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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt Kids Edition  NBC  July 2, 2022 6:30am-7:00am PDT

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behind july 4th explained, fireworks and all. then road trip we'll take you across america for an up close look at the country's awe-inspiring national parks. and then we' introduce you to some teenage girls. >> i've never set up a tent, but this is my first time and i really liked it. and then working together as a team. also, serving up hope kids across the
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country are serving lemonade to help kids in need. >> plus, what does it take to be a ninja >> my favorite part. >> we'll take a look at a sport kids are trying out at gyms here at home. and sand castles 101. it is a tradition enjoyed by kids and grown-ups. >> so you need to have the right sand you may need to have some tools. >> what you need to build the perfect sand castle. >> this is nbc "nightly news": kids e kigs. >> welcome back. i'm lester holt. it is always great to be with you, especially on this holiday weekend. we've got a jam packed fun program in store for you guys from parks and recreation, one of your favorite beach activities plus, we'll introduce you to this red panda who was just born at the milwaukee county
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zoo. but first let's begin with independence day. the country is set to mark the 4th of july on monday. kristen dahlgren takes a look at the history behind july 4th. >> when it comes to holidays, july 4th is hard to miss but if you ever stop to think what the celebration is all about -- >> why are there fireworks on the 4th of july. >> hi. my name is leo why do we have fireworks on the 4th of july? >> reporter: july 4th is how we celebrate our country's birthday and america's founders declaring independence from great britain because they didn't want to live under the british king and laws they fought unfair to them john adams wrote that the day should be celebrated with fireworks, and the first independence day fireworks were set off july 4th 1777
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each yea across the country. >> why do we barbecue >> barbecues are just another way people mark the occasion. it is estimated americans will eat 150 million hot dogs on july 4th that's enough to stretch from washington, d.c. to los angeles more than five times here's another funny fact we may be eating all those hot dogs on the wrong day. the continental congress actually voted for independence on july 2nd. the written declaration of independence does say july 4th on it but it wasn't actually signed until august. 56 delegates signed the document, which laid out ideals for the new country, things like freedom and equality. >> the 4th of july is a time where friends and family all over america come together to celebrate america's
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independence from the british rule but also to recognize that july 4th is not independence for everyone in america. the declaration of independ time i always like to honor the men and women who fought in the american revolution who were still in chains. and i'm like, wow, to acknowledge and research and learn about men and women who fought for america even though they weren't free yet. >> the flag is something else you will see a lot of on july 4th did you know the current american flag is from a school project? designed it with 50 stars for 50 states and 13 stripes for the original colonies, but his teacher gave him a b minus calling it
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unoriginal president eisenhower picked his flag out of thousands of entries the teacher changed his grade to an a. >> kids today should continue to hold our country, america, accountable to the declaration of independence they should, in their communities, make sure equality and justice for all is being shown in their communities, in their schools the declaration of independence is for all of us. it applies to everyone today. and we can celebrate that we can commemorate this day knowing that in our nation we are holding everyone accountable to it. >> happy birthday, america. and happy 4th to you kristin, thanks so much. well, many families are hitting the road this weekend for the july 4th holiday. one popular destination this summer, america's national parks and there is a lot more than meets the eye at some of these
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natural wonders. we get details now from our pal kerry sanders. >> reporter: they are a part of america's fabric, majestic, breathtaking, magnificent and historic >> there is all kinds of parks there is historical parks, battlefields. there is every kind of park out there. >> reporter: there are 400 plus national parks covering more than 80 million acres in all 50 states, the district of columbia and all territories. president wood row mill son signed the organic act, responsible for maintaining the parks and monuments. in 1872 yellowstone became the first national park. one of the largest of parks runs across three states and featured dramatic landscapes plenty of wildlife and
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the legendary old faithful geyser, which shoots bursts of steaming water it is temporarily closed due to flooding it will be reopen to to open but it will take time to rebuild parts of yellowstone there are other giants on the national park stage as well. the grand canyon, the great smokey mountains and acadia and windows into american history and the civil rights movement are on full display in cities like washington, d.c. if you are looking for dinosaurs, dinosaur national monument is home to a large number of fossils and if surfing is your thing, head to the great sand do you knows national park and reserve and give sand surfing a try but there are also hidden gems that may not be too far from home santa monica mountains
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recreational area is an hour outside los angeles. it is the largest urban national park in the country. >> beaware of your surroundings and be alert. >> reporter: this week girls from the unified school district are part of a new program designed to introduce girls to the wilderness. >> it is a pilot initiative we're starting this summer it is to break and destroy barriers that have existed for many years. these are their public lands. so we want high school girls from l.a. to come out and enjoy their public land right outside their city. >> reporter: girls outside teaches things like team work and basic outdoor skills. >> we will locate north. for many of these girls it is the first time pitching a tent, sleeping in a tent, seeing so many stars because where they live, you can't see any of that because of light pollution. >> i like to see the stars. it was pretty nice. >> i have never set up a tent but this is my first time and i really
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liked it and then just like working together as a team. >> i like the activities that's the big part. it really makes everything come together. >> i learned to communicate a little bit better with everyone else. >> it was honestly an eye opening experience, like building the tent has been a new school. like i never knew how to work a compass. >> that's why it's important they learn things like basic camping skills so that way when they come back with their family and friends they can do it safely in the wilderness. >> reporter: the hope is to inspire these young women come back and be future stewards of our public land. >> i would definitely come back. if you hear people talk about it, they say the wilderness is not for girls. but i think it's a great experience you are basically out here testing your abilities. >> girls want to see the nature like they want to experience new things.
