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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 16, 2023 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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some relief from the clobbering from one storm after another in the bay area. abruptly coming to an end. >> that doesn't may not the problems are over. dirt and debris slammed into that home, forcing evacuations. >> as a result of all the rain we're getting, the reservoirs overflowing. look at this. this is the lexington reservoir in los gatos will levels surpassed 100% today. we'll get to those stories. first, let's check in with jeff ranieri. things are finally drag out. >> we will see one more chance of rain. there is more sunshine than rain coming in the seven-day forecast. so with the sat late picture, you can see most of the storm we had overnight is now moving toward the south. and look at the totals. we had 11 back to back storms in
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20 days. kentfield's total is now over 24 inches. san francisco over 16. redwood city, 14.88, the south bay ranging from four to 15 inches. that's three to five times our typical january rain for the entire month. so we're way off the mark. you can see the floodwaters tonight even though our storm is exiting because the ground is so saturated. and the creeks and rivers are still running high and fast and you may encounter street flooding where the water is trying to recede. aware seeing rainfall through the santa cruz mountains. that will keep it wet through sacks:37. as we move ahead into tomorrow, yes, there is sun in the forecast but we'll have to get over the chance of fog in the morning. i want you to watch out form.
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and the cold start. look at that. we'll have the seven-day forecast coming up in 15 minutes. thank you. somefrightening moments for an east bay family. >> their story and the story of others who are feeling the fallout from the storm. >> i've never experienced anything like this in my life. i have no idea what we'll do. >> reporter: it is a situation the long-time berkeley resident marjorie cruz never thought she would be faced with. she and her husband woke up to a nightmare outside their side door. >> he woke up and was making his coffee and he noticed it was extra dark. he looked out at the door on the side of the house and there was about four feat of mud in front of the door. that's when he realized we had a major problem. >> the mud had made its way inside the house. as the dirt moved, firefighters
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evacuated seven other houses down hill. >> the concern is the mudslide continues to grow. >> mud can be more damaging. it seem like it is slow-moving but it can cause big damage wefrlt don't want to take any risk with at least ourselves. we'll see what happens with our house. hopefully it stays safe. >> reporter: just a few miles away in the oakland hills, another muddy scene. neighbors say this hillside started sliding about 3:00 this morning. eventually, blanketing the road. the driver of this car learned the hard way. mini coopers and mud not a good mix. >> if you see a mudslide, don't try to drive around it. i did. it was a mistake. >> reporter: they're trying to figure out what to do next. >> i'm just thankful that we're alive and we survived it. and i'm thankful that no one
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else has been hurt. crews say they have to be careful to not have this hillside move any more. nbc bay area news. >> a lot of work ahead for all those crews. thank you. something we haven't seen for years is probably some excitement and a little worry. south bay reservoirs are spilling over from the constant rain and run-off. robert handa joins us from near los gatos. crowds have been gathering all day to see the water flow. >> reporter: that's true. people have been gathering and the water is certainly flowing. behind me is what people have been coming to look at. it was a little easier to see and might have been surging a bit more earlier today. but the lexington reservoir began spilling over today. the water system knew this was coming and cleared room on sunday.
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the water district is releasing about 3,200 gallons a second at this reservoir. enough to prevent overflow here and on the los gatos trail. the spillway is just as impressive here. it has been spilling over for days. people who came out to watch the water say the scenic spillway is a bitter sweet experience. >> a lot of our neighbors had to be evacuated this past week. it had been a tough time. so i hope aware done now. i hope that the snow pack takes care of the rest of the drought and we've had enough of the rain. >> reporter: we definitely heard a mix of opinions on that. the water district says at left a four reservoirs have been spilling over. but with the area's largest reservoir still out of commission for earthquake retrofitting, we're still a long way from solving our drought
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problems. live at lexington reservoir. nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, robert. let's show you some video of fort funston. you're looking at a military sick from fell from the cliff above. the rain-soaked sand caused the structure to erode. san francisco authorities tweeted out to be careful around the cliffs as they dray out. it was the first to establish a military base in the 1800s. that's why there is that military equipment out there. two families were forced out of their homes in belmont. it happened over the weekend but it is still causing problems today. the mud slide was something many in the area wanted to see for themselves. it is closed this road for three days now. it gave way on saturday. fortunately, no one was hurt.
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>> you can see the mud sliding off the wall. >> reporter: collin lives a few houses away. >> we never had this kind of slide. >> reporter: both these homes have been red-tagged temporarily until the city and jaers surveyed the area. one of the homeowners who didn't want to speak on camera wants to get back in his house and he's trying to work with the city to get there. neighbors are concerned. >> i wanted to see if the neighbors need any help. it's incredibly sad. >> reporter: others say they've never seen anything like it. there are several smaller slads in neighbors' back yards. >> this is the worst. in the 20 years i've been here, this is the worst. too much rain in too short a time. >> reporter: we talked and reached out to officials to find out the time line. they're saying it is an indefinite closure. nbc bay area news. >> all right, thank you.
