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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 2, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> thank you kari . two people accused of abducting a south a baby are back in court. the new charges they are facing and other details we are learning about the bizarre kidnapping case. justice has been delivered, and this terrorist leader is no more. >> the leader of al qaeda killed in a drone attack, not only did he succeed osama bin laden but he was a key planner in the 9/11 attacks. we are live in washington with new deals on the mission. and the new bold move to combat monkeypox outbreak in california and how it may boost a vaccine access, this is today in the bay streaming live on roku, amazon fire tv, apple tv, and online a good tuesday morning, thank you for allowing us to be part of your morning, i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia, we will get your morning commute in a moment but first let's start out with a today's forecast.
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look at the sunrise, such a nice morning. yes, right now the clouds are just to the south but they will start to move in as we go hour by hour. we will see clouds increasing by this afternoon and there could be a couple of more spotty showers, kind of like what we saw yesterday and parts of the north bay. but not as widespread as we go into this afternoon. there is still a chance your car will look extra dirty by tomorrow morning. we will talk more about this and what is ahead in the forecast coming up. mike, you are looking at the bay bridge. >> yes a beautiful sunrise and beautiful, light traffic, no metering lights as of the second on the chp report. we have only the slowing over at the incline, which is typical as volume starts to build, and that is for highway 4, and 37, any direction. a little slowing for hayward,
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880 south bound, approaching the san mateo bridge, same thing for northbound 101, it is easing off and more traffic heading in out of san joaquin. today in just a few hours, two suspects accused of plotting to kidnap and kidnapping a baby and san jose are back in court once again. >> now have a firsthand at a possible motive, kris sanchez joins us with the why that is emerging in this really bizarre case. >> reporter: good morning to you. the suspects in the kidnapping a baby brandon now face an additional charge of attempted kidnapping ahead of their preliminary hearing. yesenia ramirez and jose portillo were in court again and a charge for the fourth count of attempted kidnapping after a san jose police officer testified about what could be a possible motive. the officer detailed an
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interview with a man who claimed yesenia ramirez told him that he fathered a baby with her. that could be the reason that yesenia ramirez allegedly recruited her co-conspirator to kidnap baby brandon his family ramirez knew from church, the prosecutor isn't commenting until after the preliminary hearing but the attorney for use in a ramirez said the charge is not unexpected. >> it is an interesting addition, not surprising given they've added these attempted charges along the way. >> now you may recall this surveillance video from april allegedly shows us jose portillo showing up with a baby carrier at brandon's grandmother's home and the baby was taken from his grandmother's home while she was unloading groceries, along with yesenia ramirez would given the to a ride to the store. the baby was recovered safely from an apartment a few blocks away. a good samaritan spotted the vehicle and called it in. we expect baby brandon's mother will testify in this case and san jose, kris sanchez today in the bay. >> we are happy the baby
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brandon is back. thank you. new development this morning tied to the gilroy garlic festival mass shooting in 2019 to weapons manufacturers are facing lawsuits. three people died in 17 others were injured in that rampage. the victims family members are behind the new legal filings. each times century arms and rom arms did not take sufficient care to prevent misuse of the guns used in the shooting. the companies have not publicly responded to those claims. developing right now, reaction around the globe to the death of america's most wanted terrorist. a weekend drone strike took the leader of al qaeda out more than two decades after he helped plot the 9/11 terror attacks today in the bay jay gray live with us on capitol hill with more detail somehow it happened, and the plot that may have been stopped in the process. >> reporter: you are absolutely right, marcus. this is what we know.
