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tv   Today  NBC  October 18, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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bridge. >> out with your friends. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we want to leave you with a live look inside chase center where the warriors will take on the lakers. they're also going to unveil the banner there tonight and they're going to get ♪♪ good morning. it's tuesday. hope you have those winter coats handy. >> several cities they are already breaking out the snow shovels. it is october 18th and this is "today." deep freeze. nearly 100 million people waking up to brutally cold temperatures from colorado to new england, all the way down to florida. some places in between coping with the earliest snowfall in years. >> it's going to be a long winter. >> we are live where the flakes are falling, and al will have your full forecast. breaking overnight, cities across ukraine facing a new barrage of russian airstrikes,
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this time cutting power and water supplies to tens of thousands of civilians. the very latest in a live report from the front lines. growing concern. an iranian athlete in the international spotlight after competing in a high-profile event without her hijab. was it a show of support for women protesting on the streets back home? her new message overnight and what she is facing as she returns to tehran. three weeks to go with the midterms fast approaching. candidates from coast to coast clashing in closely watched debates overnight. ahead, we will break down the key races, where they stand and the biggest issues on the minds of voters. all that, plus burgers, tacos, fries, oh my. those sky-high prices hitting a staple for millions of americans. fast food. what you need to know and how to save on your next meal. and just for kicks. the los angeles chargers use a big monday night rally to clutch a field goal.
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>> the kick is good! and the chargers win it in overtime. >> and knock off the denver broncos in a nail-biter. today tuesday, october 18, 2022. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. good to see you. tuesday morning. we are so happy you are with us. >> that cold snap affecting much of the country. >> more specifically, it is here. the snow really whipping up this morning in northern michigan town near the shores of lake superior. while it may not be snowing where you live. chances are it will get cold later. >> 100 million americans and frost and freeze warnings with the winter-like weather extending from colorado all the way up and down the east coast.
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>> and that early cold is cause for concern for many americans bracing for higher heating costs. al is standing by with his forecast. first, nbc's maggie vespa joins us from a snowy michigan. we can't believe what we are seeing there. >> i know, guys. good morning. you wouldn't know it based on the snow globe of a live shot, we are less than a month into fall right now and, obviously, this looks like a winter wake-up. large swaths of the country. upper peninsula michigan. we are in negaunee, michigan, upper peninsula michigan. they are waking up to roughly 8 inches of snow and counting. you can see it is still falling. this cold snap is stretching all the way to florida. >> reporter: overnight fall quickly turning to winter in the midwest. >> is any part of this painful given that we are like mid-october? >> it's going to be a long winter. >> reporter: an early season storm dumping more than a foot of snow in northern wisconsin and michigan. and making for a treacherous
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drive in indiana. the weight of the heavy snow knocking out power to tens of thousands monday and causing trouble for plows. >> we have hard times for the plows to get through because the trees are hanging over the roads. >> reporter: autumn leaves blanketed in white as chicago saw its first flurries of the season. the october chill bringing the first freeze of the season to 89 million people this week. today kansas city, omaha, and dozens of other cities waking up to record-breaking cold as low as the teens. americans forced to crank the heat just as heating bills are expected to hit a ten-year high. the frigid blast arriving nearly a month ahead of schedule and also surging south, sending temperatures tumbling from tennessee to the florida panhandle this week. alabama and mississippi set to feel even colder than boston wednesday while in south carolina farmers are scrambling to harvest before the frost. >> it isn't fun to lose crops. we harvest what we can and we will harvest tomorrow.
