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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 3, 2022 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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ni so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27. here is a live look at this guy range rover, as demonstrations continue over construction projects. the reason that police say they were forced to make arrests? thank you for joining us for the midday newscast. >> we are streaming live at roku, amazon fire, and others. we have the stand up of
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protesters that want to save peoples park from new student housing development. it is still very active. our reporter is live there now. bob, we saw the sky ranger shot, the officers are there in force. >> reporter: they are right behind me. these are officers from california highway patrol, and the university police. it maybe 50 or 60. this is a standoff between them and the people that want to save peoples park. this is fenced off behind here. within the last 50 minutes, there was a physical confrontation between police and protesters that wanted to get in there to stop the workers that are cutting down trees that are making way for the university housing development. one person has been taken into custody. this is the view of the scene from nbc day area i ranger. the background is, cal got permission from a judge to
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begin construction of a $312 million student housing project in the park. the activists don't want the park developed. they want to protect the unhoused people that live here. you want to preserve the history of the park, which was the site of civil rights protests in the 1960s. this is a video i shot earlier. this is when they started to take down some of the trees. there are redwoods in there and a big palm tree. when the trees started coming down, that is when the activists got really upset and angry. they broke through the fence. there was the physical confrontation i was talking about with police. here is some of the video. this could've been a couple of hours ago. several protesters put themselves in the way of a truck carrying tree trimming equipment. that truck did leave. i believe they got in some other way. the other trucks made it through, as you can hear from the chainsaws and the noise some of the workers have been cutting down trees. the university police began clearing the park just after
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midnight last night. the workers, as mentioned, they fenced off the side and shut down roads surrounding the area. three people were arrested for obstructing the work. they were released after agreeing to a seven-day stayaway order. cal police said there were four instances of protesters throwing rocks, bottles, and other debris out workers. the police needed to clear the 17 activists that were huddled around a wooden structure. some of them are still in there. it is not clear how many remain. this is a man that tried to block one of the tree trucks from going in. they will build a monstrosity of a dormitory. 12 stories high, 1000 people on this park. it is a tragedy. it is a shame. it is a power play. it is not over yet.>> reporter: the campus says the city offered alternative housing for
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the three hothouse to people that live in the park it is not clear what their status is. i did reach out to the city to find out. i did mention this is a $312 million housing project. it will have dorms for 1100 students in one building. in a separate building, 125 apartments for the unhoused and extremely poor. >> we are not only preserving the history, we think our plans of for the student housing and permanent supportive housing for the formally unhoused people, nothing could be more in line with the founding ideals of the park. 60% of the site will remain as green, open space. there will also be a memorialization of the parks past and its legacy.>> reporter: one thing that the campus police had to do when they shut down the roads was tow all of the cards. if your car was towed, and the spokesperson did not tell us how many, you will get a free ride to your car and a $100 gift card. you will not be paying for the
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towing. they had to do this in order to make this happen. you can see what's going on behind me. that is two more trees, believe that was a redwood. there is another tree in the background. you can see, over here to the left, workers are trying to secure where the reach was in the fence. you can see, there are two activists standing on a plywood structure in the middle of the park. those are people that have refused to go. one thing the campus spokesperson told me earlier, they are trying to remove these people as peacefully as possible. they don't want anyone to get hurt. so far, we don't have reports of any injuries. three people were arrested overnight. they were allowed to be released out of custody, with the agreement they stayaway for seven days. i did see someone in handcuffs about five minutes ago. reporting live in berkeley, nbc bay area news.
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also, new at 11:00, san francisco's district attorney is outlining a new plan to crack down on drug dealers. within the last 90 minutes, the da announced new policies. among them? for hitting drug dealers that are caught with more than five grams of fentanyl from being referred to the community justice courts. she is also calling for enhanced charges for drug dealers that are caught selling drugs within 1000 feet of us cool. the message to the city? they have to make changes to save lives. >> open-air drug markets have ravaged our city, especially neighborhoods, like the tenderloin, and south of market. we cannot stand by while these neighborhoods continue to suffer with violence and drug dealing happening openly on their streets. . the vast majority are from
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fentanyl. a late-night decision by the san francisco school board, doing little to soothe the outrage of a racially motivated comments from school board member. they were asking that the trustee be removed. we break down the decision as tempers were flaring over last night's decision at the packed special hearing.>> reporter: after an hours long, emotional special meeting, they have unanimously voted to admonish one trustee, including one from herself to admonish herself. this is a symbolic, morning, and a slap on the wrist for the commissioner, that will stand the board. before this decision came down, the meeting got heated from both supporters. this comes weeks after her comments offended african american and latino
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communities, saying the unstable family environment and lack of parental encouragement to focus on learning were among the biggest challenges in educating black and brown didn't. she made her first public appearance since those comments came to light, apologizing last night. her apologies have not gone far with the communities that she offended. the mayor appointed her this year. she did express her disappointment in her comments. she is looking to put the latest controversy behind. >> i don't think she has a strong belief against these particular communities. there was, unfortunately, a challenge around her explaining her feelings, based on her knowledge or experience. it came out the wrong way. my hope is that she does exactly what she said she would do in her apology, she acknowledges it. she learned from it. hopefully, she can grow from it, so we can continue to move
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on, and do it she and others are there to do.>> reporter: she does stay on the board of education. come november, her position will be tested once again. she and other commissioners appointed by the mayor, will be up for a vote on the november ballot. thank you, ginger, we saw how foggy it was behind you in the city. look at this. look at the difference. this is the reservoir. folks are out there enjoying it. it shows the microclimates, how different they are. to make she had on a coach and a turtleneck. in other areas, it is really hot. we have a wide range in temperatures. we have all been feeling the humidity, and a bit of some rain. i will zoom into the north bay. there have been spotty showers in sonoma county over the past couple of hours. we are still seeing rain up in that area, once again.