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the mission lasted several months and carried out over the weekend. there are indications this morning it came as al qaeda may have been laying the groundwork for another attack targeting the u.s. for another attack targeting the u.s. >> justice has been delivered. this terrorist leader is no more. >> the president confirming that a u.s. drone strike that killed al qaeda leader ayman al- zawahiri , fulfilling a promise made to decades earlier from the smoking rubble of the 9/11 attacks. spamming the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of this send. >> ayman al-zawahiri with the primary architect of the deadliest terror attack on american soil, he was osama bin laden's personal doctor and chief adviser, taking control of al qaeda after osama bin laden was killed by u.s. forces . he was actively targeting the u.s. at the time of his death. >> he worked to try to inspire plot against america and americans, and he worked altogether at a strategic level, a global network of al qaeda terrorists to carry out
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those plots. >> the mission to take out ayman al-zawahiri included weeks of surveillance, and a precision hit with no civilian casualties, all carried out entirely from the air, almost one year after the president's controversial decision to pull u.s. forces out of afghanistan. >> i made a promise to the american people that we would continue to conduct effective counterterrorism operations in afghanistan and beyond. we have done just that. >> president biden stressing the counterterrorism operations will continue to be a top priority of his administration. >> in a written statement the taliban led government in afghanistan quote strongly condemns the attack, calling it a violation of international principles. marcus. >> this will be a topic for a while. thank you.
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some bay area relatives of those who died 20 years ago are reacting to this recent news, emphasis grenada betty honk was a flight attendant on american airlines flight 11 that crashed in the world trade center's tower number one and she's being considered a national hero. this is because she was the first to alert authorities about the hijackings. her sister tells the chronicle that the news does not bring any closure, saying in part that i do not know if bin laden being killed, or this guy being killed really helps heal anything because we still have a lot of questions. i'm sure it brings a lot of people closer to healing, and yes, i do find some relief. but we still need to know more about what happened." on the today show, national security advisor jake sullivan will sit down with savannah guthrie just to discuss what it means almost one year following the u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan, that is this morning on the today show at
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7:00, right after us here on today in the bay. a new push this morn for more monkeypox vaccines direct from governor newsom. he is declaring a state of emergency in hopes of getting the federal government to increase the supply of the vaccine the declaration will allow emergency personnel to administer those vaccines and it makes it easier to expand and set up testing sites. san francisco state senator scott weiner says the move sends a strong message, but it only does so much. >> unfortunately this declaration will not expand supply of vaccines, only the federal government can do that. >> yesterday on the midday newscast we showed you the long lines wrapping around several blocks at sf general, people waiting. following that is it 4000 monkeypox vaccines would be distributed, the clinic again were opens up at 8:00 for walk- ins and appointments. contra costa county confirming it is detected a group of mosquitoes carrying the west nile virus. experts fear that an area burned from the recent fire in
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pittsburgh may become a breeding ground and vector control workers made this discovery recently in the catch basins. they are now also monitoring the area with the help of a drone. so far there are no plans to spray the area. right now, that wildfire burning near the oregon border is the largest in the state so far this year. more than 55,000 acres have burned in siskiyou county and sadly two people died. the mckinley fire ring out of control and no count yet on the number of homes destroyed. >> we want to talk about the light rain that we had which maybe helped but not getting a lot of that. >> not getting a lot of that rain but it is providing that humidity, which tends to slow the spread of the fire, just to the west of yreka on the map. you still see the rain falling this morning in that area and hopefully it will help those firefighters get some containment, more on that today. as we take a look at temperatures that will be slightly cooler to start out and as we had to the afternoon it will reach into the mid-80s and not as windy as we've seen
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the past few days and were watching out for that chance of lightning in the area. as you wake up and go out into the bay area there is a beautiful sunrise. in fremont we are the mid-60s to start out, it does feel muggy and there will be a chance of rain for this afternoon we will talk about that in a few minutes and mike give this a look at where to find lower gas prices. spirit yes look at mill valley, along shoreline, we found gas for $4.89 a gallon at the hq fuels. a little bit to the south of san francisco, there was gas for $5.09 at the arco gas station. and in richmond, we have under five dollars that $4.97, and that is on harbor way in richmond and gas co. good on the roadways good options as well with no major problems. although in san francisco we do have this issue, north 101 as
