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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 15, 2023 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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♪ >> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. right now at 11:00, a 30-foot hole couldn't sink sunday service. the groundskeeper walks us through the damage. plus road closures up and down the bay in the wake of rerentless rain. we'll show you which routes to avoid. the update timeline on the downpour and a possible break in the rain later this week. the news at 11:00 starts now. i'm gia vang. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. we still on storm watch tonight
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as another system moves in. let's take a live look outside at a couple of our traffic cameras. as we try to dry out from nearly two weeks of wet weather. the silver lining here, all of this rain is filling up our reservoirs. we'll keeping a close eye on several in the south bay at risk of overflowing. >> we have team coverage. alyssa goard is in contra costa county where a church is dealing with a muddy mess. but we want to get right to rob mayeda. is there really an end in sight for these storms? >> there is. it's tomorrow. finally we're going to see that things are going to settle down. hang on. we still have one more storm to deal with. now there's been enough rain. and now for the first time since february 2019, lexington reservoir has reached the spillway level at 100% capacity. an incredible run of a rise of
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66.7% capacity in just the last 45 days. this is a snapshot of our reservoirs going back to december 1st. now look at these three weeks of atmospheric river boosted storms have done. uvas, coyote, almaden and now lexington up to 100%. marin water, east bay mud close to the 100% level as these raines rains continue. all of this leading up to more rises on rivers tomorrow. alameda creek at niles, same time. another rise up to 12.8 feet, about 3.8 feet above flood stage early tomorrow morning. flood watches up till midnight
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tomorrow night. after that things do calm down, but another thing to watch for the morning, the rising high tides, 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. plus the runoff could lead to king tide-like conditions. we'll break everything down for you hour by hour and when drier weather comes back. new at 11:00. evacuation warnings have expanded near gilroy. they include everyone between highway 25 and 152 and south of bloomfield avenue down to the county line. the san martin lion's club is set up as an emergency shelter. all of this due to the overflowing uvas reservoir. >> tonight some creeks and
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streams are set to overflow. this is from skyranger capturing lexington reservoir looking very full. might as well. been a while since any one has seen it close to this full. we stopped by two reservoirs now almost close to capacity. >> reporter: they're expecting a nearby reservoir to start spilling over tomorrow. so they're not expecting flooding in the nearby communities. as another burst of rainfall poured in, people flocked to get a view of something they haven't seen in years. >> we drove by, and we wanted, we saw how high it was, and we wanted to get a closer look. >> reporter: a nearly overflowing reservoir. >> been very worried about the low water, and now it's just insane. i've never seen it like this
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before. >> reporter: this reservoir spilled over due to heavy rain back in 2017 and several times since then. the santa clara water district expect it is will happen again monday. >> but given the low volume and expected slow, we're not expecting flooding. >> reporter: that's a relief for people who live nearby, already dealing with power outages and other problems. >> we've had no power for about three, four day, which was pretty rough. >> reporter: not only, that but a tree came down onto pete heller's home, leaving a gaping hole. despite all of the problems it's causing, people we spoke with are grateful for the rain and the impact it's having on the drought. >> it's good to see we're making a dent in the drought. that we're, we still need to be very cautious in how we utilize water and resources. >> reporter: reporting in los gatos, emma goss, nbc bay area news. >> sonoma county is opening
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recovery support centers to help those with the biggest losses due to the recent storms, including physical damage to homes and cars and lost wage, childcare costs due to school closures and the cost of replacing spoiled food. the county is supporting the program with $300,000 in emergency funding. people are asked to call 211 to be connected to help. the county estimates the storms have caused more than $16 million in damage in the area. new at 11:00, more storm damage, this time in menlo park. pg&e crews are trying to restore power after a tree fell into a line. the tree missed the home. the string of storms has opened up several sinkholes across the bay area, including this one on the grounds of a
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contra costa county church, as nbc bay area's alyssa goard reports, it's causing major damage. >> reporter: church leaders say the church itself was not impacted. it's on higher ground. but across the parking lot and in the garden on the church grounds, you can see the impact that the storm left. jerry does maintenance for the church of the good shepherd in pittsburg and walked us through the church's garden. between the statues, there's a new feature you can't take your eyes off. >> it's about 23 feet deep and i don't know, 30 feet across. >> repor t noticed it wednesday. since then, it's grown, filling up with water, gobbling up sandbags, tree limbs, even a 15-foot light pole. there's still a 15-foot pole in there? >> yeah, buried somewhere in there. >> reporter: there's a failed storm drain beneath the hole.
