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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  May 19, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> a group of women, 66 years old to 86 years old that love to dance. we love to sing. as we come together to celebrate our culture and heritage. >> gorgeous, right? is the grand -- for 2003. the trouble the world, singing and dancing. you can find -- at the center on waverly place. sort of a sophora makeup campaign. all the we belong to something too. >> in the due. >> that is spectacular. so grateful. beautiful. getting -- on roku, amazon -- >> by the way, i have seen them perform. >> it's really really cool. will let's move on now. was interesting and sobering. prices still remain high. we have the new numbers on bay
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area housing at a local agent said is the reason for the slowdown. >> list of phone calls. and life activity at the houses. definitely a cooldown. >> but something republicans and democrats can agree on. they are blasting the response to the nationwide baby formula crisis. >> you give everybody an f. to the company itself, the fda oversight. in in the light move by lawmakers to help low income families get access to formula. covid boosters. the one last hurdle that was cleared in the past 30 minutes. >> the news, at 5:30 starts now. back for joining us. for month, if not years, people have been waiting and wanting for more inventory. and he comes to the -- that has
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not done anything to wring the prices down. our tech reporter, -- keeping a close eye on all of this. joins us this evening from san jose. what do these new numbers suggest? >> as bill clinton said many years ago, it's the economy. this was a real kick in the wallet. more houses for sale, a combination of higher -- has moved the dream of homeownership away from more people. >> there are more houses on the market here, which should be good news if you're looking to buy. but wait a minute, more supply has not yet led tomore demand, just the opposite. >> phone calls vote, les offers. less activity for the houses. definitely a cooldown. >> holly bartel's is a combination of skills, skyhigh prices combined with a rise in interest rates and inflation is
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leading would be tires to you has a cave. silicon valley. i can't do that anymore. effect, real estate giant re/max said economic conditions have quickly added more clouds to the bay area housing picture. >> we definitely see -- changing. it's not as robust as it was last year. >> with prices up 12% from this time last year, re/max says local sales are down 17%. largely, because only the very well-healed can afford to buy without them. >> the interest rates, the inflation, i think it affects sort of the lower end of the market. much much more than see the little and, in the higher areas of the market. >> okay, scott, so a couple questions here. if i'm a homeowner, if i'm looking to buy, what do these real estate firms say in terms of later this year, or the next
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year. >> if you're a homeowner, you are sitting pretty. prices are not likely to drop anytime soon, they say. as far as looking for hope. let's face it. we're going to be in inflationary times for a while. mortgage rates are likely to stay high compared to what they were even a year ago. the stock market doesn't turnaround all that quickly. especially when it comes to text docs. it's going to be hard for a lot of techies to afford the down payment on these houses here. >> thank you. reporting from san jose this evening, thanks. >> a glimmer of hope for all parents worried about the baby formula shortage. it should ease within days. that is the timeline that -- gave congress the other day. the crisis has frustrated parents and caregivers for weeks. brie jackson is in washington, with the latest. >> the head of the fda on the hot seat. facing congressional scrutiny over the baby formula shortage
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and the whistleblower complaints regarding abbott's facility. >> forcing parents to play a game of russian roulette. >> the chief, defending the agency's response. >> the war in ukraine, and labor supply issues. they will have an impact. >> with political increases for supplies. and invoking the defense production act. even some of the president strongest allies say the federal action should have come sooner. but the fate of $20 million in emergency funds to address the shortage remains unclear. >> we don't want to spend money on bbc. >> gives the green light to
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prevent future formulas. >> as we strengthen the resilience of our supply chain, we could be one natural disaster for -- from being here can. >> i believe in many of the problems facing your agency can be -- rather than more money. >> the fda is also reassuring the public that the country's largest production plant is on track to reopen soon. but that can't happen soon enough for families struggling as patients in formula run them. >> while the -- chief says we should start seeing more formula on shelves within the coming days, he warns that it will be weeks before supplies get back to normal. in washington, i'm brie jackson for nbc news. in nbc nightly news continues our coverage for -- trying to meet increased demand. take a look. this is what many people are turning to. all these bottles have donated
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breast milk. one of the largest milk banks in the country. milk received here ready to help. a priority goes to medically fragile babies. but healthy babies can get -- and how these help a mother of trip. that's coming up at 6:30. >> the teenager accused of -- was back in court today. it's the second time the 18- year-old appeared in court between we have rested over on saturday. must remain in custody without bill. he can still face terrorism and hate crime -- all 10 victims were black. >> the government was -- the previous court appearance. now, the flight -- and other extremist groups grow. the house of representatives groups will pass legislation.
