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tv   Today  NBC  July 14, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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that is what's happening "today in the bay" , we are back at 7:25 with a live update. join us for nbc bay area at 11:00 as well. ♪ good morning the expensive states of america. inflation now the worst it's good morning, the expensive states of america. inflation now the worst it's been since 1981. >> prices for almost everything in the month of june went up. >> americans now paying more for food, gas, housing, and pretty much everything on store shelves. could the worst be behind us. we'll break down it means to you. swept away. >> i could hear the river, it was roaring. >> a devastating flood tears through a virginia community. >> we have a call here, people
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in the waters. >> this morning dozens unaccounted for, homes and lives destroyed. with a search and rescue mission under way, and al is tracking the threat of more storms and another day of extreme heat. demanding answers. families of the victims of the uvalde school shooting speak out. >> they failed our community, failed our kids. >> still in shock over the video that shows officers waiting more than an hour before confronting a school shooter. >> this goes against all training. >> we're live in texas with the growing outrage. high stakes visit, president biden on his first middle east trip since taking office, facing tough questions after landing in israel. the very latest in a live report from the region. all that, plus wave of concern. two more shark attacks in just a matter of hours. forcing swimmers out of the ocean, closing beaches and prompting this urgent message
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from officials. >> this may represent the new normal. >> what's behind the sudden increase? and full moon fever. a stunning super moon lighting up the night sky. the breathtaking snapshots of the biggest and brightest moon of the year that have people in awe. "today," thursday, july 14th, 2022. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to "today." thursday morning, 7:00 a.m. on the west coast. i hope you saw a huge, beautiful moon. >> the moon, you know, could wake you up it's so bright. >> yeah. >> really bright. a special moon. they call it the buck moon. we'll have more on that. >> i know you know the numbers came out yesterday, pretty staggering. inflation up just over 9%. and by now you've heard that
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happens to be the biggest jump in four decades. so what does that all mean? >> we know gasoline prices are high. they're about $4.60 a gallon. but if you look overall, energy prices, gas, oil, electricity, up 40% from a year ago. >> and groceries up 12% from this time last year. to put that in perspective, beef is now 50 cents more per pound. >> housing and rent up too. up more than 5%. it's truly affecting everything we buy. we have our team ready trying to make sense of it, including how long it will last and what you can do to save money. >> we begin like we do with mornings with tom costello who has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, we are not alone in the world. we are paying high prices, the rest of the world is. we'll get to that in a minute. but most of the country does not need a stat to tell us what we need and feel and pay every day. we are paying more for everything, housing as you
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mentioned, clothing, gasoline. and have you been to the grocery store lately? it's happening coast to coast, consumers feeling the pain in their wallets with inflation hitting the highest point in nearly 41 years. among the everyday staples over the past year, higher costs for chicken and beef. a gallon of milk up nearly 60 cents. and the price for a dozen eggs increasing by more than a dollar. it's not just what we eat. prices are also going up for clothing, housing and utilities. at this food pantry in san diego county, families are stocking up on the essentials. some of them first time visitors. >> i'm out of work right now and so is my wife so we need this. >> reporter: before the pandemic, the san diego food bank served about 350,000 families. now adding in inflation they're up to half a million every month. it's a struggle for them as well. >> when donations are down, the food bank has to buy food and
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that food is a lot more expensive today than two years ago. >> reporter: and across america one of the biggest pain points has been gas prices but there may be some good news. they seem to be easing slightly down 41 cents on average from a month ago still many are feeling the pinch this summer as some families are modifying their vacation plans. >> the cost doubled. it was going to cost us over $2,000 just to get there and back with fuel prices. >> reporter: instead of going to the grand canyon, amber and her family decided they were going to stay in michigan. >> i like to think we postponed it, maybe it'll happen soon, maybe next summer, but who knows at this point. >> all of this as economists are hyper focused on the federal reserve, now expected to raise interest rates higher to bring inflation under control. >> the fed really has only one tool. they have one screwdriver, they can tighten, they can loosen. if you need a saw or hammer, they don't have that tool. >> reporter: what does that mean?
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it means the fed is likely to raise rates again this month, three quarters of a point maybe even a full percentage point coming in september. we mentioned we are not alone in the world. in canada and mexico, they're also paying 8% inflation rates right now. in uk, 9%. this is clearly a global problem and there's so many reasons as we have spelled them all out over the last few months. back to you. the perfect storm, tom. thank you. here to dive into the numbers and tell us if any relief can be expected, melissa lee, host of cnbc's "fast money". the question is, as what the fed does, has any of the policy changes that have gone into effect done anything to ease inflation. if you look at those numbers, the answer is no. >> policy can only do so much. there are components where fed policy will not do anything, for instance, housing prices. you sign a lease for a year, so
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you don't see things change. you don't see that price go lower right away, even if everything else in the world is going lower. the direction over the long term will be lower but what the fed is doing is not going to impact that. companies are raising prices, some prices are sticky, don't move as quickly as what's going on in the macroeconomic world so those prices remain high. >> the administration said that 9.1% figure obviously is stunning, but gas prices have fallen 40 cents in the past month. that's true. are these numbers in way not reflecting this incremental progress that the white house is pointing to. >> there is. that's the good news. seeing commodity costs go down. the average price of a gallon of gasoline has edged lower since the middle of june. commodities from wheat to corn to lumber, they've come well off of their highs by double digit percentages. but prices are sticky. it's going to take time for consumers see the decline in economy.
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we heard from pepsico. they make pepsi, frito-lays. they reported their results. they were able to put on a 12% increase across the product portfolio on average and consumers are willing to pay it. >> bottom line, they're raising prices and people are paying the higher prices. that's the irony of this. they say in your business, higher prices cure higher prices. >> right. >> is it about when consumers say i'm not going to buy that anymore or i can't buy that anymore. is that when prices come down. >> yes. and that's what we're looking for the in the housing market, if the fed raises rates, consumers are priced out, they don't buy the house. they're hoping that works to bring that demand down. >> at the same time not wanting to put sludge in the economy and cause a recession. >> cause the wheels to stop entirely. >> a delicate business, melissa thank you. let's move to the december separate search and rescue mission under way in southwest virginia.
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heavy rain caused devastating flash flooding. dozens still unaccounted for and more than 100 homes are damaged. kathy park joins us from oakwood, virginia. hey, kathy. good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning to you. the flooding here was so severe, even rescue crews are having a tough time navigating through these rural roads to get to people who might still be stranded. a lot of the roads are impassable at this hour and bridges have washed away and we're told the damage stretches for miles. this morning, scenes of devastation in rural virginia. cars stacked up like toys. roofs of homes scattered on the ground. and roads turned to rivers.
