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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 1, 2023 6:00am-7:01am PST

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mandate deadline. ahead, a live report and fallout for those cities and what may lead to new housing, whether or not approved locally. a live look at the white house where president biden and house speaker kevin mccarthy will meet for the first time since mccarthy took the position. a look at the financial implications that may be at stake. >> and the sole survivor of the half moon bay shooting rampage is conscious and talking. what he says he did to stay alive. and the gun safety actions he's expected to take today. this is the third hour of "today in the bay," streaming now on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. good morning to you on this wednesday. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. first off, breaking news shaking up the sports world right now. this time it sounds like he really means it. tom brady, the pride of san mateo, finally hanging up his cleats. >> good morning, guys. i'll get to the point right
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away. i'm retiring, for good. >> i want to believe you, tom. we'll see. so the 45-year-old brady posted this retirement announcement on his twitter page a little less than an hour ago. brady won his final super bowl three seasons ago and last season mulled retirement, but he led tampa bay back to the playoffs where they lost to dallas in the wild card round. there were rumors brady may head to the 49ers, but now it seems those dreams are dead. >> reaction pouring in across the sports world. fans and friends alike all reacting to the news. we'll keep tabs on it. but tom brady announcing he's hanging up the cleats, he's retired. >> for good this time. >> until he's not. [ laughter ] so let's get a look at the forecast. we're always saying layer up. >> it's cold. we have another frost advisory in effect and we're seeing it for the areas shaded 234 in
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blue. that's basically all areas away from the inner coastline, could see temperatures below freezing or near freezing for the next few hours. we're right now at 32 degrees in san martin and it's 30 in dublin. we're also at 29 degrees in santa rosa. as you're getting the kids ready for school this morning in gilroy, we are starting out at 35 degrees and we'll see it warming up nicely going into later today, as we head for the low 60s. mike, you still have those two alerts you're watching. >> continuing. and as the volume of traffic builds and becomes more of an issue, highway 4 still okay as far as 680, and standard out of concord, but west of there we're having more backups toward morello and pine. the investigation continues on highway 4. one lane open, a deadly crash happened during the 4:00 hour over there. earlier than that we had northbound 880 completely blocked for a period of time. one lane now blocked, but still very slow as you're traveling
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north just past the webster tube to 7th. just one lane blocked, but it restricts traffic getting toward the bay bridge. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:02 right now. making it in the bay, today is the deadline for bay area cities and counties to let the state know of their plans for new homes over the next several years. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live from the east bay. dozens of local governments are expected to not meet today's deadline. do they have consequences if they don't comply? >> reporter: they do. first some background, the state of california requires the bay area to create 441,000 new housing units by the year 2030. today is the deadline for the roughly 110, 120 cities and counties to submit housing elements. a housing element, like this one, for example, that was
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submitted on time by the city of alameda, outlines how that local government is going to build out its fair share of homes over the next eight years to help the region hit that goal. now, according to the bay area council, a group that advocates for businesses and quality of life issues, about 65 of those roughly 110 jurisdictions have not met today's deadline for submitting a housing element that is, quote, substantially compliant. this means there will be a penalty, a builder's remedy, which gives developers the freedom to go into the jurisdiction and build affordable housing in any zone they want. for example, in an a fluent area like hills br oh. a lot of these jurisdictions are like the slacker kid who showed up late for the test and didn't take the process seriously. >> the other thing i think is going on is that a lot of governments don't want to do
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this. local governments across the bay area, especially in wealthy areas like piedmont, simply don't want to have affordable housing in their communities. there's a large scare of constituents that have an outside voice on that issue. so having to go to the drawing table to figure out how to plan for affordable housing, in many places it runs up into -- well, a limitation that the local government simply just doesn't want to do this. >> reporter: it is likely that a number of these jurisdictions will challenge this in court. san francisco and oakland both approved their housing elements yesterday. but san jose has not. the bay area council points out that many places in the south bay, along the peninsula and here in the east bay where i'm at are wealthier and are more prone to not in my back yard. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you. 6:05 right now.