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>> reporter: a change of season and a taste of winter come early. what if it looks like this when you are trick-or-treating? >> i am going to freeze my butt off. >> reporter: we are talking halloween so the stakes are high. back in negaunee, michigan. it's around freezing. cold enough for the snow to keep piling up. in the south you are slated to wake up to the coldest temperatures tomorrow morning. the good news is, sounds like you won't need those jackets for long. back to you. >> all right. maggie vespa for us. thank you. >> all the gadgets and tricks. al has even more. >> she doesn't have a big wall like this. we can show you all that snow that's going to be coming in. it will be hanging around a bit. let's get to the cold. as you can see, stretching from the rockies all the way to the northeast, down to mobile, alabama, 90 million people impacted by frost
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advisory, freeze watches, and warnings. right now it's 22 in des moines, 39 in cincinnati, fort smith, arkansas, 40. pittsburgh 48. the jet stream eastern half of the country. out west record warmth in the pacific northwest. this afternoon only 46 in detroit. that's 14 degrees below average. memphis 53, 20 degrees cooler than average. knoxville 50, 10 degrees cooler. tomorrow morning look for possible records in raleigh, savannah, knoxville, tupelo, little rock, tulsa into austin and baton rouge. however, we will see temperatures start to temper just a bit as we move toward the end of the week. by friday 60 in new york city, 68 in cincinnati on friday, memphis will be 77, and by next week we are going to flip the script. out west colder than average and here in the east it's going to be warmer than average so just hang in there. good news is coming. >> cool. thank you.
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breaking overnight, a new wave of attacks across ukraine, explosions felt across the capital of kyiv and other cities even as the death toll rises from yesterday's barrage of russian strikes. nbc's foreign correspondent richard engel has the latest good morning. >> reporter: good morning. russia is now attacking ukrainian cities daily and with impunity this was the main flower market in the city of mykolaiv, hit by a russian missile overnight. russia attacked an apartment building killing at least one person according to ukrainian officials. ukrainians say by attacking sites like these that have no military value, russia is trying to break the ukrainian spirit. russia is flattening ukraine one market at a time death by a thousand cuts for arena, whose flower shop was destroyed in mykolaiv, what russia is doing is nothing less than state terror.
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we clean up and continue living. what else can we do? and we will win, she says. over the last two weeks, russia intensifying attacks on ukrainian cities claiming to be destroying the country's infrastructure and its ability to wage war. but russia is firing directly on civilians, attacking an apartment building overnight in mykolaiv, too. officials say russia launched guided missile, killing one person the strikes came hours after an airplane mysteriously crashed in russia state media reporting that a pilot on a training mission took off from an occupied part of ukraine and ejected. the aircraft smashing into a building and killing four russians ukrainians wonder if it was an accident or sabotage from within president putin personal hi dispatched investigators to the scene. discontent is growing in russia after the kremlin imposed a draft, rounding up conscripts across the country with precision weapons in short
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supply, moscow is increasingly relying on iranian-made dive-bomber drones launching them in swarms at ukrainian cities, including kyiv, with deadly effect. overnight in his daily address, president zelenskyy called for more air defenses. secretary of tate blinken condemned iran for supplying russia with weapons. the united states gives ukraine billions of dollars in military support but not long-range weapons, trying to find a perhaps impossible balance of supporting ukraine without antagonizing moscow excessively. in a sign both sides seem to recognize this will be a long war. russia and ukraine exchanged prisoners. 108 ukrainian women for captured russian soldiers in a one-to-one swap over the last several days we have been talking a lot about how russia is using the iranian-made drones. the drones are highly effective, have a long range but don't carry much explosive power, not
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enough to cause damage like this or to dig a crater in the ground, anything like this you see, even exposed the city's earlier foundation, and president zelenskyy today commenting on this attack, says it is more evidence why his country needs better air defenses and he wants russia to be held accountable. hoda? >> richard engel for us there in ukraine. thank you. there is international concern this morning for the safety of an iranian athlete after she represented her country in a recent climbing competition without wearing the customary hijab. meagan fitzgerald has that story this morning good morning >> good morning to you elnaz rekabi competed on sunday with what appeared to be a headband, her hair uncovered which is a violation of iran's strict dress code. this morning, an apology on he instagram page this morning but there is growing concern for her safety. >> reporter: this morning concerns for a young female iranian athlete after she
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competed without wearing a hijab. elnaz rekabi, a prominent rock climber, took part in a competition in south korea this weekend notably climbing with her head uncovered in the past rekabi has worn the traditional headscarf while climbing the hijab is a focus of extraordinary protests in iran sparked by the death of 22-year-old mahsa amini retained by the morality police for breaching the dress code she died three days later. women have protest bid cutting their hair and appearing in public with their heads uncovered. after the appearance in south korea, rekabi is headed home the iranian embassy in seoul tweeting she departed yesterday. human rights groups concerned about pressure she may face from authorities. >> i think they will put her under tremendous pressure. there is fear of torture, ill treatment, psychological pressure
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they want to set an example. both for other athletes in the same situation and also for the iranian girls so that they don't get a role model in elnaz. >> reporter: rekabi this morning posting on instagram that her hijab had issues before she was called to climb. while the statement was posted on her account, the circumstances under which it was posted remain unclear. now back in iran, the regime has been under pressure as protests led by young women continue. many watching rekabi's return to the country with concern now, the international federation of sports climbing says it's in contact with rekabi they also say they are in contact with the iranian climbing federation. they released a statement that i want to read to you. theater safety is paramount for us the ifsc fully supports the right of athletes, their choices and expression of free speech, but, savannah, this is a story we will be watching closely.
