: the january 6 committee pushing further than ever into donald trump's inner circle expecting testimony thursday from trump's son-in-law
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and senior adviser jared kushner. >> there were a lot of members who tried to intercede to get dauld trump to call off the dogs on january 6th. >> reporter: the critical interview amid a week of developments in the investigation. the committee focusing on what "the washington post" reports was a seven-hour gap in the january 6th call logs and white house diary. >> we have multiple points of evidence to fill in what was donald trump doing and what was he faili while the capital was being attack. we're able to put those pieces together even when we get incomplete records. >> reporter: "the post" reporting the gap covered the same period of time of the key moments of the attack as the rioters entered the capitol and vice president pence fled the building. a set of call records turned over to the committee did not show any calls to or from trump
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on the afternoon of the riot. the full house now also preparing to vote to recommend holding two top trump aides in contempt of congress for refusing to comply with subpoenas. senior aide dan scavino and peter navarro each claiming executive privilege. mr. trump standing by his false claims about the election in a statement responding, republicans must get tough and smart and not let them get away with the crime of the century. this as a federal judge said trump more likely than not committed a crime in his attempt to obstruct the vote on january 6, ordering trump attorney john eastman to turn over more than 100 emails he sought to shield from the committee. >> garrett haake reporting there. to our climate in crisis and the possibility of new water restrictions. a new statewide plan called for new limits on watering and it may even mean money in the pockets of california farmers to avoid planting crops. the nearly $3 billion is being allocated with the goal of
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allowing more water to flow through the state's major rivers and streams. according to the california rice commission this was signed yesterday. it would result in 35,000 acres of rice fields left unused or about 6% of the state's normal crop each year. this comes as the governor issued an executive order on monday calling for stricter restrictions of conservation rules. he is directing the board to consider a ban on watering grass at businesses and institutions as well as decorative grass. now calling on local water agencies as well to go to what's called level two measures, meaning up to 20% cut. new details ditching your gas-powered car for an electric one may improve your health according to a new american lung study. it could save the state $169 billion in health care costs by the year 2050 and avoid more
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than 15,300 premature deaths along with 440,000 asthma attacks. we spoke with the author of the study, will barrett, about the findings. >> we work closely with a lot of partners and see there are investments being made, but we also know there needs to be a lot more investment at the state, local and federal level, stronger policies driving that transition in the heavy duty sector as well. we air. >> the ev cars helped workers million sick days. that could help businesses as well. well, let's talk about getting out and walking. today is a big day. walking in a national park day. >> okay. >> take a walk in the park
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today. how is the weather going to be? >> it's going to be cloudy today. europe not going to have the sun beaming down on you. i think a lot of people like that, too, you do get the nice, mild weather and you don't have to worry about putting on the sunscreen. look at our temperatures for the day and what's normal. we're heading for the upper 60s right at average for the end of march. and we're looking at near average temperatures around the bay area, san francisco even slightly cooler than what's average as we head into the next couple of days, though, we're going to be warming up. let's look at our microclimates and what to expect though we have clouds lingering now. we're starting to see them break up a little bit, peeks of sun coming through, temperatures 64 in los gatos. for our east bay we're up to 62 in fremont and 65 in walnut creek. take a look at the seven-day forecast. it's already up at the bottom of the screen. san mateo up to 61 today and 59 in the mission district. reaching 62 in mill valley.
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looking at our water year update, how much rain we have. we've measured since october 1 and how much we need to catch up to normal. we're at a rainfall deficit of 6 inches, well below what's normal for the end of march. oakland, we've had nearly 16 inches of rain. that's just slightly below our normal amount. and we c we measured so far and then the rainfall deficits, so it's over 4.5 inches for san jose. then when we look at the sierra the amount of snow we have on the ground is only 30% of the normal amount in the northern sierra and the statewide average about 39% of normal, so that's why we talk about the drought, how bad it is and it's not just california. this is happening all across the some of that extreme drought across much of the rest of the bay area, we get a new update tomorrow so, of course, we'll give you the latest on that as
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we're not expecting much more rain headed our way. there's a couple of very slight rain chances nearby. we're not going to see any of that here. and then once those rain chances dry up, we're going to see our temperatures spike in brentwood next week. it could be hitting 90 degrees by thursday. but at least in the near term the next seven days looking pretty nice, today the coolest day in the seven-day forecast as we do keep the clouds for a lot longer but with more sunshine our temperatures head for the upper 70s on saturday and slightly cool but windy on sunday. so make sure you put that in your weekend plans, laura and marcus. >> will do. thanks, kari. >> not that we're planning already. thanks, kari. this is fun. talk about an animated debate. next on nbc bay area news -- >> to infinity and beyond! >> a new ranking of pixar's best films sparking all sorts of conversations.
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is your favorite in the top ten? and happening now, governor newsom announcing new investments to help those struggling to make it in the bay giving out ten awards as part of his project called project home key initiative. two of them are in the bay area. a project in oakland is expected to receive nearly $15 million to help rehabilitate an oakland hotel to help those in need. another investment will provide nearly $7.5 million. this is for a possible similar project in san francisco.
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- through the darkness, artists create light. they illuminate a path to health and well-being for all of us.
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and now, their light is shining on our stage, the blue shield of california theater at ybca, where artists and audiences create community together. - come join us inside.
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welcome back. you're watching nbc bay area news, and trending this morning fans of country music singer eric church are upset with the star after he canceled a show scheduled for saturday in texas. his reason, north carolina plays duke that day in college basketball's final tour. in an email he says as a lifelong carolina basketball fan, i've watched carolina and duke battle over the years but to have them match up in the final four for the first time in the history of the ncaa tournament is any sports enthusiast's dream. fans who purchase tickets will get a refund. >> if he reschedules they should get an amazing refund. >> i hope his team wins, too. up for debate involving east bay animation giant pixar. >> the recent release marks pixar's 25th in three decades.
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the gaming site wants to generate debate with its new ranking. it puts these films in the top five starting with "the incredibles." two "toy story." so let the debate begin. >> i'm a big "toy story fan." "coco" was fantastic. >> they want a debate, when people talk about the best rappers ever and they want their mount rushmore and people are debating the choices. that's what that reminds me of. >> it's a good problem to have. all good shows. let's get a look at our final weather as you're heading out. temperatures in the upper 60s today. and that's the coolest day we see over the next several days. upper 70s for inland areas on saturday. san francisco is also going to warm up quite a bit so even though it's cool, windy, upper 50s today, we have upper 60s in saturday's forecast. that's something to look forward to. >> wear my shorts and walk to
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the gym. >> okay. >> there we go. look, that does it for our midday newscast. next up at 5:00. you can get the latest information at we'll be back tomorrow morning 4:30 to 7:00.
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right now on "california live," i'm in step with the san francisco ballet and high fashion. and i'm stepping into the secret suite inside arena that is luxurious, fun, and invitation only. this is what your view is. >> best in the house. and i've got the boss babe behind juicebae, and they have every exotic ingredient imaginable. ross is exploring sustainable farming. >> i've seen chickens running around. what other animals are here?


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