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>> water kept coming up, up, up, then i thought it was receding and it made another surge and came back. >> reporter: an overnight storm dumping 6 inches of rain if had a matter of hours. all of that water causing disastrous flash flooding. >> we have a car with two people in it, it's going under water. >> one of our neighbor's driveways completely collapsed, fell down the creek. the roads are completely destroyed. >> reporter: this morning dozens of people still unaccounted for. >> for people missing a lot of that is due to say family members or loved ones trying to contact a member -- someone they know is there. there's just no dell phone service or no way to contact them. >> reporter: but cannon county officials say 100 homes have been flooded or swept away.
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these images show the path of destruction left behind by the floodwaters. hundreds of homes this morning still without power. >> i could hear the river. it was roaring. it sounded like -- like a lion roaring. >> the devastation comes nearly a year after the same community was hit hard by hurricane ida. >> one of the things with this is the severity of the damage to the houses is not as extensive as we saw last year with some of the flooding. however, the number of houses that were affected is significantly more. >> reporter: on wednesday the governor declaring a state of emergency. >> this community right here is pulling together, we're all treating each one as family. >> reporter: and officials say that as of right now, there are no confirmed fatalities or injuries, because of the power outages and spotty cell services that might be the reason why the number unaccounted for is so high at this hour but we should have answers as the rescue
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efforts continue. >> let's hope that's true. kathy park. kathy, thank you. >> let's bring al into the conversation, tracking the threat of more storms today. it was a scary night in a lot of places. >> it was. pilgrim's nob had the flash flood warning, by 8:30,. because of climate change we're seeing more and more of the heaviest rainfall days in 2021, 385 locations saw their top ten wettest day, 37 folks wettest day ever on record and that's happening more and more. other problem. the heat stretching from the dakotas down to texas. 18 million people impacted. for today the heat index is not so bad west of the rockies. because of the heat and humidity, triple digits in tulsa, dallas, san antonio for today. memphis is going to come close, tomorrow more of the same heat
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index in minneapolis, 104. 96 in montgomery. into next week, the heat continues mid 90s in nashville, upper 80s in st. louis. triple digits for oklahoma, dallas, and as we get into denver, temperatures flirting with 100 degrees. savannah. >> al, thank you. let's move to the growing outrage from frustrated families in uvalde, texas, directed at law enforcement. this comes after that new video shows heavily armed officers waiting, waiting for more than an hour before confronting the gunman in the robb elementary school shooting. sam brock is there live with the latest. sam, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning. a veteran law enforcement expert who watched that video used words like inexcusable and unacceptable to describe what he
7:14 am
saw on the video from police. ever since columbine the guidance is clear you run towards gun fire and neutralize the shooter as quickly as possible. parents here want to know why that did not happen. we have to warn you these images are disturbing. >> a devastated community searching for answers. >> they're the ones supposed to be in the front line leading the troops. >> reporter: new video released by the austin american statesman revealing a minute by minute time line that shows authorities were inside robb elementary within minutes, initially fleeing from the gun fire and then standing by with shields, body gear and rifles for more than 40 minutes possibly awaiting orders before approaching the classroom again. >> as you watch the video, what's the worst mistakes made? >> the first time they heard gun fire, they retreated. >> reporter: law enforcement waited close to another 30 minutes before border patrol finally took out the gunman. ana rodriguez calling their
7:15 am
actions cowardice. she couldn't bear to bring herself to watch the video after losing her 10-year-old daughter, who was remembered by actor matthew mcconaughey at the white house after the shooting. >> these were the same green converse on her feet that were the only clear evidence that could identify her after the shooting. how about that? >> they failed our community. they failed our kids. our kids and our teachers paid the price for their failure. >> reporter: we're also learning more about a uvalde police officer criticized by some on social media for checking his cell phone during a standoff. according to a texas legislature, that officer is reuben ruiz, the husband of slain teacher. his wife had contacted him saying she was shot and dying. adding he tried to save her but was held back and had his gun taken away and was escorted from the school. as uvalde families demand answers, now victims as young as
7:16 am
10 are pushing for change. >> no one has to go through what i've gone through at school. i felt sad because most of my friends passed away. >> it's hard to believe that the school year in uvalde starts up in just a few weeks. have they decided what they're going to do for the staff and students returning? >> reporter: hoda, that's right. the middle of next month is the time line we're looking at right now, and according to the school district, they just performed a comprehensive security and safety audit and are planning on implementing changes by that date using a million dollars they received in donations from the las vegas raiders. some of that is spacing around the schools, additional cameras and on top of that, upgraded doors and door locks given what
7:17 am
happened. hoda. >> sam brock for us in uvalde, texas. sam, thank you. 7:16, craig is here with another story looking overseas. >> yeah. good morning. good morning to you as well. president biden is on his first visit to the middle east since taking office beginning with a stop in israel where he's facing some tough questions. chief white house correspondent peter alexander is traveling with the president. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: craig, good morning to you. front and center throughout this visit the topic of iran just moments ago, president biden and his counter party, israel's prime minister signing what is a
7:18 am
joint declaration to never allow iran to acquire a nuclear weapon. this morning the president was pressed whether he would raise up his murder and his position on him remains clear. the president wants the saudis to pump more oil and the optics of his meeting there will be heavily scrutinized. we'll be traveling with him. craig, back to you. >> our chief white house correspondent peter alexander, thank you. i got up with more thing this half hour. a cat that got loose at boston's logan's airport, did you hear about this. >> no. >> rowdy got lost after arriving from germany, turns out he chased some birds and for three weeks rowdy was on the run, despite occasional sightings. she was finally clear. it's unclear if she got tired, hungry.
