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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  April 2, 2022 12:37am-1:37am PDT

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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- billie eilish -- mayor of new york city eric adams - an all new "closer look. featuring the 8g band with stevie nistor. ♪ [ cheers and applause and now, seth meyers >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. we hope you're doing well tonight. and now we are going to get to the news president biden has reportedly met with at least three supreme court candidates in the hopes that one of them will prove worthy to join the elite
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group of the most respected legal minds in the country, and brett kavanaugh. [ laughter ] president biden spoke yesterday from the east room about the ukraine crisis and said, quote, "as russia contemplates its next move, we have our next move prepared as well." spoken like a man on the fifth row of wordle with only two yellow squares [ laughter ] i mean, wordle is hot. wordle is hot to the touch, baze [ laughter ] russian lawmakers voted yesterday to give president vladimir putin the formal approval to use military force in ukraine putin said the approval came with approximately 117% of the vote pretty good. [ light laughter ] i could have used wordle in that punch line [ laughter ] it's hard to follow a wordle joke i think that - president biden met yesterday with the ukrainian foreign
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minister the meeting wasn't planned he just very quickly decided to move here. [ laughter ] "any good restaurants? in a new episode of a right-wing podcast, former president trump said that russian president vladimir putin's invasion into ukraine was, quote, "genius and wonderful. and i got to say, it's a pretty brilliant way to make putin second-guess himself [ laughter ] "who likes plan? oh, boy, this is not good. genius ay-yi-yi." [ laughter ] we fact-checked that, right? we fact-checked that putin when he's upset says "ay-yi-yi. [ light laughter ] i don't want to be out here looking like a, you know - during a lunch in kentucky yesterday, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said that president biden is a, quote, "thoroughly decent human being." added mcconnell, "and if it wasn't for that, we'd probably get along great. [ laughter ] and finally, a florida attorney was recently arrested after she
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allegedly stripped naked in a bar when they refused to serve her because she was too drunk. and she must be an amazing lawyer, because she still talked them into a scotch and soda. [ laughter ] and that was a monologue, everybody! we have -- [ cheers and applause we have a wonderful show for you tonight. she is a simply incredible singer she has won a million grammys and now she's nominated for an academy award. billie eilish is here. [ cheers and applause i'm happy. from the sounds of it, you are as excited as i am that's very, very nice to hear [ laughter ] and you better applaud as much for the next person. [ laughter ] because he has a new job, and right now we don't want to do anything to affect his confidence [ laughter ] he is the mayor of the greatest city in the world, new york city -- eric adams! [ cheers and applause there we go. he'll be joining me tonight. but before we get to all that, former president donald trump
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praised vladimir putin's "savvy" and "genius" amid u.s. warnings of an imminent full-scale russian invasion of ukraine. and yet even as he was doing that, republicans and right-wing pundits claimed it was president biden who was showing weakness for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ applause ] >> seth: i do not profess to be a foreign-policy expert, by any stretch. most of my foreign-policy experience comes from my magical semester abroad in rome when i dodged out-of-control vespas and fell in with dickie greenleaf and that creep tom ripley. and, oh, wait. that's a movie i'm remembering a movie. anyway, i'm no foreign-policy expert, but even i can see that virtually no one in the world thinks that what russia is doing right now is a good idea apparently, not even putin's own advisers, who looked frozen and terrified during a bizarre national security meeting broadcast on russian television earlier this week where putin quizzed them one by one on what he should do, as if he didn't already know the answers
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>> the national security council of russia had a televised event. they broadcast this highly choreographed session of the security council in russia in which they were discussing the possibility, vladimir putin and his top officials, of recognizing those rebel republics in the east of ukraine as independent states. >> this was when he was speaking to his security council before the actual address to the nation, to be clear. according to the moscow bureau chief of the "financial times," these are -- well, we knows these are the senior-most russian officials over there, sort of arrayed. none of them were within 20 yards of putin at any point >> seth: first of all, why is he sitting so far away from them? did he put them there? or did they all gradually scoot their chairs back during the meeting? "uh, yes, mr. president, in regards to ukraine, i believe best path forward, and don't quote me on this, because i would like very much not to be wrong. usually to see people sit that far away, a guy has to bring a
