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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  January 14, 2023 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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next gen stats powered by aws. >> tony: the first half/second half is totally different for trevor lawrence. he just misread some coverages, stayed on guys too long, wasn't in sync. but the second half he got it rolling, made some good throws. >> al: and here he's in the grass on this first play here and that's khalil mack. play whistled dead after he was taken down. >> tony: this was actually trevor drifting out into khalil mack, didn't stay in the pocket here. >> al: he might have cut his hand. nine-yard sack. yeah, you've got van noy coming in. >> tony: right on the thumb. >> al: outside, right on the thumb.
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see if he's any the worse for wear here. he throws and that's incomplete. and here comes a flag. so the crowd finally gets a flag. that's taylor who's playing in place of davis, who's still on the bench injured. and marvin jones the intended receiver. >> referee: pass interference defense, number 36. the ball will be placed at the spot of the foul. automatic first down. >> tony: this is marvin jones just on the short hook. gets there a little early. >> al: taylor -- >> tony: no question. >> al: -- reaching over. meanwhile, they have got to work on lawrence. there's his thumb. he's been on the injured report for about six or seven weeks now with a toe injury. >> tony: he'll be on again with
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a thumb injury next week. >> al: hands it off to etienne, who takes it to the 34 yard line. so 17 carries for 82 yards. almost halfway through the fourth quarter. second and four.da lawrence fires and asante samuel is saying no and the officials are saying yes. >> tony: we'll get the same thing, now jacksonville hurry up and not let them get a look at this. >> al: zay jones, looks like he has his hands under it. >> tony: yep. >> al: and is staley going to
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challenge this one? yep, he is. on first glance, unless there's some other replay which i'm sure we'll get to that shows otherwise, we think it's a catch. but what do we know. >> referee: is challenging the ruling on the field of a completed pass. the play is under further review. time-out. >> al: all right. so we'll see what happens as mp amaa. they work on trevor lawrence and the cut hand. 7:00 to play. ♪ you in my way (get out my way) ♪ ♪ you crossed that line (you crossed that line) ♪ er♪ it ai.n't yo' day (it ain't yo' day) ♪ ♪ i need my space ♪ ♪ get out my way, get out my way (yeah), ♪ ♪ get out my way (woo), get out my way, ♪ ♪ get out my way (move), get out my way (woo) ♪ ♪ ♪ (well) ♪ ♪ i need my space ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> referee: after review, the ruling on the field stands. it's a completed pass. los angeles is charged with their second team time-out of the second half and their first challenge of the game. they have one challenge remaining. >> al: so the challenge is unsuccessful. it could be important to lose that challenge and lose a time-out. they have already taken one here
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in the second half, so they have one. meanwhile, that's a first down now up at the 41 yard line with 7:04 to play in the fourth. meanwhile, lawrence was tended to on the sideline. covered up that cut. under pressure, fires, caught. staying on his feet, first down. christian kirk across the 50 to the charger 47 yard line. >> tony: they really do need to go up tempo here because you're going to have to score twice. >> al: in either manner. >> tony: yes. >> al: field goal, touchdown. touchdown, field goal. see what happens as the drive ensues. hanging in the pocket. he throws it behind the intendem receiver, marvin jones.
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second and ten now. >> tony: this ball comes out of his hand, it looks like it's okay. i think he was just expecting the receiver to sit down a little bit. >> al: it was almost tipped there as well. they're calling tranquill's number, 49. to the outside, caught along the sideline and that moves the sticks. it's christian kirk over there by derwin james. >> tony: good read by trevor lawrence there. they had three-on-two. christian kirk one-on-one, derwin james nice move, not able to stay with him. >> al: and a gain of 17 yards.
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over the middle, that's caught. that's the big man again. that's engram to the 10 yard line he goes. engram for 21 yards. >> tony: i think the chargers defense just a little mistake there. they looked like man on one side but didn't play man on engram's side. so he runs to the uncovered area, no one there, gets a big play. >> al: first and goal. engram has caught seven for 93 yards. they have agnew in the game now as a receiver. they put him in motion. lawrence looks that way, fires over the middle, too high. intended for engram. has a word or two with the back judge, covered there by alohi
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gilman to make it second down and goal. >> tony: they got what they wanted. they got one-on-one with evan engram on gilman. and that's contact downfield. that has to be called. that really does have to be called. if you do call pass interference, at the very least it's illegal contact. >> al: instead, nothing. second and goal now. lawrence fires to the end zone, caught! touchdown, christian kirk! turns outside, beat bryce callahan. with an extra point, they'll be within three. >> tony: this is christian kirk in the slot. he's going to run the corner route.
