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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 23, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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is absolutely exploding. we are talking about the fire burning in mariposa county, not far from yosemite. it more than doubled in size overnight. growing to nearly 10,000 acres. you can see, it is sending up huge plumes of smoke. mandatory evacuations are in effect for some 6000 people. 10 homes have been damaged and five others have been damaged.
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we want to chase a new infrared video of the fire. you can see how expensive it is that more than 400 firefighters are battling the flames right now, including crews from the bay area. >> rob, we saw the smoke, where is it headed, what are conditions like work crews tonight? >> very challenging weather conditions. this fire behaving more like a severe thunderstorm, or even a supercell thunderstorm during the day. you look at the time up here to the east, you can the interbase of these guys, we have some extreme fire behavior. this is when the updraft, especially when heat above the fire gets to 60 to 80 miles an hour. that takes action embers into the sky. high enough that our radar scans are seeing ash and embers aloft, instead of rain or hail we would typically see on radar. look at this plume top. this is the oak fire. you can see it up to 20,000 feet as it cools and condenses. you see the cumulus top we often associate with the hottest part of the fire. just down here to the east, as
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of heavier objects while out of the vertical wins, those embers can start new fires. we have long-range spotting where some of the lighter objects, like the ash, those that carry downwind and have a big air pact -- a big impact on air quality. humidity is being very drying to the 20% range. during the day tomorrow, back up to 90 degrees. humidity at 15%. a quick look at the smoke forecast. notice as that fire has grown, the impact is now expanding up across the sierra for places like lake tahoe and the west slope of the sierra tomorrow coming up. we will let you know if any of that smoke will be closer to the bay area in our full forecast coming up in about a minutes. >> rob's twitter page is a great resources and fire season all year round. he is always reading about updates about fires and changing conditions. his handle is @ made. a small plane crash from
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last night, the plane is still stuck on the side of the road here in san jose. faa agents are finishing up the investigation before removing the plane. it crashed shortly after taking off by the nearby reid-hillview airport. the pilot was taken to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. but the crash is raising some concerns for neighbors. they say this is not the first time a plane has crashed here. they are also concerned about a ban of let it fuel in the county . the neighbors say that fuel is still being used, and it is polluting the air. however, the airport that it has not sold any leaded fuel the supervisor scheduled to go to washington next week to testify about issues at the airport. after being stranded in an airport four days, a group of saratoga high school students and parents are finally set to come back home. the school's orchestra had been touring eastern europe for the past two weeks. they were originally scheduled to return back home last wednesday. but the airline canceled the flight. at one point, they said they could not reboot the group
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until august. a state congresswoman tells us that the airline found a fix. the group is set to fly home from the czech republic monday. is a global health emergency. the world health organization gave the virus that designation today as the cases continue to climb. so far, there are more than 16,000 cases globally, more than 2500 of them are in the u.s. here in the bay area, mayor reed is that she is pushing the federal government for more vaccines. >> what we are trying to decide on, based on science, is whether or not we can look at the be giving one to test as many people as we can while we wait for more vaccines from the federal government. we have been pressing our federal partners or more vaccines. san francisco, even the week before, we saw, we went from two weeks ago or three weeks ago to about 60 cases. the next week, 80. now we are at 141. san francisco person to other
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cities is increasing at a rapid pace. from my perspective, it means that we should have more vaccines. >> right now, is spreading pestis among the lgbtq+ community. elephant has more than 4000 confirmed probable cases of more than half of those cases are here in the bay area. our health department says there are at least 285 concerns or probable cases. you can see most are in san francisco there. nearly 200 cases. poorly in alameda county and 26 in the south bay. we have everything you need to know about on the nbc bay area streaming after make sure to download it for your roku, amazon fire, and apple tv. go to our musty playlist to see. will take a live look at the white house now where there are new details about president biden's codependent infection. a letter released today, by the doctors that he likely contracted the highly contagious ba.5 sub variant guidance condition continues to improve as he continues his
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treatment with paxlovid. ba.5 is causing more reinfection to and is currently responsible for about 80% of all infections in the u.s. president biden is working from home. he is fully vaccinated and has received two booster shots. vice president kamala harris made a visit to richmond virginia for a roundtable on abortion. the vice president met with state leaders and lawmakers to talk about the fight to protect reproductive rights. this comes just a month after the u.s. supreme court reversed roe v. wade. virginia's governor pushing for a 15 week abortion ban. harris has held other abortion rights roundtable discussions in pennsylvania and florida recently. meanwhile, stopping anti-asian hate. that was a topic of discussion in san francisco today. community and political leaders shared their findings approach to addressing incidents and different ways to prevent it. here is nbc bay area's kristin smith.