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this is all coming from the remnants of a tropical system, and the monsoon moisture. all of this green shows the moisture surging into the mid levels of the atmosphere, creating clouds and what we are feeling here at the surface. our temperatures are ranging anywhere from 60s to the upper 90s. this kind of weather will continue over the weekend. we will talk more about that in the microclimate forecast in a few minutes. san francisco general says it is out of monkeypox vaccine. as of yesterday, they had 2000 doses left to give out. 30 minutes after the clinic opened, they did assign those doses. the walking clinic is closed tomorrow. more help is on the way. as the cases rise, san francisco will get nearly 11,000 vaccine doses. it is more than double the past shipments. this is part of 50,000 doses on their way to california. the state has over 1100 cases. san francisco has nearly 400.
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another child in california has been infected with monkeypox. the health department in long beach says the preliminary tests suggest the child is infected. they did not tell us how the child contracted the virus. we do know it is spread through close contact and sharing contaminated utensils, bedding, or clothing. this is the second case of a minor getting a pox. on, we have an interactive map , tracking the cases in california. you can get the latest update 24 hours a day, seven days a week. with new details about an arraignment for nancy pelosi in connection to a recent dui charge. her husband was arrested after two car crash on highway 29. officers say testing showed he was over the legal limit. he entered a non-guilty plea to
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the crash charges and the dui. he will have a settlement contest at the end of the month. paul pelosi could face a 5 years of probation, five days in jail, in order to install an ignition interlock device in his car. more job cuts are coming to the bay area. we will break down the two bay area companies eliminating positions, and what it means when it comes to the overall employment picture. it is time for dodger baseball! that is such a classic voice. legendary broadcaster, vin scully has
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we are taking you out back, live, with our sky ranger overhead. this is that barclays people's
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park. people are starting construction, taking down trees right now. they plan to build a new, $312 million student housing project in that park. the activists clearly do not want the park developed. we have seen clashes with police, including three arrests overnight. the people were released from custody. we have continued to monitor the situation. it has been very active and changing. we have more updates tonight on nbc bay area news. you can get the latest at we are tracking more layoffs here in the bay area. the maker of those shoes that people like, they will cut more than 20 jobs. scott says other companies are rethinking job openings.>> reporter: trendy indeed, these
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are the all wall shoes you see on the feet of techies. they use new zealand wall. apparently, there were no native animals in new zealand. at one point, it was all birds. robin hood, on the peninsula, will lay off a lot more. a quarter of the staff will have to go, according to the ceo. with the stock market down, fewer people are interested in trading stocks on their phone. we have heard a lot about layoffs. the labor department says, there is still 10.7 million job openings in america. that is down from the previous month, but it is still a lot. we do have some wiggle room for contraction. some companies with job openings cancel the job without laying people off. back to you. the sports world is remembering an absolute, legendary broadcaster. vin scully has died. the dodgers were playing the giants at oracle, vin scully
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covered 67 seasons. we have a look back at his legendary career.>> reporter: this morning, generations of fans honored vin scully. he is a broadcaster with an unmistakable voice. >> it is time for dodger baseball!>> reporter: his poetic play-by-play's are beloved. >> there is 29,000 people in the ballpark, and 1 million butterflies. >> reporter: he brought the action on the field to life. >> that is a slow curve ball. >> reporter: for decades, his steady, smooth voice, narrated many of baseball's greatest hits. he went from hit hank aaron's 715th home run in 1974, surpassing babe ruth's record. >> a black man is getting a standing ovation in the de south to breaking the record of >> reporter: to one of the most
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improbable homeruns ever. vin scully is behind the microphone as kirk ducks and comes from behind. >> she is gone. >> reporter: born in the bronx in 1927, vin scully fell in love with the game of baseball at a young age. his back i thought, i would like to be the fellow broadcasting the game. >> reporter: he got his started in 1950, calling games featuring jackie robinson, before the franchise moved to los angeles. vin scully moved west as well, covering the dodgers for the seven seasons in all, finally retiring in 2016. >> i have needed you, far more than you needed me.>> reporter: his storied career took him to the hall of fame, and all the way to the white house. this morning, fans and players are paying tribute to a legend.
