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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 2, 2022 1:37am-2:06am PDT

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mayor eric adams i want to thank stevie nistor and the 8g band. stay safe, get vaccinated, get boosted. we love you, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ tonight, grief counselors on hand for peninsula high school, stunning death and crisis it's
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linked to. vanished without a trace, six years later, family not giving up hope. >> there's going to be a day she's returned and found and brought home. >> sizeable new reward offered in search for arianna fitz, and picture hoped to help crack the case. smith resigning from the academy, announcement and what it means for future in hollywood. exclusive interview with steph curry who has big plans for the weekend. >> believe in who they are, have confidence, understand they have opportunity to take advantage of this weekend and stage. >> what the warriors star is up to, how he hopes to help local high school players. we begin with heartbreaking situation out of high school on the peninsula, los altos high
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student death investigated as fentanyl poisoning.overdoses. thom jensen. >> reporter: grief counsellors will be available after a student was found dead friday morning, fentanyl poisoning may be the cause. and warning parents that deadly drugs could be circulating in the community. comes as los altos brings back monthly first friday celebration. talked to parent here for baseball against los altos high, knows it's dangerous times for teens. >> you have to hope and pray you raised them right. >> reporter: same day that county leaders addressed the fentanyl crisis. a parent talked about a personal loss in july of 2020, lost his
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son a month before his 18th birthday, accomplished wrestler who struggled with addition. >> the epidemic and drugs easily available to teenagers, he didn't stand a chance. >> reporter: one of 90 people in the county who died from fentanyl poisoning in 2021. >> fentanyl is everywhere from wealthiest to most disadvantaged neighborhoods. don't kid yourself, no one is immune from the deadly drug, regardless of background or where you live. >> reporter: supervisor announced the formation of a working group to find solutions to begin meeting in mid-april. santa clara law enforcement plans to press homicide charges against dealers who sell drugs that kill. >> we do this to prevent as many
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families from suffering the loss like the ones you hear from today. >> reporter: as far as the latest death goes, they're not releasing the student's name while police investigate how they got the drugs. thom jensen, nbc bay area news. a show of support for young man shot several times by police outside taqueria in san jose, dozens gathered demanding justice for k'aun green. officers say when they arrived, green had a gun and refused to drop it. green's lawyer said young man wrestled it from someone else in the chaos. green in the hospital, clinging to hopes to recover and resume football career. protesters say it's another tragic example of police shooting first and asking questions later. >> didn't ask questions, just
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shot him. he wasn't even the one responsible for what was happening. once again, san jose police department taking excessive force against black people and black community. something that keeps happening over and over again. >> green not charged with any crime. he is out, actor will smith resigned from the motion picture academy that awarded him the oscar last night. latest twist in the slap saga. smith says i will fully accept any and all consequences, my actions were shocking, painful and inexcusable. i deprived other nominees and winners of the opportunity to be celebrated and i'm heartbroken. millions watched as smith just walked up on stage and slapped rock after comedian made a joke about his wife's shaved head.
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academy leadership began discipline motions against him for violating code of conduct. can no longer vote or nominees but is not barred from winning another oscar. she's back, former alaska governor sarah palin is making a run for congress. joins field of 40 candidates trying to fill seat of republican congressman don young who held the seat for 49 years before he died last month. she left offense in storm of ethics investigations in 2009 not long after loss in 2008 presidential election. a warning from president volodymyr zelenskyy for people still in ukraine. says retreating russian forces are leaving behind land mines even around homes and dead bodies. humanitarian crisis in mariupol is getting more desperate,
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evacuations have stalled, 3,000 able to escape today, red cross attempted to orchestrate a mass evacuation and deliver aid and failed. military front, russia says ukrainian forces crossed into country and fired on oil depot in belgorad, and ukraine has not denied it, but it's not verified. if true, it's first time ukrainian forces went on the offensive since invasion began. continuing to look for arianna fitz, little girl missing years ago, mother buried in park. there's reward for information to help bring arianna home. family is still searching for
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answers. >> reporter: a collage of pictures and flowers the centerpiece for memorial for nicole fitts, body found in shallow grave covered with plywood. >> today marks a day that will just always be marred for me. and to have that taken away way too soon. >> reporter: today also marks day that her family realized nicole's 2 1/2-year-old daughter was missing. hope she's found alive and well. i believe she's alive. >> reporter: san francisco police and fbi increasing reward from $100,000 to $250,000 for any information leading to arrest of the suspect or suspects responsible for the disappearance of arianna fitts.
