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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 1, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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supporters of key ongreen are getting ready to support him. he was shot by san jose police this weekend. he's now in the hospital clinging to hopes that one day he will resume his football career that started in oakland. the shooting happened at a popular restaurant in san jose. surveillance video shows a fight inside the la victoria taqueria. officers fired after they say he refused to drop the weapon. but green's attorney says the gun didn't belong to him. instead he wrestled it from another man during the chaos. green has not been charged with any crime. developing news in the south bay. mountain view police say a student was found dead in their home today from a fentanyl or possible fentanyl overdose. the student attended los altos high school. police say they were made aware this morning that drugs could be circulating on campus. right now it's unknown how the
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student got the drugs and whether other students have it as well. san francisco police are investigating a shooting that just happened a few hours ago. they got a call around 1:30 for a shooting near third street and pa lou avenue. when officers got there, they found a man who had been shot. paramedics took him to the hospital. no arrests have been made. sky ranger over a car that crashed into a marshy area next the dumbarton bridge this afternoon near the toll plaza. a tesla hit the concrete center divider then crossed through all lanes before ending up in the marshland. the tesla, we are told, was not in autopilot. it's unclear what led to the crash. we're working to learn the condition of the driver. a 2-year-old and her mother vanished april 1st, 2016. her mother's body was found days
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later, but still no sign of arianna. six years later, police released this new image showing how she would look today and they're upping the reward, $250,000. that's how much san francisco police and the fbi are now offering to try and solve this case. tonight nbc bay area's ginger conejero saab updates the search for answers from san francisco. >> reporter: behind me is a tribute to 32-year-old nicole fitts. this is the park where her body was found six years ago, and tonight the new hope for friends and family is that today's increased reward will spark new leads that will lead them to her daughter, arianna. talking about nicole in the days leading up to her death is still deeply painful for her friend. she says nicole was much more than a coworker, she was family. >> she was a great, great friend of ours and she was -- she did everything. >> reporter: as they grieve for nicole, they continue to search
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for any sign of her arianna, who was 2 1/2 when she vanished. today sfpd and the fbi released a new aged procession photo of ariana, who would be 8 years old today. along with this photo, authorities increased the reward from $100,000 to $250,000 for any information leading to the arrest of the suspect or suspects responsible for the disappearance of arianna. >> we'll never give up until we have justice for nicole and justice for arianna. >> reporter: necessity announced the renewed search goes beyond california. >> the fbi and the san francisco police department are working to put up billboards throughout california and nevada. >> that is a lot of money, so i appreciate for everyone who is putting that money to help with this. >> reporter: the continued search efforts breathing new hope to those who cared so deeply for this mother and
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daughter. >> there are people still out here that care for you and are hoping that you make it home to your family. we're still praying for you. >> reporter: if you have any information about the death of nicole fitts or the disappearance of ariana fits, you are asked to call the fbi or sfpd. you can remain anonymous. ginger conejero saab, nbc bay area news. it's another step out of the pandemic. whether it's your next game or your next concert, you won't need a vax card. the state's proof of vaccination policy for mega events expired today. but it is still a strong recommendation. event organizers said cities can still set their own rules. for example, people who aren't vaccinated still need to mask at chase center and people can be kicked out for refusing to put one on. let's take a look right now at how things stand in california. this is a three-month snapshot of the state's positivity rate. you see there at the end of january the state was at a 12.6%
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positivity rate. we were coming off a holiday surge and the omicron variant was still going strong. well, just a month later it drastically dropped to 2.2%. today, well, just 1.6%. a pandemic policy that blocked more than 1 million immigrants from crossing into the u.s. could end next month. title 42 was put in place by the trump administration to prevent the spread of covid. it stopped migrants at the border and forced many to stay in poor conditions in mexico. more recently it's also slowed ukrainian refugees who flew mexico to reach the u.s. sources tell nbc news the biden administration will lift the policy on may 23rd and that homeland security is preparing for thousands of migrants waiting to enter the u.s. with asylum claim. was he a leader or a follower? that's the battle shaping up in the fraud trial of sunny balwani, the partner of elizabeth holmes at theranos.