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he's got man coverage. there is not a lot of room there. that ball was well thrown. kirk uses his body to shield off, makes the play, and we've got ourselves a game. >> al: i'll say. meanwhile, a flag is down. you know, if you look at that play again, the right tackle, jawaan taylor, i thought false started. i don't know. >> tony: that's joey bosa throwing his helmet. we were talking about that yesterday and i'm sure that's what bosa is complaining about. he got a quick start. we've seen this over and over again. they don't seem to be calling this. it would be nice to look at that and see, but i'm sure that's what bosa is upset about. >> al: he's got to be careful because he's one away from a disqualification. >> tony: that is definitely a false start. >> al: yeah, you tell me, at
8:13 pm
right tackle. >> tony: he might be asking for the holding penalty too. >> referee: unsportsmanlike conduct, defense, number 97. half the distance penalty will be enforced. jacksonville has elected to go for a two-point try at the 1 yard line. >> al: all right, terry, your take. >> that does not count as his second for disqualification because he's just throwing his helmet. it's not a foul against an official, taunting or abusive language. on the false start, i think in realtime it's right with the ball, maybe a frame or so afterwards, but it's too technical and they generally don't call it when it's that tight, so i don't believe this should have been a false start on this play. >> tony: i promise you, i'd be throwing my helmet if i was on the sideline saying that's a
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false start. >> al: so now they're going to go -- they're going to line up to go -- the ball is at the 1 yard line so it's not a two-point attempt. >> tony: no, they're going for two. >> al: well, they are. but this is a really interesting call. >> tony: they're going to win. they're playing for the win on a field goal. >> al: so hasty is the running back. they're going for two. and lawrence reaches over and scores. >> tony: doug pederson rolling the dice. >> al: i'll say. and the crowd is uproarious. boy, that is some call, isn't it? >> tony: lawrence realizing tha
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all he has to do is stick that ball over. it's clearly over. >> al: he did the same thing on a thursday night game late in the season against the jets. and they were able to try that conversion from the 1 yard line because of the bosa penalty. >> tony: now, if we could go back to the last two-point try and we could see that jacksonville was really had something going, should have been a call in the end zone, illegal contact. again, they should have been trying another two-pointer last time from the 1 yard line. >> al: well, we told you not to touch that dial, maybe. that was some call. bandy is back to receive. cooke kicks.
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bandy takes the touchback. we did that game against the browns in the covid year, ben roethlisberger brought them from way behind, something like 31-0 at the end of the first quarter. and then cleveland had to hold on. the chargers from the 25 yard line. herbert under pressure. can't get away. sacked at the 18. roy robertson-harris doing the dance. >> tony: they brought their big people in on offense, tried to make jacksonville think run. they went play action trying to take a shot and go deep.
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that is a great move up front. roy robertson-harris. they have got the crowd excited. >> al: seven-yard sack. second down, 17. ekeler, not a lot of blocking. he can only pick up a few. takes it to the 22 yard line. gain of four. third and 13 upcoming. >> tony: herbert has been very good in these situations. it will be interesting to see how jacksonville plays it. do you sit back at the sticks and try to force them to throw the ball in front of you. they have been getting there better in the second half. i'd let those four big guys just tee off, sit back near the sticks. >> al: 4:00 to go.
8:18 pm
herbert throws, and it is juggled and caught, but stopped well short of the first down. kelley is there. so the jaguars get a three-and-out. >> tony: defense comes through and you're in a position now where you can win it with a field goal. so you don't have to play the whole field, you probably only have to look at picking up maybe 40 yards. >> al: j.k. scott averages only 34 yards per punt tonight on his four boots. this is a real shorty. it takes a big charger bounce. and it's down to the 21 yard line with 3:09. reimagined pro bowl game
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presented by verizon headed back to vegas. see the manning brothers as the afc and nfc head coaches, the skills challenge and the first ever afc versus nfc flag football game. you can see it on espn, espn deportes and disney xd. jags have all their time-outs, a ton of time, and the two-minute warning. >> tony: and momentum. >> al: that's knocked down at the line of scrimmage. kyle van noy, former patriot, had a good season, knocks it down. >> tony: they sent etienne in motion, tried to show the bubble screen left, come back to the right.
