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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 27, 2023 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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country. so many people struggling and angry after seeing a deadly police beating. this is hard to watch. amongst many questions, will the spar change from lawmakers? a number of protests, from memphis to the bay area. most remain peaceful. the lake tonight, demonstrators and clashing, you can see officers there in riot gear and what appears to be smoke coming from the back of one of the patrol cars. this appears to be the exception of what's otherwise inactive but quiet evening. we be go with john jensen and the graphic video from memphis. >> reporter: memphis police department releases the body camera and surveillance video a few hours ago, it shows the deadly beating of tyree nichols. terry nichols was a 29-year-old black man who was be in by five memphis police officers, three
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weeks ago tomorrow. this video that we are going to show you, we have to warn you that it is difficult to watch, as tyree nichols screams in pain and cries out for his mother. >> reporter: body camera footage show that it started with a traffic stop. >> i didn't do anything! >> reporter: after officers forced him out of the car, and on the ground, they pulled their tasers. he managed to get up and run. after a foot chase, officers taken down and pepper sprayed him as a third officer arrives on the scene. he is just 100 yards from his mother's home now. screams out for her to help him. >> in my view, this was a b down by five thugs badges. >> reporter: police auditor and retired judge patrick wardell
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says that the use of force was not reasonable or necessary. she played close attention to all of the clips showing officers kicking him in the face and taking turns punching them for several minutes and kick him in the head. >> this cultural violence and police departments around america, if we are tired of seeing it in if you are tired of reporting it, then what we have to do is really start focusing on the policing. what is policing about america? >> reporter: the judge says the officers undoubtedly violated protocols because they beat him for over 20 minutes. he died three days later. >> i can't believe this. >> reporter: in total, the memphis police released an hour
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of video showing the attack from several angles and showing the officers standing around afterwords and appearing to ordinate their stories about what happened. as if it was justified. >> we are tired of routine traffic stops turning into death penalties. >> reporter: they say the video exposes a common problem of racism within law enforcement agencies. >> cultures of bias continue to exist against african-americans and police departments across the nation. regardless of the race of the police officer. >> reporter: all five of those officers were fired and now all five of them face numerous charges and kidnapping and second-degree murder charges. the judge says that she believes there is a way to help reduce the number of deadly interactions with police, she says study after study show that most of these deadly
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interactions start with traffic stops, and she thinks we should take the traffic stops away from the uniform. police officers, in study also shows across the nation there is racial profiling in these traffic stops and she thinks giving those traffic stop to another entity would be fewer of those deadly interactions between police and people of color. tom jensen, nbc bay area. calls for justice for tyree nichols echoed all across the country including in the bay area. demonstrators rallied and marched throughout the streets. we are live in the city and they have so many people horrified of what they saw in that video. >> reporter: yeah, and you know, i was working in between cities when george ford was murdered. i can't say sometimes people said this is it. seeing a man die on video in this way should mean that people
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would not be harmed at the anza police. you're talking more than two years later and protesters here today sent the same story. >> reporter: don market street, this group of protesters is are saying no more. >> cops do not have the authority to kill people like this. we need a mass movement. and these killers! >> reporter: mr. washington is talking about five memphis police officers who killed the young boy. washington cannot bring himself to watch it. knowing the details is hard enough. >> the police car started smoking and joking around and while he is calling for his mother getting beaten on the ground to a poll. >> reporter: the officers were
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fired last week facing second- degree murder charges. they are all black. in anticipation of any unrest that might ensue, shops closed early for the night. westville mall pull of these barriers. my enforcement agencies were vigilant across the country, and bevis, peaceful protest as the family had requested. officers were right gear and protest protesters reached the barricade. police arrested three four vandalism of nypd's car. people also took the streets in boston while protesting and they were cautious about change. many say not much had since george ford. >> three weeks protesting and is no good. >> even though i don't think reform will do much right now, we have the start. >> reporter: at this hour in
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san francisco, so mostly quiet as a family had wanted. in san francisco, geo vang. the white house says that president biden has seen the video. in a statement, the president says he is outraged. he also spoke with reporters earlier this afternoon before that video was released. >> i spoke with his mother, and i express my condolences. i told her that i was going to be making a case to congress, the george floyd act. get this under control. i can only do so much as the executive order at the federal level. >> the president says the family does a swift and full transparent investigation. vice president areas released a statement in part. "i renegotiated made it home to his family. his life was brutally cut short at the hands of those sworn to
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protect and serve. the footage will forever be seared in our memories and they will never be held". stay in local leaders in california are doing crying the video as well. many putting out statement including the governor, he tweeted in part, "tyree nichols should be alive today. we send our deepest condolences to his family and friends". this is also a night of healing and reflection. hundreds of families gathering for individual and half moon bay. first of many city advancement out the community process monday's mass shooting. nbc bay area. >> reporter: you been here every night since monday. this is the entire community. hundreds of people are here, all of them hoping to show the respect in her sport. >> reporter: candles lighting
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up the night sky. as the morning commute he stood together in prayer and hope. >> these people are part of my community. >> i was so sad. the symptoms, they died so tragically. so far away from their homes. >> reporter: messages of solidarity of the seven men and women who are no longer here with us. the man healing in the hospital and the has been working in the shadows for generation. >> it's hard. i have young kids, they have been trying to explain to them what happened and why. and also, assure them, that they are safe. >> me break down the walls that greed and racism have else. >> reporter: referred from victims families. this is the first step of the long journey of feeling and necessary train.