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more today from one of the company's lab directors today. scott budman joins us live after spending the day in the courtroom. >> we saw both sides of the balwani story play out in court today. on the one hand, the prosecution saying he was a leader helping to run the company. on the other hand, his defense team saying he was merely an employee watching from the sidelines. with former theranos lab director mark pan dori back on the stand, we got a a better idea both where the prosecution and defense teams are likely to go in the trial of sunny balwani. for example, prosecutors rolled out several emails from balwani two theranos executives and other employees about the company's blood testing devices, trying to establish that he was making executive decisions. >> what they were trying to get these witnesses to say about elizabeth holmes, they're trying to get them to say the same
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thing about sunny balwani. >> reporter: on the other hand, balwani's defense team painting him as a theranos shareholder and trying to put distance between him and company leadership. but that, says one legal analyst s going to be a challenge. >> there's no way that the defense is going to be successful in painting sunny balwani in the light simply as a shareholder. we know he was intimately involved with theranos because he was intimately involved with elizabeth holmes. >> reporter: we'll be back in court for more of the balwani trial next week. we are likely to hear from more people who both ran and worked in the theranos labs. live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, scott. absolutely no one knows this case better than scott. he's been covering theranos from the very beginning. be sure to follow him on twitter. you'll get live updates from inside the courtroom.
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now to the war in ukraine. efforts to evacuate civilians trapped in the port city of mariupol have stalled. the city is on the right side of your screen along the sea of azov and sits on the border of ukraine and russia. about 3,000 people did escape the city today according to ukrainian officials. but the red cross's attempt to organize a mass evacuation failed, leaving thousands of people still trapped there. on the military front, russia says ukrainian forces crossed into the country and fired on an oil depo in a city. the u.s. hasn't been able to independently investor russia's claim. but if true, the air strike would be the first for ukrainian forces since russia's invasion began. peace talks between russian and ukrainian officials resumed today. ukraine is willing to discuss a ban of aspirations of joining
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nato and making territorial concessions if others provide security. the real-life drama at uc berkeley continues. we learned a falcon was found dead after being hit by a car. a major developing involving his longtime partner, annie. audrey asistio has the latest news that has the attention of thousands on and off campus. >> reporter: on the berkeley campus is a bouquet of flowers as many here mourn the loss of one of the university's beloved falcons, grenell. >> it makes me want to cry, even now. >> i'm shocked. especially i was studying it last year. >> i've seen the falcons for years and i was really sad to hear about grenell passing. >> reporter: a group says he was chasing off a female intruder and got too low when he was hit
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by a car. his death got many wondering what's next for his long-term partner and their legs. >> she should start using tinder for finding her next partner. >> reporter: it seems annie won't be needing tinder. about a day and a half later, she's apparently already moved on, spending friday morning with another male. >> we've seen courtship behaviors in the nest box. we've seen them cop late more than once and he has also shown interest in trying to incubate. >> this expert says annie's actions are not normal. >> it's not, so this is a unique situation because we actually recognize this male. this is a male that's been around that we've seen on and off for about a month. >> reporter: according to people who follow the cal falcons live
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cam, this falcon may very well be the new leading man in annie's life. >> she took off and circled and left the new male with the eggs. so she must trust the my male. he's been around all day back and forth. >> reporter: it's heartbreak part two for many still mourning grenell's sudden death. >> it's terrible. i can't believe it. yeah, it's just so sad. >> well, that's the dating world these days, i suppose. >> it's a bunch of drama, i guess. well, i guess the other falcon must be spinning in his grave or upset. >> reporter: while shocking, scientists say this brings them hope that annie and her chicks will be okay. >> the story is still going and we're hopeful that maybe annie will still be able to raise chicks this year. >> reporter: at uc berkeley, audrey asistio, nbc bay area news. >> good luck to those love birds. still ahead, an update on
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steph curry's injury. the warriors revealed how long he'll have to stay off the court. we're one week away from opening day at oracle park. tonight we have a sneak peek at new food fans will be offered all season long. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a beautiful day today. 76 and sunny skies. we'll talk about some changes this weekend. also some major heat on the way. i have that for you in less than ten minutes. >> i'm not a hurtful or harmful person. i know i'll look back on this and go on, wow, that was all just someone else's story for me. >> a homeless man defends himself. a san francisco woman says he will continue stalking her if he is not behind bars. we talked one-on-one with him on the final episode of "saving san francisco." it comes out monday. watch the first five episodes by downloading the nbc bay area app for your roku or other streaming device, or go to
5:13 pm savingsanfrancisco. then watch episode 6 on monday.
