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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 1, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning. i am marcus washington. >> we are happy you are here this morning. y you are here let's check in with her meteorologist. it is friday and a holiday weekend. we are going to see cooler weather coming in thanks to all of the trinity nine we are seeing over san fransisco. some of our temperatures around the bay area will have a cool down as we go throughout the day. we will see highs today reaching into the mid-70s as we going to this afternoon, so we will talk more about that. do you see any issues for the morning commute? >> it is still pretty early, so things are pretty quiet.
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but, we are going to be seeing of course an increase in traffic as we approach the 5:00 power. this accident that just popped up, i am going to check the traffic maps to see if they have any information on that. also, we have another one that popped up as i was coming up just as you approach the 80 stretch. back with another update in just a few minutes. brace yourselves, gas prices are going up again this morning. >> the state is raising the gas tax that was approved five years ago. >> gas prices and inflation are taking their toll on californians. the national average is less than five dollars and gallon in
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california it's $6.29 and about to go even higher. the states scheduled gas tax as an extra three cents per gallon. >> i commute two hours each way or not each one but two hours total each way, so i feel all of that increase is. >> the state uses the gas tax to fund the different highway and road projects so that projects can continue. economists say it just comes at a bad time. >> the problem isn't the gas tax itself, it is that it comes on top of a whole series of indignities, a bunch of problems we have had with the economy. >> governor newsom signed estate budget which includes the middle-class tax refund to help with the shock of
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infliction. -- inflation. it could be up to $1050 if you have children. drivers were mixed on it. >> i would prefer to have the gas tax lower. >> i feel like gas prices went up. i am happy we got the money and everything, but that really did raise a prices for a lot of things. >> in cold, today in the bay. -- ian cole , today in the bay. for middle school there is a start time no earlier than 8 am. in high school, it moved to 8:30. the new law would impact 3 million students statewide. san jose is issuing a new
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flavored tobacco band that will prevent the sale of baking products -- vaping products in the city. the new law allows for violators to be fined up to $2500 per day. recent stock market volatility may have you nervous about opening your 401(k) statements, but there are some things you should do to protect your money. we talked about helping us all move forward. first, i asked how closely she would be watching our 401(k) account? >> it's not a bad thing to look at your balance and understand where you are at. something that is not as productive is when you take action on that that is more emotional. i certainly look at my ballots
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-- balance. we have fair markets, and if you're looking at your balance, and it is causing you to take action that is not in your best long-term interest, it is probably not a great idea to focus on it as much. >> if you're in your 60s already nearing retirement, you probably should look closely. >> what you put your finger on it is something that is really important no matter where you are in your retirement journey, and that is what is your time horizon? if you are in your 50s or 60s and closer to retirement, that is going to affect how you diversify your assets and what your risk appetite is. definitely a different position versus somebody in their early 20s or maybe 30s. they would have really what is the most powerful attribute
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that any of us will ever get, and that is time. if you are investing in your 20s or 30s, it is entirely possible that in the bear market we are experiencing, the money you put in will be the most impactful dollars that you will ever invest because they were be going in at a low price and growing giving you a really great nest egg the important thing is your time horizon, when am i going to need this money in thinking about the investments and diversification that you've got within your accounts. >> let's talk about people who are a little bit younger now. should they have that money in their 401(k)? should they be conservative and let this the time to get a little more risky? >> again, when you got that
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time your side, most experts will agree that you can afford to be in assets that are riskier. let's just say that. the important thing to take note of is when you're going to use this money. they've got the ability to write out these types of fair markets. >> you can watch that full interview on your roku and click on the must-see playlist. >> it is 4:38 right now. there is an increase in minimum wage for workers across the state. >> stick around. >> stick around.
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americans ceo is urging an agreement to be reached because there are additional incentives that will kick in. instagram has seen a change to convert all video posts into reels. the move is a part of a plan to simplify videos on the app. i have a feeling it will also be away to compete with tiktok. i don't know about you, but i find i watch one reel, and that algorithm just knows me. they bring up a cute puppy and
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baby and i am down the rabbit hole. >> six hours later, what happened? >> 4:43 for you this morning. a controversy over new law now in effect here in florida. educators are saying it is causing a new reality for thousands of students. we will talk about a break in a case that has made a sigh in a case that has made a sigh of
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of course, this map shows we are good to go. no major issues as we tend to start noticing some slowing along westbound 580. i will have another update and the rest of your drive times, coming up. a woman arrived at her san jose home last month only to
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find thieves in her garage trying to steal things. now, there is a big break in this case. they are also frustrated. >> video caught the most egregious of the three home invasions, the attack on summerdale drive. >> during that home invasion, these suspects threatened a 15 month old child, kidnapped the child's father entered into a bank and threatened him to get money. >> they tied up and robbed an elderly couple. through tips and leads, three men have been arrested in connection with three home invasions, including this one. that has neighbors breathing a sigh of relief. >> well, i am thrilled. >> this 19-year-old was arrested june 5 for an
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unrelated charge and was released from jail the next day only to allegedly commit one of those home invasions the following day. >> now, how in the world was he released? >> needs to be some accountability. the system right now is feeling the community members. >> is cases like this that people are pointing to that says the system still needs to be worked on. >> reform laws are meant to create a better playing field so judges have widened the spectrum on when to release people before their trials. >> you see examples like this, there may be even more suspects connected to this rash of home invasions. victim month other home
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invasions privately told me they are relieved by the arrests and hopes the suspects stay in jail so no one else has to go through the nightmare they endured. and a controversial new law, it has commonly been called the don't say get a bill that bars classroom discussions about sexuality, sexual identity, and sexual orientation at certain grade levels. >> i don't have a lot left in my career, but i feel badly for the children that aren't going to get the quality education, and i don't know what education is going to look like in the future with such restrictions. >> it will allow parents to school schools and districts for violating the law. some say there is some confusion over how the law should be interpreted. you can watch that story later this morning on the today show.
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4:52 now. starting today, many workers are getting a boost in their paychecks to help them make it in the bay. minimum wage is now over $16 an hour. it is a part of the annual increase based on the consumer price index. all of the remaining pandemic protections expired at midnight. tens of thousands are still waiting on rent relief approval and may be facing eviction. you we go, the countdown to the fourth of july is on. still ahead, where to go if you're planning on watching the firewall -- the fireworks. coalition says money will
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4:56 for you this morning with fourth of july just days away, you might be trying to figure out why treasure island may seem like a good place. it's not. police say construction has some roads closed. fireworks are set to start over the waterfront near fisherman's
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wharf at 9:30 on monday night. a reminder, you can watch the fireworks from the comfort of your own home or wherever you would like. nbc bait areas fireworks spectacular can watched with a two hour live event right here on nbc bay area . you can also stream it on peacock. warriors stands will have to say goodbye to some sentimental favorites. while no deals can be made official until next week, gary peyton, jr. reportedly has agreed to a three-year deal with portland, which the warriors won't be able to match. >> see you, guys.
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athletes are trying to stop a huge shakeup that is going to leave a massive hole in the pac 12 conference. fallout will be everywhere not only for students and alumni but television deals that may have hundreds of millions of dollars on the line. it is not clear how the conference will respond. >> if you're getting ready for your morning commute, there is more to tell you about. be ready to pay a little bit be ready to pay a little bit
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ahead in the live report, all transit costs are really going to impact the bottom line here. look at this, a circling boat and a person found dead. the unusual crash that has investigators searching for answers. and a major setback with the supreme court ruling on greenhouse gas emissions critics say relieve our


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