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the oakland a's dance with the las vegas leaders appear to be heating up. a's executives will be back in sin city today to talk with resort owners about a possible move. the team is believed to be looking at a site on the north end of the strip. last year they missed a key deadline to get a new stadium near howard terminal. all eyes are on washington as president biden and the new republican speaker of the house, kevin mccarthy, they will have their high stakes meeting at the white house today. this is their first one-on-one meeting since mccarthy took the gavel and "today in the bay's" brie jackson is live from washington this morning. we expect the two to clash on a number of issues, including the nation's debt ceiling. >> reporter: that's right, good morning. the two leaders are coming into today's meeting with different approaches. president biden taking a little bit of a jab saying, hey, you show me your budget, i'll show you mine. kevin mccarthy says he's not
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interested in political games. president biden preparing to meet with house speaker kevin mccarthy for the first time today. the president is coming with a clear message in mind. >> show me his budget. show me his budget. >> reporter: in a memo, white house officials revealed two critical questions president biden will pose. will the speaker commit to not allowing the u.s. to default on its financial obligations, and what is the house republicans' budget plan? the gop is demanding spending cuts to lift the debt limit but has yet to provide details. house speaker kevin mccarthy says he's coming to the white house ready to negotiate. >> i think we can find common ground, that we can find a lot of savings in the spending of government to save hard-working taxpayers their money. >> reporter: 24 hard line gop senators sent a letter to
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president biden stating they would vote no on my bill to raise the nation's debt without cuts. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell did not sign the letter but says he supports speaker mccarthy's bargaining efforts. >> it's not unprecedented to have a discussion about spending in connection with the debt ceiling. >> reporter: administration officials insist congress must reach a deal to avoid a default. >> the president is not going to negotiate or allow the full faith and credit of the united states to be held hostage. >> reporter: experts warn defaulting would come with serious consequences, such as a recession, a stock market crash, and putting social security payments at risk. and white house officials say president biden plans to release his proposed budget on march 9th. >> we'll be watching for that. brie jackson in washington this morning, thank you. and happening today here in california, several california politicians are announcing attempts to pass more stringent gun laws in the state. governor gavin newsom will be joined by attorney general rob bonta and others in a virtual
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press conference. the announcement will take place at 11:00 a.m. we're going to bring you that news conference on our live streaming channel, on roku, samsung tv+ and online. we have an update from half moon bay. we're learning more about the lone survivor of last week's mass shooting. family members of pedro perez spoke to us in spanish and say he's now starting to talk but he's still in the hospital. a family member says the gunman started shooting at pedro's brother, jose, first. pedro says he tried to defend jose and that's when he was shot. he said he had to play dead until the gunman left. in total, seven people died in last week's mass shooting. taking a look at our climate in crisis, it appears more likely our planet will hit climate change tipping point, even if the cutback on greenhouse gases happens. climate scientists at stanford used artificial intelligence to predict how long it will take
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for the earth to reached agreed-upon tipping points. the paris climate agreement decided that increases of 1.2 and 2 degrees celsius could cause disastrous effects like further melting of the icecaps. now, stanford scientists say even if emissions decline to net zero before 2018, there is an 84% chance that temperatures will hit 1.5 degrees before 2041 or 2 degrees before 2065. and if emissions remain high, we're going to reach those thresholds even faster. scientists say more extreme weather conditions could happen. >> how much we emit in the future and how quickly we decarbonize is going to play a big role in how much global warming we get. we're certain to get more, and that means we're certain to get more intensification of this climate change that california has been experiencing. >> the study was published in the proceeding of the national academy of scientists. we do have a link to that on our
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website at it is 6:10 on your wednesday morning. taking a peek outside, city by the bay, nice view of san francisco all lit up before the sun comes up. we need the sun to come up and warm things up. it is a cold start to our morning. it is a cold start but a mild afternoon. as we get a live look outside, you do need to layer up, but then maybe you'll be able to enjoy time outside. i would probably wait until afternoon when our temperatures go from the mid-30s this morning to the mid-60s for this afternoon. and we will also see more clouds moving in, so it won't be clear and sunny throughout the day. we'll talk about changes ahead in the forecast. mike, you're watching where gas prices are dropping. >> unfortunately, they're trending, overall, higher prices. concord and cupertino are again the best in the bay area, with $3.69 at a couple of stations in each of those cities. we're going to check the next best and get you a variety of prices. santa clara county, the best one
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we can find is morgan hill. golden eye gas on monterey street at $3.87. same price point in solano county. vallejo, the lowest at royal gas on tennessee street. alameda county's, the exxon is $3.93, that's in dublin. prices are trending closer to 4 bucks now as far as the lows you're reporting through gas buddy. we're seeing a smooth drive. the volume is building and i want to call attention to san jose, north 101, a crash at around mckee that looks like it may have multiple lanes blocked. it's not clear, but clearly we see the backup building. there may be a couple of other crashes. i believe there's one southbound 101 and perhaps northbound, so watch 101 just south of the 280/680 interchange. good news for oakland, 880 has reports that all lanes have cleared at 7th so there should be quick recovery heading north of the coliseum toward the bay bridge toll plaza.
