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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 3, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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7 day old tuna casserole! how'd you know that?! even my nose is strong! you need hefty ultra strong! it has arm & hammer continuous odor control! hefty! hefty! hefty! oh, and uhhh... toby needs a bath! stay one step ahead of stinky. it's time for dodger baseball. >> boy, i'll miss that voice. never forgotten legendary sports caster vince gully has died. tributes from fans. that voice was a big part of my
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childhood. good morning, thanks for joining us on this now wednesday morning, i'm laura garcia. >> we want to start with a look at the forecast because it's all i've been talking about with myself going, it's so hot and muggy. >> feels so humid outside. it hasn't yet gone away but eventually it's going to get drier here as we get a look at the moisture reaching closer to the bay area once again. we have seen this for the past several days. even that rain off the coast with the clouds reaching into the bay area. so we will start out with more clouds and increasing sunshine by late morning. it's already warm. temperatures in the low 60s right now. then we'll see it heading for the mid 70s by late morning eventually reaching 83 degrees. inland spots are really hot once again when you combine that with the humidity it makes it feel very uncomfortable. fairfield headed for 98 degrees. still keeping the 60s in san francisco so we'll talk more
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about how it will feel out there, coming up. mike, you're seeing less of the golden gate bridge. >> feels like this looks, steamy and i feel it in the armpits there. some folks looking over here at the golden gate bridge, a little less of the bridge because less visibility. more fog this morning. we do see the southbound side of the golden gate bridge showing slowing on the north end. there's also a crew working on that north side so be careful as you come through the area. no real traffic flow as far as volume goes so take your time and watch for those overnight crews. not as much rain and drizzle registering on the index but we'll keep track here. back to you. it's 4:32 now to a follow up. admonishments, apologies and support unfolding last night at the board meeting voting to admonish board member an shoe for making what some believe
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were racist statements about educating marginalized students. >> i'm truly sorry for the hurt and distraction i caused everyone apologizing to the community about her comments some call racist. >> for far too long student outcomes for marginalized students especially those for black and latin families. i will do everything i can to change that. >> before the apoll jazz and vote, the public meeting turned into a shouting match. >> i didn't get any support. did i cry? no. >> you have to apologize. you don't speak in the city we call a melting pot, a diverse
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city. no. >> some parents asking sue to resign after she stated in a questionnaire that the unstable family environments and lack of paren tall encouragement to focus on learning were among the biggest challenges in educating black and brown students. >> her comments are dangerous and hurtful. they're just not true. >> sue was appointed by mayor london breed in mafr. breed has not called for sue's resignation but condemned her remarks saying they perpetuate harmful stereotypes. some call it a teachable moment for the commissioner. the vice president of the naacp disagrees. >> she already been at the school. right now the teacher moments have to be for the students and what she's teaching is that some students are not as valuable as others. >> the most painful part of this is the cover of the initial statements have given to so many people to say things that are hateful or bias. >> cheryl heard, today in the
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bay. it's 4:34. listen to this. another child in california now has been infected with monkeypox. the health department in long beach says preliminary tests suggests the child is infected but they're not releasing the child's name or how they contracted the virus. as cases rise, san francisco is set to get nearly 11,000 more vaccine doses which is more than double past shipment. part of nearly 50,000 doses on their way to california. the state now has more than 1100 cases. in san francisco, nearly 400. it's 4:35. people across the country cluing here in the bay area remembering the great vince gully, the dodgers legend died last night at the age of 94. >> he was a legend not only in dodger land but also in all the world of baseball. he transcended his team and era. his final day on the job was in
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2016 in san francisco. >> you and i have been friends a long time but you know in my heart that i've always needed you more than you have ever needed me. i'll miss our time together more than i can say. >> what a sweet message. that was at oracle park in 2016. he was known the distinctivive voice and come men tating. he grew up as a dodgers announcer in 1950 he did play-by-play for the team, 67 years while he bled dodger blue he was always embraced by the orange and black of the giants. kirk gregory takes a look at his incredible career. >> vincent edward skully born in the broncos and drawn to sports broadcasting at a young age. >> when i was 8 years old, i fell in love with the roar of the football crowd coming out of
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a speaker on an old four legged radio. >> after two years of service in the navy, skully learned his announcing craft and joined the dodger broadcast crew in 1950 when the club was based in brooklyn . for the next 67 years he had a front row seat to witness and call baseball history. from jackie robinson in brooklyn through the dodgers move to los angeles where fans had trouble following the action at the huge la coliseum and brought radios to the games to hear skully's unique descriptive accounts. >> the 1962 race is underway at dodger stadium. >> he brought baseball's grandest moments to countless living rooms including historic homeruns by hank aaron, an kirk gibson. he left his signature on the nfl too.
