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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 17, 2023 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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doggies. >> i had no idea. i'm a dog owner. i have three german shepherds. i pulled my own crates from my home as did the neighbors. >> reporter: the woman said she was at work when the fire broke out. a tenant was the only one home. she said all but six were temporarily staying there. >> they are from a breeder friend. he had parvo at his house and asked me to keep them. >> but neighbors say they don't believe it. >> these dogs have been here a long time. i've lived here five years and we are friends with all our neighbors. every time you hear all the noise, the constant barking. yeah. it's been going on a long time. >> reporter: tonight all 70 dogs are safe. neighbors say it is a rescue operation they'll never forget. >> it's heart-breaking. i keep going over there. they're shaking and scared. i'm telling them it's okay. they're thirsty.
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they seem well fed but they're scared. >> reporter: animal services says the breeder who owns the dogs will pick them up sometime this evening. in martinez. jodi hernandez. a commute for more than 200 passengers today, a mudslide stopped the train in its tracks for more than four hours. the tree crashed down near the last few cars. luckily no one was hurt but passengers heading to fremont in san jose were startled, some a little scared, seeing mud and debris pile up against the train. >> we were going through the canyon. there was reduced speed. we hit a bump and the train jittered and came to a stop and they said we hit a tree. and there were a bunch of landslides, dirt and stuff that came down with it. >> a spokesperson said union pacific gave the green light to travel through niles canyon even though it is closed off to cars and two other trains had already safely made the trip earlier.
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the slide happened about 8:20 this morning. it stranded customers for about an hour and it stopped traffic on 680 for hours, too. they ended up consolidating the riders and hooked it up to another train that then pulled everybody back to pleasanton. the passenger then jumped on to buses to get to their various destinations. another train caused delay. crews are fixing the crossing arms around the city and they received reports that some of them were malfunctioning. police say to proceed with caution at railroad crossings. don't stop on the tracks no matter what. no word on when these repairs will be completed. a break in the rain meant a chance to assess storm damage and make repairs. many are sitting and waiting as contractors are flooded with phone calls. damian trujillo is in front of a hardware store with a closer look. >> reporter: homeowners have been flocking to their local
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hardware stores to make their own minor repairs. and with the blue skies, they know they only have a few days before the next possible storm arrives. this could be heard across silicon valley today. roofers fixing what mother nature caused the last few days. >>. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: he is with above all roofing. he says the company phone has been nonstop since the storms began. today's break in the weather allows them to make permanent repairs instead of emergency work to stop the leaking. at this home depot on capital expressaway, the parking lot was filled with crews and materials to repair fallen fences. this team with j.t. fencing said it has two job sites today.
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one right after the other. one of those jobs is not at mary lou christina's home. her back fence came down a second time over the weekend. she's gotten two estimates so far but now she has to wait. >> both of them think we need to wait until the ground dries a little bit before they start pouring cement down there to make sure it's more stable. >> reporter: hardware stores report that they've been selling out on fans and humidifiers as homeowners try to air out their homes that may have been flooded. at this as i hardware store in san jose, they say it is the plants and flowers that are selling out. people taking advantage to do some gardening. expect to see more crews hammering away, tackling all the repairs. >> lots of people cleaning up from that previous storm as you can see. let's bring in our chief meteorologist. today was the day, i got my
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gutters cleaned because we had the break. there is more rain coming but it's not a storm storm. >> this will bring some heavy down pours but nothing compared to what we've been through in the last three and a half weeks. in case you were stuck in the office all day long, look at our live camera view. sunshine all across the bay area. hopefully you got at least a little glimpse of that. our best chance of rain is a couple hundred miles with the cold front. that will be getting here eventually. overall for tomorrow, we're starting out cold. 30s and 40s with areas of fog. by tomorrow night, the rain returns. we'll still keep the elevated flood return. land slide potential. the rivers will be running fast and wind gusts 15 to 40 could bring more power outages. sierra snow, six to 11 inches. i'll have the hourly forecast
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and the totals, plus what i'm seeing in the long-range forecast. that's coming up in about 12 minutes. >> see you soon. thank you. president biden is facing growing pressure following the additional skfry of classified documents in his delaware home. he ignored questions during this morning's meeting with the dutch prime minister. alice barr has the latest from washington. >> reporter: the questions are growing louder. president biden's silence, pro pronounced. >> when it comes to legal issues, it is very clear that we are not going to politically interfere. >> reporter: as republicans press for answers about classified documents from mr. biden's time as vice president found at his home and former private office -- >> prior to an election, they kept it secret. at no time did he get raided by the fbi. >> reporter: house republicans opening investigations and demanding visitor logs from the president's delaware home,