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it transitions onto octavia, reports of a crash, a tough time and tough location as traffic builds, we will watch that closely on the chp, so far 101 smoothly moving through the city and getting to the golden gate bridge but typical slowing on the westbound commute with the arrows. back to you. creating new community bonds, head on today in the bay, the event taking place almost everywhere, for national night out. and how one police department plans to expand the dialogue with the residents. a lot of talk of layoffs lately, but there are still millions of jobs going unfilled we will take you out to the futures this morning. they are a little nervous, because we have nancy pelosi headed to taiwan. we will have the latest. >> do you see this pickle? what if we told you that it was worth thousands of dollars? we will tell you the story where it came from, how it got here, and why it is such a big
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it is 6:14 and happy tuesday. let's get you started in the north bay and looking at santa rosa that starts out clear. such a nice sunrise, temperatures in the mid-50s and will warm up quickly today. yes it is still humid, we'll
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talk about how muggy it is and a chance of rain headed our way coming up in a few minutes. >> and while the reports do not say metering lights is on, a live look shows there is a backup of the bay bridge toll plaza which is caused by metering lights, or at least phone at the incline. we will show you how things are shaping up as the commute starts to build or continues to build for the east bay. a good morning and very happy tuesday to you. stocks are under threat this morning as we watch what is happening in taiwan but more on that in a second. look at ford. again, july was great for ford, ford shares were up more than 30% that month along, 14% up at ford last week and oracle is set to lay off workers we have not seen a worn notice as they are called from oracle or the state of california, so they may not have yet taken place
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oracle used to be headquartered on the peninsula, trying to compete with salesforce, we understand from reports that most of the layoffs come from the division most similar to salesforce. now as we talk about all of these layoffs, keep in mind there are more than 11 million open jobs in the united states. jobs without workers. we will get the latest job opening numbers this morning at 7:00, and then the big jobs report, the number of jobs created on top of that on friday. this is why it is hard to say whether america is in or approaching recession. yes we have seen two declining quarters, that we have historic employment, and wages are up. amazon has released its latest climate report and says carbon emissions from its delivery trucks is up compared to previous reports. it is delivering much more because we're ordering so much more because of the pandemic. emissions are up 18% in 2021, 71 1/2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide the one good sign are the amount of goods
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delivered per carbon 10 was up, meaning amazon is getting better at getting greener. we are watching what is happening as stock markets all over the world are unnerved by nancy pelosi's plan to arrival in taiwan. these are live pictures, marcus and laura, at the airport with several cameras ready to go. we have understanding that their activities planned this evening on the island estate and it is right now 9:17 p.m. at night and china is very angry that a u.s. official is planning a trip. but i want is a u.s. ally and the speaker of the house have gone there before, i think president biden prefers she not go but we again have coequal branches of the government the president doesn't tell the speaker of the house what to do. she isn't there yet, as far as we know, but we are watching the airport carefully. >> definitely. do you have plans for tonight? the first tuesday in
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august means happening tonight it is the return of national night out and first responders across the bay area and across the nation although is community building events every year. this year marks the 38th year of national night out. in san jose alone lease will meet with neighbors and there will be 140 separate neighborhood sites. >> the community will ask you questions of us, and we interact with them on a more personal level. >> this will include for crime prevention tips and information about neighborhood watch and other safety measures. talking about a pricey smuggling attempt. one man should probably have rethought his breakfast plans. fema this is authorities at an airport in australia, they are definitely not loving when arriving passengers recent attempt to bring in his undeclared egg mcmuffin's. the bio security dog sniffed them out, with a fine of nearly $1900. that is more than $900 per sandwich. meanwhile, mcdonald's is making
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news in the art world, one australian artist just debuted a new piece but it is a pickle from a mcdonald's cheeseburger that he accidentally checked into the ceiling of a gallery space, it is selling now for more than $6300 but it is called pickle. that's it. and this all may be a bit of a ploy, the same artist is known for starting conversations on art pretentiousness and it is using comedies to showcase his point. the pickle tossed onto the ceiling is now worth more than $6000. spirit yes, but is someone actually going to buy it? he says it is worth that. >> this collector cars they are only worth what you can sell them for, if that goes for $6000 my junior high school cafeteria ceiling? >> that and the toilet paper
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wads. >> yeah i don't want it either. >> i look at that forecast, 6:19 this morning. >> we start out with such a beautiful sunrise on this tuesday morning, and it feels muggy as you step out so enjoy the view from the window. we see the clouds just to the south of us, all of this is headed back our way, tapping into tropical storm frank that is well out into the pacific. it is also interacting with a monsoon moisture which is why we have these days with all the clouds, high humidity, and that rain, and all of the green shows mid-level moisture in the atmosphere that continues through wednesday. and that is when the humidity was sought or start to drop as it surges norse. looking at the hour by hour outlook we have seen the possibility they may be a hit or miss shower around the area going into this evening. but i think it will be a beautiful sunrise, and a beautiful sunset as well.
