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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 30, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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right now at 5:00, on the rebound after recovering from covid-19 for the past week, president biden tests positive once again. what his doctor is saying about his case. a loud crash into a b.a.r.t. pillar. the investigation now under way after a pedestrian was struck and killed during that crash. first, a massive northern california wildfire burning out of control right now. we are tracking the latest on the mckinney fire burning north of the bay area. the news at 5:00 starts
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right now. thanks for joining us. a wildfire burning in northern california has exploded to an estimated 30,000 to 40,000 acres in less than 24 hours. >> it's called the mckinney fire. it ignited yesterday about 2:00 in the afternoon. it is burning in the klamath national forest on the border with oregon. they say it is fueled by extreme conditions and windy weather. it is sending up a massive plume 50,000 feet into the air. it is expect to worsen conditions there. containment remains at 0% this afternoon. firefighters are putting a priority on evacuations and safety. >> thunder cells rolled in and the fire got pushed out of the canyon and got wind driven. that's where we are at now. >> it's not clear with a started this fire, however the area was under a fire weather watch through monday for lightning over the extremely dry fuels. meteorologist rob watching this. i was watching you on twitter.
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you talk about the potential for this fire to explode and it has. >> what you see behind you, this is the satellite view. that's the fire right there. as sunrise hit, you could see those smoke plumes going up to 50,000 feet. that's up into the stratosphere. this is what happens when a fire goes from zero to about 28,000 acres overnight. you can see that just dramatic view on the satellite. what's happening for ground crews, it is making this fire very tough to fight is the fact you don't have air support during the day. convective air gusts associated with thunderstorms and outflow winds are making for a chaotic firefighting environment and hot temperatures too you can see lining that mckinney fire, ongoing thunderstorms that's bringing gusty winds obviously bringing lightning too which is an extreme hazard. notice by tomorrow morning, not much relief in terms of temperatures. this is overnight temperatures in the 770s to low 70s to low
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80s. this is driving those conditions, strong winds and not much support from the weather. tomorrow we'll see a day back into the upper 90s with dry conditions and risk for lightning. it is important to point out closer to the bay area, you probably notice the increase in humidity today. we have scattered showers just offshore and we have our own fire danger concern late tomorrow into monday as we'll see a chance of showers which may involve some thundershowers and lightning strikes into monday morning. we'll have a closer look at a very active forecast for this time of year coming up in about 10 minutes. >> rob., thank you. when we're not on the air, you can get the latest updates on the fire at we'll continue to track it as it continues to burn out of control. fighting these massive wildfires can be very dangerous and sometimes a deadly job for fire crews. >> today bay area fire crews and families will gather in sacramento to pay tribute to those firefighters who have died in the line of duty over
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the past three years. this is the first in-person memorial since 2019 because of covid. 82 men and women being honored including 11 bay area firefighters. that includes san francisco firefighters jason cortez. on the left of your screen, you probably remember cortez died during an accident in a training exercise and christopher yak who died in a parking structure at sfo last year. they will be added to the firefighters memorial at the state capital. that happening about an hour at 6:00. walnut police are investigating a crash on a busy street overnight. a driver believed to be under the influence hit two people killing one of them. >> reporter: near north main street and pine in walnut creek, there are few signs of the deadly crash from overnight, but there are tire marks and broken car parts. >> i saw a whole bunch of cop cars from the window. >> reporter: these people are visiting from out of state and
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just now learning that police say two pedestrians were struck by a driver, one of them died. the other suffered major injuries they say, but was expected to survive. >> it's devastating to hear that. >> reporter: walnut creek police say an officer was in a parking lot nearby around 2:00 a.m. and heard a loud collision and then located a pickup truck crashed into a pillar. they say the 28-year-old driver was treated for injuries and then arrested. she is facing charges of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and dui causing injury. this is security video. a vehicle goes by and after people quickly move in that direction. soon after, there are flashing lights. some people saw the response, but didn't know what occurred. >> we just saw cops, roads were closed. they had little lights on and everything, saw a tow truck go by. >> reporter: it's a busy thoroughfare with different types of businesses. >> i can't remember hearing anything like that recently. >> reporter: around the corner,
