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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 17, 2023 4:30am-5:01am PST

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right now at 4:30, costly damage from the latest storm. mud slides leave multiple homes damaged or destroyed in the east bay. ahead, the areas authorities are now asking people to avoid and the first details on president biden's planned visit to storm-damaged california. >> this is why it's so important we get the word across because there are treatment options, but we have to capture it early. moving you forward on the impact from long covid. the steps you can take to help lessen the potential damage on your lungs especially for those already battling underlying health issues.
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this is "today in the bay" streaming live on roku, amazon fire tv, apple tv and online. ro a good tuesday morning to you. thank you for allowing us to be a part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we'll check in with mike and see how things are going on dry roads this morning. yep, dry roads. >> it is nice to have a break. we will see some sunshine today with chilly temperatures but a wide view to show you what is happening as we see the atmospheric river well to the south of us and then we'll see one more system come in as we head into the afternoon. kind of chilly as we only make it up to 56 degrees. 54 in morgan hill and temperatures in the mid-50s, walnut creek hitting 55 and 54 in oakland. san francisco will see some mid-50s today. our north bay temperatures reaching 55 in santa rosa and 52
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in clear lake. we are also going to have at times frosty conditions. how much rain is coming our way. >> we're all getting caught up from all that rain we've had and all the changes we've had. saturday lanes blocked north 880 dixon landing road. i saw the alerts on the updates but then with we get out there we talked to chp, no, we did actually clear the lanes overnight. there are cones on the shoulder. a smooth drive heading north toward mission off 237 out of milpitas. that's just seconds ago. it will be changed the next few minutes because we call caltrans and chp to notify them, oh, sorry. we have to change the signs. over here no change. highway 84 still blocked because of the slide through niles canyon.
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680 and mission are your alternates. we are looking at a build out of the altamont pass. folks compaq online for work. highway 37 is open. that will slow you down for the morning commute so we'll track over to novato via 37. back to you. new details emerging about president biden's upcoming visit to california when he'll get a look at the damage from more than two weeks of storms. the white house made the announcement last night. the president will visit the central coast on thursday. the president plans to meet with first responders to get a better handle on recovery effort and the kind of federal supported needed. countless storm victims are facing disruptions they never could have imagined just a few weeks ago that includes dan martin in castro valley. he says he and his roommate had just enough time to get out
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through a window with their dog. the amount of mud that filled that apartment. he says he lost everything and has no flood insurance. >> at least $25,000 in baseball cards alone, my hot wheels collection, my clothes, my car keys, my phone, everything. i'm starting all over again. >> he says he fled his apartment that night and has not been back since but remains hopeful with plans to put his recent misery quickly in the past. >> it's a similar story for two families on the peninsula whose homes are now red tagged. the hillway started to give way in belmont. the road leading into their neighborhood is also closed. many who live there are shocked saying they've never been through anything like this. >> this is the worst. this is the worst. too much rain in too short of time. >> no one was injured in that flood. the city calls the road closure
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indefinite. evacuations in effect in the berkeley hills. five homes red tagged on wildcat canyon and middle field roads. neighbors woke up to huge amounts of mud and debris moving into their backyard which in some cases started pushing into their houses. take a look at that. hours later firefighters say the ground was still moving. >> mud can be more damaging. it seems at first it's slow moving, right, but can cause really big damage. we don't want to take any risks with at least ourselves. hopefully it stays safe and everybody stays safe. >> people are advised to avoid the area until that slide is cleared. big cleanup there. as a reminder as we track more light rain tomorrow when you're not home you can watch us on the go. we stream online and on our app. you can find us on roku and apple tv. it is all free to download and stream.
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the one thing that has not washed away despite wet weather is covid-19. there are still thousands of new infections across the u.s. every single day and despite weakening variants and getting it can be deadly especially for those already suffering from chronic lung issues. joining me to talk more about this is allergist and immunologist, dr. moore. i want to talk about the damaging impact that a lot of people are suffering from lung issues could deal with if they get covid. >> first of all, thank you for having me. one thing we know is we really want to get across 40% of people who are hospitalized with covid-19 and suffer complications are people with chronic lung disease. people with asthma, people with cystic fibrosis, emphysema or copd, people with pulmonary
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hypertension. this is why it's so important we get the word across because there are treatment options but we have to capture it early. >> a lot of health leaders are telling people to get vaccinated, get boosted. for some people infections are still happening. what are some of the questions people should be asking especially those with lung issues, what should they be asking their doctors when it comes to covid-19? >> as soon as they get a diagnosis of covid-19, i want them to talk to their primary health care provider, their specialist, and tell them they tested positive so they get on therapy that helps to decrease hospitalization and mortality which will be so important. especially when we talk complications of covid-19 in the lungs which can be pneumonia t. can be respiratory failures, too. the small and big airways happens.