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we are watching to see if we can get any more rain drops out of those clouds that will be moving in. we will keep a slight chance of rain in the forecast for today. in fremont expect a high of 82, and 93 as you head up towards concord. some of our inland valleys are not only going to be humid, but also really hot today. and tomorrow the humidity starts to drop. temperatures will range from the upper 60s in san francisco, to the mid-80s in the tri- valley, to mid-90s in fairfield, and the same and then martin heading into thursday as well. as we take a look at the outlook for the month of august, the climate prediction center not surprised saying that it is going to be above normal here. but also an equal chance we could see rain for parts of the desert southwest, a lot of monsoon moisture which may mean above normal rainfall. taking a look at the seven-day forecast, hides reach into the upper 80s, low 90s, once again feeling
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much more comfortable by the weekend. while san francisco with highs in the upper 60s each and every day. mike, you are looking at the bay bridge. >> yeah kari, we have not had the metering lights on as far as computerized systems about the human computer says it is on, the metering lights are backing up or traffic is backing up, the overflow slowing approaching the toll plaza, and you see it is moving better at the incline, but the backup is forming further back at the toll plaza. over here also we have phone through richmond, westbound 80 has shown slowing from richmond to the golden gate field, keep that in mind there is a build with more traffic. no surprise anywhere south of the bay bridge, and no surprises at the bay bridge either, just your typical backup. back to you. next on today in the bay, nbc bay area responds. >> reporter: if you have had a move go south, you can speak up up for years, california's
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non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california.
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so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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more people move during summer than anytime in the year and too often it goes poorly. >> i know this well but if you ever having a problem with movers there is a method to get the wheels started, consumer investigator chris chmura shows us how . >> reporter: we get moving complaints all the time. if you did not get what you pay for, you do not just have to take it. first, start with the mover did
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the feds say federal regulations require that your mover have an arbitration program, or a legal process, to handle arguments. look in your contract. please tell me you have a contract. look for a paragraph that spells out the process, then follow it. we have one or two more avenues you can pursue depending on where you moved. if you moved between two states you can complain to uncle sam. the federal motor carrier safety administration regulates movers. snap this you are coated start a complaint with that agency. the fm csa doesn't resolve disputes, but it says your complaint made trigger the federal enforcement investigation which may compel an unresponsive mover to work with you. some states regulate movers so if you have moved within one state, look for state help. in california it is the bureau household goods and services. one last note, if you paid with a credit card you can dispute
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the movers charge. this is good news, finance researchers say consumers like you went about half of credit card disputes. >> thank you chris. next on today in the bay, top stories we are following, including the breaking news of the deadly shooting. emerging details overnight of the person who died. >> reporter: the search for the person who shot three people at a youth football game this weekend. e meeting for parents thto
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large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written prop 27, to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless. but read prop 27's fine print. 90% of profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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braking at 6:30. a deadly late-night shooting in oakland. new details about the victim and the investigation. upheaval for san francisco school board. one members controversial comments and the demands from local leaders . a growing number of californians getting covid for a second time. we will talk live to a bay area health expert on why these re- infections keep happening and what it means for you moving forward. this is today in the bay streaming live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. berry good tuesday morning. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. let's get you started with a look at what we have this morning. breaking news out of oakland.
