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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 17, 2022 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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white supremacy is a poison. a poison. it really is. running through our body politics. festering right in front of our eyes. no tomorrow. >> right no 11:00, strong words from president biden as he visits buffalo. when investigators say was a radically motivated mass shooting. more lives taken by governance. crews battling a two alarm
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apartment fire in san jose. this is happening right now. what have you been able to find out? >> reporter: amazing we can tell you firefighters are still looking at hotspots bigger you can see them here behind me. up on the second floor of the building. the eight unit complex right there. still they are putting fire on it. at least two maybe three of these units are uninhabitable because of the fire. the damage to the attic in the second floor with several other units also going to be uninhabitable for a while because of water and smoke damage. at this point we know one person has minor injuries. it is a worker who was working in one of those buildings under construction when you first reported. minor burn injuries. he was taken to the hospital and checked out at this point firefighters say there are a number of people who are not going to be able to return for a while so they are going to have the red cross out here to
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help folks with resources. again, at least two are not going to be livable for quite some time because of the fire several of the others are going to have to be cleaned up before people can go back inside. firefighters are still up on the roof. they're still dowsing the roof in the attic space with water right now. at the height of the incidents, two alarms, 50 firefighters were out here to try to get it under control. it is a densely populated area with a fire they did not want to spread to do more damage than at it. we are asking more questions for you and will update you later today at 5:00 and 6:00. a very busy day this mid day. we are following in other news as well. >> investigators believe a gunman in the new york supermarket shooting was in the buffalo area back in march. grocery store employees say they remember seeing him there in the store before. the 18-year-old is accused of killing 10 people and wounding
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three others in a radically motivated attack. the grief and shock are not really settling in for the relatives. >> what do we tell our fathers. he doesn't even know, what we tell them, how do we tell them? the love of his life, his primary caretaker, the person who kept him alive for the last eight years, how do we tell him? that he's gone? >> thank you shooter is scheduled to be in court thursday. his attorneys originally asked evaluation but they have withdrawn the request. president biden called up those who repeat the racist theory. by the alleged shooter. that is why people are in danger of being replaced. actually it is in his manifesto. >> it certain tv hosts and politicians. good morning.
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the present angry as he spoke to the nation from buffalo this morning. >> i don't know if you reject the live. calling on all americans to reject the lie. then to spread the lie for power, political gain, and. that is what it is. >> points mr. bannon was visibly shaken by the situation repeating instances of one of the victims that stopped at the store to buy a birthday cake for his 3-year-old son and would never return home. earlier today the president and first lady visited the scene of the shooting . the present in his speech told families he knew a bit of what they were going through. the president lost three children and his first wife. he's no stranger to that kind of anguish. it's not the first mass shooting to occur during his presidency. they were two more since the shooting in buffalo.
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with lauren marquez at the church in southern california. the suspect in the church shooting is expected to make his first court appearance today. he faces one murder charge, five counts of attempted murder and four counts of of unlawful possession of explosives. he's being held on a million- dollar bone. notes of the car show hatred towards taiwanese people. elementary school children one step closer to a covid booster. >> the fda authorized a third shot. take a look at the vaccination rates for 5 to 11-year-old age groups. only 20% are fully vaccinated in california that is higher. still only 35%. now the cdc will make the recommendations this week. open city leaders hold an agreement for the recently approved proof of vaccination
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requirement. two weeks ago council members approved the change for pretty much all of the indoor settings. the only places it is still required our assisted-living and senior centers. gathering outside of oakland city hall on abortion rights. their signaling support of a proposal set to be voted on in just a matter of hours. if approved, oakland will be a sanctuary city for women seeking the procedure. this comes amid fears roe v. wade could be overturned by the supreme court. >> reporter: this is in response to a draft opinion from the u.s. supreme court. to suggest the high court is poised to overturn roe v. wade sometime this summer. planned parenthood ceos also indicated the potential decision could change the way they offer services. later today the oakland city council to protect abortion rights. the resolution calls for a number of things, a declaration
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that oakley becomes a sanctuary city for women seeking an abortion. especially for those coming from out of state where an abortion might someday be illegal. the proposal also is calling for congress to pass the woman's health protection act which would codify abortion into law and calling on the state and counties in california to provide money for abortion and contraceptives. rebecca kaplan is behind the measure. >> we no there is an effort to turn back the clock on racial justice. on voting rights. and reproductive freedom. on the rights of people to love whom they choose. so, we need to oppose this effort with our laws. with our actions, and be in solidarity with one another in the fight. >> many republicans did not support the right to an abortion. they argue the fetus is a human being and aborting it is the taking of another's life.
