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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 4, 2022 3:00am-3:30am PDT

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outrage in ohio. protests explode after new police body camera footage shows a black man dying in a hail of bullets after officers say he opened fire at them from his moving car the growing calls for answers this morning red, white and fuming. whether you're flying or hitting the roads this fourth of july, prepare to pack your patience. the coast-to-coast travel headaches to watch out for today. don't let the fur fly along with the fireworks tonight, and how to protect your pup this independence day
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celebrating the 4th with a buzz instead of a bang the high-tech drone displays taking to the skies across the country. it is the 246th independence of our nation "early today" blasts off right now. good morning on this monday. i'm cori coffin. >> and i'm phillip mena. we begin with new details in the deadly police shooting of jayland walker law enforcement in akron, ohio has released body cam footage showing the moments eight officers opened fire on walker last week. he was unarmed at the time of the shooting maggie vespa has details >> reporter: community pressure, officials in akron, ohio releasing the body camera footage. >> i won't mince words the video you're about to watch is heartbreaking >> it shows the harrowing police chase followed by a hail of bullets and fired by eight
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akron, ohio officer, killing and thieving 25-year-old jayland walk were 60 wounds to the body, according to authorities >> my youngest is 25 years of age as well, and i cannot imagine what life would be like without my son >> reporter: the approximately seven minutes of raw video released alongside a second narrated clip gives new insight into what preceded the shooting early monday morning police say they tried to pull walker over for an unspecified traffic violation and an equipment violation which is not shown on tape. but they say he took off driving at high speeds, and walker fired at them. police saying you can see the flash from the gun from this security camera. >> 21 shots fired. that changes the nature of the contact. >> reporter: authorities say walker later ran from his car wearing a ski mask. officers, investigators say, fired tasers but missed. what followed, that deadly barrage of bullets police tonight saying officers said they thought walker was
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turning toward them, reaching for a gun. walker was unarmed when he was shot though police say they found a gun and what appears to be a wedding ring in walker's car. >> shoot somebody 60 or 70 times? >> reporter: anger in akron boiling over >> we have sons ourselves. it could be any of our sons. this is just horrible. like that many times >> we are done dying like this, in this manner, with this fate nobody should ever suffer the fate that jayland walker did >> reporter: the famil revealing just a month ago walker lost his fiancee. >> we know that immediately after the death of his fiancee, he was sad but he wasn't exhibiting any kind of behavior that scared the family >> reporter: the family's attorneys say the 25-year-old food delivery driver had no criminal record. his mother and sister pleading for peace, overwhelmed with loss >> why why did this happen and in such
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a manner h such a terrible, terrible way >> just why? >> and maggie joins me now an elderly woman who reported the shooting on saturday was also injured, and three responding police officers were shot and wounded in what the haltom city manager is describing a ambush. however, the motive for the killing is still unclear, police say. none of the wounded sustained any life-threatening injuries. we're learning more this morning about a rare deadly shooting in denmark. police say three people were killed, and at least three were critically injured after gunfire sent crowds running from a shopping mall in copenhagen. nbc's janis mackey frayer is following the story for us what have police revealed about the suspected gunman >> reporter: phi
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police are still trying to piecf denmark's largest shopping malls that sparked absolute panic. three people have been killed, two of them teenagers. several others were wounded. at least three are said to be in critical condition police have arrested a 22-year-old suspngut the possibility that this could be m the attack started at 5:37 p.m. when the fields mall was busy. the gunman started shooting. witnesses say they just ran. many of them were hiding in the bathrooms. the suspect was arrested 11 minutes after the incident started, according to police what isn't clear is any motive at this point. the suspect does not have a criminal record. he was said to be in possession of a rifle and ammunition. police are asking shop owners to please turn over any security camera footage they might have so they can start.
