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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  July 14, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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next on nbc bay area news tonight, thick smoke that is hard to escape. it is coming from a wildfire that has been smoldering for six weeks. what is the delay, and how bad is the air quality? and the bay area housing market is officially cooling down. >> it has been a large bubble. we are digging into governor newsom's trip to washington, and his recent campaign against high-profile republicans. >> freedom is under attack in your state. the republican leaders are banning books. an exclusive inside look at how police train to respond to
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mass shootings. good evening, this is nbc bay area news. we will get to the stories in a moment, but we want to get you caught up with the headlines at this hour. he monkeypox outbreak continues to grow. 250 known confirmed or probable cases statewide. and a large chunk of them right here in the bay area.many are man or men who have sex with other men. as we have reported, the demand for vaccines far outweighs the supply. these are long lines outside chicago. we learned that if you want to get the vaccine in the south bay you need a invitation. there were only about 740 vaccines received for the entire county. sarahãsanta clara county is the most populous in the area.
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they are spreading the message about the virus and how to get the vaccine in the coming weeks. santa clara is reporting 11 monkeypox cases. another headline tonight, a deadly car crash in the east bay. maybe the result of street racing. it happened in antioch this evening. sky ranger was overhead capturing the aftermath. police say two cars crashed into each other. first responders pulled one of the drivers from the car but the other driver was thrown from the vehicle. a witness tells us she saw one of the cars engulfed in flames. >> i heard cars driving superfast, which is normal. out of nowhere i heard a big old crash and popping. >> this area is known for a lot of speeding. we do heavily enforce this area. >> reporter: enforcement was not enough. in april, racing near the same spot was blamed for another deadly crash.
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a tree in the median. that crash split the car in half, killing the young driver. neighbors complained that the street was turning into a speedway. here is a story that is not only frustrating but unhealthy. a six week old fire has been burning in pittsburgh, still smoldering. smoky skies across the lot of the county and it is impacting our air quality. you can see the low level smoke. for the third day in a row it sparked an advisory. what is the delay? >> reporter: we have been through the that are part of the county for the better part of the day and you definitely see the air quality issue as a result of the fire that originated over there in pittsburgh. so right now the fire has been burning for more than six weeks. the issue is that it is hard to
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extinguish that material. they're proposing flooding the entire marshland in order to extinguish it, which hopefully will result in better air quality. the only problem, state and federal officials will need to get approval. that could take some time and that is bad news for everyone dealing with the air quality. officials say if you do have respiratory conditions, stay inside as much as possible or wear a mask if you have one. we will look at the air quality. we were just talking about six weeks and it is just hanging around, kind of low level. a lot of smoke. >> the main thing that we see with this fire right now is the fact that there is so much moisture in this marshy area that even though you're not seeing flames here, it is so hot from the original fire that
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has spread that it is creating steam, and that is mixing in with the pollutants. so even though we don't see the flames, that marshy area is creating the steam, which has those toxins. >> usually we see brush or trees, but i understand what you are saying. air quality right now and what about the wind direction? >> you can see currently we have 82 on the fire line. wind gusts up to 20 miles per hour. the way the wind is blowing it is actually continuing to push the smoke towards pittsburgh. unfortunately, i do not see a change in the wind direction tomorrow. you are going to get hit here in pittsburgh. we already talked about why it is smoldering so much. we have the moisture inside the marsh creating the steam, which is very toxic to breathe. you have all that stuff burning there. the air quality in pittsburgh
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is unhealthy right now. >> yes. it is specifically in old town. that is where the smoke is going. i don't really see a break in this until firefighters are able to get a better handle on it. again, it is not like they can go in there with the area. you have to cool down the temperature of the marsh to put this out. by flooding it, that could be a way that they have been talking about to extinguish it. i cannot remember doing a story like this where the fire smolders four weeks. >> it is unbearable for a lot of folks out there. i do not see a change in the wind right now. we will get you more information on the website including a link to how you can track the air quality in your area. you can find it on the nbc bay area news app. here is something that we rarely say, the bay area housing market is cooling down. we have new data to back it up. for the first time since the
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beginning of the pandemic, home values are taking a slight dip. according to is a low, prices are down 0.1%. that is not a lot. the average home value is at 1.492 million. that is about a $1500 drop from may. 0.1% drop may not seem like a big deal, but there is something to this. several bay area cities are seeing the fastest cooldown in the country including san jose which came in first, oakland at third and san francisco experiencing the 10th fastest cooldown. these rankings are based not only on home values, but price drops, inventory, and how fast homes are selling. so, what do these numbers mean if you are looking to buy, sell, or even rent your home? we have answers for you. let's bring in a long time realtor on the peninsula. nice to have you on the program.