8:20 pm
van noy with a great play got the hand up and almost picked it off. >> al: second down and ten. lawrence to throw his 44th pass. caught and picking up the first down, christian kirk. up to the 33 yard line. >> tony: chargers brought five. jacksonville picked it up, gave him a clean pocket. good ball to christian kirk and a good run after the catch. >> al: lawrence now after a terrible first half with four picks has thrown for 274 yards in the game. on first down, under pressure, slides out the back door. he steps out of bounds about three yards shy of the first
8:21 pm
down. his first carry of the night. first time anybody has carried the ball for them except etienne. >> tony: that brings up a second and short. you could run the ball here. you've got the two-minute warning coming up. >> al: all their time-outs. a lot of opportunities on second down and two. they'll throw. and that will be caught at the 50 yard line against good, tight coverage. kirk covered by callahan. >> tony: what a difference a half makes. >> al: wow. >> tony: the chargers were making all these plays on the contested balls in the first half. now it's the jacksonville receivers who are coming up with them. >> al: will they run a play before the two-minute warning?
8:22 pm
they will. and that is caught on the outside and that will take us to the two-minute warning with jones making the catch. so if you just tuned in or tuned out and just tuned back in expecting to see a movie or something, herbert, 273 yards and a touchdown. asante samuel, a gigantic first half with three picks. lawrence, four interceptions in the first half. and then three touchdowns in the second and one at the end of the first half. you know, tony, we were talking about you said that doug pederson pretty much stayed to that game plan, which doesn't seem like he can do that, but very much he did do that. >> tony: and he told kaylee at halftime going off, hey, we've just got to chip away. we've got to stay with it and settle down. he meant it. and that's what trevor lawrence
8:23 pm
did. he settled down and just got back to his game. >> al: well, you know as we talked about it, you were down 21-0 and won a game down by 21 points. >> tony: we talked about the speech. >> al: in the last three and a half. >> tony: and now they're at a point where basically you're playing for about 15 yards. you've got to make 15 yards, run the clock down, and you can kick a field goal to win the game and not give them a chance. you talked about time-outs being a factor maybe for the chargers. >> al: yeah, that unsuccessful challenge leaves them with only one if they get the ball back. so here comes a big -- everything is big at this point. big second and five. the chargers look like they're coming. they back away. you've got etienne, going to come up about a yard short.
8:24 pm
>> tony: get up there, go quick, run it again and get the first down. >> al: third and one. lawrence, that's incomplete. all right. now, now -- >> tony: you've got to quarterback sneak this and make sure you get it. you've got to get about a foot. >> al: so 1:28. >> tony: i would have run it right there and made sure i picked up by first down. they have got a good quarterback sneak man, no question. >> al: see if he can leap over the line as he's done with some frequency this season. at 6'6", reach out, try to cross the line. oh, what do we have here?
8:25 pm
we've got a whistle and we have -- they take a time-out. kill kill. he didn't like the play. >> tony: he changed it and i'm not sure the look that he saw, doug u pederson tdidn't like ts look and called time-out. >> al: all right. here's the look. what did he see here? >> tony: everybody crowded in, they're looking to play the sneak. i don't know if this play was going to be an outside run to etienne. i don't know if he had the sneak on and killed it. but we'll see where they go here. they only need about a foot. >> al: three backs behind him. to the outside.
