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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 29, 2022 1:37am-2:06am PDT

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[ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank my guests, tom hanks, elliot page, mason hereford, everybody! [ cheers and applause ralph alexander and the 8g band! stay safe. get boosted. we love you. [ cheers and applause ♪ right nought at 11:00. sounding the alarm. the state of emergency under
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the monkeypox outbreak. >> we are in desperate need of vaccines to support the people of san francisco. >> hundreds of thousands of doses ready to be distributed. when will we learn where they are going? >> only on nbc they trained the south bay reservoir to protect homes. did that put other homes in danger? the unintended consequences facing homeowners tonight. we find out who it belongs to. >> a long lost photo album full of bay area history. the unusual way it was discovered and one woman's journey to find its owner. good evening, we begin the monkeypox state of emergency. >> san francisco one of the major u.s. cities to make a declaration and here is why. the city is one of the epi- centers of the the virus. take a look, a steady rise in cases since the beginning of june.
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you see the chart going upwards as of today. san francisco has 261 diagnosed cases of this virus. that is more than most states. help is so the way. tomorrow, the feds are releasing 700,000 doses. where the doses are going we don't know. here is nbc bay area cheryl herd. >> we are in a scary place. and we don't want to be ignored by the federal government in our need. >> reporter: mayor breed sounding the alarm declaring a local emergency for the monkeypox vaccine. san francisco director of health grant colfax. >> this declaration will allow us to serve the city and its residents better. >> reporter: it begins on monday, it allows the city to prepare and allocate resources to prevent the spread of the virus. california has 800 monkeypox cases on the books. san francisco has 261 of those
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cases. outnumbering all other cities in the state. >> if there were any other community that was disproportionately impacted by monkeypox the way the gay community was impacted the whole country would be up in arms, let's not treat this community different than we would anyone else. >> it is tough to be in the lbgtq community to say doc i want a monkeypox. you are essentially coming out. a lot of people want to be more private about it. >> reporter: so far san francisco has 12,000 doses and needs 70,000. the city has clinics ready to distribute the shots but the officials don't know when they will arrive. >> even though no one has died of monkeypox in san francisco it is causing severe
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suffering and pain for many individuals. >> reporter: the virus is not a gay disease nor is it new. however, it began circulating in the u.s. among men having sex with men. state senator says it effects everyone. >> once again gay men are getting attacked as we can never tolerate that. >> reporter: scott wiener says he will be pushing for the federal government pushing for more vaccines, they have no idea when a new supply will come in. the bottom line, they need it now. in san francisco, cheryl hurd, back to you. >> we are learning san jose mayor tested positive for covid-19, again. news of his diagnose.
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it is not the first time he has had covid-19. he tested positive back in may. in the tweet the mayor says in part, quote, symptoms are minor with crumpiness and my s to anyone i may of exposed grumpiness and my apologizes to those i may of exposed. masks are reinstated for b.a.r.t. the rules comes as covid-19 cases are surging in the bay area. the mask rules run through october 1st. more problems for san francisco's lagoona honda hospital, they are putting a pause on transferring patients after several people died. state and federal officials ordered vulnerable patients to be relocated because they decertified the 156-year-old nursing home saying it provided substandard care. the families of people who live there is a at least four patients died within days or weeks of
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being moved from the tpas facilities in san francisco. they are working to get laguna honda recertified before a september deadline. tonight, there is a mystery surrounding a piece of bay area history. this. a woman is trying to find the owner of a long loss photo album that dates back 150 years ago. how her family got it is almost intriguing as the people in the black and white photos. some of the elite from the 1800s. >> reporter: the album that sits on laurie foster's shelf is a time capsule. the photos inside all shot in the 1860s and 1870s. decades before the 1906 earthquake that destroyed most of san francisco nothis book, one things leads to another to another to another to another.
