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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 3, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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with mike on the morning commute. >> we have been talking about how muggy it feels outside. that continues today. take a look at our sunrise happening over walnut creek. as we go through the next few hours we go from low 60s to mid 80s. another hot day as highs head for the upper 80s in dublin today reaching 85 degrees there. 98 degrees in fairfield and oakland reaching 77. san francisco keeps those highs in the 60s but we'll talk about when that humidity will drop just sightly in the forecast, coming up and mike, you were looking at a back up in san jose. >> from the earlier crash on oakland road, this live flow back in the orange zone, much better than red crawling through the area.
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they may have moved the vehicle from the fast lane over to the shoulder although chp did not confirm that just yet. i was watching to see if it would ripple out on north 280 as folks tried to avoid that and head over to 87. haven't seen a big change up. we'll track that section of the south bay for potential a change in the commute. the rest of the bay, typical build. back to you. >> we do continue to follow breaking news overnight, uc berkley fenced off people's park as part of the first phase of new construction for student housing. late last week a judge approved the plan. this is video showing officers arriving on the scene within the last few hours. within the last 15 minutes uc berkley spokesperson confirmed to us three unhoused people were removed from the park. the school said they previously offered them shelter. there's reports activists were taken into custody. we're still working to confirm that and continue to follow breaking news. a late night decision by the
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san francisco school board doing little to sooth outrage over racially charged comments made by one embattled board member. >> today in the bay ginger conejero saab is in san francisco where tempers boiled over during last night's meeting. it was packed and tell us what the board decided to do. >> reporter: it was packed and heated. good morning, laura and kris. after an hours long heated and emotional special meeting smcu voted to admonish ann hsu. what's this mean? it's symbolic a firm warning and a slap on the wrist for the commissioner. but before that decision came down, the meeting got heated from both supporters of ann hsu and those calling for her resignation. this all comes weeks after ann hsu's comments offended african
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american and latino communities say they're "unstable family environments and lack of encouragement to focus on learning were among the biggest challenges in educating black and brown students." she apologized last night but apologies have not gone far with the community she offended. mayor breed after a contentious recall has also expressed disapointment in ann hsu's comments but looking to put the latest controversy behind. >> i don't think that she has a strong belief against these particular communities. i just think that there was unfortunately a challenge around her explaining her feelings based on her knowledge or experience or what have you and it came out the wrong way. my hope is she does what she's going to do and her apology she acknowledges and learns from it and hopefully will be able to grow from it so we can continue
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to move on and do what she and others are there to do. >> so moving forward, ann hsu stays on the board of education but not too long from now her position will be tested once again. she along with other commissioners appointed by mayor breed are up for a vote on the november ballot. live in san francisco, ginger conejero saab, today in the bay. >> thanks ginger. we'll see what happens in the fall. another child in california has been infected with monkeypox. the health department in long beach says preliminary tests suggest the child is infected but they're not releasing the age or how that child contracted the virus. it spread through close contact or sharing contaminated utensils or clothing, even bedding. this is the second case of a minor getting monkeypox. as cases rise, san francisco is set to get nearly 11,000 additional vaccine doses. that is more than double pass shipments. it's part of a nearly 50,000 doses that are on their
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way to california. the state has over 1100 cases. san francisco nearly 400 alone. developing now in washington, senate lawmakers are getting ready to debate new help for taiwan that would provide nearly $4.5 billion in security next four years. this happens as house speaker nancy pelosi wraps up her controversy trip to there in the process straining the relationship between china and the u.s. today in the bay jay gray live on capitol hill gauging the fall out from her visit, good morning jay. >> yes, it's interesting to see just how much fall out there continues to be as nancy pelosi is now left taiwan. despite their independent government, china still considers taiwan a threat and warns there will be serious consequences as the result of the speaker's visit. a trip that threatens the