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0.1% is a tiny cooldown. is it making any difference on the street level in terms of housing that you are seeing? >> yes, it definitely is. our market is transitioning. it was recently, we had listings that have multiple offers and 5000-7000 over asking price. we are shifting more to a level playing field. it is an opportunity for buyers. yes, interest rates are higher than they were a few months ago, but not as much competition. more than likely you're not going to be competing against 10 or 12 offers. you might be competing with one or two or maybe you are the only offer. so, there is definitely an opportunity for buyers out there if they have the fortitude to jump into the market with a little bit higher interest rates. >> interest rates are high and the prices are relatively high
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obviously. but you say that over bidding and multiple bidding is not happening or very rarely now. >> it is rare, and from a strategic standpoint, i am not sitting offer dates for my listings. until recently you would set a date and you would do your marketing and you would wait for your 10 or 15 offers to come in. most agents are just looking at offers as they come and it is realistic seller expectations as well. the market, there is a shift. there is definitely a shift going on. >> i know that you and many of your colleagues for several years, you have been kind of setting a price pretty low so that people could bid it up, is that still happening? >> that would be called a teaser price, but i'm not doing much of that now. i am trying to do more transparent pricing, and pricing properties closer to where we think they are going to land. if you price them low and the
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mentality is there going to come in and then you have no place to go. you want to try to place it closer to where you think it is actually going to go. you need to be careful that you do not overprice as well. transparent pricing is becoming the norm, rather than teasing pricing. >> it is amazing we are having this conversation. a couple more questions before we let you go, do you think this will continue, or is this a flash in the pan? >> well, i think one of the biggest influences on this is what the federal reserve is doing or talking about doing. they raised the federal funds rate by three quarters of a point and with the cpi numbers coming out with higher than anticipated inflation, there is some talk that they are going
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to raise it a full point at the next meeting, which means rates will continue to go up until there is control over inflation. so i think as long as the rates continue to go up it is going to have a cooling effect on the marketplace. the big question that people are trying to figure out is, how much of this is the normal july doldrums because everybody is going on vacation, and how much of it re i think it is a both. >> good luck to you, and appreciate your time tonight. our investigative team spent a year looking into the housing crisis and they found solutions. you can watch our show called overpriced, overwhelmed, over it on roku, or apple tv by downloading the nbc bay area news streaming app. up next, an exclusive look at how the police departments are preparing for the worst. we will take you inside an active shooter drill inside a bay area school. governor newsom taking out high profile republicans while in washington dc. we will talk about what he says this might indicate about a possible presidential run. possible presidential run. we arjoined by e
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so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. welcome back to nbc bay area news tonight. there is no such thing as a slow summer for governor gavin newsom. he is making a national blitz against republicans. it is sparking more talk about a potential presidential run. >> i just had a meeting with the first lady. we were talking all things education and what is happening across this country.and what is
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going on in many of these red states. >> the governor's office posted this video yesterday. he was there to accept an education award. as you heard, he specifically mentions red states. it follows this ad that he ran last week in florida. in this ad he specifically pitted california's policies against florida's, and called out the republican governor, ron desantis. joining us from washington dc is a campaign reporter for the washington post. nice to see you. this is not breaking news for around here. even when he was mayor there was talk about a presidential run. what is your perspective? the national perspective about what he is trying to do? >> there are a lot of people that whatever he says they think he is at least interested in a presidential run. people we talked to did not think that he would challenge president biden. president biden did say that
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he plans to run for reelection.governor gavin newsom said pretty emphatically that president biden should run for reelection. but, there are these growing calls from within the party that maybe a new her face would be better to represent the democratic party in 2024, and if biden bows out, i think people expect there to be a lot of people jumping in there potentially. >> you spoke with governor newsom last night in washington dc. was it an intimate q and a with reporters? >> so, he accepted an education award on behalf of california and then right after he took questions from about one dozen reporters. what stood out to me was that he reprised his criticisms of not just what republicans are doing, but expressed concern about democratic strategy and
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said that he backs the administration. but he feels like it is not a cohesive strategy to fight back. >> is he in line in terms of boasting his stance on education and abortion. is he in line with what kratz are saying in dc? >> yeah. i mean, i think that he is able to achieve a lot more in california than people are able to achieve in dc. it is a different political reality, which people point out. he is able to get things done that democrats want in a way that is not possible at the national levels right now and people are frustrated about that. >> reporter: is this a beginning of a political rivalry between ron desantis and governor gavin newsom of california? >> i think that we are in the thick of it.