8:26 pm
etienne, first down and a ton more and stays inbounds to the 15 yard line. whoa, whoa, whoa, they lined up three backs. >> tony: it looked like a sneak like everybody was going to get in there to push. they wanted to get them to fall inside. this was set up well. this looked like a sneak formation but they are going to use travis etienne's speed and get outside and now you're just going to run this clock down and kick the field goal. etienne does a good job staying in bounds. >> al: doug is known for some very interesting and unique stuff. this time etienne is popped at the line of scrimmage by morgan fox. >> tony: i wouldn't have taken a chance with a handoff. i would have taken a couple of
8:27 pm
knees. >> al: so the chargers right now, who would have believed it, in a deep hole. we've got a chip shot field goal, which could send them out of the playoffs after they led 27-0 late in the first half. so doug pederson, who called for the philly special in the super bowl, who was the beneficiary of the double doink game, philadelphia against chicago, and then lines up. when's the last time you saw a formation with three backs behind the quarterback. in today's world you think they want to push the quarterback across the line of scrimmage. >> tony: that was well set up. only needed an inch. i'm thinking quarterback sneak. etienne puts you down there in field goal position. >> al: riley patterson now. staley can call a time-out if he chooses. they're going to spot the ball
8:28 pm
on the ground at about the 26, so it's a 36-yard field goal attempt. logan cooke to hold. and staley does call the time-out. >> tony: they don't want him to get his practice kick in. >> al: no. largest in history -- of course the bills against the oilers back in the '92 wild card game. the colts against the chiefs, andrew luck, 2013. and this would be the third largest and create one long transcontinental flight home for the chargers. meanwhile jacksonville can set their sights likely on kansas city.
8:29 pm
here we go for the win. got it, but there's a flag down. there's a flag down as everybody is running out onto the field, but there's a penalty marker. >> referee: offsides, defense number 26. >> al: and they call it on the defense. >> tony: unbelievable. >> al: that is unbelievable. you saw mike mccoy there, now with the jaguars staff, former charger head coach talking to justin herbert. patterson boots them into the divisional round.
8:30 pm
derwin james, the long ride home. it's the end of the season for a team that was all set to go on to round two. that kick. oh, and brandon staley can only look in anguish. >> tony: did it really go through? did we win this game? >> al: did we win this game? that would be the thought bubble, no question about it. trevor lawrence, horrendous first half, great second half. afc wild card postgame show coming up after these messages. >> announcer: you've been watching super wild card weekend presented by verizon.
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a berry busy night on our storm doppler. from thunderstorms to heavy rains at time. the worst of it at this hour is starting to push off to the east. that is where you see the lightning bolts they are through the central valley out toward the sierra. from here
8:33 pm
>> announcer: welcome to nbc's wild card playoff postgame. here now, al michaels. >> al: if you tuned out toward the end of the first half and it was 27-0, that is not a misprint. the jacksonville jaguars come from behind, third biggest comeback in postseason nfl history, and win the game 31-30. so many key plays, so many key moments. trevor lawrence, horrible first half, great second half. travis etienne solid, steady, 20 rushes, 109 yards, 5.5 per rush. oluokun five tackles. we go to the field and check in with kaylee. >> kaylee: thanks, al. down 27, how? how did you do this, trevor? >> you couldn't write a crazier script. we said in the locker room that's kind of how our season is going. we are never out of the fight. i was breaking not a good record in the first quarter, had a
8:34 pm
couple of interceptions, not looking great offensively. we just kept believing in one another. and we knew that our defense would get enough stops and we'd get enough opportunities to go win the game. and it's just -- i'm kicked of speechless honestly to see what belief can do and see when a team believes in each other what you can accomplish. playoff game, down 27-0. we come back and win. we know we're always counted out of these games and we don't care, we love it. unbelievable. >> kaylee: where does this team's undying belief come from? >> i mean it's just every single one of us. it starts with coach pederson at the top. it starts with him but it's every single player on this team. we've worked so hard to get here. we talked about it all week. let's not miss this opportunity. it was close and we were close to letting it slip. just to see the guys fight, keep battling. it didn't matter what the score was and that's why we had a chance to win it. >> kaylee: once you started scoring, you did it with all
8:35 pm
your web ones and it came down to this guy. coach pederson told us the game plan was to stay committed to the run even when you struggled. talk us through the role you had to play. >> i played the running back. coach believes in me on fourth and one to give me the ball and i had to make something happen for my teammates. >> kaylee: and set up that field goal to win this game. were you watching riley? >> i was watching. everybody was giving me high fives, i've got all the faith in him but i want to see it go through before i start celebrating. of course he's clutch. we've just got so much faith in one another. >> kaylee: nobody has played together longer than you two to a certain extent, right? what does this mean to you two to get to share your postseason debut in the nfl and a win together? >> honestly, i'm just glad that i was here with this guy.
