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tv   Today  NBC  February 4, 2023 5:30am-7:00am PST

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good morning. thanks forego you're weekend with us. it is a great day to stay bundled. >> bitterly cold temperatures gripping the country this morning, but there is relief in sight. it's february 4th. this is "today." bone-chilling. 26 million people across the northeast waking up to life-threatening temperatures this morning. >> i'm definitely feeling it. >> arctic blast bringing windchills feel like 30 below. we'll have the full forecast and tell you when the highly
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anticipated warm up will finally be here. up in the air. the white house closely monitoring the suspected chinese spy balloon. now moving east across the continental u.s. china claiming it is not used for surveillance. the u.s. saying that is a bunch of hot air amid calls for many to shoot it down. this as a second balloon has been detected. we'll tell you where it is. monkey business. police make an arrest in connection with the string of escapes at the dallas zoo, including monkeys and a leleopa. >> the thought that one person might have committed all of these is mind blowing to us. >> could more charge be cming? all that, plus, do you bey-lieve? fans hope that beyonce will take home the grammy of the year award tomorrow night and the
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bey-hive is buzzing with anticipation. today, february 4th, 2023. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with peter alexander and kristen welker. welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on this saturday morning. if you are a fan of the grammys, it is a good weekend to stay inside and watch because it is so cold, it hurts to be outside. >> what did mom and dad say? layers is the best way to go this weekend. it is punishingly cold across the country. >> all of your layers. if you haven't been outside, it is freezing. take a look at the cold places in the northeast. boston feeling like it's 35 below. portland, maine at negative 39. new york, negative 10. detroit is the warmest coming in at zero degrees. >> that is nothing like what it feels like this morning in mount
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washington in new hampshire. look at that. from another planet. windchill there is an incredible 107 degrees below zero. that is the lowest temperature ever recorded in the u.s. >> it does look like it is out of a movie. let's get to it in the full forecast in a moment, but first, emilie ikeda is in boston. she drew the short straw. emilie, good morning. >> reporter: guys, this is the cold that makes it hard to talk. yesterday around this time it was in the 20s and now look at they are mom tore. below freezing. it feels more like minus 30. a cold boston has not seen since 2016. people across the region are waking up to the frigid temperatures, some are waking up without power knocking out trees and power lines. as the coldest weather in north
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america descends on new hampshire, many are waking up to the windchills. the winter wallop in the upper midwest and allowing the ice castles to flourish. a dangerous freeze you can't. the cold shutting several schools in boston which is under a cold weather emergency. doctors urging people to heed warnings and limit time outside. >> these temperatures are life threatening. if you are extreme of age, young or older, you are more at risk of developing symptoms and getting sicker faster. >> reporter: warming centers are trying to beat the bitter freeze for people which could bring record lows to new york and boston and providence today. northern maine sinking to a windchill of 60 below with intensifying winds bringing up
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snow globe conditions. >> look at all that powder that is sitting right above the ice. >> reporter: nothing compares to the minus 100 windchill on new hampshire's mount washington. meantime, the south is thawing out from the ice storm that left the region in a mess of trees and power lines. days later, more than 100,000 residents remain without power. >> i haven't slept in two days. my apartment is cold. >> reporter: power outages are a threat in the windy northeast. thousands waking up without power as the weekend weather packs a dangerous punch. unfortunately, this arctic blast took a deadly turn in southwick, massachusetts. high-powered winds toppled a tree on a car with a woman and infant inside. >> emilie, go inside and get
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warm. thank you. we turn to somara theodore for a look at the cold. >> we still have to get through it. walking around yesterday, i know you were asking this has to be breaking some record. it was. you saw the visuals in mount washington in new hampshire. the winds reaching 127 miles there yesterday. 108 degrees below zero is what it felt like. now we have people, 26 million people impacted by the cold weather. windchills and advisoies from scranton, pennsylvania up to maine. this is for our friends heading out the door in buffalo. feels like 14 degrees below zero. in boston, minus 35 degrees is the current windchill. in portland, maine, minus 39 degrees. it is frigid.
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as peter mentioned, a warm up is on the way. by tomorrow, things will be really looking up. milder with the temperature color palate here. we still have to get through the cold. i cannot stress enough. just before frost bite, you can get frost nip. the skin feels numb and looks red. then the frost bite. it turns the pale color. then deep frost bite. this can happen quickly. layer up. if you can, stay indoors. back to you both. >> keep the hats on. somara, thank you. we will get the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. the other major story. officials are tracking the suspected chinese spy balloon.