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>> he is the best there ever was. >> reporter: the team called vin scully the heartbeat of the dodgers. >> this is vin scully, wishing you a happy afternoon, wherever you may be . the mecca soon as the announcement of vin scully's death, fans , players, and politicians posted their tributes on twitter. one wrote, thank you for so many wonderful memories. governor gavin newsom called vin scully a legend. many cite the work as something that has touched fans over so many decades. we will continue to highlight the life and work of vin scully online. go to vin scully. you can find the link on our trending bar. it does not appear that the needed rain has helped firefighters fight the fire on the oregon border. we posted this video of some pretty good rain that fell near
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the wildfire command post. as of this mid day, there is no containment on the fire. it has 57,000 acres burned. we loaded learned of two fire -related deaths. so far, no counts on the number of homes lost. we know at least 100 buildings are destroyed. containment is growing on the wildfire burning in yosemite as well. the oak fire 20,000 acres. it is more contained. it has 81% containment. the firefighters made headway overnight. the fire destroyed 120 structures already. recent calls to conserve water appear to be working. new numbers show californians are doing a better job of conserving. in june, the state used a percent less compared to 2020. that is lower than the 50% target goal from the governor. in the bay area, usage was down about 13%. way to go. we have to keep it up.
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we have no rain in sight. >> with a couple speckles here and there. it is not even enough to water the lawn. we always say, about 50% of your homes water usage comes from landscaping. let it go brown. this is the time. we are taking a look at where we are seeing moisture rolling in. that has been the word of the week. we have had a lot of high humidity. we have big changes, as we start out the month of august. we have a bit of rain here and there. we are seeing this in parts of sonoma county. this has been very light. what we are seeing over san francisco right now, we have fog rolling over the golden gate bridge. you cannot see it from this shot. as we go over toward emeryville, it is not reaching into the east bay. things are clearing out as you get ready to go out for lunch. check out the seven-day forecast. you can get a look at what to
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expect in your microclimate, as we are really zooming in on what we are currently feeling, and what we are headed for today. san francisco is at a cool, 61 degrees. in san mateo, it is 67. it is 75 in san jose. as you make your way toward livermore, it is 81 degrees and 87 in vacaville. we are headed for the upper 90s in fairfield. with the humidity, it is uncomfortable. it can be dangerous if you have to work outside. we are looking at temperatures going up to 94 degrees. napa is reaching 83. oakland is in the upper 70s. as we go into the rest of what to expect across the country, we have had this a large area of high pressure. we are not the only ones dealing with heat. we have a lot of 90s and triple digit. some of this has been prolonged. we have been dealing with the heat in areas that don't
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normally see temperatures this hot. check out missoula, montana at 91 degrees. the heat is going further to the north, as the high pressure continues. parts of the southwest are dealing with monsoon moisture. that is the reason why we are feeling the high humidity now. gradually, it will decrease. it will only be a little bit. look at gilroy over the next 10 days. we go from the low 90s to the low 80s by the end of the week. we are seeing that most of the inland areas will come down a few degrees. it will not be a drastic change. it will start to feel more comfortable. san francisco will continue to see fog. it is august. our highs stay in the 60s going through next week. >> a friend of mine stated they see that fog.
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after passing inspection, this cargo ship carries 26,000 tons of ukrainian grain. it is now in short supply due to the russian invasion. it is fueling a global hunger crisis. the ship set sail after an international deal brokered by the united nations. the weather slowed the arrival in turkey. the ship will proceed to lebanon. lebanon.
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it might only be august, in some cases, it looks like fall has come early.>> that's right, summer is not over yet, some seasonal items can be found on grocery store aisles. pumpkin spice flavored holloway themed items are hitting store shelves. we pumpkin spiced cookie dough and coffee, cereal, and candy. retailers have been known to start selling holiday items
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early. it gets earlier and earlier every year. we want to know, do you think it is too early? are you all for it?>> apparently, you're not driving anywhere to get that. [ laughter ]>> there you go, you can find it whether you want it or
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we are back with today's many flavors of l.a. >> i'm here from labors from a fire trying many dishes from around the world and how they are helping refugees around the way. move over, blue is


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