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>> thank you very much. now to the midterms with just three weeks to go, early in in-person voting is underway across a number of states. at stake control of the senate and house. on the minds of voters major issues like the economy, crime, abortion rights. nbc national political correspondent steve kornacki is here with us right there with the issues that voters say matter to them and what that is telling us about what may happen. >> interesting, savannah we talked about the economy and inflation being important issues how about this a "new york times" poll, brand new here, asking voters what is the top issue on your mind this election i haven't seen it this dramatic. add the economy and inflation together, that is 44%. we are getting close to half of all respondents saying that's their top issue. nothing else cracks 10% right now. we talked about the republicans, when it comes to the economy and inflation, having a clear advantage in the polls. >> that brings us to the next
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question the generic ballot they ask, would you like a republican or a democrat to control congress and there is movement here >> typically this is a good indicator where things end up in midterm elections. this is the average of the generic ballot right now you can see the republicans with a lead here. that is a 2.2-point lead for republicans. we were here a week ago taking you through generic ballot and a week ago it was inside of one point. inflation news didn't help the democrats and it seems as the economy moves to center stage republicans are improving chances here. >> a few weeks ago the democrats had the advantage. you see the momentum in the final weeks. talk about the issue of crime. not high on the list of voters' concerns and yet making an impact in certain races. >> fascinating because we showed the top issue. crime doesn't rate high there. doesn't mean it's not on their minds. let's show you a place where i think it is having an impact
7:15 am
this is wisconsin, one of the key senate races, ron johnson, two-term republican incumbent. he has been leading heavily on crime. interesting poll out of wisconsin this week, they ask things differently they ask, are these issues important to you that's what's asked here inflation tops the list. look at crime. it's close to 90%. i think also striking, abortion is under 80% republicans running heavily on crime. democrats running heavily on abortion it looks like in this wisconsin race, crime may have more resonance than abortion. >> making a difference in pennsylvania's senate race as well georgia, it may just be georgia, georgia, georgia to quote our friend tim russert that might be the decisionmaker in terms of who controls congress >> we saw this two years ago georgia is a runoff state. if nobody gets 50%, raphael warnock, herschel walker, warnock leading. nobody at 50 if nobody cracks 50, it's a december 6th runoff. could have control of the senate on the line.
7:16 am
they had a debate last friday. we are waiting to get a readout from some polls. haven't really seen it yet if that changes anything there. >> the governor's race is interesting. doesn't look like people are telling pollsters they will vote straight down party lines. >> we thought this type of voter was extinct. the split ticket voter, brian kemp, the republican governor, comfortably ahead outperforming the other republican herschel walker pollsters say they are seeing a suburban voter outside atlanta who doesn't like biden, doesn't like the democrats, but also doesn't like donald trump. brian kemp went to political war with donald trump and survived in that voter's eyes, kemp is okay walker has convincing to do. >> we'll be spending a lot of time together as we get close to election day thank you so much. hoda let's turn to monday night football four quarters not enough for the chargers and broncos so the game went into o.t. and this is how it ended >> that's good scott puts it down that's good.
