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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 6, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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and business is good. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. oh, a big party from chase center to living rooms, right now at 11:00 dub nation celebrating the warriors' blowout win. also a dangerous combination, drones, fireworks and dry conditions, the arrest police made in the north bay. i guess he may have confronted them and they turned around and shot him. >> a deadly confrontation involving a south bay grocery store worker, what the victim's co-worker says might have started it. it is exactly what dub nation wanted, the warriors rebounding big time after the
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disappointing game one loss, chase center absolutely electric tonight. >> golden state has plenty of time. jordan poole might have been the shot of the night. let's give it the shot of the night beating the buzzer with a 39-foot three, the longest three-pointer in the past 25 nba finals. >> oh, what a night, what a great game! abc's bay area marianne favro leads our team coverage from chase center. >> reporter: wow, what a game! at one point i had goosebumps it was so load loud and intense in here. yes, it was a nail biter in the beginning but then a big finish by the warriors and now fans couldn't be more thrilled that they're team emerged with a win. james mcclanahan of vallejo spent the warriors game on his feet yelling coaching advice from the stands and admits he
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was worried when the celtics quickly got the lead. >> i was nervous. i'm not nervous anymore. >> reporter: that's because this is how the game ended. >> the game was outstanding. we played like we were supposed to have played. we were the better team. we knew we were the better team all along. from the first game we should have won that. they got lucky the first game. >> reporter: marie brandstrom traveled from canada to watch the game and said she went from being nervous to making a full prediction about what's next for the warriors. >> the talent on the team, the history, the amazing coaching and the energy in this room, the fans make it. >> reporter: this is the first time the nba finals have been played at chase center in san francisco. vince larkin has been to nearly every warriors finals since he was a kid and says he couldn't miss this one. >> all my life, you know, cow palace, growing up, the
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coliseum, all of it, just felt great. >> reporter: the champ family marked their first nba finals game with photos. >> i'm excited to see steph curry and draymond green. >> reporter: watching the team bring home a big win was just confetti on the playoff cake as they learned what it's like to be gold-blooded. the warriors now head to boston for game three. i talked to several fans who already have their bags packed and plan to join them in boston. at chase center, marianne favro. >> reporter: i'm anthony flores at chase center responding like a champion, reaction from the warriors game two win over the celtics coming up later in sports. >> look forward to that. before today's game both the warriors and celtics players and coaches wore shirts with the words "end gun violence" on them. coach steve kerr, an outspoken voice on gun violence, spoke about the message. >> we feel strongly as the league that it's time for
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people to take notice and to take part in what should be a nationwide effort to limit the gun violence. >> kerr added that it's important to vote in tuesday's election for candidates that are for sensible gun laws. he also says there are plenty of steps that could be taken to not take away people's second amendment rights but save lives. tonight san jose's willow glen community is mourning the loss of a young man, the latest victim of gun violence. he was shot and killed early this morning while working at the safeway at hamilton and meridian. police are trying to track down the person responsible for his death and co-workers tell us what they believe led up to the violence. >> reporter: shoppers found a boarded up door and signs turning customers away for the next 48 hours as police investigate the killing of a store worker. >> it just angers me that people will try to do that to
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others like just -- i'm shocked. >> i think it's absolutely horrendous and awful and he was a lovely young man and i think that, you know, needless to say gun violence is everywhere and it's hit close to home. >> reporter: police say around 3:30 sunday morning there was o once officers arrived they found a young man shot to death. friends and family have identified the victim as 24- year-old manuel cornejo. >> every morning i would see him. he'd always say good morning. he was always very cheerful. he was young. >> reporter: manuel's co- workers believe his death was the result of a theft gone wrong. >> someone was trying to steal liquor and i guess he may have confronted them and they turned around and shot him. >> reporter: a crime both employees and shoppers say happens here far too often. >> i've definitely seen like people stealing here, but i've never like for that extent. it's just crazy. >> reporter: manuel was a
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former san jose state university student. in a statement the campus sent their condolences to his friends and family and wrote, "his death is a heartbreaking loss for the san jose state university community." i did speak with the victim's brother. he was too devastated to speak out. he said he keeps thinking his brother is coming back home tonight. meanwhile police say they are still searching for the suspect. >> thank you. another shooting in san jose last night at around 7:30, police got a call of a person shot on monterey road near the intersection with east capital expressway. when officers got there, they did find a man who had been shot. he died at the scene. officers have arrested a suspected gunman, but they aren't saying what led up to that shooting. new at 11:00, shooting fireworks from a drone during fire season, police in american canyon say that's what one man did and they arrested him for it. they say the man ignited an m-