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komodo dragon onto the subway. [ laughter ] "hey, don't worry, everybody he doesn't bite -- ow! bad timing, gary." this photo - [ laughs ] this photo reminds me of an interview trump did during the 2020 campaign at the lincoln memorial when the interviewers sat like a mile away from him. i guess they wanted to be far enough away so they could get up and leave at any moment without trump noticing you know, just sneak off during one of his insane rants. "lincoln, we love lincoln. good old abe abe rhymes with gabe, which of course reminds me of the great gabe kaplan. he should -- he should really have a statue too, if you ask me welcome back, kotter kotter he left, but he came back. he came back he came back and he whipped those sweathogs into shape oh, we love the sweathogs, don't we, folks? we love -- wha-- folks?" [ laughter ] i'm pretty sure that once trump got rolling, even lincoln skooched his chair back a little [ scraping ]
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really good. [ light laughter ] guys, this is the first time we see the graphics too [ light laughter ] so if a single tear rolls down my face, just know it's 'cause i'm really [ bleep ] proud of what they did today. [ laughter ] also, check out this close-up of putin's advisers yikes! they look like they are all in the waiting room for a colonoscopy. you know things are bleak when even putin's closest and most loyal advisers don't want to look him in the eye. that's the way my staff looks at me when i say, "i think i might do my al pacino impression tonight. what do you think, mikhail mikhail? should i do the pacino, barb barb you're looking like you think the pacino might be a good idea. "yeah, but, you know what, maybe it won't work, i mean, because tonight's 'closer look' is about -- "ukraine i-kraine this whole courtroom is kraine!" [ light laughter ] see, the audience loves it how about you, lincoln
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you love it, right [ scraping ] [ laughter ] and just to give you an idea of how nervous and reticent even putin's closest advisers have been to agree with him, at one point putin demanded that the director of russia's foreign intelligence service give an opinion about whether putin should recognize two breakaway regions of ukraine as independent territories, which of course he later did here's how that exchange went, according to a reporter for the "financial times." putin said, "speak clearly do you support recognition?" and the adviser said, "i will. to which putin replied, "you will, or you do? then the adviser said, "i support bringing them into russia," to which putin replied, "that's not what we are discussing do you support recognizing independence?" and then the adviser, flustered, said yes jesus! i have flop sweat just from reading that exchange. usually you got to dangle a guy over a shark tank to get that tense a back-and-forth
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and, vlad, the last thing i want to do is to give you management notes. but the way you say things like "speak clearly" almost guarantees that people won't "hoo-ah! [ laughter ] [ laughter ] so, look, if their body language and tentative responses are any indication, not even putin's closest advisers thought this was an especially smart move virtually no one does. the entire world is aghast and horrified. the only people who could possibly think this is a good move are those unemployed fringe weirdos who go on small-time radio shows. you know, like this guy. >> i went in yesterday and there was a television screen, and i said, "this is genius. putin declares a big portion of the ukraine -- of ukraine -- putin declares it as independent. oh, that's wonderful so putin is now saying it's independent, a large section of
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ukraine. i said, "how smart is that?" you know, but think of it. here's a guy who's very savvy. i know him very well very, very well. but here's a guy that says, "you he used the word independent and we're going to go out and we're going to go in and we're going to help keep peace you gotta say, that's pretty savvy. >> seth: no, you don't gotta say that i mean, well, maybe you gotta say that so someone will pick you up at the moscow airport when you flee our jurisdiction it's just insane that trump is still so desperate to praise a bloodthirsty tyrant like putin every chance he gets trump narrates putin's every move like he's tony romo calling the last drive of a playoff game "oh, man, here he comes! he's setting up at the goal line, and he's going to roll tanks into the end zone. you got to say, jim, this is very savvy." also, can we go back to the beginning of that clip >> i went in yesterday, and there was a television screen. >> seth: oh, there was a tv