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they believe at this point anyone else was involved denmark's prime minister has called this a cruel attack there have been expressions of sympathy from the danish royal family and harry styles, the singer, he was supposed to play a concert about a mile away from where this attack happened he said on twitter i'm heartbroken, along with the people of copenhagen i'm sorry we couldn't be together please look after each other the suspect described as, quote, an ethnic dane is due to appear before a judge later today phillip? >> all right, thank you. across the country, passengers were left stranded during a chaotic weekend of holiday travel a glitch left 12,000 future flights without a pilot amid hundreds of cancellations and delays nbc's george solis has the latest >> reporter: before the fireworks even begin, many americans already blowing up in frustration. >> never come to an airport before wondering whether my flight is going to take off or not. so it's a little nerve-racking.
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>> reporter: the last-minute scramble to get home for the fourth of july is on tsa screened more than 4.6 million since friday across the nation's airports. those planning ahead still burned by ongoing delays and cancellations. >> my wife booked two flights. and one of them, they just canceled. >> reporter: since friday, more than 1400 flights have been canceled, and more than 15,000 have been delayed. >> what's happening at our nation's airports? >> it's a mess right now there is no other way of saying it i've never seen anything like this, not in all these years >> reporter: travel experts say it's a perfect storm where supply isn't meeting demand, calling on airlines to be more transparent about their staffing. >> they have to get in front of this they have to be honest about it. >> reporter: american airlines experienced a scheduling glitch friday night that allowed air crew to drop flights, leaving up to 12,000 flights without pilots through july the airline in a statement says the issue has been fixed, adding they do not anticipate any operational impact.
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>> this is not about this one incident this weekend. this is much bigger. i hate to be negative, but it's not going fix itself next week >> reporter: drivers facing other challenges >> i think the gas prices are insane. >> reporter: the national average now around $4.81 still a bargain compared to california, where gas hovers around 6 bucks, and prices are projected to creep even higher the golden state alongside six other states all imposed new gas tax starting friday. nonetheless, some drivers still happily shelling out the green to see some red, white and boom. >> woo-hoo worth every penny, right to be with family over fourth of july weekend >> our thanks to george for that report 16 million americans are facing a new severe weather threat as we head into this fourth of july nbc meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the latest for us good morning, michelle happy 4th. >> good morning to you both. happy 4th. we are stormy in many spots
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today. we're going see severe weather that means damaging winds. also hail. could see a few tornadoes as well seeing some storms early this morning radar. you can see in the northern plains it looks like the midwest, that's where we're going to see storms stormy weather in parts of the carolinas and into florida today. zooming in a little closer, you see some lightning, also some darker colors kating where the heaviest rain is falling we could see heavy rain as we head throughout this fourth. so as you said, 16 million people at risk for the strong winds. winds gusting over the 65 miles per hour, damaging hail. also a tornado were to is possible likeliest where you see the yellow city rapid, minneapolis, green bay, even into chicago that's going to slow down some people in the air and also on the road waist tomorrow it really expands into the ohio valley, into parts of the northeast, also the midatlantic. so 32 million people at risk tomorrow for severe weather. heavy rain, that is a concern. we're looking at locally 3 inches or higher but where you see those darker colors, the reds, the yellows,
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the oranges, that's where we're expecting the heaviest rain. we still temperatures into the 90s. 91 in new orleans. all right, guys, we're going to go ahead and look at the heat because we're feeling temperatures 110 in some spots today. >> michelle, we'll talk to you in just a bit about that thanks "early today" is back in one minute with the latest on a deadly avalanche in the italian alps and shocking moment a stunned driver lost his life at a miig a sw.chanirho what we know about the accident. . the pain. emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®, most people saw 90% clearer skin at 16 weeks. the majority of people saw 90% clearer skin even at 5 years. serious allergic reactions may occur.