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80 style firework from this drone after getting reports about booms in the area for weeks now. officers followed the drone back to a home near the corner of kilpatrick street and marla drive. a 55-year-old man was holding the drone. he was arrested and fined. fireworks are illegal in both napa county and the city of american canyon. tomorrow officially marks the beginning of santa rosa's fire season. this is video of previous fires in santa rosa over the past couple years. santa rosa officially calls it fire season on monday based on a series of trends like recent rainfall, drought conditions and weather forecasts. the fire department is urging residents to make sure they take all precautions to protect their property. that includes removing dry vegetation around their homes and having an emergency plan. a fire that's been burning in napa county this week is now under control. calfire says the old fire fully contained now. it started tuesday, burned 570
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acres. at one point people had to evacuate, but no homes were damaged. crews will keep patrolling the area, make sure hotspots don't flare up. an investigation is underway as to whether a pg&e power line may have had a role in that fire. at the old fire they had about a half inch to 3-quarter inch of rain around the fire line. that was some good news. you can see the area around sonoma county, santa rosa, half moon bay and oakland saw more rain in the last 24 hours than we typically get for the entire month of june. we saw even bigger numbers in some of those north bay hills including mount tam, 2 inches of rain. if you didn't get that kind of rain, you had the humidity. it was very muggy and very hawaii-like around the bay area. i think we'll hang onto that
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another day tomorrow with low clouds and drizzle in the morning. the second half of the week the heat makes a big comeback. for the morning full of misty skies. the warming trend later this week could put some valley temperatures close to 100 degrees as we approach the weekend. i'll have the timeline on the big warm-up in our forecast in about ten minutes. >> thank you. the clock is ticking. time is running out for voters to cast their ballots. tuesday is the last day to vote in the june primary. this is video of an early voting center in san francisco. all counties have in-person voting and vote-by-mail options available. a lot of races will be decided by tuesday's vote. an important alert in sonoma county about tuesday's election, some voter information guides mistakenly have the wrong date it. refers to a special election held in windsor on april 12th rather than correctly stating that the election is june 7th.
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the errors only occurred in spanish speaking versions of the voter guide and to be clear, election day is this tuesday, june 7th. with election day around the corner we are following all of the races on your ballot. scan the qr code on your screen to go to our decision 2022 election page on our website. we put together information on the candidates and the races. we'll show you the qr code in a moment again. we're back in 60 seconds. just ahead thieves got away with much more than just luggage in san francisco's latest smash and grab, the frantic search for this little pup. plus it is one of the most anticipated events of the year, what we know ahead of apple's developers conference that kicks off in a matter of hours. scan this qr code to go to our decision
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new at 11:00, have you seen this pup? rylee is an 8-month-old chihuahua stolen out of a van during a smash and grab in san francisco on may 24th when a couple from arkansas parked their van on bay street across from pier 33. these are pictures of the van. the couple was visiting for just a day. now their friend who lives in the city is trying to help find that pup. the pup is not chipped and the woman said the couple left with a terrible impression of san francisco. she's begging for help to not only find rylee, but also to give a positive impression of san francisco to the visitor. would you pay 7.50 for a gallon of gas? i guess if you don't have a choice. this is in menlo park, a gallon
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of regular 7.49 for supreme, essentially $8. the average across the bay area isn't much lower. >> i never thought i'd see $7.50 a gallon for gas. i remember when i bought my first car, it was $1.85 and i was afraid how am i going to afford $1.85? now it's $7.50. >> i got myself stuck because i just came off 280 and i'm low on gas and i'm visiting family coming down from san francisco. so kind of in a pinch and here i am putting $100 filling up my tank. >> $1.85 would be a dream at this point. in every bay area county a gallon of regular is more than $6. marin county is the highest, 6.60. the lowest is solano at 6.35. for comparison, california's average is 6.33 while the national average is 4.84. apple will have the attention of the tech world this week. tomorrow is the start of the
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company's worldwide developers conference. apple's ceo tim cook will use the event to show off new software for iphones, ipads, mac watch and tv. one of the headlines, a drastic change for the ipad, it will be reportedly more like a laptop than a phone. most of the conference will still be virtual, but a few hundred developers and media members will be allowed into apple headquarters. a first for san mateo county this weekend, a juneteenth flag raised outside the county center. today's event included speakers and former president of the local chapter of the naacp singing the black national anthem. juneteenth is now an officially observed san mateo county government holiday and june 19th is a federal holiday celebrating the emancipation of enslaved african americans in 1865. doctors in a hospital in honolulu are treating what they believe is the first probable case in the state of monkeypox.