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highway 4 still blocked at morello just west of 680. coming up, it is interest rate day and it may be the last hike. we'll take you to the futures. wall street expecting some losses, but we'll get to the numbers coming up. >> plus, it is a story going viral. one k 9 dog lucky to be alive. who stepped in just at the right time and the details on all the rescue efforts that deserve a round of
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the time is 6:16 on your wednesday morning. as you get ready for the morning commute, pittsburg starting out at 43 degrees. it is a cold start and it will slowly warm up. we'll also see more clouds coming in today. we'll talk about that and the arrival of rain in our microclimate forecast coming up in a few minutes. while i'm still tracking the traffic alert in martinez, we're looking at traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. it may be lighter than you would expect because of a crash that looks like it's going on in san pablo. we'll show you i-80, highway 4 and the rest of the bay. happy wednesday to you. it's the first day of february. what a great month the markets
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are in january. the nasdaq has the biggest move upward in more than ten years. intel, i was just saying yesterday there was more news to come out of that. marcus and laura will update you in a second. apple reports profits. but the big news is the fed. the federal reserve concludes its two-day interest rate meeting today around 11:00 a.m. our time and will announce its interest rate decision. we expect the open markets committee will raise rates a quarter percent. you'll sometimes hear that expressed as 25 basis points. it's the same thing. if that turns out to be the case, it will be much less than previous rate hikes and a likely sign the fed is paying attention to a lot of signals that inflation is softening. mortgage rates, which the fed does not set directionally, continue to soften a bit, too, as do house prices, sort of. let me show you two sets of numbers. these are the latest month-to-month changes on house prices according to
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case-shiller. i trust this one the most because the shiller in case-shiller won the nobel prize. you see prices dropped in cities month-to-month, but let's add in another column, year-to-year. you can see, while we say house prices are coming down, they're coming down from massive gains in 12 months. prices in dallas up 1%, but 11% on the year. can we say prices are falling in miami? technically, yes. san francisco, the one we care about most, the numbers match because the net losses in san francisco came in the last month. case-shiller measures 20 cities, puts them together in an index. you can see way up here in the corner house prices are falling, but look at the huge run-up since the housing crash during the global financial crisis of, what, 12, 13 years ago. i was talking with a financial expert about mortgages. i was wondering if house prices are going down, but mortgage
6:19 am
rates are much higher than they were a year ago, how much more is a new home buyer paying now for a cheaper house? in other words, as prices sink, monthly payments are going up. and he said, no, no, no, scott, you're figuring the wrong thing. he said it's more about debt to income ratio. when mortgage rates go up a lot, they're going to measure your debt-to-income ratio and those mortgage rates will knock a lot of people completely out of the market. it doesn't matter what their monthly payment is. it just knocks them out entirely and they're not buyers. >> he loves new home ownership. >> it ain't coming yet. there's a pump down there. i was at home depot. was that you at home depot yesterday? it was me. i've been buying stuff. >> he used to buy new shoes, now sump pumps. welcome to home ownership. >> thanks, scott.
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>> you bet. it's 6:19 this morning. new details for you. santa clara intel slashing pay for workers. the cut range from 5% to 25% with mid lf level employees and top executives losing the most. the lowest level workers will not be affected. intel is also trimming matching contributions to its 401(k) plans. last year the chipmaker announced it would cut jobs as part of an effort to lower costs. 6:20 and trending this morning, a daring rescue. this is for a stranded dog in florida. >> we're going to show it to you here. this is how it all played out yesterday. it started after a tampa child noticed the dog floating. it was trapped in some floating vegetation. when animal control officers realized they couldn't safely access the dog, they called firefighters. one specialist repelled down and scooped up the dog who had no collar or micro chip.