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citing national security concerns. >> a lot of people came over there. >> reporter: the secret service says it performs background collection on visitors but does not maintain logs at a president's personal residence. sources tell nbc news, president biden is frustrated with the administration's failure to draw a contrast between his team turning over uncovered classified documents and former president trump's refusal to do the same, leading to the fbi's search of mar-a-lago. still, republicans object to leaving the search of president biden's home to his personal attorneys who do not have security clearances. and many are questioning how the documents made it out of secure areas to begin with. >> the reality is these documents are well marked and that's why. >> reporter: and the white house saying while it cannot answer every question publicly, it is
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fully cooperating with the investigation. the white house press described the tension between trying to make information public while respecting an ongoing investigation. also, accusing republicans of fake outrage, though promising to respond to congressional inquiries in good faith. alice barr, nbc news. the warriors were at the white house celebrating their 2022 championship. head coach steve kerr revealed he took part in a roundtable discussion with two players, klay thompson and moses moody, and top white house officials to discuss gun violence prevention. >> we learned a lot about what this administration is doing to create a safer environment in our country. something very close to my heart. and it's wonderful for me to learn a lot more than i knew. so coming in today, it's a great
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day on many fronts. >> coming up later, at 5:55, we'll have more on the white house visit. our white house insider wraps up with unique reaction from draymond green. still to come, apple unveiling new versions of its mac book. when you drive a school bus for more than 50 years, you come across a lot of students. one driver has developed a special bond with a student unlike any other. garvin thomas has that story. and the latest on that rain for tomorrow. what i'm seeing in that ing-range forecast
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or, ask how to get up to a $750 prepaid card. complete connectivity. one solution, for wherever business takes you. comcast business. powering possibilities. apple is upgrading its mac book computers. people will get two different kinds of chips. they are the most powerful processors apple has ever made for its mac book. they make the battery last longer. they will be available at the end of the month. the financial services company robinhood is launching a new media brand. they announced they are creating
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sherwood media. it will report on news about business and technology. robinhood is hoping sherwood media would create more job for writers and editors. a wild day on wall street. the dow jones finished the day down nearly 400 points. this comes on the heels of back to back winning weeks at the start of the year. many banks are reporting their earnings and many fear the possibility of a recession. today, sachs sach posted the largest earnings mix. they are down more than 6% on the news. charles schwab, proctor and gamble were listed. driving a school bus is not an easy job. i can tell you right now, we wouldn't last a day. >> no, we wouldn't. what can you say about a woman who has been driving a school bus for more than 50 years? students, parents, her bosses singh her praises after all this time. >> when it come to services for
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children with special needs, we think of doctors, therapists and teachers. what about the bus driver? for people in san francisco, they know how good a good one can be and they've had a great one. >> reporter: over the last 50 years, the streets of san francisco may have gotten meaner. >> lots more traffic, trouble ever double parked. they don't want to let you over. >> reporter: but the woman navigating them, she surely hasn't. kindness has always been along for the ride. >> you know, it doesn't hurt. >> reporter: it was way back in 1971 when shirley answered a help wanted ad for school bus drivers. she drove the big buses at first. but shirley soon found her calling driving special needs students. the bonds formed on their daily drive.
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often extending off the bus. >> i've had children where i've brought food for the family. during the holidays, the turkey and all the other stuff. i've been to funerals. >> reporter: the latest in her long line of special relationships is with a 9-year-old named sparkle. >> good afternoon, miss sparkle, how are you doing, darling? >> reporter: shirley always going the extra mile for her. even when at times, that means going nowhere at all. sparkle's mom marie remembers the day shirley called her cell phone because sparkle's key wasn't working and she couldn't get into their home. >> she actually waited until i came home to make sure sparkle got into the house. >> it didn't hurt and nobody else was on the bus. why not? >> reporter: it's the kind of thing that will make a parent eternally grateful and the kind of thing that led her employer,
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zum, the transportation provider for san francisco schools torsion give her an award last year for her decades long dedication to students. >> did you have a good day at school today? >> reporter: though shirley says she isn't sure what all the fuss is about. she's been doing her job the only way she knows how. now, driving for 50 plus years, you can imagine she's driven multiple generations of the same family. in fact, when she first started driving sparkle, her mom marie recognized her as the school bus driver from when she was going to school. >> no way! >> i don't know if you could tell in the interview. obviously, i want to get shirley to sing her praises a little bit. she was not having it. why do you -- i'm just doing my job! >> it's how you live your life. >> that's what makes her so special. >> she doesn't think she's doing anything out of the ordinary. amazing! >> shirley, you're the best. >> you are! >> we love you, shirley.