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warriors fans suffered another blow today, but their playoff dreams might be alive. steph curry will miss the rest of the regular season due to a food injury. he'll be re-evaluated in a couple weeks before playoffs begin to see if he can come back. coming up at 6:00, we sit down with steph curry. opening day just a week away for the giants. today the orange and black gave us a look at what to expect on and off the field when someone takes you out to the ball game.
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nbc bay area's christie smith explains. >> reporter: what's new at oracle park this season? well, the giants gave us a preview today starting with the food and there's so much to choose from. beginning with veggie pizza. the 2022 season is almost here when giants fans fill oracle park, they'll have new options for cuisine. >> we got a fish taco, a por chetta stand, more vegan options. we have it down in the garden. >> reporter: this is the executive chef. he says a lot goes into these decisions. >> we look at the trends in the restaurants. we're also looking at what we're doing. the pressure is on because we have to be cutting edge. >> it's giving us access to data we've never had before. >> reporter: the giants also updated how you pay to reflect our new normal. >> it's a touchless experience.
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to be honest, we had bits and pieces of that in the past, but now at all 429 of our terminals, you can go up with your phone or contactless card, tap it, and get your food instantly. it will be a safe transaction and back to your seat to enjoy the game. >> reporter: it will give the team more data, help with inventory management, and allow them to adjust resources to make sure you're not waiting too long. they've got the food, the tech, and even the promo gear. now they're just waiting for you and the chance to play ball. christie smith, nbc bay area news. san francisco restaurant week is back. it looks like a lot like before the pandemic shut down indoor dining for so long. 160 eaterys throughout the city are offering specials for every meal of the day. deals range from $10 to $75. restaurant week starts today and runs until next sunday. so it's pretty clear from this video there wasn't much snow to measure during the
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today's monthly sierra snowpack survey. no joke, april 1st is when the snowpack is supposed to be at its peak. it's a shock because december surveys showed record snowfall. >> so 78 plus inches now down to about 1 inch. all of this is information that california needs to absorb and adjust in terms of how we manage our water resources into the future. >> experts say the extremes we've been seeing of heavy rains followed by unusual heat are further evidence california must be getting better at anticipating and coping with climate change. >> it hurts you to see that, i can tell. when you saw that video of no snow on april 1st and knowing what that means for water supplies, for fire season, for everything that's to come. >> yeah, just a domino effect. we were 200% of normal when we were in november and december. and then those numbers, again,
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just dropped and so fast. we've been mentioning this quite a bit. it's precipitation whiplash. basically these extremes in the weather that we have experienced since the start of the season all the way up until the current. the snowpack, you see 28% of normal. central, 42%, southern, 43%. now, there is a little bit of good news this month. we're continuing to see the signal that maybe in some of our forecast models by the 14th, 15th, or 16th, we could get a storm system to move in, maybe even bring us not only bay area rain, but potentially even some sierra snow. so as we get closer to that, of course, we'll continue to keep you updated. let's get into that saturday forecast. we got that weekend just around the corner. we're going to start it off with high clouds. it doesn't look super foggy, just filtered sunshine here. we'll see the same picture here as we head through the day for tomorrow. so as we start off, temperatures
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are nice, cool, and refreshing. if you're going to get up early, run some errands, you might need that light jacket. but all in all it's been really useful here. peninsula, 47. tri-valley, 43. 44 in the north bay. east bay down to 46. temperatures overall are going to cool off a degree or two tomorrow. but we're still going to be above average. we'll get that sunshine. we'll have relatively calm winds tomorrow. so this really is just going to be kind of amazing for april. 75 here in san jose. 77 down in gilroy. let's move to the east bay. 74 in fremont. a hotter interior valley. 77 in livermore. peninsula, even 75 in palo alto. san francisco not quite widespread 70s, but up to 67 through the mission and for the north bay. 74 in napa. 77 in clear lake. you 75 in santa rosa. here's the deal. you're going to be outside enjoying this tomorrow, you're going to start to get used to