6:21 am
if no one comes forward to claim the dog, he'll be put up for adoption. for now he's named gil, which is the name of the rescuer. a nice rescue there. >> firefighters are the best. >> i'm just wondering if gil would adopt gil. >> i don't think we've adopted our pets that are named after us. >> i've adopted, like, seven a year. >> i'm good with one little one. bundle up, maybe put a coat on the dog today. >> we do have a frost advisory continuing in other areas. it is below freezing, so you run out there and you want to run right back in. right now we're at 29 degrees in santa rosa. it is very cold and a lot of the inland valleys are dipping to 30 degrees right now in dublin and 32 in san martin. we recover nicely today. take a look at our high temperatures, reaching 63 in
6:22 am
east san jose and 60 in los gatos. east bay, we're in the upper 50s and low 60s. hayward is a high of 59. also 59 in redwood city and san mateo, and upper 50s in san francisco as well as the north bay, with clear lake reaching 57 degrees. but early tomorrow morning, as the sky is hopefully still clear, you may have the opportunity to see the green comet. we haven't seen this particular green comet since the stone age. if you do have a little bit of time, maybe look up. but we're going to see more clouds coming in and that may block the view. this as rain is set to approach on friday morning and it's going to come in very early, spread across the bay area during the morning commute, and then become more scattered as we go into the afternoon. behind that, another round of rain for sunday and this could bring in a decent amount of rainfall. in total, we could see anywhere from three-quarters of an inch of rain to over an inch in parts of the north bay.
6:23 am
so i'll keep you up to date on the details. mike, you have two alerts again? >> we were down to one and now we have two again. the one that continues, highway 4 still has one lane blocked. i'm wondering if they're reopening another lane here on west highway 4 at morello. it is affecting folks driving through martinez but not concord. the other crash you see here is west 80 around hilltop, crash on the shoulder. that's not the other alert. the other alert is on north 101 at storey. this stretch extra slow north of capitol expressway. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:23 this morning. coming up next, nbc bay area responds. >> reporter: after so much rain, wind and flooding, a free moment and free meal to clear your mind. i'm consumer investigator chris
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good morning. for a few hours, a break from it all. here's what's happening. from 3:00 this afternoon until 7:00 tonight, united way, the nonprofit community bridges, and comcast, our parent company, are offering a free escape of sorts. they're bringing in food trucks and games for the kids, plus a big screen that will feature two movies. the organizers say they'll also have special giveaways and prizes for the community.
6:27 am
>> we felt compelled to show our support, help to contribute to the rebuilding and recovery that so many of these communities desperately need. >> if you want to attend, head to the comcast office in scots valley. that's 106 whispering pines drive west of highway 17. the food, films and fun are all free and open to anyone. doors open at 3:00 and close at 7:00. we hope to see you there. >> thank you, chris. we're following breaking news out of the football world. >> yeah, one of the greatest men to play the game announcing he's to play the game announcing he's retiring, - life is uncertain.
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right now at 6:30, a young child recovering after being attacked by a mountain lion on the peninsula. now a search is on to track down the animal. we're live with an update this morning. >> justice for our son, our family. protect my wife, because she's very fragile right now. >> the family of police beating victim tyre nichols getting ready to say a final farewell in memphis, but the ceremony is now temporarily on hold. the latest developments, including how people in the bay area plan to honor him. this is "today in the bay," streaming live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks for starting your day
6:31 am
with us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we do have breaking news for you hitting the sports world right now. it may seem like déjà vu, tom brady announcing his retirement. >> good morning, guys. i'll get to the point right away. i'm retiring, for good. >> brady just posting that video this morning to twitter. he won his final super bowl, you'll recall, three seasons ago. last season mulled retirement, but this past season he led tampa bay back to the playoffs, but they eventually lost to dallas in the wild card round. there were rumors the san mateo native may be heading to the 49ers, but now it seems those dreams are not happening. reaction, of course, pouring in across the sports world this morning. fans and friends all reacting to the news. number 12 is hanging up the cleats. luckily we don't have 12 degrees around here, but it is cold. >> it is cold. it probably feels like that to
