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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 15, 2022 3:30am-4:01am PDT

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it's time for the biggest sale of the year, on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it's temperature balancing, so you both say cool. our smart sleepers get 28 minutes more restful sleep per night. all smart beds are on sale. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. ends monday it's monday, august 15th threats against law enforcement are spiking as the department of hope land security and the fbi issue warnings in the wake of the mar-a-lago breaking overnight, gunfire in the parking lot of a crowd six flags. a handful of people are injured. late details ahead two major car brands are seeing soaring thefts. plus dangerous joyride caught on camera our sam brock on how to make sure it doesn't happen to you. americans are injured in a
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terror attack on a bus in jerusalem. our matt bradley has the details. 53-year-old actress anne heche was taken off life support late sunday after donor recipients were identified elon musk reportedly trying to cut this horrible habit from his morning routine. do you do it too a busy start to your week here "early today" starts right now good morning i'm cori coffin. >> and i'm phillip mena. breaking news out of illinois. three people were shot and injured outside the six flags great america amusement park in gur gur guarinee north of chicago. two people were taken to the hospital for evaluation while the third victim refused treatment. fearful visitors hid before police evacuated the park, which closed for the day the shooting is under investigation.
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gurnee is in lake county, roughly 20 miles north of highland park where a gunman murdered seven people during a fourth of july parade. federal agencies are stepping up security for their own officials. the fbi and dhs issued a new warning that threats to law enforcement and federal law enforcement specifically have spiked ever since the search of dru donald trump's mar-a-lago. what do we know about this new fbi safety bulletin? >> cori, good morning. we know one week after the fbi search of mar-a-lago, anti-fbi rhetoric has been ramping up even here among republicans on capitol hill three law enforcement agencies describing this five page document to nbc news fbi saying threats are occurring mostly online. but that it has seen personal information released about specific fbi targets, including home addresses and even identifying their family members. now the bulletin also sites that incident last week where a man was -- tried to break into that cincinnati field office and started firing a nail gun.
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was also arm with an assault rifle. secret service hardening locations they are in charge of, including at the white house, fbi headquarters and field offices also taking action former president trump on his social media site yesterday accusing the fbi and the department of acting with political motives, saying that radical left democrats have a stranglehold on the agencies senate intelligence committee over the weekend requesting access to the classified documents that were seized at mar-a-lago a spokesman for mark warner says the panel also wants a threat assessment, a threat of the risk to national security and republican committee member susan collins saying they also want the fbi affidavit, which would give in great deal a justification for the search that the judge approved. now overnight, former national security adviser john bolton spoke to nbc news, talking about the claim former president trump had that he declassified all of that information bolton saying that that is most likely untrue.
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he said the process would have to be documented he knew of no such order and that is almost certainly a lie, cori? >> susan reporting out of d.c. susan, thank you breaking this morning, actress anne heche has died. she was taken off life support yesterday, and several of her organs donated heche passed nine days after crashing into a home in los angeles. she suffered a critical brain injury and had been in a coma. heche first graced the screen on the nbc soap "another world," earning her first emmy in 1991 she was one of hollywood's leading ladies starring opposite actors like johnny depp, robert de niro and harrison ford. her relationship with ellen degeneres also in the spotlight after she claimed that hollywood blacklisted her for coming out as gay her family says heche will live on through her beautiful sons and iconic body of work. anne heche was 53 years old. now to a very intense scene at our nation's capitol.