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many are calling to shoot it down. wehave courtney kube who broke the story and is here with us. >> good morning. this balloon is still over the u.s. today. it is making its way east. officials are watching it closely and continuing to assess whether it presents a threat to americans and whether they need to act. the suspected chinese spy balloon is over the move over the continental u.s. the pentagon will not reveal the track or speed. flying over military assets along the way. >> i will not go any specific locations. it is moving east. >> reporter: the footage captured by the nbc ffiliate in kansas city. nbc news has not verified the video. pilots reporting a balloon adrift in the area. the balloon was detected in alaska this week tracking it through canada and montana. spotted less than 200 miles from the u.s. ballistic missile silos. on friday, president biden
5:39 am
decided not to bring it down after debris could hit people on the ground. it is flying at 60,000 feet. officials say it doesn't threaten aviation or civilians, they are not ruling out taking it down. >> eventually, we will have to shoot it down. i know the pentagon is working on the options. >> reporter: nbc news has learned the u.s. is taking action to weaken the surveillance abilities. including counter intelligence measures to obscure the views and moving things out of itsing path. some balloons have ability to release drones or sensors. this balloon has a large payload, but the pentagon says there is no view of the nuclear activity. the chinese government saying it is a civilian airship used for research mainly meteorological.
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the pentagon disagrees. >> the fact is we know it is a surveillance balloon. i'm not going to be more specific. >> reporter: it is a clear violation of law according to the biden administration. the chinese ministry of foreign affairs insists china is a responsible country and abided by international laws. >> some of the tracks including the one from noaa show itting moving out of the u.s. soon. some officials say it may linger over the u.s. for the next few days. now officials are tracking a second balloon across latin america. >> it will keep you busy. courtney kube, thank you. the u.s. secretary of state blinken was supposed to travel to china for this weekend for an historic visit with president xi, but after the discovery of the balloon, he postponed his trip.
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ryan nobles is at the white house with how the biden administration is reacting. ryan. >> reporter: peter, good morning. president biden has yet to publicly weigh in on the situation with the chinese spy balloon. playing down the threat. letting the state department and pentagon do most of the talking. it is clear that they are taking this issue very seriously and part because as you mentioned the secretary of state blinken postponing his anticipated trip to china that had been scheduled for today. that hasn't been enough for republicans who are using this incident as an opportunity to hammer president biden for being too soft on china criticizing the decision to not bring it down. meanwhile, officials in congress are looking for answers how this happened. peter. >> ryan nobles at the white house. thank you. the white house is also celebrating historically strong jobs report. labor department said on friday the economy added more than 500,000 jobs in january.
5:42 am
doubling what was predicted for the month. unemployment fell to 3.4%. the lowest in more than half a century. nbc's brian cheung is here. brian, it is good to see you. let's dive into this. we have the hot jobs market report yesterday. that is why the fed has been increasing interest rates. what could this latest jobs report mean for interest rates and frankly the prices people pay at the grocery store? >> good morning, kristen and peter. blowout jobs report yesterday. how that interacts to your question is a lot like this. if you raise interest rates, as a consumer, you spend less. your mortgage is going up. your auto loan is going up. your credit card is going up. if you are hiring, it impacts the head count. if you expandexpanding, you mayo that or you may start to lay
5:43 am
people off. that is why the federal reserve has aggressively raised interest rates over the course of the last year, they were projecting the unemployment rate would go up. instead, the unemployment rate has been going down. 3.4%. we have not seen that type of unemployment rate since 1969. surprising many at the federal reserve. >> brian, we have seen a lot of headlines about big layoffs. mostly in the tech industry. clearly a lot of other sectors are hiring these days. where are those new jobs and why this shift? >> peter, a lot of headlines around the tech industry. when you look at the likes of meta, google, amazon, we see over 10,000 jobs at each of the firms over the last few months t. is important to note the tech sector is the small sliver of the economy which employs 153 million people. where we saw the jobs gains is leisure and hospitality. bars and restaurants adding
5:44 am
128,000. we saw professional and business services and health care adding thousands. it tells you the story is very different than what we have been hearing from the tech sector. when you hear from the likes of the airline industry, they are hiring aggressively. walmart is being aggressive on raising minimum wage to retain workers. chipotle is adding 15,000 jobs, apparently, ahead of burrito season. more people eat burritos between march and may. >> who knew there was a burrito season? >> i did not. >> brian, looming overall of this is concerns of the potential recession. when you look at the numbers, brian, what do you think it means for the possibility the u.s. could dip into recession? >> one economist from fannie mae says it reduces the likelihood of recession in the early part of the year. you don't tend to see over 500,000 jobs added in a single the month or unemployment rate at 3.4%.
