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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  November 7, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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right now on nbc bay area news tonight, the storm is here. the wind and rain picking up as we speak. we'll tell you when the heaviest band will hit. also -- >> for me, this is really the hard part because paul was not their target. >> an emotional nancy pelosi back in washington, d.c. tonight. the speaker opening up about the attack on her husband. and on this election eve, we're getting a look what happens after you turn in your ballot, and some insight on some of the key races and issues. plus, concerns about misinformation spreading on twitter. and the odds are bad, but we're still buying the tickets any way. the psychology behind the $1.9 billion powerball jackpot.
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>> good evening. i'm raj mathai. rain, elections, and the lottery. it's going to be a stormy monday night and tuesday morning. check out the radar now. the green is moving in, especially in san francisco and the north bay. let's take you outside now. a live look at our traffic cams. we have a brief break in the rain. you can see some the roads are wet. especially on the golden gate bridge. but heavier bands are coming in just a few hours. how about snow? a winter storm warning for the sierra through wednesday afternoon. good for resorts. good for our drought. not the right time to necessarily be traveling up to the tahoe arena. but you get the idea. near whiteout conditions the next couple of days. let's bring in jeff ranieri. nice to see you. happy monday. we know you are busy. what are you seeing and when does it all hit tonight? >> the center of the storm we're tracking is just off to the north. that's going to begin to drop down tonight. and as we head through tomorrow. on the doppler radar, that
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current scan, we'll see some isolated areas of heavier rainfall, primarily here right near san francisco, moving off towards tiburon we could see small hail with heavier pockets moving up to tiburon through 7:29 tonight. >> fast forward into the late night harris into tomorrow. where, when and whom? >> i really think at this point the santa cruz mountains is going to be under the bulls-eye of this. 11:30 we see a pickup near the coastline. you see near the santa cruz mountains, the red, the heavier rainfall. then through the early morning hours until 3:00 a.m., it pushes up through the south bay and the east bay. not quite as much in the north bay. but everybody will be getting wet with this storm system by 7:00 a.m. peninsula down to south bay would be the focus of some of that heavier rainfall. and by the afternoon, while the main storm front is passed, we'll hold on the instability that could fire off more thunderstorms, also small hail. everybody has to be on the lookout for quick producing thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. >> really, there are pockets of
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nice weather -- not nice, but dry weather tomorrow, perhaps, especially as people are voting. >> through the afternoon. it will be a mixed bag. we'll get sun, clouds and isolated thunderstorms. as you mentioned, the sierra wall to wall snow. and we're talking low. it's huge. placerville, auburn, colfax. we're going get in on a dusting of snow. higher elevations an additional 1 to 3 feet. so it's going to be treacherous if people are traveling up there. and the other thing i did want to bring to everybody's attention here is the burn scar zone in the santa cruz mountains. they're going to be under the watches because those totals may top in locations. we'll have an update in 15 minutes. >> a busy couple days for all of us here. thank you, jeff. you can get alerts about the rain to your phone. download the nbc bay area app and allow weather notifications to your phone. we'll send you a message like this that you're seeing here, seeing exactly when the rain will arrive and how long it will
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last. let's get you caught up now on some of the headlines that we're watching on this monday evening. house speaker pelosi is back in washington, d.c. and for the first time, a lengthy sit-down interview. the speaker spotted on capitol hill today actually on the eve of this election. she sat down with cnn's anderson cooper, opening up about the attack on her husband, paul pelosi, and her own political future. she was sleeping in her washington, d.c. apartment when she was informed about the intruder back in san francisco. capitol police officers actually showed up at her door in d.c. and told her that paul pelosi had been attacked. >> and the -- i hear the doorbell ring and think it's five something. i look up, they must be the wrong apartment. it rings again. and then bang, bang, bang, bang on the door. so i run to the door. and i see this capitol police.
