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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  June 29, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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the warriors super star has been booked to host the espy awards next month. it's usually hosted by comedians or other entertainers. it's unusual to see an active pro athlete hosting the event. the show is set for july 20th in los angeles. >> don't forget, you can watch us live on roku, amazon fire, and apple tv. and raj mathai joins us now with what's coming up next at 5:30. >> steph curry's kind of busy. >> little bit. we have a lot going on. vice president kamala harris is at sfo right now. we're going to take you there live, show you her getting off air force two and who's greeting her. also, yesterday we had that explosive testimony, today is the question is will others come forward. january 6th committee members hoping that the former white house aide will encourage more people to testify. we're also seeing denials and pushback against some of witness statements. >> one more day of salacious
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headlines, and we're seeing secret service agents saying it didn't happen. plus, ready to retire officially. when supreme court justice stephen breyer will turn in his black robe. and what lies beneath. we investigate potential toxic waste in san francisco and how pg&e is responding. good wednesday, everyone, the news at 5:30 starts right now. i'm janelle wang. >> and i'm raj mathai. we take you out live to sfo, san francisco international airport. quite a collection of women right there. leaders here locally and nationally. vice president kamala harris with her back towards us, you see in the gray suit there, just getting off air force two and greeted immediately by mayor of smo london breed, and the mayor of oak land, libby schaaf.
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she'll be here today and tomorrow. she has two events tomorrow, one in san francisco and one in los gatos. so again, it's a quick trip. she just touched down at sfo about 20 minutes ago. so she just got off the flight air force two. here's some video here just a short while ago arriving at sfo from washington, d.c., on air force two. she'll be here, again, tonight and into tomorrow where she has those two fundraisers, one in san francisco, and one in los gatos. in fact, the event in los gatos is hosted by a microsoft executive and his wife, our nbc bay area sky ranger overhead that home just a short while ago. they are getting ready. they've got the tents out and will be hosting this event tomorrow. tickets to get into this fundraiser anywhere between $1,000 and $50,000. it is hosted by kevin scott and his wife shannon scott, who is a microsoft executive. we go back to live pictures now, janelle, at sfo, and you can see
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the vice president there. >> yeah, she's just touched down around 5:10. that was a scheduled arrival time, and she landed right at time on air force two. this is going to be a quick trip, raj. last trip here was in the spring at a maternal health event for ucsf. she's always happy to be here at home. this is her native bay area. she grew up in the east bay and loves to return. and she's speaking with both mayors right now, oakland mayor libby schaaf and mayor london breed of san francisco. there's one fundraising event in los gatos and another political event in san francisco. they're being tight lipped about that, but of course, if we get any information, raj, we will bring it to you all and also at >> and janelle, just to see this collection of the women there, they are not only political allies but longtime friends and mentors even to many degrees with kamala harris growing up in
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the east bay and living in san francisco. you can imagine this conversation not only one about political strategies but really just friendship and the three leaders on this level. we'll come back to have more coverage of the vice president's visit to the bay area later on. moving on now, the former white house aide that dropped some eye-opening testimony during the january 6th committee hearing yesterday, she gave that insight really into what january 6th looked like behind the scenes. today lawmakers are weighing in. the question now, what comes next. here's nbc's brie jackson. >> i remember. >> reporter: after an explosive day of testimony from cassidy hutchinson a former white house aide who laid out chaotic scenes of an angry and violent president trump on january 6th, there's a strong reaction from lawmakers who were inside the capitol that day. >> yesterday's testimony was another gut punch to every single one of us who was on that balcony face down. >> reporter: hutchinson's
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one-time boss, republican rep steve scalise, downplayed the hearing as a partisan witch hunt. >> one more day of salacious headlines, and already today we're seeing secret service agents saying it didn't happen, what was testified to in committee yesterday didn't even happen. >> reporter: the secret service is disputing hutchinson's testimony that former president trump became physical with an agent and tried to grab the wheel of the presidential suv after his january 6th speech. the agent and driver offering to testify under oath if needed. >> the president said something to the effect of i'm the f-ing president, take me up to the capitol now. >> reporter: but even some former trump loyalists found her testimony damaging to his credibility. >> when she testified that he knew that there were guns on property and that he encouraged people to go to the capitol, that changes my mind. >> reporter: the january 6th panel is now urging others to testify. republican liz cheney going on twitter to single out former