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it. and then, okay, sunday arrives and it's going to feel a lot different to us. we're going to see this small system move in. no rainfall for us. we could get rain near california/oregon border. the wind definitely can be very annoying. it's going to build in once he hit saturday afternoon and evening. 15 to 40 miles an hour. it will be a quick event. it will drop off as we head into monday's forecast. check this out on my seven-day. we're looking at heat moving in wednesday, thursday, and friday next week. 70s in san francisco. maybe even isolated 80s. and then through the inland valleys we're going to really see some weather extremes here. down to 70 on monday: up to 86 wednesday. 90 on thursday. we talked about the extreme snow from all that snow to nothing. look at those temperatures. it's been all over the map the past couple zeroes it's that time when you haven't put away
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the winter wardrobe yet, you're just going back and forth every day. thanks, jeff. >> you got it. coming up, a bay area group helping ukrainian refugees, the fundraisers they're holding as they escape the war in ukraine.
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large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written a ballot proposal to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless, but read the fine print. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations,
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saving you up to $500 a year. so boost your bottom line by switching today. get the new samsung galaxy s22 series on comcast business mobile and for a limited time save up to $750 on a new samsung device with eligible trade-in. we told you earlier about the possible fentanyl overdose death of a teen in mountain view. well, that appears to be evidence that what health leaders are planning in the south bay is needed. they announced the announcement of a new drug trafficking team specializing in fentanyl. in the south bay the amount of
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deaths due to fentanyl skyrocketed during the pandemic. >> don't kid yourself. no one is immune from this deadly drug regardless of your background and regardless of where you live. it's infiltrating our schools, colleges, homeless encampments, parks, and community at large. >> there were just 11 fentanyl-related deaths in santa clara county in 2018, but this year that number multiplied by more than ten. feeding people in the bay area to help feed ukrainian refugees. a pair of bay area organizations are holding a fundraiser selling tamales. volunteers from the two groups made 1,500 tamales. they're donating the money from the sale to world central kitchen, which is presiding food to ukrainians fleeing the war.
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>> the heartbreak of seeing families fleeing, families separated, seeing the children suffering has really are compelled us to say how can we make a difference? >> they said they sold out of tamales, but they are still collecting money for world central kitchen. they raised more than $11,000 so far. people can also do not to the local food pantry to help local families in need. we're back with a musical mashup that combines a hit r&b group with the award-winning san francisco symphony. - through the darkness, artists create light. they illuminate a path to health and well-being for all of us. and now, their light is shining on our stage,
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the blue shield of california theater at ybca, where artists and audiences create community together. - come join us inside.
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if you enjoy r&b music, especially from the '90s, there's a san francisco concert you should know about. tonight and tomorrow night the san francisco symphony is performing with boyz ii men, the grammy-winning group will sing their major hits including "end of the road." tonight's performance is almost sold out with mostly single seats available. tomorrow night's show has more seats to choose from. those tickets start at $45. >> what an interesting combination, boyz ii men and the symphony. >> that should be wonderful to hear. >> sounds great.
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the economy is strong with rising inflation and gas prices. plus, hit by thieves on bikes. the new robberies in san francisco china town and how businesses are responding and long overdue. and way over budget. the work is finally done on van nes. we will show you how it might be done. >> the news at 5:30 starts right now. i'm dpar vin thomas. >> and i am jessica aguirre. president biden today praised another solid jobs report for the 11th straight month but as nbc's alice barr shows us, many americans don't feel like the economy is strong with with inflation and gas eating away at their paychecks. >> reporter: president biden today celebrating another strong jobs report. >> our economy has gone from


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