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the virus spreads through prolonged close contact with an infected person. hawaiian health officials say they are monitoring close contacts of the latest case and are awaiting test results from the cdc. >> we're talking with the federal authorities to make sure we have access to vaccine and anti-viral medications. >> as of friday the cdc reports 25 probable or confirmed cases across 12 states. five of those cases are in california including a probable case announced friday in san francisco. worldwide there are nearly 800 confirmed cases. experts say the risk to the general public remains low but urge everyone to remain vigilant. from hawaii to philly, we're learning more about a deadly mass shooting overnight in philadelphia. cell phone video captured the moment shots were fired into a crowd. we want to warn you, some people may find it disturbing. three people were killed. at least 11 others were hurt. as you can see, hundreds of
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people were outside when that happened in the downtown area known for its nightlife. police say several shooters were involved in this one. at least one who fired the initial shots and several people who fired back. a police officer also returned fire. investigators say evidence shows there were at least five different guns used. >> we know ballistically that we had at least five different guns out there, all right? now that's not including the police officer that returned fire with somebody. so there's five different guns. we recovered two. so there's three guns that we still need to find and compare to our evidence. >> the victims range in age from 17 to 69 years old. a new traveling art exhibit honoring the memory of brianna taylor was opened today. taylor was shot and killed by police in her own apartment two years ago in a shootout with her boyfriend. today would have been her 29th birthday.
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the exhibition opened in louisville, her hometown. it's currently opened to visitors at the roots 101 african american museum. the exhibit provides more facts about her life, not just about her death. >> it's a blessing people are still showing up and people are still understanding that we have not received justice for breanna yet. >> the police department fired two officers involved in the raid, hired a new police chief and banned no-knock warrants in the city. after a two-year pandemic pause new york city's tunnel to towers climb returned today. hundreds of people climbed 104 stories at one world trade center to honor the lives of 9/11 heroes. some first responders did not survive the september 11th attack, as you know. many others lost their lives in the years following because of illnesses related to responding that day. among those making the long climb today, members of the nypd, fdny, port authority police and families of the survivors. the tunnel to towers climb supports the tunnel to towers
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foundation which helps first responders, veterans and their families own homes. it was an overcast muggy day much of the bay area, but take a look at this video, folks. this is a four-hour time lapse. this is gorgeous. at times you can see the golden gate bridge. it disappears. >> look at that. it's just gone now. >> oh, come back, golden gate bridge. we miss you. let's check in with rob mayeda and see what all that's about. >> it felt like walking in and out of a sauna today at least by our standards. our friends in the midwest and florida think we're making fun of the fact. it was pretty humid by our standards. we had humidity numbers in the 60 to 70% as temperatures were near 80 degrees around san jose, now 59 degrees in san francisco. you saw the low clouds moving around the golden gate bridge, towards dublin 64 degrees,
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looking for some patchy low clouds towards tomorrow morning. there's low cloud cover in san jose, still 65 degrees, the low clouds above kind of trapping some of the heat gained during the day, northwest wind at 15 miles per hour. we still have leftover moisture from the atmospheric river that lingers into tomorrow morning. there's still a chance we could see drizzle or light rain on the ocean facing side of the santa cruz mountains near the summit and maybe some drizzle around the inner bay. watch what happens as northwest winds pick up during the day mixing in drier air. so the humidity numbers should start to come down heading through tomorrow afternoon. morning temperatures mid- to upper 50s, misty skies, still a chance of drizzle through late morning. then by lunchtime beginning to see clearing skies inland and temperatures tomorrow should be in the upper 70s closer to san jose, 60s for san francisco, mid-70s in oakland over towards concord and fairfield into the 80s and similar temperatures to santa rosa and morgan hill southward. it was nice to have the rain
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today, but here a bit of a reality check between weather and storms going now back to the pacific northwest peaking in intensity thursday to friday. that will lead to a jump in temperatures. you'll notice it a little wednesday, but friday even for this time of year we talk about heat. you think it's june, it's normally this hot. it's going to be about 15 degrees above average for early june. you'll notice these temperatures jumping up. let's show you now the three warmest days of the week starting thursday. numbers inland in the low to mid-90s from eastern contra costa county to solano county. 70s in san francisco, mid-80s in oakland, low 90s in san jose, but close to 100 degrees in fairfield, concord, morgan hill, upper 90s. next weekend the opposite of high humidity and rain chances, still hot inland, 90s towards the inland east bay and south bay, starting to see a little