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>> exactly. okay. we love this weather. we need the sunshine and we got it. >> so nice. even for a little bit today. if you didn't have a lot of time, but you were out for a couple minutes. just that mood booster, right? helping us out. the most sunshine we have experienced. today, it's been about three and a half weeks since we have seen skies this blue. so i know everybody is soaking it up. yes, there is another storm on the way. this will be different. if you're going anywhere to get anything done, the winds south southwest. layering up across the bay and make sure you have the heavier jackets. we'll begin to see the changes as soon as tomorrow morning. cloud cover begins to return
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with that next storm. so you can see, we'll be starting off again down here in the 30s. 37 in the tri-valley. a few other spots would be the east bay at 37 and 36 right there in the north bay. we start with the jacket. no need for the umbrella just yet. then tomorrow night, i see that chance of rain returning. so i think through the bulk of the day tomorrow, we're okay if you have to get stuff done before the next round of rain gets here. 52 in santa rosa. and we've had so many back to back storms, it really helps to level out the temperatures. how about that next chance of rain? i can tell you, this is a lot different than what we've underwent over the past three and a half weeks. the first thing is this is going to move a lot faster. it will limit our rainfall totals. the second most important thing
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is i don't see any way, anyhow an atmospheric river will tap into this. so you see at 3:30 tomorrow, we get some rain toward guerneville. it will bring some heavier downpours. it may take down more trees and power outages but watch how quick it will move down the peninsula in the east bay. by 7:30, it is already kicking out of the north bay. and then for the south bay, it will hit us at 9:30 tomorrow night. and then we should see an exit by 11:30 tomorrow evening. so right now, this looks like a few hours of an event duration instead of a couple of days like we've been used to. and you can see the radar totals. a will the less for the south bay, toward the north bay, a
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quarter to a half inch of rain. wind gusts 40 to 50 miles an hour as this kicks in tomorrow evening. the winds will calm down by thursday morning. all right. a lot of questions about what is happening beyond this. i did want to show you this weekend into next week. high pressure brings that much needed dry air. and i'm calling for a 65% chance the first and second week of february brings the return of more rain. la nina also fading as we head into spring. so it could help us out with the extreme weather and try to level us out, back to close to normal. you can see in the seven-day forecast in san francisco. we get dry weather back, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. we'll be watching out for king tides, and also, sunshine! >> i don't recognize it. those golden circles. what are those? >> for that many days in a row. >> golden circles. what are those? >> what are those?
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if you switch to cabenuva, attend all treatment appointments. ready to treat your hiv in a different way? ask your doctor about every-other-month cabenuva. every other month, and i'm good to go. the search is on for a man who tried to kidnap a coffee barista during the morning rush hour. it happened early yesterday in washington state in the city of auburn just outside of tacoma. police released the video. you can see the suspect trying to pull the barista out of the drive-through window. he even put something around her neck.
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fortunately, the barista pull away and he drove away leaving the money on the pavement. and a deadly missile attacks at the hands of russian forces. it hit an apartment block in dnipro, killing five children and injuring dozens more. the attack, the deadliest for civilians since the start of the three-month russian missile bombardment campaign. it was last july and fought ukraine. he said he left after seeing killings and mistreatment at the hands of that military force. the former commander crossed the snowy border into norway thursday night, evading patrol gunshots and barb wire fences. the regional police say they plan to question medvedev.
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get ready. the material girl is making her way to the bay area this year. >> madonna will take the stage this fall, october 4th. the tour is called celebration tour. it will include four decades of the greatest hits like vogue, material girl, of course. you can start buying tickets this friday at 10:00 in the morning. madonna, if you've been living under a rock, is the best touring female artist of all time. >> the great hits tour? >> i want to go to that. >> so many. it will be a long concert. >> do we always have to call her madonna? never by her full name? >> her real name is madonna. >> i want to go to that. >> don't forget, you can watch us live. >> a lot of people are smiling. the sun is out today, giving us an opportunity just to clean up
5:29 pm
yet again. in the east bay, serious damage control from all the landslides. and san jose is narrowing its list of candidates to fill two vacant city council seats. the steps that will be taken over the next week to help determine the city's future. the news at 5:30 starts right now. thank you for joining us. >> we deserve some sunshine here and it is coming to us in a big way. the break in the rain means a lot of people can deal with their weather damage. many neighborhoods in the east bay are cleaning up from multiple landslides. until some cases, it is pushing people out of their home. joining us from the oakland hills, people are still bracing for what's to come. velena? >> reporter: that's exactly right. this area here looks a lot different than it did hours ago when our crews were here on st. andrews road. the road is somewhat passable.
5:30 pm
it is still close to traffic as crews have to now work on that water main break that has created a river down the street and into this neighbor's backyard. it is a bit clearer tonight as public works spent hours clearing debris and sludge. neighbors are bracing for more damage after three landslides since saturday. >> hold on, baby. we're not clear yet. it's, we're dealing with water, man. one of the forces of nature. water goes where it wants to. >> reporter: john johnson lives across the hill that turned into a river of mud. neighbor were cleaning up from one landslide when another one happened on monday. >> i'm anticipating the next rain that comes. right now we have a water main history. that's the source of the


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