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>> montana looking, looking, throwing in the end zone and he caught it. it's a mad house at candle stick. >> skully became nbc's lead broadcaster in the 1980s before returning to the dodgers in 1990 where he would share six dodger titles and more than 10,000 games before calling his last game in october of 2016 at the age of 88. >> i have said enough for a lifetime and for the last time, i wish you all a very pleasant good afternoon. >> kirk gregory, nbc news. what a legend. news of skully's death was announced california sports teams, athletes, politicians, all fans took to twitter to pay tribute to the sports legend. the ceo of the 49ers wrote "thank you for so many wonderful
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memories." calling him a legend many citing his work with the dodgers is something that touched fans over many decades. we'll continue to highlight the life and work of vince skully on air and online you can find the link on our website. one bay area tech company is making more lay offs. coming up next, the reason the business says its letting go of a quarter of its work force. plus, one major credit reporting agency is under fire. a mistake it made and the consequences buyers face because of it. stay with us, you're watching today inhe bay. t
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happy wednesday to you. as you get ready to head out for your commute, it's warm and humid. in the low 70s now. temperatures heating up through late morning. a lot of sunshine but still feeling very humid today and temperatures slightly hotter. more changes ahead in the forecast, coming up. right now good steady volume of traffic both directions here in oakland southbound with headlights heading towards fremont. maybe an issue along your way there. we'll check in on the crash but mostly moving smoothly. let's check the world of business. good morning, from cnbc, wall street set to open higher
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this morning after the market fell for a second straight session yesterday, the dow dropping 400 points over worries over rising tensions over the u.s. and china after nancy pelosi's visit to taiwan. in focus today, data on the service sector and factory orders plus we get earnings from cvs and ebay. robin hood is cutting nearly a quarter of its work force for 780 jobs crashing cryptocurrency prices and a turbulent stock market is keeping customers from trading on the app. robin hood ceo says the cuts didn't go far enough in reducing costs. equifax provided enact cat credit scores on million of consume erps from the period of march to april this year. the wall street journal reports
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the firm sent the scores on people applying for car loans, mortgages and credit cards to the banks and lenders including jp morgan chase, wells fargo. consumers were offered more results in their application being rejected. equifax says it fixed the error caused by a software coding glitch. they keep credit reports on 200 million u.s. consumers, guys. >> that's a mistake but sticks with people. i don't trust it gets purged from the system altogether. really unfortunate. >> i know. that's what i was thinking too, yeah. >> thank you. all right local shops are feeling the brunt of the rise of inflation. ahead on today in the bay, the reason one bay area shop owner says customers will also have to pay for that rising cost of products. we'll be right bac we'll be right bac k.
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tell your doctor if you have pain or swelling in your arms or legs, shortness of breath, chest pain, and rapid breathing or heart rate, or if you are nursing, pregnant, or plan to be. i'm making my own way forward. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. . good wednesday morning, it still feels very muggy out there. we do still have rain off the coast. clouds reaching into the bay area. but we do start out with quiet weather here. what was hurricane frank continues to weaken. we're going to have the high humidity continue for at least the next several hours before it
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starts to track further to the north and humidity will drop slightly but al of this green here on the map shows not only that tropical system but also the monsoon moisture that's kept it pretty humid here iur way bun as the humidity drops, temperatures go up so notice the spread in temperatures. we're in the upper 60s today in san francisco. navato reaching 87 degrees and 93 in concord. fremont reaching up to 83 degrees and 83 in san jose. this is back to where we were yesterday but there's some areas that will be a little bit hotter and tomorrow those temperatures do continue to stay hot reaching into the 90s while the coastal areas will see tons of fog and highs reaching into the mid to upper 60s. looking across the country and what else is going on, we're seeing still really hot temperatures but yes, this is early august and we're seeing a
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lot of trup l digits and 90s across this map even up to portland where it's reaching into the low 80s today. what's happening is with the remnants of the tropical system moving north, the high pressure is off to the east of us and we're just in between in the steady weather pattern where our high temperatures inland will stay hot but at least we will get relief from the mugginess we have had for the past couple days. san francisco is not seeing much of a change as our highs reach into the upper 60s. at times some clouds and fog but there's also some peeks of sunshine here and there, especially for the afternoon. mike, you're already getting reports of a crash. >> we're looking at fremont. i don't see it on the camera. it's reported southbound around this area, we're looking just north of tesla plant and somewhere between dakota and tesla is where that crash is. so we'll double check on that. no slowing south of the dunbar
