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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 18, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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that's what you do. that's what you do every day. [inspirational music] russia rebuffed. ukraine digs in as the kremlin steps up its assault on the country, plus the latest on a deadly missile strike hitting lviv just this morning >> inside the new missile test the country claims will boost its nuclear capabilities. panic at a party in pittsburgh a gunman starts shooting the latest on the search for that shooter. before you pour that bowl of
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cereal, there's a launch into an investigation of the lucky charms. a movie makes movie history after seeing spider-man in the theater nearly 300 times it is monday, april 18th good morning a lot to get to. i'm steven romo. >> and i'm cori coffin during his easter mass pope francis call an end to the conflict air strikes are continuing this morning including in the city of western lae veev let's get an update. raph, what are you seeing? >> reporter: cori, good morning. all morning here the air raid sirens have been blaring after a russian missile strike near the train station here in lviv
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the mayor says six people were killed in that attack. 11 were injured including a child. three of the targeting that hit were military targets. but they also hit a civilian car repair shop. it's pretty unusual for strikes to happen this far west. we've been talking all week end. but this is vladimir putin asserting nowhere in ukraine is out of his range of missiles part of what's so shocking is that station has been an absolute lifeline for civilians fleeing the fighting in the east, coming here to the relative safety of the west. lviv is known as a place where people can come, be safe, prepare to cross the border going further west, but this morning that sense of security absolutely shattered by russian cruise missiles raining down from the sky. >> hearing those air raid sirens
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while you were live with us was certainly alarming they defied demands to surrender the city tell us about the last stand happening there. >> so those fighters have fought virtualry to the last. this is a group of ukrainians who have been leading the defense of mary oh poll. they're outnumbered, outgunned, and surrounded by one of europe's largest steel plants. russians demanded they surrender at 6:00 a.m. local time yesterday. that time came and wet without the white flag being raised over the steel plant. it's not clear how much longer they can hold on an adviser to the mayor of m mariupol has been closed off.
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north korea has said it's tested a new type of tactical guided missile capable of delivering a nuclear payload richard lui breaks it all down for us. >> good morning to you, steven north korea is calling this a new tactical guided weapon they're used for shorter to medium-range attacks the launch happened in the northern region of north korea it hit 70 miles off the coast. this is about this radius as you look at it into the sea of japan. now, if you were to move these mobile launcher platforms, it could easily hit seoul, which is right about here, the speed of about mach 4 now, notice in this photo here that was provided to us by the north korean state media, again, not independently verified
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you can see this is a mobile platform a truck that can be moved anywhere, hard to detect, moving all across north korea if they would like a u.s. defense official says they're aware of the statement, that they conducted a test of a long-range artillery system. that's different wording than what north korea is saying this is less of a powerful, if you will, munition compared to guided missiles. now, guided missiles can change course that's the major difference when you look at them because what they can do is avoid any munitions that are coming at them to take them, anti-air missiles, for instance now, when we look at this in either case, in the range of what either conventional or nuclear payloads here's what north korea launched for us there's the delivery system, the
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missile, and the payload, the explosive. the last time they tested a nuclear weapon was in 2017 before that, groupings every three or four years. it was about that time they might be considering another nuclear test underground to go along with their missile tests. >> very concerning thanks for breaking that douchblt. in pittsburgh, two young men are dead at least nine are injured after a mass shooting there. gunfire broke out at a house party at an airbnb rental. police say they're looking for multiple shooters. up to 200 people attenem were u. in addition to those wounded by the gunfire, several were hurt trying to escape there were also minors that were hurt they have not been identified yet. the suspect in a south carolina mall shooting has been released from jail he's now under house arrest
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after a judge set a $25,000 bond nine people were hurt by gunfire, five others were hurt as they were trying to flee. those injuries include broken bones, cuts, and a head injury in addition to wearing an ankle monitor, price will not be allowed to communicate with any of the victims he will be allowed to commute to and from work while under house arrest. mass gatherings come at a critical time during covid-19. at least 20 states are seeing an uptick in covid infections here's nbc's reporter. >> reporter: a return of the mass pope francis said 100,000 filled st. peter's square, in stark contrast with the nearly empty st. peter's basilica in 2020 and a small masked crowd at the vatican last year. >> i feel absolutely blessed
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it's a very happy easter. >> reporter: from new york city's easter bonnet parade to mass and passover, americans celebrating together this weekend. some holiday gatheringed in person for the first time in three years. >> it feels good it's good to be back at my parish. >> reporter: as many's restr restrictions, this congregation with covid tests >> readily available for free, what does that mean? >> it means someone else cares. >> reporter: covid-19 ba.2 s subvariant is rising. >> our vaccines are holding up really well against ba.2 and the others, especially if you've been boosted. >> reporter: some covid precautions are coming back. philadelphia becomes the first major city to bring back its
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indoor mask main date, the rule facing a legal challenge. >> there's no other such mandate in any other city in america. >> reporter: the public mass transit extended along with broadway's, too, but the symbolism is clear many returning to each other. >> we're able to gather. we need that touch and fellowship. >> reporter: some american colleges have brought back the mask mandate himself and a local official said it should be based on local situations and cases and hospital capacity too. they might be magically delicious, but we have a consumer alert to warn you about this morning the fda investigating lucky charms with 100 reports of food poisingening after people ate the serial more than 200,000 reported