6:32 am
us because we're not used to it. >> because year californians. >> right. we do have frost advisories in effect, and so just getting out there and scraping frost all the windshield, we're, like, what is going on? we're going to have to deal with that until 9:00 this morning. take a look at where we are. in items of temperatures, it is freezing in the south county, as well as in parts of the tri-valley, as well as the north bay, in the low 40s in san francisco. you want to bundle up the kids as they're heading out for school. a few clouds moving in as we go into this afternoon. we'll talk about what's ahead in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. it is 6:32 right now. state fish and wildlife officers are resuming their search for a mountain lion that attacked a young child on the peninsula. >> kris sanchez is live in san mateo county. how is the child doing this morning? >> reporter: well, we know that the child is going to make a full recovery, but they did have to be transported to a trauma
6:33 am
center with puncture wounds. in the past what that's meant is claw marks and bites. it could be both. the sheriff's department told us that they were all over his body. it happened in rural san mateo county just off tunitas road last night along a single lane windy road. here's what the area looked like. san mateo sheriff's deputies were the first to respond and told us the boy was walking on a trail with his family, he got a little ahead and that's when the mountain lion pounced. the department of fish and wildlife are handling the search for the cougar, but the san mateo county sheriff gave this statement. she says, our entire agency is saddened by this news and send warm wishes to the child for a speedy recovery. our thoughts are with the family at this time. now, we do have some advice for you if you're headed out to get fresh air. some of the folks on this trail,
6:34 am
the national park service says if you come across a mountain lion, make yourself as big as possible, make noise, but give them a way to get away that the mountain lions are generally non confrontational, so they will try to get away. but if you're standing in their way, that's going to be difficult. as you hit the trail, try not to go out alone. if you have children or pets with you, keep them very close. in san mateo county, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> i can't imagine how frightening it must have been for that family. >> reporter: terrifying. new word of a delay tied to weather. this is in memphis. the funeral for police beating victim tyre nichols. >> the ceremony will now start at 11:00 a.m. our time. vice president kamala harris is among those attending. last night in memphis, the reverend al sharpton joined family members at the mason temple church to remember nichols. this is the same church where reverend dr. martin luther king
6:35 am
jr. delivered his final speech where he was assassinated. sharpton calls last month's beating of nichols a disgrace to america and wants congress to pass the george floyd justice in policing act, which failed to pass in 2021. >> we are here to establish and proclaim that we are going to continue to fight this fight around police brutality. >> sharpton is expected to deliver today's eulogy as well. closer to home, protesters plan to gather on the steps of san francisco city hall. the "today" show will have much more coverage of today's funeral, including the new allegations against the now disbanded scorpion police unit in memphis. that's coming up at 7:00 right after "today in the bay." later today, santa clara county health leaders are expected to update their response on covid, as the white house has announced that covid
6:36 am
will no longer be considered a public health emergency in may. what does that mean for the bay area? the fda has emergency powers, as well as tied to the public health declaration from the white house. if things ever escalate again, the fda can issue an emergency authorization for vaccines, tests and treatment. let's take a live look at san jose where the city will officially welcome its new mayor today. matt mahan technically has been in office for more than a month. he was sworn in december 29th in a private ceremony. tonight's event at the center for performing arts will be a public celebration. mahan will deliver his inaugural address, followed by performances from local artists and a reception. mahan beat out cindy chavez in a close race. taking a peek outside, this time at the golden gate bridge. traffic appears to be flowing. we'll check in with mike in just a little bit to get a look at your morning commute.