7:19 am
she finally gave up the chase, her owners are overjoyed to have her back. why call her rowdy. >> now rowdy has eight left. al is back with another check of the weather. >> severe storms in the northern plains states. we're looking for heavy gulf downpours. sunshine out west and showers up through northern new england. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
7:20 am
still be good thursday morning, i am meteorologist carryall. a sunny sky for the inland areas, and fought near the coast. it will be a day where it will be slightly warmer compared to yesterday. not too bad. the temperatures will continue to heat up going into the weekend. saturday will be the warmest day with highs in the mid 90s. and we go back to the low to mid 80s for >> and tfor >> and that's your latest weather. guys >> al, thank you coming up, jesse kirsch live at the new york beach where swimmers were told to get out of that water. >> reporter: that's right, two shark attacks in one day on new york beaches here. now some people are staying away from that water. what officials are saying about
7:21 am
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good morning, we start out with mild temperatures across the bay area. this is where we are heading, are temperatures spread out with 60s in half moon bay. as you had across the bay to oakland, it will be comfortable 75 degrees. it will
7:28 am
reach the upper 80s in livermore, as well as san jose. you will see a high of 79 degrees. it gets slightly warmer heading into torrow. laurmoa?
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♪♪urmoa? 7:30 now, thursday morning, afternoon in scotland and you know who has already walked 500 miles, carson daly he's at the iconic st. andrews where the 150th championship is now under way. carson, you're beaming you're in your happy place, your spiritual home. >> first thing i want to say is that pop start has permanently moved to st. andrews so that will be coming to you every day. >> oh my gosh.
7:31 am
>> i am. it's special this is not a green screen we're here the 150th anniversary of the open championship, the birthplace of golf you know what golf means to me and my family. this is a place my late father, who brought me into playing golf and our relationship was formed on the golf course he's not here with me, but i brought my son jackson to watch rory and the great players fight for the jug. we're going to talk to a bunch of golfers and joined with mike tirico here in an hour this is my happy place >> you know there are other children and the wife, you have siri and the girls waiting for you. >> it's a given go it's a push and a tug. i think maybe i'll end up on the flight but this is a special place. it all began right here. we have a lot more coming up next hour. >> that's a big smile. >> thank you, carson. >> we'll chat with mike tirico who's there as well. let's get your headlines new information on a story we
7:32 am
first told you about yesterday a source told nbc news that former president trump tried to call a member of the white house support staff who's currently in talks about testifying before the january 6th committee. the committee's vice chair, liz cheney said tuesday that trump tried to call a witness, she didn't identify the person cheney said that person did not take the call. the justice department will have to determine if there was any illegal conduct. an ohio man has been charged with raping a 10-year-old girl in a case that's garnered national attention 27-year-old garcon fuentes has confessed to the crime the 10-year-old travelled to indiana from ohio for an abortion the ohio law was enacted hours after the supreme court's overturning of roe v. wade last month. the house approved a measure
7:33 am
yesterday to create a secure system for reporting ufos. intelligence officials say there are approximately 400 military reports of unidentified flying objects that could not be explained. the ufo reporting system would allow for immediate sharing of information with scientists, analysts and government personnel. the move is part of an effort to press intelligence officials to be more transparent with congress and the american people. we've been talking about it lately for good reason shark attacks are on the rise. yesterday there were two more off the coast of new york. jesse kirsch joins us from long island >> reporter: it was the second time in ten days that beachgoers were told stay out of that water, no swimming allowed officials say that had never happened here, going back to when the beach opened in 1959. that is until this month when a shark came to town
7:34 am
after back-to-back shark attacks at the same new york beach this morning some swimmers are staying out of the water. >> it's a little scary that they're so close to shore. >> reporter: early wednesday a shark bit surfer sean donnelly off smith point beach. throwing the 41-year-old from his board. he reportedly punched the shark repeatedly before catching the luckiest wave of his life, one that carried him back to shore. >> got my left calf, knocked me off my board i saw the fin and its back. >> reporter: officials say the surfer has a 4 inch gash on his leg but is expected to be okay the attack coming days after a shark bit a lifeguard at the same beach. >> thankfully it wasn't as bad as it looked. >> reporter: hours later wednesday another attack at a nearby beach in waist high water. the victim is expected to survive. it may sound like the most
7:35 am
famous shark movie. >> he's going to continue to feed here as long as there's food in the water. >> reporter: but biology professor peter daniels said it's unusual to see repeat shark attacks in the same area he thinks shark found a school of fish near shore. >> if people are out the same time sharks are feeding then that increases the probability of an encounter. >> reporter: last year the u.s. led the world in shark attacks with 47. florida and ohio are the highest rates and california not far behind a recent attack there had one man narrowly escaping death. >> i was bit by a shark right across my thighs and abdomen it grabbed me and pulled me up and dove me down in the water. >> reporter: now the swimmer finally leaving the hospital after weeks of medical care. >> i'm going home. i'm going to recover, be okay. >> so there were two shark attacks yesterday.
7:36 am
is this a one-off or do experts expect this sort of thing to continue >> hoda, this may be something that we keep seeing happening again and again. officials here say sharks coming closer to shore appears to be a new normal which means we could see more and more of those interactions between sharks and people. but officials also stressing they believe the types of injuries caused by the sharks here are not severe saying it is okay to be going to the waters people should be comfortable out here if they're taking common sense precautions. savannah. >> jesse thank you let me tell you what you won't ever read or hear, craig melvin got bit by a shark. >> you don't get in the water? >> the waters are too cold, clearly it's shark infested. >> shark infested come on. >> you need to take that back. >> all right i take it back. >> it's not shark infested >> and jesse said it's not going to be a severe bite. a love tap a little nibble. when we come back, erin mclaughlin is on solid ground,
7:37 am
in a grocery store telling us how to save money at the grocery store, even when prices are sky high hey, erin. >> reporter: that's right. an expert tells us how to save money, sharing tips, she says money, sharing buy this instead of this we'll tell you why after the in today's can't break. with less moderate-to-severe eczema, in today's can't miss we are over the moon. look at these breathtaking pictures, stunning photos of the brightest super moon of the year coming up right after this tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems such as eye pain or vision changes, including blurred vision, joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines without talking to your doctor. ask your doctor about dupixent.