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trump white house counsel pat cipollone, committee members also issuing this warning. >> the committee will not tolerate any form of witness tampering or obstruction of justice. >> reporter: and will continue to investigate the former president and his supporter's efforts to block the peaceful transfer of power. mark meadows is pushing back on hutchinson's testimony that he was seeking a presidential pardon, saying meadows never sought the pardon and never planned to. in washington, i'm brie jackson for nbc news. >> okay, brie, thank you. we want to take you out now live to sfo. vice president kamala harris talking on the tarmac, let's listen in. >> -- and so i'm glad to be here, and it's good to be back in the bay. >> welcome home. wait until you see the gas prices. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> that is cheryl heard
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alongside, spoke far couple minutes with vice president kamala harris and cheryl heard there at sfo for us. >> we're usually behind the barricades and when we see the vice president arrives or if the president arrives, we are way back. but today they let us pass the barricades and, you know, we got the opportunity to walk up to the vice president. actually the vice president walked up to her. they were reunited. cheryl's interviewed her many times. it's nice to see the vice president here ahead of a fundraising event in los gatos tomorrow, and another event in san francisco. a live look at air force two and lot of secret services. kamala harris, the vice president, is whisked off. >> what we'll do do here is turn around that interview in a moment and play it for you later on. let's get to other news. a ukrainian associate of rudy giuliani is going to prison. he and his business associate were prominent figures in president trump's first impeachment investigation. a new york judge today sentenced him to serve a year and eight months.
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prosecutors say he illegally donated to u.s. political campaigns and defrauded investors in his businesses. his associate pleaded guilty last year to soliciting foreign campaign donations for u.s. candidates. rudy giuliani has not been charged with any crimes in connection with either. justice stephen breyer will officially retire from the u.s. supreme court tomorrow. the san francisco native is actually a graduate of lo high and stanford university. he went to harvard for law school he'll step down at noon tomorrow after the court releases its last two rulings of the term. the 83-year-old justice was appointed by president bill clinton back in 1994. he will be replaced by judge ketanji brown jackson. the president of ukraine releasing new video today of the moment a shopping mall was hit by what he says was a deliberate russian missile strike. president volodymyr zelenskyy shared the closed circuit video
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of the attack. it happened on monday about 200 miles southeast of the capital city of kyiv. at least 18 people were killed in the attack, and more than 1,000 people were inside that mall when it happened. this morning emergency workers were still clearing away sheets of metal and debris from that wreckage. well, under san francisco's picturesque waterfront lie as hidden legacy that some fear could be a ticking, toxic time bomb. it's the by-product of a 19th century technology that left long-lasting pollutants in soil beneath what are now neighborhoods, stores, even a school. nbc bay area investigative reporter jaxon van derbeken has the story. >> san francisco is one of the best areas you can possibly live in. >> reporter: but dan clark wondered for years what was in these strange rocks he found in his yard, until he got a visit
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from pg&e. >> pg&e came into the neighborhood and said they were looking to investigate these manufactured gas plants to see if there was any possible problem with them. >> reporter: that was in 2010 when clark learned those rocks outside his home on north point street were waste from this 9-acre gas manufacturing plant that had been run by san francisco gas rite company, later pg&e this. 19th century photo shows that plant and another one nearby that today is the site of marina middle school. the tanks of invisible gas made by heating oil and coal that was used to warm and light homes. this is inherently a dirty operation. >> the whole plant was the nightmare. my home sat between some of the buildings that did the scrubbing, the cleaning of the gas. >> reporter: along with the rocks, the plants left black, tar-like goo. and today the toxic residue from
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that goo still bubbles up at this part of the small craft harbor in the marina, near marina green. >> the nature of the gas is toxic. >> reporter: geological engineer allen hathaway has spent decades documents tens of thousands of old gas manufacturing sites in the u.s. he says they all have one thing in common. >> public health. for every gas works that exists, if there was a gas works dump, and those are dangerous today. >> reporter: but pg&e says the material from the 42 sites across its territory doesn't pose a risk because it's buried. courts have nonetheless found it liable to clean up the waste left by plants pg&e acquired over the years, all of which were shut down by the 1950s. the biggest concern is poly cyclic aeromatic hydrocarbons, a class of chemicals tied to cancer and birth defects. pg&e's tests show levels exceed
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federal standards. the worry is that vapors can seep into homes. so far the state says 30 properties have either been cleaned or had vapor vents installed. but clark sued to force pg&e to account for a 33-block area of the marina, and the judge in that case found pg&e potentially liable for this site in fisherman's wharf, where the argonaut hotel stands. in a statement, pg&e told us there's no reason for any health concerns, but it is testing the sites to satisfy today's regulatory standards and to meet its public safety and environmental responsibilities. while it denied it was liable for the fisherman's wharf site, pg&e says it respects the court ruling it may have some responsibility for cleanup. it says it's working to evaluate the site. despite victories in court, clark says the battle has taken a toll. >> i was just exhausted. it was and still is an exhausting process.