6:37 am
if you're headed out, bundle up, layer up. that seems to be the theme of the week. >> it's been so cold. in the north bay, temperatures are now below freezing in a lot of spots, including near san rafael as we are seeing that beautiful sunrise, but a lot of people already up and out the door. we are now at 34 degrees. so you may also have some frost as we've seen more clouds, high clouds starting to filter into the bay area. that's going to give us a mix of sun and clouds throughout the morning. but a slow warm-up, we're having to keep that jacket on as we reach into the mid-50s for martinez. we'll see a high of 62 degrees in san jose and 55 in novato. santa rosa reaching 59 degrees and some upper 50s for san francisco. going through the forecast, we are going to see some rain coming back in. we'll be tracking that and talking about how much to expect in just a few minutes, as you get ready to head out for that commute, mike has been tracking several issues. what's the update? the map is having a problem
6:38 am
because i'm so overloaded. we're going to talk about the crash in san jose. there is a sigalert, northbound 101, and we're looking for the crash to recover. i'm not sure what we're showing right now, but we're looking at san jose. this is northbound 280, which is going to take some of the brunt of this. northbound 101, causing quite a backup. i'm going to break down the timing, get you an alternate route. you might want to take 85 over to 87 as an alternate. let me see if my maps will come back up with the latest reboot. we've got so much going on right now. i overloaded it. we'll come back with maps in a few minutes. >> that's okay. busy, just like traffic. thanks, mike. coming up, a big incentive to go green. caltrain getting money to go all electric. all of the funding is expected onboard as well. president biden says he wants everyone's cards on the
6:39 am
table if they're going to talk about raising the debt ceiling. let's go to the big board. we're down about 200 points. it looks like the jobs number is going to be a big deal. >> plus, our discovering black heritage coverage starts today. the way one bay area woman is making her mark with her baking skills and inspiring the next generation with her sweet treats. don't want to miss that sry. weto'v
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it is a cold start right now at 6:41 on your wednesday morning. temperatures are just 1 degree above freezing in martinez. it's going to be another cold start, but more clouds coming in and slightly warmer temperatures for the afternoon. i'm tracking that, as well as incoming rain in your weekend forecast. more on that in just a few minutes. here is the alert, north 101 at storey road. three lanes are still blocked. the backup starts before capitol expressway. capitol expressway is one reroute. 85 to 87 is the other. the timing from the split is about a 20-minute difference if you go 85 to 87, versus through the crash, sigalert and the backup on north 101. more coming up. 6:42 right now. new this morning, former u.n. ambassador nikki haley is reportedly expected to launch her bid for the presidency later this month. that is according to three sources familiar with the rollout. haley is expected to announce her 2024 white house bid
6:43 am
february 15th in south carolina, where she served as governor. invitations for the event could go out as soon as today. her candidacy would make her former president trump's first official opponent for the 2024 republican nomination. president biden will meet with republican house leader kevin mccarthy today to discuss the debt ceiling. >> scott mcgrew joins us. biden has said he will not negotiate over the country's credit. >> that's right. good morning to you. the full faith and credit of the united states, too important to mess with, he says, and he wants a promise from mccarthy that before they even start that nobody will raise the idea of not paying bills we owe. now, can we figure out how to spend less in the future? that's what mccarthy wants to talk about. the white house may have to be a bit more flexible in its position of no negotiation. but biden is pressing mccarthy this morning to be specific. where would you cut the costs? the white house will have its budget out next month.
6:44 am
where's yours, says biden. >> will you negotiate with mccarthy? >> show me his budget. show me his budget. >> i want to sit down, i want to talk to him. i think we can find common ground, we can find a lot of savings in the spending of government that saves the hard-working taxpayers their money but also puts america in a stronger economic position. >> a lot of savings. now, one thing that biden knows and mccarthy knows this, too, if you want meaningful savings, you're going to have to cut from the big categories. what are the big categories? they are defense, social security, and medicare. this is what the government spends most of its money on. this is what biden is trying to pin on mccarthy. this is what nobody wants to get pinned on. that's why politicians talk about cutting the fat or eliminating waste. everybody is against waste. but the numbers don't get you there. cutting here gets you there. or there's another way you can fix the budget. you can raise taxes.
6:45 am
the new york state attorney general released video tuesday of president trump's deposition in a criminal case brought against him claiming him and the trump company, he and the trump company, rather, fraudulently misvalued properties in order to get loans and avoid taxes. so this video is new but the testimony is old. this is from last summer. we reported back then mr. trump claimed the fifth throughout. so many times, lawyers said, just say same answer. >> same answer. >> you were aware of the restrictions these approvals incorporated, is that correct? >> same answer. >> you're aware that the approvals restricted the number of lots that could be accessed from the town of bedford, is that correct? >> same answer. >> now, a lot of late-night talk show hosts and social media are showing you trump making fun of people who plead the fifth, which he just did. and that did happen many years ago. as we've recently said, he adjusted his attitude on that. he said, i get it now, i understand where people use their constitutional right when
6:46 am
they're being questioned. he said he was wrong about not the value of the properties, but about his attitude toward the fifth, and he's admitted it. >> we'll be watching that meeting between mccarthy and biden today, talking about it on social media, and of course it is also interest rate day. you can check me out on facebook. 6:46. caltrain just got a huge boost in its attempt to go green. the agency just received a boost of funding to the tune of $367 million. the money will come from the california transit and intercity rail capital program. caltrain says the funding is critical to help complete its electrification project by next year and will lead to new on-train services, including wi-fi and more power outlets. we kick off our month-long series discovering black heritage. as we explore the contributions of black americans, we look at one bay area woman who found a
6:47 am
new passion during the pandemic. it was baking and it's taken her from her kitchen to the center stage in front of millions, all while inspiring countless little girls who look just like her. >> i've always loved to be in the kitchen, growing up. i'm a firm believer, if you know how to read, you can cook. baking, though, it really comes down to a science. >> reporter: a science experiment that eventually worked out for yuki burton. >> my first cake did not look like this at all. not smooth around the sides. it was a little too sweet. >> reporter: that was then. now you can consider yuki a pro. along with a friend from her undergrad years at berkeley, yuki accepted the challenge to compete on season 2 of peacock's "baking it". >> if someone told me in 2020 you're going to be a baker on a tv show, i would have been, like, wrong. >> reporter: before we get to the show, i have to explain how the self-taught baker got here.
