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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 29, 2022 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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eout. so much for catching our dinner. some people are hunters. some are gatherers. i'm a diner. pow! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. at 1 1/, updated covid booster. what the white house is and is not revealing about the plan. we are streaming live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and on live. we thank you for joining us for our midday newscast. we begin with that news out of washington that could be about that updated booster coming in i want is. pfizer and moderna are saying they expect to have them ready though the exact dates are not yet
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announced. the defense department is committing $2 billion to moderna to secure 62 million vaccines this fall. "the new york times" reports the new versions are expected to perform better against the ba .5 sub variant fueling the current covid surge. right now the california department of public health is holding a telle conference about monkeypox. it has update comes following the city's declaration less than 24 hours ago that the virus spread is a public health emergency. the city's total number of cases is at 281. you can see how it's taken off in the city. it's higher than any other city in the state . some help is on the way. a vaccine clinic will reopen the doors after closing last week because they simply ran out of vaccines. nbc bay area is live with more details. a lot of folks are going to make appointments for that monkeypox vaccine that so
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many want. >> that's right. that's really the hope. we got off the phone with san francisco general not too long ago. they tell us this website should be updated by this afternoon so that people that want to make appointments to their clinic can can do so when it reopens on monday, august 1st. that clinic has been shut down for a week and a half because of a lack of supplies. before that clinic closed, it saw long lines everyday vaccinating hundreds of people and anticipating long lines will be back next week. the san francisco general says the goal is accommodate everyone that comes in. other vaccine sites in san francisco are by appointment only. we've given the other clinics the call this morning. they include kaiser ucf. they are not taking appointments but that may change. san francisco declared
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monkeypox a public health emergency hoping to declare a faster and more efficient response to this outbreak. some of the things that state emergency designation will do is speed up a better response to monkeypox. lit help with emergency planning, staffing, coordination across agencies allowing for future reimbursement for the state and federal government as well as raise awareness. you mentioned california department of public health giving update this is morning in a telle conference call. we'll have the latest update on this evening newscast. we'll post other updates and information on nbc bay >> chris? >> thank you, ginger. we're tracking all monkeypox developments on our website. you can also find the latest on the nbc bay area app. we have put all of that information at the top. to developing news out of
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kentucky now where the governor confirms 16, including two children died in devastating flooding. that number is expected to grow because homes are under water, roads still flooded. within the last few hours, president biden approved disaster declaration and funds to help in certain communities. when are things going to get better for folks? >> that is rain estimate there. it's estimating 5 to 8 inches of rain came down in 24 hours. that led to catastrophic flooding you're seeing. good news on the map now is you can see how kentucky is catching a break from intense rainfall. just off to the east, severe weather impacting parts here up towards the northeast. you can see out toward richmond, we have a tornado warning and severe thunderstorm warning leaving that area heading up towards the northeast. we show you satellite view out west. we want to show you we got the areas mid level moisture coming into the bay area. that's going to increase the
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humidity this weekend. we could see a chance -- look at that. it's the driest time of year. we had drizzle in san francisco. here is the forecast as we head to beginning of next week. we could see temperatures again in the areas of rain showing up as we head to monday morning. closer look at that in your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. thank you, rob. new at 11:00, will smith is officially apologizing to chris rock for slapping him at the oscars. he's not apologizings in person but on instagram. take a listen. >> i reached out to chris and the message that came back is that he's t ready to is so i will say to you, chris, i apologize to you.
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my behavior was unacceptable. i'm here when ever you're ready to talk. >> all in the nearly six minute slid beyond the scope on his instagram page, smith says there's no part of him that thought what he did was the right way to behave. you likely remember the moment that was sing shopping when smith slapped chris rock during the oscar ceremony following a joke that rock made about smith's wife. smith says he did not apologize during his award acceptance speech because he was fogged out by that point, how he put it. reps for chris rock have not yet commented. new affordable housing options are one step closer for families trying to make it in the bay thanks to the new high-rise approved in the heart of san francisco. the new tow her will sit on property as jay sent to the transit center in the financial district. this will add 700 units of
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housing almost half of which are below market, most of which are specific for families. the same developer that built the tower is behind this project. planner as proved it. lit go to supervisor and construction could begin as early as next fall. california's housing crisis is the focus of our investigative series overpriced, overwhelmed, over it. stream it on nbc bay or via roku, amazon fire and apple tv. nft has will no doubt be music to the ears. starting tomorrow, the first ever nft oakland happens outside oakland city hall. this will include a block party to celebrate the block chain nfts that are common place now. there's live music, art, free food and of course nfts. the goal of the event is to educate.