7:17 am
the kick is good and the chargers win it in overtime. >> there you go. justin hopkins, fourth field goal of the night. his foot was hurting but he kicked it anyway the chargers win it 19-16. all right. should we get a check of the weather from mr. chilly al roker? what's up? >> we are going to have some sunshine today in the northeast. they are going to get that yankees/cleveland game in around 4:00 weather shouldn't be a problem record lows through the plains down in texas. plenty of sunshine though and record highs into the pacific northwest today with even more sunshine that's what's going on around the country. we will get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. forecast in the next thirt
7:18 am
good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we take a look at our high temperatures for today. it's going to feel warmer this afternoon compared to yesterday. san jose and fremont as well reaching 78 degrees. we'll be in the upper bay. take a look at how much warmer it will be tomorrow. some spots reach into the low to mid-90s. that's a blast of summer that only lasts for a day or two before those tem >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you. still ahead. the search for the winners of a lottery jackpot worth a half a billion dollars and one of those tickets sold in a city that was
7:19 am
so hard hit by hurricane ian >> you know, hoda, it was the worst of luck when hurricane ian went into fort myers now somebody in the region, in the zone, has the best of luck they are holding one of two tickets for that close to $500 million jackpot we'll have that coming up. plus, something we are sure a lot of folks are noticing, rising prices. now hitting fast food in a big way. but fear not we will show you how you can we will show you how you can still snag a deal. cotton candy. pink lemonade. bubble gum. when tobacco companies sell candy flavored products, they know exactly what they're doing because four out of five kids who use tobacco start with a flavored product. and once they're hooked, they can be addicted for life. this election: we can stop big tobacco's dirty trick. voting yes on prop 31 will end the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. saving kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31.
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coming up, have you seen those videos on tiktok a diabetes drug going viral and also in short supply some are saying it's been helping them lose weight >> we will take a closer look and answer questions and concerns people are raising after a check of your local news
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asthma, or smoking. even if symptoms feel mild, these factors can increase your risk of covid-19 turning severe. so, if you're at high risk and test positive, don't wait. ask your healthcare provider right away if an authorized oral treatment is right for you. a very good morning to you. it is 7:26 right now. i'm laura garcia. here are today's top stories including the first court appearance for a suspected serial killer. >> reporter: good morning, i'm bob redell. later this afternoon the man accused of killing several people in stockton will appear before a judge. stockton police say after hundreds of tips they found and followed wesley brownlee as he searched for another victim around 2:00 a.m. saturday morning. police say he was hunting in the same neighborhood where the six other shootings took place according to stockton's police chief, he was dressed in black and armed with a handgun.
7:27 am
today a judge will arraign brownlee in that stockton courtroom. that's when we'll learn what charges brownlee faces and whether or not the d.a. will charge him with a capital crime. >> reporter: in santa clara county two big covid headlines today. kids 5 and up are now eligible for a bivalent booster. we now know that california's state of emergency will expire at the end of february. it is largely symbolic as the mask mandates and vaccine notification requirements have gone by the wayside. let's get a look at our forecast. are the temperatures surging today, kari? it will be warmer in some spots. a beautiful sunrise as you get the kids out the door for school. some mid-80s and even some upper 80s in the tri-valley. most parts of the coastal areas in the inner bay will be in the 70s this afternoon and then
7:28 am
we'll see more widespread 90s in the forecast. as high as 95 in livermore while along the coast we're in the mid-70s tomorrow but a big spike in temperatures coming our way. laura? fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations
7:29 am
making big promises. what's the real math behind prop 27, their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. vote no on prop 27.
