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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 6, 2023 3:30am-4:00am PST

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breaking overnight, bracing for a dangerou the frantic evacuation efforts under way in ohio after a fiery train derailment sparked new fears of an explosion. tragedy in turkey. a powerful earthquake rattles the region, killing over 500 people we're live with the search-and-rescue efforts just getting under way this morning inflated tensions between the u.s. and china after a fighter jet shot down the fly balloon that floated from coast-to-coast and captured the country's attention. beijing issuing a new warning in
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response a 2024 shake-up. the caucus is getting primariled the democratic party aims to shift the first primary to south carolina but iowa and new hampshire are refusing to be taken for granted. and music's biggest night hits all the right notes the historic winners at the grammys, including an award renaissance for beyonce. >> just for reference, beyonce has now equalled the record for most grammys of any individual of all time. >> what will beyonce go from break my breaking ticketmaster we'll find out when her tour tickets go on sale in just a few hours. it's monday, february 6th. "early today" starts right now glad to be with you. i'm frances rivera >> and i'm phillip mena. we begin with breaking news in east palestine, ohio, right on the pennsylvania border where tanks full of toxic chemicals are in danger of blowing up after a train derailment several tank cars of
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carcinogenic vinyl chloride have been on sale since friday, with plumes of toxic smoke seen for miles. now officials are also warning that a drastic search change has taken place inside the wreckage, which means we could see a leak and a major explosion. >> this catastrophic failure will, if it occur, it will provide hydrogen chloride and phosgene gas into the atmosphere we're working with several federal agencies to determine a plume cloud for that we may need at some point in the near future to extend our mile radius out based on their professional recommendations and the models that they run >> everyone living within a one-mile radius of that site is already under mandatory evacuation orders. but officials say hundreds of people are still refusing to leave their homes. more than 500 people have died after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck southern syria
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and turkey this morning. nearly 3,000 more were injured rescue teams are frantically searching the rubble for survivors. for more on all of, this let's bring in claudio who joins us live good morning >> good morning, frances the u.s. geological survey said the epicenter was located from the 20 miles from gaziantep with devastating consequences in both countries. the last bulletin has been updated by the minutes now the vice president of turkey said that 284 people died so far. more than 2,300 were injured, and more than 1,700 buildings lapsed same situation in syria, where the health minister said 237 people died so far 639 people were injured. and again, a lot of buildings collapsed, which is why of course authorities fear that the death toll and the number of injured may rise in the coming hours. the earthquake was so strong, it
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was felt in neighboring counties like lebanon, egypt, jordan, and israel phillip, frances >> those images gut wrenching to see. can't imagine it in person claudio, thank you for the update breaking developments on the chinese surveillance balloon shot down by the u.s. military on saturday. video from sunday obtained by the associated press appears to show members of the u.s. navy bringing the remains of the balloon to shore in north myrtle beach, south carolina. nbc news' brie jackson joins us now with more from washington, d.c. good morning what's the latest here >> well, good morning, phillip as we know, the chinese surveillance balloon was first spotted over montana on thursday, and was finally shot down by a fighter jet near south carolina on saturday afternoon the incident has only increased tensions between the u.s. and china during an already fraught period for the two superpowers china had harsh words for the biden administration following the shooting of the balloon. their defense ministry on sunday
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called the actions taken by the u.s. a clear overreaction and that the country now has the fightright to use necessary means to deal with similar situations additionally, china has lamed that the balloon was being used for research and meteorological purposes the president is receiving praise from his allies and criticism from his opponents over his handling of the situation. here is what mike turner and senate majority leader chuck schumer had to say about the incident >> you hadn't broken this story, the american public would not have even known there was no attempt to notify congress, no attempt to put together the gang of eight i think this administration lacks urgency. >> the bottom line here is that shooting down this surveillance balloon over water wasn't just the safest option, but it was the one that maximized our intelligence payload >> and schumer also said that the senate will receive a briefing on the balloon on february 15th in lieu of a previously scheduled classified