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>> we believe from photos that we have seen that the top of the pipe has failed and soil from above has partially filled the storm drain line. >> reporter: during saturday's storms water spilled out onto nearby harbor street and took out an entire chunk of the church's wall. >> district pd. >> reporter: police went door to door warning neighbors to be ready to evacuate, but so far no homes have been evacuated. parishioners say mass went on as usual sunday. they're thankful. the city says they're hoping to reopen the street on tuesday. they're working on a short-term and long-term fix for the failed storm drain. alyssa goard, nbc bay area news. another unfortunate result,
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road closures. there are several in the east bay. niles canyon road remains closed because of a landslide. no word on when that might reopen. up in the north bay, highway 37 is closed. see the traffic cam. no cars coming through. a two-mile stretch between 101 and atherton that is a problem area. crews were using six pumps to push water off the road but say it's challenging to get all the water off the road because it's flat and low lying. >> we don't want people to get ahead of themselves. just because one of the lanes is dry doesn't mean we're not getting more water coming down with future rainstorms and releases from the lakes and streams to the north of at that area. >> that makes reopening difficult to predict.
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cal trans says the road will be closed until at least tomorrow morning. >> and the big sinkhole on highway 92 still has westbound lanes closed. east bound reopened last night. in burlingame, several lanes are closed on south 101 and northbound 101 near pescadero is shut down. our team is sending out alerts about all things storm related, from road closures to flooding and power outages. download our free nbc bay area app to have alerts sent straight to your phone. just ahead, a zip line becomes a lifeline for a mountain community. their crafty solution after a storm cut them off from their main road. plus working overtime to keep roads working in the sierras after the mountains were blasted with heavy snow. and it's no longer just the wind and rain, but how about snow showing up on storm ranger
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mobile doppler. the timing on when the heaviest rain moves in and moves out and we dry out for more than a day in our seven-day forecast when we come right back. business can happen anytime, anywhere. so help yours thrive and stay connected with the comcast business complete connectivity solution. it's the largest, fastest, reliable network. advanced gig speed wifi. and cyberthreat protection. starting at just $49.99 a month. plus, you can save up to 60% a year when you add comcast business mobile. or, ask how to get up to a $750 prepaid card. complete connectivity. one solution, for wherever business takes you. comcast business. powering possibilities.
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in the south bay, there are a lot of questions after a body was found near a santa clara creek. police were called at about 11:30 on kiley boulevard. police aren't really releasing any information on how the person died but the death is called suspicious. someone spotted a body floating in the water near this very body in san francisco. police got the call around 10:00 this morning and they pulled the body out of the water. they say it does not seem like there was foul play. we have an update on the projectile shootings we told you
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about. brentwood police say the person responsible has been arrested. the shooting happened yesterday. between homecoming way and sunset road. it may have been fired from a pellet or bb gun. a 31-year-old man was arrested. down it comes. returning to our microclimate weather coverage. one of the biggest problems we have seen during these storms -- we've seen a lot -- downed trees. crews had their work cut out for them, trees blocked phone access for a number of nearby homes. crews chopped up the tree in several pieces. carried it out. the tree was blocking the road but crews were able to open it back up in about an hour. in the sierra, taking a live look from highway 50 tonight.