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it is mind boggling. >> reporter: she lives in area. but grew up in the bay most of the time. this one came from the photo and men with hairstyles and beards of the period. she does not know who they are. >> i have been sitting with this for 20 years off and on. i wish we can find out who it belongs to. >> reporter: the book was stolen, foster's father worked for the police in the east bay and nabbed a burglary in the '60s. >> i would not let him sell it at a yard sale because it belongs to a family or a museum. >> we found a few answers. the name engraved on the album
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is wrh adamson. it claims he of the extorof of one family, not just one family but all different people. >> on the pack of it in gold is written christmas 1876. >> reporter: the one should could identify, sir aurthor kennedy. >> you go back to people he knew t is all intertwined. >> reporter: her request led to more and more questions. perhaps a gift passed down through generations, foster just wants to find the family with answers to this long lost mystery album. nbc news. >> that is fascinating. we will stay on that story. a second suspect now arrested in the beating of a well known charity leader in
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san francisco. it happened on july 15th. he was attacked after he asked two men to move away from the front doors of the community center in the fillmore. one of the suspects, he was arrested on site because witnesses helped to detain him. the second suspect, 21-year-old andrew morlapena fled. he was arrested yesterday. more details on the dead low head-on crash that killed four people. witnesses say it happened on a stretch of highway that is dangerous. according to the police the sedan crossed the centerline and hit an suv. all three people in the car died. the fourth person who died was in the suv, that was a family of seven visiting from mexico. neighbors say it is a scary stretch of highway because it goes from wide open lanes with high speeds to backed up traffic in a matter of seconds. >> you might as well close your eyes and make that turn. >> why do you say that? >> because you don't know if you are going
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to get lucky or not. >> every time i leave my house there is somebody passing illegally, jeopardizing everybody else's life. it is terrible. >> the police chief says there were several open containers of alcohol next to the sedan but we don't know if the driver was impaired. he took the plea. a man caught with weapon and a hate filled manifesto pled no contest and reached a plea agreement with prosecutors. earlier this month, they arrested martinez inside of his truck they found illegal rifles, pipe bomb materials and phrases "cop killer" and a manifesto that detailed kidnapping, robbery plots and plans for racially-targeted hate crimes. as part of the plea he will be sentenced to september for no more than three years. until then, he is staying put in jail. work to retrofit the in morgan hill continues. now, long time homeowners are finding themes in a difficult
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situation. their homes are unsafe. they may have to sell them. who is going to buy them? the agency that they blame for destabilizing their homes. >> reporter: out on morgan hill on the rim of the reservoir sit a number of homes with amazing views. many have been here for decades. some homeowners say it is now too dangerous to stay. engineers are unable to stabilize their homes. residents expressed their concerns during a water district meeting. >> when i hear that, the water district cares and my reaction is i don't know if people in the room are familiar but homeowners who's properties are being taken. >> reporter: valley water insists it is not taking any homes it is offering to buy them. >> there are some properties they are talking to homeowners to see if they are willing to
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sell us their property. >> the company was ordered by the federal government to drain the reservoir down to 3% of capacity and strengthen the structure to prevent it from collapsing during a earthquake. in a statement sent to nbc bay area, valley water said homes are in the area that are quote subject to movement during the normal operation of the reservoir. >> so, the developer went out and constructed homes on a landslide. is that valley water issue? i don't think it is. you say we don't have a solution, we have a solution. >> reporter: one homeowner did not want to speak on camera. he told us he is in the middle of selling his home to valley water, for sale signs show how many others are doing the same. he claims he is low balled because they know there will not be other bidders. neighbors say more could and should be done to save their communities. >> an engineering solution where those people do not have to lose their homes. >> in morgan hill, nbc bay area news. we have an update on the
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fire near yosemite, the oak fire spreading northeast. it started last friday in mariposa county. 100 homes and buildings destroyed. 2200 people remain under evacuation orders, containment is nearly 40%, that is good news. it is still a fire fight. no word yet on the cause. >> house speaker nancy pelosi is off to asia tomorrow. early reports that she might visit tiawan sparked controversy. china warned it would carry out a forceful response if she steps food in tiawan, the country she considering to still be under chinese rule. chinese officials are pressuring the office to call off any possible plans to visit tiawan. including a warning from china's general office in san francisco. in kentucky, eight people have been