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already shaky relationship between the u.s. and its biggest economic and political rival. . speaker nancy pelosi in a different house overnight meeting with taiwan's president as she wraps up her brief and controversial visit to the chinese claimed but self-ruled island. >> america's determination to preserve democracy here in taiwan and around the world remains ironclad. we are grateful to the partnership of the people of taiwan in this mission. >> the speaker's unannounced but not so secret stop confirmed in lights on the tallest building as she arrives and a show of support from an unlikely source. >> it's important the speaker did go to taiwan. you don't think the chinese get to tell members of congress where they can go. >> beijing's response, a squadron of fighter jets buzzing
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the taiwan strait where china is conducting intense military exercises. taiwan officials say government offenses have been hit by cyber attacks just a week after chinese's president during a phone call with president biden warned those who play with fire over taiwan will perish from it. the white house initially opposed to the trip now says the president respects nancy pelosi's decision while pushing back on the chinese show of force. >> we are prepared to manage what beijing chooses to do. at the same time we're not engaging in saber rallying. >> it may take a sieb saber to cut through the growing tension between the two superpowers. yeah, and look, taiwan's armed forces have stepped up their alert level while four u.s. warships are now in the waters east of taiwan on what
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the navy calls routine deployment it feels very far from routine at this point. thank you jay. it's 6:07. happening today shg a special hearing is taking place in the south bay, a one battle brewing to house the homeless. people in san jose oppose the plan to build a new cluster of tiny homes. opponents argue the site is too close to a school and library and say it sits on parkland filled with trails. housing is needed but also says this is not the right plan. today david cohen takes up the issue with fellow house members. new numbers show californians doing a better job of using less water. in june the state used nearly 8% less compared to 2020 which is still lower than the governor's 15% target but water reductions close herb to that threshold and
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our usage down 13%. let's take a live look outside. wow, look at that. a nice sunrise over the bay area this morning. glowing out there. let's check in with keri hall this wednesday morning. that's a nice start. >> yeah, and the sunrise won't be the only thing glowing today. maybe you will too because of the humidity. it's super muggy and looking at walnut creek starting out temperatures in the mid 60s. we'll head for the upper 80s today when you combine that with the humidity, it does make you break out into a sweat quickly. i wanted to show you this. i know san francisco you can't see the sunrise but talk a look at how gorgeous it is above the fog with these beautiful bright pink hughs in the sky and that's because of the tropical moisture coming in. we'll see temperatures there in the upper 60s while antioch will hit 95 degrees and we'll continue to watch that. we'll talk more about more changes but mike, where can we
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find lower gas prices. in san jose gas there is 4 dollar and 91 and the mash gas and food on brunt way has gas for 4 dollar and 99 so they're all under the 5 dollar mark. now looking at the roadways, things are looking good. san jose recovering from an earlier crash. 101 nearly back to the speed limit after it was cleared at oakland. no ripple out in the rest of the bay. the bay bridge meetering lights were turned on but haven't had a back up yet. back to you. >> thank you, mike. it's 6:10 now. americans facing a critical new shortage. coming up next on today in the bay, this may be enough to make you cry in your
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beer. if only you had some. >> the critical component now running short suddenly leaving beer in short supply. there's no shortage of money out at starbucks. they're making ice cold profits and it has something to do with instagram according to the ceo. let's take you out to the futures this morning and see what wall street wants to do. plus, harry styles helping one fan say i do. the touching moment that brought his show to a stand still, that video, when we
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video, when we for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness.