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cal trans snow removal crews working overtime to clear the roads this holiday weekend. snow blowers were out on interstate 80. cal trans is asking people to take it slow. give plow drivers the space. if you're heading up to the mountains, chains are required on 50 and 80. the weather isn't stopping people from taking the drive. >> we didn't know we'd have to have the chains. i mean, you hear about it, but you don't know, you know, until you hit the snow. >> sonoma doesn't get snow. >> no, not at all. we have valley of the wine. >> okay, crews, yeah, you need those chains. they say in this kind of weather, chains and though tires snow tires are a good idea. >> the san lorenzo river was raging this afternoon. the video shows a massive tree floating on down. fortunately it moved on through,
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otherwise it could have created a very serious logjam. that's where the term comes from. the river could go above flood stage tomorrow morning around 7:00. heads up for that. a little foresight proving to go a long way. daryl hardy set up a zip line new year's weekend. new year's weekend. that's when he thought the bridge connecting the community to the main road could wash out. when it washed out, seven homes would have been completely stranded if not for this zip line. he has been ferrying supplies and people back and forth. >> fortunately, the pro pane companies came up and topped them off before all this happened. hoping we can get a bridge before everybody runs out of that. >> a hardy thank you to mr.
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hardy. the power has been out most of the year so far. there are lots of downed trees. engineers can't start repairing the bridge until the water levels go down. >> daryl knew what to do. >> even when the rain shuts down, probably the next couple weeks, we'll still probably see those conditions. we need a break. the reservoirs are doing good. we have one more 24-hour cycle. and from here things do get better. flood watches up until about midnight tomorrow night. but the main event with the current storm arriving now into tomorrow morning's commute, you're looking live at san francisco, 47 degrees, very soggy there. around san rafael, 48 degrees. it will be noticeably cooler tomorrow, highs in the low 50s, and, as you're about to see, snowshowers around the diablo range. areas south of livermore and east of san jose.
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47 in dublin. there's a look at san jose, 47. we begin the day with rain and some wind. most of it, i think is going to be in the santa cruz mountains as you see the main rain band push east. and we transition to scattered showers, a chance of thundershowers, which will have hail and gusty winds. we'll have to watch that midday into the afternoon. look those highs, 50s. much cooler in the afternoon. and south of livermore could have a little bit of snow. we're seeing a little bit of that on the radar. santa rosa northward starting to get more of a north wind, a drying factor on the weatherer that. nothing dry about the weather here. steady, soaking rain at times and very heavy rain mixed with a little bit of snow in the higher peaks of the santa cruz mountains, that right over lexington reservoir by the way
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into san jose. and that's the snow near mt. hamilton. i put in these arrows to show you, notice the rotation off shore. that is the surface low. and that's going to take the heaviest rain south of san francisco. you see a little bit of the curl to the clouds offshore. notice the rainfall estimates. san jose southward, west lttle loggas creek. they'll have the most pressure runoff wise tomorrow morning as the peak rain rates continue during the morning hours. for the north bay we should see improvement there. more rain at times around the santa cruz mountains. for the afternoon that's window of opportunity we could see isolated thunder. by monday evening things do calm down. after that, there technically is one more rain chance wednesday night and thursday.
