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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 11, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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ancient trees are now in danger as flames burned into a grove near trees that are thousands of years old. the steps under way to save them. while you might feel the impact there is new help for parents in desperate need of baby formula. boosting production almost immediately. >> good monday morning to you and thank you for allowing us to be part of your morning.
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>> laura garcia has the day off. we want to get a look at what the firefighters are up against in use 70 battling the worsening conditions as flames continue to burn out of control in use at many national park. this is new video from overnight. 2000 acres have burned. 550 firefighters are on the line. you can see this. the teams set up sprinklers and most breathe around sequoia stands 200 feet tall. now we go to our meteorologist. we're trying to tackle the air quality. >> we have a spare the air alert today. some of the worst of that will settle into santa clara valley. we can see particulate matter.
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moderate elsewhere. if you want to limit your time outside most of the smoke will be blowing away from us. with the shift in the wind, becca bring some into the bay area. a lot of it is concentrated in that area and in the region of yosemite national park. as we are headed for hotter temperatures we have ozone in the mix. look at how hot it will be in fairfield 101 degrees with mid 90s in the south county and richmond is 95. liver more as well. santa rosa in the upper 80s. we will see cooler weather coming in in just a couple of days. we will talk about that more. right now at traffic alert. an alert from a disabled vehicle. this is coming into richmond.
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we do have all lanes blocked because of a disabled vehicles. no major injuries. i don't know is there any injuries or crash. we have slowing. you come down the east shore parkway. that is the only thing going on across the county. for this map the big issue is coming into richmond from west 80. back to you. a big boost to assist in firefighting efforts. this is as well as other counties where wildland fires are frequent. the fire captain says it will fund more staff and provide breathing room with more coverage. >> they are cutting brush and moving the fuel and letting the
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fire go out. that increases the fuel reduction throughout the county. >> the lorain county fire department will receive $3 million more this year. as fire season ramps up our app is a great resource to have. we will send you breaking news and weather alerts straight to your phone. >> a follow-up in east bay. they are raising funds to help the family of the three men who drowned trying to save a little boy in the sacramento delta. we report the men were from guatemala. the family is trying to deliver their bodies home. >> music, raffles and a friendly soccer game. an entire festival to raise funds to get these men back home to guatemala.
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>> today's event has given us much relief for the families back home. they want to have their members rest in peace. >> reporter: the three died after bravely rescuing an eight- year-old boy struggling last weekend. >> wendy tells us when she heard the men were missing she kept telling herself her father will show up. he can do anything. even after they found his body she could not believe it. his friends knew him as the leader. >> look at all of this support. he says this turnout shows us how much they meant it to the community. it was at this community where they came to raise funds and when needed. >> when people come and ask for
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help -- they have not been getting the help they needed. they are creating their own fund raiser to reunite these men with their loved ones. >> we are very blessed and the people are showing their love no matter what country they are from. >> returning the favor to the men who were always there when times were tough. happening now, japan is mourning the death of the former prime minister. he was assassinated last friday while campaigning first party. today in tokyo, the secretary of state is offering his condolences. he will stop there as part of his trip through southeast asia and meeting with the current prime minister and senior government leaders. a private wake will be held the day and the funeral will take place tomorrow. today in san francisco the japanese consulate will have a
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book of condolences for people to sign. mourners can drop by from 10:00 until 4:00. this is to -- they ask that you bring your i.d. and wear a mask. an important update for parents struggling to find baby formula. production is up and running at abbott nutrition factory in michigan. the shutdown played a huge role in the national shortage. the plant closed because of storm damage. production of a specialty formula is restored and the next priority is resuming production of similac. it is 4:30 seven. good news. coming up, we talk about the much needed relief that you can expect at the gas pump. >> plus the latest movie wastes no time smashing the competition. >> this is your mo
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good monday morning to you. let's check out palo alto. temperatures start in the low 60s. you will see a lot of sunshine today. a hazy sunshine. we will have issues with some air quality. temperatures are heating up. a cooldown is coming up and we will talk about that in the forecast coming up.
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>> this is the bay bridge. we have one lane open. west 80 into san francisco a transition into 101. right now we are checking in with the business department. wall part waits for key reports on inflation and earnings. friday had a better-than- expected jobs report. we are going to get consumer prices and consumer statements. big names are having results this week. regular unleaded has fallen to
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$4.86 per gallon. this is as the cost of fuel oil also falls. drivers could see gas drop $.10- $.20. gas prices are down 20% over the past month but still $1.66 higher than one year ago. prices are averaging $6.14 per gallon butter down $.20 from the past week. and bringing the hammer down. thor, love and thunder is topping the box office. that is the best debut for the franchise. it is also the sixth movie this year to top $100 million in the opening weekend and the first time since 2018 new films posted nine figure openings in back to back weeks. i know i want to come up with a movie and have it come out to
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get some of that money. >> yes. i want to be a superhero. >> i like it. >> okay. thank you. he is going to need this. >> using technology to save our four-legged friends. >> coming up a story you will see only on nbc bay area.
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>> here we go. a a live look at san jose. coming up, a nice weekend. >> it was hot. it depended on where you were. >> yes. he can tell where we spent the week. it was ridiculously hot in the valley. it continues today. we are going to see more of those hot temperatures for the start of the week that he gets better. we're going to see a little bit more haze in the sky do to the smoke coming in from the washburn fire. i wanted to keep you updated on this. if you are sensitive to the smoke, limit your time outside. the santa clara valley will have the worst air quality reaching particulates of 87 which is moderate.