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a car went up in flames after a man crashed into a barricade, before getting out and firing a gun. nbc's alley rafa has the details. >> capital police say 29-year-old delaware resident richard york killed himself after plowing his car into a capitol barricade early sunday morning. >> a powerful explosion heard 318 capitol street. >> reporter: the chilling aftermath revealed after sunrise. you can still see the scorch marks where this car erupted into flames at this then unmanned barricade between the library of congress and supreme court. just yards away from several homes. that's when the driver started walking down this block towards the capitol while firing a handgun into the air officials say they approached him as he was walking on to the capitol grounds, and that's when they say he shot himself negative, u.s. capitol police officer took any shots, fired their weapons. no one else was injured. >> reporter: the capital police
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chief adding lawmakers may be back home on august recess, but his officers are working at full capacity, on heightened alert because of the recent rise in threats on law enforcement >> we do know that the suspect has a criminal history over the past ten years or so, but nothing that at this point would link him to anything here at the capitol. >> our thanks to allie for that report in jerusalem, eight people are injured after a shooting attack that appears to have targeted jewish pilgrims among the injured five americans, including four from the same family. israeli police say a palestinian suspect is in custody this morning. nbc's matt bradley reports >> reporter: a hail of bullets leaving eight injured including five americans after palestinian gunman opened fire on a bus. >> i saw people lying on the floor in critical condition. a baby we took out of harm's way. >> reporter: according to israeli media, four of the five injured americans came from the
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same new york family this man was visiting. he spoke to channel i-24 >> i heard a gunshot, and i looked and i saw the window, like, shattered. so i quickly ducked and i saw it had like blood everywhere over here >> reporter: among the injured, a pregnant woman shot in the stomach, according to hospital staff. after an emergency c-section, her baby remains in serious condition. the bus was parked near jerusalem's western wall, waiting to carry pilgrims back from prayers israeli police on a manhunt for the gunman in jerusalem's old city hours later, the shooter turned himself in one his relatives has also been arrested today's shooting comes just a week after the israelis and palestinians agreed to a ceasefire a temporary truce after israel pounded the gaza strip with missiles last weekend. the palestinian islamic jihad group responded with over a thousand rockets 47 palestinians were killed in three days of fighting no israelis were killed or seriously injured. the leader of hamas praised the
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bus shooting "today this operation confirms that the palestinian people continue on the path of resistance," he said an act of terror that has both sides promise mortgage punishment matt bradley, nbc news turning now to ukraine, where russia's war there continues after nearly six months, and new concerns are growing as europe's largest power plant located in ukraine is under siege according to ukraine's national power company, several buildings and a power cable have been damaged, putting one reactor offline. nbc's morgan chesky was there in that area just days ago. morgan, good morning what's the latest there? >> cori, good morning. one of the things that makes this even more precarious is the fact that officials say this plant runs off of four massive power lines, three of which have been damaged, they believe by russian shelling that leaves just one power line left after that, the entire facility
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would have to run off of diesel generator, and there is no backup following that. so you can understand why the international community is absolutely paying attention to what's happening at the zaporizhzhia power plant as it stands right now, we are hearing growing reports of thousands of people fleeing the communities immediately surrounding the plant that at peak capacity one employee told us employees about 11,000 people we had a chance to speak at length with a former engineer who departed that area right as the russian occupation began back in march, describing the environment as oppressive and intimidating and here's what she had to say about life once russia took over take a listen. if you didn't escape and russia found that you were pro ukrainian, what happens? >> you personally know more than 50 people being held in a basement by russians >> yes, i know around 50 people,
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my friends, my acquaintances who are held there >> reporter: and we spoke to multiple people in that town of enerhodar which is immediately outside of the plant they echoed her sentiment, saying right now if you are clearly pro ukrainian, your future highly uncertain. cori >> unbelievable reporting there, morgan thank you. let's turn now to weather and the ongoing heavy rain threats across the country nbc meteorologist michelle grossman is back from some well-deserved little break good morning, michelle, and welcome back >> good morning to you both. so glad to be back and yeah, we're off to a soggy start in many parts of the area. heavy rain, some flooding rain as well to portions of the southwest, into the plains, parts of the carolinas, and southern florida lots of spots seeing a soggy start to the weekend we're looking at rainfall up to 5 inches in some spots, especially throughout the plains
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and throughout the southwest certainly could cause some flooding there from sioux falls at omaha, you see some flooding rains as well. we're also looking at the chance for severe weather, charlotte could see winds gusting to heating up in the plains looking at temperatures into the triple-digits in oklahoma city and also dallas. all right. we talked about the stormy side. we're looking at steamy weather to the west. parts of the south heating up once again we'll talk about that soon >> we're going want those details. thank you so much. fast forwarding into your monday, jury selection begins today in the trial against r. kelly. the disgraced musician faces child pornography and obstruction of justice charges just two months after being convicted of racketeering and sex trafficking in new york.
