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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 16, 2023 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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the whole thing coming down. >> it will be a long week for some neighbors in the east bay after homes are wrecked by the landslide. the new video that shows the moment the landslide struck. president biden visiting the area to see the damage himself. a wild chase spanning three counties. a ambulance stolen. where officers found the ambulance and what was missing from the rig. good evening, the badly needed break from the rain is here. we finally dry out and do some much needed cleanup. even with the rain over we solve the aftermath of all of
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the downpours. this landslide caught on camera forcing evacuations. we still had flooding in parts of pittsburgh and a closure that will last a few days. today the overflow. reservoirs at levels locals have not seen in years. we will get caught up on those stories in just a moment. the rain has stopped for now, the question is for how long. >> we are in for a break as we move through the next 24 hours as the last band from the latest system is moving to the south. look at these totals from our back-to-back storms. in 20 days, 11 storms, over 24 inches in kentfield. over 16 inches in san francisco. 3-5 times our average january rainfall. how does it stack up against history? our rain season so far in san
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francisco, 21 inches, the entire season is 21 so we will at least finish at 100% normal. coming in 2nd's 1998 and 3rd is 1862 with 38 inches. nonetheless a lot of damage and we have to stay alert through the next 36 hours. the next system is on wednesday and because the grounds are saturated so have to watch for the elevated flood concern and landslide potential. winds could still bring power outages. i will have the updated timeline in a few minutes. president biden will be in california visiting areas devastated by the storms. the president will travel to the central coast on thursday.
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he will also meet with first responders and address what additional federal support is needed. roads in berkeley hills are blocked off because of mud, trees and other brush that came sliding down. crews are working late into the night on cleanup detail. we are live in oakland hills. how is the cleanup going? >> reporter: it is a mess and part of saint andrews road is roped off and beyond it there is still a mound of dirt, mud and shrubs that workers will continue to clear out. it happened suddenly. large trees and the ground beneath them gave way monday morning sliding several feet down saint andrews road.
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nicholas and his fiancie were out setting up cones to block the road which was already a mess from this earlier's landslide on saturday. >> while we were setting up the cones the rest of the hill slide came down. trees were going and we were worried it would take out power lines. >> reporter: fortunately homes and power lines were spared. in berkeley hills it was a different story. marjorie said her husband woke up to find a mountain of dirt bursting into their newly remodeled home. >> he noticed it was extra dark and he looked out at the door on the side of the house and there was four feet of mud in front of the door and that is when he realized that we had a major problem. >> reporter: tonight the house is red tagged, and the couple is staying with neighbors, unsure on when they can return. workers were out past sundown
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scooping out el dorado street. it has been closed to traffic. earlier this mini cooper had to be dug out. >> if you see a mudslide, drive away. >> reporter: residents that live near this mudslide, tell me that crews from pg&e and the city have been quick and responsive on getting this area started on cleanup. recovery will likely last several days. the peninsula is dealing with similar issues, part of a hillside gave way forcing people out of homes. the landslide started its dissent saturday and it is blocking san juan boulevard road. both homes are now red tagged temporarily until engineers surveyed the area.
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>> in the 20 years i have been here this is the worst. too much rain into short of a time. >> reporter: the road closure is indefinite. in pittsburgh residents need to be rescued from flooded streets. 12 houses along harbor and a apartment complex flooded. first responders had to use votes to get the residents to dry ground. the water is now receiving harbor street remains closed from stoneman to yosemite and they say that will happen at least through wednesday. tonight we are getting a handle on how much the storms have cost people in the east bay area. one man tells us he lost everything to a wall of water.
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>> three feet of water came rushing in so i got my cat carrier out of the car. >> reporter: looking at these photos of the mud inside of his apartments, don is understanding how much he lost two floodwaters on new year's eve and he returned to get his cat, it was almost too late. >> there was five feet of water right there. i could not get back in the house. my other roommate barely got out. that was the last time we were in there. >> reporter: as you look at the devastation, keep in mind he did not have renters insurance. he said he was having a tough enough time making rent and paying bills. >> 25,000 in baseball cards alone. everything i had, clothes, car keys and phone, i am starting over. >> reporter: for now martin lives with friends and he hopes to get a job soon.
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one thing he has not lost is hope. >> i will put this behind me and hopefully get something to help me move forward. i cannot just quit. all of this rain has reservoirs overflowing. what you are looking at is the lexington reservoir. the water has been flowing down the spillway. it is such a site crowds have been gathering all day at the nearby trail to watch the water stream out. >> looking at the reservoir, typically, there is feet and feet of rock at the edge. to see it full is amazing. >> reporter: santa clarita valley water is releasing water to make sure they do not lose coyote creek to flood. that does not mean we have a surplus of water. the rain will only make eight dent in the drought.