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>> we covered so much during our interview. you can watch the entire segment on nbc bay area streaming app. you can download it from your roku, amazon fire or apple tv. hope is dimming for a bright future. up next on "today in the bay," shrinking confidence about our global economic outlook and its impact on families. plus, a new look coming to the netflix app. a big boost for watchers on the go. it's 4:38. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good tuesday morning, 4:41. we get ready to head out and leave the umbrella at home but you're also picking up a heavier coat because it is very chilly out there. we're at 40 degrees. a cool morning and we'll see sunshine. the next round of rain in our forecast coming up in a few minutes. well, enjoy right now. frmont moving nicely. just north of tesla approaching the area we had that flooding, actually since saturday, blocking right lanes. we sarted things out with chp and they'll sort it out with the caltrans signs.
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we'll sort out more signs and check on wall street with silvana. good morning, mike, thank you. i'm silvana henao from cnbc. wall street is set to open lower as investors try to build on momentum early on in 2023. they are also looking ahead to earnings season and comments from companies about the odds of a recession. markets are coming off a positive first week of the year with the nasdaq leading the way up nearly 6% as investors buy key stocks. the 500 is up. in focus today earnings from goldman sachs, morgan stanley and united airlines. people are more gloomy about their economics and trust businesses far more than government, nonprofits and the media. those are the main findings of a survey from edelman released to coincide with the world economic forum in davos, switzerland, this week. the survey shows fewer believe
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their families will be better off in five years. the trust barometer says 62% of businesses as both competent and ethical comparing with 59% for nongovernment agencies, 51% for government, and 50% for the media. netflix is rolling out an upgraded interface for the iphone version of the app. now it features more fluid animations including effects to move elements around as a using moves their phone. when you open the app a big card promoting a movie or series. it's easier to filter by category, switch between profiles and search no matter what part of the app you're currently browsing, guys. sounds fun. i like to see my screen kind of move around as i move my phone. >> it sounds like saturday morning. >> i don't know. >> the kids will get you out of bed.
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>> got to make pancakes. thanks, silvana. next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> reporter: potholes are doing damage to cars everywhere. i'm investigative reporter chris chmura. two ways you might get two ways you might get
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or an allergic reaction, and don't take it if you're on dialysis. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. a once-daily pill that goes beyond lowering a1c? we're on it. we're on it. we're on it with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. thanks for sticking around. 4:46 right now. you're watching "today in the bay." within the past few weeks we've probably seen a lot of people just trying to stay out of the
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rain, right. check these two raccoons out on this ring cam in willow glen yesterday morning. they look like they're playing but, no, they're getting ready to eat. wet paws help them better identify what is and is not food. >> really? >> the more you know. >> raccoons would wash their hands before dinner. >> do they have bad eyes? is that why? >> they have those masks on. >> the things you see on ring that you normally wouldn't. the storm drains were filled. they had nowhere to go. we are going to see a little bit more rain coming our way. today is our chance to dry things out. you know what, we were so busy, we had a 11 storms in 20 days. take a look at how much rain fell in kentfield.
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in the north bay over 24 inches of rain during that time. danville had over 19 1/2 inches of rainfall and san francisco measuring over 16 inches of rain. redwood city over 14 inches and the south bay had anywhere from 4 to 15 inches of rain, all of that was about three to five times our average january rainfall. and now we are getting a chance to not have to use those windshield wipers unless the car in front of you kicks up water and then you have to turn them on. looking at sunshine today. temperatures remaining cool. in the 40s this morning so it will be a chilly start. as we go into today we'll reach up to 55 degrees in gilroy and 55 in cupertino. east bay temperatures reaching 55 in haywood as well as walnut creek and then for san mateo
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we're reaching 55. temperatures are much cooler and 56 degrees today and 55 in napa. very cool today but will get even colder tonight. take a look at these temperatures and where we'll start tomorrow morning. 37 in scotts valley. 41 in oakland. napa down to 36 degrees. so be prepared for more chilly mornings like that. we've been talking about one more round of rain. 2:00 to 3:00 will be spreading through and heavier as we go out later in the afternoon and then into wednesday evening we're starting to see that moving through san francisco and through the peninsula and parts of the east bay. most of us getting a tent to a quarter inch of rain but maybe as high as half an inch.