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while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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a beautiful sunrise as you're waking up and heading off for work. make sure you have the sunglasses and it still feels muggy out there. low 60s to start in san and headed for the low 80s by early in the afternoon. still see k a wide range in temperatures. we'll talk about that and our micro climate in the forecast, coming up. >> i hope i didn't jinx anything. the metering lights turned on early. we'll talk about the differences. good morning, happy wednesday to you. ebay in san jose reports its
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profits after the closing bell today. starbucks opened its books yesterday with new record profits. the ceo credits gen z customers who order custom cold drinks like cold brew with lemonade and take pictures of them for instagram and that turns into record profits, he says. the san francisco shoe company all birds is the latest to lay off workers. they are the shoe of choice for people in tech. although they don't have half sizes. all birds will lay off about 20 people. robinhood on the peninsula laying off a lot more than that. the ceo says a full quarter of the staff has to go. it appears the stock market is down so fewer people interested in trading stocks on their phones. the department of labor still says 10.700-0000 jobs opening in
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america. down from the previous month but it does mean we have job opening may cancel the jobs. opec announced it would raise reduction, 100,000 bales a day. that's not much after president biden's visit to the saudi palace but it will continue the downward prush pressure on gas prices. mike is pointing out the gas prices under $5. gas is falling for the last 49 days straight. still historically high. chris and laura, i know you have seen this cooler on wheels before delivering food on college campuses but may soon expand to your own neighborhood. one of the major funders is goodyear, the tire maker is part of capital arm and figure hey
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the head investor got her start. >> way back in high school i was that kid who liked math and discovered chemistry. and my father one day said to me, there's this thing called chemical engineering. >> so we'll talk to erin spring on our podcast everywhere you get your podcast. lots of companies have these venture capital arms but goodyear goes back, they were invented as a tire company before cars. a guy came in and said hi, i'm henry ford and i need tires and goodyear said let's help this guy out because this might turn into something. >> wow, did not know that. >> so same thing happening now. robot companies coming to goodyear and want to help financially because they need wheels as much as we move forward with technology, we still need wheels and tires. >> even the cave men knew that. >> thanks. new this morning, we have seen a nationwide short anal of
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eggs, meat and even toilet paper. the latest to feel the supply chain, woes, craft breweries who say there's a shortage in carbon dioxide, a critical come important for beer making. they only have enough for two days of production. finding creative ways to keep up with thirst, coming up at 7:00 on today in the bay. trending this morning one fan at a recent harry styles concert felt the watermelon sugar high of a life long love affair. >> it happened after the singer tossed him the mic.
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. >> isn't that cool? >> so cool. >> he tossed him the mic and she said yes. he sang the classic "i can't help falling in love with you". he proposed it's a big deal that proposal happened at a harry styles concert but i suspect a lot of people have proposed marriage to harry styles at the concert. pick me harry . >> if he had a negative answer, there may have been another taker in the stadium. >> yeah, a lot of late night talking. >> that's right. >> i'm a big harry styles fan. >> me too. on repeat at our house. we have water melon sugar.
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>> probably not. i'm thinking about the video and they're all on the beach and stuff hanging out. not one of those days around here. it's been foggy and we have had cool temperatures. we're going to see the clouds rolling on in once again as we are seeing rain off the coast. all thanks to the wet hurricane frank over the pacific and the clouds are rolling in. that's what makes it feel so muggy. we don't have a direct impact closer it moves over the cold water causing the storm to fall apart cht we are seeing a lot of green here and that's the surge of the frop cal moisture and the monsoon that's been moving over towards the desert southwest into the bay area. still shows some mid to high level moisture moving in over the next few days across the region. although the humidity here will drop slightly so if you're in a spot where it's 93 degrees and humid, it's not feeling any
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better. in hayward, headed for 75 degrees and 87 in novato. tomorrow our temperatures in the north bay will reach into the mid to upper 80s and fairfield, up to 96 degrees while fremont seeing a high of 84. mount view in the upper 70s on friday. notice these temperatures come down a few degrees so instead of mid 90s how about upper 80s as we lead into the weekend and it's only going to be slightly cooler as we see the remnants of the tropics and we're in between seeing gilroy going from low 90s to low 80s on friday. the weekend is looking noose. most of our inland temperatures in upper 80s. clouds and afternoon sunshine. in san francisco it's been steady constant here. we're looking at upper 60s here going into the next few days.