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and they say we have to come in to talk to you. i'm thinking my children, my grandchildren. i never thought it would be paul, because you know, i knew he wouldn't be out and about. they came in at that time. we didn't even know where he was. >> speaker pelosi went on to say that her husband is doing okay, but again, the recovery will be long. she added that paul had a hard time returning home because it was the actual scene of the attack, and it's been tough on her because he was not the intended target. >> when somebody is faulted in your family because of you, he was not looking for paul. he was looking for me. members i think have to weigh that among the equities as to whether they will run. >> she said this attack will impact her political future, but did not elaborate on what that might be. she and paul pelosi are 82 years
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old. another headline that we are watching, a months' long search for answers ends in heartbreak. police say they found the partial remains of alexis gabe. this morning police in oakley confirmed that some of gabe's remains were found last thursday in amador county by a person using a melt detector just off of highway 16. also found duct tape, plastic garbage bags and gabe's earrings. investigators believe she was killed by her ex-boyfriend, marshall jones at his antioch home. jones then drove gabe's body to amador county two days later. the family says news of the discovery is bringing them both relief but also new pain. >> while it was what we were praying, to find alexis and lay her to rest, the reality was still devastating to hear. our hearts were shattered even more than what we thought possible. >> gabe's ex-boyfriend, you see him here, was shot and killed by
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police and u.s. marshals as they tried arresting him in washington state in june. well, in this day and age, there is a good chance you've already voted. but even as more of us choose the mailbox over the polling station, election night still matters. we won't know any results until after 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. the bigger issue, though, republican or democrat, where are we headed as a nation? there is a lot at stake here. in bay area, in california, and beyond. county registrars across the state are doing all they can to ensure your ballot is safe, secure, and counted. that counting has already started in santa clara county, the elections office. the first numbers will be released, though, just after p.m. tomorrow. to get those results, a sorting machine scans each ballot for the unique ballot id number and to verify their signature. hopefully you signed that signature on the back. then they're sent to the counting room. only about 10 employees in the entire county are allowed inside.
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>> there is always the two-person rule, two people with the ballots at all times. there is only limited access to the ballot counting room. there is only certain people that can get in there. and even the staff that's working in there, they actually only get in there when a manager approves and opens the door. so there is hardly anyone that even has access to that door. >> it's pretty secure from what she is saying. larry, nice to see you. are we just going to accept the election results tomorrow night? there are plenty of candidates i asked this. because there are plenty of candidates that have hinted if they don't win, something must be wrong. >> raj, most of us will accept the results from tomorrow night. but you'd be surprised at how many people will not accept the results. it's many more than we might have thought, even a year or two ago. it's something to behold. >> we've been doing a lot of these together. you've been doing many more than i have in terms of election nights. this about as bad as it has been historically in terms of where we are as a country? >> i've never seen polarization
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like this. i've never seen so many people doubt the integrity of the process, which we know from the 2020 election was just as good as could be. one investigation after another showing that. but in fact there still are people, and millions of them who will not accept the results if their candidate does not win. >> millions of people don't accept that president biden is president. that fixable moving forward? or do we just have to move forward. >> well, we have to move forward, but we better find a way to fix it as well. because this kind of situation where so many people feel alienated and removed from society is not going to work for us as a country. downstream we have to give a good look at this and figure out exactly what tools we need to make people feel more included and that the results are really accurate. >> let's talk just fair politics. coming tomorrow, republican or democrat, there is a decent chance, a good chance some might say that republicans will regain control of the senate and the house of representatives. what's that impact there? what's this country going to look like in the next couple of years if that happens? good and bad this. >> you're going to see a lot
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more resistance to president biden. you remember that rare moment democrats had control, so to speak, of both chambers in congress and the presidency. that's rare. and now with republicans perhaps winning the house and maybe even the senate, you're looking at a situation where they there will be what some people call gridlock, and other people will say well, it's balanced. you take your pick. but clearly, once republicans have more of a stake in this so to speak, they're going to be pushing their agenda, which is going to be quite different from what the democrats have been doing. >> we can talk -- we will talk for hours tomorrow night when we get into all this. one local race, hyper local race in the bay area, san francisco, the district attorney, brook jenkins was appointed by mayor breed. now she is actually running. she has been very public, very high profile these last several months. probably to her benefit. would you agree? >> well, you remember she was appointed after the current then district attorney was in fact recalled. now there is a lot of bad feelings about this. and some people are suggesting that maybe what she's done isn't
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any better than what he did. so we'll have to see how it all plays out. i don't think there is any lock to speak of here. we'll have to see which advisers come out and the extent which they feel she is the right person for the job. >> we have a long day and night ahead of us looking forward to the coverage tomorrow. you'll be with us throughout the evening. thank you, larry. and tomorrow we do have you covered throughout the day and night. nbc bay area news will bring you special coverage beginning at 8:00 p.m. you can watch it on roku by going to our live channel guide and scrolling down to channel 133. you can also find us on samsung smart tvs by going to channel 1035. we'll be with you emotional midnight. what's happening with twitter is impacting the election there is a lot of concern from elon musk, the new boss of twitter. today the world's richest man tweeted words of support for the republican party and its agenda. he also said he is an independent and voted previously for democrats. but this time he is endorsing republicans.