6:31 am
police are investigating a deadly shooting on ransom avenue around 11:00 last night. this is video near brookdale park. that's where police say there were reports of a person down around the same time. so far police will only say the man who died is from oakland. and there is no word on any arrest this morning. this is the city's 69th homicide this year . another recent oakland shooting getting national attention. okam police need help to find the people involved in gun shy at that arrested during a recent youth football game. a young girl is among those injured. >> bob redell joins us live. concerned parents are meeting tonight . >> reporter: correct. good morning. the oakland dynamite, nonprofit youth group behind sunday's football game will hold a prayer circle tonight and will meet with parents to discuss how they can try to improve the security after pop warner
6:32 am
football games because shooting happened this past sunday afternoon around 1:1550 oakland dynamite's were playing another youth team from fresno when according to the team that argument on the streets spilled onto the football field at oakland tech school for 500 people were watching the game. three spectators were shot. iman, a woman, a sexual girl. all were taken to the hospital and all were in stable condition. the oakland police chief said many people opened fire that afternoon with handguns and does not believe the shots were directed at the kids on the field. >> it makes no sense the children out here playing football and family and friends are watching these games and people would come armed with guns and not just one several people had firearms in this crowd. that is really unfortunate they put the lives of young people and families in danger because of their selfishness. and a desire to bring these dangerous weapons in the area
6:33 am
of children. 500 people. this could have been a horrible tragedy. it was already bad enough but it could've been much worse. >> reporter: police say they are looking for a video to single out the suspects. there is a $15,000 reward for information that could lead to police making an arrest and conviction. this is the second time the oakland dynamite's have witnessed street violence. last february someone was shot and killed by one of their games. the oakland dynamite's post on facebook an apology for what happened on sunday and reiterated their goal is to create a fun and safe environment for the kids. the oakland dynamite's will hold a prior cycle and the prayer meeting at oakland tech school at 6:00. >> our thoughts with those victims out there. thank you. we have no developments this morning for you mr damage control for san jose police were dealing with a department
6:34 am
black eye. the latest involves a suspected dui crashed sunday night in downtown san jose involving an off-duty officer. ray darius perry has been on the force for three years. police said the other driver in the crash is also facing dui charges. for now police say that only sorry will not be placed on administrative leave. this past may the chief announced a department-wide reform plan which announced more drug and alcohol testing and a wellness check in program. tonight san francisco school board debates possible action against one of its trustees, sam liccardo, already apologizing for comments made against the black and latino communities but some say those apologies do not go far enough. ginger conejero saab is live in san francisco. many parents are upset about this and many people demanding she step down. >> reporter: that's right. and they have continued to call for that resignation for weeks
6:35 am
now. the school board is looking to make some decision on sam liccardo future on scooper commissioner. the agenda said the board is looking to discuss, consider, and decide whether to admonish hsu for those recent public comments are those recent comments on that survey. the agenda item says , quote, commissioner ann hsu recently made written statements that in the judgment of board leadership undermine and run counter to this board's believe that we as a district most responsible when our students fail and that all students can succeed regardless of their race, zip code, income level, or any other factor. it goes on further to say that commissioner hsu's comments to the contrary are hurtful and perpetuate harmful stereotypes the topic asked on the parent group survey had to do with challenges in educating lac and brown students. hsu's response and part
6:36 am
answered those challenges included , quote, unstable family environments and lack of parental encouragement to focus on learning patient took to twitter to issue an apology into lysing in part i was trying to understand and address a serious problem and seek solutions, and in doing so i said things that perpetuated biases already in the system. the san francisco teachers union, the san francisco naacp, the san francisco democratic party and several supervisors are among those who have called for her resignation but there are also those who are more accepting of hsu's apology. 300 people have signed a letter of support poor among the chinese-american democratic club and the chinese parent advisory council but whatever the outcome of tonight's meeting, many say the biggest casualty in this controversy and other controversies that have plagued the san francisco school board are the communities and the students that it serves. we will continue to follow the updates on this current controversy with the board.
6:37 am
ginger conejero saab, today in the bay. >> the school board has not been a stranger to controversy lately for sure. thank you . 6:36. new evidence is emerging suggests catching covid-19 a second time can heighten your long-term health risks. joining us this morning is ucsf and infectious disease specialist dr. david chin-hong. thank you for joining us . how common is it becoming better people are actually becoming infected with covid-19 a second time? is it because of the different variants? >> yes. particularly with ba.5. what you make of been exposed to before looks very different to your antibodies currently in this environment. we are finding in california so far about 1 and 7 re-infections are very infections as opposed to say in december of last year it was about 1 for 2 in 100.