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he has been prodding him for a long time and he certainly takes shots at california a lot. i think that it has been a month-long back and forth. >> reporter: i appreciate your time and reporting and staying up late for us on the east coast. i appreciate it, have a great night. also tonight, it is the sad reality, bay area police officers undergoing intense training for mass shootings. jody hernandez was there and got exclusive access for us. although this was a drill, it may be disturbing to some of our viewers. >> reporter: two dozen east bay officers spent the day going through realistic scenarios right here at the high school. gearing up for the unthinkable. it is a situation no police officer ever wants to face, but today they practiced responding to a deadly school shooting, complete with mock victims and
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an active lone shooter. >> you get the elevated heart rate and you feel like you are in an active shooter threat. >> reporter: one by one, officers from the police departments took turns responding to the threat alone. >> one of the important things we found is that the longer you wait the more people might be dying. what we teach is a single officer response tactic. >> reporter: under the close watch of trainers from the department of homeland security, federal law enforcement training center, each officer put skills they learned all week to the test. first, neutralizing the shooter, then working to save victims. >> once the threat is stopped we give them the equipment to start saving lives. >> reporter: the police chief has been running the training for several months.
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>> having them be able to go in and handle something like this is really important for their success. >> i hope to never be in a situation, but with the way things are, you just never know. i hope that we never encounter it, but if we are, i feel like we are prepared for it. >> reporter: jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. we are back in a moment. we are back in a moment. we will take my tribe has lived on this land for 12,000 years. we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community.
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was he wearing an orange jumpsuit? he went in there. >> he went that way. that is the tip for an eight- year-old detective who took the lead solving colorful clues provided by the santa clara county sheriff's department. she is a fan of the canine team and when they heard she was facing a serious medical procedure they arranged the wacky crime scene. once she cornered the well behaved suspect she was directed to more evidence behind the big curtain. >> surprise [ cheering ] >> this story makes you smile. the training class raised money to send her and her family to disneyland. it is hard to say who had more fun today, aubrey or her fellow deputies. i have been smiling ear to ear. it is so cute.
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such a nice gesture. >> when you're going through something and somebody goes the extra mile, it can help you to get through stuff. >> we are smiling about it, good luck, aubrey. look at the sky camera view. it is gorgeous. >> we will continue with similar weather like this as we move through the weekend. let's take you to the microclimate forecast. i will show you as we start off tomorrow we will see temperatures in the 50s. we will get fog back at the coast line but it will not be as thick as earlier this week. you will see patchy fog right through san francisco and a little near the bay and then we will clear out. we will move through tomorrow afternoon. the temperatures are going to stay steady. it is a little stagnant, but at least it is not 100. we have 89 in santa rosa. 83 in san jose, 70s in oakland. 68 in san francisco.
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we are going to undergo quick heat. high pressure moves in and that is going to boost up our temperatures. we will hit 95 on saturday. a one-day event for us and then we will drop off on sunday and then next week, yes, cooler 80s and also morning fog next monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. saturday is a pool day if you can manage that. it is mid july. we can handle the heat. tonight at 11:00, have you seen blue? blue is a yorky that has been missing since the owner was carjacked. the owner is in town for her father's funeral. you can help this heartbroken family on the 11:00 newscast. here is what is coming up in prime time. law and order at 8:00, followed by law and order sbu at 9:00
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and law and order organized crime at 10:00. that will do it for us here at 7:00.for everyone here at nbc bay area news, thanks for tuning in here, and enjoy your evening. see you back here at 11:00.
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