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>> it feels like it must be over with all of this rain but what we really need is a metered out train of these coming every few weeks over the course of the theoretical wet season which will last until the end of march. >> she went on to say it will take years to get out of the impacts of the drought like wells running dry. developing at this hour, somebody stole a ambulance leading police on a chase through san mateo. happening earlier this evening at 47th and urban thing. paramedics were loading a patient into the ambulance when it was stolen. chp was able to track it using a gps system. they followed the ambulance to oakland. it was officially located with no tires. nobody was hurt.
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ahead, the potholes are no joke. drivers are facing high prices to fix damaged onto cars. we will have tips to get the costs covered. a zip line becomes a lifeline for people
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the search is on to find a driver that hit and killed a east bay teenager and then took off. the 19-year-old was reported missing from pittsburgh on new year's day. his body was discovered six days later along highway 4. investigators believe he was hit by a car. they think it is possibly a dark-colored sedan with damage to the right front side. his family says they do not believe the body was there long because it was found in a area
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that had been searched before. if you know anything you are asked to call chp. jury selection begins tomorrow and tesla's stock trial. elon musk asked a federal judge to move it to west texas arguing that they area jurors would be biased but the judge denied the request. elon musk and other board members are facing a lawsuit claiming that he manipulated the stock in 2018 when he tweeted that he was considering taking tesla private at 420 a share. teslas stock trading halted and then the stock was volatile for weeks. potholes are unnerving and some are huge. big enough to cause serious damage to the car. that is what happened earlier today on the 101. dozens of drivers forced to pull off to the side of the
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road with flat tires. later in the day the sky ranger was spotted. crews filling the holes in the area. they say they are trying to work as fast as they can. >> we are sending maintenance teams out there to try to keep the freeways open. >> i hit a pothole and it destroyed my left tire. >> last january crews fixed about 300 potholes. so far this year only halfway through january they have found more than 400 potholes. what happens if a pothole damages your car? it can get expensive fast. a consumer investigator has options to get reimbursed for repairs and get you back on the road. >> reporter: one quick drop into a pothole can cause damage. an average of $600 worth according to aaa.
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first, car insurance pays, the insurance information institute says pothole damages usually covered. progressive tells policyholders , immediately after the incident take photos of the pothole, the surrounding area and your vehicle. note the location and the time of day and weather conditions. then file a claim. if it is unsafe to snap a photo, that the insurance company know. car insurance covers pothole damage to things like tires, rims, steering, alignment and body. your deductible will apply. you may be able to get that back. if you have minor damage, like 1-200, insurance may not kick in. progressive says in many instances it does not make sense to file a claim. all of these drivers hit the
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scene pothole on 101, caltrans maintains it so they can all file a claim with caltrans to get paid in full or reimbursed. last year the mercury news reported caltrans only paid out 1-10 claims. download the form from the website, it is 2 pages long and has basic fields to fill out what happened. they want to know the exact location of the pothole and the time of the incident. the form also asks how much the damage cost, caltrans wants to dig written estimates or one paid receipt. do not leave it blank. if you do they will deem it incomplete and return it without action. when you are done you sign it and mail it to your local district.
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for the bay area that is district 4, your deadline to file a claim is six months after the incident. tonight more information about that creative idea from a man on santa cruz mountain. this is in the small community. the bridge connecting the neighborhood to the main road was washed out, there'll set up a zip line over new year's weekend when he suspected the bridge make go out. he said seven households would have been stranded if not for the zip line. we spoke to him today about how they are ferrying back and forth for weeks. >> those that use it can get in and out and those that do not use it we bring the supplies to them. >> they are doing a lot of supplies that way. as the weather brought snow to the bay area, mount diablo
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in the east bay, you can see the pockets of snow, in the south bay, mount hamilton is a winter wonderland. leaving a decent amount of fresh powder. ev the icy road sign was iced over. we sell the sunshine come out so we do not anticipate snow like this anymore. >> not through tomorrow, we are looking at a dry forecast. you will see the latest storm system has moved to the south but as i have been telling you, there is another storm in the pacific. as we get you a closer view of the bay area, even though there is no rain in the forecast tomorrow we have a flood watch for areas around the bay and near the coast. through high tide tomorrow. we could see flooding in the low-lying areas due to the high
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tide. of course we will have coverage tomorrow. let's move it into the microclimate forecast. the other thing i want you to be on the lookout for, is the chance for fog. we have had so much rainfall recently, you get cold temperatures and that condenses moisture left over in the atmosphere. what we are looking at is a chance for thick fog in the central valley and some of it could bubble up towards us here. also down towards santa clara. otherwise after that we are on the way to some sunshine tomorrow. we did get a little bit of it today but it does look like increased sunshine tomorrow and we deserve it. a much needed break for tomorrow's forecast. as we started off have to have your jacket, it is going to be downright cold. look at these numbers. 36 in the tri-valley. also 37 at east bay.