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want more from your vitamins? get more with nature's bounty. from the first-ever triple action sleep supplement. to daily digestive support. to more wellness solutions every day. get more with nature's bounty. new this morning, author salman rushdie is on the road to recovery his family says the 75-year-old is awake and talking just two days after he was attacked and stabbed on stage his son said, quote, those his life-changing injuries are severe, his usual feisty and defiant humor remains in intact. last week he was stabbed 12 times just as he was to give a lecture on freedom of speech the accused attacker hadi matar faces second degree attempted assault charges but pleaded not
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guilty the suspect was inspired by iran inspired extremism car thieves are becoming younger and increasingly more brazen, showing off on social media with videos like this. our sam brock has a report on what cars are most at risk and what you can do to protect your vehicle. >> oh! >> reporter: in cities all over the country, the screech of stolen cars can be heard ripping through roads. you see people running for their life up there, dude? >> reporter: terrorizing residents, and catching the attention of police. >> wrong way in traffic again. >> reporter: increasingly are chasing down teenagers following an online trend stealing cars and posting individual yoys of their joy rides. it looks like they're grabbing cars just to whip them around violently through neighborhoods. what is going on >> most of our offenders are between 14 and 17 years old. they look for a car to steal to, yes, drive it around wildly. >> reporter: as the trend explodes, police say two
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carmakers consistently find themselves at the center of the thefts, hyundai and kia. police and auto theft experts say it's not a coincidence you're a thief you walk up and say hey, here is a hyundai. what am i looking at to see if it's a vulnerable car? >> if it has a keyhole, i'm done. >> reporter: experts say for years keys in some hyndais and kias lacked a basic security feature called an engine immobilizer, a chip which helps the engine recognize the key, preventing theft thieves taking advantage of that, yanking down the steering column to access the ignition. of the roughly one thousand vehicles reported stolen in st. louis last month, nearly 2/3 were hyundai and kia in milwaukee, carol mcfarland's beloved kia soul snatched from a parking garage. >> she was my pride and joy. not anymore. >> reporter: in florida, jonathan paris was victim ides twice. >> he bought a brand-new car to
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be safe and think okay, you're not going to have any problems, and you come out and your car is gone. >> reporter: it's an issue both hyundai and kia say they have corrected in their most recent models besides making sure to lock your door which police say is usually at the root of this, other options are limited. a steering wheelock might be your best bet, but it's not foolproof. this can move. if i can move the wheel, so can thieves. hyundai telling nbc news immobilizers became standard for cars produced after november 1 of last year and kia noting all 2022 models and trims have an immobilizer applied either at the beginning of the year or as a rung change. but for many drivers watching this frightening trend can cause panic for a problem accelerating to dangerous levels. sam brock, nbc news, miami >> wow still to come, mission impossible cave divers embark on a daring rescue to save a trapped dog
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that's detention, mister now take off those clog shoes. >> all right many remember denise dowse the disciplinarian on beverly hills 90210. the actress passed away this weekend at 64. she was hospitalized and in a coma after a severe battle with meningitis 90210 co-star ian zeerling shared his condolences elon musk is sharing a relatable habit that he wants to kick in an interview with the tesla
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and spacex ceo says he is looking to change up his daily routine by not checking his phone first thing in the morning. the 51-year-old said anxiety over company emergencies is the reason for his worst habit instead, musk wants to start replacing screen time with a workout. >> do you do it? >> not for company emergencies is it a.m. or p.m. >> i need to get going for work. >> exactly michelle is tracking another big warm-up coming up for us next week. and school pride meets playtime the new popular doll celebrating hbcus. what? no. what if i'm not sure i have the right coverage for my car? oh, your agent can help you make sure it's just what you need. what if i accidentally hit a food truck and it gets covered in empanadas? you can file a claim on the app. at state farm, we're there for your "what ifs." ah, thanks! oh... mmmm. that is too spicy. that's for you! like a good neighbor, state farm is there.® call or click to get a quote today.
