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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 21, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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russia's vladimir putin declares their operation in mariupol is now a success as he also warns a new icbm will make enemies think twice. the cdc asks for a mask appeal as the medical entity fights for future legitimacy in addressing medical issues. is a netflix shakeup just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to streaming services across the board and as queen elizabeth celebrates her # 6th birthday we'll hear from her grandson on a number of topics including their special relationship and
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his mother "early today" starts right now >> good morning, i'm cori coffman. >> glad you're with us i'm frances rivera after a meeting with top generals the white house is expected to announce another large shipment of military aid to ukraine this comes as russia intensifies its attacks on ukraine's eastern cities ukraine's president says the situation in mariupol is extremely severe let's get a live update now from nbc's raf sanchez in lviv. raf, we're seeing reports vladimir putin is declaring success now in mariupol. >> reporter: frances, that's right. in just the last few minutes vladimir putin appearing on russian state television and saying he sees no need for his forces to storm that steel plant in mariupol where the remaining ukrainian defenders are holed up he says he's content to maintain the siege of that plant while his troops take control of the
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rest of the city now, in one sense that doesn't really change anything on the ground you know, his forces will continue to surround that plant, ukrainians will continue tool remain inside, but it is suggesting he is prepared to move on now, and he doesn't want to waste anymore of his troops in the fight for mariupol. now, the is situation for civilians inside remains absolutely dire. the auschwitz memorial says a 91-year-old holocaust survivor who lived through the horrors of the second world war has died in a basement in mariupol, one of the thousands and thousands of civilians to lose their lives during the course of this siege. there was a humanitarian corridor out of the city yesterday, but the deputy prime minister of ukraine says only four bus loads of civilians were able to get out and that she wants to see a lot more of those trapped people find a way to safety >> just horror story after horror story every day out of
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there. raf, what more do we know about russia's advances as it attacks the east now >> reporter: so they are advancing, but they're advancing slowly the ukrainian governor of luhansk says 80% of his territory is now in russian hands. he is urging his citizens to evacuate before they're overtaken by that advancing russian front line the russians are also moving towards the town of kramatorsk you may remember that name from that horrific attack the other day at the train station it's once again in the sights of russian forces despite all that president zelenskyy saying overnight he is cautiously optimistic that the western allies not only understands the weapons that his forces need but understand how urgently they need them and are moving quickly to try to get them to the front line as his troops face-up against that
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russian advance. >> we'll see that aid from the united states as well. raf, thank you ars's wrath with the growing tunnel fire now devouring nearly 20,000 acres officials say an estimated 20 structures have been destroyed the national weather service has issued a red flag warning for parts of northern arizona today saying high winds and dry conditions could cause the fire to spread. this morning a battle over masks after the doj filed an appeal against the ruling lifting the transportation mask mandate. now, the appeal doesn't change that ruling but does start a long legal battle. joining us live from d.c. is brie jackson and what more can you tell us about this >> reporter: this comes after people celebrated the lifting of the mask mandate in the air and in the airport but the doj and cdc is saying not so fast. the department of justice has appealed a florida federal judge's ruling that overturned
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mask mandates on planes and trains in a brief statement the doj said in light of today's assessment by the cdc that an order requiring masking in the transportation corridor remains necessary to protect the public health, the department has filed a notice of appeal white house press secretary jen psaki said this was important to preserve the cdc's authority >> the objective here is of course to appeal the 15-day extension but also to preserve the cdc authority over the long-term. because as we've noted from here we expect there to be ups and downs in the pandemic, and we certainly want the cdc to continue to have this authority. >> it left many americans confused with a variety of different masking regulations. while masks are not required on planes, amtrak, uber, lyft and in most states cities like new york with higher covid cases are still requiring masks in mass transit settings across the country covid is
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killing 389 people every day that number down from 3,700 people per day back in february, but it's still double last july's rate with 2 million americans flying every day and 34 million taking mass transit, public health experts worry a single judge's mask order could undermine public health nationwide frances, the appeal now goes to a high court >> brie jackson live for us in d.c. thank you. some new developments in the defamation trial between johnny depp and ex-wife amber heard as it continues into its tenth day of preddings nbc's jay gray breaking down depp's second day on the witness stand. >> just to remind you you're still under oath, mr. depp, okay >> reporter: for a second day actor johnny depp describes his life with ex-wife amber heard. >> there would be these, again, these demeaning berating insults. there would be these jabs that