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♪ makes me feel fine, summer breeze, tuesday morning, 7:30. why are we showing you this beautiful picture? because it's cold outside. why not just dream of warmer days that's jacksonville beach, florida, looking pretty this morning. >> a long way to go. >> a moment of zen sheinelle, good morning. >> good morning. let's get to our 7:30 headlines. dozens of people were left without a home yesterday after a fire ripped through a warehouse in evansville, indiana you can see the massive flames huge plumes of smoke pouring from the building. the fire was so big, it was even detected on weather radar in the
7:31 am
area about 75 people who live in a residential portion of that building were displaced. thankfully, nobody was hurt. an investigation into the cause of that fire is underway. new york city police are searching for three people caught on camera stealing over $500,000 worth of high-end jewelry from a manhattan store it happened over the weekend the thieves used a sledgehammer to break into the store and then smash the jewelry display cases. they stuffed the goods into the bags and took off. police are offering a $3,500 reward to anybody with information that leads to an arrest. frightening moments in connecticut over the weekend a 10-year-old boy was hospitalized after a black bear attacked him in his grandfather's yard a neighbor heard the boy's screams and ran next door. he found the grandfather trying to fight off the nearly 250-pound animal. >> i picked up the pipe and threw it at the bear, struck him in the head. my neighbor and my neighbor's wife brought the little boy,
7:32 am
their grandson inside. he was bleeding from his foot and had claw marks all over his back. >> thankfully, the boy's injuries are not life-threatening the bear was captured and euthanized authorities sa it is rare for a black bear to attack a person. they are urging the public not to leave bird feeders out and not to take the trash out until pickup day. this morning, a lottery mystery under folding after the latest mega millions jackpot worth a half-billion dollar. >> two tickets sold, one in san jose, and the other at a 7-eleven in fort myers, florida. one of the areas left battered by hurricane ian last month. >> nbc's senior national correspondent kerry sanders is on the case. do we know who won it? >> we all want to know who won it look, two tickets worth close to a half-billion dollar and one of those tickets may be from a survivor in hurricane ian who possibly lost it all and now is
7:33 am
sitting on a fortune >> reporter: with so much chaos in the hurricane zone and life literally turned upside down for so many, some are wondering if the winner even knows they hit half of a $500 million mega millions jackpot and are rich beyond their wildest dreams. >> get out your tickets. good luck. >> reporter: the winning numbers drawn on friday night. one winning ticket sold in san jose, california, the other right here in fort myers where for weeks conversations have been about rebuilding and recovery but now folks are talking about who has the golden ticket. >> i play last weekend, but not at this store, unfortunately. >> reporter: but with so much pain and suffering here, it's clear everyone is rooting for a feel-good story. >> after hurricane ian and the devastations, it's kind of nice to know that somebody was able to win that money. >> reporter: lottery officials jumping onboard saying this win
7:34 am
feels slightly more meaningful we are hopeful that the prize will have a positive impact. for those who didn't win, there is a different hope that a generous winner will spread the wealth for those desperately in need of help right now >> i would donate to a local charity to help out the community because we were all affected in some way it would be a nice gesture. >> best to help out people who are stuck and going through bad things. >> reporter: kurt, a lawyer who is consulted with lottery winners, says giving is great, but winners need to proceed with caution. >> a lot of people that win say i am going to do all thesechita. i like to get them to slow down a little bit getting things under control, waiting six months before any major transaction. >> reporter: a big financial win fall for one of their own could provide a big boost and a lot of hope for so many here trying to get back on their feet >> kerry, a lot of states have different rules. some you can say anonymous, some you can't.
7:35 am
what's the story in florida? >> reporter: florida is one of those states where you can keep your name secret for a short period of time but it eventually gets out there is also a clock ticking. 60 days if you are going to claim the lump sum, which is mind blowing $123.95 million >> oh, my gosh that person deserves it. right away get them the check kerry, thank you. still ahead this morning, speaking of money, you asked and we're answering. stephanie ruhle will be here with everything we need to know about handling 401(k)s. in an economy that's all over the place. and sam brock, inflation hitting our favorite fast food staples, sam >> look, with the reality there is no safe space from inflation, we are used to paying more for gas and groceries. yes, even fast food. but there are deals to be had, especially for major players like mcdonald's. we will walk you through where to find them after this break.
