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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 29, 2023 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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next right now the cinderella story is over. eagles, not the 49ers and crushed the super bowl dreams. we do have reaction from fans and a breakdown of what went wrong. the cold is here and here to stay and freezing temperatures moving in but how low will they go? the news starts now and thank you for joining us. we will get to those stories in a moment, but let's start with protests and marches continuing
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across the country in response to the release of video showing the brutal police killing of tyre nichols. >> right now people gathering to march in solidarity with those in tennessee. organizers are calling for people in oakland to come out and show support for his family and calls for an end to police violence everywhere. while reaction has been strong, so far the demonstrations have been overwhelmingly peaceful which is what his family wanted. a demonstration also happening in la and for the past few nights they gathered near the lapd headquarters. >> and arraignment date now for the five officers charged with the beating death happens on february 17 and among the charges are 2nd0 murder, aggravated kidnapping and aggravated assault. >> his parents will attend the
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state of the union address in washington dc next month and the chairman of the congressional caucus announced late today that they accepted the invitation to attend the speech. president biden will deliver his second state of the union address during a joint session of congress on february 7. the congressional black caucus is calling for a meeting with president biden to discuss police reform in the wake of the deadly encounter of tyre nichols. they released a statement calling this a grim reminder that the country has a long way to go in solving systemic police violence in america. the group hopes to talk with the president about national police injustice system reform this week. >> last week was an incredibly harsh one for many communities up and down the state from the monterey park shooting in la to the shootings at half moon bay and the one in oakland. tonight, people in the south bay area are gathering to remember lives lost. we are live outside of city hall in san jose were a
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candlelight memorial is underway right now. truck right now there are about 40 people gathered here in san jose and some consider this an important step in the healing process. >> reporter: people are gathered to remember the seven people killed during the shootings that two farms in half moon bay and honoring the person killed and seven injured in oakland and the 11 victims left dead after the shooting in monterey park. >> this is an unbelievably difficult time and really no words to capture how devastating it is to hear all of this is happening within the first month of 2023. although we don't have all the answers on how we can move forward, we want people to know that we are here together. >> reporter: this event was put on by the asian law alliance
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and many of the victims are from the asian community. organizers say this is a chance to show up for each other after all of these tragedies. they say moving forward they will work on strategies to use gun violence. you can see that many here are holding candles or lights tonight and the vigil tonight will continue until 7. reporting live in san jose, nbc bay area news. taking you outside to alive look of traffic cameras. it is cold and drizzling in parts of the bay area. there are chilly temperatures that have arrived and are here to stay. it is under a freeze warning tonight so we will bring in rob. how low will it go? at least 30 degrees and the day began with some showers. we do still see that on the radar around the east bay hills and diablo range and the valley starting to clear out and what is left of the showers which has involved some snow at times, it will continue to
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progress to the south by 11 an and the wind advisory is out until 1 tomorrow afternoon. when you factor in the cold air and wind speed, it will be 20 to 40 miles per hour combining the wind and cold temperature, you get a wind chill factor. now in the morning when you do that it will feel like 20s and 30s. the thermometers will also say at least low 30s toward the tri- valley and even toward downtown san jose. here are the areas in purple under the freeze warning. it is very likely we see more of this through the middle part of the week. so this will stick around for the wild even though the wind advisory ends tomorrow afternoon. we will talk more about colder temperatures arriving in the seven-day coming up in about 10 minutes. this is a good time to
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download the bay area app. we send alerts for watches and warnings and give you a heads up for whatever the rain is on the way to your neighborhood. the philadelphia eagles are going back to the super bowl. >> that was a weird game and not the game niners fans were hoping for. the last play of the game they punched their ticket to the super bowl and the 49ers season the second time. celebrations are underway in philadelphia and you can see massive crowds of fans taking to the streets but they got the whole thing back in 2018. back here in the bay area niners fans were out in full support at a number of parties and christie smith was at a party in san francisco. >> reporter: at kickoff, fans were pumped and ready to go.