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>> reporter: rangers say it is important to do your homework. >> every park also has different rules and regulations. it is important that you do learn more about the park you are visiting. >> reporter: kids, if your family is not able to visit one of these natural wonders in person, don't worry, there is a ton to see and learn online. >> i would encourage kids and their parents to check out on the web or download the app and start exploring. >> reporter: so get out there and start exploring. >> a lot of people don't realize that these are public lands and it does belong to them it belongs to us it belongs to all of us >> reporter: all right, kerry thanks very much now to our inspiring kids series. young people across the country have joined together serving up lemonade and hope for an
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important cause. our friend savannah sellers has the story. >> reporter: lemonade only has a new ingredients, lemon, sugar and water. but these sisters have a secret recipe. >> our secret recipe, we make it with purpose. a heart felt purpose. >> reporter: they just hosted their 12th annual lemonade stand for hope they have been selling money to raise money for childhood cancer research since devin was 5 and their enthusiasm has not waned. >> i'm out there doing cartwheels. >> reporter: they're not the only ones. their stand is one of a thousand across the country held recently as part of annual lemonade days event honoring alexander scott. alex was diagnosed with cancer when he was just four years old.
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when life gave her lemons, she made lemonade literally. her goal was $1 million. age of 8, but she did meet her goal and her mom has kept her spirit alive through the foundation today alex's foundation has raised more than $250 million to fund research and support families of kids with cancer the girls in louisiana have known a few children with cancer they have been raising money through their lemonade stand for over a decade now. >> it is really tough to think about that in a different world that could be one of us instead of just somebody that we know, and i just can't imagine that and i really want to help
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with getting rid of that so that every kid can have a childhood >> kids should not be hurting and not be able to do fun things. and so we can help a little bit by selling lemonade. >> reporter: kids across the country serving up lemonade and hope to find a cure thanks very much time now for our pop quiz the question: which continent are bees not found on a, africa. b, europe. break. but just ahead we'll introduce you to these red pandas that are capturing our hearts and getting lots of attention. then it is a sport inspired by the tv show we'll find out just what it takes to be a ninja. and we'll hit the beach for a look at these sand masterpieces and how you can make your very
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welcome back tonightly news kids edition. let's get the answer to our pop quiz. the question: which continent are bees not found on a, afb or c the answer is c, antarctica let's head now to wisconsin where the milwaukee county zoo just welcomed a new addition, a red panda. it is the third for mom and dad and was
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born on june 12th. the cub spends most of his mom in the nest box and will stay with mom for the first year also worth noting, the cub does not have red fur when it's born it's gray and will turn red over the next couple of months mean while, another red panda parked a special day. moshu just turned 11 the oregon zoo posted this video of him smacking his lips while eating the zoo calls him the king of crunch officials say red pandas are known to live past 20 years and are considered endangered species some gyms across the country are literally showing kids the ropes, teaching them about a new sport called ninja love the name. we get details now from our pal, dr. john torez. >> reporter: you may have seen it on tv competitors running, jumping and flying
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through a giant obstacle course. american ninja warrior has drawn viewers in. >> i just fell in love with the sport we were watching it on tv and then we really wanted to try it. >> reporter: the sport is known as ninja, inspired by the tv show and it's sweeping the country. gyms are popping up in cities like castle rock, colorado, literally showing kids the ropes. >> i started coming here because it was a good work-out and it was really fun, and i just made lots of friends doing it. >> reporter: 16-year-old cayden first completed on "american anyone yeah warrior jr." when he was just 13 years old. then last year, he went up against competitors on the adult version of the show and was crowned the winner. >> you got it! come on! >> reporter: what kind of emotions did you have >> it definitely took a while to hit and realize i just did that once it hit that, it
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was crazy. i had been watching the show forever and realizing that i did that was incredible. >> reporter: if you are like me, you have probably watched competitors on tv and wondered if you had what it takes to develop. my curiosity turned into a reality. >> i would start two hands on one ring. try to reach out and grab the next ring there you go one left >> all right that was pretty good. >> reporter: okay. i may have gotten a little help there, but being a ninja is all about learning and practice when you first started, what were you able to do >> not as much as i am now. but that's with everything in life you just got to work towards it. >> reporter: and these kids love putting in the work what is your favorite obstacle >> i really like the salmon ladder and fast moving obstacles >> reporter: the iconic salmon ladder seem to be everyone's