6:48 am
it started in this kitchen in oakland and then there was covid. >> struggling, cooped up inside the house. i needed something to do with my hands and be creative, and i just got on tiktok and kept scrolling, and then i started this custom cake journey. >> reporter: creating cakes and a company. >> my first name, which is part of my business name, barika, it actually means successful. >> reporter: but success wasn't instant. >> when i first started searching, i did not see a lot of representation of bakers who looked like me, came from backgrounds and cultures like me. >> reporter: her mistakes soon became masterpieces and then her social media post prompted a direct message from one of "baking it" producers. >> it sounded like a lot of pressure but i tried to reframe it, this could be a really fun opportunity to showcase my talents. >> reporter: but it wasn't just about her. yuki also thought about those little girls who look like her facing obstacles of seeing
6:49 am
themselves in places they dream. >> i really hope that inspires her to think, i can do that, too. >> reporter: it kind of goes into that, when you say, if you see it, you can be it. >> i can be a face of representation for the young little black girl who is with her easy bake oven whipping something good up. >> so yuki is all about giving back as well. since 2020, her mutual aid program has raised $12,000 for kids in the oakland community and she's not stopping there. so starting february 5th and running until the 12th, you can purchase tickets for her cake, it's going to be cooked and designed by barika bakes. those tickets are $5. you can buy 10, 20, 30, if you want to. on the 12th she will announce the winner just in time for valentine's day. you can visit her website. i'll be putting this on my facebook page as well. i'm sure you're wondering, how well did she do? i won't tell you how it ended, but i can tell you she goes very
6:50 am
far. you can see all the episodes streaming on peacock. it's a fun show. >> i was just going to ask if you felt inspired to start baking by being in her kitchen. >> she said all the mistakes. i would just rather buy them from her. she has cakes for all kind of events, as well as valentines, which is coming up right now. there you have it. >> the cast they have, the competitors, the show has a lot of representation. it's very diverse. >> it's a good show. and her cakes are good. i had the red velvet. >> rubbing it in. >> i'm going to tell you -- i told er, i said, i'm coming back, and then i'll bring you cakes. >> sounds good. let's get started this morning. it is another cold one and it is all clear, but look at this view from oracle park looking at the harbor. boy, it is beautiful as we look across the bay and wait for the sun to come up.