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screen in a room you went into i guarantee you there is not a room in that man's life where there isn't a tv screen. even his sauna has a tv with a squeegee next to it to wipe off the condensation [ laughter ] "sean hannity's sweating again okay, okay." [ laughter ] so, putin's own advisers look scared meanwhile, trump's watching russian tanks roll into ukraine with pompoms in his hands, calling it genius. and in that story, who did he say the words "this is genius" to, anyway was melania in the room with him? "mel mel, you got to come see th- vlad's inva-- it's genius, mel mel? mel-- oh, wait a minute! this is just a scarecrow with a dress on it. well played, mel." [ laughter ] so, the leader of the republican party is calling lawless russian military aggression toward a sovereign country "genius" while president biden is trying to unite world allies to stop russia and making it clear he does not want a war with russia. >> who in the lord's name does
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putin think gives him the right to declare new so-called countries on territory that belonged to his neighbors? this is a flagrant violation of international law and it demands a firm response from the international community. let me be clear. these are totally defensive moves on our part. we have no intention of fighting russia >> seth: first of all, i'm glad he said that last part, since no one serious seems to want or is suggesting a war with russia, which would be catastrophic. which is why the world needs to do everything possible to avoid one. second, i like when biden goes full scranton and uses old-timey phrases like "who in the lord's name?" [ light laughter ] biden's got the tone of a guidance counselor sitting backwards on a chair trying to talk a burnout kid into turning his life around. "so, you think you're some hotshot, huh recognizing breakaway regions, invading your neighbors? who in the lord's name do you think you are? guess what, you're not going cruisin' tonight, because you're in detention with the rest of the sweathogs.
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[ laughter ] and yet in comparing those two reactions from trump and biden, republicans apparently come to the obviously insane conclusion that it was biden who was somehow projecting weakness. although biden's critics on the right can't seem to make up their minds about whether we should be showing strength towards putin or whether we should just be siding with putin. >> the administration basically, on the obama model, is for weakness they avoid war frankly by accepting surrender of their own interests. >> the gop house conference tweeted a picture of biden walking away from the podium with this quote, "this is what weakness on the world stage looks like." >> the administration has been so muddled in the way they have made vladimir putin have the upper hand throughout this entire time. >> the white house, i -- it seems like the response, even though it was supposed to be quite robust, was very timid >> he looks very weak, and russia is taking advantage of it. >> it might be working asking ourselves, since it is getting pretty serious, what is this really about why do i hate putin so much? has putin ever called me a racist has he threatened to get me fired for disagreeing with him
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has he shipped every middle-class job in my town to russia did he manufacture a worldwide pandemic that wrecked my business and kept me indoors for two years? is he teaching my children to embrace racial discrimination? is he making fentanyl? is he trying to snuff out christianity does he eat dogs >> seth: why why do i hate putin so much? did he call me a racist? did he get me fired from my job? did he ring my door bell and run away, leaving a flaming paper bag on my doorstep, a bag i then stomped on only to discover it was filled with dog feces? did he make plans with me as means of an apology for the dog [ bleep ] prank, to meet at a fancy restaurant and then not show up on time, texting every five minutes, "on way, there soon"? only to arrive an hour late and then say, "i had a late lunch. is it cool if i just watch you eat? and then when my food did come, would he pick it off my plate, one french fry at a time, until he had eaten at least half of the french fries and when the bill came from the waiter, did he point at me and say, "i actually didn't eat," even though both the waiter and i could see the giant ketchup
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smudge on his face from the colossal bite he took of my burger did vladimir putin do that to me? [ laughter ] yes, he did. [ laughter ] he did it yesterday. also, to all those warmongers like mike pompeo and newt gingrich and the house republicans who called biden weak, your dude is the one who just called putin savvy and praised his genius do you guys even pay attention to what trump is saying anymore, or do you just assume like most of us that he got lost wandering around the 18th hole of one of his golf courses, and now he just lives in a sand trap with a bunch of pigeons and even when he was president, trump was always so desperate to buddy up with putin, even putin couldn't believe it. trump was like those rookie defensive backs who would stop tom brady after the game for an autograph. "hey, i know i'm on the other team, but huge fan don't tell my coach. [ light laughter ] putin always had that smile on his face when he was next to trump, like, "i can't believe how easy this is." and as much as i don't want to hear from the trumps and fox newses of the world, i very much also don't want to hear from the same belligerent maniacs who have consistently been wrong about foreign policy for decades, like former trump national security adviser and bush administration official john bolton, one of the key