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consumer confidential where each day around this time we're going to bring you stories that are aimed at saving money and these days the cost of food is taking a bigger bite out of the monthly budgets. >> oh, boy, is it. grocery prices at an all time high all the essentials cost more but there are ways to save big. >> so aaron mclaughlin went shopping with an expert, she's live to share strategies with us this morning hey, erin, good morning. >> good morning, guys. we all know the price of groceries is crazy these days. that doesn't mean you can't save and in many cases, save big. >> reporter: sky high prices at the grocery store now busting family budgets across america. >> this is a game changer for
7:43 am
your grocery bill. >> reporter: but gina says with simple strategies you can still save she cut her family's bill by 75%. >> i went from spending $1,200 a month to $400 a month. >> for a family of four? >> yes >> reporter: gina shares her tips on tiktok and says saving at the grocery store starts before you leave the house tip number one, organize your food so everything is visible and accessible >> how does this save you money? >> so nothing goes to waste because i can see everything i have at a glance and i'm not buying things i don't need. >> reporter: tip number two, research the best deals and prices she said price comparison apps like flip show you what items are on sale and give you digital deals on your favorites. >> that app helps me figure out is it going to be a good price if i were to buy it now or wait until the next sale. >> reporter: then based upon available deals she makes a shopping list and maps out her meals for the week
7:44 am
now it's time to shop. we went to pavilions where we put tip three in action. buy key items in bulk. >> absolutely go with the bulk you're going to save money and i can use them for something i call batch prep. which is basically put them in a food processer, chop them at once and freeze them. >> reporter: look at the price per unit. >> it shows the unit price -- >> it shows right here >> why is unit price important >> you can compare across the board and know you're getting a good deal. >> look at these identical crackers one a name brand, the other a store brand. >> right now you save 50% by getting the store brand. >> that's a big difference. >> it is and it adds up. >> reporter: she said store brands typically have the same ingredients as name brands. >> 90% of the time they're manufactured in the same warehouse, they just have
7:45 am
different labels on them. >> if your favorite foods aren't on sale this week, never fear. most items get discounted 6 to 8 weeks. >> serious savings happening, well done. >> well done for real. i need gina to shop with me. for meat lovers, any specific money saving tips for them >> reporter: this is a good one. gina says look for the manager specials on meat that's often heavily discounted meat because it's going to expire in a few days gina said she brings it home, puts it in the freezer, label the freezer bag with the expiration information so when she thaws it she knows how long she has to eat it. she saves 30% on things like beef and chicken she says. >> the vacuum sealer one of the greatest things you can get. >> why >> because you can do the specials, buy in bulk, vacuum seal it so you don't get freezer burn. >> takes up less space in the freezer.
7:46 am
>> i freeze a lot of stuff, and unfreeze it, i don't think i can eat it. a little something different tomorrow on today. summer sprinkler safety. splash pads popular with families trying to beat the heat but there are a few things you might want to keep in mind before jumping into the water at your local playground or water park. >> the cdc has guidelines for staying safe and stopping the spread of germs. kerry sander will be with us with what you need to know >> what? >> you all were doing something -- >> it was these two. i was listening like i was in church hanging on your every word these two. >> we were behaving. speaking of the weather mr. roker. >> we're putting a slip and slide in right here. >> is there a slip and slide out there? >> it's not really a slip and
7:47 am
slide. it's a fountain. >> we went into that, remember >> people have taken it to a new level. there were guys without their shirts on. >> that's where we draw the line. >> right >> what's happening? please, al >> okay. time to go -- all right. we're looking down in the gulf here, scattered showers, thunderstorms, some flash flood warnings down through southern alabama near montgomery. a weak stationary front hanging around storms will be forming, scattered around the gulf, heavy
7:48 am
good thursday morning, i am meteorologist cary hall. our temperatures will be very much like they were yesterday. slightly warmer in some spots like livermore, reaching into the upper 80s. 88 degrees in santa rosa. 50s and 70s from the coast to much of the inner bay. tomorrow, i expect this weather pattern to continue, hotter temperatures for the inland valleys, >> and that's your latest weather. next we'll find out we can't have sprinkles on our ice cream cone. >> sprinklers, i see what you're saying. >> sprinkles are good. expensive. up 10% probably. but anyway -- >> we're getting this train back on track after a quick break when we come back, can't miss photos. check this out it was really a stunning super moon if you did miss it fear not we have you covered after this not too late to catch a glimpse either i felt all people saw were my uncontrolled movements.
7:49 am
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7:52 am
>> what do they call it? the buck moon. >> the buck moon. >> you probably know why. >> because this time of year the antlers on the buck deer are larger >> that's interesting. 7% bigger, 15% brighter, if you're wondering. >> i love when you see it around the landmarks across the world we're all looking at the same moon whether it's new york city or. >> we're all one. >> we'll get another one next month, the last one for the year. when the moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie, that's amore. straight ahead in pop start, an exclusive reveal that fans have been waiting years for. the first look at the lord of the rings series.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
is you are heading out this morning, you can see the
7:57 am
we will see are high temperatures in the upper 80s. we will see that again tomorrow. saturday, we will feel slightly hotter for the inland areas. the temperatures will come down to the mid-80s by the middle of next week. for san francisco, we are watching out for coastal flooding. that will be after midnight, our temperatures today will have for the upper 60s. more clouds and fog in the forecast, and we will see that whether continue through next week. think you for joining us, i will be back with another news update in half an hour or so, and join us for midday news at 11 am.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:01 am
>> i couldn't walk i couldn't talk. >> what they went through during gabby's long road to recovery and their thoughts on the state of gun violence in america and field of dreams. it is hope week for the new york yankees. a summer tradition where they make major plays off the field to help others. >> getting the chance to bring the team out to different events throughout the week and highlighting some special people is -- it's pretty humbling experience, that's for sure. >> we have three of their biggest stars joining us live to celebrate. "today," thursday, july 14th, 2022 >> hello, from south dakota. >> hello, from new orleans. >> celebrating 20 years of marriage.
8:02 am
>> from fort wayne, indiana on pj's graduation trip. >> on "today" for mom's birthday >> from memphis, tennessee >> from bristol, connecticut. >> told i turn 60. >> from orlando, our first time in new york city. >> from sacramento, california >> college sweet hearts on an anniversary trip. >> on a mom my/dau >> to the "today" show. welcome back. it is thursday, we're so happy that you're starting your day with us. getting a lot of beautiful people to visit with on the plaza. >> you say thursday it's fri-yay eve. >> we say thurs-yay. we'll meet a man capturing light in the darkness. a photographer whose passion project is documenting lighthouses in a sea of stars. the results are staggering. we'll have that for you tomorrow on "today." >> you'll love meeting him. he's a cool guy. the news at 8:00, the highest inflation rate has americans looking for ways to stretch their dollars. the 9.1% rate for june surprised even experts. gas prices played a role in the
8:03 am
spike. those are coming down but prices are still climbing. there's no break at the supermarket either with basics like meat, milk and eggs straining budgets. the cost of borrowing money is about to go up with the federal reserve expected to raise interest rates again to help bring inflation under control. rescue operations are still under way this morning after extreme flooding that happened in rural virginia. a storm yesterday dumped a half foot of rain in the southwestern portion of the state. dozens still unaccounted for overnight. floodwaters washed out bridges and roads making the search difficult. the interesting thing with the system pushing through you can see flash flood warnings came up, 1 to 2 inches of rain
8:04 am
had already fallen got another 2 inches after that, at 10:35, 2 more inches of rain and that flooding washing out roads, taking down power lines, wiping out cell towers, probably one of the reasons it's difficult for them to get ahold of people. rainfall amounts about 4.5 inches but some places far more than that. we move to the heat, talking about 18 million people from the dakotas to texas looking at heat advisories, warnings for today. to the west of the rockies because the humidity is lower, even though it's really warm they're not talking about big triple digit heat indexes. more of the same tomorrow. and the bad news, we're looking for the extreme heat to continue right on into early next week.