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>> reporter: it was a busy, sunny day on the streets in chinatown. at the chinese culture center , they were busy too. political leaders and organizations gathered to talk and share what they have learned in the work they have done with the discussion they call from community to congress to stop a aip hate roundtable. >> we wanted to showcase how we responded during this crisis, but also the work we have been building towards for decades. >> reporter: congresswoman grace ling was on hand and listened. >> san francisco, chinatown. to hear about some of the efforts they have been working and collaborating on within the asian community, but also with other communities. >> solving hate and -- it would be hard to see these efforts underway. >> i have been on the ground.
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for example, collecting data, where no one else is collecting. on the federal level, part of it requires data collection. >> since stop aai can appease hate. that is just the tip of the iceberg. >> reporter: just some of the information that was shared today. >> we are saying this is a period of collective racial trauma. that is really distressing. >> reporter: most of the discussion focused on the idea that solutions may come from the community and more needs to be done to serve victims, promote education, and preventing these incidents. christie smith, nbc bay area news. the family of alexis gave hope they are closer to answers in the young woman's disappearance. today, while searching a five mile trail, gabe's ex-boyfriend allegedly left and oakley, the family said they found several items of note. include a cell phone, circuitboard, other iphone parts believed to be from gabe's phone, and glasses believed to be hers.
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the parents say each day is excruciating, but they will not give up. >> is getting harder every day now. it will be six months and a few days. >> reporter: gabe was first reported missing in january. police believe the 24-year-old was killed by her ex-boyfriend, marshall curtis jones. jones was shot and killed an altercation with law enforcement in washington last month. we are back in 90 seconds. just ahead, the endless inferences chimeric on his back. we will break down what you need to know if you are heading into the city this weekend. he served his country, and today he is celebrating a special milestone in style. we will take you to the party in the south bay. right now concentrate in east bay towards the valley. 85 degrees in dublin . this
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time tomorrow, we could be closing in i-90. a look at the sunday warm-up in the forecast when we come right back.
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turning now to our climate in crisis. our nations response to climate change is not rational. that is a message from former vice president al gore, in an interview with nbc's chuck todd. he compared climate change you deniers to the police response
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and you valdez. it is harming future generations. >> the climate deniers are really, in some ways, similar to all of those almost 400 law enforcement officers in uvalde, texas, who were waiting outside an unlocked door while the children were being massacred. they heard the screams, they heard the gunshots. nobody stepped forward. confronted with this global emergency, what we are doing with our in action and failing to walk through the door and stop the killing, it is not typical of what we are capable of as human beings. we do have the solutions. >> you can watch apple interview tomorrow on meet the press. they will explain the current state of our climate and how we need to seek climate solutions and acting on them. right here on nbc bay area after today. here is a live look at san
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francisco. oh, it is foggy out there right now, ahead of sunday's big marathon. the 45th annual marathon kicks off tomorrow morning. thousands of runners will take part in this race. thousands more have signed up for the half marathon and 5k runs. this is a return to normal after a canceled marathon back in 2020 any scaled-back event last year. several street closers will be in effect. [time if you're heading into the city tomorrow. it starts at the embarcadero, goes across the golding date ridge, 30 presario, and back. what a better way to ring in 100 trips around the sun and a myriad band, a parade, and family? peter sanchez celebrated his 100th birthday with live music and a literal parade of family members and friends. it was hard to miss with a big