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favorite, so i gave it a try. >> a pull-up nice >> reporter: it's much harder than they make it look on the show. kids, just a note. please don't try this at home. if you don't have a gym near you and you want to learn, cayden says you can start small. what would you recommend a kid do to start off? >> definitely start with pull-ups and running, sprints, all kinds of physical activities help. >> reporter: beyond ex new life lessons. >> you have to get back up and try again because you don't get a lot of these obstacles the first time. >> reporter: what happens when you fall down >> sometimes you get frustrated but a lot of times you get back up and do it again. >> reporter: come back day of day what does it feel like when you finally get that >> it feels so good. >> reporter: at the end of the day, this sport is really about two things,
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perseverance and fun >> my favorite part is meeting new friends and showing up a lot and just going with it. >> reporter: what's the most fun >> everything. i just love doing this. >> reporter: are you going to keep doing it >> yeah. >> reporter: for how long >> forever. >> reporter: what would you tell a kid watching this that's like, i think i want to do that. >> go for it train hard and have fun while doing it. >> dr. john torres, thanks very much that looks like fun, my friend. finally, it is a beach tradition enjoyed by kids and grown-ups around the world but just what does it take to build a grand castle and create a kand masterpiece dillon drier hits the beach to find out? >> reporter: a day at the beach typically includes sun, surf and this. >> i like to basically play with sand or draw
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beach, i like to build sand castles. >> reporter: a tradition enjoyed by families for years >> i like to sit in the water and pl in the sand. >> reporter: but it's not always easy. >> so you need to have the right sand you may need to have some tools to like build it. >> it is really hard to make them. >> i think the hardest part is getting the right sand and making sure it doesn't fall down and making sure it is balanced. >> reporter: this week these grown-ups took sand castles to a whole new level. >> my sculpture is called, do you believe in magic. >> i look at the artist, the sculptures and say to myself the talents not only in their hands but in their minds to create. >> reporter: six professionals competed in this international competition at the jersey. >> i love everything about it you get to get dirty you get to be creative you get to meet new
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people, work in different sands all over the world and just keep on making magic. it's awesome. >> i like the castle one over there it is super cool and it has so many details. the wizard because it is very tall. >> it is a community of tradition and family that's what this event represents family fun. >> reporter: these amazing masterpieces of course take time and practice. >> i like the peacock one and i like it because it is really detailed. >> rorter: and the artists say it all starts with an idea. >> you need an idea when you go down to the beach. so have an idea before you even go to the beach. >> reporter: the first thing you have to know is you can't use enough water and you got to pack it down so that it's like mud. from there, just let your imagination run wild. >> it is really cool to see how they make these and it just inspires me to like learn how to make them, too. >> just shovel it up and pack it with your hands. >> reporter: so how can you build your own
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sand sculpture or a sand castle worthy of a king and queen we asked an expert. >> start with a big pile dig a hole down the center get some ocean water, dig it in. the first thing is you fill a bucket up with sand and get it packed real tight you need some kind of form we will do all this with a bucket and a shovel you don't need to take a lot of toys to the beach. this is plenty pick it up, put it in there, punch it down as hard as you can pack it down real hard with your hand when it's all done, you want it to look like that. so now we're doing to do -- everyone in the world has done this. we're going to flip it over there you go so now try and lift the bucket off perfect. grab your shovel everybody got a shovel we're going to put a plus sige tower. think of it as a piece of pie and everyone gets the same piece of pie. dry a line there and there. there you go now we got a plus sign
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on top the reason is we want to remember where the middle is as we start carving sand away. we want to go on an angle and pour it over that bucket. do it on all four sides. the trick here is to move slow. get a little lower, put another tower. join them together like we did here with some sand and just work your way down into the pile. my suggestion for kids: think about how long can you sit still and do something if you make a pile this big, it would take me probably a whole day to turn this into a castle. if you go to the beach, make a pile based on how long you want to spend. the other thing, look at the tide line the best time to make a sand castle is when the tide is high and it's going out ask your mom to get her phone out and check the tide if it's high tide and it's going out, you have all day to carve. if it's already low tide coming in, then you want to get a little behind where the tide line is
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that's where the sand gets real soft, when the tide is coming in and where it's puffy that's about it. work your way down the pile and slow down. >> it just inspires me because of how they make it. it's so cool. >> don't forget to b pack a shovel, a bucket and your imagination. well, that's going to do it for us. parents, if your child has a question about any topic in the news, e-mail a video to us at "nightly news" kids at you can follow us on instagram at nightly kids just a program note, you can catch a new episode of "nightly news" kids edition every thursday on nbc and youtube and streaming on the weekends on nbc news now. thanks for watching, everybody. remember, take care of yourself and each other. so long.
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good morning. it is saturday, july 2nd. 7:00 on the dot as we take a look outside over a cloudy san francisco. some mist on my dri in. thank you for joining us. we have a quick look at the forecast. >> good morning. you are absolutely right. we have the marine layer which means you might have caught some drizzle into the early
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morning hours.


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