8:36 pm
first of all, man, i'm just so proud of him the way he fought back. we have a quarterback leading the team and it's easy to get behind him. with trevor, we got our first "w." i love that. >> kaylee: can you describe the mental strength that it took you after those four interceptions to fight back? >> i didn't have a choice. if we're going to win that game, you dig yourself in a hole, you've got to score a lot of points and your quarterback has to play well. i didn't have much of a chance. these guys have sacrificed way too much for me to be the reason we lose an opportunity. i know i'm going to make the plays, i just have to get back on track. guys around me made some plays. they made some crazy catches and runs, blocks up front, it's everybody. >> kaylee: congratulations, guys. thank you. al. >> al: thank you, kaylee. let's go back, there's so many key plays in this game, but right here, here's bosa. he thinks there's a false start. there it is.
8:37 pm
75, the right tackle moving. doesn't get the call. you get a touchdown here to make it a three-point game. because of the penalty because of this, they were allowed to move the ball. they took the option of moving the ball to the 1. so instead of a likely attempt to make it 30-27, you've got a two-point attempt here. he puts that in to put them in range of a field goal to win it. then you've got a fourth and one on that last drive. you've got three backs lined up behind the quarterback. you've got etienne running around the right side, putting them in prime field goal range. and the jacksonville jaguars, a team that was, what, 4-29 over the last few years, 3-7 at one point this year, are going likely to kansas city, but who knows. maybe somebody pulls off an upset tomorrow but they're on to the second round. >> tony: and trevor lawrence
8:38 pm
told us on thursday when we talked to him, doug pederson is the same every day all the time no matter what. he doesn't get too down so you can imagine what that locker room was like at halftime when they were down. doug told kaylee, we've got to just chip, chip, chip, stay with it and they did. that second half was unbelievable. >> al: he was cool at halftime with kaylee. coaches down 27-0, they can blow you out but he said we've got to get it together. meanwhile, tomorrow you start on cbs at 1:00. miami goes to buffalo. then on fox at 4:30, the giant go to minnesota. the nbc game tomorrow night is in cincinnati where the ravens take on the bengals. and then of course on monday night you've got across the state, you've got dallas taking on tampa bay. meanwhile, the picks of the week, the series starting natasha leon from the writer/director of "knives out"
8:39 pm
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introducing the new and improved taste of pepsi zero sugar. now more delicious. try it now. zero never tasted so good. >> announcer: welcome back to nbc's wild card playoff postgame. >> al: so you've got this one in the books. you've got san francisco advancing because they beat seattle today, and now tomorrow night 7:30 "football night in america" and you'll be there in cincinnati.
8:42 pm
if you are john harbaugh and you don't have your starting quarterback, you don't have lamar jackson, you don't know who you've got, cincinnati figures to win the game. i mean they're a big favorite. what do you say? >> you're saying, hey, we went there and played these guys. last week we turned the ball over a lot. we didn't play our game. we can run the football on them. if tyler huntley can play, i think they have a chance. that division rivalry, division rivals, this is going to be a good game. >> al: after tonight, predictions are like astrology, right? the craziness of it all. there's the pool here in jacksonville. our great director, that's how it all started tonight with the dive from above and then the great, great comeback by the
8:43 pm
jacksonville jaguars. next on the coast, late local news. al michaels, tony dungy, kaylee hartung. good night from jacksonville. >> announcer: nbc sports thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league.
8:44 pm
the first playoff game down. right now on this special edition of nbc bay area news, the first playoff game is in the book with a w for the 49ers.
8:45 pm
the rainy weather could not keep fans away. >> rain brought trees down and power lines. one neighborhood has a major mess to clean up. >> a break now, but more of the rain is returning. we are tracking it all and have the latest timelines on the storms moving in. thanks for joining us on this special edition of nbc bay area. >> we will get to the big win by the niners in just a few minutes. we begin with our microclimate weather alert. >> a very wet night in the bay area. we are tracking a storm in the problems along with it. take a look at this, all lanes just reopened after a big rig tipped over. you see it right there on its side. the crash happened around 5:15. what caused the crash, we do know it was very windy on the bridge at that time. winds were blowing up to 75
8:46 pm
miles per hour. it caused a pretty big backup, as you can imagine. the truck driver had minor injuries, but is okay. moment ago, we watched the tow truck pulled the big rig off the bridge. again, all lanes on the bay bridge now open after a big rig crash. another death apparently linked to the series of storms. a large tree branch fell on a woman. happened around 5:00 this evening near jfk drive and 30th avenue right in golden gate park. a jogger spotted the woman next to the branch, called 911. paramedics arrived and try to save the woman. she died at the scene. >> here is a look at more of the damage we are seeing today. all of this rain is loosening soil and causing trees to come down just like that. this one came down. the power lines on claremont avenue and burke earlier today. you can see crews were out there working to get power restored. in sonoma, a tree came down this morning on dream valley road, also bringing down a power line.
