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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 14, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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heightened concerns over state depict the increase and harassment incident as many tried to celebrate pride month. and the threat made to a high profile state senator and the action police are still taking. the suggestion by rudy giuliani to declare victory. >> inside the capitol hill siege. more revolution on what led to the january 6th riot on capitol hill. this is today and the be streaming live on roku, apple tv, and online .
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thank you for joining us on this terrific tuesday. >> i'm marcus washington. it is terrific because the lawyers did it. they are pulling off that critical when at chase center last night. the team just one win away from bringing another title back to the bay area. still ahead, steph curry's special message to fan. >> and they will have a watch party at home when they when the next one and mike has to wear his hat because it will be hot. >> is going to be sunny. you will need some protection because over the next two days temperatures will bump up and it starts today. currently in the 50s but i want to show you the 24-hour temperature change. yesterday we were running a few degrees cooler and today we are a little warmer through napa and novato. look at your temperature trend in san francisco. the wind is also expected to pick up into the 60s by 9:00.
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san jose in the 50s now but we bump up quickly into the mid- 70s by 11:00. your forecast in a few minutes. a light and easy drive right now but there is a crash i've been tracking since 3:20 just before 3:30. this is over the tri-valley. still seeing slowing but all lanes are blocked for a short period of time. one lane blocked an hour later. we're looking at westbound 580 east of eden. a incident and will check on this crash on highway 85 coming up. on capitol hill, the house committee examining what led to the january 6th capitol riots. this is a live look at washington this morning. this is where we heard testimony from former president trump's inner circle. >> combo lies what was happening inside but many focus
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was on the spread of disinformation about those election results. the january 6th committee's second hearing painting a powerful picture of an ex- president ignoring election deceit. >> mr. trump decided even before the election that regardless of the facts and the truth him if he lost the election, he would claim it was rigged. >> frankly, we did win this election. >> reporter: those claims creating a divide among insiders. senior advisers telling former president trump it was too early to call the race. they say he listen to his lawyer at the time, rudy giuliani, instead. >> suggestion by rudy giuliani to declare victory and say that he wanted out right. >> reporter: also testifying a former fox news political editor who defended the network
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decision to call arizona by then candidate joe biden. >> after the votes were counted, who won the presidential election of 2020? >> joseph robinette biden jr. of the great state of delaware. >> reporter: former attorney general william barr saying he feared trump had become detached from reality. >> my opinion then and my opinion now is that the election was not stolen by fraud. >> reporter: top republicans downplayed the hearing as an effort to distract voters from issues like inflation. >> they had this january 6th meeting. january 6th hearing overwhelmingly people are googling about gas prices. >> reporter: committee members aiming to show the big light trump narrative that the 2020 election stolen ignited followers leading them to strum the u.s. capitol. brie jackson for nbc news. >> we will talk about that more through the morning but this morning there are some mixed messages about the bait area current covid surge period last week covid experts were hopeful
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we had hit the peak but now cases are on the rise again. look at this chart from the chronicle. cases started to dip earlier this month in june. the bay area now reporting nearly 4400 new cases per day, up 25% from the week before. return to one of our covid experts for answers. >> it could be that it's from memorial day. we expected a delay in reporting. what i'm looking at is causation. we still continue to be relatively flat. now going down but if you cases per day pick >> the fda will meet today and tomorrow to authorize possibly the covid vaccine for kids under the age of 5. the doctor believes they will be able to start getting those vaccines as early as next week a frightening threat at senator scott wiener. chp and police detectives asking him to stay away from home and office as they investigate the threats.
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here is more on his response. >> reporter: this is the profanity-laced email thread the senator. the second paragraph raised the biggest red flags and it reads we placed bombs in his office and his house. we will kill you. that's what prompted san francisco police to search his home and california highway patrol to search his office in sacramento. the senator said he gets threats regularly believes this one may be part of a pattern. >> we are seeing this escalating campaign of rhetoric attacking our community and, so, when that happens enough, is just a matter of time before people get so riled up and brainwashed that they act. >> reporter: this is the same weekend that the alameda county sheriff deputies were called to drag team story time on saturday because a group of men started harassing entertainer panda dulce before storytime. one of the men wore a shirt with an ak-47 and the words
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kill your local pedophile. another wore a black and yellow probably is capping the alameda county deputies are investigating to see if charges can be filed. also on saturday officers in idaho arrested 31 members of a white nationalist group patriot front. police say a citizen called 911 after spotting men loading into a u-haul stopped a quarter-mile from that city's lgbtq pride festivities. >> based on the 911 call the information contained about weapons they were seeing loading and right gear and things of that nature. we made a command decision to make the stop prior to them getting downtown to prevent the right from happening. >> reporter: despite the threats aimed at him come at senator weiner said he's looking forward to celebrating the first part event in the city since the pandemic. >> i look forward to seeing everyone there and the last thing we want to do is be intimidated by people not celebrating our committee. 4:37. opening the floodgates.