12:53 am
cheerleaders of the iraq war, who has advocated for bombing or invading multiple countries. for some reason, bolton was invited on msnbc yesterday to give his take on the russia situation. >> how do you deter vladimir putin he seems absolutely determined to do what he is about to do, because he 's amassed this force. do you see him backing down? >> i don't at this point look, the president announced on friday that his policy had failed he said unequivocally, the russian decision to invade ukraine had been made. that's -- that's an admission that deterrence has failed >> seth: i'm sorry, but there's just no one i would rather hear from on foreign policy less than john bolton. i'm all for having experts on cable news, but you don't get to be an expert if you've never been right bolton was wrong on iraq, wrong on afghanistan, wrong on the mustache is coming back. although, i did meet john bolton once, and he told me my pacino impression is great. oh, [ bleep [ laughter ] that means it sucks, right
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[ laughter ] the leader of the republican party praised a bloodthirsty autocrat as the u.s. warns of an imminent full-scale invasion that virtually the entire world is horrified by, and yet the gop has the gall to call biden weak. maybe trump is just praising putin in the hope that if he runs again in 2024, putin will say -- ♪ welcome back ♪ [ laughter ] >> seth: so i think in order for that to work, everybody here would have -- in the body of the "closer look," they would have had to leave and go watch "welcome back, kotter. [ laughter ] this has been "a closer look." [ cheers and applause we'll be right back with billie eilish, everybody ♪ >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks," be sure to subscribe to "late night" on youtube.
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: give it up, everybody, for the fantastic 8g band right over there [ cheers and applause back with us tonight, he's the drummer for the legendary band sparks, who are embarking on their north american tour beginning on march 11th in san francisco. for more information, find him on instagram @stevienestor stevie nistor is here. thank you so much, stevie. [ cheers and applause so happy to have you our first guest tonight is a multi-grammy award winning musician whose song "no time to
12:59 am
die" was recently nominated for an academy award she is making history as the youngest artist to headline both the glastonbury and coachella music festivals this year and is currently on her happier than ever world tour please welcome to the show, billie eilish, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ >> seth: welcome to the show, billie >> thank you how you doing? >> seth: i'm fantastic, i'm so happy to have you here, and new york has been so happy to have you here you got to play madison square garden >> i sure did. >> seth: i, you know [ cheers and applause i think all of us are in aw at how much you've accomplished in your very young life so far. but i can imagine, does it still blow your mind when you're in a room like msg? >> yes >> seth: that's great.
1:00 am
>> yeah, yeah, no. it's it's. i did bawl on stage. >> seth: ok, gotcha. >> i did [ cheers and applause yeah, it was just really weird i have a song during the set where it's all baby footage of me and i was, like, walking across the stage, looking at baby me, looking at the crowd, and i bawled >> seth: yeah. >> quite embarrassing. >> seth: yeah, what are you going to do? i will say -- and again, i think the reaction from this audience bears that out i think i don't think your audience minds when you get a little emotional >> no, they love it. >> seth: yeah, i think they do, too. [ cheers ] but you guys, you know, and this strikes me as a relationship you have with your live audience even before this pandemic that took it away from us you always had a very close relationship with your audience and one that was very honest and open, and you always told them how much they meant to you >> yeah. it's i mean, the -- the fan like connection has been the number one priority since, like literally the beginning. i wouldn't want to do any of this without it. i'm dead serious there's no reason to do any of this without the passion, like literally no reason at all
1:01 am
and they - [ cheers and applause >> seth: they write a lot of signs. there's a lot of preparation that goes into going to see it live and i think that speaks to the connection >> it's ridiculous >> seth: but this makes sense. i didn't realize this until i heard you say it it must be hard to read a sign while you're singing a song. >> i can't do it >> seth: ok. >> i literally can't do it i try to because i want to read their -- they work so hard on them. they, like color them in and draw - [ audience talking ] and i yeah, i like i'll be like, oh, cool sign i and i'll read it and then i forget the words. and it's really bad. >> seth: yeah, and you won't you wouldn't want to accidentally sing the words on the signs. >> no, no. >> seth: this one like that is somebody who once said, sign my body and i will tattoo it on me. >> yeah. >> seth: so they would they'd want you to sign it. and then they would take - >> that's crazy pressure, man, right in the middle of a show? >> seth: yeah. this one, though, these are really these are a little bit harder to read, but i read them earlier. so this one, "will you, will you pierce my nipples?