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briefing about china nbc news is also reporting that house republicans are in the early stages of a possible resolution condemning president biden's handling of the balloon situation. following this incident, it's expected that the topic of china will be a major component of president biden's state of the union address on tuesday phillip? >> all right the balloon may be down, be we have not heard the last about it all right, brie, thank you the presidential primaries will look different next year for democrats. in a major change, the party has decided that south carolina will now be the first in the nation to have their say. but new hampshire isn't giving up its spot without a fight. here is nbc's marissa parra. >> those in favor of approving the priority say aye. >> reporter: in a historic vote changing the way democrats pick their presidential nominee, sending south carolina into the spotlight as the party's new first in the nation primary. >> thanks to all of you for this great decision that you have made today
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>> reporter: you may remember it was clyburn's 2020 endorsement that revived president biden's campaign for the last 50 years, democrats started with the caucus in iowa and then a primary in new hampshire. but after the 2020 iowa caucus meltdown led to major delays in results, party leaders began debating if now was the time for change states with predominantly white voters just simply didn't reflect the diverse democratic base now the party's new presidential primary calendar, slated to start next february in south carolina, followed by nevada, new hampshire days later, georgia a week after, that and michigan at month's end. >> this an acknowledgment that your voice, your experience matters. >> reporter: but dissatisfaction coming from new hampshire and iowa new hampshire state law require theirs primary be held a week before all the other states. a tradition they're not giving up without a fight. >> we've been going first since 1920 and no one gave us the right to
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vote so i don't think anyone can take it away. >> new hampshire senator maggie hassan doubled down on the challenge, tweeting, quote, regardless of the dnc vote, new hampshire will go first, adding that the changes are deeply misguided. >> our thanks to marissa for that report. a disturbing allegation against controversial congressman george santos. a perspective congressional aide has accused santos of sexual harassment in a letter to the house ethics committee, derek meyers claimed santos touched him inappropriately while they were in his office. he says this happened on january 25th when meyers was working at a volunteer. he alleges santos asked whether he had an account on grinder, called him buddy, and asked meyers to sit on the sofa next to him that's when he alleged santos touched his groin and told him his husband was out of time. a ranking member of the ethics committeed confirmed that meyers' letter has been received and declined to comment further.
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nbc news has reached out to santos but has not heard back. meyers said he filed a report with the capitol police. new on, biden administration officials are offering to brief top congressional lead owners what was in the classified documents that were found in possession of president biden, former president trump, and former vp mike pence that's according to two sources familiar with the discussions. the move could avert a looming standoff where some senators want to subpoena doj for review of the documents the briefing is expected to happen by the end of the week in front of top senate and house leadership as well as the congressional intelligence committees the faa is investigating a terrifying close call between two planes at austin airport authorities say the fedex plane was cleared to land at the same time a southwest airlines jet was taking off what made matters worse was a freezing fog saturday morning that was so dense, officials issued a weather advisory. luckily, the fedex pilot was able to stop the landing less than one thousand feet apart
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from the southwest plane this is the second high profile close call in a month. let's turn now to nbc meteorologist michelle grossman who is tracking wicked weather in the forecast. good morning, michelle good to see you. >> good morning, guys. great to see you yeah, we're tracking wintry weather in portions of the intermountain west good to see snowfall there chance for freezing rain, rain, even some snow in the northern plains that will move off to the midwest later on the robert confront is going to move to the east as we head throughout tomorrow. chance for strong to severe storms in portions of texas, louisiana, even into mississippi. and some really heavy rain falling in portions of the mid mississippi valley and eventually this cold front will move further east as we head towards washington, d.c we're going to see the chance for heavy rain, especially where you see the darker colors throughout memphis, st. louis, portions of the missouri area an texas
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and above normal temperatures in the atlantic 53 in d.c. all right. big difference in terms of the temperatures compared to the frigid temperature last week we'll take a look at that and also our week ahead in just a bit. >> drastic, drastic difference all right. things are heating up as the jackpot explodes to $747 million. nobody beat the odds on saturday night and won the prize. so now the jackpot is the ninth largest in u.s. lottery history for tonight's drawing. plus, the mega millions pot is at $31 million for tuesday's draw the fatal police shooting of a double amputee in huntington park today the public braces for new video of the deadly interaction. plus, the memphis police investigated by the doj. back in 60 seconds
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leading to news, new video is expected to be released today showing the deadly police shooting of double amputee anthony lowe jr. cell phone video appears to show lowe fleeing officers in huntington park, california. what the footage does not show the seconds directly before the shooting police say lowe stabbed a man with a foot-long knife and then threatened the officers. they also say they tried to use two tasers on lowe lowe's family says he suffered from mental illness. they announced they will file a lawsuit against the city alleging wrongful death and civil rights violations. the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave as this investigation continues. the huntington park police say they do not want body cameras, but they will release videos and audio of it that caught the incident from different angles there are also new developments in the death of tyre nichols and his beating by memphis police a sixth officer who was at the scene of nichols' traffic stop has been fired, and the mayor of memphis says the department of