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killed in historic flooding. several inches of rain fell over the area in a short period of time causing massive flooding across the state. floodwaters reached the roof tops of homes. they say there are still people waiting to be rescued by air. we are back in 60 seconds, up next, pleading for help. why a recently released inmate is fighting deportation to cambodia. the options he faces as time is running out. did you get your ticket? you still have time before tomorrow night's megamillions 1.1 billion jackpot. we have fog back for the morning, check it out. chances of thunderstorms increasing. i will show you how a tropical storm could come into play with
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they are asking governor newsom for a pardon and the clock is ticking. supporters of a patrolled immigrant is calling on the governor to intervene and prevent that immigrant from being deported. the child refugee just finished a sentence for murder. >> keep family together. >> reporter: that sound, call for redemption, supporters hope that governor newsom will answer. he is fighting to stay in
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america after serving 26 years in prison for murder. he shot a young man back when he was 20 in retaliation for harming a family member. friends argue he turned his life around becoming a mentor and receiving an education while behind bars. >> he uplifts us and he takes care of us e emotionally and spiritually. >> reporter: he was granted parole but handed over to immigration agent. his brother says he served his time and deserves to come home. >> hopefully he can remain here. this is his home. the family, my dad is 90 years old. my mom, 81. and they really are heartbroken. >> reporter: oakland city council agrees and asking the governor to pardon you. >> he support you coming back to his family here in the united states of america and we should not hand people over to
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ice anymore. >> reporter: i spoke to you by phone inside an ice detention facility. >> in some small way i just want to give back and restore humanity that was lost. >> reporter: his deportation is based on his conviction. advocates say if he pardons you, they would have no reason to deport him. >> he is getting punished again. communities stripped away from someone who is valued in our community. >> reporter: in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> a south bay congress plan is calling out the biden administration over lead contamination at a local airport. speaking about the threat of aviation fuel. supervisors banned unleaded fuel after elevated levels of lead in kids leaving near the airport. the faa responded to the ban with a
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threatening area. so bay area lawmakers called the transportation secretary, pete buttigieg, asking him to make sure that the leaded fuel ban stays in place. >> i just like to say the idea that this administration will try to force the county to poison children is outrageous. it is outrageous. >> they no longer sells leaded gas but other airports do and they want the ban to be universal. the bay area exit continues. at sea is shutting down. on a post on the website the chief human resource writes supported by etsy's hybrid framework, plane who are currently remote told us they do not plan to return to an office in the near future. end quote. according to resource many companies are choosing to downsize office space to save money. twitter and sales force already
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announcing they are downsizing their offices in san francisco. 160-year-old scandal caught up with the founder of hastings law school. the new name will be changed to uc college of the law, san francisco. change was ordered when accounts emerged that the founder funded the slaughter of indian tribes. suspected of stealing his cattle. now, state lawmakers have to approve the change. if they do it will be official in january. okay, here you go. megamillions fever is heating up. tickets are flying off of the shelves. you can keep dreaming, everyone trying to win tomorrow night's jackpot up to $1.1 billion. >> billion! >> we talked to hopeful winners tonight who are pulling out all of the stops to track down that winning ticket. >> last time, last friday, i have been going to stores, two the liquor stores, to a gas station, to 7/11. i have been going everywhere.
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i went all over. >> wow. he should not reveal his strategy. >> now we are all going to do that. >> interesting note. california lottery says the money raised for public schools is now estimated to be $80 million thanks to this single jackpot run. this is the second highest jackpot ever. $1.1 billion? >> wow! >> we are in. >> i don't need to win it all. i would be happy to share. >> we know who is the most focused on this. >> yes. you really are. [ laughter ] >> yes. >> you need to be the one to get the tickets. >> i would love to see you do the numbers. >> that would be fun. >> yes. but then you could not play i don't think. that would not work. okay. we will get good numbers here in the office pool and get you good numbers in the forecast. we are tracking the widespread fog through the morning, spotty areas at the coastline. it being lots like by the afternoon it will hang out near oakland and
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sudden san francisco. temperatures will start off also very cool. lots of 50s here. 59 over the south bay. 58 here to the peninsula and the valley. 84, 81 in san up near the water, oakland, 68, heading to the east bay hills, things get hotter, not extremely hot. 86 in walnut creek. peninsula, 60. san francisco, 50s and 60s with the best chance of sun there in downtown and across the north bay. lower 80s in napa and sonoma. look at the jaw dropping difference. you head up to clear lake and ukiah and we will be in the lower 100s. hang with me here for a little