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what we want to show is this space is for everybody. for anyone from all ages from all races, classes whatever can learn about block change and being a part of this community. >> the party will continue sunday on broadway. registration is free. you have to rsvp. let's take a live look. now live inside the convenience store seeing mega millions magic. the jackpot for the mega millions drawing tonight is bigger than when i was out there this morning. it's at $1.2 billion. you can be sure millions of americans are hoping to pick that magical combination of little white balls, mega ball. we talked with the hopeful winners who are pulling out stops to track down the winning ticket. >> that time last friday, i've been going to liquor
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stores to gas stations to 7 elevens. i've been going everywhere. >> he's spending winnings on gas. >> these are odds of winning america's third largest jackpot ever. the combination, you have a 1 in 24 chance of some prize. you have a 1 in 300 million chance of winning all five numbers plus the mega number. you have 1 in 12 million winning $1 million by having five numbers without the mega number. we'll have nice winning numbers for you on nbc bay area news at 11:00. working to insure access to contraception. next on nbc bay area news. just because you have a right, is it really a right? >> the bill one state senator helped push forward for college students. the school is already making
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some changes. i'm mike. i'm in my hometown with my new friend pam louisiana we're going to explain how she helps others and helps others and herself out to lunch coming up. when i make decisions
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as a leader, it's not about me or the folks that are here. it's about the next seven generations coming behind us, making sure that they have the ability to move forward. prop 27 will help small rural tribes like mine get a seat at the table will be transformational for my tribal members. taxing online sports betting gives us an opportunity to really enhance the lives of our tribe and strengthen the future of our people. vote yes on prop 27.
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students. a new law will allow all uc and cal state campuses to provide abortion pills to students if they need them. we turn now to laura who spoke to the state senator. >> senator, first of all, you
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also said in 2013. who knew it would be so timely with the overturning of roe v wade. >> we knew it was needed at time but had no idea we'd be in this situation in california and united states. it's extremely timely as you say. >> why was this so important for you to work on? >> you know, as a 54-year-old woman at the time, i felt that our rights were being eroded. i didn't think women had as much access as they should have. just because you have a right, is it really a right? >> we have students come to us from uc berkeley who wanted to know who would be willing to author a bill to medicate abortion on uc campuses. em stereoed like the right thing to do. >> pills available to students january 1st. will the cost be covered by uc system or will some students have to pay out of
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pocket? >> some will pay out of pocket. it 60 to $80. when we did this bill, we made sure there was a special fund set up so no taxpayer dollars went towards this. we have a governor that believes women should have access to abortion. in this case, there's a private fund set up. >> this is interesting as well. according to the reproductive health report, 6000 students will seek abortions on campuses every year. this is going to help others coming to the state of california or who live here who seeking you know abortions at clinics. >> yes. we think what will happen now is women, students will have access to medicaid abortion on campus. this will free up appointment slots if you will at
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other clinics up and down the state. i know the parent clinic in san bernardino said they had seen an uptick one week after roe v wade over turned of 900% of people seeking services. >> it is important to note that many anti abortion groups including california, family council oppose that requirement. in a statement, council said, quote you don't have to be pro life to realize this is bad for college campuses and students. if you want to see that report, watch it on apple tv or download the bay area app if you haven't already. find it under the must see play list. july is almost history. hard to believe. google is giving us an early look at this month's hottest bay area topics. this is before he ate up the
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competition at the eating contest july 4th. people wanted to know the record heat gobbled up yet again. what the hot dogs are made from. >> they were turned into a park which was amazing. i got to go see it. that opened in july. >> people are still awaiting the powerful stench to hit the air soon from the general direction. that's where a corpse flower has not yet bloomed. experts are certain it's going to happen any day now. the this blooms every seven to
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ten years. the flowers are known for stinky smell. some say it smells like a rotting corpse. nbc bay area was there a week ago to see what he could sniff out. this week, the corpse flower did bloom on the san jose campus. this is a time lapse of that happening. this is the first time the flower bloomed at the green house. rob was there. we'll ask him what he thought of it. stars are aliving in the first ever wine country music festival. the blue note jazz festival starts tonight at the winery. other performances between today and sunday include