5:45 am
the worry comes from the inflation side. the federal reserve wants it closer to 2% over 6%. for what it is worth, that 6.5% is better than the 9.1% we were facing in the summer of last year. the inflation picture getting better. the unemployment rate hasn't gone up yet. it is something to celebrate with regards to how the economy looks. >> we'll take it. brian cheung, thank you. i appreciate it. now to what had been a growing mystery of the dallas zoo. who was damaging enclosures there and allowing animals to get out? police have made an arrest in the case. nbc's morgan chesky is outside the dallas zoo. >> reporter: peter, the zoo is grateful for closure in the case that in the last few days and weeks has brought international attention to the dallas zoo for
5:46 am
all of the wrong reasons. this morning, justice for a clouded leopard and two tamarian monkeys. bella and finn are waking up at home following their mysterious disappearance. the 24-year-old now faces six charges of cruelty and two additional charges for burglary to a building. one charge connected to the escaped leopard nova. authorities are investigating the death of the endangered vulture. >> we determined he is tied to the other cases. the vulture case is still under investigation. there is still more possible charges. >> reporter: the zoo says surveillance video from this one on the grounds were critical. the zoo will install more cameras and additional technology and fencing. almost tripling the patrols and
5:47 am
increasing overnight staffing. officials keeping cautious. >> the thought one person might have committed all of these is a little mind blowing to us. >> reporter: the zoo says workers are on high alert and remaining vigilant as they recover to care for the monkeys. >> the care they have here is specialized care and staff who care forcritters. >> reporter: the two monkeys are recovering before rejoining their friends in the enclosure, there is a new disappearance brewing up in the northeast. eurasian eagle the owl has gone missing. they have yet to figure out
5:48 am
where it needs to get to where it belongs. >> morgan, we will see you from outside the central park zoo. >> on my way. >> i appreciate it. thank you. somara is back with the check of the forecast. somara, we know itis frigid on the east coast. what about the rest? >> they are experiencing a storm in the mountains of california and nevada. the big story remains. bone-chilling cold in the northeast. winds at 127 miles an hour in new hampshire. breaking records in mount washington. we thaw out that way tomorrow. >> good morning from the bay area. we're taking a live look over san jose. a very foggy start. please be careful out there. we have some limited visibility
5:49 am
around the south bay, anywhere 2 to 5 miles of visibility. a little more dense fog as you move into the central valley. yes, tomorrow, we are waiting for rain. the heavier pockets will move in later tonight, so please be careful if you are out and about. we'll be tracking all of it coming up at 7:00 a.m. please join that's a look at the local forecast. peter and kristen. >> somara, thank you. still to come, another dramatic day of testimony in the trial of the south carolina attorney accused of killing his wife and son. will the jury hear about his leged financial cralim
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we're back on saturday morning with "the weekly download." >> we have joe fryer with us. >> kristen and peter, good to see you. among the headlines, emotional farewell for the man at the center of the horrific police brutality case. mourners gathered in memphis to remember the life of tyre nichols. the 29-year-old seen beaten to death by police in a traffic stop. >> tyre was a beautiful person. for this to happen to him is unimaginable. >> i'll never forget my brother. i'll never forget my gemini twin. >> new mexico prosecutors charged alec baldwin for the death of halyna hutchins.
5:53 am
>> baldwin was not present for the training before filming. >> the armorrer was also charged. i'm retiring for good. >> seven-time super bowl champion tom brady called it quits again. >> thank you for allowing me to live my absolute dream. i wouldn't change a thing. >> brady has already signed a reported ten-year $375 million contract with fox sports to become the top analyst. >> punxsutawney phil made his weather prediction on groundhog day. it is not good news if you are awaiting spring.
5:54 am
>> above all else, i see a shadow on my stage. so, no matter how you measure, it's six more weeks of winter weather. >> some moments caught on camera. atlanta police rushed to rescue the driver of the stolen police car after it flipped over on train tracks. they pulled the driver out in time before the train crashed into the car. >> in oklahoma, the semi truck skidded out of control on the highway narrowly avoiding oncoming traffic. no injuries were reported. >> in texas, police release this video from last week's tornado. this officer braved the elements to rescue his k-9 partner from the squad car. both were okay. >> finally, seventh grader j.j. had the chance to win $10,000 at the high school basketball game in north dakota if he got four
5:55 am
specific shots in 25 seconds. he easily made the first three shots and he winds up for the one-hander from half-court with the crowd on its feet. way to go, j.j. >> awesome. >> now j.j., a lot of friends and family will come out of the wood work now. they want that money. >> that's right. actually he says he will use that money to pay for college. what a good kid. >> that is awesome. good for him. >> good-looking shot. still to come on "today," all hail queen bey. we will have a preview
5:56 am
good morning. thanks for joining us on this saturday, february 4th. i'm kira klapper. a man is under arrest for firing a gun in a san francisco synagogue, though his identity isn't being released. the jewish community is taking action after he started firing a gun inside. we showed you this video from wednesday night at the richmond district. cameras captured the moment the man walked in and started firing what appears to be blanks at a group of people sitting inside for a meeting. now, synagogue leaders say they plan to have a security car parked in front of the building
5:57 am
for this weekend. the arrest was made thanks to the help of the san francisco fbi. they believe the same man walked into the balboa theater and flashed a gun on tuesday. the investigation continues. the search has been called off for the mountain lion that attacked a 5-year-old boy. it happened earlier in san mateo county. the boy was with his family in half moon bay when he walked ahead of his family and was attacked by a mountain lion cub. he was treated for numerous cuts and a broken bone near his eye. his family, though, says he's in good spirits. crews with the california department of fish and wildlife had been trying to capture the mountain lion, but the agency says they have been denied access to private properties in the area to look for the animal. we have a quick look at the microclimate forecast. it was a little misty on my drive in. >> same for me, too.