1:02 am
[ laughter ] >> can you imagine if i was like, yeah, let's do it right now. >> seth: yeah, let's do it right now. we have the thing? and then this one is even this is a burp into the mike. [ laughter ] and by the way, these i don't think these are i think they just printed these out they didn't even work that hard on them. >> but the crazy thing is they hold those up literally for the entire hour and a half >> seth: yeah. >> they never put them - and i'm like burp into the mic, like, like, ok >> seth: yeah. >> that's like the statement you want to be >> seth: also, it's a very hard thing -- >> i love it >> seth: you want to tell them like, if i do that, no one here will understand. it's because it was on your weird little sign. and then sometimes they collectively they like a large group that makes signs and that's really nice >> this makes me cry i mean, look at these faces. >> seth: yeah. >> they, they do that. they i think that what they do is somebody organizes it and they tell everybody else and then they're all like, ok, here's all these signs, and i'm - i'm guessing that they make like a bunch at once, and then they hand them out and they're like, for this song, let's hold them up that's what i thought.
1:03 am
it's so cute i have cried for that, too >> seth: you got and this festival, i mean, doing festivals again must be so exciting and headlining these big. i mean, how excited are you about getting back and doing that >> oh, my god so good. i did a few in september and those were like the first batch since covid. [ cheers and applause it just feels so good. >> seth: it was really that, especially that time you know, i think, you know, obviously another wave came and made it a little bit less enthusiastic being out in public but that late summer, early fall was an exceptional time to be doing live performing again. >> yeah. oh my god, we were free and it was such a good. it was like a month of like, oh, covid's gone >> seth: yeah. and then you and then you went, you did "snl." you hosted "snl. >> i did [ cheers and applause >> seth: and like and like, just got it under the wire before covid came back. >> literally a week before >> seth: yeah, they were like, i think the host the week after you left was omicron >> yeah, it was. [ laughter ] it was >> seth: i have a bunch of questions about "snl." stick around
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: welcome back to "late night," we're here with billie eilish, and i - [ cheers and applause i do want to ask about "snl," but congratulations on your oscar nomination >> oh, my gosh [ cheers and applause >> seth: or for your bond song, and even being asked to do a james bond song, it's such a unique thing there's no other kind of theme song where, you know, through the years, it's all these iconic musicians have taken it on what was that process like when you got asked to do it like, who did you have to meet with in the writing? >> well, it was. we made the song in october of 2019 so this is a long, long time ago. >> seth: that is a long time
1:09 am
that that was a movie. that was a movie that got. >> so 17 when we made it i'm now 20 >> seth: yeah there you go >> interesting >> seth: yeah. >> very, very weird. yeah, it was it was a like, very long kind of strategic process. it wasn't like you got the show, you got the job, here it is. we were, we were auditioning pretty much. so it was it was not like an ego thing. it was like, really, it's got to be perfect we've got to do it right there they weren't like, oh yeah, we want billie eilish it was like, we want you and we auditioned and kind of just like, did our best and worked really hard and it was a lot of like barbara and she kind of gave us the first little bit of the script, like just like the opening, just so that we had a little taste. >> seth: was that helpful in the writing of the song? >> it was literally what wrote the song >> seth: that's wonderful. >> yeah, it was, it was great. >> seth: and you got to meet with daniel craig. >> yeah. >> seth: were you nervous when you? >> yeah. >> seth: yeah. >> james bond. >> seth: yeah, he's james bond >> he's james bond >> seth: and-- >> he's a dilf >> seth: he is a dilf. [ laughter and applause thank you for saying it.