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less visibility. seeing those changes keep in mind really not much of the commute. here at the bay bridge at the toll plaza and on the incline, that will relieve the traffic slowing into san francisco because they will slow the meetering lights just a bit. highway 37 and highway 4 over there coming into concord in pittsburgh, typical spots for the build. nothing going on for richmond although there's a build for the east shore and berkley. slowing out of san leandro and no other concerns, back to you. >> sorry i got stuck there. she is tossing her hair around. >> if you're going to be fluffy with humidity may as well. >> a lot more coming up on today in the bay including nbc bay area response. first, fishy charges on her credit card then she's locked credit card then she's locked out of her account
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get those text messages or notifications on your phone every time your credit card is used, that way you can spot bogus charges in realtime. and they're free. if you need a credit card charge we made a video showing you how. watch it on our website, youtube page look for the how to play
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list. thanks chris. next top stories we're covering for you today include an apology demand, the reason san francisco's mayor is calling out a supervisor for an alleged racist comment and that supervisor says she's staying out of it. reducing inflation and saving the environment. the hundreds of dollars americans can save if congress passes new lislation. egst
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egst for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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right now, paying the price for rising inflation and not just consumers but businesses are suffering too. ahead in a live report, the impacts local shops are feeling as costs continue to skyrocket and what it means for you, the consumer. it's time for dodger baseball. >> got to love that voice. heartbreaking news for sports fans, legendary sports caster vin scully has died. a look back atan who don't bleed dodger bay streaming live on roku, apple tv and online. good wednesday morning, thanks for starting your day with us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm kris sanchez. beautiful sun rises so far this morning carrie, you're tracking what we can expect. >> another nice one. especially as we take a look at
6:31 am
the east bay looking at walnut creek this morning. as you get ready to head out, grab the sunglasses, it's going to be another humid start to the morning. and a warm afternoon as well. taking a look at some of these temperatures that have been in the upper 60s as you head out the door in brentwood. it's going to be hot. take a look at your 1:00 temperature already 93 degrees there. we're headed for the upper 90s in fairfield compared to the foggy low clouds and the temperatures in the upper 60s in san francisco. so we're still seeing our micro climates in full effect here. mike, it's looking slow across the sanmateo bridge. >> i thought i might have seen something on the flat section but i was mistaken. we'll check the ports and looking at the patterns, overall the pattern looks standard over there in the bay area. slowing past the toll plaza where our camera is but nothing beyond the immediate view of the
6:32 am
camera. that flat section incident may have been an illusion. over at the bay bridge, the back up is there filling in the lanes. the metering lights turned on early. the back up is right on schedule, back to you. thanks so much. when it comes to making it in the bay, filling up your gas tank is hardly the only thing getting harder to afford. take your morning cup of coffee, for example. hopefully some relief that could be on the way soon for americans that are struggling out there, bob? >> reporter: correct, laura. if the congress passes the inflation reduction act, then yes there could be relief on the way according to the nonprofit group called rewiring america, they just put out a new report and have found that if this act is passed as soon as the legislation comes to fruition, the average american house-hold could see a savings of $1,800 a year when it comes to their energy bills. how? the inflation reduction act would encourage people to buy
6:33 am
more appliances and vehicles that are more energy efficient. if passed, the legislation would establish more than 100 different programs that would doll out $369 billion in tax incentives all in an effort to reduce the impact of climate change. for example, as pointed out by yahoo finance, one program would give low income house-holds rebates of up to $8,000 for a new heat pump, $840 for a new electric stove or drier and $2,500 to update the old electrical wiring in their home. democrats hope to pass this inflation reduction act next week amid opposition from the gop. there are other provisions in the bill designed to reduce inflation and this is something we have all felt whether in the grocery store behind me or at the gas pump. the owner of alamo cafe in san
6:34 am
francisco hiked prices 15% to help cover the 20% increase in cost he's paying his coffee vendor. >> if i put myself in their shoes, i'm going through the same sentiments when i go out and shop and i'm noticing all the price increases in everything else so i feel their pain. >> according to the npd group, the average price for a cup of regular coffee was $4.03 clents between january and may of this year. that's an increase of 9% from the same time last year. specialty coffee, $5.23 an increase of 6%. reporting live here in dublin, rob riddel here in the bay. >> it all adds up for people. it tough, thanks bob. a new reality for first time home buyers trying to make it in the bay. the blazing hot housing market
6:35 am
is starting to cool. demand slowing in large part because of rising interest rates and because it costs so much more money to borrow money. the impact is not only being felt for buyers but also people looking to sell their homes. one expert tells the today show, despite the uncertainty it's not a bad time to list your home. >> believe it or not, zillow data shows most homes now are selling above list price which does suggest that bidding wars are still alive and well in this market. with that said, there are fewer of them. >> later on the today show, what both sellers and potential buyers need to know about the current market and where experts believe we're headed next. that's at 7:00 right after today in the bay. sports world remembering an absolute legend, broadcaster this morning vin scully has died.