6:38 am
>> now we really see it. i want to dive into this new study that shows getting infected twice or more can additionally worsen your risk for diabetes, fatigue, mental health disorders. this is concerning. >> it's concerning and someway but not in others. this was, first of all, a veterans health population that was studied at washington university in st. louis, missouri. they looked retrospectively at people during the ark of the pandemic who had covid wants versus more than twice and they found that people who got covid twice or more had a 2 1/2 times higher risk of heart disease, lung disease, blood clots, and three times higher risk of other chronic medical conditions , including diabetes. but it was an older population. we did not know about their
6:39 am
vaccination status. there are other studies showing that vaccination status helps protect you against getting product conditions, but not zero. >> so people can just blow it off sank while the virus itself is becoming watered down. we don't know the long-term effects that it could continue to have on people. i want to switch to talk about the monkeypox emergency that's happening now. the governor declaring it a state of emergency in our state. one of the first to lead and hopefully other states across the country. do you think we see any changes to the amount of cases eventually that we will see because we have an influx of more vaccines? >> we will definitely see more cases. the incubation period is one or two weeks. remember there will be a lag period of time. until we get the population enriched with vaccines, you will see more infections. right now a lot of infections are percolating. there were a few events, prior
6:40 am
events, that may fuel reactions in the weeks to come. >> very concern me. i understand it's very painful to receive monkeypox, as well. >> exactly. when we think about covid and causing deaths, we do not see death and monkeypox. there was one in brazil and a couple in spain. but we see a lot of suffering. >> hopefully we will see an end to it. dr. david chin-hong, thank you for joining us. always good to see you. >> thank you so much . 6:40. this is developing. the heavy rain triggering mud slides in southern california. numerous vehicles are stuck in the mud and san bernardino mountains. the slides have closed one segment of highway 38 with no timeline on reopening. so far no injuries have been reported. meteorologist kari hall is here to track the new chance for rain. we did get a little rain in the bay area but what i remember seeing his activity off the
6:41 am
coast of california but that may not affect us that much. >> there is a tropical storm off the coast giving us this boost in humidity triggering those storms we've seen over southern california. this is looping bath the last 18 hours but even see those storms blowing up and dumping heavy rain but it did quickly move on. here we wake up to a clear sky but we will see clouds south of us start to move in and we have another chance of spotty showers today. looking at the water vapor imagery, where you see green is high humidity and that is moving into the bay area because of that tropical storm but also the monsoon. we will talk about more changes ahead. and mike you are showing where we can expect more slowing. >> i love that last map. over here it's not fascinating but earlier than we would expect at the richmond side heading toward san rafael. more traffic because we saw that unexpected slowing toward golden gate fields.
