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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 4, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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safely behind locked doors, police continued to talk the man down and briefly delayed pickup time to make sure the scene was clear. >> and they assured that all the kids were safe. and so i'm just coming to see. >> reporter: officers tell us it all ended peacefully. we also reached out to the san jose unified school district which tells us we have programs in place, to work with police, keep kids safe and inform parents. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> scott, thank you for that. appreciate it. in the wake of that leaked supreme court draft opinion signaling the court will overturn roe v. wade, governor newsom is calling on democrats to take action. he spoke outside of planned parenthood in los angeles today. newsom called out his fellow democrats, saying they'd been too passive in responding to the leaked opinion. today he urged a vocal counter-offensive to protect everything from abortion to same-sex marriage.
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>> this supreme court is poised to roll back constitutionally protected rights. and don't think for a second, don't think for a second this is where they stop. the right to privacy is not foundational. they're coming after you. they are. fill in the blank. who is you? it's us. it's all of us. across a spectrum of issues. you think for a second same-sex marriage is safe in the united states of america? give me a break. >> the governor also released a new tv ad today spotlighting his efforts to protect abortion rights. california is making plans to become an abortion sanctuary to protect reproductive rights and allow patients to come from out of state for abortion services. >> you just heard it from the governor, that leaked draft of a supreme court opinion is raising concern beyond reproductive rights. many as the governor said in the lgbtq community, worry that if it happens and they overturn roe v. wade, this would also specifically threaten marriage equality in the bay area and across the country.
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nbc bay area's sergio quintana continues our coverage in san francisco. >> hundreds of supporters of reproductive rights in san francisco and thousands across the country have taken to the streets for days now, protesting the leaked draft of an opinion authored by supreme court justice samuel alito. but their concern extends well beyond the future of roe v. wade. some worry it could signal a threat to other landmark civil rights rulings. >> what this draft opinion tells us is that rights that we regard as fundamental, reproductive freedom, marriage, and so many other rights, this court is not regarding them as fundamental. >> reporter: stewart gaffney and john lewis were among the first same sex couples to be married in california in 2008. they individually remember visiting family in missouri where their marriage was not yet recognized and being filled with fear of what that meant. >> we would lose our marriage right there at that moment. and we did have to bring documents just in the case that
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something terrible happened, that one of us had to go to the hospital. >> reporter: the concern right now is the logic being used to possibly overturn roe in this case could then be used in over controversial supreme court cases, among them obergafell versus hodges which argues a same-sex marriage in one state should be recognized in another. some commentate verse already started criticizing the rule in that case. stanford law professor says even if roe v. wade is overturned, marriage equality could be protected by other constitutional provisions. >> there is both an equal protection basis for same-sex marriage and what's called a substantive due process basis or right to privacy basis or right to liberty basis. >> reporter: the final decision from the supreme court challenging roe v. wade is expected in three months. for those concerned what that decision will mean, the focus now is not on the court, but on
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the midterm elections and backing candidates with similar beliefs. >> reproductive rights are our rights. marriage rights are our rights. voting rights are our rights. immigration rights are our rights. and on down the line. we're stronger together, and together we are the majority of this country. >> reporter: in san francisco, sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, sergio. we'll continue to follow the developing story and the impact it has on communities across the country. you can check the latest updates on the u.s. reached another grim milestone today. an nbc news tally confirms over one million covid-19 deaths nationwide since the start of the pandemic. right now the daily average of cases added in the country are nor than 62,000. but doctors and researchers aren't only looking at case rates. they're also tracking hospitalizations. let's take a closer look at where california stands in terms of cases and hospitalizations. take a look at this line graph here. it shows the case and hospitalization rates since
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march of this year until now. and you can see the red line, which shows cases dip slightly and begins to rise. that's the surge we're actually seeing right now. but go ahead and take a look at the orange line representing hospitalizations. it started out high and then steady dropped. now locally the trend is the same. cases are rising, but hospitalizations are steady. but there is a new concern ask about mother's day gatherings coming up this weekend. nbc bay area's marianne favro is live in los gatos with a look at steps doctors recommend you take to protect mom, grandma, and the rest of your family. what are they telling you today, marianne? >> our most important people, right? well, many families like to honor mom by taking her out to brunch on mother's day. and doctors say that's fine. but they suggest that you eat outside to reduce your risk of getting infected with covid. as restaurants prepare for mother's day crowds this weekend, bay area doctors are preparing too. >> i think we will continue to see an increase in cases as