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they fight you every inch of the way. >> reporter: clark ended up selling his home to pg&e, which as many as a dozen of his former neighbors have also done. pg&e recently admitted to federal regulators it could take up to a half billion dollars more to complete cleanup of the 42 sites. the bill mostly footed by rate payers. jaxon van derbeken, nbc bay area news. check out the map. lots of passenger planes in the air right now, just not all the ones that are supposed to be in the air. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, we'll have a look at today's flight cancellations and help you brace yourself if you're flying any time this summer. and right now we're seeing a big drop in those temperatures around the bay area. and i think you'll be surprised by just
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welcome back. we mentioned just a few minutes ago vice president kamala harris just now landing at sfo. she was greeted when she got off that staircase there by mayor breed of san francisco and mayor schaaf. you can see them both there of oakland. and then after chatting with the mayor, she came and spoke with nbc bay area's cheryl hurd. >> it's good to see you, and of course, i've spent some time just having a chat with longstanding colleagues and friends, the mayors of oakland and san francisco, and we are talking about all the challenges this nation faces. and you know, one of the things that the president and i have taken pride in is we both started in local government and have always coordinated, collaborated, and relied on the perspective of the mayors of america to help inform what we've done, everything from arp to what we are doing in terms of the infrastructure rollout in term of the bipartisan infrastructure law. and so to see them and to talk about all of the work that we have done, but the works that still yet to do is important.
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so i'm glad to be here, and it's good to be back in the bay. >> nice homecoming for the vice president. we have a lot more coverage coming up on our 6:00 newscast and 7:00 newscast, and of course online at >> wow, she's at sfo, another rough day for flights in the bay area and to the east coast. coast to coast it's just the start for what promises to be a sluggish and frustrating summer for air travelers. >> she was on air force two. no delays for her. >> no. they opened a runway for her. >> chris chmura has been watching the cancellations pile up. chris, i'm going to take you behind the scenes for our viewers, you watch these delays every day. you love this stuff. >> i do. and today is better than some other days, but still not good at all. fresh numbers from the website flight aware. they say that today american airlines canceled 275 flights
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and then united airlines canceled another 103. okay, so, say an airplane has an average of 100 passengers on it, which is conservative, that's more than 35,000 people who did not get where they were supposed to go today. they're forced to rebook or scrap their plans. enough people to fill up both chase center and the shark tank. tons of people. all right, there are lots of things going on in aviation right now, all contributing a little bit to this big headache. many airlines have staffing issues, yeah, overbooked, understaffed. we've seen air traffic control issues. in some places the weather has been a mess. we spoke to managing editor at the travel website called the points guy. >> i will say in the airline's defense, even when they're canceling 7% of their flights, hundreds of flights sounds like a lot, they're still getting 90% of the customers to their destinations in some form or fashion. so your odds are actually better than it sounds like right now. still, you need to have a backup
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plan. >> yeah, henderson recommends booking or trying to switch to an early morning flight if you can. some airlines will let you do that for free. there's no guarantee the predawn flight will be on time, but often airline delays and cancellations do fall like dominos, cascading as the day goes on with long delays and cancellations by nighttime. some other advice here, sign up for alerts so that you are aware when there is a problem as soon as the airline posts the problem. get the airline's app too. they're free, and it might actually help you rebook yourself rather than having to call in. also, weigh the cost and benefit of a travel insurance policy. getting stuck overnight somewhere unexpectedly, like what happened to me a couple weeks ago, that's a real possibility. travel insurance might pay for your expenses. just make sure you read the terms first. coming up at 7:00 with raj, we're going to dig deeper into the numbers, and i'll walk you through some of the steps i use
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as a frequent flier to get the upper hand. airline battles are a mainstay in our inbox, if you are getting nowhere, perhaps we can help. go to, click the response option from the main menu. who here has travel booked for this summer? >> me, me, me, me. >> i haven't booked anything. i'm driving. >> good. >> yeah. >> she's the lucky one. >> she'll get on a flight at some point. thank you, chris. >> welcome. rob is here talking about our weekend -- are we almost to fourth of july? >> more cancellations because of the weather? >> the fog waits for no one. doesn't care who you are. once the fog decides to move in, it is coming in in full force right now. it's part of that ocean air conditioning we like to talk about. the cooling to the ocean a/c is that fog. there's plenty of it right now, dropping san francisco to the 50s. 57 currently. oak land 64. 72 in san jose. more remarkable is that our inland valley this is time of