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bit. fast forward things into the weekend. talking about changes that will lead us to the possibility of thunderstorms. what we are going to see as we head through saturday and sunday it is high pressure setting up over the desert southwest. that will help pull up the moisture. a low pressure developing and that will continue to act like a conveyer belt pulling in the activity. where we are going with there is eventually by monday and tuesday's forecast. tropical storm frank off to the south. we could get moisture in this in this flow pulling up to the bay area and that could give us the possibility of thunderstorms heading into next monday and tuesday forecast. yes, it is complicated but certainly we laid it out for you. you can see in the seven-day forecast, spotty chance of thunderstorms on monday and tuesday. we will keep an eye on it. heading into the weekend we will feel some humidity as all of the pattern gets set up. you will see in the inland
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valleys, holding with the temperatures in the 80s. >> that is nice. >> can we do 80, numbers in the 80s? >> i don't think you can. >> i don't think they go up that high. 60s. [ laughter ] >> we have to get cracking here. it is tomorrow. >> yes. your desk will be the hub. >> yes. the hub. >> yes. all right. >> thank you, jeff. up next, exclusive inside look into the national stockpile after it fell short during the covid-19. how prepared is it for the next pandemic? survey from the public policy institute from california saw half of californians
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are considering, seously, are considering, seously, bu a new chevy is the smart way to hit the open road this summer. the smart way to road trip—. ♪♪ and seek new adventures. ♪♪ go a little farther this summer in a new chevy. find new get up and go. find new roads. enjoy the open road and make no monthly payments for the rest of summer on all 2022 equinox models. plus, get 0% financing when you finance with gm financial. ♪♪ find new roads at your local chevy dealer. the national stockpile. it got a lot of attention in the early days of covid-19 as health care workers scrambled to get critical equipment. a look inside the warehouse in an undisclosed location is more than a dozen across the united states. the size of six football fields. full of medications and
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supplies. the federal government is storing in case of an emergency. the goal now is to correct the plane problems that were revealed by the pandemic. >> we did not have all of the items that the american public wanted us to have. the need for ppe was tremendous. we did not maintain that. >> a report from the national academy of sciences is calling for more transparent oversight including an outside advisory board to help on hand in these warehouses we are ba
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the most important win of the season for the giants, why? because of the rest of the week has been ugly. >> bad, even diehard giant fans were losing faith. not tonight. we will show you throwing out the first pitch. remarkable story. born with no hands or feet. he is a high school player from indiana. they are doing a documentary about him. amazing. bottom of the third inning, even major league players make little league errors. i got it, i got it. i don't have it. he drops the pop fly. soon after the giants make him pay for it. two-run bloop single. giants snapped their seven game losing streak. they beat the cubs 4-2. we have 49ers news after relative
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silence from lance, the new starting quarterback met with reporters today. it is notable because the team shielded lance from the media for the most part since they drafted him last year. today, though, training camp in santa collar a lance took over. expecting big things from the 6'4 22-year-old. he is replacing jimmy g., he says garoppolo has been like a big brother. he could of made it help for me but he didn't. super excited to see him throwing again and what he does. >> two quality guys in that locker room. the preseason game, by the way, august 12th agnst
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don't worry, we worked out our strategy for the megamillions. >> we are on it. >> have a great friday. >> bye-bye tonight the deadly flood emergency after heavy rain in the south. the widespread flooding in kentucky leaving at least eight dead the governor saying the toll will likely reach double digits. a state of emergency declared with major roads under water, residents rescued from their homes. our team is in the flood zone tonight. also the new warning sign on a potential recession. the u.s. economy shrinking for the second straight quarter. what it means for your money. president biden downplaying recession fears as he hailed a surprise deal brokered with senator joe manchin as an historic tool to fight inflation. can democrats pass it before the august
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recess and the president under pressure nbc news learning the white house is closely keeping tabs on democrats who could challenge him if he runs again in 2024 who's on that list another one-time member of donald trump's inner circle meeting today with the january 6 committee as the former president tees off at a controversial golf tournament, his comment raising eyebrows about 911 a burning building collapsing on firefighters the daring rescue. and our nbc news exclusive inside the national stockpile after it fell short during covid how prepared is it for the next pandemic? good evening a catastrophe is how kentucky officials are describing the deadly situation unfolding there tonight after one in a thousand year floods left residents stranded on roof tops, washed roads away, and triggered mud slides af


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