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but look at the difference in rain totals. their is not an atmospheric river, a colder storm which is good for sierra snow. rain totals right now, generally about a quarter inch or less. but a bit of a break from storms, and we'll see precisely that setting up thursday afternoon, friday, saturday into early next week. a dry finish to the seven-day forecast as tonight's storm will likely be the last of the heavy rain and, at times, gusty winds from the santa cruz mountains southward. there's a slight rain chance thursday and drier weather continues. that's going to give us we hope several days from friday to the first half of next week where there's finally no storms on the horizon. >> wow. >> that's going to be nice. >> i love that forecast. warriors on the road, but they've got they've got
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well, day two of the annual flower market in san francisco's chinatown has now wrapped up. despite the downpour thousands came out to enjoy the outdoor market. it was packed with flowers, food and other goods. this is on grant avenue between clay and broadway. it is one of chinatown's big events leading up to the lunar new year. >> everybody's happy. a little wet, but we're making the best of it now. today is more of preparation, flowers, candy, to welg come in in the brand-new year. >> lunar new year is next sunday and the big parade to celebrate the year of the rabbit is set
11:24 pm
for february 4th. tomorrow the bay area celebrates the life of dr. martin luther king jr. with events happening all over the bay area. the march returns after being cancelled because of the pandemic. this is video of the march back in 2020. now tomorrow thousands are expected to honor the marches from selma to montgomery, alabama. the march ends about a mile and a halfway at at the gardens. now grace cathedral is gearing up for its special mlk event. in 1965, dr. king spoke right there at grace cathedral, just three days after he led the third selma to montgomery march. we will be able to see the
11:25 pm
moving sermon he gave in 1965. it will be playing throughout the day. we talked about the march at 11:00 a.m. in oakland, the african-american museum and library is host ago special martin luther king jr. film geared toward children. it's holding volunteer service events all across town. you can find a map on the city's website. and in san jose, our city forest will honor dr. king with a day of service. volunteers will be out planting at watson park. >> lots to do. the warriors are heading to the white house. the dubs will be meeting with president biden this week to celebrate their nba championship last year. it will be the team's first visit there since they met president obama after the 2016 championship win. the warriors begin their d.c. trip tomorrow to take on the wizards. anthony flores now.
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we move from basketball to football. >> i've been in the bay area since 2016. and everybody says who's most popular? right now it's brock purr difficult. his cinderella story is captivating more than just the nfl. the rookie quarterback's response to hearing lebron james tweeted about him. stick around, sports is next. business can happen anytime, anywhere. so help yours thrive and stay connected with the comcast business complete connectivity solution. it's the largest, fastest, reliable network. advanced gig speed wifi. and cyberthreat protection. starting at just $49.99 a month. plus, you can save up to 60% a year when you add comcast business mobile. or, ask how to get up to a $750 prepaid card.
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complete connectivity. one solution, for wherever business takes you. comcast business. powering possibilities.
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from inside the five. barkley. muscling forward. barkley, what an effort, and he is in. touchdown new york. >> a giant upset on wildcard weekend. the giants go into minnesota and beat the third-sided vikings, 31-24. because of that upset, it's tom brady or america's team. who would you rather see coming to santa clara? the 49ers will face the winner of tomorrow's cowboys-buccaneers game. the niners advance to round two of the playoffs by beating seattle on saturday. brock purdy continues his storybook run. he became the first rookie qb to ever account for four tds in a playoff game.
11:30 pm
lebron james tweeted "purdy got game". >> lebron said that? >> yeah. >> that's sweet. that's awesome. >> once he got into that game against miami, we didn't have the luxury to sit there and worry about stuff, the way the game was going. we just had to call plays to try to win the game. and he did such a hell of a job job. and he's done it every time since. >> the 49ers will face the winner of tomorrow's bucs/cowboys game. in the nba, life on the road has been a struggle for the warriors. they have only four wins away from the bay area. tied for worst in the nba. the dubs in the windy city to take on the chicago bulls. big second quarter for golden state. steph curry, the rayup. layup. the warriors led by three at the
11:31 pm
break but then got sloppy with the rock. 23 turnovers that led to 31 bulls' point. they had no answer for nicola vusevic. they break a streak dating back to 117. the warriors fall to four and 17 on the season. coach kerr, what's up with the inconsistency? >> i don't know. you know. you can make all kinds of excuses, but nothing, it doesn't matter. everybody's got excuses. everybody's got injuries and guys in and out of rotation and all that stuff. we've got to do better. a big upset in women's college back.