8:05 am
guys? >> thanks, buddy. wnba star brittney griner returned to court in russia today one week after pleading guilty to drug possession charges. meanwhile the white house said it's doing everything possible to get griner released. kelly cobiella joins us. >> reporter: we know that brittney griner is at the courthouse this morning. her lawyers are expected to argue or try to convince anyway, the judge, that she should be handed a lighter sentence. they're mitigating circumstances. griner was acushioned of carrying vape canisters with cannabis oil in her luggage. she made that surprise admission of guilt saying she did what she was accused of but it was inadvertent. she didn't mean to commit a crime. she simply packed in a hurry. the first defense witness says
8:06 am
she's a great player, she helped to promote russian basketball on the world stage and also dedicated to establishing better relationsen with the two countries. but what we don't know is how long this hearing will last or whether griner herself will once again address the judge. craig? >> kelly for us, thank you. about six minutes after the hour let's get a morning boost. >> i have a fun one for you. the dance cam at tropicana field helps pump up fans during the tampa bay rays baseball games. it's not just the fans, though. we have a talented and flexible security guard. rity guard he electrifies the ballpark. ♪ ♪ >> whoa. ♪ ♪ let's get it started ♪ ♪ let's get it started in here ♪ >> whoa. ♪ ♪ let's get it started ♪ ♪ let's get it started in here ♪ >> a cartwheel. >> come on come on. >> you know who needs to have
8:07 am
him on >> who. >> jimmy fallon. doesn't he do the dance -- >> yes >> i saw a cabbage patch, the floss. >> since he's a security guard there, he can't go to the all-star game because he's at that field he has many things in store for his future. >> incredible. sign him. >> yep coming up in pop start folks, we are going to take you inside harry's house specifically, harry's bedroom. see how he's going under cover in his new music video. later on right here in our studio this morning, former congresswoman gabby giffords is here live with her husband senator mark kelly they're opening up about her remarkable will, recovery, and trying to make the world safer they have a new documentary with never before seen footage of gabby's recovery after this you don't have to keep tabs on rotating categories... this is the only rotating i care about.
8:08 am
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febreze car. this is a craft 170 years in the making. (sniffing) for bold, smooth flavor in every batch of black silk. it's something we pride ourselves on at folgers... yeah, i said folgers. our nation unfortunately has been rocked by gun violence this summer in places like an elementary school in uvalde, texas, a fourth of july parade in highland park, illinois well 11 years ago, for gabby giffords it was a supermarket parking lot in our hometown of tucson, arizona. her spirit and mission are all captured in a new documentary
8:14 am
called "gabby giffords won't back down" we'll speak with gabby live in a moment but first a look back on her remarkable story. >> thank you for inviting me here today speaking is difficult, but i need to say something important. >> this moment in congress in 2013 would have been nearly unthinkable just two years prior. >> i do believe gabby giffords was hit. >> good morning, tragedy in tucson, a congresswoman fights for life. >> reporter: on january 8th, 2011, a gunman shot into a crowd at a local meet and greet with their local congresswoman, gabby giffords killing six and injuring 13, including gabby, shot point blank in the head. >> people are just so sad, so shocked and they really don't want the rest of the country and the world to look at tucson in this way >> it drew national attention to tucson, arizona, my hometown and the president himself who visited gabby's hospital bedside. >> a few minutes after we left her room and some of her colleagues from congress were in the room, gabby opened her eyes for the first time >> president obama is now part of a new documentary on gabby's
8:15 am
life and road to recovery. >> gabby embodies this sense of the human spirit being able to overcome just about anything >> i couldn't walk i couldn't talk. ♪ happy birthday to ♪ ♪ happy birthday dear gabby ♪ >> now i'm giving speeches again. >> hello, my fellow arizonans. >> through it all, gabby has remained undaunted, fighting tirelessly for gun reform with her organization giffords. that same spirit led her to mark the third anniversary of the shooting by jumping out of an airplane
8:16 am
did you hold on tight? >> not really. >> the same gift of connection and the same indomitable spirit i saw in her when she was first elected to congress, that doesn't go away. >> and former congresswoman gabby giffords is with us this morning right here in studio along with her husband, senator mark kelly good morning to both of you. >> hello. >> before we talk about the documentary. i know you have a new grand baby, sage. >> sage. awesome, awesome so smart walking. >> she's walking already do you love being grandparents >> it's the best, i have to say. i mean, it's so much easier than being a parent. >> yeah. absolutely well, of course, it's been some difficult days this summer we've obviously been following the shooting in uvalde, texas, and what happened in highland park, in buffalo, new york the list goes on and on. but for you, gabby, when you see these recent events, how does that strike you?