6:42 am
it's sorting itself out to relatively normal commute now. maybe more slowing, a concert tonight at 8:00 but folks will start arriving about the time many people are leaving and passing the coliseum and the arena after work in oakland. in the city in san francisco at oracle park there's a game at 6:45 against the dodgers. a big rivalry so we will see more traffic and that area. after the game a problem onto eastbound 80 of the bay bridge because the on-ramp at seventh will be closed . 6:42. suddenly shot out of a job. coming up on today in the bay . the south bay workers speaking out against their former employer after an entire production plant closes its doors . president biden said justice delivered. you have the latest on the air strike against al qaeda's top
6:43 am
leader. let's take you out of the big board. stocks are down as it appears the speaker of the house is heading toward taiwan. the thing about art is it allows someone an access point to relax and relate to something. >> turning ashes into art. we show you how one northbay we show you how one northbay artist is
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good tuesday morning. you are watching today in the bay. about to head up for that work out its a humid start and martinez pick temperatures in the mid-60s. it will be muggy day. it's going to be a hot afternoon. we have a chance for rain in the forecast and i'll have more on that in a moment. the commute is getting sticky in the south bay. things are slowing. it doesn't show so much on 101 north of 680 but coming into the area there is more build. we will show you the source of one issue in the silicon valley coming up. 6:46. president biden last night announced the u.s. had killed the top leader of al qaeda. >> but the world's attention has quickly moved on. >> nancy pelosi taking the spotlight off the president. she has a trip to taiwan. as for the airstrike the
6:47 am
president making the announcement in a nationwide address. >> it is my hope that this decisive action will bring one more measure of closure. no date shall erase them from the memory of time. today and every day. this is a great and defining truth about our nation and our people. we do not break. we never give in. we never back down. >> ayman al zawahiri was on at the co-finders of al qaeda and its current leader. the group was responsible for many attacks on america including 9/11. he was hiding in kabul , afghanistan, despite promises made by the taliban to then- president trump who made the peace deal with the taliban, promises not to harbor terrorists as for the speaker of the house, she is on a trip to a variety of asian countries and that apparently will include taiwan. it is 9:47 p.m. right now in taipei. we do expect some type of video of that visit later today.
6:48 am
we have several cameras ready to go and we have live pictures from the airport in taiwan. you can see the proud taiwanese flag in the left corner. pictures from pelosi earlier in her trip to china considers taiwan to be part of china. the u.s. acknowledges china's claims but does not endorse it. taiwan to us as a separate country, a democracy and ally. but china has made threats should pelosi go through with her visit. we are literally tracking her flight right now. spark 19 is the air force code. they are just east of manila pointed toward taiwan. they haven't landed yet. biden for his part has reminded the chinese that our legislative branch of the american government is a coequal branch but separate. presidents do not tell congress what to do and the speaker has visited taiwan before. newt gingrich and '97. gingrich said he supports the trip. a number of primaries you should know about today. here
6:49 am
are a couple that deserve our attention. this is kansas. voters will vote whether or not to remove protections for abortion from the state constitution. yes vote says remove the protections and leave it up to the lawmakers at the capitol whether abortion is legal. and no vote means the protections of choice should stay here in arizona two republicans are battling for the right to run for governor on the gop ticket. it's a choice between two stores of republicans. karrin taylor robson is what many would consider to be a traditional conservative endorsed by the rank-and-file. kari lake, a former television news anchor endorsed by donald trump. in michigan, the incumbent republican for congressional district 3, peter meyer has a challenge but one of the few republicans to vote to remove trump from office in the second impeachment. he is a powerful candidate and fought in iraq and worked in a charity in afghanistan it is from a rich family. everyone in michigan shops at the store. he has a deep war chest the
6:50 am
democrats are hoping republicans are angry enough with him to replace them with a relative unknown. someone that can beat in november. but democrats have a problem of their own. left of center democrat rashida talib fighting to keep her seat and michigan's 13th. voters deciding whether to reelect an outspoken progressive our move more toward the middle. we are watching carefully this whole pelosi thing and talking about it on facebook. that's where you can find me. workers outraged over the recent closure of a south bay food production plant plan to voice their anger later today. 200 workers at the amy's kitchen plant in san jose were told this month the facility was shut down in mid-september. they say they lost their jobs on the spot. workers tell nbc news the decision was made after they voted to unionize. some claim they were working and unsafe conditions. amy's has previously called the
6:51 am
