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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 21, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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a lockdown on campus. the scare that sent cal students into panic mode. why police say there's no longer a threat. . thanks for joining us. i'm audrey asistio. >> and she i'm garvin thomas. we'll start right away with the rain and a live look across the bay area this evening. it came down overnight. we have seen a bit of a break, but more is on the way. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking not only the rain, but severe weather in other parts of california and snow in the sierra. you got a lot to tell us about. >> we definitely do. the tornado warning near the foothills and valley springs where this lightning is, the tornado warning has been allowed to expire. but still some very heavy rain, damaging wind, and hail out towards valley springs and anderson near the foothills.
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right here in the bay area we are tracking heavier pockets that have just kicked up over the past 30 to 45 minutes. i want to show you the top concern here from from martinez to the north side of orinda. we're looking at these heavier areas of rain. on the north side of orinda it's coming down. this is pushing towards pleasant hill as we head through 6:51 tonight. and then right here you can see this heavier cell starting to move into martinez, also avon and monsanto. they're getting pummeled with heavy rainfall. also towards woodside, redwood city is about to get heavy rainfall moving into 6:44 tonight. let's take it out here to the sierra. if you had any plans to head there tonight, i really advise you to change those plans. we have an avalanche warning in effect 40 to 80-mile-an-hour
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winds from 2 to 4 feet of snow over the past seven days and heavy snow that continues tonight. again, tomorrow afternoon or saturday would be certainly a better time to travel. we're tracking those thunderstorms into tomorrow. i got the full update coming up in less than 20 minutes. >> jeff, thank you very much. don't forget our free nbc bay area app is a great tool when the rain rolls in. you can see exactly when it will arrive in your neighborhood. just download it to keep track of the forecast. it is more accurate than the iphone weather app. a notorious pedophile priest arrested for driving drunk and killing people. the victim's widow and others filled the courtroom hoping for justice. >> reporter: wearing a green jail jumpsuit, 75-year-old steven keysly showed no emotion as he appeared in court for the first time since investigators say he fatally struck his
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neighbor, curtis gunn while driving drunk. he was walking on the sidewalk with his wife when he was hit from behind. >> they were simply walking down the street one evening when they were struck by a car. >> reporter: but they are just the latest victims. the defrocked catholic priest and registered sex offender is accused of molesting dozens of children while working at the oakland diocese. >> if the church had done what they should have done in 1978, he would have been convicted of child sexual assault and spent the rest of his life in prison. >> reporter: he represents 15 alleged victims who are suing the bishop of oakland for failing to protect them. he came to court to show support for gunn's widow. >> i'm sure he will, as he always does, as is the psychological of the serial pedophile is, will have no
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empathy for them. >> he would have us follow him -- in the confessionals. as he would open the door and shut the door and you're in there, and he would come from behind. >> reporter: kathleen says she was just 11 years old when he started raping her at st. joseph's in pinole. she's enraged of what he's now accused of. >> we have tried for so long to put him away, really, truthfully. >> he should never be free to walk the streets or drive them again. >> reporter: the priest's attorney declined to comment on camera saying he needs more time to get familiar with the case. he did, however, ask the judge to lower his bail, which she refused to do. in martinez, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. police are asking for help as they continue to investigate
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a man accused of burning down a south bay home depot store. san jose police released this photo they say is the suspect on the day of the fire. the picture comes from a surveillance camera at another store that he was in prior to going to home depot. investigators want to talk with you if you saw him wearing what you see in this picture. the 27-year-old was arrested monday not only for setting the fire at home depot but also stealing from several other nearby stores. among them macy's, kohl's, and guitar center. police believe he sit the fire to distract employees while he stole tools. if convicted, he could face between 14 years and life in prison. lockdown for hours on campus. that's what happened to uc berkeley students today. but tonight they're relieved the ordeal is over. police spent the day searching for a person who made specific threats against people who work or learn at the university. nbc bay area's sharon katsuda is live at uc berkeley with the
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latest for us. very busy day out there today, sharon. >> reporter: that's right, audrey. a cal spokesperson said the person who made the threat is affiliated with the university and they took these threats very seriously. >> are you okay? >> reporter: a father nervously talked to his daughter on the phone who's hiding inside the student union. that was the focus of the search at 9:30 when campus police told people to shelter in place. >> oh, my god my friends are in there and stuff. so i was hoping for the best that nothing happened. >> reporter: campus police sent out emails warning the community someone made serious and credible threats against specific individuals on campus. the alert came through around 9:30 to shelter in place and stay away from doors and windows. >> i've gotten, like, a bunch of emails from my professor saying, hey, class is canceled. don't come. >> reporter: hours later, police escorted some students out and father and daughter were reunited. >> we, like, closed the doors,
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like, we barricaded the outside, like, there's a stair entrance, like, at the top floor, and, like, -- so they barricaded that and closed the doors and everything. >> reporter: around 2:00 p.m., police lifted the shelter in place after finding the person they were searching for off campus. >> i think everything's kind of calming down now and people are being very relaxed about it, which i appreciate. everyone was freaking out. >> i want to know what happened. was it a threat? was there someone with a gun? i hope that, you know, they get punished obviously. a lot of people are worried, a lot of stress, but i'm glad everything seems to be okay. >> reporter: all classes were canceled today, but police now say there is no longer a threat to the community. reporting live in berkeley, i'm sharon katsuda, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, sharon. d.c. politics came to the bay area today. two heavyweights from the democratic party held events
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here. former president obama was at stanford discussing how we consume information and vice president kamala harris talked about maternal health care at ucsf. her visit is part of the biden administration's tour through the west coast. here's sergio quintana in san francisco. >> reporter: among those to greet vice president kamala harris as he departed air force 2, san francisco mayor london breed. the vice president offered some informal comments about u.s. government support for ukraine as it continues to battle against russian invaders. >> we are absolutely committed to continuing with the serious consequences and costs to russia of its acts of aggression. >> reporter: president biden an $800 million military aid package being rushed to ukrainian fighters. the main focus for kamala harris is to maternity health.