11:32 pm
stanford and usc. the trojans hand the cardinal their second loss of the season. one more week to wait. the buildup starts now. cowboys-buccaneers tomorrow. the winner comes here to facial the 49ers. one a target of one of the most popular gifts of the season. >> it's just a gift card but a lucrative target. we'll show you why organized criminals are so interested in gift cards and
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11:34 pm
they were the hottest holiday gift, but is yours a dud? consumer investigator chris chmura investigates. >> how do you protect your balance? here's chris. >> good evening. tonight we're responding to a walnut creek woman's case. she lost a small amount on a gift card, but thieves are stealing big money, perhaps tens of millions of dollars every month. a hundred bill, a benjamin, a c note, whatever you call it, a hundred bucks is big money for a 23-year-old. she tracked each penny and everything went fine until she went to a san francisco bookstore to spend the last $37. >> i knew there was money left
11:35 pm
on it, and it was declined. >> reporter: where did sydney's $37 remaining balance go? >> i have no idea. >> reporter: there's a good chance someone stole it. >> if this is happening to me, it's probably happening to someone else. >> reporter: we heard from others whose gift card balances just vanished. our teams around the country? >> i checked it, and it said the balance is zero. >> reporter: have heard from dozens more viewers with similar stories. the federal trade commission estimates tens of millions of dollars in gift card losses each month. >> there are groups out there, that this is all they do. >> reporter: that's david johnston, vice president of asset protection and retail operations at the national retail federation. >> i've seen investigations that we've had aim tours to large scale organizations. >> >> reporter: we don't usually
11:36 pm
show you their methods. some grab them off the rack and right down the numbers and pins and put the card back. run a computer bot to see when you put money on them. >> they have access to that card and a pin with a value that they can use online. >> reporter: other thieves tamper with gift cards on the rack. using stickers, they'll replace the bar codes and pin labelings . some scammers in canada tried that but picked the wrong target. >> i'm alex police officer. >> reporter: when she spotted tampered gift cards in a store. she posted this video to warn people on tiktok and instagram. >> on instagram, it's got like 4 million now. it went viral for all the right reasons. >> reporter: she says stores should put gift cards behind a
11:37 pm
counter. the retail federation says stores have to balancing putting all cards behind lock and key when only a small percentage are compromised. still, they acknowledge shoppers are losing money. >> stores and gift card companies are responding. look for improved packaging. some are sealed. some can be registered online. you might be able to add a pin of your own to protect your balance. nischelle says they should look at that time before activate it. look for a sticker, feel for a sticker and don't let a gift card collect any dust. the longer it goes unused the longer thieves have to hack in and drain it. >> try to use it as quickly as
11:38 pm
you can. >> reporter: if your balance goes missing, contact the store asap. immediately file a fraud report. sydney in walnut creek tried that. but. >> no response. >> reporter: so she asked us for help. when we contacted the company, incomm, they said they review each case on a case by case balance. they didn't explain what happened to her balance but the company restored it. >> it was really awesome to get some help. >> can't you just tell a store to convert your gift card balance back to cash? state law says yes, but only if the balance is less than $10. that takes us back to use it or possibly lose it to thieves. if you have a dud gift card like sydney did, tell our team about it. scan the qr code to fill out our consumer complaint form online.