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authorities releasing a new aged progression photo of arianna, who would be 8 years old today. >> we won't give up until we have justice for nicole and arianna. >> reporter: it goes beyond california. >> working to put up billboards with photos and age progression images throughout california and nevada. >> reporter: tonight family and friends hoping this renewed interest in the case will spark new leads to bring arianna home. >> anytime that we get her picture out there increases my hope, every time. >> reporter: in san francisco, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. we have new video of unusual fire in oakland that had crews scrambling. this is 7th and mandela parkway, not far from west oakland b.a.r.t. station. rv without a roof full of
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cardboard and other debris that made it difficult to put out fire. no reports of injuries. san francisco has met a key goal in mayor's emergency declaration in the tenderloin, vowed to hire 200 mental health workers by end of march and it was completed on time. will support people experiencing homelessness or those with emotional or substance abuse disorders. pharmacists, health care workers. precautions that business owners in chinatown are taking because of crime sprees. over the weekend, thieves targeted half a dozen businesses, now three more. >> under 15 years old, very young, you know. >> reporter: thieves strike again. >> that's not right. i closed my store, locked it, turned off the light and
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pretended i'm closing because i was by myself. >> reporter: others weren't as lucky. told the suspected thieves started pacific avenue, went down grant and on crime spree to pine street. most shop owners didn't want to speak with us on camera for fear of becoming targets again. >> my life is not the same. >> reporter: one of those who witnessed the crime spree. >> it's insane, really unsafe for folks doing business in our city. >> reporter: group didn't go into her store but prevented three people from taking merchandise from their store and that pushed her to give weapons to employees. >> every employee, we bought these sticks, something we need to defend. all the metal chains. >> reporter: made pepper spray easily accessible and invested
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in more cameras. >> come to work, nerve is all intense. that's not healthy. >> reporter: the chinatown initiative is aware of the situation and are planning to install more cameras in alleys and other corridors to make the communities feel safer. police say they're doing what they can to saturate the community with patrols. nbc bay area news. masks are going back on in one marin county school to curb covid outbreak. 23 documented cases at coleman elementary in san rafael. 17 students, 6 staff. temporary mask mandate in place to keep it from getting worse. the school says covid spread is already starting to slow. sierra snow pack, main source of water, at lowest levels in years.