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erika, snoop dogg dave chappelle. he finished shows in santa rosa despite backlash from the lgbtq+ about his material. you were quote there for that. >> yes, i was. >> i would say the music festival is going to be more pleasant. it blooms every seven years. it was interesting to take that in. kind of like the compost organics waste pile by the side of your house. >> how many of us have smelled rotting flesh? hopefully not many. >> you don't want to find out. it has that aroma. and the 90 degrees. >> i'm still recovering. >> at least the air quality, wildfire smoke has moved out of the bay area. we've got your weekend in view. speaking of napa, that's
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gorgeous. the good air quality, comfortable temperatures. numbers in the 70s and 80s. keep in mind, that's not the story for most of the west coast. up north, sacramento to seattle. we have heat advisories and excessive heat warnings. we hope you're enjoying air conditions, the courtesy of the sea breeze. right now san jose, breaking out hazey sunshine. we're seeing sunny skies in dublin after the low clouds clear. a completely different world in san francisco. it's up to 60. we have drizzle drops enough. there's one there. it's enough to measure in the rain gauge this morning. to do that is remarkable. this is the driest time of the year. temperatures not going to change in san francisco. low 60s to upper 60s in oakland, san jose. mid-80s around the tribe to fairfield and morgan hill. those are the warmest bay area for today. sea breeze is helping out. notice how that air quality is
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pushing the haze we've seen. the oak fire is a lot less intense. two factors help us out. humidity might be an issue. flow around high pressure to the east. it could provide the feel for a few isolated showers. mainly increasing high clouds. sunday might see a slight chance might be a few isolated showers heading to monday. better chance of showers south of lake tahoe for this weekend. seven-day forecast san francisco, muggy, comfortably school temperatures. low clouds and temperatures at times. no 90s or 100s. maybe a few isolated showers heading into the
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weekend. >> we're supporting schools in a major way today we're setting up shop in two different places where we want to enlist your help. nor school supplies for those in need. it's important to hit the ground rung. education is important especially for kids. we're out here in mt. view. we have all these supplies. folks can come out here and help with their back to cool drive or save. the goal was 26,000 backpacks, at least that much. i heard last count, almost at 20,000 individuals, a few of them here. plenty of ways to help assemble these. use a credit card to donate or cash. we saw our friend pamela do that earlier. it's not just individuals that
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donate to this program. we have friends in it has corporate world like our giant strawberry and banana. they have samples for you and also a free jamba juice if you donate today by coming out here to the shopping center. not just drink, we have pizza too. they can get a free slice, one of your many different slice. they can pick. i should put you on the microphone. you understand how important it is for corporations to support the community. you have a large community of kids. you remember the back to season for them. >> this is the most exciting day. you get your new backpack and get your supplies. gets them revved up for the school year. great day always. >> important that you know kids have to be prepared. they've got to be on the same footing as others. we're all recovering from a pandemic. family giving free had a hard
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time during this recover. your business has seen a lot of changes. you've been able to recover as a community with your employees. >> absolutely. it's fun working with an organization and helping every kid deserve to start the same way. >> we're getting a good footing and pizza and juice i hope. good nutrition. >> chuck, we're not the only ones out here today. we're in mountain view. also across the bay, chris is working so hard. we're going to head off for his update. good morning. thank you for holding down the fort. i'm here is the deal. we have 200 free tickets to six flags hurricane harbor. the first 100 that come by here and donate a backpack get two tickets each. we have the backpacks and all supplies here on hand for you to pack up a backpack
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and donate it. we're here until 7:00. thank you if advance for supporting our schools. we look forward to seeing you here in concord. back to you. >> hamby to see you. thanks so much. if you can't make it out to two locations, today you still can donate online. right now using the qr code on your screen. snap with your smart phone or go to our website nbc bay and you'll find the link there. firefighters are making progress containing the fire. it burned 18,000-acres and at 45% contained. it did start a week ago today. 106 homes destroyed in the aze. aze. webl do
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ - you okay? - there's a flex alert today so i'm mentally preparing for the power outage. oh, well we can help stop one because we are going to reduce our energy use from 4-9pm. what now? i stepped on a plug. oh that's my bad! unplugging. when it comes to preventing outages the power is ours.
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treats this halloween may run short. the company sites lack of raw ingredients and others. prices for candy in october will exceed last year. october is hershey's biggest of the year.
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>> thanks so much. it's august next monday. we're watching that day closely. could see isolated showers after a mild weekend. >> good to see you in person. been a while. hope you'll join us for the next newscast at 5:00. anything you anything you ne a jelly bean that's good for you? try nature's bounty jelly bean vitamins. good-for-you nutrients in a tastier-for-you form. more sweet dreams. more flavorful immune support.
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