1:10 am
i, i found when i say it, it's weird, but i want you to know that i am in full agreement. >> you should be >> seth: but i didn't say it, i just agreed. >> those eyes. >> seth: yeah. i mean, those eyes are crazy look, let me just say something. you have a beautiful blue eyes i have beautiful blue eyes >> you do! you absolutely do. >> seth: we can't even be in-- >> no, no, no, no. >> seth: the same room as that man's eyes no, no, no, no >> seth: these look like-- >> no. >> seth: these look like pink eye compared to him >> literally, you would not believe them like, they look crazy. >> seth: they're crazy >> when i met him, i was like, whoa >> seth: yeah. >> they're like, it feels like they're here >> seth: i-- yeah. >> this is his face and these are his eyes >> seth: exactly like, he's you want you -- if you weren't psyched about it, you'd say your eyes are in my personal space [ laughter ] >> yeah, you would >> seth: the first time he looked at me, i went, "dilf!" i didn't, couldn't stop myself [ laughter ] >> you should get on that. >> seth: i, well, i don't know >> explore >> seth: i don't know. i do feel like it would be weird if my wife said, "you get one hall pass," and i was like, "daniel craig. >> i don't think it would be weird. i think you should do it
1:11 am
>> seth: thank you >> do you have a hall pass >> seth: no. >> daniel craig. >> seth: what? yeah, i know. well, i'm going to have to go talk to her about it [ laughter ] and finneas are going to go to the oscars again >> yeah, actually. >> seth: that's really cool. >> yeah. [ cheers and applause >> seth: is there anything in particular you're most excited about the night? will you be nervous the whole night? >> oh my god, it's the scariest thing. >> seth: yeah. >> i went to the oscars in 2020 right before covid happened, and it was like the coolest, scariest thing i'd ever. i've never been more nervous in my life. i, "snl" and the oscars are like the scariest thing i've ever experienced. and because it's not people that i know, really, it's actors and also actors are so much more eloquent than musicians, like. musicians are like, weird and gross and silly, and actors are like on time and very, i don't know so it was it was intimidating? >> i was, yeah so i'm very nervous. >> seth: if if it goes anywhere as well as your "snl," you have nothing to worry about this was a lot of things i love. this is my personal favorite [ cheers and applause you and kate were in a sketch
1:12 am
together >> yeah. >> seth: and this is very good still photo because it -- you never fully broke, but it did seem like that was kate's goal >> yeah. we, uh, we had trouble with this one. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. well, you know, in the dress rehearsal i was tearing up i was i was dying laughing and i felt like i was going to explode. it was really, honestly, genuinely painful. like, you know, when you're not supposed to laugh and you have to laugh >> seth: yeah. >> it's -- it hurts. >> seth: and there was no, also watching it, knowing the show, there was no release point you guys were on camera the whole time >> i know. >> seth: there wasn't a time, by the way, where you, like, put yourself back together >> i know. and she just was doing so many things that were pushing me over the edge oh my god, it was infuriating. >> seth: and your -- your brother had a fantastic cameo on the stage as well. >> yeah. >> seth: now, was he [ cheers and applause >> yeah he did >> seth: is he a hard sell on that when they asked him to do it or if he was he immediately like, i'm in >> oh, he was in for sure. >> seth: yeah, he was great. >> it's "snl!" >> seth: yeah, exactly >> want a cameo, you get a cameo. >> seth: i want to finish by
1:13 am
asking, tell everybody what this is [ cheers and applause they seem to know. they seem to know. >> so this is my fragrance it's called eilish, and it's just - >> seth: yeah. >> it speaks for itself. >> seth: yeah, it does speak for itself >> it is here. >> seth: oh, look at that. beautiful. [ cheers and applause and now i, i heard that historically your connection to the world of fragrance of perfume. this was something you shared with your father >> yes >> seth: and how were you introduced did he take you to the fanciest perfume shop in the land >> macy's. [ light laughter ] yeah, he took me to macy's yeah, fragrance. and honestly, just like scent besides actual fragrances has been like my biggest - like one of my the biggest parts of my life, if that even makes sense? i have what i used to call a super sniffer. your guys watch "psyche" when you were little? because i love that show >> seth: i watched it when i was little [ laughter ] >> i want to know -- >> seth: did you ever watch "welcome back, kotter"
1:14 am
>> no. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, i thought >> no, but i have, i've always had a severe connection to scent, and i remember everything through scents and people and colors and all this crazy stuff. and i, like before i even had any sort of a career or the idea of a career, fragrance was like the most important thing in my life, and it, still to this day, has been and i honestly am, like, using this, like -- facade that i've created of billie eilish to promote a fragrance, i get like i'm using my own clout >> seth: well, i think everything you're using your clout for is making things better, not worse. and thank you so much for being here, it was such a delight. >> i'm so honored! [ cheers and applause >> seth: you guys, that's billie eilish. we will be right back with mayor eric adams [ cheers and applause ♪