5:58 am
that dense fog has been sticking around the bay area. there is a dense fog advisory until 7:00, but it's slowly starting to burn off and move a little toward the central valley. be careful if you are out there on the road. give yourself enough space between cars. right now, it's less than 3 miles of visibility. along the shoreshoreline, as we. all the moisture as we await the rain today is bumping up our temperatures a little bit. 49 out there in the coast at point reyes, and mid to upper 40s in the inland valleys. the storm is tracking to the west of us, but it'll move in later this afternoon. we'll track it hour by hour at 7:00 a.m. >> thanks. coming up on "today in the bay," preparations are under way for the lunar new year parade in san francisco. police are ramping up security ahead of the massive event. we'll have that, plus all
5:59 am
your top stories and cynthia's full forecast coming up at 7:00. we hope you join us. in the meantime, we'll send you back to the "today" show.
6:00 am
we are back on saturday morning, february 4th, 2023. a pretty sunrise in the live look at onset, massachusetts. 8 below there. the windchill is 29 below zero this morning. the good news is a little relief is on the way. temperatures will start rising tomorrow. >> that can't happen soon enough. all right. let's begin this half hour with the check of the headlines. a sixth memphis police officer is out of a job over the violent death of tyre nichols.
6:01 am
the officer was out on friday for violating policies. he was caught on camera tasing nichols and hoped he would be stomped for running away. five others have been fired and criminally charged in the beating death of the 29-year-old and another suspended. two fire department emts had their medical licenses suspended. 5,000 ohio residents are under a shelter in place order after a train derailment sparked a fire overnight. homes within a mile were evacuated. firefighters from three states responded to the flames. it is still not clear what caused the derailderailment. it happened near the pennsylvania border. no one was injured. the epa is monitoring air quality in the area and reported no problems so far. five players ejected from the nba game between the magic and timber wolves last night.
6:02 am
the fight was when mobamba came off the bench and threw punches. three players from the t-wolves were tossed out. this came after the fight in the grizzlies game with the cavaliers game. the murder trial of south carolina attorney alex murdaugh resumes next week. on friday, prosecutors argue they should be allowed to present evidence to the jury that murdaugh allegedly stole millions of dollars. prosecutors argue he killed his wife and son to gain sympathy. catie beck has the latest from the south carolina courtroom. >> reporter: will the alleged crimes be heard by the jury? prosecutors calling more witnesses without the jury present on friday.
6:03 am
including the son of gloria satterfield. the housekeeper who died after a reported fall down the stairs in 2019. >> did you give permission to steal your money? >> no. >> did you ever get one cent from alex murdaugh before all there happened? >> no. >> reporter: murdaugh is accused of stealing $4 million insurance payout for her death. the defense earlier this week showing the jury a different side of murdaugh. a birthday celebration for alex murdaugh in happier times. his son, paul, delivering the cake. painting a wholesome picture of the family. >> awesome relationship as well from everything i could see. >> reporter: but prosecutors say this video and other defense questioning opened the door for their witnesses who they say describe alex's darker side. testifying how he stole money from the family firm and his clients. >> they need to understand what this man was hiding. >> reporter: another video stirring debate.
6:04 am
this up loaded to snapchat about an hour before his death. prosecutors taking aim at the clothing in the video. the clothes don't match the white t-shirt and shorts he wore when investigators arrived three hours later. >> those are the clothes i saw in the video. >> reporter: on friday, testimony from witnesses stating no fingerprints found at the crime seen and shell casings were similar to others found at the property. peter and kristen. >> catie beck, thank you. somara is back with another check of the weather. you are tracking winter weather on the east coast? >> the snow is hiding in california. winter alerts through sunday and bear valley and lake tahoe and three rivers and kernville. what we expect is a combination of rain and snow. in the higher elevations, we are looking at snow. we could see 12 to 18 inches in
6:05 am
the higher elevations. then the rain is heavy along the coastlines. we could see anywhere from 1 to 2 inches. the rainfall reaching up to portland, oregon. as far as timing, we are anticipating a lot of this to rev up this evening and tonight. if you are living in california or on the west coast, you have plans to spend a night out on the town saturday, be prepared for it to be soggy. inland will have snow. this is 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. the snow spreads >> yeah, somara was talking about california. let's take a live look at downtown san francisco. we could see fog there in the distance. as she was saying, if you have plans to be out and about today for the lunar new year, this is what you can expect going into the evening hours.