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this is the gillettelabs with exfoliating bar. the bar in the handle removes unseen dirt and debris ahead of the blades, for effortless shaving in one efficient stroke. welcome back on this monday. stormy and steamy for many of us we're heading up into southern plains, portions of the west we're going to see excessive heat in the west also looking at tropical downpours in parts of southern texas. rainy weather to the plains. also the southwest monsoonal moisture does continue, and that will continue into wednesday back to you guys >> thanks, michelle. target is taking on a whole
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new line of toys that will teach kids about historically black colleges and universities. we've got that story ahead stay with us it's an upside-down bottle with no cap. you just grab and squeeze. dawn platinum's more powerful formula breaks down and removes grease 4 times faster. nice! no flip, no mess. platinum is also a go-to grease cleaner for your sink, your countertops, and to pre-treat stains on laundry. fast. easy. dawn platinum ez-squeeze. flip the way you clean dishes. mornings are our time, and i couldn't let stiff joints slow me down. so i started taking osteo bi-flex every day because it has joint shield... ...clinically shown to improve joint comfort within 7 days.
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osteo bi-flex - available at your local retailer and club. in missouri, a dog has been saved after being trapped in a cave for nearly two months cave diver say the dog was not in good shape when they found her by chance. they put the pup in a duffel bag with her head poking out to keep her safe while they transported her to freedom the team did give high mashes for being totally cooperative during the ordeal. >> i'm sure he was scared but very lucky the end of the wnba season
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and the end of an era for a pair of legends sylvia played in her final regular season game end her career with 4,000 rebounds the connecticut sun beat them 90-83. and in las vegas sue bird became the second nba player ever to net one thousand career threes the storm fell in bird's final regular season game. and the aces clinched the league's top seed with the win, 109-100. the wnba play-offs tip off this wednesday with the chicago sky the storm starts their title push against the mystics on thursday soon you'll see new tips on shelves of target, aimed at teaching kids about historically black colleges and universities. aimee cho spoke with the founder of hbcu dolls about the important mission behind these toys >> reporter: celebrating the
3:58 am
rich history of historically black colleges and universities and all that they have to offer. that's what hampton university alum brooke hart jones knew she wanted to do >> i'm just excited to really share the magic of hbcus with the world. >> reporter: it's why she created this line of hbcu dolls, featuring characters like hope, a student body president, and alissa, a cheerleading captain >> we really want to introduce the concept of higher learning by seeing images and toys that look like you, it can inspire you to dream bigger. >> reporter: jones started out making the toys herself at home in dallas. now that demand is pouring in, she has help from a manufacturer she says when she was designing the doll, every detail had to be just right. >> we wanted skin tones and hair textures that were reflective of the community, very diverse, our very diverse community. >> reporter: the dolls are now being sold at target and come in
3:59 am
outfits that represent seven different schools like hampton, morehouse college and dutuskegee university >> i'm excited representation is so important in young people. >> she's right that surely helps. our thanks to amy for atth
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one week ago today, the fbi searched the home of donald trump for classified and top-secret documents now law enforcement and security are facing a growing number of threats. new detas after a man plows his car into a family at a fund-raiser for loved ones. people surrounding the front at the embattled nuclear reactor. >> to th


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