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people get together. >> reporter: that anticipated increase comes on top of a slow surge that started last month. >> in the bay area, we've seen an uptick in cases of 155% between the beginning of april to where we are right now. >> reporter: many moms aren't sure what their families are planning for them on mother's day. it's a surprise. but nancy hammond says she does have one request. >> i would like to be outside, just in general, but especially just to be cautious with covid. >> reporter: this mom says her brunch with family will definitely be outdoors. >> we always eat outdoors now. we don't eat inside anymore at all, until things change. >> reporter: ucsf infectious disease specialist dr. peter chin-hong has a little more advice. >> if they're over 65 and unboosted, immune compromised, unvaccinated, unexposed, you may want to be more careful like you were in previous stages which is
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have outdoor celebrations if possible, consider using a rapid test. >> reporter: he also suggests you keep your party size small and mask up in all crowded areas in the days before visiting mom or grandma. the doctor also says it's a good idea to be prepared just in case you are infected by buying some decongestants. and also researching how you might quickly get a prescription for covid antivirals. reporting live in los gatos, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. san mateo county will launch a test to treat site tomorrow to be located at the college of san mateo. test to treat is a federal program that helps people get tested for covid, and then they get the medication they need if they're covid positive. prescriptions will be filled right at that same site. burlingame, san bruno and foster city also have the sites to test. vaccinations are no longer required to enter most public buildings in oakland. councilmembers voted to drop
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that requirement yesterday. the only place where proof of vaccination or a negative result is required is in assisted living centers and senior centers. as for masks, they're required in indoor spaces where at least 2500 people are gathered. all right. from vaccine mandates to mask rules we are tracking all the changing guidance to help move you forward. go to for the latest guidance and covid headlines. south bay police have arrested a man they say was selling millions of dollars worth of stolen items and some ghost guns too. officers in san jose arrested this man, matthew freudenbloom in february. they got a tip he was selling stolen items online. an investigation led officers to two storage lockers where they say that man was keeping stolen medical equipment, electronics, golf clubs. investigators also found two stolen go cars and seven ghost guns. police say he was already on probation for stealing cars and committing credit card fraud. that individual is now being
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held on a million dollar bail. a patch of land in san mateo county is now being transformed into a navigation center to house more than 200 people experiencing homelessness. congresswoman jackie speier was part of the ceremony today highlighting the new center in redwood city. it will eventually have 240 beds as well as bathrooms, dining services, and more. >> for anyone who wants a place to call home in san mateo county, with this facility and with the number of hotels that have been purchased, some five of them now in san mateo county, people are going to be housed. >> the center is located on maple street again in redwood city. $55 million will be spent on this project, and most of it coming from the federal government. still ahead, a party crackdown. the new rules airbnb is ruling out to put an end to those out-of-control parties at rental homes. and she is a san francisco native and olympic gold medalist, and soon eileen gu
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will be heading off to stanford. tonight she speaks for the first time since the summer games, like why she chose to compete for china instead of the usa. the in-depth interview next. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a warm day today, up to 85 in livermore. we'll talk about major changes, including colder temps, wind, even some thunderstorms. i'm back with that in about eight minutes.
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. welcome back. we do have an update we brought to you at the beginning of this newscast. traffic is still halted in walnut creek at 24 and the 680 interchange. look at that. this is after a man walked on the freeway. the transition route is shut
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down. this started after 1:30 this afternoon. we do know that the mental health crisis team is on-site, trying to speak to the man right now. officers are shutting down several off and on ramps as they try to talk to the man on the freeway. but right now traffic is backed up for miles. so that is an area you'll want to avoid for quite some time. we of course will bring you updates as more information cosms into our newsroom. a crackdown on summer house parties. airbnb announced today it's going to impose special restrictions over memorial day and the fourth of july holidays. renters who don't have a history of positive reviews won't be able to make one-night reservations. the company has long faced criticism over large party, some of which have turned violent. parties were banned after five people were shot and killed during a halloween party in orinda in 2019. more recently, a teen was shot and killed at an airbnb in sunnyvale last november. well, the city of san jose says it needs more time to clear a big homeless camp near the airport. yesterday the city council voted to push the june 30th deadline