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researchers were measuring this morning near echo lake. isn't much to measure. 4% of water content usually seen. statewide, snow pack at 38% of normal. jeff, i don't know how we're going to improve this, end of rainy season, right? >> chance for a couple of systems next few weeks but nothing major to catch us up. this weekend into early next week, chance of drizzle, cooler temperatures and winds. also will talk about record-setting heat. see you in about ten minutes. also, would you want to live here? scott peterson's former home is up for sale. we'll take you inside. one of basketball's greatest stars using platform to highlight some of the best players you haven't heard
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new at 11:00, on the market, modesto home that belonged to scott and laci peterson is up more sale. $488,000. peterson continues to fight to have his murder conviction overturned. his attorneys argue one of the jurors in the trial lied. will face the judge again in closing arguments in june, then up to 90 days to decide whether
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a new trial. no steph curry for rest of the regular season. that's the reality as steph recovers from the foot injury. but this weekend the all-star is focused on empowering the basketball stars of tomorrow. anthony flores in interview only on nbc bay area. >> the warriors announced that steph curry will begin basketball activities next week but will not be back before end of the regular season. i spoke with the two-time league mvp about when he hopes to be back on the court and how he's using star power to shine a light on players. best basketball players most people have never heard of will be showcasing talents in front of steph curry. star shooter will help elevate top 64 three-star athletes throughout the country in
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underrated tour championship tournament. >> interact with them, feel that energy, it's going to be hopefully a memorable event for them. >> the warriors' star was not wearing a walking boot while working with players on the court. curry hasn't played for warriors since spraining a ligament in left foot mid-march. showing progress but announced will miss rest of the regular season. how does your foot feel? >> feel goods. it's not ideal for end of the season but hopefully doing everything i can to get fully healthy and ready for playoff run. >> is there disappointment you can't come back for one or two games? regular season? >> i hate missing any games, absolutely. i know the target date, getting back for game one of the playoffs, whatever i got to do to get there is the goal. >> warriors have just one win in last eight games but curry is not worried about seeding as
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long as the team is healthy in the playoffs. what are your expectations, can the team win the championship? >> absolutely. we can start to scare people once we get in the playoffs and find warrior basketball. >> three-time nba champion and two-time league mvp, now stephen curry, oscar winner, how does that sound? >> pretty surreal. >> won academy award as excusive producer for documentary about lucia harris, first familiar drafted by nba in late '70s. he said he's proud, shows audience for women's support and equity in the game. what he's trying to provide to underrated players at this weekend's tournament. in oakland, anthony flores, nbc bay area. >> nice to see him. off the grid, back. food truck gathering at fort mason kicks off after taking
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years off in the pandemic. dozens of trucks ready to serve up best food and live entertainment, too. >> we all missed it. it's really packed today, everyone brought their kids, dogs. you can see that not a lot of folks are wearing masks. i think that's definitely a big sign we're coming back to reality. or putting covid in the past. >> a little more reality, the state dropped all covid entry restrictions for mega events. proof of vaccination or negative test no longer required for big concerts, sports games or festivals. bay area is home to many great sports figures, but there's one who tops them all. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> at least in terms of age. san jose state university's legendary judu coach turned 102
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today, celebrated surrounded by dozens of athletes coached in 80-plus-year career. it's hard to overstate his influence on the state of judo, he was coach of the first team in 1964 and using the sport to shape the lives of who's he coached. >> judo is not something to kick somebody or hurt somebody but to help them through education and to help them achieve whatever goal they desire by hard work. >> amazing. uchida came to san jose state in the 1940s, team won 40 national championships. >> and so many olympians we've covered in the olympics. >> absolutely. just amazing career with success, length of his career outside of coaching. he was successful entrepreneur.
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he was a great benefactor to japantown, a legend. >> happy birthday. >> could have talked for another half hour, what next, what next? weekend's here, finally. >> i know. everybody is breathing a sigh of relief. saturday and sunday forecast looking pretty good. few turns in the road next couple of days but i'll get you through it. tomorrow morning, high clouds to start. temperatures in 40s. 43 in the tri-valley, peninsula 47. over to san francisco, 48, just a little bit of patchy fog near the coast and bay, otherwise sunshine to start in the east bay beginning at 46. cooling off a couple of degrees but for april this is amazing. above average, widespread 70s, light winds and sunshine. 75 in san jose. east bay, couple of low 80s,
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concord and antioch, 72 in hayward, 70s from san mateo to palo alto. san francisco not 70s but 68 in the mission. gorgeous in sf through the afternoon. for the north bay, 74 in napa, 79 ukiah and 75 in novato. saturday maybe at pool, relaxing and want to do same on sunday but unfortunately, the weather may not let you do that same thing. it's cooling off. smaller system moving in sunday and monday, quick changes. temperatures dropping, some wind and chance of drizzle. wind forecast, sunday 10 to 25 miles per hour for morning. see it pick up through the afternoon 15 to 40. highest gusts in north bay down to san francisco, then calm down for monday. same system with the wind brings some rainfall west. unfortunately going to miss out from that on monday but chance
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of maybe drizzle through monday morning's forecast. again, wind on sunday, little bit of drizzle monday morning, then the path to warmer weather. wednesday, thursday, friday, 70s in san francisco and oh, yes, up to 90 here next thursday's forecast through the inland valleys. but before we get to 90s, got to get to the weekend. saturday is looking good to me right now. >> no matter what the weather is. looking good right now. >> exactly. >> have a great weekend, jeff. >> you too. no boosters needed for facebook or instagram workers, meta is not going to require it for employees coming back to the office. a turnaround from
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as the falcons turn, just a day after the world learned that one of uc berkeley's beloved falcons died, widow has a new suitor. grenell was hit by a car, group says he was chasing off familiar intruder, likely got too low. but long-term partner annie has moved on, spending time with another male bird that experts say is really not normal.