6:36 am
yeah, wasn't just baseball he covered. memories really are endless. niners fans will always remember his call of the catch in january of 1982 you just saw there. vin scully announced 25 world series over his career including some for nbc for 67 years he was the voice of the la dodgers. tony has more this morning from right outside of dodger stadium. >> reporter: good morning, chris and laura. it's only fitting that dodgers fans are heading here to gate a at the dodgers stadium to pay tribute to vin scully. we stopped by to look at the memorial and cry a few tears, take a few photos and reflect. the announcement made last night vin scully passed away was a punch in the gut for dodgers. one man told me vin scully was like a grandfather.
6:37 am
he just happened to always talk about baseball. his voice, his mastery of everything that is dodgers baseball is what many will remember most. you hear that title, the voice of the dodgers, well it's more than just a title. vin scully had a way of making the sport interesting to those who doesn't even like baseball but simply loved him. you might forget the names of some players of years past but you won't forget vin scully, his name his voice and his art of calling the game. i'm tony ginyard reporting from dodgers stadium, chris and laura, back to you. as soon as news of vin scully's death announced california sports teams, athletes and politicians took to twitter posting tributes. jed york wrote, account thank you for so many wonderful memories." and governor newsom said he's a big fan. i grew up listening to him.
6:38 am
it's hard to say goodbye. we'll continue to high luth the life and work of vin scully. find the link on our trending bar. a new call from san francisco's mayor to get the city's board president to apologize to a cadet he recently berated. it comes after a fall out of using a racial slur while dealing with a black cadet at a city hall security check point. walton defends the exchange and says the whole thing is being mischaracterized. he says the sheriff's office is retaliating against him for legislation he passed. mayor london breed wants an apology. >> it was an unfortunate situation and my understanding is that it has been resolved and my hope is that we're able to move on. >> walton is also criticizing the mayor for involving herself in the whole situation. this morning, it's still too
6:39 am
early to know if much need rain is giving a boost to firefighters battling the massive wildfire near the oregon border. the sheriff's department posted video of the rain set to be falling near the command post. as of last night, still no containment of the fire with 57,000 acres burned. earlier yesterday we learned of two new fire related deaths. so far no count on the number of homes lost but at least 100 buildings have been destroyed. taking a live look at downtown san jose. it looks tropical out there. it's so muggy. it's going to be muggy again today. >> yes, it will be and we have seen quite a bit of showers across the region as a result of the tropical moisture coming in. as we loop the past 18 hours looking at the area around the mc kunny fire in northern california, you can see it really just fires up yesterday
6:40 am
even some heavy rain and hail. we are seeing clear skies for the most part now but rain is off the coast and reaching closer to the bay area. all of this tapping into what was hurricane frank as it moves over the cold pacific ocean it's going to continue to weaken but we're just feeling the humidity coming off of that and we're also watching out for a couple spotty showers here and there before the most part. it's starting to taper off and mike, you're trying to cut down on the surprises for the drive. >> do what we can, right? so we're looking at what y expect now. a build again, the second build that will hit and stick for the south bay this morning's drive. but this evening something to remember is that there's a game at papal park tonight so the quakes will be kicking off at 7:30. right now the rest of the bay
6:41 am
looking predictable. still slowing at the san mateo bridge but the volume tends to build now. after work there may be an issue here near the oracle park. still the giants game at 6:45 against the dodgers. we're looking at the 7th street onramp closed tonight all night after working into the evening late hours. the closure on the east 80 bridge. back to you. >> good job on names. time travel. >> there you go. 6:41 now. nancy pelosi is heading home from taiwan but her husband is headed to court this morning. the charges he's expected to face after what we're calling an incident last spring oofrmths a number of important votes all over america yesterday. i will go over some of the results with you, coming up. is it too early for pumpkin
6:42 am
spice? retailers say the time is now. we examine the question and take
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6:45 am