8:17 am
how do you handle that >> so sad. so sad the violence, violence, violence no -- >> no. not good at all. senator kelly we're here mostly to talk about gabby but, of course, you're a sitting united states senator from arizona. legislation was just passed, honestly the first real gun reform legislation in 30 years senator cornyn just said, the republican who was part of these negotiations said that's it, no more probably not going to be anything further than this do you believe that? >> it's always important to win elections. but this legislation, it's going to save people's lives that's what really matters it was also good to do it in a bipartisan way i had some of the parents from uvalde in my office on tuesday of this week and it's so tough. and it makes us so angry as a country. and to think that we can't do
8:18 am
something about it, well, we can. we just demonstrated that in washington >> you know, gabby, i'm sure you're watching these developments very closely. you're an advocate, you watch this legislation what did you think about this gun reform >> amazing amazing. amazing. increment. >> incremental, but you were happy to see the progress. >> yes >> let's talk about the documentary. how did you like being the subject of a documentary and seeing all of that video >> amazing covid was hard, masks, zoom, no hugs but the crew was fantastic visiting my mom, speech therapy, riding a bike, a whole lot of singing, a whole lot of singing. >> there's a lot of singing in the documentary. we'll talk about that and the moment you were bar mitzvahs i know you've been pursuing your jewish faith your father was jewish and it's great you got to see your mom gloria. this documentary is raw in places mark. you look at it, this is footage never seen before. >> right. >> days, moments after her recovery
8:19 am
why did you feel and she feel this is an important story to tell >> i thought at some point, after everything that happened to gabby and how horrific her injury was and she has to go through the rehab that some time in the future she would want to take a look and remember it. we've looked at that footage over the years and when it was -- it was really tough when it was going on. but now, you know, we can laugh about it >> there are some parts that were not funny then. but when you watch them now. obviously you worked so hard to be speaking as well as you are speaking today there's footage from the video there was one word, gabby, that you kept saying. what was it? that one -- maybe you said it so much you don't want to say it anymore? >> was it chicken. >> chicken, chicken, chicken >> yes >> a lot of chicken. >> if she said it once it was a
8:20 am
thousand times. >> interesting how the brain works. you had aphasia, which is this loss of speech but then for some reason words like that would pop in your mind being are learning more about aphasia, bruce willis is talking about it. >> covid was hard. >> covid sucks. >> covid sucks mask, zoom >> it's obviously a difficult and challenging thing to overcome with a brain injury like that. gabby talks all the time about how this really sucks. >> it's hard we both grew up in tucson, we're the same age we went to a different high school i love that you love '80s music and music was so important you did a lot of singing in the documentary. >> west virginia >> blue ridge mountains.
8:21 am
>> i love it country roads she has girls just want to have fun we could have danced at the fine lineback then. probably did in tucson thank you for being here the documentary is incredible, senator. thank you for being here. >> thank you >> always great to have you here. >> thank you so much. >> "gabby giffords won't back down". it'll be in select theatres tomorrow let's get the weather from al. >> gulf downpours, talking some areas picking up two to four inches of rain severe storms in the plains. hot and humid in mid sections of the country. monsoonal moisture for the southwest. plenty of sunshine along the more moisture from the southwest with plenty of sunshine over the west coast. that is what is going on around the country. here is what is happening in your neck of the woods. >> good thursday morning, i am meteorologist cary hall. take a look inside and we see
8:22 am
the with drizzle. san jose is walking out with sunshine with our high reaching 79 degrees. we do continue with a wide range in temperatures >> all rightperatures that's your latest weather now best time of the morning, a little pop start. >> yes >> le's get to it. we have a lot to talk about this morning. and first up we have an exclusive sneak peek at the series "the rings of power." it's set thousands of years before "the hobbit" and "the lord of the rings" books and a teaser is giving fans a look at the characters across the realms here's a peek. >> elves have forests to protect. dwarves, their mind. men their fields of grain.
8:23 am
but we have each other the enemy is still out there the question now is where. >> you have fought long enough put up your sword. >> you have not seen what i have seen >> looks good. the eight part first season of "the rings of power" premiers friday, september 2nd on prime video. up next, tom brady the nfl super star is opening up about life in the spotlight. in a recent interview on the drive podcast, he shared how he
8:24 am
tries to teach his kids not to take their life for granted. >> my wife grew up in rural brazil, the furthest state south, very small kind of farming town there were two bedrooms in their house, one for their parents and one for her and her five sisters. you know, i grew up, in i would say a middle class family in california and i look at my life with my family and it's so fast. it's just, we have people that clean for us we have people that make our food, we have people that drive us to the airport if we need that. >> stars, they're not like us. but i think i get what he's trying to say. they both grew up in normal family environment but now they have these luxuries. >> don't you feel pop start you always request a tom brady story? >> it does seem like that. let's talk about harry styles yesterday the pop star dropped a new video for "late night talking" off his most recent album and in the video styles is having one heck of a slumber party, taking it all the way to the streets of london. check this out ♪ wish i was around ♪ ♪ i just want to make you happy baby ♪
8:25 am
♪ we've been doing all this late night talking about anything you want till the morning ♪ ♪ now you're in my life ♪ >> >> the video is great we wanted to get the song stuck in your head on a thursday. >> we should have a pillow fi >> things you shouldn't say. straight ahead we'll check in with carson in scotland he's in his happy place at the 150th open championship. hey, carson. >> people keep texting me, saying you look so genuinely happy. i am, i'm at the birthplace of golf for the 150th anniversary of the open championship everybody is here, played here 29 times i'm joined by mike tirico in a little bit we'll break it all down coming up but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:26 am
rng, everyone. in the east bay, thieves are now targeting those wearing high end rolex watches. in -- of the three suspects, they've been detained, believed to be involved in two of the properties. one in creek, the most recent in danville. sheriff deputies recovered an illegal ar style assault firearm during that arrest. two of the suspects are juveniles, the third is an 18- year-old man. let's check in with carrie on the weekend forecast. >> reporter: we can see
8:27 am
sunshine in fremont as you get ready to head out the door. you can see it is a mostly a cloudy start. the temperatures will range in from the 60s to the coastline to the low 90s to the inland valleys. we are in our typical summertime weather pattern, but it will get hotter for the in land areas going for tomorrow as well. saturday and the next week we will see our temperatures coming down a few degrees with nothing too major here. no major changes. san francisco continues to see highs reaching into the upper 60s. we will start out each morning with clouds and fog and they will
8:28 am
8:29 am
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8:30 now it's thursday morning. what a pretty day. the sun is shining we had the super moon last night. we have a great crowd out here on the plaza summer is cooking. we are just so happy to have you here guys, i don't know if you can hear it over the happy crowd but we've been playing lizzo lizzo is going to be here tomorrow the queen of feel good music herself. she will take over our plaza for
8:31 am
a live concert. >> it's going to be a blast. as the citi concert series rolls on we have another one to tell you about. maren morris is going to rock our plaza july the 28th. write it down, visit for a fan pass tom lammas is with a couple of guys who know a thing or two about hits where are they we have some yankees here. they are on fire this season doing good work with them. we're going to talk with them and their teammate, aaron judge, about hope week. >> the yankees have the best record so far this season. >> plus summer salads to cool you down, guaranteed crowd pleasers for any backyard barbecue or summertime they are packed with summer
8:32 am
fruits or veggies. >> coming up in a few minutes on the third hour of today we have a special consumer confidential because phone scams are on the rise we'll help you spot a fake call and what to do if you're targeted with one of those phone scams. let's get a check of the weather gorgeous in this neck of the woods. >> let's take you a look as far as your weekend outlook, sunny skies new england, great lakes storms, intense heat in the plains, sunshine out west. saturday, sun from the great lakes to the plains, to the northeast. the southern plains have the heat and sunday, sunday, hot and humidity through the plains, monsoonal moisture in the ohio river valleys. hot and humid through the planes, some storms down through the southeast. that is what is going on around the country. here is what is happening in your neck of the woods. >> did morning. some of the warmer spots in
8:33 am
>> that's your latest weather.n by the way, >> that's your latest weather. by the way, let's look at the whether in st. andrews for the open it's going to start off with the qualifying rounds looking at showery weather as we move through friday but then for the weekend, for the big action, lots of sunshine and temperatures in the low to mid 70s. >> that's nice for out there. >> i have a feeling one carson daly and mike tirico will be excited about that. >> they will and that tees us up nicely about the open and that's where we find carson this morning. >> the competition is celebrating its 150th year at scotland's old course at st. andrews. carson has never looked happier.