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let's take a peek outside, shall we? we are looking at downtown san jose this morning. some haze there in the background. we can start to see even warmer temperatures. >> we are going there. we are saying to see some temperatures coming up towards the inland areas. also it has been quite windy over the past 24 hours. you can see most of the wind gusts are within 20 to 30 miles an hour. it's getting really gusty in san francisco. peaking at 44 miles an hour. temperatures still nice and cool at 60 degrees. a bit of a calmer wind for this afternoon as we head for the low 70s. still pretty comfortable here for the east bay. we start to feel those temperatures cranking up in parts of the south town and the inland east bay as well as the north bay with santa rosa reaching 84 degrees today. 87 fairfield and 80 today in morgan hill. even hotter tomorrow. we talk more about that in the forecast. it is coming up in a few
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minutes. a woman is behind bars in connection to a double shooting that left one man dead. officers say 21-year-old jessica garrison shot a man and his girlfriend in a home on south 10th street early yesterday morning. steps away from san jose state. police say the man died at the scene. his girlfriend is expected to survive. we are still working to learn the victims identity and a possible motive for the shooter. this is the cities temp homicide of 2022. stick are you back in the office are still working at home. next, returning to working in person. and bay area school districts getting a gift aimed at inclusivity. the donation school leaders just received. seven more shows left before ellen degeneres says goodbye to her daytime tv
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developing now, defending the last pocket of mariupol stop fighting. giving up control of the port city to russia. evacuation from a field plant in mariupol has an important victory for moscow. a struggle with geopolitical position further weakened joining nato. more than 260 soldiers have been evacuated from the mail and taken control of territory. ukraine authorities say the aim is to exchange them for russian prisoners of war. is midday there is still hope for families in the
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scramble of baby formula. the baby formula maker abbott has been working with the fda to reopen a planted start making more formula. they would address sanitary conditions that led to formula getting contaminated at a michigan plant. this comes as 40% of the most popular brands of formula are out of stock . the expert says demand for breast milk has gone up by 25% here in the bay area. student protests getting underway right now in san francisco . the diversity club at the a walkout. they left class at 10:00 this morning to demonstrate what they call anti-clear laws. it comes following the florida passage of this and march. the so-called don't say gala. the public school teachers may not teach students about sexual orientation or gender identity. on the heels of a huge donation of lgbtq themed books. they are given to elementary
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schools. they are among those at the elementary school in richmond this morning. to accept the donation. the books came courtesy of gender nation with a lgbtq storytelling organization. the superintendent says the donations also help students who may not be part of the community. >> we supports lgbtq kids we protect them from bullying in mistreatment, they do well academically. and socially. they do better with attendance and feel more engaged. we know when we support any student, any student to feel supported, we are helping all students. but tonight, we are sitting down with two women behind the push. you can watch the the city of alameda looking in the direction of the larger neighbor, oakland to help families struggling to make it in the bay. the debates launching a new basic income program as soon as
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next year. staffers report on possible options with a program funded through federal pandemic relief. at the plank it's approved, something could debut as soon as next summer. oakland and san francisco are among the bay area's cities now testing the income pilot program. moving forward is midday on a return to the world stage for more and more employees. new data shows many companies are holding onto the idea of working from home. with an even higher percentage right here in the bay area. and bcb area is speaking with one expert about the latest metrics. >> reporter: good morning, the expert tells me the numbers are slowly increasing for folks returning to the office. right now we are far from the pre-pandemic numbers in the bay area. we spoke to the chairman that is a company with a commercial real estate security provider more than 3000 buildings with more than 40,000 companies. he said shortly after the pandemic the company began tracking and building oxygen to
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the lower key takeaways from the data that they gathered. one of which, things are increasing 50% to date. you compare going back to the office with other activities like feeder or air travel, near pre-pandemic levels. actually it's significantly lagging behind. the bay area with one of the reasons of the lower office of civilization we have been there from the very beginning. he says right now that the national averages about 44%. here in san francisco and san jose the number hovers around 34%. i asked him, what sets the bay area apart from other regions with a higher utilization rate? this is what he told me. >> i think part of it is that the tech companies in the economy that have the companies better prepared already even before the onset of covid with having people work remotely.