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more than 1000 fans were expected at the crossing in san francisco at an official watch party hoping the niners could top the eagles in the nfc championship. early on, the rookie cornerback suffered an elbow injury. >> we thought he would come back sooner but we had a role with the backup. >> reporter: the momentum was not on their side when josh johnson went down before he returned in the eagles kept scoring which is what the hand full of eagles fans wanted to see. >> feeling good and excited right now. >> reporter: 49ers fans still cheered more subdued as the trip to the super bowl went away. >> it's tough to go out. i think if we were fully healthy the outcome may have been different. >> reporter: fans do say they are undaunted and thankful for how far they came.
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>> we made it this far and i am proud of them. defense and offense and we rotated all of our quarterbacks and we still did good. >> reporter: they are already looking ahead until next season. >> we did what we had to do and we came in with what you're looking for but i'm still a fan and we are here. next year. we will get them next year. right? yes. we will be back next year. >> i love that, we rotated through our quarterbacks. a live look here in philadelphia at lincoln financial field and anthony will join us live from coach shanahan coming up in about 15 minutes. oakland lunar new year parade is back and hundreds braved the code to bring it in in chinatown. and with the recent mass shootings in many people's minds it wasn't strictly a celebration but we've the community to heal and work toward a better future. >> we are looking forward to
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collaborating and building solidarity and having these tough conversations to make it through. >> there were several speakers including the new mayor and she is the first non-american to lead a major u.s. city. when we come back, honoring the man who stopped a deadly night from becoming worse. they recognized the man who disarmed the monterey park gunmen. a deadly shooting has left a high school in morning and what we know tonight. radar is picking up snow and the freezing temperature is set to move in and more on freeze warnings and frost advisories ahead when we come back.
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a teenager is dead and a minor arrested after the shooting in boulder creek. they say it happened about 10:00 last night. deputies got there and found a person shot. the 18-year-old victim died at the scene. the sheriff's office is not
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releasing the age of the suspect but we do know that person was arrested today. the school district said the victim was attending a county high school program and was a former student of the high school. the city is calling the man who disarmed the gunmen who had just shot and killed multiple people in monterey park. today, they honored brandon tsay. >> there he is right there any wrestled the gun away a week ago putting a stop to more carnage. the gunmen opened fire at a dance studio earlier that night killing 11. when he showed up leader he didn't get far before he stopped him. leaders gave him the medal of courage. it was part of the lunar new year street festival today. to follow up on a story we told you about friday.
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a french bulldogs stolen during an attempted armed carjacking has been found. >> there he is reunited with his owner. police said the dog was taken when the owners were waiting for their order at a food truck and the owners offered a reward for the safe return but fortunately police got a call that he was dropped off at a veterinarian in vallejo. they said he is taking some long nap and also playing with his toys and doing fine. happening tomorrow the oakland zoo is set to give an update on its efforts to reopen. the road was badly damaged in the new year's eve storm. it has been closed since and this is a popular place with over 900,000 visitors every year. they have been working to repair that sinkhole in the main entrance road. the leaders are trying to name the reopening date and they are also announcing when tickets
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for the special events will go on sale. we are now looking downtown san jose. it is cloudy and cool and about to get even colder with cold temperatures expected to last through the morning. how cold will accept? so starting at midnight tonight until 9 in the morning there are freeze warnings. you will see mid-40s is not that bad but it is the wind that will be arriving with this cold blast that will make things uncomfortable for you. speaking of san jose, 47 and it may not look that bad but it is the breeze and you will notice in the morning and 12 in the san jose and we have already dropped into the low to mid 40s and we are at the inland east bay but the wind is staying stronger and it may not get quite as cold compared to the temperatures are likely to see tomorrow night as the wind back soft and the sky clears out.