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sign out front. sanchez is a highly decorated army sharpshooter. the family could not be more proud. >> happy birthday to him. so awesome. before we get to whether, i want to greet -- gf. we are so lucky to have you here. you come to us from minneapolis. mike i do. i come from indianapolis, rachel from sacramento. >> lovely. >> this is familiar territory for me anyway. i'm happy to be here with you guys. >> we are grateful. >> you will be really happy in january. >> i know, right? minnesota, those were some long, hard winters. >> he told me about it, he said he could not put on enough layers. i said, oh, terry, you did not talk to the right people. >> a case of winter and summer, well, san francisco. let's take a look at the temperatures around the country. he continues up to the east. let's check out minneapolis
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right now. not too bad, 75 degrees but he continues in the southern plains. upper 90s around dallas-fort worth. tomorrow, by the way, washington, d.c. will climb to 99 degrees. so contrast that to the winter and summer we are seeing right now in san francisco. foggy withdrawals though at times. especially if you're running a marathon, you may see some damp roads. those low clouds in and around san francisco. december electing off the downtown building there in san jose, 76 degrees. in dublin, 85. this time tomorrow, we are expecting some low 90s as the microclimate pattern entrenched on the areas get fixed 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. the sea breeze backs off a little bit, but the wind is still on shore. that is good news. not just for temperatures, but as you are about to see, the air quality too.
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it will help out quite a bit. maybe as far east as in solano county. notice we are seeing up to the east of work continues to go up to almost 10,000 acres right now, more of that particulate matter solution is getting carried out by the upper wins but we think tahoe in the upper slopes of the zero will see some of that smoke. it will go up towards the north. do not be surprised if by monday and tuesday we see a little bit of that dropping in parts of the northbay. not for tomorrow. what will be moving in is the fog. a lot of drizzle along the coast in the interbay in the morning as you wake up to temperatures mostly in the 50s. our temperatures during the day tomorrow around lunchtime, bayside staying in the 60s. low 70s closer to oakland. 81 in san jose, low 90s in summer more and over towards fairfield. we should see similar conditions on monday. hazy skies, watch for some upper air smoke close to the solano county or northbay through monday and tuesday. of the 90s, a slight cooldown. nothing too extreme there. staying in the mid to upper 80s and near 90s for wednesday. weather -wise this time of year, you really cannot count on a lot of rain. but the sierra has a chance as
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the monsoons start to sleep a little farther to the west. we might see some of this tuesday into wednesday right there across the central and southern sierras. stay tuned. we will have to see with it and how it interacts with the ongoing oak fire. in the meantime comical conditions. open air conditions continuing for san francisco will be until next weekend. we may actually get close to 70 by next weekend in san francisco. our valley temperatures are plenty warmer tomorrow. nothing like the 100 to 110 degrees across much of the country that is seen. the temperature is being held in check thanks to that ocean condition, which is hanging on. >> thank you so much. audrey and i would just medical to get in minnesota. it is, like, -25. we enjoy it though.
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we are learning two u.s. citizens have died in eastern ukraine. the state department confirmed that news today with the war about to enter its sixth month. officials have not released information on how they died. nbc just confirmed that one man was killed in the donbas region of ukraine. at least three other u.s. citizens have died since russia invaded ukraine back in february. a little girl and her mother were able to escape ukraine anywhere with help from an organization called gift of life. but the war was not the only thing threatening the young girl's life. so was a heart defect but a long island surgeon stepped up to save her. greg circle from our sister station shares their story. >> reporter: holiness smile reminded her mother today that their difficult journey had ended well.