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now aside from politics, tech analysts say there is increasing concern that last week's layoffs at twitter could make it easier for political disinformation to spread on the site. >> he's not serving himself well continuing to tweet the way he does, because at least the appearance is that it is absolute chaos. if you think this is the guy that is in charge of this platform and he tweets the way he does, you're not helping himself. >> let's bring in our business and tech reporter scott budman. should elon be held to a higher standard with political tweets, and if so, why? he is the ceo and a rich man. why does he need to be held to a higher standard? >> well, i think, raj, simply because he is a ceo. i don't know that it's a higher standard, but there is a standard. it would be very surprising for any tech ceo to go on twitter and endorse a political party. and the reason they don't do that is they don't want to make half of their constituents and
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advertisers mad. it's extra surprising here because this is the man who now owns twitter and who wanted to be the town square and is jumping in on the eve of a big election and angering half of his constituents and possible advertisers. that's why this is such a surprise. >> we talk about the possibility of misinformation spreading on twitter. any evidence of it right now? or could we see a big rash of run-up in the next several days? >> well, the first part of your question, yes, there is evidence. i've spent a lot of time on twitter and there is misinformation being spread at this point. and for the last several years, twitter was always slightly better, actually quite a bit better than facebook and some of the other right-wing sites as far as what you would see and the misinformation that you would find. the concern now is just as you said. in the days going forward, twitter has laid off a substantial portion of those people who are in charge of finding this information.
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the company says they've kept a lot of them, but have let some of them go. so that means there is going to be less of a guard in front of anyone who wants to post misinformation on twitter, and tomorrow is the biggest day for it. so you can bet we'll be watching very closely all day and all night long to see what's out there. and the advice i always say is don't get your election information from any social media company, at least not exclusively, because you just can't trust anywhere near 100% of it. >> verify that. really quick, you talk to a lot of laid off twitter employees. did i get that right? are some actually getting their jobs back? twitter is calling them back? >> yeah. we now have confirmation that some of those laid off are getting notices now saying oops we didn't mean to lay you off. can we bring you back? and from what i understand, they're thinking about what sort of deal it would take to bring them back. >> this gets more fascinating by the day. thank you, scott budman. we'll see you tomorrow as well. up next here, it's not just
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twitter making deep cuts. meta also prepping for major layoffs, and it could happen asap. we'll explain. and we know the odds are bad, but that doesn't stop you and stop us from dreaming about being a millionaire. we're talking to a stanford doctor about the psychology doctor about the psychology behi playing the powerbalndl. this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction.
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vote yes on 31.
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this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. welcome back to nbc bay area news tonight. first it was twitter, and now facebook. parent company meta is
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reportedly on the verge of thousands of layoffs. it's something that's never happened at this company before. "the wall street journal," the first to report that meta is expected to announce mass layoffs as soon as wednesday. the company is already under a hiring freeze. meta has been struggling financially for a few months. now that includes a dramatic drop in ad revenue and share price. >> the whole social media space and especially meta is reliant on ad revenue. i think that's why they are going to be hit harder than, say, like an amazon. >> meta has not responded to our calls for comment on the layoff reports. facebook has more than 44,000 employees worldwide. well, about 40 minutes from now, another drawing. this powerball jackpot keeps growing. nearly $2 billion. the it's the largest lottery prize in u.s. history. we know there is very little chance you're going to win. the odds 1 in 292 million. but we keep playing.
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those billion dreams led to long lines at this gas station in san leandro. it's a lucky station. someone bought a ticket here over the weekend worth about a million dollars. it matched five of the six numbers in the last drawing. >> and then i got seven tickets here. so i'm hoping, you know, that's god's lucky number. hopefully i'll be a lucky man. i don't expect to win whole money. but just part of it. that's enough. >> what would i do with that? i'd help my family and friends get out of debt. i'd donate. >> get out of debt and donate a bit. let's get some insight as to why we continue to play. joining us tonight, stanford psychiatrist dr. david smeagle. nice to have you on the program. okay, i want to be rich. i don't want to have to work, and i want a private jet. isn't it okay to dream? >> it's okay to dream. we have great imaginations. and it's our strength and our weakness. the strength is you feel really good when you imagine winning.