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semitruck died after it flipped off the runway and burst into flames this was during a race against two planes it turns out that the tire on that truck blew out, rupturing the gas tanks, which resulted in the flames chris darnell had been driving that truck and been driving trucks in general for two decades. he had just celebrated his 40th birthday the italian alps, a large chunk of glacier broke loose, triggering a larger avalanche that killed six hikers and injured nine, two of them seriously. authorities don't have a complete overview of how many people were in the area at the time the death toll could still rise. the glacierer is the largest in italy's dolomite mountains, but has been rapidly melting in recent years due to climate change, and is expected to be gone within 30 years celebrating the fourth of july can be fun and an exciting time, but if you have pets, it can certainly be a different story. the fireworks are loud the loud noises and the booms can be stressful for some animals. from nbc boston, monica majeda
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has tips on how to keep your four-legged friends calm this fourth of july >> this is oscar and maya. oscar and maya. >> reporter: bobby pups have it made in the shade. but this july 4th when you're fetching a cold drink watching fireworks, some dogs like little oscar are full of anxiety. >> little guy, when he hears the fireworks go off, he is in shock. he's shellshocked. >> the noise and all the external stimuli can be really stressful for some pets. >> reporter: veterinarian elizabeth perkins says that's why own shores have a plan for their pooches. >> to have them stay at home in a controlled environment, ideally some place where they're insulated from sound and lights, et cetera. >> so he has always been petrified of any loud noise. >> reporter: that's what haley does for bruno. >> we'll also turn on a tv show or a movie, any white noise to
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drown it out a little. >> reporter: no two dogs are alike when it comes to loud noises simon doesn't mind, but peter gets very nervous and needs to wear a compression shirt or get a few more snuggles. >> using a compression vest like a thunder shirt, there are over-the-counter nutriceuticals. it's best to start them well ahead of the fireworks. >> reporter: make sure your pets are wearing a collar and are microchiped with your contact information in case they run away having their picture is helpful too. >> fourth of july is a very common time for people to lose dogs and for dogs to bolt. >> reporter: and make sure water is always available and never, ever leave your pet in a hot car. >> it can be absolutely deadly even if you don't think your car is hot and you roll down the windows. >> reporter: advice to keep your dog running all summer long. >> our thanks to monica for that report much more ahead here on "early today." "stranger things" turns the
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not going to stop. he's taken everything. >> "stranger things" has set an all-time u.s. streaming record for a single week, according to nielsen. all 32 epps of the sci-fi favorite garnered 7.2 billion minutes of streaming the last two episodes were so popular in fact that netflix crashed momentarily when they were released on friday that is according to reports from outage tracker down detector. there is something new lighting up the skies over some cities this fourth of july instead of fireworks, they're turning to high-tech drone shows. our erin mclaughlin went to
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gypsum, colorado to check it out. >> reporter: they're the sights and sounds of the fourth of july but this year across america, up tos are doing something different to celebrate the stars and stripes. ditching fireworks for drones. >> i thought it was really cool. >> reporter: it's growing in popularity out west, where the fire danger is higher than ever. each year the number of wildfires spike dramatically on the 4th. >> we cannot ignore the environmental impacts and the circumstances that we're in today. >> reporter: here in the small town of gypsum, colorado, that's mayor steven carver's top concern. so this year he is hosting the town's first ever drone show >> i do think it will replace the fireworks. >> reporter: why >> well, our community understands the fire danger here >> reporter: and it's not just the fire concerns. recent data shows costs are up 35% across the fireworks industry due to inflation and
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supply chain disruptions >> it used to cost about $8,000 to $10,000 to ship a container of fireworks and today we're looking at 35,000 to $45,000. >> reporter: driving the demand for drones sky-high. >> we're seeing about a 70 to 80-% increase in volume as far as calls and requests for our drone shows. >> reporter: this year drones taking center stage from sea to shining sea. drone company uav is completely booked this holiday for the show in gypsum, they show us how they first calibrate 100 drones and then they line them up each drone is preprogrammed and computer controlled. and where is this technology going? >> i think we're at the very beginning. i can't imagine what it's going to be like in five years. >> reporter: the sky's the limits the sky's the limits. >> reporter: and they say each show tells a story so what story are you telling tonight? >> well, i just want the story of independence to be brought to