no incidents reported opt westbound commute but we're tracking that and more, coming up. it's a quarter to 7:00 now. happening today, the first cargo ship to leave ukraine in five months is due to arrive in istanbularin which is now in short supply due to the russian invasion and a global hunger crisis. the ship set sail this week after an international deal brokered by the united nations. weather slowing it's arrival in turkey. after inspection the ship will proceed to lebanon. dozens of additional shipments
6:46 am
are expected to follow. the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi arraigned in connection with his misdemeanor dui charge. police in napa arrested him in may after a two car crash on highway 29. officers say testing show paul pelosi was over the legal limit and he's not expected to appear in person for today's hearing. meanwhile, nancy pelosi is leaving taiwan after promising america's support for the island country. >> scott joins us now. our support for taiwan wasn't in doubt it wasn't. just a few months ago president biden answered a reporter's question said the u.s. military would get involved if taiwan was raided. the speaker of the house made history yesterday. we have been supplies the military for years as part of the laws put in place in the
6:47 am
70s. a senate committee will debate today sending more weapons. >> our delegation came here to send an unequivocal message -- america stands with taiwan. >> china is angry about the visit and plans aggressive mull tear xer siess in response but nancy pelosi's trip is supported by many in washington from both parties. president biden plans to sign another executive order today supporting abortion rights and offering financial help through medicaid to women who need to cross state lines to get abortions. that will almost certainly be challenged in court. in kansas, voters there overwhelmingly voted to support abortion rights voting to keep the rights to seek an abortion as part of the state's constitution. it's the first vote over abortion since the supreme court ended a woman's federal right to access. there were a number of primaries yesterday where traditional conservatives lost
6:48 am
their seats to challengers. arizona's rusty bowers, speaker of the arizona house lost his bid for a state senate seat. bowers resists trump's efforts to build a fake set of state electors to overturn the election. he testified it was his patriotic duty not lie. in michigan republican congressmen peter mye challenge. some rubs did not like myer because he voted to impreach president trump in the second impeachment. democrats were afraid of myer running again. he's an iraq war vet who went to afghanistan to help in a charity. he's very wealthy and would be a tough opponent in the primaries so democrats helped fund adds for his republican challenger, john gibbs, a relative unknown with a history of tweeting qanon theories. referring to his vote to impeach, myers in his concession last night said "i'm proud to
6:49 am
remain true to principles even when doing so came at significant political costs." we're watching results of primaries not in including the arizona's governor primary. you can follow me on facebook at scott mcgrue tv. a follow up this morning and a story of reincarnation or coming back from the dead. a corpse flower at uc santa cruz didn't bloom when it was supposed to. scientists were certain it wasn't going to bloom but it did bloom over the last 36 hours. at one point during the build up of excitement, bob riddel went over there thinking he could sniff the flower. it's supposed to have an o boar you can't unsmell. if you're interested in getting a whiff, the arboretum is open at 8:00 a.m.. >> maybe you want to smell
6:50 am
pumpkin pie. it's only august but some cases it looks like fall is coming early summer isn't even close to being over just yet but some seasonal items you may have noticed can be found on the grocery store aisle. check it out, pumpkin spice flavored and halloween theme items hitting store shelves. pumpkin spice cookie dough, cereal and candy. did you want it seem like it gets earlier and earlier every single year? we want to know what you think. is it way too early to get ready for the holiday or pumpkin spice, spice baby. i put up a poll on twitter. 57% saying it's way too early. 35% saying spice, spice baby, bring it on. what's the rush? we know how the story ends. constantly rushing forward. i don't want to ruin it for you but i know what happens at the
6:51 am
end to be fair, an important note they're talking about pumpkin spice. not saying holiday deck operations. >> i've seen them though. i don't mind the pumpkin spice early because some people like it year round. >> carrie loves it. >> when i see the pumpkin spice i think of you. . >> i don't think it's too early for pumpkin spice even though it's hot outside, i'm like okay. only for a few months of the year. >> she writes letters every day. today it's iced coffee. it's been so hot and we have also had the humidity which makes it feel warmer. a live look outside.