8:47 pm
>> let's take a look outside. things are drier, but not for long. we seem to be saying that a lot lately. drier but not for long. >> essentially, we have overlapping storms. again during the day tomorrow. it has a busy, while the for the golden gate bridge. wind gust were brought in by a thunderstorm, the thunderstorm also brought a lightning strike atop the south tower of the golden gate bridge. now the stronger storms have moved off to the east. we are still seeing isolated downpours across marin county over towards areas near berkeley and oakland. most of the weather, for now, starting to move off to the east. satellite news show you that as the storm wind down, this next one is starting to wind up. temporarily into tomorrow morning, we catch a bit of a break. this will be midmorning sunday, maybe early afternoon. as we had toward tomorrow night, the rain comes back in and peaks at intensity right on
8:48 pm
top of the morning commute. flood watches have been extended toward monday. one thing different about the monday storm is the coast and bay flood advisory. this will be right around high tide. from 5 a.m. to 7:00 a.m., the conversation -- gusty wind and low pressure moving right over the bay area could give us a king tide affect monday morning. watch out for that. the mountains could see another 2 to 3 inches of rain coming down as we head toward tomorrow night and monday. good news in the seven day forecast, this might be the last of those strong storms. we will let you know when things drier for more than a few hours at our seven day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. thank you very much. a lot of rain on the peninsula today causing flooding, bringing down trees, even a landslide bringing a muddy mess and one road. >> live in belmont tonight with the latest. tom? >> some people who live on this
8:49 pm
belmont street, where the hill slide happened earlier today are finding a safer ground until they are short it is safe to go back home. part of a hillside came rushing down on san juan boulevard saturday afternoon, threatening the ability of one home and catching the nerves of neighbors . this meant that his family will stay with relatives until he is sure the hillside next to his home is safe. the owners of the property where the main fight occurred were not home. police say no one was hurt. but i wanted 80 those the street to everyone except residence. some neighbors plan to stay in their homes, despite threats of power lines coming down, as well as more landslides and flooding. >> another threat is coming down. his family has been trying to
8:50 pm
dry out and cleanup after the flood, but they are counting their blessings, despite having some flooding in their home. >> we were lucky it did not come in our backyard. >> and other parts of belmont, more significant flooding and damage. nancy diaz said she has lost a lot. she says the trailer park where she lives was waist deep in water when it was first flooded before christmas. since then, it has flooded at least two more times. >> it has been stressful, having to relocate, repack. our rug is really what now because of the flooding. the landlord has agreed to help pay for the water damage.