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cooling returning. the sea breeze will kick in midway through next weekend. san francisco and the inner bay will top out in the 70s to 80s later this week, not too bad, but a lot warmer than the weather of late. friday looks to be the warmest day around the bay. for the valleys that means 90s as we wrap up the week heading into next weekend and a few spots, solano county may see heat advisories as we wrap up the week and then cooling changes heading towards next sunday. the weather roller coaster ride continues, record setting rain and high humidity today and the heat coming back later this week into next weekend. >> it is absolutely all over the place. >> it is not what you'd expect this time of year. usually we're watching fog, 70s and 80s, rain and heat in the seven-day forecast. >> thanks, rob. they are some of the most beloved birds in the bay area. you recognize them? coming up those cute little falcon chicks living at uc berkeley finally have
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uc berkeley's new peregrine falcon chicks now have names. if you've been following the falcon cam, falcon parents aiden and annie had two chicks this year. the male chick has been dubbed grenell jr. in honor of a long time campus falcon that died this spring. the female chick will be named lindsay as a tribute to lindsay wildlife experience where animals are rehabilitated. the oakland zoo is marking its 100th anniversary. the zoo first opened as the
1:26 am
snow museum because of its founder henry snow. the original spot now is snow park where today's big centennial bash happened, a day of free family fun at the park. several organizations were part of this party including children's ferryland, east bay regional parks, oakland public library, earthcapades and oakland roots. zoo leaders were there to reflect on how far this zoo has come. >> i had two lions here in 1922 and then it did get larger. we moved to joaquin miller park in the late 1920s and then ultimately to nolan park in the late 1930s and we've been there ever since. so this community has just celebrated and supported a zoo over the years no matter where we've been. >> take a look at what the original snow museum looked like. this was in downtown oakland and it hopes to be the current spot in the oakland hills for at least the next 100 years. recognize them? a few familiar faces. >> the guy on the right, i know
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him. >> great smiles, yes, our very own raj sitting courtside with sandberg who announced she's leaving meta and is uncertain of her future. >> she's going to buy the warriors. >> tonight she got to watch the warriors win, so so far not too bad. after the game gary payton ii took time to celebrate the win with e-40 and g-eazy. it's a party when the warriors win. no word if raj happened to be there as well. i'm looking for raj in the background. >> he's friends with everyone, so i wouldn't be surprised if he's going to pose with photos with e-40 later. >> the celebrities out at chase center, there was actually a game there as well. we'll have all the highlights plus reaction from the players
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following tonight's big win next.
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welcome back. i'm anthony flores at chase center. a big bounce back for the warriors, they blow out the celtics to even the nba finals at 1 win apiece. game two of the nba finals at chase center, big ovation for gary payton ii when he entered in the first quarter after missing a month with a fractured left elbow. end of the first steph curry cashing in at the bank, warriors up one after one. jayson tatum struggled shooting in game one but not tonight. he hit five of the celtics' ten
1:31 am
first half three-pointers and finished with 28 points. it got heated with under a minute in the first half to go. draymond green is called for the foul. green and jaylen brown exchange a few words and a little shoving. warriors up two at the break. warriors come out strong to start the second half. klay thompson with a three, then curry from behind the arc. he had 14 of his game high 29 points in the third quarter. then with time winding down jordan poole near half court, he drains it. the warriors up 23 after three. there would be no huge fourth quarter comeback for the celtics this time. the warriors beat boston 107- 88. the nba finals is even at one win apiece. >> we knew we had to come with a much better focus and sense of aggression and i thought it started right from the beginning. draymond played a huge rule. >> match-ups are match-ups, but everybody has to bring the
1:32 am
right intensity and draymond did that from the jump. >> yes. i wanted to come out and be more aggressive on that side and i think i did a good job of that, but that's a full team effort. it doesn't just work because of one guy. >> reporter: the series shifts to boston for game three and four starting wednesday. on the diamond the giants in south beach to take on miami, top four with the sacks packed, walton with the denny's special, a grand slam. giants beat the marlins 5-1. they split the four-game series in miami and finish their three- city road trip with a 5-5 record. back in the bay area the a's trying to avoid the sweep against the red sox, tied 1-1 in the top of the sixth, cordeiro with a three-run homer. oakland has lost six in a row. next up? a nine-game road trip starting tuesday in atlanta. back here at chase center where the warriors with a big win over the celtics in game two even this best of seven
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series at 1 win apiece. game three is wednesday in boston. in san francisco anthony in san francisco anthony flores when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie.