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year should see highs in the mid to upper 80s. instead you've got the big cooldown underway, as much as 10 to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. dublin down to 78 degrees. and into san francisco in addition to the fog we may find some misty skies and drizzle for tomorrow morning. there you see the low clouds becoming more widespread as part of your morning commute. clearing skies as we head toward the afternoon. look at the temperature trend, start the day in the low to mid-50s, and highs slowly approaching around lunchtime in the mid-70s inland for most places, even fairfield down to about 82 degrees. more of this to follow as we head through the fourth of july weekend. saturday and sunday not much change in those temperatures. we might trend a little bit warmer by the fourth of july for areas they may see 80s towards solano county. up the north coast sunday night into early monday morning may see a few rare july showers there passing by to the north
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sunday night on into monday. no impact on fireworks plans here. we'll have some cool conditions, breezy at times, and as you're about to see in the seven-day forecast, we're going to be staying comfortably cool throughout. san francisco trending a little bit warmer. middle of next week we'll begin to see temperatures climbing closer to 70 as the fog backs off a little bit. and valley temperatures are going to stay comfortable. i can't recall another fourth of july where you've had temperatures like this. the valleys will be great. if you have plans on the coast, that drizzle, remember a nice thick coat or jacket. >> for july. >> there you go. >> be prepared. anks, rob. th
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welcome back, everyone, to nbc bay area news at 5:30. and we are showing off our brand new studio. and thank you so much for joining us.
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we want to let you know a new survey says if you want to feel wealthy, you have to move out of california. each year charles swab publishes a modern wealth survey across most of the country. respondents say it takes $774,000 to be financially comfortable. san francisco residents say financial comfort require as net worth of $1.7 million to be considered wealthy requires more than $5 million. the highest amount of any u.s. city. l.a. and san diego residents peg wealthy at $3.9 million. new york $3.4. denver residents pay the lowest net worth for being wealthy at $2.3 million. more changes for tesla. the company is shutting down its san mateo office and cutting about 200 jobs. many of the people who are being laid off work in the autopilot program. people familiar are with the matter telling bloomberg most of the people getting laid off in that san mateo office are hourly
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well, the san francisco giants, they've been struggling, but they're still in the hunt not far behind the dodgers and padres. >> it's early in the season. this afternoon the giants hosting the tigers a rematch way back when of the 2012 world
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series. an odd moment here. watch carefully, that's a broken bat flying through the air after the ground ball right to the feet of tigers shortstop javy baez. fortunately, he did not get hurt. this would load the bases for giants, but they were unable to capitalize. we fast forward to the sixth inning. eric hoss launch this is one over the left field fence. fun day to go to the ballpark with the sunshine, but the tigers win this game, final score 3-2. a's, by the way, yankees stadium today. they lose, the athletics do, to the yankees. audrey asistio joins us now with what's coming up next at 6:00, hi, audrey. >> airports brace for a challenging holiday travel weekend and we take a look at sfo. how the job fair held today hopes to help with recent delays and cancellations.
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plus -- >> we don't have the support of the city. >> businesses in little saigon are sounding the alarm on the racist attacks. the demands that they're laying out and a new report revealing a rise in hate crime against the aapi community. and do mask mandates work, we've been asking this for a while. we dig deep into the numbers to see if it made any type of a difference in alameda county recently, the only county to have a mask mandate in place this month. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening, thanks for being with us on this wednesday, i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm audrey asistio. it has been five days since alameda county lifted its most recent mask mandate. it is the only county in the bay area to reinstitute a mandate, so did it work? well, the answer depends on who you ask. alyssa joins us now where that mandate


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