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>> these are the jobs that they work as all of these broken policies and false promises. >> there are things we need to do, like we should understand each other no matter what your background is. your job, your skin color, it doesn't matter. >> reporter: tonight was more than just a vigil. they say it was a night without borders. and half moon bay, nbc a area news. the archbishop of san francisco spent his afternoon at the scene of the shootings. first stopped at the mountain mushroom farm off of highway 92. the archbishop sprinkled holy water at the entrance. then he is on highway 1, and offered a blessing outside the gates. asian american farmworkers and half moon bay got much needed counseling. counselors from nami or the national alliance on mental
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illness were on-site to speak with the workers. one of them not to be identified said that she was traumatized. but also, the trauma from years of working on the farm. >> she is afraid to go back on the farm with the living conditions. they were terrible. they do not want to live there. they are scared. >> they say that they have been working closely with the agent community groups to get workers to resources that they need. we put together an entire page of information that you can help victims of this tragedy. a lot of people want to reach out. also, we have information on how to make a connection with the counselor if you're struggling any to talk to someone. ♪ ♪ of next, body can video with paul pelosi attack inside the san francisco home. investigative unit takes a close look. new allegations made
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against the former king of crypto. sandbank then free. prosecutors claim who he is trying to talk with. chief meteorologist jeff gordon and we are tracking fog down in the bay. and our chance from
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buddy cam footage, it was released. congresswoman pelosi was attacked in their home. the suspect faces state and federal charges. also released today the surveillance video from outside of the pelosi home as paul pelosi's 911 call. here's a portion of it. >> capital police around. >> this is san francisco -- >> they are usually here at the house. protecting my wife. >> this is san francisco police. >> i've got a problem, he
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thinks everything is good. >> okay. call us back if you change your mind. >> this gentleman just came into the house. and he wants to wait here for my wife to come home. >> what is your name? >> my name is paul pelosi. >> the investigative unit spent the day poring over the various videos and audio. let's bring in senior investigator with the closer look. >> reporter: the attack was gruesome and quick. and we saw it all through the lens of our police body camera video. >> first new organization to obtain the evidence that shows the active attack and the moment including up to it. when officers walk up to the pelosi home and knocked on the door and watch as two men stand side-by-side in the doorway. each one using a hand to hold the same hammer. we are about to play you a portion of that video. we want to warn you: it is
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difficult to watch. >> how are you doing? >> how are you? >> what's going on, man. dixie >> hello. drop the hammer. >> no. >> what's going on? >> -- >> -- >> send backup, code 3. >> code 3 backup -- >> reporter: paul pelosi laid there bloody and unconscious for three minutes. he's went under surgery to repair a skull fracture but his wife, former speaker of the house, says a full recovery is
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likely still months away. today, we also have a recording of the police interrogation where investigators questioned him for about 20 minutes. including on what he would have done had he found nancy pelosi at her home. >> what was your intention to go there, to make her change her ways? >> well, i was going to basically hold her hostage and talk to her. and talk to her, if he told the truth, i would let her go. but if she lied, it would be dirty. >> really? >> reporter: he wanted to take nancy pelosi hostage and force her to answer questions and he would break her kneecaps if she determined that she wasn't telling the truth. with the investigative unit. the court also releases video from before that attack was captured by capital police surveillance cameras outside the pelosi home. look at this: it is to: 04 a.m.
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and you see what appears to be him walking to the backyard. he looks around, then he leaves. advance the video to the next sequence. he comes back, back to them this time. rummages around for another couple of minutes and then eventually takes out what appears to be a pair of gloves and a hammer. and then he shatters the glass and enters the home at 2:10 in the morning? public defender representing. he released a statement that says "i think it was a terrible mistake to release this evidence and in particular the video. releasing the footage is disrespectful for mr. pelosi and serves no purpose except to feed the public desire for spectacle and violence." he goes on to say "the footage is inflammatory and could feed unfunded theories about this case and we are extremely concerned about mr. pelosi's ability to get a fair trial." >> if you want to watch a full video clip from that pelosi
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attack, we posted them on the website, go to the website and click the link at the top of the page. you at 11:00, prosecutors tried to stop crypto executive sam bateman from trying to talk to anyone went to his own company. that is a new report from new york times. that is the cryptocurrency stx that he founded. in a court filing today, prosecutors say that fdx reached out to his former general counsel using the signal app which can automatic delete messages. prosecutors say the man is a potential witness and they are concerned that he could reached out to other witnesses as well. sam bateman freed is under house arrest that is parents home in stanford. let's look outside and take a breather. it's pretty and nice. chilly and clear. let's bring in our chief meteorologist. weakness finally arrives.