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and the fbi. the goal is to better coordinate into help those agencies identify homegrown threats. the white house says it supports the bill. says the senate will vote on it next week. >> roche, also on capitol hill after a weeklong delay today. passed a $40 billion military and economic impact for ukraine. the bill will provide funding for weapons. help refugees,emergency food aid. among other things. democratic and republican leaders had hoped to quickly take up the package after was passed by the house last week. but republican senator rand paul objected. and dragged out the process of re-dispute about the oversight of the spending. the bill now has -- for his
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signature. today, president biden met with leaders of sweden and finland. the two countries have begun the process of applying for nato memberships. finland and sweden say they have been spurred ining nato by russia's invasion of ukraine. reversing generations of military nonalignment. outside the white house, they spoke about the importance of having these two countries join the alliance. >> having two new nato members will enhance the security of our lien and deepen our security across the board. >> the president also said sweden and finland met every requirement to join nato and then some. late this afternoon, president biden left for his first official trip to asia. he is scheduled to visit south korea and japan. he is also set to meet with the leaders of japan, india and australia. along with the u.s., those countries composed of contralateral securities in the
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region. -- marks a major summit. and leaders are expected to pressure india's prime minister to take a firm stance against russia's invasion of ukraine. >> it's ago, the cdc is signing off on covid booster shots for kids. the cdc recommends that 5-11- year-old get that booster shots. is received at least the last dose at least five months ago. can get it as soon as tomorrow it's worth noting, only about 30% of all children in age range are fully vaccinated in california. that ratio drops to about 25% nationwide. the number of covid cases continues to rise. according to the latest nbc news tally, the u.s. has surpassed 83 million cases since -- began. the 70 average has jumped to more than 102,000 reported daily infections. the rise in covid infections.
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backup next, a new push for -- the only nuclear power plant still operating in california. the action environmental boosters are not taking. and about whether the course for health are -- in crisis. >> also, leading the charge on clean card standards. likely have a wonderful effect on -- in and chief meteorologist -- we are under a micro planet weather alert with increased fire danger here for northern california. i will have a look at the hourly wind forecast. (music throughout)
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governor newsom says california will not back down. by mental groups urging governor newsom to support closing the diablo canyon nuclear power plant. it's already projected to have the -- it mean remain open past that point. in a letter to the governor, environmentalists and anti-
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nuclear groups call that idea outrageous. earlier, groups of academic scientists, including -- read a separate letter to support keeping it open. it provides clean electrical energy and can help combat climate change. >> we are not even in the county for -- going to come from climate change. so i can me go here for the r >> governor newsom has no direct authority over the operating license for diablo canyon, which is known by -- pg&e. >> made mental health matters month peer california is pulling out events and programs aimed at raising awareness. it's also getting some help from one of the stars of the hit show, eye. we spoke with chroma brown about his own mental health
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journey. me back i was dealing with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and ideation. i was also dealing with a lot of color is on. mental abuse, emotional abuse. spiraled into drug use for a little bit. i just was like, i don't know how to get out of this. is giving you the tools. he told us he also had to learn what the signs were of his own mental health. is partnering with take action for mental health to help others find resources. you can watch our interview by the way right now on our bcp area stream up. find the interview by -- >> a big part of any culture is food. what better way to celebrate by learning how to wrap a traditional chinese dish. in san francisco's chinatown come on saturday, you can make your own -- or sticky rice dumpling. the dish has several different ingredients and is steamed. more than half a dozen restaurants will be selling and helping people make their own dishes. lessons are free.
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>> a lot of the -- with china. thought of work. we just want to bring -- back. you can learn to wrap a sticky rice dumpling this saturday, from 11:00 until 1:00 on central chinese high school unstopped entry. >> boy, that sounds fun. >> i don't know how to make them, but i definitely eat them. >> who doesn't love a dumpling? >> chinese food, yum yum. a red flag warning. they definitely are. you can see, it details all the wind in the fire warnings.