6:51 am
eventually it's going to help warm up temperatures. but right now we're seeing a lot of spots inland dipping near or below freezing. we're at 29 degrees right now in santa rosa, only 43 in san francisco, and 31 in mountain view, 30 right now in dublin. also low 30s for the south county. but then when we compare the arctic blast that is also hitting much of the rest of the country, well, it's 28 degrees in dallas this morning and there's a wintery mix. they've had a lot of issues down south because of this cold air. we do have a nice recovery. we're headed for the low 60s in the south bay, 61 in milpitas and 62 in gilroy. east bay, 59 in concord, as well as 59 in livermore, and upper 50s for san mateo and daly city. san francisco reaching 58 downtown, and the north bay hitting 58 degrees in sonoma, as well as ukiah. we are getting ready for rain as well. approaching the weekend for friday morning, we're going to see showers first moving into the north bay, very early in the
6:52 am
morning. and then tapering off to more scattered activity for the afternoon. saturday is looking dry and then sunday more widespread rain in the forecast. so pretty much most of our weekend is going to be wet, except for saturday, and then in total we're looking at the possibility of about three-quarters of an inch of rain to possibly over an inch for parts of the north bay. i'll have more details as we get closer. mike, you have a traffic alert in san jose. >> that's right. that's the only one that continues. north 101 at storey, but it is proving to be a big impact, slow from capitol expressway to the 260 interchange. that's shifting traffic, 85 to 87. this shorter route here on highway 101, still about 15, almost 20 minutes. the traffic is building. sending more traffic north. see how it's rippling from one crash throughout the south bay? the better news is the rest of the bay moves smoothly and the crash investigation on highway 4 has just cleared from westbound
6:53 am
lanes. quick recovery off 680. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. 6:52 right now. happening now, cal has fired a long-time swimming coach who was the first woman to serve as u.s. olympic swimming team head coach. last spring, the school placed teri mckeever on leave after cal swimmers reportedly walked out of practice claping they were bullied. in a letter, the athletic director says an independent law firm confirmed allegations leading to her dismissal. in a new response, mckeever refuses the claims and is expressing disappointment with the investigation. next we'll have a look at the top stories we're working on. a search for a mountain lion that attacked a young boy and, breaking news, tom brady announcing his retirement. why he says this time is for good. first, here is a look at what's coming up on the "today" show. >> coming up on "today," a rare piece of good news if you're
6:54 am
struggling with sky high food prices. we'll take a look at why some major stores actually want to lower your next g
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6:56 am
6:57 am
it is 6:56 this morning. want to welcome you back. we are moving you forward with a look at top stories here on "today in the bay." the potential rumbles about tom brady joining the 49ers, they're out the window. >> legendary quarterback announcing this morning on social media he is retiring for good. he posted a video on twitter saying he couldn't change a thing about his 23-year career. he also thanked everyone in his life for their support. brady also retired last offseason before changing his mind 40 days later. this announcement putting a damper on many 49ers fans that had hoped that brady would join the team. brady's announcement going viral on social media quickly this morning, with many people posting an emoji of a goat, which means greatest of all time. more breaking news, fbi agents will searching president biden's delaware beach house right now according to his attorney, who also says that there is no warrant involved in
6:58 am
the search. it is consensual. it follows the discovery of documents with classified markings found at biden's wilmington residence and a washington, d.c. think tank office. previously the white house stated no classified documents were found at the beach house. a child attacked by a mountain lion in the rural san mateo area, and the big cat is still outer there. >> which is concerning to so many. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live this morning. the good news is the young child is going to be okay. >> reporter: yeah, a young boy is going to make a full recovery, but was treated at a trauma center for puncture wounds. sometimes that means bites, sometimes clawing, but he is going to be okay. we know this happened about 7:00 last night in rural san mateo county, just off tunitas road about 7:00 last night along a single lane windy road. san mateo sheriff's deputies tell us the boy was walking on a trail with his family, he got a
6:59 am
little ahead and that's when the mountain lion pounced. the department of fish and wildlife now handling the search for that cougar. we'll tell you if you're headed out for a run or hike, the advice from the national park service is if you come across a mountain lion, make sure they have a way to get away. they are generally non confrontational, and make yourself look really big and don't run or squat down. keep the kids and pets close. in san mateo county, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." it's a cold one to start out the day. >> yes, but it will be nice and mild for the afternoon. we're headed for the upper 50s and low 60s. by tomorrow we're getting ready for rain and we'll be mostly here on friday morning and, again, for sunday. >> we still have this traffic alert for san jose and unfortunately i've just learned there are major injuries for this crash on north 101. three lanes are blocked just past storey road. that's why traffic is jammed up for 101, pushing traffic to 85,
7:00 am
87 and rippling toward 17 as possible for the south bay. >> we also come back with local news updates every half hour. our first one is coming up at 7:25. >> don't forget to join us for our midday newscast at 11:00. look at the beautiful sunrise there. buenos días, otro día de another day of brutal cold and ice on tap for tens of millions. >> al says it's far from over. it's february 1st. this is "today." paralyzing, the firmly in the grips of that dangerous ice storm. >> when i say it's solid -- >> accidents, power outages and canceled flights mounting overnight. while those brutally cold temperatures now stretch from the rockies all the way to new england. we've got your full forecast. emotional goodbye. thousands expected to attend tyre nichols' funeral today. >> justice for


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