3:21 am
us through the drones to our citizens at gypsum >> reporter: tech lighting up america's skies on its 246th birthday erin mclaughlin, nbc news, gypsum, colorado >> it's also a great alternative for any pets who might be scared from the fireworks there. >> you go. i've never seen a drone show seen lots of fireworks i'd like to check them out for many people it's going to be a sweltering independence day. after the break, the heat alert. the fourth of july deals and discounts, and how you can get a free donut fied by usp... independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards. nature made. the number one pharmacist recommended vitamin and supplement brand. did you know there are surfaces in your home that look clean but a closer look shows there are often layers the number one pharmacist recommended of invisible dirt left behind. try mr. clean magic eraser for a deep down hygienic clean. magic eraser removes the messes you can see as well as more of the dirt and grime you don't. all you do is wet, squeeze
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cream story. meet the youngest person to own a ben & jerry's. febreze fabric refresher. i literally use this every day. to make my house smell amazing. after i make the bed, after my dog jumps off the couch. so i can wear my jacket or jeans one more time, before i wash them again. it even makes shoes smell fresh. it doesn't cover up odors with scent... but actually eliminates them! ♪ over one thousand uses. febreze fabric refresher. think dad's searching doggy diet plans for josie? no, he's switching his choice cash back category to home improvement, so he earns more on a new doggy door. extra large. with the bank of america customized cash rewards card, you just can't stop getting rewarded. ♪♪ with the bank of america customized cash rewards card, [ sneezing ] are your sneezes putting your friends in awkward positions? stick with zyrtec. zyrtec starts working hard at hour one... ...and works twice as hard when you take it again
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the next day. zyrtec. muddle no more. rhode island man has become the youngest ben & jerry's franchise owner in the country sam reed of our affiliate wjar has the scoop on this sweet promotion. >> reporter: as the summer season ramps up in newport -- >> the weather is there, and people are around, we'll be busy so his business will boom. >> we're selling an ice cream cone everyone wants a sweet treat. >> reporter: for more than 12
3:27 am
years, the 26-year-old has had a sweet gig. >> i believe the summer i turned 14, i started working here i got brought into it because my older tsitsipaser was working here as well and then i just kind of continued scooping ice cream every summer from high school and threaten through college. >> reporter: while on a walk with a former franchise owner, he was offered an opportunity to scoop up this street and a second location nearby. >> i was at a franchise meeting last november in nashville and i was sitting in the room with all the other franchise owners it was clear that i was significantly like one of the younger people there. >> reporter: just over halfway to 30 years old. >> i took over april 29th. >> reporter: the month of may marked his new role. >> i have 40 employees right now. >> reporter: as the owner of not one, but two ben & jerry's franchises making him the youngest owner in the country. >> i don't think there is a lot of other franchisees that are, you know, that were recently scooping up on the front lines all the time it's nice. >> reporter: the term locally
3:28 am
owned and operated can be sprinkled in here. >> i live here so i have plenty of people that pop in and give me feedback. and, you know, congratulate me. >> reporter: and while taking over during a trying time for the economy was a risk, he's got high hopes for the future and the cherry on top is seeing future success >> being able to walk on the street and see people just enjoy their ice cream and know that that's from my business. >> our thanks to sam for that report 25 years old, barely starting to take college seriously. >> exactly trying to figure out the future, let alone owning two business. >> good for him. who doesn't like deals, specials and some freebies on this fourth of july? many businesses are offering them to celebrate america's independence applebee's is offering the $5 sips promotion for the fourth of july at target they're offering a 10% discount for veterans, active duty and their family members. hard to go to target and just buy a couple things, though, right? you can use that 10%
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looking for a sweet treat, krispy kreme is giving away free donuts to those who wear red, white and blue today the chain as a buy one, get one free on the original glazed donuts today everybody has to bring something over to the party today. can't show up empty handed
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outage in ohio protests explode after a new police body footage camera shows a black man dying in a hail of bullets after officers say he opened fire at them from his moving car the growing calls for answers this morning an air show tragedy. the driver of a jet truck killed in a fiery explosion this morning his family is speak out about the stunt. get ready for fireworks in the skies and on the road. americans dealing with thousands of delays at airport


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