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set by the faa to september. the faa has ordered to remove about 200 people camped on the 40-acre lot or lose millions in federal funding. the cleanup started a few months ago, but homeless individuals continued to return, according to the city. so far 71 people have been set up in housing. the city estimates 100 people still live in that encampment. the vallejo police department is getting some new tools. in-car cameras will be installed in 40 cars. it will show activity in front of the police car as well as what's happening in the back seat. chief williams says the cameras will increase commitment to the community. she was a breakout star at the winter olympics, but now bay area native eileen gu is back in the united states and ready to take on new challenges. san francisco freestyle skier won three medals for china and competing for a country other than the u.s. sparked some
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controversy, you might remember. for gu, she was honoring her mother's home country. since beijing she has gone from smashing records to becoming a fashion icon, becoming a face for luxury brands louis vuitton and tiffany's. and this morning she talked to hoda kotb show. >> i've always said my message is about inspiring young girls. and inspiring more people to hear about the sport and to use it as a force to create interconnection and cross-cultural communication. i knew that it was such a big moment. >> when it came to deciding which country to compete for, the choice had some people scratching their heads. why would a san francisco native not join team usa? well, gu explained how she handled the backlash. >> did you feel like you needed to have a thick skin for what came at you after that? >> absolutely. people always have their own
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opinions. but for me what try to stick to is i know that there is no wrong or right there. is only intention. and i'm trying to make the world a better place in my own way. and if people disagree with that, that's okay. and i just encourage them to make the world better in their way. we can approach the situation from different standpoints. so, yeah, to each their own. >> eileen gu will take on a new challenge this fall, college. when it comes to competing at the next winter olympics in italy? >> who knows. i mean, honestly, i really love skiing still. it is a very personal and expressive part of me, and i think it makes me who i am. it's taught me resilience. it's taught me that cross cultural communication. so in that sense, i think why not. but yeah, let's see how school goes first. >> all right. by the way, gu isn't just athletic and beautiful, she has brains as well. she scored a 1580 on her s.a.t.s. that's out of 1600. she will attend stanford university in the fall. coming up, gu goes in depth
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about why she chose to compete for china, and how that decision has not only changed her life but the lives millions of others as well. jeff, warm up? >> big-time. we're going through the olympics of weather as we head through this week. really something for everyone in my seven-day forecast. and look at this warm-up. as jessica just mentioned, we're at 86 in walnut creek. a little bit of a breeze. what i want you to pay attention here is on that hourly forecast, look at how fast we're going to drop. already down 69 at 8:00 p.m. and by ten p.m., we're at 62. that's already going to be happening tonight. from some changes that are beginning out here in the pacific. basically, the storm track is going to start to lower. that's going to enable cooler air to start to move in for tomorrow, and also some cloud cover. so i really think the clouds are going to switch it up the most for us as we head through tomorrow morning's forecast. you can see as we start widespread overcast to the south bay. we'll get some breaks of sunshine as we head through the
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day. but still, plenty of clouds as we head through your afternoon tomorrow. so that means as we started off, we're going to be again on the cool side. not quite as cold as it has been because those clouds hope to insulate us like a blanket. so we're going to be down here to 52 in the peninsula. south bay at 54. over to san francisco, have i it at 53 and the north bay starting it off at 49. daytime highs because of the storm track starting to lower, they were going to be down from 10 to 15 degrees cooler. instead of those 80s in the south bay, we're back down to 74 in cupertino, 78 in morgan hill. through the east bay, where we had numbers close to 90 today, you're going to be at 74 in antioch. that's going to feel a lot better to you. 71 in danville, and much, much cooler in oakland. 64. let's take it to the peninsula. you're really going to feel this chill. 50 here is. daly city to half moon bay. and down to redwood city 68. right through san francisco 60 in downtown. the outer sunset 57, and the north bay also dramatically dropping off as that ocean
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breeze kicks in with 72 in novato. 68 here in santa rosa. so tomorrow is really part one of our changes. i definitely think as we head through this weekend, that's going to be the larger thing that a lot of us are going to notice. what i'm looking at is this broad system developing across the west. it's going to start moving in on sunday, hang out on monday and tuesday. so we're talking about some colder air, possibility of showers, maybe isolated thunderstorms, and also that wind kicking in. on top of that, each some sierra snow. the olympics of weather. we definitely have a little bit of everything here. sunday and monday, anywhere from 4 to 10 inches expected across those higher elevations. so on the seven-day forecast, you can see it looks like this. in san francisco, we're staying in the 60s all the way through saturday. drop it into the 50s sunday and monday. and the wind really kicking up on sunday. 20 to 40 miles per hour. and right here through the inland valleys, we're going go down to 74 on saturday. 67 for mother's day on sunday. and again, keeping a chance here
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of some slight showers sunday, monday and tuesday of next week. so a lot is happening. we'll have more looks at this of course coming up at 5:30 tonight. >> all right, thank you, jeff. we'll see you then. coming up, bringing the force to san francisco? how you can visit yoda on "star wars" day. did you know that renovating your kitchen and bathroom