6:06 am
dense cloud cover and rain in the forecast. we're going to be talking about the rain at 7:00 a.m., and talk about when the heavier pockets of rain are expected that could possibly bring us thunderstorms and even som and that's the look at your local forecast. peter and kristen. >> thank you, somara. >> thank you, somara. just ahead, w't youon my asthma felt anything but normal. a blood test helped show my asthma is driven by eosinophils, which nucala helps reduce. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. nucala is not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala. for your most brilliant smile, crest has you covered.
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this morning on "consumer confidential" easing the price you pay at the grocery store. we don't have to tell you that inflation has taken a big bite out of the food budgets. >> the supermarket chains are working to lower prices because they are worried about losing customers. >> sam brock has more on that and how you can save the next time shopping. >> reporter: supermarket shoppers are starting to reach a boiling point. >> i'm not paying $4 for an apple. >> reporter: shelling out $8 for eggs. and butter nutsquash? >> $15. >> reporter: video from tiktok user. >> i went to walmart and
6:10 am
purchased these things for $10. >> reporter: who documented the same items, rice, beans and potatoes jumped 50% by the start of 2023. the video now viewed more than 2 million times. >> what do you think it is about that clip that is speaking to people right now? >> i think i hit a nerve. i think that it is something that a lot of people are struggling with right now how prices have increased so rapidly. >> reporter: grocery stores are trying to pump the brakes on food inflation up 11.8% year over year in december. actually down slightly from the previous two months. the wall street journal reporting whole foods is asking suppliers to lower prices. >> we are seeing some pressure from retailers on suppliers. that is true especially for the larger players. we are also seeing some of the suppliers pro-actively try to lower the cost of goods to be
6:11 am
competitive. >> reporter: he says premium retailers are trying to prevent shoppers from moving chains and companies want to stop their customers from moving to discount locations. something research shows is already happening. >> i don't know how families can keep doing this. >> reporter: as for whether the strategy is working? it depends on what deals grocer can negotiate. packaged prices are dropping in price as supply chain issues improve. some important tips for savings. unit prices so you know which is cheaper and make a list and keep a spending journal. >> i don't think the grocery bills will come back to what they were in 2020 or 2019. if we look at the past periods of high inflation, the prices don't come down.
6:12 am
they stop going up. >> this is the new reality? >> the new reality. >> reporter: sam brock, nbc news. >> great tips by sam. i like the idea of writing a list. i actually do that. i think i try to stick to that every time. >> shrinkflation. six chips later. what happened? >> right. still ahead, the unbreakable still ahead, the unbreakable bond with a father and moderate to severe eczema still disrupts my skin. despite treatment it disrupts my skin with itch. it disrupts my skin with rash. but now, i can disrupt eczema with rinvoq. rinvoq is not a steroid, topical, or injection. it's one pill, once a day, that's effective without topical steroids. many taking rinvoq saw clear or almost-clear skin while some saw up to 100% clear skin. plus, they felt fast itch relief some as early as 2 days. that's rinvoq relief. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb.
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we are back with an incredible story about the power of family. >> peter, you met this incredible father/son team. >> you will be impressed. after scott survived a motorcycle accident, he and his son grant, look to face a life-altering challenge with courage and grit. >> reporter: deep in the woods of western maryland, a show of strength. >> one more for the road. >> reporter: and a son's love for his dad. >> scott, who is that? >> legally he is my stepson. he feels like blood. >> reporter: their's is an unbreakable bond. scott was cruising down the road on his motorcycle.
6:16 am
a ride that would change everything. >> not a cloud in the sky. >> reporter: another driver turned right in front of scott. he slammed into the windshield. the force of the crash throwing him 80 feet. his harley destroyed. his life hanging by a thread when his son grant taylor's phone rang. >> how did you find out? >> i got a call from a random number. your dad got in a motorcycle accident. he is not going to survive. your mom is hysterical. >> reporter: scott was air lifted to the trauma center in baltimore. after surviving tours in afghanistan and iraq, receiving a bronze star, the army veteran was in a coma and leg shattered and spinal cord fractured. the next day, doctors called on grant to make a choice. >> there is not a good chance he will live, but the leg. it is a hard decision.
6:17 am
he would be okay with that. >> reporter: scott was in that medically induced coma for five days. grant's dad was paralyzed from the waist down and told he would never walk again. >> it breaks you down or kills you or makes something of you. >> when you woke from the coma, what is the first thing you said to him? >> all you need is grit and love. >> how did those words change your life? >> the word grit grabbed on to me. it is grind, grit and grace. to have that grit is being able to take that step forward. >> reporter: while scott was away for months of grueling rehab, grant transformed his parents' home. he wasn't finished. grant left his job as an event coordinator to be a certified personal trainer. grant built a gym for his dad in
6:18 am
the basement. they had a shared goal. disproved doubters. they battled for months. >> we got to walk. >> reporter: then a breakthrough. >> something as though it was a miracle. he looked at me and his face was red. i see a tear rolling down his eye. he moved his leg. >> reporter: on this day with our cameras rolling, scott did it again. >> you did it. you know, talking about it and getting it done. we continue to get that done. i love you. >> reporter: for this father and son, grit was no longer just a word, but a motto. >> grit's all you need. >> grit is all you need. >> i got the tattoo the day he said it to remind myself every day of keeping on going and my
6:19 am
reason and we're in this together. >> i talked to scott last night. he now is eyeing getting his grit tattoo on his chest just like his son. grant is so impressive. literally today in maryland, not far from where they live, he is opening up his own business. it's called find your grit to help others. >> incredible. strength and shared strength together and about the love. what a beautiful story. love that. >> inspiration. thank you, peter. still to come, the sweet story behind this moment. the power of song to bring back
6:20 am
6:21 am
still to come on "today," everything you need to know about the grammy awards.