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similar symptoms on the website. general mills issued a popular statement saying in part food safety is their top priority and they encourage customers to share concerns with the company. nbc meteorologist bill karins backtracking a big chill. >> yeah, good morning. it's one thing to get a big rainstorm, but to get a heavy wet snow in the middle of april when already some of the leaves and blooms are on the trees, that could be troublesome. heavy rain at 8:00 a.m. through the carolinas. by midday it arrives at d.c. and philadelphia in new york city it looks to be about 6:00 p.m. or so, the tail end of the rush hour but all the blue in middle of the map in western pfrmt a. and the southern tier, that's the issue. heavy wet snow that will begin to accumulate and all night tonight through the interior of new york and poconos and
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adirondacks could get some heavy snow out of this the forecast looks like this some areas could get up to 8 to 10 inches of snow from this storm, anywhere there's elevations above 8 to 10,000 feet could get the west of it. from scranton, to binghamton, adirondacks, any of those areas couln throughout philadelphia with the cold rain and wind there's a chance of thunderstorms down through charleston to orlando. the end of the week looks better, but we have to get there first. >> yes, bring us to friday in meantime we can at least talk
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basketball. the nba's lone 68-win team good off to a hot start, the suns soared in a high-octane game against the pelicans, 110-99 finish and it was a wild finish in the east between the nets and the celtics >> i mean almost unbelievable. down to the wire, jayson tatum played the hooefr. boston gets the win, 115-114 and the defending champs bucks looking good for a repeat. they took down the bulls, 93-86. >> that is pretty fun. a little less fun, have you done your taxes yet? that deadline has arrived. hoinatn w fliois pushing more americans into credit card
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it is time to get your roll on the annual white house easter egg roll is set to take plachlts this year's theme, eggucation by dr. jill biden. this year is the 50th anniversary of the first official women's division. more than 30,000 run irs from all 50 states are expected to take part. and today is also tax day. it is the last day for you to file your tax returns, pay your taxes if you owe, or file an extension. that will give you until october 17th to file. and speaking of finances, now to the rising credit card debt all across the country. stephanie ruhle breaks down the trickle-down effect of inflation. >> reporter: across the country people are paying more for everyday expenses. >> fruit, paper good, english muffins, everything, everything.
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i'm blown away. >> i used to have savings. i don't have it anymore. >> reporter: marie de-maseo sees it every time she shops, a podcaster living in new york city over the last year she's been using her credit card more often, and it's adding up. >> are you paying down any of this credit card debt? >> i was paying them down. i'm currently dealing with it as we go. >> maria is like many americans turning to credit to get by. in february consumer debt rose more than $40 billion, a jump more than 11%, the highest in more than two decades. credit card debt is up 21%. >> these balances have been rising for a few reasons inflation's a big one, but i would also note higher consumer spending in general and people are using less cash. >> reporter: during the
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pandemic, government aid poured into savings accounts. >> we stayed home and loaded up on home renovations and new tvs. now people are starting to shift and it's more about plane tickets, meals, event tickets, things like that. >> reporter: but for some credit card bills are getting harder to keep up with and experts say it's important to act now so your debt doesn't get out of hand their advice, apply for a zero percent balance transfer credit card, negotiate with your credit card company, or consolidate your debt with a loan that has a lower interest rate. while many are still able to pay their credit cards on time, experts warn it could easily shift. >> we can't go through many more months and quarters without something breaking, either a recession at some point or more people losing jobs or falling behind on payments. >> stephanie ruhle, nbc news >> still to come, box office
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the world as we know it is coming undone. >> putting in power with hate. >> if we're to defeat him, you'll have to trust me. >> not so magical debut unfortunately. fantastics beasts 3 conjured up 3 million dollar meanwhile "father stu" earned fifth place. a florida man had gone to the movies a lot he saw "spiedder-man: no way hoe 292 times breaking the record.
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the total run time for all his viewings, 720 hours or about 30 days guinness says he previously held the record in 2019 with 191 screenings of "aven"aven "avengers: endgame," be us that with broken last year. >> he said i need another record that needs going tbe broken. up next bill's got your monday forecast. crseet tomb. inside the amazing discovery beneath notre dame cathedral but as we've evolved with the military we've grown to serve all, who've honorably served. no matter their rank or when they were in. a marine just out of boot camp or a petty officer from '73 and even his kids and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their eligible family members. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly -
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now to paris where a secret coffin was found deet underneath the notre dame cathedral a crew found it while working on the church since the fire of 2019 anne thompson has more. >> reporter: they rang the bells outside noter dam cathedral on this easter sunday the renovations unearthing the unc church's 800-year-old secrets.
4:27 am
inside, an intact coffin that could go back to the 14th century. art professor kevin murphy what's the significance of this discovery? >> the significance is that although we knew that notre dame would have been a burial place for important figures, it would be important to see how that burial was actually carried out. >> reporter: a window into mid evil times, and murphy says there's more to be learned. >> is notre dame just like this onion that has layer after layer of ancient construction. >> yes because the site was first settled by the romans, and they began to build in what eventually became known as paris. >> reporter: notre dame has survived renovations, desecrations, and now 2019's
4:28 am
calamitous fire. on the third anniversary of the massive fire, french president immanuel macron toured it. he called the rebuild a testimony of hope in a difficult period, hoping to be ready for the 2024 summer olympics to welcome back the faithful and the curious. anne thompson, nbc news. >> curious indeed. on "ted lasso" he plays a potty-mouth. it would make sense to teach kids the important of the f-word. >> i love the letter f today's word is -- that's a drum roll. >> that's very nice. >> thank you fairness. >> fairness is when each of us gets what we need. >> we need cookie, please. >> oh. >> instead of his usual f-bombs,
4:29 am
goldstein sharing f-words. >> so many f-words fairness, friendship. >> friday. >> thas fonk
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in cold and flu cases, but medicine is becoming hard to find. the reason doctors say it may actually be a good thing. plus -- >> we think it's especially important that there be really intentional and targeted efforts to reach them to support latino-led operations. >> everyone dealing with inflation, but the latino community has been especially hit hard. we have tips for all families who are trying to make it in the bay. this is "today in the bay."


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