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this mother's day, show mom that you worship
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the ground she walks on. or in this case, stands on. the new anti-fatigue comfortmat from weathertech is a gift she'll appreciate all year round. it makes standing comfortable in the home or office and comes in a variety of colors and finishes. and for mom's vehicle, there's cupfone, floorliner, cargoliner, and seat protector. show mom that she deserves the best with an american made gift from weathertech. mom's gonna love this! happy mother's day from weathertech. just into the newsroom, there will be no discipline for the three alameda officers who pinned a man down for several minutes before he died. an independent administrative investigation into the death of 26-year-old mario gonzalez found
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that officers acted consistent with department policies. this unfolded in april of 2021. gonzalez lost consciousness minutes after the three officers tried to handcuff and subdue him by pinning him to the ground at a public park. the report largely exonerates the alameda police officers who initially encountered and later restrained gonzalez. gonzalez's death drew comparisons to the murder of george floyd. it remains the subject of two federal lawsuits filed by his family, claiming that officers unjustifiably detained gonzalez an used unnecessary force against him. take you to san francisco now where faculty members at san francisco city college are prepared to spend their second night in tents on the campus. they're protesting potential layoffs. this is the ocean avenue campus, and instructors are camping out to urge reconsider cutting full and part time staff. they say if the layoffs go forward, it's the students who lose. >> we've already seen cuts to
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30% of our classes in the last three years at city college. and we know a lot of students have been pushed out of the classes they need, have been wait listed or go to other institutions. >> we have reached out the city college for a statement and have not yet heard back. well, an east bay mayor is among those putting an accessory dwelling unit. a one-bedroom unit installed on a property today. her father will use the unit. it will allow him to be close to the family while still living in piedmont. it also addresses the ongoing difficulties of making it in the bay. >> because i am in city government as mayor of piedmont, i've been part of the housing discussion for years now. so i'm particularly attuned to everyone's requirement. every city, every county throughout california, particularly in the bay area has responsibilities to do their fair share for housing growth. >> the company ed that made the dwelling is called abode u. it does everything from building the unit, getting the permits
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and installing it on the property. chances are you heard someone say by the fourth be with you. >> it's become a fun thing to do for "star wars" fans on may 4th. if you would like to celebrate in this fashion, you can visit yoda outside the letterman digital arts center in san francisco's presidio. two-foot statue was installed in 2005. and since then, people have foreclosured to it, often throwing coins at its feet, hoping for good luck. it's in front of lettermans building b which includes the lucasfilm lobby. a new event will celebrate the internet's favorite cocktail. san francisco will be hosting ans express sow martini festival later this month. it's being hosted by mr. black spirits which specializes in coffee liqueur. the drink has been around since the '80s, but it really gained popularity in the last year thanks to social media apps like tick-tock. several bars will participate including luna, the beehive, xie xie and so many more, we're
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told. martinis will be served for $12 and it will run from may 16th to the 22nd. >> i feel like we journalistically need to attend this. >> absolutely, we need to cover it. >> in person. >> see if it tastes good. we'll figure something out. honoring music legends. coming up, the new inductees into the rock & roll hall of fame.
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okay, remember back in february when dolly parton politely declined her nomination to the rock 'n roll? >> i remember. it didn't work. today she was admitted along with pat benatar, duran duran, eminem, the eurythmics, lionel richie and carly simon. parton said she was flattered but didn't feel she had recorded enough rock 'n roll. last week, though, she said she accepted the induction if she made the list after being informed the hall of fame recognizes not just rock music. so today she tweeted that she is honored and humbled. the televised induction ceremony will be november 5th. >> dolly is amazing. >> she is amazing. >> amazing across the board. >> glad she accepted. >> don't forget you can also watch us live on roku, amazon fire, what's coming up at 5:30? >> a lot going on.
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right now the search is intense fight. who leaked that supreme court draft memo about overturning abortion rights? lawmakers, advocates and americans on both sides of the issue are plotting their next move. >> what are the next things that are going to be attacked? because this maga crowd is really the most extreme political organization that's existed in american history. >> plus attacked on stage. what we're learning about the man who came after comedian dave chappelle at his hollywood bowl show. and a billion dollar donation allowing stanford to open its first new school in 70 years. we'll tell you how this will help fight our climate in crisis. news at 5:30 starts right now. thanks for joining us. i'm audrey asistio. >> and i'm raj mathai. we have the update to the breaking news we've been bringing you for the past several hours. >> traffic at a stand still during rush hour. this is happening on westbound 24


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