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next, the first time since announcing his bid, elon musk is said to meet with twitter employees to look at what we can expect. raising the cap on tax breaks a push from several carmakers to get congress to offer tax credits to consumers who buy electric vehicles, if they can find them . with us. you are watching today in the bay.
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good tuesday morning. 4:40 with a live look at san francisco. it's pretty clear out there. we have a clear start but it's also going to be a warm and sunny afternoon. we will talk about the elevated fire danger to come. despite slow census we have a clear drive northbound but notice those cones and one car going through it were some folks are moving those cones. they are doing typical work over here across the golden gate bridge, welcoming traffic in a little bit more. good morning. i'm pippa stevens from cnbc. wall street is set to open higher as the markets look to bounce back from yesterday sell- off the s&p 500 is in bear market territory slipping nearly from a high in january. the dow tumbling 876 points.
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it's now 17% below its record high and the nasdaq dropping more than 4.5%. the tech heavy index is more than 30% below its record. investors are bracing for the possibility the federal reserve will be more aggressive in hiking interest rates to combat inflation following friday's hot read on consumer prices. the fed wraps up a two day meeting tomorrow. traders are pricing and a hike of three quarters of a percent which hasn't happened since 1994. elon musk will speak to twitter employees for the first time since launching his $44 billion takeover bid in april. he will attend a town hall meeting on thursday and take questions. earlier this month of musk said he mate walk away from the deal if twitter did not provide him with data on spam and bank accounts. he said he would make city begin changes to the platform including longer tweets, creating an edit button, and opening the algorithm to anyone
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to recommend changes. and finally the ceos of general motors come up for, to yoda, and chrysler asking congress to lift the cap on how many people can get a tax credit to buy hybrid or electric vehicles are currently tax credits are capped at $200,000 per company. gm and tesla have reached the limit and toyota is close to it. the automakers say credits have allowed them to sell more affordable cars and speed the adoption of evs but they say economic conditions and supply- chain issues have raised the cost to manufacture those cars and trucks come and those costs are being passed on to keep buyers. >> passed on, if you can find one. many folks are looking for in eb, they can't get their hands on one maybe that will change too. tracking and predicting wildfires across the state. next on today in the bay, the
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new technology that nasa launched and how it could help firefighters during a critical fire season. we will be right back.
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and this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza as we are approaching the 5:00 hour. looks like some folks heading off to work this morning but an improvement over yesterday. we had so many snarls and now it's smooth. >> yeah.
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a lot called her this morning, for me, thinking of me and not the people involved in the crashes. just kidding. no major injuries yesterday morning, and no major crashes right now. one on the grid on north 85 at saratoga avenue. should be completely cleared by the time you get over there. no major issues with light traffic. let's zoom out and show you the rest of the bay. no real issues or speed sensors. there may be insolent and a small the crash onto a five which will live folks out of tracy. the altimont pass, standard build. no slowing for this portion of the contra costa county. we watch concorde and antioch. highway 4 has the first slowing. the altamont pass got a warning and the venetia bridge. chp said it may be breezy but right now no problems across 680. that's good because it will get windier this afternoon. be prepared for that. heading into the evening we will notice a change in the temperature. let's talk about what it looks like right now. it's a clear start.