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would be anything to make me feel small >> reporter: deliberate, at times rambling depp outlines alcohol and drug use during their marriage and constant tensions between the couple, denying he was ever physically threatening and abusive. instead claiming -- >> she has a need for conflict she shaz a need for violence >> reporter: that led he says to her physically attacking him >> it could begin with a slap. could begin with a shove it could begin with, you know, throwing a tv remote at my head. it could be a -- throwing a glass of wine in my face >> reporter: he tells jurors he would lock himself in a bedroom or bathroom to avoid the fighting heard listening to the testimony stoic at times taking notes or talking with her legal team as they wait for their turn to cross examine the hollywood star the pregame show before the
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washington nationals game prompted a brief evacuation of the u.s. capitol police said the capitol was evacuated out of an abundance of caution. initially capitol police said they were tracking an aircraft that posed a, quote, probable threat the airplane was part of the appreciation performance where members of the golden knights parachuted into the stadium which is blocks away from the capitol. the faa's failure to identify the police at the capitol was outrageous the faa will conduct a review. a video shows her fainting and falling under a train as it's arriving. shocking incident happened at a station not far. you can see her fall after falling she disappears into the gap between the train and platform on lookers helped pull the woman back to the surface for medical treatment. stormy weather in the
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midwest as we kick off your thursday nbc meteorologist bill karins has those details. good morning >> hey, good morning fire and ice with this one we're going to watch critical fire danger weather today and tomorrow especially into areas of new mexico. we're watching that in northern arizona into north texas today and then the ice part of this. look at this three-day snowfall forecast today we're getting the necessary snow and welcome snow. it's going to be into areas of northern rockies through the ducaughtoes especially western portions of of the ducoatoes that's 6 to 12 inches of snow and unfortunately going to get a bit of severe weather with the same storm today we'l fires do form
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they could spread rapidly. mid to upper 90s the weekend forecast is coming up along with your earth day forecast for tomorrow. >> something to smile about. i can't wait coming up, could a budget shortfall derail president biden's attempt to repeal title 42 for migrants? many residents will be riding the high of legal marijuana sales. there's plenty of confusion among police there asap, fyi! lmk! hbd, gordon. hbty... lol, look at this gif. it's gif. fwiw. rotfl. you see my im? - tldr. - what? - too long. didn't read. - ok. we don't need any more acronyms. but we could all use more ways to save. bmx...yolo!! switch to geico for more ways to save. smh. ♪ for decades, most bladder leak pads were similar. save.
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until always discreet changed that. by inventing a revolutionary pad, that's incredibly thin. because it protects differently. with two rapiddry layers that overlap, where you need it most. for strong protection, that's always discreet. it's time to question your protection. it's time for always discreet. leading the news, the biden administration might have to ask congress for money to handle an anticipated influx of migrants at the southern border on may 23rd the administration is scheduled to lift a trump era covid rule called title 42 that barred entry for many migrants authorities predict as many as 14,000 people will then cross the border daily if that happens hundreds of millions of dollars will be needed for transportation, medical care and housing
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new jersey marijuana enthusiasts are celebrating today as the state begins selling legal weed anyone over 21 years old can now purchase up to 1 ounce of marijuana and other related products for recreational use without a medical marijuana card there is still confusion how it'll apply to new jersey cops last week they said in a memo off-duty police can consume cannabis but jersey's mayor said in a tweet city cops who do so will be fired. and in denver giving the green light to opportunities for those with previous convictions. >> reporter: ten years ago twain got caught smoking pot he's the founder of tetra lounge, a social club of sorts it's the first of its kind at least legally. >> was in colorado for the last
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ten plus years you would have been able to purchase marijuana as a visitor, as a tourist and there's never been a safe place or legal space for you to consume cannabis >> reporter: and new denver business license lets customers actually light up and smoke on site sparking new opportunity in this big industry. but this license came with a catch. >> the social equity license gives people the opportunity that had been affected by the war on drugs and then pretty much shutout of the industry for so many years. the opportunity to build >> reporter: in an effort to right the wrongs of the past for the first five years the city of denver is only accepting applicants whose families have faced marijuana related convictions or live in low income neighborhoods >> so the house is from 1891 chris' hotel also qualified as he said the war on drugs affected his family. >> and i would say very clearly we are putting the cart before the horse. we do need to expunge and let everyone out of prison for
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marijuana crimes now before we go any further towards nationalizing this industry and this market. >> reporter: according to the aclu black people are nearly four times more likely to get arrested for marijuana possession racial disparities and convictions like this have historically prevented minorities for getting license to run a legit cannabis business >> out of 700 dispensaries in colorado the fact four are owned by people of color is dismal social equity was put into place to balance the idea we have 1,667 white owners and only 12 black owners or latino >> reporter: this being a social equity push you see this as a good first step? >> i do. i think it's not a good first step i think it's necessary to really rectify some of the things that