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right in down to modesto. this also includes solano county, under this red flag fire winning. is where the fire weather will be the most critical. possibly even just a little bit higher cure than right through the berry color. winds in the mountains. low elevation, 15-35 in that humidity range. no, i really see things picking up tonight as the system starts to drop down from the north. it's just going to sweep this wind right across the bay area. get you to the hourly wind forecast. through 11:00 tonight, really focusing right up towards napa, 36 mile-per-hour wind estes. then, you can see the magenta color. this the strong wind as we head through tomorrow morning. starting to get closer here in your parts of the northbay mountains. up around the north to be out
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of the threat of those very dry fire winds. moving to tomorrow, we are going to begin with plenty of 50s a mostly sunny skies. 55 here in the peninsula. i don't really see any big adjustments in the daytime high. thankfully, we are not talking about 103 no. we will get 78 here in cupertino. but still warm out here. through concord and antioch. through the northbay, 87 in napa. 84, bright back to -- the seven-
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day forecast. inland valley forecast, we get another surge of heat coming in from monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. but after that, it should drop on down. so at least we are not staying with this super warm weather for a prolonged period of time. a little bit of good news on that front. here's a good story. up next, lbb. how a flight attendant jumped into action when a passenger on board went into labor.
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could be the story of the night. and mother of three, and then getting off that flight and your mother and for. that's what happened to a mom who recently flew from denver to orlando. she was taken away from a nap by strong contractions. flight attendants helped her to the back of the plane where she delivered the baby. none of the crew had formal childbirth training, they were all well-versed in emergency response. in and going to the bathroom. you went to the bathroom pregnant. >> i do want to get with -- for the whole crew. they made me feel so much more comfortable. >> the pilot turnover -- to the first emergency landing in pensacola. the mother and baby are both
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doing wonderfully. xo q. congratulations family. the team of mountain climbers deserve a big congratulations. they became the first all-black climbing team to some of the world's tallest amount. the teams name is full-circle. take a look at these photos from our instagram account where they documented their journey to the top of mount everest. in this one expedition, the team of 7 climbers nearly doubled the number of black climbers of mount everest. >> that is incredible. of next coming in 1. looks pretty easy. but it's only 1 gave. steve kerr -- has been happy. his claim to the what's it like having xfinity internet? it's beyond gig-speed fast. so gaming with your niece, has never felt more intense. hey what does this button do? no, don't!
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>> okay, blowout which did no problem in making one. the warriors dominated the mavericks in the game 1 tomorrow night though might not be as easy. each came with a different story, right? during the playoffs so far, the dallas mavericks start slow and then they come back strong. that's the warning from steve kerr. >> by blowing out the mavericks lost income of the warriors have no won 13 consecutive game once we got home. but they know this series is far from over. >> enjoying and celebrating the men. to elevate our competitors. defense is a big reason why
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they have an early lead in the conference finals. is the primary defender on -- andrew wiggins helped the mavericks star after he scored 18 points for halftime. the warriors also limited dollars to a playoff for 36% shooting from the floor. without wiggins relentlessness was great. can only hold up for so long. last night, we just did not make shots. >> as the series goes on, both teams will make adjustments to their game plan. >> this -- could be the team in the playoffs. >> after missing the playoffs. the last two seasons, the warriors say they felt a sense of urgency. not to let the opportunity slip away.
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this time of year. at times, so is the atmosphere chase center, whether warriors are unbeaten so far this postseason. >> the games, at 6:00. so, we need you there. be early, the early. let's the la plata arena. as quickly as possible. >> you heard coach, get there early. a 2 tips off tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. anthony florez, abc the area. >> 6:00 is when the game starts. even if you are there, you can get those luxury lounges. go to your seats, watch the teams. >> that's his message. just joins us now with what's coming up next at 6:00. >> it is happened again. another deadly shooting in the bay area freeway. details about the shots fired in the new technology that some
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will hope curb exculpating problems. the added -- wheelies know who did it. someone would have been brought to justice. >> -- authority charged with indecent exposure. also, -- arrested her. house arrest could affect her kids. also, honoring the victims of bay area's biggest mass shooting. how bta employees are remembering their colleagues killed at the railyard in santa fe. >> 6 starts right now. thanks for being with us on this thursday. >> new accusations against the santa fe police officer already facing allegas of sexual misconduct. the first report that -- is accused of in front of a mother and her daughter during a police investigation. but no


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