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rotator tap room had closed at 11:00 hours before the crash occurred. they say their customers are easy going and they watch for any issues. >> we make sure that everyone maintains here. our servers are trained to recognize issues with customers, so if we have to start serving them water, that's what we do. we have a very mellow crowd here. >> reporter: near the crash, they pointed out the layout of the road. >> it can be really tricky, you know, if you are traveling at high rates of speed. >> reporter: christie smith, nbc bay area news. new at 5:00, president biden has once again tested positive for covid-19. president is now part of a small percentage of covid patients treated with paxlovid who experience what is called a rebound infection. biden first tested positive july 21 a little more than a week ago and received treatment and then this week the president tested negative. on tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday, but then this
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morning came a positive result. white house physician says the president continues to show no symptoms, but will follow strict isolation procedures for another five days. president biden fully vaccinated, double boosted. you probably know that. he was treated with the anti- viral medication paxlovid. the white house had previously warned of the potential for a rebound in a positive test results for a small percentage of patients who take that. meantime, president biden posted a new video on twitter this afternoon saying he's doing fine. he'll be working from home for the next few days. this is day two of the saudi-backed liv golf tournament. victims of 9/11 or families of 9/11 victims are outraged it is being held at a trump golf course in new jersey 50 miles from ground zero. they are slamming the golfers and former president. cnbc reports. >> if we can't get a golfer to look us in the ice that they are doing it for money and they don't give a [ bleep ] about the -- >> reporter: he says his dad, bruce, had every chance to get
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out of the towers on 9/11. standing in the lobby of one of the towers, eagleson says his dad saw police and firefighters having issues communicating with each other, so bruce went up to the 17th floor to get radios. the building collapsed. his body was never found. >> i see these golfers dodge questions, put their head in the sand, not want to confront us, not want to address our issues and say golf is for the greater good or i am doing this for my family. my dad went to work that day provide for his family and got blown away. >> reporter: 15 of the 19 hijackers were from saudi arabia arabia. >> who blew the up towers? >> reporter: he changed his tune yesterday. the saudis have denied any involvement in the attacks. >> our hearts goes out to anyone who lost their loved one
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in that terrible tragedy. >> reporter: liv golfers continue to face accusations of sports washing taking big money to help the saudi government clean up an image tarnished by accusations of human rights violations, accusations the kingdom denies. >> i think the kingdom a couple of times and i've seen change. >> reporter: last night the former president at a liv golf party alongside his family as 9/11 families deserve to be heard. >> that is the worst feeling that these family members can get when we're not even getting through to a former president. >> reporter: phil mickelson is one of the big names to go from the pga over to liv. when he was teeing off today, somebody from the gallery yelled "do it for the saudi royal family." mickelson took a step back, gathered himself and then hit the ball into the sand. back to you. >> thank you so much. coming up, we'll show you the smalltown gas station that sold last night's winning mega
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million ticket. an unfortunate update from kentucky. what the governor is saying about the rising death toll amid flooding in that state. an unusual but welcome sight in new york. the reason dolphins are now returning to the new york harbor. ahead for us, new warnings tonight with more rain on the way as rescue teams search for survivors in kentucky after historic flooding. we are in the flood
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new details tonight on the severe flooding in kentucky. death toll has reached 25 and there are concerns more are still missing. the governor of kentucky says the deaths span five counties. >> if there's one piece of good news, we now believe there are only four children in this group and not six. the original two children that were reported to us turned out to be adults. now, those are still two people that have been lost and we grieve for them. officials believe the search for potential victims of the flooding will take weeks to complete. also warned that death toll could rise further. president biden has already signed a federal disaster declaration for the state. indiana could soon be the latest state to impose a nearly total ban on abortions. today, the indiana senate passed a new abortion legislation during a special session. there are a few exceptions.