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the brace program is aimed at improving the health and well-being of black women throughout pregnancies and after. >> black women are three times as likely to die from pregnancy-related complications. native women are more than twice as likely to die. >> reporter: this visit is an effort to highlight simple innovations here and at other hospitals as well as government policies that support mothers. in california, paid maternity leave has been extended, and in san francisco new mothers can qualify for $1,000 monthly payments to support the mother and new child health and safety. mothers say having doctors and nurses who empathize with them is key. some mothers say they are often dismissed. >> the years of labeling black women as angry and lots of negative stereotypes, it silences us in that situation. >> reporter: vice president harris hopes what's happening in san francisco and other parts of
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the state becomes a national model. in san francisco, sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> sergio, thank you so much. let's talk about former former president barack obama's visit. he issued a warning on how disinformation can undermine democracy. former president got a warm greeting at the conference called challenges to democracy in the digital information realm. it was put on by the cyber policy center and other groups. president obama urged silicon valley tech companies who those who will someday work for those companies to work to protect facts and truth. he suggested the tech community improve algorithms and other processes. >> all we see is a constant feed of content where useful, factual information, and happy diversions and cat videos are alongside lies, conspiracy theories, junk sciencing
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quackery. >> president obama also called the capitol insurrection and the information put out by organizers that led up to it an appropriate example of how disinformation can threaten democracy. up next, punches fly on a plane at sfo, and former heavyweight champ mike tyson is the one landing blows. the story behind this video. plus, caps and fines for water hogs. the bay area's biggest water agency considering increased drought restrictions. and the rain is coming down for parts of the bay area. we'll track it on storm ranger coming up. right now, the air we breathe with smog, soot, and wildfires are doing to our health according to a new report. also, the bittersweet story of volunteers who paid a dear price while trying to save animals at a ukraine zoo when we join our viewers in the west tonight for "nightly news."
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to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. you may have heard before or after mike tyson is making headlines this evening. he appears to be attacking another passenger after boarding a plane at sfo late last night. it was all caught on camera. today tyson is saying that passenger was harassing him. nbc bay area's alyssa goard has the latest on the investigation. >>, hey, hey, hey, hey. >> reporter: in this video obtained by tmz sports you can see what appears to be mike tyson repeatedly punching another passenger aboard a
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flight preparing to take off from sfo and heading to florida. tyson was initially friendly with passengers, but that changed when one passenger, the man involved in the altercation, kept trying to talk to tyson and didn't listen to his request to be left alone. in the video, you can see blood on the passenger's face. a statement from mike tyson's rep says, quote, unfortunately mr. tyson had an incident on a flight with an aggressive passenger who began harassing him and threw a water bottle at him while he was in his seat. tyson had been in san francisco wednesday to promote his cannabis brand during a 4/20 celebration. when our crew ran into him, he was swarmed by fans all trying to get a word in. san francisco police confirmed they responded to a fight on a plane wednesday night, though they did not mention tyson by name. police say they detained two people that they believe were involved. one was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. that person only said a lot of things about what happened then
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declined to cooperate with police further. tmz reported that tyson walked off the plane right after the fight. >> as far as the airline -- it's over unless they want to press charges. >> reporter: this aviation expert says if the other patterning did, in fact, throw a bottle at tyson, that passenger could be cited for assault as well. so far the san mateo county d.a.'s office says no one has brought a case forward to them from this incident. >> i don't care if it's mike tyson or mike mccarran or mike smith. it doesn't matter. he has a right to fly in peace. >> reporter: we asked the san mateo county sheriff's office about this incident. they said they're not releasing any information right now as it is an active investigation. in millbrae, alyssa goard, nbc bay area news. with a third dry year on the horizon for california, the bay area's largest water agency is ready to act. the east bay municipal utility district may have strict caps and fines for those who don't
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comply. next tuesday the agency will consider an ordinance that would limit the amount of water households can use each day. east bay mud serves approximately 1.4 million people in contra costa and alameda counties as well as oakland and berkeley. tomorrow is earth day, and one san jose state professor and nasa scientist is making sure even youngsters understand the science behind our climate crisis. eugene cordero created a video and gaming series called "green ninja" in 2015. it's way to engage students in conversations about environmental topics. he sometimes even stars in them. for example, explaining the carbon footprint of burritos. >> all of the pieces add up to a stark difference between the vegetarian burrito, which is like driving an electric