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tragedy in nepal. 72 people were on board the plane. the crash happened about a mile from the airport. it's not clear what happened. but a witness said he saw the plane spinning violently as it tried to land. the video shows it rolling left about 90 degrees. >> airliners shouldn't need to bank more than 30 degree this is degrees in normal operations. >> nepal is setting up an investigation. a heartbreaking incident for georgia bulldogs football so soon after winning the national championship. early this morning, a georgia offensive lineman and recruiting staff member died in a car crash hours after the championship parade. the offensive lineman, devin
11:40 pm
willock died at the scene. paramedics rushed chandler lacroix to the hospital where she died. lacroix was drive the car. two others in the car were also hurt. >> i just hear this bang. the power goes out, and then it comes back on. but i was curious, so i got out of bed and came out here. can't even telling what happened. because they hit the power line. they hit a light pole. and then they hit the tree, and then they hit the building. like i don't even, and then they end up behind the car. i can't even say how they would have gotten into that position. >> president of the university of georgia says the university's thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the victims. president biden made history on sunday at first sitting u.s. president to deliver remarks at ebenezer baptist church where dr. martin luther king jr. served as pastor, however, the
11:41 pm
remarks did not stop criticism over his handling of classified documents and his office. >> dr. king's legacy show us the way we should pay attention. >> reporter: president biden honoring dr. martin luther king jr. on sunday, at the late reverend's church in atlanta, on what would have been his 94th birthday. >> his mission was something even deeper. it was spiritual. it was moral. >> reporter: mr. biden making history as the first sitting president to deliver a sermon at ebenezer baptist sunday service. >> mr. president, are you willing to -- >> reporter: while ignoring reporters' questions about the new allegations of classified documents. documents have been identified at multiple locations. less than a dozen at the penn biden center. the white house has promised to
11:42 pm
cooperate as completely and transparently as possible. still democrats conceding the missteps, given the president's past criticism of donald trump's handling of classified information. >> it's certainly embarrassing. it's one of those moments that obviously they wish hadn't happened. >> reporter: while defending how the biden team reacted initially. >> president's lawyers, the moment they found out about the documents, that day, turn them over to the national archives and ultimately to the department of justice. >> reporter: as republicans gear up for multiple investigations. >> i will accuse the biden administration of not being transparent. why didn't we hear about this on november 2nd when the first batch were discovered. >> what's concerning to me is how justice is applied and whether it's applied equally. a fedex driver comes to the rescue. and still rain on our
11:43 pm
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miles away. spacex says it's the equivalent of three falcon 9 rockets strapped together. it has the act of carrying large payloads to the moon and mars. this is beautiful. the two side boosters successfully landing back at the space center. come home to mama. wild scenes from southern california. rescue crews had to save a young woman from a creek. the woman was hanging onto a tree in a creek in laguna hills. and the water underneath her was moving pretty quickly. swift water rescue teams use add chop tore drop in. a rescuer pulled that woman to safety. there you have it right there. speaking of rescues. ties in nicely here. new video from the sacramento area. a good samaritan at work, and you can see a driver got
11:47 pm
stranded in floodwater in antelope yesterday when a fedex driver pulls up. people climb out of the car and into the delivery truck. this is a guy working, a schedule, packages to deliver, and when he's done he can go. he stops and helps out. >> kudos to that driver right there. grbac back to back good stories there. >> the first of five free entrance case at muir woods, you will have to purchase a parking reservation on line in advance. that's important to do. they're also advising to dress for the weather. wear layers and waterproof shoes. >> okay, we're going to get very specific with rob in just a moment. but first the oakland zoo is still closed to visitors. but animal care staff is on site avenue day.
11:48 pm
the keeper caught silverado, one of the zoo's mountain lions in that nook, twitching the tail, not wanting to be out in it. the zoo had hoped to reopen this week. that would have timed out nice for tomorrow. but it's being pushed out to early february because of the constant storms. let's get back to muir woods. if you're going to muir woods tomorrow, rob mayeda? >> bundling up. a little chilly out there. other areas dealing with damaged culverts. a lot of hillsides are dealing with the rain falling. better news where that's concerned. right now 47 degrees, san francisco, golden gate bridge. more rain in san jose. 47 and let's bring you up to date on the super sized sierra snowpack.
11:49 pm
245% of average as of this date. but more importantly, that's 117% of the april 1 average. the sierra snow pack is ahead of the '82-'83 el nino year snowpack. it's been an incredible start so far. just got to maintain as we head into february and march. now let's look at the next 24 hours, another one to two feet of snow coming down. higher totals toward highway 50 and bay area rain surplus continues to grow. bay area average is right now 154% of average to 229% of average. we have already beaten the oakland seasonal rainfall totals as of just about three days ago. from here the top rain totals focus in on the south bay and santa cruz mountains. this is going to be the highest runoff pressure for area creeks and streams and rivers as we head into tomorrow. less so around the north bay. you'll want the jackets heading into the afternoon.