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>> i don't believe. it is like a miracle for us. you know? >> reporter: just days ago, and his nine-year-old who makes youtube videos and loves stuffed -- >> my favorite toy. his name is anna. >> reporter: she underwent surgery here at long island st. francis hospital to repair a hole in her heart. >> reporter: how are you feeling? >> better. >> reporter: paulina had needed the surgery to live a normal life but could not get it because her homeland in ukraine is now under assault by the questions. >> a doctor from ukraine called me and held his on up to an echocardiogram machine and said, do you think you can fix this? i said, yeah. >> reporter: chuck, of ukrainian descent himself, performed the surgery last month after the pair was brought to the u.s. by the gift of like organization. >> it was a no-brainer that we did it. we pulled out all the stops to
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get her here. >> i want her to grow up and have a wonderful life. and write that bicycle faster than she could before. >> reporter: annie caputo, a ukrainian-american from east meadow took mother and daughter into her home as they waited for surgery. the whole operation that would cost roughly hundred thousand dollars was paid by donations. >> we feel like we are in another life. we feel a lot of love. >> reporter: the mother and daughter will return to the ukraine in a couple of weeks. ready to face the challenges ahead with a new hope for the future. >> after bad times always come good times. there are a lot of good people in the world. we think america, and we think ukraine. all right. are you feeling lucky? no winner to lessen its megamillions drawing. so the jackpot has just gone up again. it is now at $790 million. if
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you win, take the cash option, it is about 464 million bucks. this is the third largest jackpot in megamillions history. the next drawing is tuesday. all right, so there is a chance for us. there is a chance. >> i've been talking to jia during our commercial breaks, i'm drink to win her over. she is not dedicated to a baseball team yet. the giants, the a's? >> the giants are in there. baseball is not your thing, you could like football. the 49ers. everybody likes a winner, right? they should be good this year. this will be the last weekend until, if you're a 49ers fan, hope you leave february, that we are not talking football and he 49ers training camp. the report tuesday to practice. next week, it starts going. today, we will talk about today, we will talk about graduate. here's why tribal leaders
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for adults 21 and over, we can protect tribal sovereignty and finally do something about homelessness in california. vote yes on prop 27.
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welcome back. i'm anthony forrest. both the giants and the capital either in the spotlight tonight. the giants are done 2-0 in los angeles. the e's are just getting underway against the rangers. both of those games are a national tb. i will show you the highlights tonight at 11:00. dragracing under the light of cinema raceway. the crew put on a show laissez in top fuel. she was the top qualifier with a run just under 328 miles per hour. she finished second here last year. last week, she was a winner in denver. we spoke with her friday at the track about her strategy any racing in sonoma, which is considered one of the fastest tracks on the circuit. >> friday, we want to get on the track nice, smooth, efficient for the top 1, 2, 3, 4 qualifiers that we are in good shape for saturday. saturday is when we really take away. but you can improve upon performance as we get it done on friday night.
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>> and she certainly got it on friday night. no surprise, robert prices he wanted to be pretty qualified number one with a speed of 332 miles per hour. the height is from the upper part of northern california. he has won this event three years in a row. a faulty has never happened in sonoma. i asked him what he does to keep his focus on the present and not about chasing history. >> i would love to get four in a row. i call this my home track. right? closest national event track where i grew up. we had really good success here, we ran well. you know, we are coming off a win in denver. we are still doing well. you know, we are leading the points. we need another minute win, but we have to do it step-by-step here that is the goal. there's a reason comcast business powers more businesses than any other provider. actually, there's a few. comcast business offers the fastest, reliable network... the protection of security edge...
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osteo bi-flex - available at your local retailer and club. finally tonight, you might have heard of them, and even smelled them. a live look at the rare corpse flower on san jose's state campus. it is set to bloom any day now. another one of these tropical plants is expected to open up at ut santa cruz arboretum. when that happens, they get really smelly. the smell stays after 12 to 24 hours. chris chmura: you're watching an nbc bay area news special. tonight, nbc bay area "responds." cris lozano: this car is not even really legal, is basically what it were--they were saying to me. chris: a driver has to leave her brand new car parked even
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