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abortions would only be allowed in cases of rape and incest. anyone seeking an abortion for either reason would have to sign a notarized affidavit, attesting to the attack. the bill moves to the house. taking you to new york with state disaster emergency over monkeypox has now been declared. the governor announced it on twitter last night. new york health officials say the state is becoming a hot spot for the virus. new emergency declaration in new york is intended to lead to quicker response, better vaccination distribution like the one declared by mayor london breed in san francisco earlier this week. the virus spreads through physical contact and can develop symptoms and effect a patient for as long as four weeks. groups of dolphins are not the most common sight against the backdrop of the new york skyline. this is the new york skyline, folks. wildlife experts says it is getting easier to spot them because they are returning like
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never before being drawn to a resurgence of food supply. scientists with the wildlife conservation society deployed underwater listening devices around picked up distinctive whistles, clicks and buzzes from bottle nose dolphins. they say it's a sign the animals are feeding in droves. experts say it is because decades of legislation and industry changes cleaning up that water and it has re invigorated the entire ecosystem here. we're talking about fires. you're talking about rain around here. >> normally the dryest time of the year to talk about showers even drizzle. that's remarkable. we have a real showers chance that maybe even isolated thunder by the time we get into monday morning. let's take a look at all these changes in the forecast. you might have noticed it's humid outside. 73 degrees in san jose. partly cloudy skies over to dublin and the tri-valley earlier today highs briefly in the low 80s.
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75 degrees. partly cloudy right now. the drizzle continues closer to san francisco. we're going to keep this pattern ongoing. 61 degrees currently. notice the weather headlines to wrap up the weekend. the drizzle continues coast san francisco, inner bay, late evening to early morning, but showers become more widespread we think later tomorrow and on into monday. there is a chance for some thunder which obviously has some fire danger concerns around here. for the morning, it looks like drizzle around the inner bay and a chance of seeing a few showers. the muggy conditions will continue. you'll see increasing clouds. those are high temperatures tomorrow. close to what we had today. 70s to low 80s inland. cooler bay side over into san francisco. again, low 60s, upper 60s near oakland and low to mid-70s around san jose. two sources of our moisture. one monsoon moisture here coming in from the east and a weakening tropical storm to the south. all of this throwing this bonus moisture our way which is kicking off a few scattered showers. you are seeing a little bit of this offshore. notice the future cast as we
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head into tomorrow. chances are you are going to see more as we head towards tomorrow morning. you could see a chance of showers passing over the bay area at times moving in from the south and east. that's a little bit unusual. we are used to seeing the rain go west to east. not the case for sunday. by monday, notice the potential here for some stronger showers going south to north right around lunchtime. that will be the time frame to watch. that is the peak of the instability and lift in the atmosphere which could allow for the slight chance of thundershowers on that monday morning commute. notice the moisture starts to move off towards the east as we head into tuesday. shower chances once we pass tuesday afternoon should start to move out. look at the rainfall estimates around the bay area. anything honestly less than .25 inch at a time of year we barely get trace amounts. if you can avoid the lightning part of this, that's pretty interesting weather headed our way. here is your climatology for you. should be the dryest time of the year. not now. as we go through the next three days, we have shower chances
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that could take us into early tuesday. san francisco temperatures not changing much. then, we lose the tropical weather second half of the week and maybe back to reality by next weekend. we could see 90s coming back. we've had a lot of heat. they've had record heat from seattle down no areas north of mount shasta and far northern california. we've been absent of that here because of strong sea breezes that helped us out. that may back off a little bit next weekend. meanwhile, watching showers here. >> it seems like such a weird year so far when it comes to weather. >> that's a good point. we've avoided the long, prolonged heat waves so far and had above average heat wave. >> february we had no rain. >> none. >> we'll make up for it. >> thanks. >> thanks. up next, a new haven for book worms in contra costa county. we'll show you the library opening up today after 20 years opening up today after 20 years in the making. when i make decisions
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as a leader, it's not about me or the folks that are here.