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temperatures out the door are not very cold in the 50s. a little warmer than yesterday up in the north bay i want to show you the forecasted highs for today and we will be in the mid-80s. some upper 80s. morgan hill, 88. san jose, 85. cupertino, 86. a couple of 90s in the east bay. concorde, 91 livermore, 90. hayward, 80. this is the reason why i said to enjoy the 70s. damages will start dumping up from here. san mateo, 78 today in the city. mid-70s in san francisco and through the north bay, 86 endo about it 89 in santa rosa. napa, 89. when we see an increase in temperatures and wind, we want to look at the fire danger index. based on the humidity. we fought less than double digits into the single digits in fairfield when it comes to the humidity this afternoon. 6%. concorde, 19%. san jose and morgan hill, less
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than 20%. we get a nice recovery overnight but it stays dry over all. heading into thursday we do get some cooling with a drop in temperatures but on sunday, father's day, another increase in temperature. we will go from 70s today and tomorrow back into the 60s on thursday. back into the 70s by monday. heading into inland areas we go from 90s into wednesday and then things significantly cool off by friday. now let's check out our climate and crisis segment. as we monitor an increase in elevated fire danger and this week across the region, we door buster forecast conditions here on earth. but high above, nasa is using a active fire detection algorithm to help forest firefighters pick the video you see shows the spread of the dixie fire in 2021 technology will estimate
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the position of active fire lines and possible spread zones, identifying spot fires and blowing embers and periods of rapidfire expansion. the dixie fire was california's largest wildfire burning for 100 days and destroying almost 100 acres. the use of this algorithm will help make crucial connections between changing climate and fire detection. definitely key technology we can use. for more stories like this, visit us online at and click on the climate in crisis tab. here's a question for you. can a robot think for itself? a google engineer claims a piece of computer software he's been working on came alive. blake lemoine said chatbot project he was working on learn to think for itself. it recently went public with findings think about called language model for dialogue applications or lamda told him it can feel joy, sadness and anger which if true, would be
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groundbreaking for piece of software. many people who study ai and google itself all say it's too early to make the statement, especially after one case study. >> but from one experiment and one result and one algorithm, it's not enough. you need to replicate this in multiple times. >> lemoine said he has been suspended with pay by google for going public with that private and protected research but he said he did it because he felt it was necessary to get the word out. the giants are testing a new flex ticket program. here's how it will work. fans can sign up for a minimum payment of $500. for the rest of the season you can use that as a credit to pick which games you want to attend. , the number of tickets and we want to sit pick the giants say this guarantees account holders will get the lowest ticket
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price available. the $500 account gives you access to tickets to the bleachers, d-box and arcade areas. >> some of us are wishing we had done that for you the warriors as they showed up and showed out at chase center. next on today in the bay -- >> reporter: the warriors are one win away from winning the nba championship. reaction from the game five victory over the celtics coming up in sports. and concorde city leaders will bow tonight on several new rules aimed at shielding tenants from harassment from landlords. among the proposals are prohibiting landlords from doing renovations on homes without the permission of residents. concorde city leaders will also consider a rule that would prevent forcing an existing resident to a term tendency. that meeting begins at 6:30 tonight. we will be right back.
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good morning, everyone. i'm anthony florez. the warriors are one would away from the fourth nba title in eight seasons after defending their home court against the celtics. game five of the nba finals draymond green came out more aggressive offensively in the first quarter. draymond finishing with the flush and the warriors are up 11 after one. andrew wiggins is averaging 70 points per game in the series, but he was huge in game five scoring 16 of his team-high 26 in the first half. third quarter has belong to the warriors this series but not in game five the celtics rallied to take the lead until jordan pulls three to beat the buzzer and gave the dubs the lead and
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the momentum pick the warriors pulled away in the fourth. klay thompson for 3 of his 21 steph curry's streak of 233 games with at least one 3 was snapped but he still scored 16point more portly the warriors beat the celtics in game five, 104-94. the w's lead the series 3 games to two. >> nowata celebrating but we are excited to be in the spot and we want to take advantage of it. be met this is the ultimate, ultimate stage. doesn't get bigger than this, so, i was out there just being aggressive and it was a good game. >> you can talk about it. you can embrace it. you can embrace the challenge. a lot of guys have not been here before but you just got to go do it. >> the warriors had back to boston with a chance to close out the series in game six on thursday. i'm anthony florez for today in the bay. >> was the a lot of vips running to the chase center during the nba finals pick >> only the real vips at that backspace access to hang out with steph curry so guess who? that's right. the man himself.
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jay z after the game. you see him with his daughter, blue ivy. they were sitting courtside and no, beyonci, was not seen at the game. when is this ongoing covid surge going to stop? next on today in the bay, and we show you why cases are taking back up in the bay area, and how soon vaccines might be ready for our kids under the age of 5.
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right now. helping on house to youth make it in the bay. a live report on the new guaranteed income bill that could provide relief for tens
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of thousands. and a closer look at new recession beers. americans are facing an inflation crisis, soaring prices any wild ride on wall street that the reason experts are expecting another rate high. >> those suggestions by, i believe it was giuliani, to declare victory and say he wanted out right. >> more revelations on what led to that january 6th riot on capitol hill and our insider in washington is breaking it down. this is today in the bay streaming live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. and it's tuesday morning. morning to you, take you for allowing us to be part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> tran40 we went to get a start of the date with a look at the forecast. meteorologist transport is in and tracking what we can


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