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i'm making my own way forward. the physically challenged. the last to be chosen. shelter dogs with special needs face a far longer road to adoption. but subaru knows even the toughest roads can lead to the most amazing places. that's why subaru and our retailers created national make a dog's day... to help all underdogs find homes. subaru. more than a car company. we're back with "today's consumer confidential. this one is going to be tough one for a lot of families to swallow. >> fast food restaurants are facing rising costs, so customers are paying more for their favorite orders. >> the good news, there are still value deals out there if you know where to look sam, good morning. >> reporter: sheinelle, good morning. guys, good morning throughout the pandemic prices,
7:40 am
consumers have been accustomed to seeing great prices, alluring deals like domino's offering to tip you for picking up your own pizza. now the weight of inflation has reached all corners of the restaurant industry. there are values to be had fast food giants like mcdonald's will acknowledge nobody is immune from inflation. for families looking to save, there used to be a flowing feast of options, for credit from grabbing your own pie to dollar-based deals especially for app orders. >> buy a favorite and another for just a buck. >> reporter: but now some of those deals are drying up with fast food prices on the rise due to inflation and many customers taking notice. >> i am paying $8 for a burrito bowl i paid somewhere close to almost 11. >> reporter: have you noticed a change, leo, when you go to fast food restaurants in terms of how much you are paying? >> yes, of course. the prices have gone up ridiculous. >> reporter: how much varies by the company and could change based on individual franchises
7:41 am
what is clear is businesses have had to adjust the prices they charge with food and fuel costs jumping 8 to 9% due to inflation. >> pushback among consumers. price hikes across the board in the restaurant space this year starting to see more and more customers trade down to convenience stores, dollar stores. and other channels >> reporter: chipotle increased prices four times since the summer of 2020 mcdonald's announcing a 8% hike in the first quarter of this year inflation is affecting all sectors. no one is immune though there are still value deals like the 1-2-3 dollar menu, taco bell gaining virality after a fox business contributor said this in the context of inflation. >> yesterday, i had a nice lunch at taco bell, cost me $28. >> reporter: the contributor roundly criticized and the company responding on twitter, 14 times $2 burritos equals $28.
7:42 am
what's your order? but clearly not all the burritos are that inexpensive >> i was at taco bell and i asked for a burrito. regular burrito, too it was $8.51. >> reporter: for one burrito >> yes. >> reporter: taco bell did not return our request for comment meanwhile, some fast food reward programs are tightening their belts. dunkin' donuts raised the cost of points for a free cup of coffee from $50. up from 40 chipolte from $140 spent to 160 to get a free burrito. whether it's dinner or a dose of caffeine, many relying on the benefits to save a few bucks. >> these rewards programs make a difference >> yeah, big difference. they save a lot of people a lot of money. >> starbucks rewards are a thing. i am paying $9 for a coffee. >> reporter: now we have struck a chord? >> yes.
7:43 am
>> those rewards are helpful but sam, what are other ways to save >> reporter: yeah, so absolutely your best bet, the reality is that right now those points are maybe stretching as far as they used to. you are getting free food out of the deal mcdonald's has been on the cutting edge they have rotating deals i'm scrolling through right now. buy one breakfast sandwich, get another for a penny. french fries for a dollar. here is the other key though when you are talking about mcdonald's, starbucks, wendy's the points don't go on forever they are six months to a year. use them or lose them. a pro tip. >> exactly thank you. >> from a road warrior he knows quick note tomorrow on "today" we will look at the impact of rising prices on your holiday shopping as the ceo of walmart usa joins us for an exclusive live interview. mr. roker, a cold snap >> i like hanging out with the hamburglar you know a heist. save money because he steals burgers.
7:44 am
i like that. here's the question. who is going to be colder tomorrow morning dallas or boston >> dallas. >> yeah, dallas. that's right 17 degrees below average all right. this one is for you, hoda. who will be colder, new orleans or new york city >> new orleans. >> yes you are wrong. so sorry new york city. look, 19 degrees below average for new orleans. all right. let's finish it up atlanta, cleveland >> cleveland. >> atlanta. >> all right it is, boom! atlanta. that's right let's hope cleveland cools off today when they play the yankees. >> ooh >> at 4:00 this afternoon. >> i hear you. >> all right we saw it earlier with maggie vespa. all the heavy snow through the u.p. of michigan there is a pesky low-pressure system sitting over the great lakes and the moisture is rotating around it and that's bringing rain and snow, especially lake-effect snow from wisconsin to pennsylvania. it hangs out again tomorrow. those cold winds continue over the great lakes, away from the shoreline. that's where we see the snow develop and, in fact, we are
7:45 am