allegations false and decided inflation related and other economic challenges for the closure. the san jose plant only opened last year. one northbay artist is juxtaposing destruction with the act of creation to help people connect with climate change. >> zoe fright said she saw the beauty in the twisted remains of manzanillo trees scorched by the wildfire that burned through her friend's property. with the help of a sonoma state scientist she created what she calls a fire escape. this is an interactive art installation she showed off at the marin county fair and she said she wanted to give others the opportunity to see humanity's relation to the power of fire. >> we are looking for artists because were trying to re- create this data about climate change and where we are. and it's not touching anybody so we are looking for artists who can create an emotional entry, a portal into one's emotional experience and that will allow access to some of
6:52 am
the signs. >> she is doing another manzanillo installation at burning man at the end of the month. she said she still hoping to show the insulation elsewhere. if you would like to know more you can visit the introvert we are enjoying this sunrise behind us. look at the sparkle at salesforce tower. >> it's nice and clear. yesterday morning we had low clouds over the city. you cannot see the sunrise. now we see that across the bay area. the clouds are just two hours south and look at those clouds heading our way. all of this tapping into tropical storm frank that is well down in the pacific. you can see how large that storm is and that's why it feels so humid out there. as we go hour by hour cover the cloud cover will increase into the afternoon. i do think it will be a nice sunset. even a chance there could be
6:53 am
some spotty showers and parts of the northbay, but it doesn't look like it's as widespread as yesterday morning. we are watching for a chance for rain as temperatures range from the upper 60s in half moon bay and s.f. to mid-70s in oakland. upper 80s and dublin, and low 90s in livermore. you can see how those temperatures spread out here. we see more of the same tomorrow but the humidity will be lower and even though were heading for 93 degrees, you want break out in a sweat as fast but it will still be hot and that continues into thursday. when we compare that to what we see elsewhere across the country, look at chicago today at 89. was he a lot of upper 90s and triple digits across the country. a lot of heat ramping up. and as we look at the outlook from the climate prediction center for the month of august, no surprise it's going to be above normal as far as temperatures. as we look across the region to see if there will be some above normal rainfall,
6:54 am
maybe the monsoon will help on the desert southwest. here we looking at lower humidity toward the end of the week and into the weekend but those temperatures will still be hot inland. and we see a mix of sun and clouds for san francisco with highs in the upper 60s in san francisco. we have slowing and the build on highway 87 just kicking in the last few minutes. 101 is slow starting at the capitol expressway and continuing past 680 and past the airport, sjc toward santa clara. it's more widespread but not so dramatic. we have slowing out of san martin in the crash at cochran's on the shoulder through morgan hill. then we go to the richmond bridge which shows the most slowing although it's not as focused anymore. there may have been a disabled clear vehicle that just cleared. happening now, hundreds of geico workers across california reportedly getting ink slips because according to the sacramento bee they are closing
6:55 am
all its california-based offices. bay area locations include san jose, mountain view, and pleasanton. geico said it will continue to provide insurance policies for californians. and a top start we are following including breaking news in oakland. a person shot and killed overnight. what police are saying so far about the victim as the investigation gets underway . and reliving a nightmare months after the kidnapping of a baby, san jose mother is expected to testify before a judge today. the new details we are learning bout the suspects in
6:56 am
6:57 am
bout the suspects in for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer.
6:58 am
27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27. 6:58. we are moving forward with a look at the top stories. >> breaking news out of oakland. police are investigating a deadly shooting on ransom avenue around 11:00 last night.
6:59 am
this is video from lyon avenue near brookdale park where police say there were also reports of a person down around the same time. so far police will only say the men who died is from oakland and so far there is no word of any arrests. this is the 69th homicide in the city this year. two suspects accused of kidnapping a san jose baby will be back in court later today. yesenia ramirez now for the. the suspects plotted to take three-month-old baby brandon in april. the first day of testimony yesterday, police officer talked about his interview with the man who claimed ramirez told the pair had a child together. baby brandon's mother is expected to testify during today's court hearing. quickly approaching 7:00. >> we will see high humidity today and a chance of rain with temperatures reaching the upper 80s and the but we will continue to see upper 60s in san francisco. and the richmond side of
7:00 am
the bridge on bippity across san rafael listening a bit. may have been a disabled vehicle heading toward the span that it has cleared but the bay bridge will not clear because it is the bay bridge. that's what's happening trent tolbert join us for nbc good morning. justice delivered. the world's most wanted terrorist killed in a u.s. drone strike. >> people around the world no longer need to fear the vicious and determined killer. >> the leader of al qaeda, a key figure in the 9/11 attacks, taken out a hellfire missile while standing on his balcony. this morning new details on the mission to track him down. we'll talk to the president's national security adviser. controversial next stop. house speaker nancy pelosi expected to arrive in taiwan


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