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another 5 to 10 inches of snow. beyond that we do see the weather pattern changing. no more rain so a lot of sunshine. those mornings will be cold and even freezing. those mornings starting out in the lower 40s. mike, you're seeing lots of change in the traffic world. clarifying what's going on out there, looking at the bay bridge. we can see a clear drive, a little moisture on the asphalt. there may be spots the water is kicking up. conditions are much better than yesterday.
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pete suratos talking about the slide and trees down. the bay bridge toll plaza we showed you how clear that was. highway 37 still blocked. right now there's no backup. one closure off 128. keep that in mind for the local traffic flow. speeds are moving nicely. 92 open for traffic control. we'll talk about that more coming up. back to you. blame it on the recent rain we've had but potholes are appearing all around the bay area. >> if one damages your car, investigative reporter chris chmura has options to get reimbursed for those repairs. >> reporter: one quick drop in a pothole can cause a lot of damage. who pays?
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two ways. first, car insurance. the insurance information institute says pothole damage is usually covered provided you have collision coverage. your deductible will apply. and that's usually $500 to $1,000. but you might be able to get that back. if you have minor damage, say $100 or $200 worth, your insurance might not kick in. progressive says in many instances it doesn't make sense to file a claim. one thing that might make sense is seeking reimbursement from the agency that maintains the road. all these drivers hit the same pothole on 101. caltrans maintains 101 so they could theoretically all file a claim with caltrans to get paid in full or reimbursed their deductible. download form ld-0274 from the caltrans website. it's only two pages long and basic fields to fill out what happened where and when. it asks you how much the pothole damage cost you. this is important. caltrans wants either two written estimates or one paid
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receipt. when done with the form, sign it and mail it. for the bay area that's district four. don't wait. your deadline to file a claim is six months after the incident. 4:52 right now. one bay area teen stepping up to help others cope with mental struggles. >> it's important you meet someone that's like you so you can help each other through hard times. >> the positive changes she hopes to bring to kids across the country whose families have been affected by cancer. and happening now, mountain view is working to help try to keep those people in their homes. everyone in the bay area who is trying to make it in the bay. a month long discussion aimed at keeping people in their homes. mountain view is one of several bay area cities building new developments increasing the need of more housing.
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finding alternative places to live. the first of two discussions takes place tomorrow afternoon and focuses on property owners and nonprofit developers.
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4:56. an east bay girl scout who lost her parent to cancer is going above and beyond to help families in similar predicaments. she lost her mother in 2022 after a five-year battle with colon cancer. not only was it emotionally devastating but she spent about $2,000 of her own money and created a club for young people whose parents have long-term
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cancer. boucher says that group is often ignored. >> there's a lot of support during the first year of diagnosis. the support disappears for those kids, and it's hard for them. my group addresses the need that support needs to go on after multiple years. >> the club provides kids with activities, resources and time to meet with a therapist. she says it's a good place to meet others in the same situation. happening tonight nbc will be saying farewell to "new amsterdam." the series will conclude after five years on the network with two-hour season finale. creators there say it's the perfect ending, but they say some of the actors may be hard to absorb. >> i don't know what's wrong with me. i feel like i'm going back to work next week.
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it's not happening, is it? when i see the series finale, it will feel done. >> you can watch the conclusion here on nbc bay area tonight at 9:00 p.m. right after nbc's new hit series "night court" which begins at 8:00 p.m. and stick around for nbc bay area news at 11:00. icy conditions in the sierra continue. ahead, meteorologist kari hall checking how much fresh powder has fallen and tracking the return of more rain this week. stay with us. stay with us.
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right now at 5:00, the latest bay area storm leaving a muddy mess in some neighborhoods and roads closed. ahead, a live report, an up close look at the damage from one east bay mudslide and why some fear the threat is far from over. plus -- this is another example of a two-tier system of justice in america and one reason republicans are so outraged over this whole process. >> new fallout over president biden's handling of classified documents. we're live in washington with growing calls for an investigation and how president biden is reacting to the backlash. this is "today in the bay" streaming live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. good tuesday morning. it's 5:00. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we'll get a look at the roads coming up. firstet


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