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vehicle, or a beef burrito. >> you can watch the full interview at >> he explained that well. i need to see those videos. >> it's also funny because we talk about educating 6th through 8th graders. they know more about the climate crisis than i do sometimes. they are being educated and they're the ones who are telling me, dad, don't do that. >> calling you out. >> they're in tune. they probably understand more than any generation that we only have one planet earth, right? this is it. >> they're going to be on it longer than we are. >> exactly. we got all those stories at in our climate section. let's take it into our weather tonight. we have had quite a few bumps this evening. when it comes to that weather, activists and turns. we did not have that tornado warning up near the foothills. that has expired. but if you have family near valley springs or anderson, still a damaging thunderstorm here, multiple lightning strikes, wind gusts of 20 to 40
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miles per hour, even small hail. if we see video coming out of this, we'll bring it to you and share it with you. back across the bay area we have really seen things pick up over the past hour with some isolated pockets of rain. you can see a heavier zone here south of martinez. that's moving off to the north and east impacting concord by 6:54. pacheco just before that. through the peninsula also, heavy rainfall over woodside and interstate 280. that's moving towards redwood city, atherton. be careful if you're running earned tonight. we've seen on and off rain in morgan hill and gilroy as well. there's another batch coming on shore south of santa cruz. that will likely make it to morgan hill by 7:00 tonight. let's take a look at what has been producing this severe weather. it's all about this upper level area of low pressure. basically as we move through
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tonight this is going to move across northern california. i still think as we hold onto 9:00 tonight, might see isolated thunderstorms near the coastline, maybe at the south bay around 9:00 p.m. 11:00 it's moving towards the east bay. we'll see one last push of scattered thunderstorm chances by 5:30 in the morning tomorrow. then i really see the sun coming back out tomorrow afternoon with a slight chance of some showers moving back into the mix. as we move through tomorrow morning's forecast, we start with temperatures in the 40s and throughout the bay area. 48 in the south bay. east bay starting at 45. the north bay, 43. daytime highs going warmer tomorrow up to 67 in concord. 64 in san jose. napa, 65. extended forecast has us dried out this weekend. san francisco to 63 on saturday. 67 sunday. through the inland valleys up to 79 sunday. 70s wednesday of next week.
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we get over this into tomorrow morning and we're good to go. >> looking good. >> jeff, thank you very much. up next, could your pg&e bill be going up again? what's behind the potential rate hike. (music throughout)
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pg&e wants to raise your rates again next year and it's and go state regulators for percentage. the utility doesn't say how much the average bill would go up. $138 million for electric generation and distribution, $53 million for gas distribution, and $35 million for gas transmission and storage operations. the wish list adds up to $226 million. elon musk says he has the money to make a new run at twitter and he proved it by filing signed documents with the s.e.c. he says he secured $46.5 billion in financing borrowed from
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several banks. twitter adopted so-called poison bill to dodge that. musk is exploring a tender offer to buy twitter for more than $50 per share in cash. this afternoon musk tweeted if our twitter bid succeeds, we'll defeat the spam bots or die trying. ♪♪ ♪♪ are you ready? the latin american music awards are tonight. more than 20 of latin music's biggest stars are set to perform, including ozuna, luis fonsi, gloria trevi, and priss royce. red carpet coverage begins at 7:00 on our sister station, telemundo 48. >> sounds exciting. up next, a big
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the city of oakland got a big boost today in an effort to help kids succeed. >> mayor libby schaaf announced the facility is one of three
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youth groups to each win $100,000 grants. the money is from amazon and two other nonprofits getting financial support are oakland promise and tech exchange. as the mayor put it, to change the world, you need private companies investing in local communities. tonight at 7:00, he spent more than 30 years in jail for a murder he did not commit. [ cheers and applause ] tonight we'll be joined by joaquin to talk about his first full day of freedom and we'll be joined by the lawyer who took up his case. our conversation tonight at 7:00. up next on "nightly news," wildfires in the southwest. crews racing against high winds. lester holt -- tonight, vladimir putin declaring victory in the critical ukrainian port city of mariupol. putin ordering russian troops in mariupol to seal off the steel plant where the last pocket of ukrainian resistance is holed up new satellite images appear to show mass
6:30 pm
graves president biden saying there's no evidence the city has completely fallen while announcing $800 million in new military assistance to ukraine. and the new program to fast-track ukrainian refugees into the u.s. what's it mean for the thousands already waiting at the u.s. southern border? also tonight growing confusion as the justice department appeals the ruling that struck down the travel mask mandate. dr. jha is here answering your questions. the wildfire exploding to more than 20,000 acres in arizona. thousands forced to evacuate as fire season starts early. the capitol security scare a parachute jump at an mlb game why did it trigger an evacuation what authorities are saying caught on camera mike tyson repeatedly punching a passenger on a jetblue flight. what the boxing legend's team says led up to it and the ukrainian zookeepers who stayed behind as russia invaded to save their


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