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have you voted yet? election day for the june primary is day after tomorrow. if you live in san francisco, you will decide whether to recall the district attorney boudin on proposition h. those fighting to keep the d.a. in office have spent more than $3 million. those that want him out have spent more than 7 million. nbc bay area sergio quintana has a deep view from the experts and why it's being watched nationwide.
1:35 am
>> reporter: when he became chief prosecutor in january 2020, he was part of a new wave of reform-minded d.a.'s around the country. he's now among a few racing recall or other removal efforts. supporters of the reform say many boudin represents say it's because of a once in a generation situation because of the pandemic and what followed. >> christine deberry is executive director of the prosecutors alliance, a statewide group of former prosecutors who have been working to reform the criminal justice system. she says survey after survey shows voters support the reforms they're trying to make happen. >> they're interested in exploring other ways to get to safety. they are not committed to a punishment-only approach, a jail-only approach. they want services and support because they know like we all do that's more likely to solve
1:36 am
the problem. >> reporter: boudin supporters say working with the san francisco police department and the police officers union has been a challenge, something deberry says she saw when working for former district attorney george gascon. >> the current d.a. as the previous d.a.s have had good working relationship with the chief of police. now this d.a. or the several previous that we've all embraced and loved have had a good relationship with the police union. >> reporter: like gascon boudin has indicted three officers in three different incidents early in his tenure endearing him to police reformers who say he's following through on campaign promises to hold police officers accountable. it's also strained his relationship with police rank and file. some of boudin's most vocal critics say they also support reforms but don't like how he's doing it. >> i think it sounded good in theory, but we saw people getting hurt and killed. >> reporter: leandra said she
1:37 am
first became interested in boudin's job performance in 2021 when a large group of people destroyed the square. >> after a group of them came to san francisco chinatown and destroyed the 400, 500 block of grand avenue and my team and i, we helped the police catch four looters. >> reporter: she became even more interested after watching a series of violent attacks on the city's aapi community and studying how three cases in particular were handled, 84- year-old rong xin liaoa and ahn le who were violently beaten. the families of the men have criticized the d.a.'s office for not seeking hate crime. one even sued so he could testify on his own behalf in
1:38 am
court. >> we believe boudin is not the right person to do the job because he has consistently shown he's siding with the criminals. he is a former public defender and that's all he knows. he doesn't understand what it is to represent a victim. >> reporter: specifically for the aapi community a victim services has been started and, still professor of politics james taylor says recent polling suggests the d.a. is at major risk of being recalled. >> liberals are sacrificing their own to avoid becoming conservative backlashers which is inevitable. >> reporter: professor taylor says polling suggests the recall is supported by generally progressive and liberal san franciscans who are concerned about the perception of crime all around them. >> it bothers people more than january 6th. it bothers people more than some of the mass shootings we've seen is to see everyday urban crime just sort of suggesting to us our society is
1:39 am
completely out of order. >> reporter: he says d.a. boudin's campaign has a unique problem because he doesn't have someone to run against and though political spectators in other cities and states may be weighing what his possible removal may mean for justice reforms in general, in liberal san francisco voters may not see much change if a different person is installed in his place. >> it may be a little bit different style and they may not be as strident as boudin, but you're not going to get a conservative or even a moderate centrist. >> reporter: voters have until 8 p.m. tuesday to decide. election day is tuesday. we're following all the races on your ballot. scan the qr our website. we've put together information on the candidates and the races. we're keeping a close eye on the latest covid numbers and tonight california's positivity rate is 8.3%. that's up nearly 2% in the last
1:40 am
week. in just the last day more than 33,000 californians reported positive covid tests. unfortunately hospitalizations are also climbing. tonight 2,400 californians are in hospitals with the virus. check your mailbox. the latest batch of free covid rapid tests from the federal government have started arriving. in the meantime consumer investigator chris chmura tells us if the old ones are still good to use. >> the food and drug administration said you shouldn't use an expired covid- 19 test kit because the components inside could degrade or break down over time and that could mean invalid or inaccurate test results, but some expiration dates have been extended because the manufacturers have proven the tests still work. so let's find the expiration date on your test and then see if it's the actual expiration date. first grab the box. on these rapid tests we found the expiration date stamped on