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our weather coverage continues tonight at 11:00. when we're not on the air, of course, you can get the latest storm updates by downloading our free nbc bay area app. you will guess exclusive access. we'll have an update at 7:00 p.m. as well. you can keep an eye on the rain with this app before it arrives in your neighborhood. coming up, honoring the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. >> i think we must face the fact that in reality, you cannot have economic, political equality without having some form of social equality. >> his words resonating still today. we look at the way people are paying tribute to dr. king in the bay area. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. look at the boost to our
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reservoirs. we'll talk more about another rain chance this week in the seven-day forecast which has plenty of sun. right now, just how close did two airliners come to colliding on the ground? what we've learned about the stunning close call at jfk. what you should know about a what you should know about a drug many are turning t foro
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oooohhh, it is cold outside time to protect your vehichle from winters wrath of course the hot sun can be tough on vehicles too
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you need weathertech all year round! come on, protect your investment laser measured floorliners and cargoliner will shield the carpeting from sand and snow for your interior, there's seat protector and sunshade plus, mudflaps and bumpstep for the exterior order american made products at surfs up yeah, right on this day we honor the legendary civil rights leader, dr. martin luther king jr. people across the country taking time to reflect on his legacy and his words. we celebrate his birthday which was actually yesterday. >> it was april 4th marks 55 years that he was shot and killed outside his room at the lorraine hotel in memphis, tennessee. he was there. the sanitation workers, he was there for them. the night before his murder, dr.
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king spoke to the crowd in memphis saying this. >> i've seen the promise land. i may not get there with you. but i want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the promise land. >> now, this holiday is a time for all of us. all americans to reflect on dr. king's dream of that promise land of equality for everyone. at an event in as he did, president biden and reverend al sharpton, dr. king's son talked about the progress still needed to get there. >> the question becomes, have we achieved the dream? and the reality is, slatly not. we have made progress and strides but we still have a long way to go because dad wanted to eradicate what he called the triple evils of poverty, racism
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and violence. >> still so many push forward in the fight. >> caltrans and other transit agencies gave free rides to the march to honor the traditions started by dr. king's way of, coreta scott king. many felt it was important to share with it their children and grandchildren. >> when i'm gone, i want to make sure she understands our history and we will pass it down generation to generation. >> we played the to remember what he did for everybody. >> one of the most important parts of the san francisco march is a prayer before crossing the third street bridge near willy mays plaza. it commemorates the march across the bridge in ma, alabama, back in 1965. it was just days after the bloody sunday march. theett voing rights act of 1955
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was pass ad few months later largely passed due to national outrage. >> nbc bay area's reporter is in oakland with the day of remembrance and the call to action. >> reporter: from the pulpit to the streets. people are celebrating the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. in different ways. the the naacp and community leaders, their message honoring dr. king. >> let's continue to do the work dr. martin luther king did and keeping the dream alive. that's why we invited so many here. >> reporter: local activist groups antipolice terror project held a rally with community members and mothers of sons killed by police. the gram says today was about reclaiming dr. king's legacy of
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action. >> people of all colors and all nationalities together to stand against violence. >> reporter: hundreds tack to the streets. some marching, some creating caravans to city hall. while they're celebrating new progressive leadership in the city, they want to see changes. they're advocating for funding for mental health services. >> we know out the gate we've got a crisis on our hands. so this is a reminder. >> reporter: they are demanding housing solutions including for members of the unhoused community that could be ordered to leave this week. >> because of our socio check status, the level where we are, we're the bottom of the bottom of the bottom. just treat us like humans. and that's one of the things dr.
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king sought. >> reporter: activists say they hope to honor. >> we are all out here today. we say these demands on his name and on his shoulders. nbc bay area news. all right. we want the change gears. let's talk about our weather. this is looking live at one of our cameras in emeryville. you can see it there. jeff ranieri joins us. there is the vestiges of the storm. so move on out. >> yeah. keep moving. >> i don't think there's anyone that would be disappointed about the break we'll be seeing. there is another storm in the forecast but i don't think it will cause any kind of major problems as the storm could hit. we could have some residual issues with landslides but it's not looking anywhere near the rainfall we've had with our past storm systems.
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so you can see the doppler radar and the other radar combined and the storm we've had over the last 24 hours, now hitting central and southern california well the slight chance of spot ty areas of rain. we're on the downward side of this. i wanted to look back in history. san francisco is a good starting point because the records go back so far, bark to the 1800s. in january, 8.15 inches. well above the average. 4.53. now it is the 25th wettest january on ready ro. it is impressive when you see how far we've gone but there have been plenty of years when it goes even higher. back in 1862, with 24.36 inches in just one month. so that was about two inches a day in 1862. so thankfully, no numbers like that.