8:34 am
he's there hey, carson. >> i keep hearing that pop start, full-time permanently from st. andrews from now on here with mike tirico. the claret jug trying to explain to people back home how special this is if they're not a golfer i can only imagine this is what it would be like for a catholic to go to the vatican for the first time it's more than a trip. it's a pilgrimage. >> the game started right here, the rules of golf here everything about the game traces roots to here. people say out and in when you play if front or back nine on the golf course. you go out of town here, you come back into town. this town of st. andrews it all originated right here. >> how has this golf course been able to be a constant test throughout the generations of golfers. it's 94 acres, not a large property there's 112 bunkers. in the states pros will aim for
8:35 am
a trap because they have a better leave, you do it here it costs you a shot how has the course been maintained throughout the years? >> the weather it's called links golf it links the sea and the land, the town here the links is windy, so when it blows 20, 25 miles per hour that's the defense of this golf. that plus the bunkers you get in and you can barely see the green you're right next to it's different than what the guys at home play and women at home play if you play back in the u.s. it's a great test. the players who come here love it because they get the history and know the roots of the game are here. >> tiger has had this date circled for a long time, won three open championships, two year, just like jack talking about tiger, only played seven competitive rounds in 20 months skipped the u.s. open to make sure he's healthy for this is he? >> as healthy as he can be he wants, he's won here twice as you said probably not going to come back
8:36 am
here for a few years he doesn't know if he'll still be playing when he plays here, thursday, friday, the weekend, may be the last time he plays here. so he's taking all that in, i think that's why he's as ready as possible. >> he's not going off for another hour and a half here local time. >> you get to watch. >> i am going to with my son jackson. >> hello. >> i couldn't get my dad, o got me involved, here so i brought the graphics department. special place for a family. >> on tv, more than two of us. >> he was recognized in a cheese shop in town the other day sorry we could go on forever. >> was the golf clap invented there at st. andrews >> you know what, i don't know that, savannah. >> we stumped tirico mike, quickly. i got in a cab yesterday and he said to me, i thought you were covering that big golf tournament.
8:37 am
>> no? >> seriously true story i said, no, that's mike tirico he seemed disappointed i wasn't you. >> i was walking down 17 and they wanted a weather forecast from me al, so we're even. >> thanks so much. thanks, jack you can catch tiger woods, rory mcilroy, all of nbc's sports coverage, the 150th coverage from scotland across usa new york, peacock. and dylan is dying here. she wants to be there. >> i did get to go a few years ago and got to play the new course this is happening at the old course the new course is still more than 100 years old th over there. keep it going with the sports theme tom is here on deck with new this is "today" on n this is "today" on n bc my tribe has lived on this land for 12,000 years.
8:38 am
8:39 am
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all right. now our favorite annual summer tradition. even the most hard core red sox fans cannot fail to appreciate this -- >> every time you say the word red sox in front of these guys. >> they grit their teeth. >> we have three of the team's biggest stars with us. but first tom has more on their special mission. >> made some new friends over there at yankee stadium and the new york yankees are having a spectacular season you're about to hear from aaron judge, the biggest name in baseball but the yankees are also doing something special off the field. they're highlighting the big plays from the community like taking a teen from gang life and helping him get into college as far as baseball heroes go it doesn't get much bigger than the new york yankees but the yankees want you to know not all heroes wear pinstripes. >> where did you invest in this relationship >> i saw long term that this is a hispanic man from inner city who now have a family, has his
8:41 am
own house. he's doing everything he's supposed to be doing, has a career like i want to be there in the future. >> reporter: 18-year-old gabriel jarvis is one of thousands of teens in the new york area mentored by nypd police officers as part of their blue chips program, which is being honored by the yankees. >> what did you see in gabe? >> myself. a reflection of me at 17. >> when they first met, the lieutenant knew gabe was at a cross roads. a life in gangs or a future in college. >> i could tell he was a good kid. i could tell he was just like me growing up in a rough neighborhood and just needed that nudge to push him in the right direction.
8:42 am
>> reporter: gabe is now heading to college telling us he's been accepted to nearly a dozen universities and awarded hundreds of thousands in scholarship money. blue chips is just one of the organizations the yankees are highlighting for hope week >> it's good to strive for greatness. everybody deserves opportunity in life. >> reporter: the pitcher, nestor cortez made the trek from the bronx to the nypd police academy in queens to congratulate them on their success. >> we all have choices in life i could have taken the wrong route many times lucky i surrounded myself with good people and people that wanted better for me. >> reporter: another player involved, super star aaron judge, whose 30 home runs so far this season have helped the yankees to have the best record in baseball. it's his seventh season with the team and seventh hope week.