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we wake up this morning and head out to slightly milder temperatures. dublin is 66 degrees with temperatures heading toward the low 80s. it is going to heat up quickly and it will be a hot day. 89 degrees. then look at fairfield where the hive reaches 101 degrees. san jose is in the upper 80s in san francisco in the 70s. nevada reaching 89 degrees. tomorrow gets a little bit cooler. much more of a breezy wind picking up. more coastal fog and into the upper 60s in san francisco and concord will see a high of 85 degrees. on wednesday the continued cooling happens as we get a stronger breeze. it will be warm in some of the valleys. the most intense heat has been over the south. record high temperatures continue through the week. we will also see the alignment
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of the sun and moon causing king tides. that means coastal bays and areas along the coastline will be dealing with some title flooding. that will mainly happen between 9:00 and midnight when low-lying areas may deal with that because of the close proximity of the sun and the moon and it creates the gravitational pull. that means the water comes further inland. watch out for that in some low- lying areas that typically flood during king tides. temperatures warm and well above normal. in the 80s and 90s. where we find the coolest temperatures will be wednesday and then we had back out. there won't be much of a change in san francisco. upper 60s with clouds and fog at times. two concerns for interstate 80? >> yes. we told you about one lane that is open. that will allow traffic to squeak by.
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this disabled vehicle shows a bigger build because of more traffic coming in and getting through. the morning commute has not kicked in yet. we are watching the next 20 minutes as critical in richmond. in san francisco a disabled vehicle at the split with 101. nothing is moving. it should be clear by the time you get there even if you come from san francisco. then a disabled vehicle off to the shoulder. bombshell accusations against the uber. a article had the guardian disclosing how huber broke laws and lobbied government overseas. these were taking place in many
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areas. the guardian investigation claims there was a kill switch during raids to stop police from seeing data. messages allegedly show them joking about how they were pirates admitting that they sometimes crossed legal lines. huber said we have not and will not make excuses for past behavior that is clearly not in line with our present values. instead, we asked the public to judge us by what we have done over the past five years and what we will do in the years to come. now we are following this story . a full breakdown comes up at 5:30. >> another giant, twitter is preparing for a big time legal battle after tesla ceo called off his plan to buy the company. you may have followed this. the news came out on friday.
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now bloomberg and the washington post report that twitter is going to lawyer up and plans to file a lawsuit as early as this week. they have a strong case that must has violated terms assigned in april. musk says it is twitter that is not lived up to it's part of the deal. now story you will only see here, people are risking their lives to save people in ukraine. today, one man uses modern technology to make it happen. >> reporter: with oakland residents seeing the devastation in ukraine. he headed to the world ravaged country to help. >> i was flowing the drone over the city's and bombed out villages and looking for any
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signs of life, cats, dogs, people. >> he picked up a heat signature of animals trapped in buildings. he marked the coordinates and then he went into find the dogs and cats that survived the blast. working with a third drone animal-based service they rescued 30 pets. from this fire in the mountains to marsh harbor after hurricane dorian, he is trackable around the world rescuing animals. his mission in ukraine was the most dangerous. it required him to wear a bulletproof vest. >> we would go into the building and soldiers would tell us, be on the lookout. the russians would have trip wires attached to grenades in
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the building. >> some pets were reunited and others are going to new homes. doug even adopted a cat and kitten himself. his quest is not over. he is headed back to ukraine in a few weeks to try to rescue more animals. he hopes to use his drone and technology to help search for people as well. >> i feel like it is my calling to help as much as i can. that is a cool story. also a plastic parada comes to the bay area. a look at this trash collector as it works to help. climate in crisis. president joe biden talks about a public health emergency to help women gain abortion access in states where it is now ban. the move could free of federal resources in all 50 states to counter the decision to overturn
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roe versus wade. it lacks specifics and the it lacks specifics and the white house big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey?
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new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm.
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>> welcome back. in richmond they are getting some help to clean the coastline from a unique machine looking at the plastic parada. this is an autonomous rover that can skim out trash and debris and collect more than 100 pounds of waste per trip. it is all electric and has software to make sure it doesn't get in the way of boats or other marine life.
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the brainchild of the clean earth rovers start up in the university of cincinnati. this is the first after hearing about a fellow student. >> i was in a public speaking class and one mad ocean plastics and the effects on the environment. i left that day being frustrated because it is not something we talk about in the midwest. it was not something i had even heard of. i slowly became very obsessed with the problem and that is what inspired us to build us this technology to have it clean up our coastlines. >> this will arrive in richmond midweek and then launch at the point. this is where it will stay as a rental for about three months and they plan to make sure and rent out more
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rovers to help clean coastlines across the country. the first of its kind, new look at the universe, the first full color pitcher from the new telescope. the first batch of photos has been taken. >> new developments. this is a huge ally who said he will be willing to
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racing to save ancient sequoias. the unusual methods to protect sacred trees as a wildfires burn out of control. bus tracking and advisory. loosening covid restrictions. new rules taking effect at airports tomorrow. we will show you what to keep in mind ahead of your next summer vacation. this is today in the bay streaming live. thank you for joining us. it is monday morning.


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