6:22 am
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but your dog's best friend is your ex-girlfriend... because she always has irresistible pup-peroni. be your best friend's best friend. pup-peroni. good morning. thanks for joining us on this saturday, february 4th. i'm kira klapper. the search has been called off
6:27 am
for the mountain lion that attacked a 5-year-old boy. it happened earlier this week in san mateo county. jack was hiking with his family in the hills above half moon bay when he walked ahead of them and was attacked by a mountain lion cub. the 5-year-old was treated for numerous cuts and a broken bone near his eye. his family, though, says he is in good spirits. crews with the california department of fish and wildlife have been trying to capture tha denied access to private properties in the area to continue their search for the animal. this new round of rain is bringing a new set of concerns for people in the east bay, especially in spots where hillsides gave way last month. slides caused some significant problems in both the oakland and berkeley hills. the city of orinda is monitoring where a home slid down a hillside. a lot of work has been done to support the hillsides, but the return of the rainy weather has
6:28 am
many on edge. >> there is a gigantic pile of mud up there, and, you know, it wants to come down. i hope we're not here when it does. >> people are urged to pay close attention to conditions. in you notice a potential problem, report it to your city's public works department right away. it's a perfect time now to check in with cynthia for a look at the conditions out there this morning. >> definitely landslide concerns. something we'll keep an eye on right now. it's the threat of thunderstorm activity and possibly hail that we'll talk about coming up at 7:00 a.m. i did want to let you know we still have this dense fog to our east in the central valley until 7:00 a.m. in the bay area. gorgeous picture of downtown san francisco. many awaiting the lunar new year parade. i don't want to rain on your parade, but we might see sprinkles by the time the parade gets going around 5:00. coming up at 7:00 a.m., we'll be
6:29 am
tracking this storm hour by hour for you, talk about the impacts that it could bring around the bay area. of course, we'll also take it up to the sierra, where definitely do not recommend going this weekend. beyond that, in our extended forecast, it is looking much better. all that coming up at 7:00 a.m. for now, bock to you. >>en thanks. also coming up on "today in the bay," is it too early for baseball season? not for giants fans. the free event that's happening today, bringing the stars out to oracle park. we'll have that plus all your top stories and cynthia's full forecast at 7:00. we hope you join us. right now, back to "today." it's official, america. xfinity mobile is the fastest mobile service. and gives you unmatched savings with the best price for two lines of unlimited. only $30 a line per month. that means you could save hundreds a year over t-mobile, at&t and verizon. the fastest mobile service and major savings?
6:30 am
can't argue with the facts. no wonder xfinity mobile is one of the fastest growing mobile services, now with over 5 million customers and counting. get in on the savings and switch today. good morning. arctic chill. 26 million people in the northeast waking up to the coldest temperatures they have seen in decades. windchills making conditions dangerous with temperatures feel like 30 or 40 below in areas. there is good news in the forecast. when you can expect the temperatures to start to rise. spy games? the white house closely monitoring the chinese spy balloon flying over the u.s. china claiming it is for weather, not surveillance as
6:31 am
secretary of state antony blinken cancels the trip to meet with president xi. and the bey-hive is buzzing. beyonce ready to face the music in grammys. where she is nominated nine times and including album of the year. is this the year she takes home music's big prize? today, saturday, february 4th, 2023. >> hi. this is liz and neah here at sunshine academy in dallas, texas. i'm celebrating 70 years. >> we're from new orleans. sending love. >> i'm kayla. >> i'm karla. >> happy mardi gras. welcome back to "today" on saturday morning.