1:15 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: our next guest is the mayor of new york city please welcome to the show mayor eric adams [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: thank you for finding the time, mr. mayor! >> thank you, thank you. it's good to be here i'm normally up late at night, leaving zero bond, watching your show before hanging out. >> seth: i don't know when you're sleeping, because you are making the rounds of this great city, and i think that's why people are drawn to your term so far. how are you finding it, in the early days >> this is an amazing place, resilient. you know, never bet against new york we -
1:21 am
>> seth: i think that's a very - [ cheers and applause >> we come back. we come back stronger, better than ever. you know, we went through through a difficult period during covid, but when you are out, and new york is - we're just ready the way goes new york goes america. the way goes america, goes the globe. it starts here in new york city. >> seth: well, that's very exciting are you reaching out to any of the people who've held the job previously >> yes, all the time you know, mayor bloomberg, who is a good friend, mayor de blasio, but also mayors out the city mayor suarez and i, we're good friends. we're competitive. i'm saying to all those new yorkers who went to miami, get your butt back to new york this is your city. >> seth: i think, you know, ultimately, they're realizing they made a mistake when they went down to florida it's not new york city >> listen, you can only have so much sun you can only ride up and down that beach every once in a while. new york, we have it all >> seth: yeah, we have it all. now, maybe you can answer a question for me. when does a person officially become a new yorker? how long do you have to live here
1:22 am
>> probably a combination. when you could get on the subway station and you get a seat before anyone else, when you can navigate that, i think that is - from day one, when you come to new york and realize the power of our diversity, that's our secret weapon. and if you are comfortable in any neighborhood, you could walk into a chinese restaurant, have a russian cook make you an italian dish that he learned from his romanian girlfriend, only in new york >> seth: only in new york city do you get all those things. you mentioned the subway i will say, you know, obviously, this is a difficult time for the subway there's homelessness, there are mental-health issues i will also say that i was very happy to see you and the governor addressing this as a problem together we've obviously gone through a tough period of time when the governor and the mayor of this city did not get along particularly well. do you feel bullish about the future of the subway system? do you think that you can make a change and how do you deal with the homelessness that is plaguing the subway system, in a way
1:23 am
that's humane? >> a combination when i started my law-enforcement career, i was a transit police officer, during the '80s we rode alone, without a radio that operated. it was something where you saw graffiti everywhere, crime, drugs. and we made that transformation. we could do it again but we have to do it in a humane way. the subway system is a microcosm of the pain people are feeling, and if we go down there and just displace them without dealing with their pain, then we are just kicking the can down the road we have a comprehensive plan that is going to put people in housing, deal with their mental-health issues, but also set the standard you can't be on a train shooting up drugs, pushing people on the tracks, committing crimes, barbecuing no, this is our transportation system >> seth: yeah. >> and so we want to send the right message that people should feel safe. that's the lifeblood of our city if it's not safe, it's the great equalizer, no matter how much you make
1:24 am
you could be from wall street or live on my street, you take the subway system. we all the same, and i want a good, safe, clean, affordable, reliable subway system and i'm going to give that to new yorkers. >> seth: i think that's something we could use [ cheers and applause two things i believe to be true. i believe this is the greatest city in the world. i hope i live here forever i believe there's way too much garbage on the street. >> yes, yes. >> seth: how does that - you know, there are obviously a lot of other cities in this country that have large populations, not this big, that do not have that problem >> you know, and you're right. and so what i have the team doing, we're creating what we call an emerging-market innovation hub in our city and we want to go all over the globe and find out what are people doing differently so my goal is, there's some places, like buenos aires and others, where they're not putting garbage on the street. they put it into bins at the end of corners, so we could have clean streets. so we want to do things differently. i don't want to think outside the box.