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but of course, we know our storms turn deadly and there is so much damage to clean up from. so with storm ranger, there is a lot of moisture in the mid levels. we are expecting to dry out. no rain expected tonight but what i want to you keep your eye on, the central vall. that's fog that we will likely see built in. a little for santa clara as we start tomorrow morning. then we get over that fog tomorrow morning, we're setting ourselves up with sunshine and it will be so nice tomorrow. make sure to layer up and have the heavy jacket. upper0s in the east bay. san francisco, afraid. and right there in the north bay, 35. day time highs tomorrow, pretty much the same in the micro climate. notice the winds. very calm.
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thats the other break we're getting after so much wind, taking down trees. it will be a lot calmer. the peninsula has 53 in daly city. the north bay, 55 here in santa rosa. the next storm system starts to get here around 2:00 on wednesday. it will move pretty quick, keeping rain wednesday night. and it is out of here on thursday's forecast. the totals, trace amounts to a half an inch. not looking at the high, high totals. after that, sunshine, coming in strong. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, great if you have any repairs you need to schedule or just for your own mental wellness. it has been a long four weeks without the sun so this will be great to get back. >> this is nice. taking a break. >> yeah. we needed it but get out of
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mt. hamilton is just east of san jose, just over 4200 feet at the peak. in pittsburg, several people had to be rescued. the creek sent water into the streets and into a low-lying neighborhood nearby. there was flooding and it triggered evacuations. first responders used boats to get grateful residents to dry ground. >> my houseas flooded so that's bad. but the ride here was good. >> she's being an optimist. the center was used as an emergency shelter for anyone who needed it. the city workers will be onsite overnight to monitor things. this has been such a pain on the roadways. after weeks of rain in the bay area, there are potholes. giant potholes everywhere. >> everywhere. >> other dangers, too. lots of bay area drivers have the damaged cars to prove it.
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scott budman drove up and down 101 to welcome for more and found out what caltrans is doing to fix them. >> reporter: dozens of cars damaged this morning on 101 along the peninsula -- because of a pothole. >> the pothole in the inside lane destroyed my left front tire. >> reporter: all along bay area freeways, we bumped over potholes caused by the heavy rain and found this body shop repairing one of the damaged cars. >> i was on the freeway and there were potholes and then, you know, both tires got flattened. >> reporter: from caltrans, he says they're working to fix what they can so you can keep driving. our sky ranger spotted this crew along 101 in san mateo finishing
6:25 pm
up a temporary fix. >> the focus is on getting roads open. that's the safest thing. when you have more routes open than traffic flowing better, emergency vehicles can get where they need to go. so that's our focus. and we'll be improving on these as the weather gets better. >> reporter: caltrans says last january, they found about 300 potholes for the whole month in this area. they say so far, this january, halfway through the month, they've already found more than 400. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. up next, we're only halfway through the first month of 2023. but we're looking ahead to summer of 2024 and the next olympic games. how is paris business can happen anytime, anywhere. so help yours thrive and stay connected with the comcast business complete connectivity solution. it's the largest, fastest, reliable network. advanced gig speed wifi.
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the 2024 summer olympics in paris seems very far away. a year and a half away. a lot of people are already getting super excited. >> nbc just unveiled its logo for the 2024 olympics with a little help from the other paris. take a look. >> the eyes of the world will be on -- >> paris.
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oh, the oer paris. >> yeah. >> so good! >> a good commercial. she's going to milk that one. yes. paris. we home to be in paris ourselves. coming up at 7:00, a neighborhood in the santa cruz mountains relying on a zip line after a bridge collapse. people are going on the zip line. i'll have that for you at 7:00. incredible. thank you so much for joining us at 6:00. "nightly news" is next. breaking news tonight. the new round of severe weather hitting storm-ravaged california. the new storm bringing more heavy rain to the state after weeks of relentless severe weather that's left at least 22 people dead.
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widespread flooding, roads buckling and washed away. the storm set to sweep across the country. we're tracking it all. also tonight the new fallout after the white house revealed the dangerous close call on the runway two passenger planes seconds from colliding. how close they came to catastrophe. you'll hear the urgent calls from air traffic control. the black boxes found after the passenger plane crash that killed at least 69 in nepal. the final moments caught on camera the search tonight for answers. the death toll growing in one of the worst russian strikes on civilians since the war in ukraine began italy's most wanted man captured. how a notorious mafia boss was found hiding in plain sight after 30 years on the run. and honoring a civil rights icon. the


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