6:32 am
happy birthday to my brother and sister. >> i hope they are staying warm. >> they are. with that, we get right to the weather. that is all anyone is talking about. cold temperatures. it is freezing outside and tens and millions in the northeast are in agreement on that. it seems like we don't have to deal with it much longer. we will have the full forecast in a moment. we first turn to emilie ikeda in boston. emilie, it is so cold, we can see your breath. >> reporter: in one word, frigid. i'm looking forward to the relief in the coming days. this morning, millions waking up to windchills 20 below or worse. that includes those of us here in boston. we are looking at windchills 30 below. that is a cold this city has not seen in seven years. record lows also set today in new york city and providence. let me tell you, nothing
6:33 am
compares to the temperatures recorded at mount washington in new hampshire. windchills dipping below minus 100. stunning numbers there. strong winds wrecking havoc toppling trees and power poles and the scaffolding. warming centers are opening offering refuge. doctors say limit your time if you go out doors. a couple of precautions. the key is layers. make sure they are not too tight restricting blood flow. you want to keep your mouth covered to protect your lungs from the icy air. opt for mittens over gloves. look at your house. you don't want pipes bursting. you want to keep your cabinets open. keep your faucets dripping to prevent any pipes from bursting. make sure you are not turning to
6:34 am
gas stoves for heat. turn to those warming centers if you need refuge from the frigid weather. guys. >> it is a tough live shot. you got through with your mouth working, emilie. thank you for that. warm up. we appreciate it. somara will join us for the warm up in a moment. and to the sky high drama after the suspected chinese spy balloon hovering over the u.s. days ago. courtney kube has been keeping an eye on it and reaction from the white house and pentagon. what is the latest? >> the balloon is on the move and moving east. the u.s. military detected it in alaska this week tracking it through canada and into montana. it was spotted less than 200 miles away from the u.s. ballistic missile silos. president biden decided not to bring it down after leaders
6:35 am
warned debris could hit people on the ground. nbc news learned the u.s. is taking action to weaken the surveillance capabilities. according to officials, using counter intelligence measures to obscure the views and moving things out of the path. this balloon has a large pay load, but the pentagon says there is no nuclear or radioactive material. the chinese government claimed it is theirs, but it is a weather balloon. the u.s. believes it is used for surveillance. there is a second one spotted over latin america. kristen. >> courtney, don't the chinese have spy satellites? >> they do. we are told this chinese spy balloon doesn't have many capabilities beyond what the chinese have in lower earth orbit in space. it may give them a slightly
6:36 am
better picture on the ground, but it is not a big new ability for them. >> we know you will continue to track it. courtney kube, thank you. an end to the case against musk. musk was cleared in the case by tesla investors. the tesla ceo did not mislead investors with the tweets about the deal to take the automaker private. the deal unrafld and the jury believed that musk had the financing secured and the jurors doubted that musk tweeting was the only reason tesla stock price was volatile at that time. all right. that's the news. how about morning boost? >> we have a good one. tender moment for you. an 89-year-old with dementia met her great grandson for the first time. >> i love you.
6:37 am
♪ a bushel and a peck ♪ ♪ a barrel and a heap ♪ ♪ about you ♪ ♪ about you ♪ ♪ cuz i love you ♪ ♪ i'm going to cry ♪♪ >> that is eleanor hanson. her daughter says she sung the bushel and a peck lullaby to her five children and 18 grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren. there is another great grand grandchild on the way. >> they will cherish that for a long time. thank you, joe. still ahead, steve patterson is in l.a. will beyonce take the grammy?
6:38 am
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6:41 am
all right. back now with "today's talker." the buzz is building ahead of the grammys. >> the question hovering is will beyonce take home the top awards she is nominated for? >> steve patterson is live in l.a. steve, the bey-hive is buzzing. >> good morning. if she scores three wins, beyonce would be tied for the most awarded person in grammy history. with nine nominations, it is not unlikely. as you mentioned, everyone is wondering if this is the year that she takes home album of the year. take a look. >> reporter: after two years of pandemic disruptions, the grammys are back in los angeles. so is the star studded
6:42 am
competition. ♪ break my soul ♪♪ >> reporter: beyonce leading the field with album of the year for dance and chart topping "renaissance." she is already the winningest woman in grammy history with 28, beyonce has yet to snag the top prize. losing album of the year to adele who beat out "lemonade" in 2017. >> the "lemonade" album was monumental. >> reporter: now a rematch. ♪ help me baby ♪♪ >> adele is one of the contenders going up against queen bey. ♪ not the same ♪♪ >> reporter: including harry styles and lizzo. this year's ceremony comes after the criticism in recent years for failing to recognize black artists in top categories.
6:43 am
the recording academy worked to diversify by inviting thousands of new members since 2018. >> the upgrade to the grammys should work in beyonce's favor. there will be more female voters and more people of color. the music community is better represented than it was five years ago. >> reporter: it is not just the bey-hive who will be watching closely sunday. puerto rican bad bunny could win album of the year with the spanish language record. another big one to watch is song of the year where taylor swift could earn the first ever win in the category. if you are a swifty, you have to wait to see what nomination she picks up since the latest album was released after the deadline. guys. >> tough competition.