8:51 pm
>> reporter: we were briefly able to talk to the couple who lives on the property where this landslide occurred. they said that they are also going to find somewhere else to stay until they are certain it is safe to go back home. live in belmont, tom jensen, nbc bay area news . the storms are causing power problems. more than 12,000 customers were without power at one to point. the bulk of those customers are in the north bay and on the peninsula. this is a look at the current outage map here. you can see the large outages indicated within orange squares. you can see speckles of orange there. crews are assessing the outages and working to get power restored. >> incredible video along the coast. take a look. cal fire tweeted this out. this is the collapse of part of stage road. it happens, there it goes. this is in pescadero. this road is now closed, clearly, well chp assesses the damage. an update on highway 92, this is where this massive sinkhole opened up on thursday. one way traffic is in place eastbound. the westbound lanes are still
8:52 pm
closed. wind creating big problems in the east bay as well. this is in pleasanton, off the golf course. you can see one driver got her car stuck in three feet of water. the fire station was able to get out of the car and off the road safely. she did not have to be rescued. that car right there will likely have to be towed out. a water flooded harbor street, the city says a new single -- a new sinkhole. >> at first, i was worried about it, because i do not swim. you know? but now i am just in my house relaxing, trying to get it out of my mind. >> highway 84 is closed from niles canyon because of another landslide. the road just reopened thursday after cruise cleaned up previous flooding and slides. we will take you to the city where the wind and rain created a mess. >> braving the elements today at levi stadium, plenty of fans
8:53 pm
out early in the rain. it was pouring at times. tailgating before today's playoff game against the seahawks. >> rain or shine. i bleed red and gold. >> look at me, man. i am in a holding suit. i am ready to go, baby. rain or shine. >> they were up for it. all of that support sure paid off, after concerning, to say the least, first at half, we sent the seahawks packing. outside of levi's, niners fans were sick but elated. >> reporter: fans say it was worth getting pummeled by all that rain today , just to see the niners advance in the playoffs. they were so impressed by quarterback brock purdy that
8:54 pm
they came up with a new word, brock mania. tonight, thousands of niners fans beaming despite the heavy rain. >> somebody had to go home, somebody had to go on, it was us. it was worth the rain and storm. everything. niners, baby! >> reporter: the road to success was a little bumpy, especially when seattle took the lead. >> i was worried, i will not lie, but the niners did what i expected them to do. take control of defense and offense. we walked away with a w. let's go, niners. >> reporter: brock purdy becoming the first recorded back with four touchdowns in a postseason game. a feat that left fans adding a new word to niners lingo. >> brock-mania, let's go! >> reporter: pelted by rain, donning ponchos, and celebrating a blowout in the end.
8:55 pm
the faithful are soaked but satisfied with their eyes on the super bowl. >> without a doubt. all the way. >> reporter: from here, the 49ers will have to wait and see how the rest of the wildcard weekend unfolds. but the niners are back here playing at levi stadium. they will be here again, even if there is another storm. reporting live in santa clara, marion phibro, nbc bay area news. >> they will be playing next weekend. thank you so much. joining us with highlights from today's game, a little later in sports. >> what an exciting one. a reminder, the playoff action continues tomorrow right here on nbc bay area. the ravens at the bengals. coverage starts at 4:30. coming up now, a big problem at an east bay animal shelters. getting dogs into forever homes in fast. megamillions in maine will
8:56 pm
-- a life-changing lottery ticket. someone in the bay area. the rain totals still crawling across marin county into richmond. things start to wind down before the next storm starts to wind up just across the coast. on the heaviest rains arrive from her next storm. you can see the top of salesforce tower will be red and golden course of the niners playoff win.
8:57 pm
8:58 pm
>> welcome back to this special edition of nbc bay area news. if you're just joining us, you are live now because of the nfc playoff game. the nfl playoff game in the afc.
8:59 pm
tonight, police in the east bay are investigating after several cars were hit by projectiles. when police say it happened early monday morning and that again today, several cars were hit on brentwood boulevard between homecoming way and sunset road. police say the projectiles may have been fired from a pallet or bb gun. no one was hurt. investigators are asking people who drive in the area to be extra careful and report anything suspicious. a big rush from an oakland shelter to get dogs adopted has worked. this week, animal services was beyond capacity with over 100 large dogs at the shelter. emacs is usually 65. the shelter warned that if they could not find homes for those dogs, they could euthanize. they had a goal to get at least 50 of those large dogs adopted by monday. and they blew past that mark, about 25 minutes ago the shelter put out an update, 64 dogs have been found new homes so far. with two days left in their adoption drive, they are being way. if you are not in the position to adapt, you can always help
9:00 pm
to spread the word. >> the state of maine landed its first megamillions object that, it was a huge one or someone bought the winning ticket at this tour in lebanon, maine frame. winning the $1.35 billion jackpot last night. the second- largest jackpot in megamillions history. >> i just did an 18 hour run in my truck. 3:00 this morning, i am coming home, i heard it. and from the store, from here. for 20 minutes, i was a billionaire on the way home. i get home and check the numbers, we did not win it. but from here, this is so cool. whoever won it, i hope they have a great time. do not forget your friends. >> the winning ticket holder has not stepped forward. the winner now has a choice to make. take a lump sum payment of more than 723 million bucks, or an annual payout over 30 years. there were two lucky lottery players in california. they both won with a $928,000


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