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bridge but east we still have that overnight closure. 238 here state route mission boulevard and between there and 680 is where we have the closure for a few more minutes. cleared before 5:00. the rest of the bay an easy light drive. no delays in the peninsula. you may encounter fog across the golden gate bridge but here at the toll plaza for the bay bridge, no problems and we can clearly see the east shore freeway moving. back to you. >> let's hope it stays that way. happening today, the first cargo ship to leave ukraine in five months is due to arrive in is istanbul carrying 26,000 tons of grain in short supply due to the a deal by the united nations. weather slowed its arrival in turkey. after inspection the ship will
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proceed to lebanon. dozen similar shipments expected to follow. extended benefits now on the way to veterans exposed to burn pits in afghanistan after lawmakers followed through on president biden's promise to pass the act. the bill was bogged down in the senate and spark san diego protests outside the capitol from veteran groups and their families. the $280 billion package will assist more than 3 million veterans who were exposed to toxic chemicals from open air trash sites. in 2019 our investigative unit highlighted this issue telling stories of bay area veterans affected. we uncovered how the department of veterans afathers denied 80% of disability claims related to military burn pits. now those vets suffering from long-term health effects should get help soon. so many people across the country are feeling the pinch of inflation and cutting back on coffee could be one easy way to
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cut back on spending. >> what? >> if you can't cut back, be prepared to pay a bit more for your fix. kate rogers explains. >> reporter: at alamo square cafe in san francisco, nelson hernandez is paying the vendor 20% more for coffee than he was last year. he hiked prices for customers by 15% this past january but he's hesitant to pass on further cost. even as the price of everything from cream cheese to pastries and paper continues to rise. >> if i put myself in their shoes i'm kind of going through the same sentiments when i go out and shop and i'm noticing all the price increases in everything else so i feel their pain. >> hernandez is hardly alone. if you think your morning cup of joe has gotten pricier you're not imagine things. at coffee shops the average
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price of regular coffee was $4.03 up 9% from the same time last year. for specialty coffee, prices were up 6% to $5.23 accord to go the npd group. some people are cutting back facing higher costs. >> in general gas prices, food prices all of those things played a role. we have two young kids at home. there's a lot of money going out the door and we have had to be much more conscious about what we're spending our money on. >> it's something starbucks interim ceo warned about earlier this spring. >> when i look at gas prices at $7 a gallon, we are on the collision course with time in terms of how long the american consumer and family can continue to spend at the level they are. so it's hard to be optimistic unless there is a plan to get inflation under control. >> a new path through the changing housing market. coming
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up next, soaring interest rates and inflation altering the ground rules for buyers. expert advice on what sellers must consider before you list your home. first, happening now, a bill to create safe drug injection sites in san francisco, oakland and los angeles now awaits governor new sm's signature. the legislation backed by state legislature passed this week allowing all three cities to create overdose protection and prevention programs through 2028 prevention programs through 2028 with sterilized supplies and
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to daily digestive support. to more wellness solutions every day. get more with nature's bounty. . how about this for a new
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retallty for first time home buyers. the blazing hot housing market starting to cool. the demand in large part because of rising interest rates and because it costs so much more to borrow money, the impact is being felt not only for buyers but also people looking to sell their homes. one expert tells the today show that despite the uncertainty, listing your home is not necessarily a deal breaker. >> believe it or not, data shows that most homes right now are selling above list price which does suggest that bidding wars are still alive and well in this market. with that said, there are fewer of them later on the today show, what both the seller and potential buyer should know about the current market and where experts believe this is all heading. that's at 7:00 right after today in the bay. coming up next on today in the bay, neighbors say not so fast. we will talk about new push back on a south bay housing plan. why some argue the plan to house the homeless will make their
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neighborhood u
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curbing gun violence. the all new multimillion dollar grant for one east bay community and how leaders say it will deter future crime. tempers boil over to san francisco board meeting and a new response from an em battled trustee over racially charged comments and the reaction
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following the board's decision about her future. america made a bedrock promise to always stand with taiwan. >> a show of solidarity, house speaker nancy pelosi meeting with taiwan neez lawmakers paking her the highest ranking official to visit taiwan in a quarter century. the controversy is generating in beijing and washington. this is today in the bay streaming live on rok u shgs, apple tv and online. thanks so much more joining us on this wednesday morning. >> i'm kris sanchez good to have her in the house. >> forgot to say my name. here i am. >> i'm laura and here's carrie with the forecast. >> hello my name is -- the word of the day is still humid. >> i knew you would say it. we were hanging on it. >> bad hair days once again. let's get a look at o


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