8:43 am
>> getting the chance to bring the team out to different events throughout the week and highlighting special people is a humbling experience, that's for sure. >> reporter: what are you looking to do? what are the kinds of people you like to help >> i love helping the kids out, sharing that bond. especially in 2020 how distant we were from each other, trying to capitalize on bringing each other together. >> reporter: you're on this incredible run how are you feeling physically >> fantastic fantastic. i'm going to get an all-star break. i think having the day off yesterday is my all-star break. >> reporter: you come out see everyone wearing 99. do you see your career starting here, exploding here, ending here >> i don't know what the future holds. you know, you never really know. for me i try not to look down the road i'm here with the yankees right now. and playing for the best team in baseball we have a good thing going here. i'm going to continue to try to focus on that. the future will take care of itself. >> reporter: as for gabriel
8:44 am
jarvis, he said thanks to blue chips he has a future to look forward to. >> if there's one piece of advice that lieutenant mike gave you, almost like a motto that you want to share to other people, what would it be >> be your own person. do what's best for you i remember living for everybody else and when i started living for myself, that's when everything big happen. >> congrats. guys, he was thinking about joining a gang his freshman year in high school now accepted to 11 universities, hundreds of thousands in scholarship money it's incredible. a program that works and because it works, the yankees are here, garrett cole, jose trevino and, of course, rizzo i want to start with you and talk about the season in a little bit because you guys are on an incredible run but this story and hope week, how special is it? >> it's a really cool opportunity we have as yankees to reach out to our communities and highlight excellent stories like this. and take a break from our normal day job. and make an impactful
8:45 am
difference. >> jose, i saw that video when you found out that you had been named to the all-star team going to happen in a few days out in los angeles i think we have the video here for folks at home to see your reaction it was so genuine, so authentic. tell me about the season so far. how excited are you to play in your first all-star game >> it's incredible i have guys like garrett, rizzo taking care of me. two days before the season starts i get traded here it's a dream come true everybody has been great the fans have been awesome >> they love you >> does aaron judge give y'all any advice or does he do his things and you all do yours? >> he's the greatest player. he's such a good leader. he's the whole brains behind the whole operation for the yankees. he makes our clubhouse run and it's been a pleasure to play with him. >> garrett, you're a big part of the success as well. what's working for the yankees this season you have the best record and a lot of nights you seem unbeatable? >> i think we're playing really well as a team
8:46 am
we obviously have a lot of talent and a lot of good players, but we're just finding different ways to win. and, you know, just gelling together like the best summer ball teams that people play on and any other get together where you have a lot of people like minded. >> anthony, you won the roberto clemente award, that's an athlete doing a lot for philanthropy what does it mean? >> i didn't know much about it, this is my first full season here when it was brought up to us, i was like that's cool a whole week is highlighted to just going out into the community and helping out. i think as baseball players, especially on this stage, wearing the pinstripes, the yankees logo to go out and help in the community is so much bigger than anything we can do on the baseball field as players. i think, as human beings, we realize that and it's really easy to get caught up in just being a baseball player but we're so much more than that, for all of us to be able to help is
8:47 am
special. >> setting a great example world series prediction while you're here? >> yankees >> there you go. it was an easy one. >> guys, thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having us. coming up, home run for your next barbecue. al is with elizabeth what are you making? >> we could have a subway series we're going to use all of our summer veggies and beautiful and delicious pasta salads from the one and only elizabeth haskel. but firsthis is "today" ont
8:48 am
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technology solutions that put you ahead. get a great offer on internet and security, now with more speed and more bandwidth. plus find out how to get up to a $650 prepaid card with a qualifying bundle. this morn on "today" food we are answering the question, what can i this morning on "today" food
8:50 am
we are answering the question, what can i bring? today elizabeth has two delicious summer salad recipes no pressure but there are three yankees eating your food i hope it's good and tasty >> they're cute. >> we told them to stay away from the drinks, though. >> yeah. he's got a heavy pour. >> absolutely. y'all know it's hot as the hinges of hell in the south right now. nobody wants to sweat in the kitchen so we do the great easy salads we can pull together quickly. >> i've never shaved a vegetable. >> i don't like you with knives. >> no, no, she is wonderful. take off the end here. >> don't be snappy about it. >> we're going to shave like this. >> careful. >> look at you okay you got it keep going
8:51 am
we go in here. >> you're making -- >> with our fennell. i had high hopes let's move over -- let's move to the fennell now. >> i'll do this. >> you're better at that. >> if you don't love fennell, you can use celery, that's a great option put that in and make our dressing. >> you're moving so fast for us. >> so we have a little bit of honey, some dijon, also some lemon juice. and then we're going to slowly drizzle the oil in here. >> the oil. >> i was waiting i was waiting. >> yankees love it >> pause for yankees reaction. what are y'all doing what do you think? >> delicious. >> that's the thing. really don't forget it. >> feels like summer. >> we need to drink. that's not fair.
8:52 am
they're drinking, i want to drink. >> when's the next game? >> tonight. >> tonight >> they got drunk on the "today" show i'm going to the reason. >> these are virgins >> no, they're not >> that is strong. >> taste great. >> it's a peach margarita. you know we love a margarita >> we add the vin great that i just made. >> dump it >> yes >> and the fennell too the whole thing. >> yes >> and then you're going to toss >> what about these? >> this salad is one of my favorite things -- >> are we done we didn't taste it. >> moving on. >> just move on, we don't have time for that. >> so here we are, this is farmer's market salad. the deal is, if it grows together it goes together. okay >> what does that mean >> corn, peaches -- >> okay. >> if you see it at a farmer's market, it's all going to go together you can put anything you love in there.
8:53 am
this is my favorite trick. you have these tomatoes. >> i want to see this. >> put this on top and then cut right through. >> that's a good tip. >> that's a life hack. >> that's a hack, right. >> a life hack. >> then i have smoked chicken. go to your local barbecue stand, pick up smoked chicken or you can smoke your own. i think that's legal in y'all's state now. >> yeah. >> yeah, thought so. >> not in mississippi. >> not in mississippi, not yet not ever probably. >> let's add some lemon juice to this then we have balsamic. two cloves of garlic. >> whole like that >> yes because we're going to blend it. then zest. >> what's the drink, elizabeth >> the drink is a peach margarita. is it not one of the best things you've put in your mouth >> yes. >> yankees like it we're out of time.
8:54 am
>> enjoy it? >> delicious amazing. thank you very much. >> i'm going to need this recipe. >> they're fuelled up and liquored up for the game tonight. thanks elizabeth we'd have it no other way. >> thank you again, yankees for all of your hard work. hope you enjoy that meal.
8:55 am
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if the yankees fall to the reds tonight it's elizabeth fault. >> i'll take it. >> those drinks are well scribed by the yankees thanks for being here. >> coming up on "hoda & jenna," the number one comedy on netflix >> coming up on hold an, the number one comedy on netflix coming up after this. good morning, 8:56. offering a free semester of tuition for most of its students. laney college near oakland says students who plead the
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