6:52 am
just like taking pictures these tropical clouds moving through. right now it's 63 degrees and a breezy wind, seeing temperatures starting to heat up quickly. it's still going to be hot today and the humidity will continue. despite lower compared to yesterday. still up to 9 # degrees in fairfield this afternoon. dublin reaching 85 and 77 in oakland. some upper 60s for half moon bay and san francisco. santa rosa reaching 90. tomorrow it's basically the same thing even though the humidity is getting lower. we're still in the upper 80s for livermore. so what happens over the next few days is the remnants of the tropical system continue to move over the cold pacific ocean and weakens even more. we're going to get monsoon moisture being pumped in from this high pressure bringing it directly into southern california and into the bay area. take a look at brentwood.
6:53 am
our temperature trend over the next ten days still hot. over 100 degrees for a couple days. then for the weekend, it's in the 90s. we see that trend continue into next week. so there's nothing really major changing here except for how it feels to you because of that humidity. and san francisco seeing more highs in the upper 60s, morning temperatures in the 50s and at time, some clouds and fog. mike, how is it looking heading into silicon valley? >> coming into the garlic corridor up through morgan hill, traditional pattern. there's a second build coming up past oakland road near the earlier crash. there's another crash still with activity on the shoulder south 680 around the merge with 84. a little bit of slowing that pry heading through sonol. no sur praises at the altamont pass.
6:54 am
holding steady with a slower than you like speed but still moving west across the san mateo bridge. happening now a bill to create drug injection sites in san francisco, oakland and los angeles awaits gubernatorial signature. a legislation backed by scott weiner passed the legislature allowing all cities to create overdose prevention programs through 2028 with trained staff to supervisor the drug use. next, a quick look at the top stories we're covering for you this wednesday including breaking news out of the east bay where police cleared homeless people from berkley's people's park. a look at the tense moments and why leaders say this action had to be done. another child infected with monkeypox. the much nded help comingee
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we are moving forward with a look at the top stories. starting with breaking news in the east bay. uc berkeley fenced off people's park avenue as part of new construction. officers arrived on the same within the last 15 minutes or so a spokesperson confirmed to us that three unhoused people were removed from the park. the school says that had previously offered them shelter . there are reports that some activists were taken into custody and we're working to confirm that and report will follow the breaking news study. admonishing a board member for he the decision fell short of the people that wanted her removed from the court things
6:59 am
did get heated during the hearing surrounding comments made by trustee ann hsu and she marginalize the families of black and brown students and during the meeting last night she apologized even voting for her own admonishment. another child in california has been infected with monkeypox. preliminary tests suggest the child does have monkeypox and they are not releasing the age or how the child contracted the virus. it is spread through close contract and this is the second case of a minor getting monkeypox. san francisco is set to get nearly 11,000 additional vaccine doses, more than double the past shipment . we want to get a look at the forecast. >> still dealing with high humidity. a hot day and some inland areas reaching the 90s
7:00 am
and only slightly cooler for the weekend. at least we have ac in the car, hopefully. >> good morning. on the ballot. overnight voters in kansas vote overwhelmingly to protect abortion rights. the nation's first test at the polls since the overturning of roe v. wade. just ahead, the impact on the battles ahead in other states and the takeaways for both parties after a nice of closely watched primaries from coast to coast. we have complete coverage. defiant message. house speaker nancy pelosi wraps up her controversial trip to taiwan overnight with strong words for china. >> our delat


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