talking heavy rain over new england. some places 5 inches or more but then as you get over the great lakes, especially the u.p. of michigan and northern michigan, we are talking about some places picking up to 5 to 6 inches of snow or more on top of what they have already good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. today we're seeing more clouds coming in, but it's still going to be warmer as we head for the mid-80s for our inland areas. and it does get even hotter tomorrow with sunshine and a high of 92 degrees. upper 80s tomorrow and then a significant cooldown from friday into the week. we'll be watching out for a chance of showers especially to our north, but we may have a slight chance for other parts of the bay area as well. with our tem >> that is your latest weather. >> thank you. ahead, we are welcoming a legend back to studio 1a look who is back it is carson as we live and
7:46 am
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7:51 am
but it feels great there is a long road ahead. >> what's the prognosis? before you were dealing with pain and people didn't realize it. >> i hope i get a chance to do a story on it. what i realize now is the iceberg effect it's a story about people with back pain and how do you fix it. there is a subtext that's very complex that so many of us have to deal with when you are in pain, you are looking to just feel good, and that changes your relationship with food and drink and your life then when they fix the pain, you are left with these other complex areas of your life that you need to deal with and realign relationships with so when i say i am getting better, i am getting better in a multitude of ways, which is really great. >> one of the parts of your recovery is walking. you have been doing long walks in your neighborhood >> i'm the "forrest gump" of long island. you would be so proud. >> let's do that. >> yeah. >> so how long before, since the tiger woods surgery, are you going for the green jacket
7:52 am
>> he says i can chip and putt at 13 weeks. i am six weeks out from that then i'll probably get a condo in augusta, georgia, first just to start visiting. and then i'll start winning the masters, hopefully, in four years. >> carson, we love you glad you are back. >> thanks for all the love and kindness. now to "popstart." >> i have to do this a big one. loaded with news on host of long awaited sequels from the marvel universe to "twister." >> what? >> the twister wow. then a diabetes medication is exploding in popularity for an off-label use, weight loss. we'll talk to dr. azar about the pros and cons and controversy, too first your local news.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
when depression sets you back, keep moving forward. make an appointment to talk to your doctor about adding rexulti to your antidepressant. a very good tuesday morning to you. it is 7:56 right now. i'm laura garcia. here's a look at what's happening now. >> reporter: i'm ginger conejero saab in san francisco inside the chase center where it will be a big night for the warriors tonight. not only are they opening a new nba season against the lakers, but they're also taking home their championship rings. this will be the fourth championship in eight years for the warriors. seven total making them the team with the third most nba championships in nba history. tipoff is at 7:00, but fans are encouraged to come early at 6:30. festivities are at 4:30. all right. if you're headed to the city, it should be a nice day today, kari. inland quite warm. it's starting to warm up, even though it will not be all
7:57 am
clear and sunny today, we'll see temperatures head for therehing we'll start to bring it back down with a weekend with highs in the low 70s and even a couple of spotty showers. farther to the north we'll be watching that. in the near term we're headed for 71 degrees in san francisco today. and we'll see some more 70s at least through thursday before it cools off. laura? thank you for joining us. another local news update coming up in about half an hour. join us for our midday news at 11:00 a.m. we stream at have a great tuesday morning.
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it's 8:00 on "today. temperatures fall. 100 million people waking up in brutal cold from colorado, florida, new england. >> what if this looks like this when you are trick-or-treating >> i'm going to freeze my butt off. >> how bad will it get how long will it last? is it a sign of a long winter to come al's tracking all of it. then weight loss warning what you need to know about the diabetes drug going viral for helping people slim down. >> my easiest weight loss
8:01 am
attempt. and my most successful >> what the fda is saying. plus, super charge your savings. we're answering your questions about 401(k)s from where to invest right now to alternative ways to save what people of all ages should keep in mind about their money moves. and oh fudge >> oh, fudge >> the long awaited sequel to "a christmas story" drops the first trailer. what can we expect from ralphie and his friends these years later? we triple dog dare you to stick around and find out. today tuesday, october 18th, 2022 ♪ >> starting our day on the plaza. >> from lexington, kentucky. >> newburgh, indiana. >> northport, florida. >> and centennial, colorado. >> hi to my brothers david and
8:02 am
austin in iowa >> 60 is the city from california. >> from williamsburg, virginia twins turning 50 today woo! >> oh, my gosh coast to coast representation. lots to celebrate. >> twins celebrating 50? >> i like that. >> good to see you thanks for being with us. hoda, you have a powerful story for us tomorrow. >> looking forward to this civil rights protests in iran i had a chance to sit down with a group of women of iran descent in new york. they have a very unique eye-opening perspective on the movement that's unfolding. i look forward to sharing it with you that young lady was in iran five years ago. moved here they have a very interesting perspective. they are asking for people 's help and assistance. let's get to the news. 8:00 from raking leaves to shoveling snow, parts of the midwest waking up to serious snowfall this morning and the deep freeze that came with it.