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stock tanked accordingly down 35%. now the company is looking for solutions. our emily ikeda has the story. >> reporter: for the first time in more than a decade netflix lost subscribers, 200,000 of them the stunning decline sending the media giant's stock nosediving 35%. >> it's a disaster for anybody who owned it at this point >> reporter: a major setback for the long time front-runner in the streaming race >> forecasting losing more subscribers going into its spring service >> reporter: increasing competition, inflation and pandemic restrictions are partly to blame >> covid created a lot of noise and how to read the situation boosted us a lot in 2020 >> reporter: now in an attempt to reverse the trend, changes are on it way, and they could include a crack down on password sharing. the platform boasts 220 million subscribers but estimates another 100 million households are watching without paying. netflix is also weighing a lower
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priced option that would include ads. a change iptune from several years ago when ceo reid hastings posted no advertising coming onto netflix, period >> the first time it actually acknowledged the competition is really cutting into its ability to grow. >> reporter: netflix's loss has sent shock waves across the streaming industry with other media stocks also falling. >> suddenly the market has begun to reassess what the potential is for streaming >> reporter: a warning experts say that streaming has limits. emily ikeda, nbc news, new york. up next bill karins is here with a look at your weekend weather. and still to come guests at one florida wedding says they were unknowingly drugged with cannabis ®, most people saw 90% clearer skin at 16 weeks. the majority of people saw 90% clearer skin even at 5 years. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms
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pretty baby. >> that is what you think it is. when masked singer ken jeong excused himself from the stage after a contestant was revealed to be none other than rudy giuliani on the masked singerch the former new york city mayor remains a controversial figure because of his attempts to help former president trump overturn the results of the election. the episode was taped in february but it aired last night. >> a florida bride and caterer facing charges after police say they laced the wedding food with cannabis authorities say it happened at a wedding back in february at least 20 to 40 guests were there and multiple people taken to the hospital. detectives tested food from the wedding and two months later arrested the bride the bride denied any involvement. let's get an early check of your weekend weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. hi, bill >> so earth day tomorrow is actually looking pretty good the east coast milder and warm,
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in today's top stories this bystander video we're about to show you shows sewer cuse new york police detaining a sobbing 8-year-old has gone viral. >> what is y'all doing he look like a baby to me. >> according to a statement from syracuse police the incident and body cam footage are being reviewed the department said a juvenile accused of steal from a store was not placed in handcuffs but placed in the rear of the car
4:27 am
and taken home police declined request for additional comment but received a statement from the mayor's office who said in part it demonstrates the need to invest in alternatives to support officers prince harry opening up as life as a dad. his mother diana and his unexpected visit with his mother, the queen. nbc's kristen dahlgren has more on the exclusive interview >> reporter: two years after stepping down as a working royal, prince harry sitting down with hoda kotb, talking about his recent visit with the queen. >> what's the best thing unt her? >> her ability to see the humor in so many different things. we have a special relationship we talk about things she can't talk about with anyone else. so that's always a nice piece. >> reporter: as to whether he'll be back for her platinum jubilee -- >> there's lots of things security issues and everything else this is what i'm trying to do, trying to make it possible i can get my kids to meet her.
4:28 am
>> reporter: he gushes about life as a dad. >> i always wanted to be a dad and now now i've got two little people i'm responsible for >> reporter: he sidestepped questions about his own father and brother. do you miss your brother, your dad? >> for me at the moment i'm here focusing on these guys and giving everything i can. >> reporter: harry and meghan were in europe for the invictus games for service members. >> for me it's constant, it has been over the last two years more so than ever before it's almost as though she's done her bit with my brother and now she's very much like helping me. got him setup now she's helping me setup i feel her presence in almost everything i do now. >> reporter: kristen dahlgren, nbc news >> and today queen elizabeth is celebrating her birthday in the most royal way
4:29 am
the royal windsor horse show released this new portrait of the queen posed between her two ponies just fantastic to see the updates from the royal family. >> so many celebrations to come i'm sure >> thanks for starting your morning with
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right now at 4:30, gusty winds and lots of rain. we're under a microclimate weather alert as a new storm takes aim at the bay area. lucky for us, vianey arana is tracking that weather here and snow in the sierra. mike inouye has more on the slick morning commute as you head out the door. it was a normal day in class. the kids happened to catch him in an outrage. >> an east bay teacher under investigation. his comments in the classroom that have parents and students sounding the alarm. this is "today in the bay."


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