1:41 am
the side or a sticker along with the lot number which you might need later. we found two dates paired with these little icons, not words. you're looking for this hourglass icon. that is the expiration date. if the date next to the hourglass has passed, don't toss the kit. let's see if the expiration has been extended. let's start checking by clicking this qr code. it will take you to an fda list of tests. in the first column scroll until you find your test manufacturer and type. then go to the column farthest right that says expiration date. two more steps. first click the link that says updated expiration dates. then finally look for the lot number of your test. you'll find that lot number on the sticker with the dates or printed somewhere on the box. many have been extended for six months, but not all. if yours has been extended, consider writing the new expiration date right on the box so you don't forget about it. if your test has expired, you
1:42 am
can simply trash it. if you have other questions about your test, consider contacting the manufacturer. you're never too young or too small to make a difference. >> they're doing more than just making art, how a group of south bay students are making these paper cranes to help ukrainian refugees. muggy conditions, 65 degrees in san jose, misty skies, low clouds to start your monday.
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there have been more than a few stories in the news these days that have left people feeling helpless, especially young people. >> in tonight's bay area proud we are introduced to middle school students by garvin thomas. >> the eighth graders at steindorf school in san jose are about to head off to high school. their teachers worked hard to be sure they are prepared as scholars. they certainly seem to be prepared as humans. on any given day in the leadership class at least half the desks are likely to be empty. her students are normally engaged in activities all over
1:46 am
the school taking surveys, broadcasting the school news, even delivering birthday wishes. lately there has been one task keeping these young people in one place all because their hearts are apparently in the right place. what elle and her classmates started doing a month or two ago was something we all started doing, paying attention to the war in ukraine and suffering of its people. >> i just saw their faces crying on the news and it broke my heart. >> reporter: it not only broke their hearts but left them wondering if there was anything a group of young people a world away could do to help. >> so the title has paper cranes for ukraine. >> reporter: that is when they came up with the ideas of cranes for ukraine inspired by the children's book "sadako and 1,000 paper cranes" about a japanese girl living in the
1:47 am
aftermath of world war ii, they not only started folding their own cranes, they went around the school teaching other students. their goal? 1,000 cranes to be sold at the school's maker fair raising thousands of dollars for the ukrainian refugees. >> it's also about like spread ago awareness and coming together as a community to really show how we can impact something so far away. you're never too young or too small to make a difference. >> i really hope and i believe that they will take away this feeling of empowerment where it's like i can do this. i can make a difference with my voice. >> reporter: the steindorf students easily reached their goal. the money already gone on its way to helping the ukrainian people, but the lessons these students learned will likely stick with them forever. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> wonderful kids making a difference. if you know of someone doing
1:48 am
something extraordinary in your community, send garvin an email, today's escape from alcatraz took place under rainy skies. the annual triathlon started at 7:30 this morning, around 2,000 people competing. they swam from alcatraz to the st. francis yacht club and biked through the presidio and back to the marina and ran to baker beach back to the green for the finish. the rain made things more interesting. >> it's always a challenge, a little windy. some years it's super windy. some years it's foggy. this year it was rain. it's a thing i think you just embrace and go with and yeah, it's slippery. you have to slow down on the corners. >> the weather definitely kept it slow, but it also made for a very tricky bike ride. >> today marks the 41st time
1:49 am