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so they have the technology in place and culturally it is something i think the industry even in northern california has been lumpy for other people have. >> reporter: the company says they will continue to gather and share the data. a lot of other industries are utilizing the information. one of the examples he gave was a restaurant business, some fast casual restaurants have used data to help plan just how busy they will be in the future for some of these areas where there is a high population of workers and office buildings in the area. a new some with a recycling plant in it. in l.a. county this is the focus on efforts to combat the california drought. it takes place this afternoon. there's no getting around the drought conditions we are facing right now. >> we have been talking about not just the bay area but all
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across the region. all across the west. now we are entering into dry summer months as we see all of the sunshine overhead and a breezy wind and in fact as we go through the next couple days we will be watching unfortunately for fire danger. we are starting out with cool weather right now as we get ready to head out for lunch in the mid-60s right now in san jose. it's going to warm up quickly and heading for the mid 70s for the middle of the afternoon and this week at about 77 degrees. up to 81 there, 81 livermore. 81 in martinez. nevada reaching 78 degrees. tomorrow, temperatures jump up another several degrees and dublin will reach into the mid- 80s there, 91 concord, and san francisco. keeping it mild with mid 70s there. then we go towards thursday and we are coming down a few degrees with fremont in the upper 70s there and mid 80s for morgan hill while latinas will be in the mid-80s. if you are going to the game
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tonight, first pitch will be about 66 degrees and not much of a wind there. went about 5 to 10 miles an hour. cooling down tonight make sure you are wearing a nice warm jacket. the upper 50s and we have a very quiet weather pattern here. all of the clouds and rain staying away from the bay area and being brought by the high- pressure really increasing the heat and also giving us clear skies. it does not like we are going to see a change in this. possibly the very end of the month may be around memorial day we could be watching out for a change in the weather pattern and maybe cooler temperatures and possibly a chance of rain. overall, until then, we are staying very dry. take a look at the temperature trend for napa. mid 80s today but low 90s tomorrow. then, still in the 80s with all of this through next week and what is normal for this time of year. we should be in the low 70s. we are not even seeing that
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anywhere here with very warm weather and eight times gusty wind picking up. the reason why we are going to have those concerns about fire danger as vegetation dries out even more. for san francisco, gusty wind, isaac will the upper 60s as low 70s. at least here we can find some relief from the intense valley heat we will see over the next several days. looks like it is going to shape up to be a really nice weekend for the bay area. now is return to the climate crisis. we have some of the first images from the geostationary satellite called rose 18 which launched march 1st. checkup these birdseye views of the changing weather which would not be possible without satellite. it orbits earth from over 22,000 miles above the equator moving up the same speed of the earth rotation. this will help track weather phenomenon as it happens. it provides high resolution images that protect environmental hazards such as wildfires, fog, volcanic
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eruptions and satellites crucial in the study of the climate as drought worsens and the threat of a year-round fire season continues in california you can see more stories like this on and check out the interview i did last week and it is on our climate in crisis page. an urgent call for the red cross for blood donations. supplies usually fall off during the summer months. so, new incentives are being offered. that includes $10 gift cards for donors this week. this is the merchant of their choice and, you can enter to win a camper. at least the next two weeks all blood donations will continue to be tested for covid antibodies which are produced after a vaccination or past exposure regardless of symptoms. spike every day there's people that need blood and every donor that we have saves lives.
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that is the most important thing. everyone who comes as a chance to save lives. >> you can visit the red cross website or download the donor app to make the appointment or just go to for that info. about to get rowdy. next, a preview of tomorrow's big-game taking on the dev is mavericks. happening now, a devastating wildfire that burned over two dozen homes in southern california now fully contained with the coastal fire that sparks near laguna niguel wednesday. homes were destroyed and damaged. 200 acres burned. still no word how the fire started. however, the power company reported possible circuit activity in the area around the time of the spark. we will be right back.
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here we go, the warriors in the nba finals. but one imposing figure stands in their way. game one of the western conference finals kicks off tomorrow at chase center. the warriors have to focus on stopping one guy in particular. the dallas mavericks player. he's really a force, just 23 years old. steph curry says the way to beat a young team starts with
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staying grounded. >> taking about what you are doing, trying to come into the scene on the crown of the basketball. outside of that. we are hungry enough knowing we have not been on the radar in the past two years in terms of being realistic with the championship defense. >> tomorrow the tipoff is a little after 6:00. if you still are looking for tickets they start a little over $200 on the resale market. strike happening tonight, keep your tissues handy for the last two next episode of this is us. that is the recommendation from cast members. the past few episodes certainly have been emotional. she said she had such intense reaction to reading the script to the last episode it made her ill. >> it is a doozy. the finale is a little more of a hug.
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you know, i think it is going to leave people feeling good. and not just, like, catching their breath. which is what the second to last episode did for me. >> right. we will watch it tonight. this is us heirs at 9:00 in the series finale one week from today. remember it will be like a hug. >> we the forecast to maybe? >> maybe so. >> a warm hug, we will see that as we go into the next couple of days. really ramping up as far as temperatures go by tomorrow, highs in the low 90s and we do not see much of a cool down here although we will have gusty winds picking up that will have more of the hairdryer effect. for san francisco, gusty wind there as well. at least he let more comfortable with highs in the upper 60s and 70s into the weekend and yes, sunshine continues. we are looking at really dry weather here at least the next week.
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>> stay with us for that. thank you for joining us for the midday newscast. you can also get all of the latest information all day long all the time at . we will be back here tomorrow morning, you don't want to miss it have a good one.
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right now, california live. joking around. the actor comedian and all- around funny guy and her new role. >> i enforce it. infect i will jail you if you are not having fun. i will go that far. california dreamers. meet the family who turned this into one of the most popular vineyards in the wine region. spike my parents brought home a painting of a vineyard and that is what started the whole entire idea. ne


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