1:25 am
i want to destroy the darn box new york is supposed to lead the way, and garbage is one way. we don't want the rodents. i'm scared as hell of those rats >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] you're really facing your fears by taking on this job, yeah. [ laughter ] >> so we want to deal with the garbage on the street. the perception of the street homelessness we don't feel safe in our city anymore, and trash plays a role in that. cleanliness is next to godliness. >> seth: that's what i keep hearing, and i think you're right on that. you're gonna be facing some protesters on the steps of city hall tomorrow >> yes >> seth: some lgbtq organizations are upset with three appointments you made. these are people who have said some pretty hateful things about gay people in the past they've apologized their apologies did coincide with their appointments. and how do you - what do you say to a community and i should also note, you've always been out in front you have a great record on this. so, what do you say to people who were disappointed by those appointments >> this is such an important and
1:26 am
significant moment for our city, because, you're right, when you look at the record of making the important vote for marriage, of gender - even as a police captain standing with members of the lgbtq-plus community and so here we are when i voted for marriage, my brother-in-law told me, "you can never come back in my church again. he later apologized for it, because, you know, he knew he was wrong, and i spoke with him. we must move from the cancel culture to the consultation culture we have to take people - don't meet them where they are see them where they are -- oh, i should say, meet them where they are and take them where they ought to be [ cheers and applause all of these - you know, people romanticize now about marriage but go back there and look what america was. president obama was against marriage many of our elected officials were against marriage. so when i was standing on the senate floor, saying that, no, people have the right to marry
1:27 am
the people they love, no matter what their gender may be, there were a lot of people in america and new york who demonize folks like me. now they came along. we should be in a position of converting people to be at the right place, 'cause we got more battles ahead of us. you know, marriage was just one of them. and so i'm saying to the members of the lgbt community, you're talking about eric adams we fought together to get here so you have the right to protest. you're gonna come inside city hall and sit down and speak with me, and we gonna talk but we're gonna go out there and show people that we need to be with those who are transgenders, because even the transgenders believe that members of the community have been mean to them. we're going to convert people to be who we ought to be, not who they have been and that's what i'm going to do. >> seth: well, i wish you all the luck with that, because i think that is an important journey. [ applause ] i want to end by remarking on the fact you're a very clean eater, even though this is a hard city to eat clean in.
1:28 am
you're a vegan you need a little fish no, i'm a plant-based eater. you know, i want to keep my body tight. i got great abs, i have a nice firm behind. >> seth: everybody was saying that >> i want to stay that way >> seth: everybody was saying that you did a press conference recently with a smoothie you drink every day, and people remarked at the fact this did not look like a delicious smoothie [ laughter ] how did it taste, mayor? and be honest. >> listen, first of all, don't look at the way that it looks. blueberries are inside there, cacao powder, matcha powder, spinach, kale. that's how i start my day, every day. >> seth: alright >> you know, and we want people to enjoy - the fountain of youth is in your food and if you eat right, you're going to look right, and you're going to be right to yourself and to others. >> seth: alright, well, you know what i can't think of a better place to leave it than that. [ applause ] hey, thank you very much that's mayor eric adams, everybody.
1:29 am
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1:37 am
guests, billie eilish and mayor eric adams i want to thank stevie nistor and the 8g band. stay safe, get vaccinated, get boosted. we love you, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ tonight, grief counselors on hand for peninsula high school, stunning death


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