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43 in san francisco and in north bay at 35. daytime highs warm-up a bit tomorrow but overall a cold day with numbers in the mid-50s across the bay area. tomorrow i do not see strong wind. it looks light. only 5-10 miles per hour. we will see the chance for showers by 2 pm on wednesday. it will pick up in intensity. heavy pockets by 6 pm. this storm system is moving a lot faster than any storm we have had over the past couple of weeks and there looks to be no atmospheric river tying into it. we will get in on heavy downpours but it does not look like it will linger nearly as long. 6 pm on wednesday and rain over the north bay. east bay by 730. then it kicks out after that. rainfall totals trace amounts to a half an inch.
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should be able to get to that but we may still have power issues and landslides because the ground is saturated. sunshine coming back thursday, through sunday. monday's forecast as well. we get over wednesday and we are good for quite some time. february could have active weather but let's enjoy the break coming our way. >> if we could have a sustained break we can deal with some of the emergencies we are dealing with. a return to full celebrations after years of a pandemic. we will show you how the bay area celebrated the legacy of doctor king. happening now a big push to get sheltered dogs adopted has worked. after a five-day adoption event- 90 dogs have new homes. oakland animal services say they were beyond capacityand
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it is one of the most famous speeches in american history. it resonated across the nation today as people everywhere reflected on doctor king's legacy and celebrated his birthday. this april 4 marks 55 years since doctor king was shot and killed on a motel balcony in memphis. the night before his murder he made that iconic speech to a crowd of sanitation workers on strike. the martin luther king jr. freedom ride in march returned today. they gave free ride to the march to honor a tradition started by doctor king's wife. many say it is still important to bring their children and grandchildren.
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>> when i am gone i need to make sure she understands our history. >> we need to remember the past and remember to go forward and realize what doctor king did for everybody. >> one of the most important parts is a prayer before crossing the 3rd street bridge. it commemorates the march across the bridge in alabama in 1965. hundreds of people marched in oakland as well led by a local activist group. members of the homeless incumbents and relatives of people killed by police. they marched from the shoreline park to the plaza in front of city hall. they said today was about reclaiming doctor king's legacy of action. >> king was a militant. he put his body on the line for
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the world he believed in and ultimately he was murdered. because he was fighting for the world we are all fighting for today. we uphold his radical legacy. we stand on his shoulders. >> the anti-police project has a 10 point list of demands for change including housing for an sheltered and no new funding for police. for police. > we know wh>>o
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the matchup is set. we now know who the 49ers are hosting this weekend. prescott and the cowboys demolished the buccaneers shutting them out in the 1st half. prescott finishes with 5 touchdowns. the final is 31-14. shutting the door on another super bowl for tom brady. there is already speculation on whether he will retire for real this time or if he thinks he has another season in him. that means that cowboys are facing a 49ers team that is hot
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and on a roll. 11 victories in a row including a blowout victory against the seahawks over the weekend. the matchup against the cowboys rekindles a old rivalry from the 80s and 90s. that is going to be awesome. the sharks lose a tough one in san jose, they took on the devils. check out this goal from center nick. flicking it to the net to take the lead in the 3rd. the sharks go on to lose in overtime. the warriors are in the nation's capital and tomorrow they are visiting the white house. first they had to take care of business. the warriors taking on the wizards at capital one today. both teams got to meet with martin at the kings family in honor of mlk day. that is mlk the 3rd in the middle holding the jersey. game time the warriors started heating up in the 4th. check out carry dancing around 2 defenders. the lead and then a few plays later jordan makes this pass to
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while most of us are trying to stay out of the rain 2 friends could not get enough of it. check out the raccoons. they are just splashing. it may look like they are playing around but researchers tell us they are getting ready to eat. wedding their paws help their sensory nerves letting the raccoons identify if something is food or not. that will do it for us. enjoy the sunshine, we will see you again. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."t
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