this event was held. well, they had to deal with the rain and muggy conditions now. >> we saw a little bit of everything this morning. we had the rain at times. they mentioned the cycling. i imagine that was tough on the wet roads. you may find a little damp roadways for your morning commute courtesy of mist and drizzle. we have low clouds around san jose and it's 65 degrees, though the atmospheric river that brought in the record rainfall over the last 24 hours will start to move out. look at the totals across the north bay, santa rosa more than a half inch of rain, san francisco and oakland about a quarter inch, which was more than the monthly average. you can see half moon bay just under a half inch of rain, but as expected, san jose, tri- valley kind of missing out. we still have a lot of leftover low clouds. if you don't like the humidity, the atmospheric river, the source, starts to move out during the day tomorrow. for the morning we kind of have this leftover moisture that will sit around the inner bay
1:50 am
and along the coast. we could see drizzle or misty skies in the morning by about 8:00. late morning we'll see west- northwest wind to bring in drier air and gradually less humidity. morning temperature in the 50s, wouldn't be surprised to see a few areas waking up to 60 degrees tomorrow morning and as we head towards noon, we'll begin to see clearing skies, 70s around san jose, 60s to 70s from san francisco to oakland for tomorrow. the warmest places south of san jose over to fairfield and santa rosa for now, 80s in the forecast, similar spread of temperatures as we get into tuesday, but by midweek we begin to see some changes. here is a closer look at what will likely be the three hottest days of the week starting thursday into the weekend. 70s bayside from san francisco to oakland, 80s around mountain
1:51 am
view, 90s around santa rosa. by friday this has been a consistent theme in the extended forecast, it looks to be the hottest day of the week where we may get close to 100 degrees in solano county, san jose in the 90s and 70s and 80s from san francisco to oakland and a very subtle change saturday. let's look at san francisco or san mateo, starting to come down a little bit, sea breeze starts to pick up late in the day. it looks like three days of 90- degree temperatures for the inland valleys thursday, friday into saturday before the cooling changes start to kick in by next sunday. for san francisco that means we'll see mid- to upper 70s for the second half of the week. this really is a valley heat event, especially for the inland east bay, north bay valleys and areas south of san jose. we see that, 90s in reach. at least the air will be drier outside for your outdoor plans but certainly hot. friday could see temperatures 15 degrees above average, but the ocean air conditioning kicks on and we cool off by next sunday. that's a lot to cover in seven
1:52 am
days, record rain and temperatures maybe near 100 degrees around solano county by friday. >> rob, great job. thanks a lot. dominating at the box office, up next how much "top gun maverick" raked in during gun maverick" raked in during its second weekend
1:53 am
big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do.
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could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm. a surprise on the final day of jubilee festivities in london. you see here right there, queen elizabeth waving to the massive crowd from the balcony of buckingham palace. the 96-year-old monarch missed events the last two days because she's had trouble moving around lately. four-day long celebration ended today with some 1,800 military personnel, 200 horses escorting the coach through the streets. the same carriage took the queen to her coronation 69
1:55 am
years ago. >> wow. tom cruise continues to prove summer blockbusters can still happen, "top gun maverick" pulled in $86 million in ticket sales over the weekend entrenching itself as the top movie. last week it debuted with $124 million. that 124 was domestic, another 124 overseas. the film will likely get stronger competition as the stronger competition as the newest jurassic park movie
1:56 am
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such as eye pain or vision changes, including blurred vision, joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines without talking to your doctor. ask your doctor about dupixent. a world war ii veteran is showing us it is never too late to get that diploma. when the japanese attacked pearl harbor back in 1941, weldon edward mcclain dropped out of high school to join the
1:58 am
military. he became a decorated soldier earning the purple heart for being wounded in france. after recovering he went back to his unit, the 297th u.s. army combat engineers. >> my sergeant, when he saw him, he said, "what the hell did you come back here for?" i told him somebody had to show you how to build bridges. >> pretty good. look at that. this weekend mcclain turned 98 years old. he finally earned that high school diploma in sadler, texas. get this. he graduated the same weekend as his great granddaughter. >> perfect.
1:59 am
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a mother murdered, a family shattered. would there be justice i'm lester holt and this is "dateline. >> it's been extremely hard. >> the hardest part was the crime scene picture of our mom >> i always told myself she didn't see it coming >> someone shot her and just let her die. >> four bullets. making sure she was dead tie blinds were pulled. the phone cords had been cut >> who wanted this very nice, professional woman dead? >> this has to do something with her business. >> maybe she found out something that one of the clients shouldn't have been doing.


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