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and sometimes a good fantasy makes you a whole lot happier than a bad reality. so we tend to think the probability of something good happening is associated with how vividly we can feel it. a and the people you interviewed were feeling good as they were talking about it. but that doesn't make it more likely to happen. so it's easy to get more absorbed in the chase than it is the reality that you're not likely to catch it. >> is there any crash? i'm not going to win. you're not going win most likely tomorrow. do we come crashing down on emotion or move on to the next lottery or the next thing? >> well, that tends to be the way we make ourselves feel better is to imagine the next good thing that could happen. but there will be some disappointment. people will feel bad their hopes were dashed. and a lot of people's hopes will be dashed. >> what does this tell you about the human brain. is there a bigger lesson we can learn here? >> yeah, there is. people who study drug addiction show that you get more of a dopamine rush, the neurotransmit they're makes you feel good in the chase than you do in the
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catch. one of the things that keeps drug addicts hooked is they feel good just trying to get the drug. and sometimes they feel better trying to get it than they do once they actually take it. so there is a lot of power in our brains in the anticipation of pleasure. and that can sometimes lead news the wrong direction. >> do you play? >> no, i don't. i know too much. i don't. >> dr. spiegel, thanks for your time tonight. appreciate it. >> take care. let's go outside now. high surf along the coast. and wild weather rolling in. the big waves at ocean beach just today. jeff is going to return with the storm rolling in and the timeline.
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welcome back to nbc bay area news tonight. it is gorgeous out there. >> beautiful. >> it's cold, and we know that the rain is coming. >> rain and a whole lot of other stuff. we've been asking for it, right? >> we need it. and this is really good for us. >> it is. fire season, drought. we continue to need that rain to stack up for us. as we bring you into that microclimate forecast, you will see what we talked about earlier. i wanted to make sure you had this list again in case you missed it because we will be in for heavier downpours tomorrow morning. isolated thunderstorms, even some small hail. bay area snow looks like it could go down to 2,000 feet to 3,000 foot range. santa cruz mountains will be the gustiest, 20 to 50. and santa cruz mountains where we may have some landslide issues, especially in the burn scar because of that.
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and some heavy sierra snow 1 to 3 feet at some of the highest levels. here it is. tonight picks up at 11:30. it's especially near the coastline. by tomorrow morning's commute, wet this the south bay, east bay and peninsula. through the afternoon tomorrow, we'll hold on to the chance here of spotty thunderstorms in the mix. daytime highs as we roll through tomorrow. because of this rain moving in, not really going warm up a whole lot. and you can see totals ranging a half to 3/4 for most of the bay area. notice the higher elevations. we're in that 1 to 2 inch range through our mountains. so here you can see jacket weather all day long. just 50s here from the north bay down to the south bay. on my seven-day forecast, we dry it out by midday wednesday into the afternoon. thursday and friday remains try. then we'll see increasing chances. here is rain by saturday, sunday and monday. anywhere from a 50 to 60% chance right now, raj. hopefully those chances go up. but right now our focus again on tomorrow morning thinking is a big deal. thank you, jeff. as we wrap up, mario lopez is just getting started with "access hollywood."
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here's what's coming up next. >> well, of course everyone is stunned by the sudden loss of aaron carter. "access" was with aaron in the '90s as he skyrocketed to fame. we'll look back at some of the very special moments. and then we're with rihanna as she shares so much more than we expected about being a new mom. >> he my god, when looks at me in my eyes, many i whole soul. >> the best feeling ever. trust me. and it's a priceless case of when legends collide as dolly parton crashes our duran duran interview at the rock 'n roll induction ceremony. to see where that went, stick around for "access hollywood" moments away. >> thank you, mario. coming up on nbc prime time, another round of knockouts on "the voice" at 8:00 followed by a new episode of "quantum leap kathie lee news. election safety is a big concern tomorrow night. why officials will keep an eye on the north bay specifically when voters go to the polls. that's going to do it here at
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7:00. for everyone here at nbc bay area, including our chief photographer mark villareal, thanks for joining us. enjoy your evening. we hope to see you back at 11:00. this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31.
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this is what voting yes on prop 31 means. yes on 31 ends the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. yes, stops big tobacco from targeting our kids. yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. hollywood" -- >> hey, what's up, i'm aaron carter. ♪ ♪ >> i'm literally filling up myself with that right no. >> found in his tub, the latest on the shocking death of aaron carter, the last words to fans from the new father and the devastation of his back street brother, nick. >> there are also other due dates you can't push back. the new baby, the super bowl. there's no topic we don't tackle with rihanna. when legends collide, dolly crashes our interview. we're on


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