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preparing for emergencies. san mateo county held its 18th annual disaster preparedness day. it's meant to help families get ready for any number of emergencies that might come along. families were able to explore emergency vehicles, meet bomb squad robots, attend first aid classes and get access to emergency supplies. a little bit of everything.
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coordinators say everyone needs to be able to rely on themselves for a period of time if a major disaster happens. >> our fire, police and ems services are so exceptional in the greater bay area we expect that within four minutes help will be here except in the case of a disaster. those resources we are so used to having arrive immediately will be tied up and people need to be able to be a little more self-sufficient for those times. organizers say the three things everyone should do to prepare for an emergency make a plan, build an emergency kit and stay informed. it is a big day in pleasant hill for researchers and book lovers. the city is getting a new library. take a look. only public library in town was torn down you might remember a couple years ago because it was outdated. today it is being related by this brand new, modernized library. this is the ribbon cutting ceremony from this morning. mayor of the city says this moment was 20 years in the
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making. >> well, this library has been a dream of mine for the past 20 years. i think once somebody walks in this library, they'll have this wow factor and i am so excited about this new library. i can hardly contain myself. >> a new library comes with a pavilion for storytime and other performances and there's a reading lounge and play yard for the kids. >> i heard of books being overdue, but not an entire library being overdue. >> 20 years late. they got it. beautiful. nice job. still ahead, groceries, prescriptions, maybe even diapers delivered to your doorstep via drones. we'll show you the small town already using thhigh tech e
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you know, this might look like just another small town gas station, but, oh, that's not the case. this is a lucky location in a chicago suburb where lottery officials say the winning mega millions ticket was sold last night. >> so jealous. >> wow. >> my gosh. >> i had it all planned out. >> you did? the past days i've been thinking about what i'd do as well. >> yeah. >> it's not happening for us. >> i wasn't that serious about it. >> i'll see you tomorrow? >> yeah, i'll see you tomorrow. $1.3 billion jackpot was on the line. you know that. second largest prize in the history of mega millions.
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>> it was more than expected growing an extra $100 million in last-minute sales. they are still waiting for someone to come forward and claim that prize. >> as far as the winner is concerned, we have not heard from the winner yet. we don't know whether or not they even know that they won a prize. i encourage everybody to check your ticket. >> yeah. >> i think. >> please. >> if the winner chooses the lump sum cash option which most of them do, they will be taking home $780 million. also, that speedway gas station gets a piece of the pie as well and will receive $500,000 for selling that ticket. i twon won $20. >> the next one will only be $20 million, $50 million. it's not a game changer. thanks to a fleet of drones, one community has
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access to the ultimate on- demand shopping experience. the growing delivery company is called wing. it is a fleet of autonomous drones making drops outside of dallas. it can carry up to three pounds and can fly 12 miles round trip. the company says the crowded air space makes an ideal test place. >> nationwide 80% of the u.s. lives within five miles of a walgreens store. >> they plan deliveries outside of texas eventually. >> three minutes to get your stuff. that's too easy. >> wow. i thought amazon was fast. >> that's something else. up next, a golden portunity for op in order for small businesses to thrive,
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okay. time to grab some cheesecake and your best friends. "golden girls" kitchen has officially opened. >> the limited time pop-up unto the lord. tonight, the desperate search for survivors in kentucky, the death toll there climbing after that historic flooding and now more rain is on the way. search crews working tirelessly to find the missing as residents get their first up-close look at what they've lost >> it's all gone all gone breaking news from the white house, president biden tests positive for covid again, now back isolation, but with no symptoms, how the treatment he took likely led to this rebound infection. amazing video of what appears to be space debris from a chinese rocket lighting up the sky as it crashes back to earth. tonight, where it landed


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