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>> no, it is not. this is a unique actually recognize this male. this is a male that's been around that we have seen on and off for about a month. >> she took off and circled and left the new male with the eggs, she must trust the new male. he's been around all day back and forth. >> like the beatles say, if you can't be with one you love, love the one you're with. they say it brings them hope annie and her chicks will be okay with another male protector. >> i suspect fowl play. star power to go with them, warriors there to celebrate the city of dreams community space on oakdale street, damion lee, gary payton and andrew wiggins.
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partnered with rakutan, and cheryl hurd emceed the event. >> great. >> speaking of basketball, final four college basketball season fast coming to close. men's and women's ncaa tournaments down to final four teams. >> first up the ladies in minneapolis, reigning national champion stanford cardinal taking on the uconn huskies.
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stanford ends up falling short, losing 63-58. uconn will be seeking 12th national championship when it faces university of south carolina on sunday night. just a week away from the magical phrase "play ball." the giants gave us a look at the ballpark. food and tech. new touchless pay system to minimize covid concerns and new tracking systems to help vendors shift staff to minimize lines. >> looking at trends in restaurants and what we're doing. pressure always there. because we're -- got to be cutting edge, what we're trying to do. >> also a peek at fan goodies from e-40 bobbleheads to brandon belt
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home-made meals in the bay area will go a long way toward feeding ukrainian refugees. half moon bay organization teamed up with bay area border relief. hand-made 1,500 tamales, don'tated to world central kitchen. raised more than $11,000 so far. sold out of tamales, but you they have other things and you can donate, too. >> "tonight show" with jimmy fallon. >> hugh jackman is here, music from red hot chili peppers,
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tonight. >> that's the wrong jimmy! april fool's. >> yeah. that's worth watching. stick around to check that out. thanks for joining us. >> have a great weekend, bye-bye. tonight a major first on the battlefield of the russia-ukraine warads the two sides meet for a new round of talks a senior u.s. defense official saying a ukrainian helicopter struck a fuel depot inside russia. it's believed to be the first known attack on russian soil since the conflict began though ukraine is not confirming or denying it in mariupol another attempt at a mass evacuation largely failing. and new images coming in of the massive devastation of kharkiv. president biden celebrating a strong jobs report but record inflation taking a bite out of wages.
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amazon workers voting to form the first union in the company's history in the u.s. a major blow for amazon after fiercely fighting against it. the oscar producer breaking his silence in that shocking moment he says police were ready to arrest will smith for attacking chris rock on stage why he says smith wasn't removed and our series, "the fleecing of america" the surge of telemedicine fraud during the pandemic. how one phone call can lead to thousands in surprise bills >> announcer: this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt good evening, everyone 37 days into russia's invasion it appears ukraine has turned the tables, crossing the border to attack inside russian territory. ukrainian helicopters striking a russian fuel facility. whether it was a daring one-off or a major change in strategy, it got the attention of the russians and the world. tonight, however,


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