8:03 am
it reaches well into the south al has the forecast in a moment. first, the latest from nbc's maggie vespa in michigan where it is snowing. hi, maggie, good morning >> yeah, savannah, the proof is definitely still in the live shot you see it coming down parts of upper michigan, northern wisconsin getting more than a foot of snow since yesterday. here in negaunee, michigan, we are roughly 8 inches and counting as we said, across the midwest this making for treacherous conditions, treacherous drives including parts of indiana the cold temperatures stretching into the south, including alabama, mississippi, and florida. total close to 89 million americans waking up to their first freeze of the season tens of thousands waking up without power after losing it yesterday as the storm moved in. americans cranking their heat. a lot months earlier than expected as heating bills are expected to hit a ten-year high. this winter, referring to it,
8:04 am
this is not winter the first day is actually december 21, more than two months out savannah, back to you. >> okay, but the picture says it all. thank you. you called this one. we knew there would be snow up there. >> we talked about this on friday we can see that snow we will show you that in a little bit right now 89 million people impacted by this from the rockies to the east and down south, mobile, alabama record warmth in the west. jet stream away to the south, so record cold today. we are looking at des moines at 41 degrees, st. louis 50, indianapolis 46, charleston 46 degrees, 21 degrees below average. tomorrow morning the record possibilities, raleigh, savannah, 35 in atlanta, pensacola 39 degrees, dallas 37 degrees, and as we just showed you a moment ago we have winter storm warnings, winter weather advisories from the u.p. of michigan into northern michigan as well as this low pressure rotates around
8:05 am
it's going to be more snow and some folks looking at upwards of 16 to 18 inches of snow when it's all over, the u.p. of michigan and northern michigan, as well. >> thank you, al. now to important health news for the first time, a nationwide study found a possible link between the frequent use of chemical hair straighteners and uterine cancer women who said they used hair straighteners more than five times a year appeared to have a 4% chance of developing uterine cancer by age 70 that's more than double the rate for other woman in the study the researchers at the national institutes of health did not find any link between uterine cancer and the use of hair dyes, bleach or perms. that's something we will be talking about. americans in many of our largest cities would have to work more it than 100 hours a week at minimum wage to afford the rent on a one bedroom home according to a new survey by the united way for example, in san jose,
8:06 am
california, the survey says the minimum wage is $16 an hour, you would have to work 141 hours a week for a one bedroom there in dallas, 120 hours in chicago, 112 hours a week will give you enough for rent on one bedroom, the same for new york city. it drops off in los angeles. tucson, arizona, and buffalo were the only two cities on the list where you could put in less than 50 hours a week to afford that one bedroom >> those stats are staggering. >> yes. puts a fine point on things. all right. let's get our morning boost, shall we okay babies do so many adorable things, reaction from people, especially their parents this mom cannot stop laughing when she hears her baby laugh for the very first time. >> you're the best [ laughter ] >> you're the sweetest [ laughter ] you're amazing
8:07 am
[ laughter ] you make mama cry. >> oh, my gosh mom is laughing, crying. i think she is crying. i think she is straight up crying what a sweet, joyful moment. happy tears. happy they shared that with the world. >> nothing like a baby's laugh precious. just ahead, a sequel 39 years in the making. the first look at "a christmas story" christmas that's giving us all the feels carson has that and more on "popstart." first, it is expensive, risky but that is not stopping some people using a diabetes drug to lose weight. we will break down everything you need to know about this trend taking social media by storm right after this ung girl'♪ ♪ how the music can free her whenever it starts ♪ ♪ and it's magic ♪ ♪ do you believe in magic ♪ ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks. u rise to the challenge. u won't clock out. so u bring ubrelvy.
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