11:50 pm
40s to start. highs tomorrow only in the low 50s from rain at times for the morning. a chance of showers and probably isolated thundershowers in the mix as we head through the afternoon. interesting trends. still rain around solano county, contra costa county, down to san francisco and the heaviest rain now starting to set up around santa cruz mountains. as you can see up toward mt. hamilton, right now, temperatures cold enough for that. here comes that crossing surface low. that is where the focus of the peak rain at times will be through 3:00 a.m. then more scattered showers moving through the bay area during the afternoon. this will be the window of opportunity. may see some hail, brief thunder. and flood watches by tomorrow night go away. they are technically is one more chance of rain. wednesday night into thursday.
11:51 pm
storm dropping in from the north. good news for sierra snow and better news for not truly overwhelming rave. generally about a third of an inch and less. most of that falling early thursday morning. >> once we get past that, look what's headed our way as we head toward next weekend. looks like drier weather that should take us into next week and the beginning of next week. so the seven-day forecast right now trending much drier once we get to thursday afternoon as we head into friday and saturday and sunday. looks mostly dry. and that dry trend will probably hold up for about at least five days, and then we have that mystery football game next sunday. will it be the cowboys? will it be the buccaneers? we're not going to see blinding rain and gusty winds. looks like mid-50s. >> ooh, nice. >> perfect. i like that forecast. >> me too. rob, thank you. okay, meet your new ms. universe. universe. a filipino erican takeam - life is uncertain.
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well, ms. usa is now ms. universe. this is the moment. she's a fashion designer, model and sewing instructor from texas and the first filipino-american to win ms. usa. gabriel put her designing skills front and center making this cape out of plastic bottles and sustainable materials she dyed. she says it's a reminder to look at setbacks as fuel to rise. new movies out this weekend were no match for james cameron's avatar way of water. as of today, the film's domestic total sits at $562 million. 13th biggest movie of all time.
11:55 pm
globally. avatar has earned $1.8 billion. second place spot goes to universal's killing erdahl horror "m3gan", in the second weekend in theaters. >> beware of her. >> we have to wait until we can see her dancing. that's also very scary. >> in case people want to have some nightmares tonight. so m3gan's off and rock ang in second place. watch out for her. >> here she is dancing. business can happen anytime, anywhere. so help yours thrive and stay connected with the comcast business complete connectivity solution. it's the largest, fastest, reliable network. advanced gig speed wifi. and cyberthreat protection. starting at just $49.99 a month. plus, you can save up to 60% a year when you add comcast business mobile.
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rainy days are perfect for movie nights, having a cup of hot tea and going for a swim. >> mm-hm. >> one curious bear stumbled upon a pool in the home of
11:58 pm
monrovia, about 30 minutes away and decided to go for a swim. >> pouring rain didn't seem to bother the bear. the homeowner captured the bear as it swam around, looked back toward the camera, here comes a big shake. give me a shake and a shimmy. there we go. >> there you go. >> bear got away. nobody hurt, everybody had a great time. pool probably need add little skimming, get that fur out of there. >> that's it for us tonight. thanks for joining us. >> take care. have a great night and a great week. [narrator] everyone needs quality health insurance, even if you're healthy and active. covered california is a free service to help you get covered. 90% of members have received financial help. and every plan offered is comprehensive, covering preventive care, doctor visits, emergency care, and more. regardless of your income, check today to see how covered california can help you.
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(upbeat music) - [graham] this week we're in la, throwing caution to the wind with stephen glover. (flare explodes) (steve-o exclaims) better known to millions of devoted fans simply as steve-o. i wanted to document as much crazy entertaining stuff as i could. - [graham] the stunt artist and comedian became an integral part of mtv's jackass. - the very next day after it aired, my life was totally different. - [graham] and repeatedly defied death for both the show and it's spinoff movies for the next two decades. - i was under the impression that my job that day was to get bitten by an alligator. - [graham] during our 2018 interview at his hollywood hills home, we discussed glover's wildest jackass moments


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