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it will be colder monday night into tuesday morning. there is the wind speeds starting to pick up. we do still have a few scattered showers and you do see some of that there with san jose dry for now but up to the east of morgan hill which is where a lot of the activity is and some of this could drop into gilroy and they finally move out and you can see here in the future cast by 11:00 the skies clear as the dry north wind takes a hold which will set the stage for blustery conditions around the north bay hills and the peak wind gust maybe from midnight to 2 in the morning. and this indicate these at 30 to 45 miles per hour and then by 5:00 the wind speed comes down. not as much wind outside of the north bay other than half moon bay but then by 5:00 tomorrow it does drop down again and temperatures as well. so inland areas tomorrow wind sheltered valleys could see some low 30s and temperatures won't warm-up a whole lot close
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to what we had today but mostly was sunny skies so that tells you something about the cold wind with upper 40s the low 50s for highs and very likely more freeze warnings into tuesday morning with low was still in the low 30s for tuesday morning and again wednesday morning with temperatures as low as 30 in fairfield. it does look like we are looking at three nice at least and the three mornings of frost advisories around the bay area. the next chance will be during the day friday and the first of two chances to see some rain. if you do have next weekend plans, next saturday should be a break and sunday comes the next chance to see some rain in the forecast but the moisture increases and overnight temperatures should be as cold the second half of the week. san francisco, possible patchy frost for the middle part of the week with rain chances returning on friday and estimates about 1/4 inch to half inch of rain. another chance on sunday. a winter restart start.
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senators that will be getting a briefing on risk to national security after classified documents were found in both president biden's and former president trump possession. the doj said it will give
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senators a damage assessment of those documents. no word on when it will happen. next week senators from both parties voice their frustration about the closed-door briefings with the national intelligence director who refused to show copies of the material or talk about the documents. now, the doj said it is working with the national intelligence office to provide a damage assessment without hurting the ongoing special counsel investigations. something rare and cool happening in the sky this week and a recently discovered comet will loosely pass near the. it has a green appearance and has been not seen since the stone age. you can find it in the morning sky as it moves toward the northwest and you may need binoculars and if you want to see it in greater clarity, foothill college and society are hosting a viewing event. the observatory 6:30 p.m. and a free telescope viewings
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friday and saturday night, 7:30 minus 10:30. a year ago he was left off the team due to inexperience and today he is the number one men's figure skater in the country. today he did the men's free skate in san jose and totaled 287.74.2 other olympian jason brown who took on the. will likely be we enjoyed-year- old is low libido joins one is ilia malinin is now the national champion. anthony is now joining us live from philadelphia. and there was nothing about this game away they wanted it to go. researcher
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you and your completed between and andrew campaign into a wall they were overcoming the loss of their starting quarterback. the 49ers are in the championship the second year in a row and down on their first offenses and the eagles recover but more importantly hurt his right elbow and is pulled out and that was the ball game. oakland needed came into rally the niners and in the second quarter this is all effort by christian mccaffrey and break the tackle of the line and another and racist 23 yards for a touchdown which ties the game at 7-7. it all comes crashing down in the second quarter with a score of 14-7, he fumbled the snap and the ghost recover and it leads to a touchdown and
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philadelphia lead at halftime. could get ugly in the past with johnson suffering a concussion and he comes back in but really couldn't throw the football. trent williams was ejected for fighting in the eagles live by the 49ers 31-7 and the niners come up short of the super bowl the second year in a row. after the game, he talked about the disappointment coming so close of coming up short. >> i am so sad for the older guys and for this to happen. and in the first drive, really, of this the kind of game we have to play after the first drive and frustrated. >> he doesn't have anything to be sad about. he is the reason we got to this game and when jimmy went down against the dolphins we didn't know what the season would be. and he came in and did a heckuva job. he is the reason we are here right now. >> losing feels awful. this one was harder, charter. this one was a lot harder i
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thought. >> reporter: so he does say he will have an mri tomorrow so we will know more about the severity of his elbow injuries.
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a bike ride for the whole family and san francisco today sponsored by kid safe. the
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eighth avenue neighbor way ride was away from young kids to drive to the golden gate park to the streets without traffic. >> they want a ride and they want to do things independently. it could be so scary to do that when the environment is not just a little bit more controlled. we can extend the range they have in terms of how far they can go. >> that ride ended with a play date at the blue plate run in golden gate park. it is a great way to get the energy out of those kiddos before you take them home. >> kids don't feel the cold like some of us older folks, but i think we will all feel it a bit this week. >> that is how kids should be dressed for school tomorrow, bundled up with layers. we do have showers and this is something you don't see very often here is the blue on radar and that is snow coming down. that is right now. a lot of the showers are moving
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