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>> people he definitely need r&r. it's been more than a rough year to say the least up across the bay area. it's going to be a pretty good here, on the weekend. what i wanted to show you is by tomorrow morning we are tracking some areas of fog in the bay, down to san jose in gilroy, some of that fog, chance of it up towards northbay. i think as you see here by 10:00 , fog should have cleared out and then through the afternoon, get some high clouds passing through. overall a good amount of shoved sunshine as well. closer look at your saturday and you have morning temperatures starting off in the upper 30s to low and mid 40s. and you want to enjoy these temperatures because we have freezing morning temperatures coming in. my forecast that i will show you, tomorrow will not feel that that 45 in the peninsula, south bay at 43. the bonanza 40 in the east.
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northbay right there at 38. even though we have sunshine on the way, numbers will cool off. and that's because we are tracked in a storm system off to the north. 57 here in santa rosa, 60 in martinez. let's move it into that storm system. i still think by sunday we are tracking this and going down the west. the past couple of days, this continues to look like it's taking the trier path. it's moving directly over the land, having a real hard tan. spidey rain chance on sunday, isolated thunderstorms. that may have been because of this very cold air that is moving in with it. rain totals, only trace amounts . so you see the big questions, what does this mean for those watch parties here in the bay area and it may be just maybe you are heading out last minute flight to philadelphia, love you to see that game.
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and look at how on a crazy this is. the weather forecast in both locations is pretty much the same. low 50s in the bay area, same in philadelphia. sun and clouds and a spotty shower chance. wind anywhere between 10 and 15 miles per hour. good on both fronts wherever you have planned. looking at forecast in san francisco, riding out monday tuesday wednesday and then spotted chance on friday. and look at next monday, tuesday wednesday we are going to near freezing and beyond. so, saturday, great to do whatever you have to do. we need the weekend to get here. happening now, officials are urging all homeowners impacted by the storms to fill out property damage surveys. they could be key as county tries to qualify for federal recovery funds. the information can then be used to help the quantity qualify. homeowners for aid to help address campaign damage.
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property damage, i should say. it has to be filled out by the
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for wherever business takes you. comcast business. powering possibilities. a much more affordable bathroom thanks to generous
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donation. the parks and rec department in san francisco, opposed $1.7 million bathrooms to be built. the price tag triggered backlash prompting governor newsom to apostate funding allocated to the toilets. now, two companies have donated a toilet and offered the play delivery installation costs. the city has to pay $300,000 for the plumbing and other costs as opposed to the 1.7 million. penguins could be the key, san jose state researchers are in antarctica looking at how climate change is impacting the critical population. researchers from the laboratory are tracking the birds. these are devices that meant everything on how they get their food and the ice, whether they still should be able to survive and reproduce. >> as climate change starts to warm the waters, make them less salty, as the ice melts away,
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we are worried the penguins may not be able to get out to where their food is. >> the worries that climate change will obviously force them to travel farther and eventually reduce the penguin population. we are going to
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okay, it is real. it is happening. 49ers on the move, they already arrived. they came out from the international airport. they look fantastic. >> united charter flight stopped at chick-fil-a. that was the in-flight snack. late tonight, they arrived in philly, that's where we bring in anthony florez. >> reporter: hello, from philly. the 49ers have arrived in the city of brotherly love. 17 buses rolled into the hotel about 11:00 p.m. local time. we saw george hill and christian mccaffrey get off the bus as the 49ers are in town to take on the philadelphia eagles in sunday's matchup. not just the players arriving, but some of the family members. we saw joey bow so, the older
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brother. also a superstar with the l.a. chargers. the 49ers arriving in philadelphia and before that, then one must practice in santa clara. charis mccaffrey had no restrictions. full go on sunday which is great news for the 49ers because they were likely running the football effectively to beat the eagles on their home field. >> anytime you go against a really good offense and defense and especially when that defense starts with the pass rush, that it becomes any that much more important. >> one opportunity that we have, you can say that it is just another game, but there is a lot of the line. >> reporter: kickoff is sunday at 12:00. the winner moves on to the super bowl. in philadelphia, anthony florez. >> let's just get sunday here. i want to see this game. warriors hosting raptors at the chase center. dante is mic'd up. here we go, this is fun.
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did you watch it? skating championships tonight. pretty amazing. 18-year-old, he won the first national title. look at that guy spend. take the top spot in the men's shorter, 15-year-old. she won the short program, first title as well. the chairmanships continue this weekend. you can check new coverage on here and on peacock. she looks like a tiny [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart


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