6:44 am
lizzo. >> steve, could this be the year? >> i don't know. >> i know adele and beyonce. >> let's defer to somara and see about the quick check of the weather. >> bey-hive all day. let's talk about the weather. my weather producer ken said, somara, the average temperature on mars is minus81. we are breaking records. it feels like negative 108 out in mount washington, new hampshire. this was the record yesterday. they had 127-mile-an-hour wind gusts. 25 million people this morning are waking up to the frigid blast. these are current temperatures. walking outside in portland, negative 31 degrees. boston is feeling like 30 below zero. even areas like pottsville in
6:45 am
pennsylvania. we have warmer air moving in. this is the look at tomorrow's temperatures. really feeling this. in new york, 46 degrees. boston will be abou 8 above average tomorrow. in cleveland, in the low 40s. the cold snap lasts through today. we are warming up tomorrow. outdoor plans are better for tomorrow. in the meantime, i cannot stress this enough. layer up. we know about frost bite. we could get frost nip. when the skin turns red and feels numb. we see the superficial f >> from the east coast to the east bay here in california, let's go to martinez, currently 47 degrees. we can see the cloud cover and fog hang on. notice around 12:00, 1:00, we could see some rain starting to move into the forecast. right now, it is still staying
6:46 am
out in the pacific. it will pack a punch later on tonight. coming up at 7:00 a.m., we're going to talk about the next storm tonight, hour by hour. one of the heavier pockets expected this that's a look at the local forecast. i'll play you won't break my soul on the ride home. >> turn it up, somara. >> weather could break my soul today, too. thank you, somara. joe, you have "popstart oim
6:47 am
6:48 am
we are back on saturday morning. joe, you have "popstart."
6:49 am
>> first up is matthew mcconaughey and how to win a role in one day. the actor opened up about landing the role as ad executive in "how to lose a guy in 10 days." mcconaughey said he was on the fence about the part until the encounter with the fortune teller on sunset boulevard. he said the fortune teller told him, quote, there is a movie you are considering. a romantic comedy. you have to do it or it will be a big regret. the film would make him a lot of money and be a hit. mcconaughey said this made him think more seriously about the part and he accepted the next day. i like to think studios are telling fortune tellers out. and kelly clarkson and pink.
6:50 am
they teamed up for a stripped down hit for "what about us" which will air on kelly's talk show this month. ♪ what about us ♪ ♪ what about all the times ♪ ♪ you said you had ♪ ♪ the answers ♪ ♪ what about us ♪ ♪ what about all the broken ♪ ♪ happy ever afters ♪♪ >> beautiful, right? they also talked about pink's inspiration behind the track. she was thinking of her dad who always told her that her voice mattered and she could make a difference. you can catch the hour with kelly and pink on "the kelly clarkso show" on monday. and good news from morgan. she just welcomed her first baby. meet her. she was born thursday, february 2nd after midnight. mom, dad and baby are all doing well. morgan says she is already her
6:51 am
best friend and her wildest dream. congratulations to morgan and daddy david. that is "popstart." >> congratulations, morgan. she is beautil, fu jo i'm managing my high blood pressure, but i'm still a target for chronic kidney disease. and my type 2 diabetes means i'm also a target. we are targets too. millions have chronic kidney disease and 90% don't know they have it. so ask for your kidney numbers and farxiga. ♪ far-xi-ga ♪ if you have chronic kidney disease, farxiga reduces the risk of kidney failure, which can lead to dialysis. farxiga can cause serious side effects including dehydration, urinary tract or genital yeast infections in women and men, and low blood sugar. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may lead to death. a rare, life-threatening bacterial infection in the skin of the perineum could occur. stop taking farxiga and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of this bacterial infection, an allergic reaction, or ketoacidosis.
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i love it! are we in a wayfair commercial? maybe. personal sauna. ok i need that. ahhhhh! ♪ wayfair, you've got just what i need ♪ we want to end today, peter, we are sending condolences. you lost your grandma fay. >> she was one very special woman. my grandma fay passed away this week. you may have seen her on the side of the smuckers jar. 105. she survived spanish flu and covid-19. she was a strong and joyful loving force. she backed the tasty corned beef sandwiches and filled us up with
6:56 am
the poppyseed cookies. a couple of glasses of wine and she would talk yiddish. she was beloved by everybody who knew her. grandma fay would not stress the small stuff. she would say not to complain. no one wants to hear it. someone named helen commented about the nightly news report of mine that helen must not have liked. the post got one simple reply from fay alexander who wrote, drop dead, helen. i was dying. how grateful i am for all of the times we shared. my grandma was one hell of a woman. her memory will always be a blessing for us.
6:57 am
good morning. i'm kira klapper. coming up next on "today in the bay," preparations are under way for the lunar new year parade in san francisco. police ramping up security ahead of the event. plus, a victory for elon musk. the quick decision a jury made in the trial, and how he's responding to the win. and the rain continuings off and on today with foggy conditions as you head out on this saturday morning. cinthia pimentel has your full microclimate forecasnext at 7:t 00
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is saturday, february 4th. it's 7:00 on the dot as we take this live look outside at the san francisco's fire department boat under the bay bridge on a misty morning along the bay. thank you so much for starting your saturday morning with us.


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