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justice is reviewing the police department and its use of force policies members of nichols' family are expected to attend the president's state of the union address tomorrow night the congressional black caucus says nichols' mother and stepfather accepted their invitation tyre was a skateboarder, and now tony hawk is trying to help honor that legacy. he and bmx rider rick thorn are selling signed photos and say half the proceeds will go towards creating a skate park in nichols' honor. murphy brown actor charles kimbrough has died, the ap reports. the 86-year-old played the straight laced news anchor jim dial on all ten seasons, earning an emmy nomination in 1990 he revisited the part in three episodes of the 2018 reboot. kim kimbrough also had a tony nomination he died of natural causes in a hospital in culver city, california, on january 11th. charles kimbrough, dead at the age of 86. a major jerk alert in oregon
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led to an incredible rescue at sea. last week authorities were on lookout for a man caught leaving a dead fish on the front porch of the home used in the movie "goonies." days later the coast guard made a rescue authorities identified the suspect in their dead fish case and the boat they responded to was actually stolen. the 35-year-old man was arrested after he left the hospital following that rescue. we're going to turn up the heat early today coming up with the fiery grammy performances and biggest wins from last night. plus, beyonce nsfa are bracing for resale will renaissance cause a revolt at ticketmaster? ars? ♪♪ ♪♪ ready to shine from the inside out? say “yes” to nature's bounty advanced gummies and jelly beans. the number one brand for hair, skin and nails.
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♪ ♪ keep on laughing ♪ ♪ chris, believe us, he won
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believing ♪ ♪ sleepers ♪ >> stevie wonder brought the audience to a higher ground at the 65th annual grammy awards performing a medley of songs with chris stapleton and smokey robinson trevor noah hosted music's biggest night, and there were some groundbreaking moments in los angeles. global superstar bad bunny opened up the ceremony as the first performer of the night he also took home best musica urbana album. >> sam graciously wanted me to accept this award because i'm the first transgendered woman to win this award >> kem petras became the first transgendered woman to win the pop duo for her song "unholy" with sam smith the accolades keep adding up for viola davis.
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she has won an emmy, grammy, tony and oscar and harry also nabbing album of the year and dr. dre was presented with the global impact award for his impact on the industry the monoclonal antibody mogul's speech was followed by the 50th celebration of hip-hop request performances by ll cool j and missy elliott. and beyonce is smashing records. she is now the most winning artist in grammy history with 32 awards >> she may be that girl, but will ticketmaster break some souls today? because presale is beginning for beyonce's renaissance concert. her first solo tour since 2016 but after taylor swift's ticketmaster meltdown, the bey hive could be in for stinging disappointment the demand was so high for swift tickets that it crashed ticketmaster's system and eventually they had to halt
3:51 am
sales completely this time ticket master is staggering sales based on city select members of the official fan club received access codes last night you'll be able to start purchasing tickets for group a which includes los angeles, new jersey, and houston. and then ticketmaster will repeat that process for those in groups b and c >> i don't know. >> it's her trying to aboarding. >> we'll see if it works out that way i feel for some of these fans, the anxiety that they must be feel right now leading up to this. >> of course the bots always seem to win. >> michelle has the forecast ne > plus, the trade sending shockwaves through the nba
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after four years and one play-off series win, kyrie irving is moving on from the nets the eight-time all-star was traded from brooklyn to the dallas mavericks after asking for a trade late last week while the trade hasn't been officially announced, a spokesperson for irving confirmed to nbc news he has in fact been dealt to the mavs. >> meanwhile, the nba is suspending three players following a benches clearing brawl. mo vaughn of the atlanta magic left the bench and got into an altercation with the timberwolves' austin rivers in the third quarter on friday. the league suspended him four games and rivers three for the
3:57 am
roles in the fight atlanta's jalen suggs also received a one-game suspension after he pulled rivers to floor. super bowl is six days away, but a kansas city elementary school is reading up on ways to beat philadelphia. from kshb, abbey dodge has more. >> we're trying to figure out who is telling the story >> reporter: first grade teacher kate calvert. >> good job. >> reporter: is an expert at motivating her students. >> that's a hard one good. >> reporter: but when you get help from a whole team, they're unstoppable. >> everyone gets involved. you see every student wanting to win the challenge. >> reporter: during the chiefs's run, she had an idea she huddled her students together to go head to head in a reading challenge against a school in the opposing city. the chiefs and her classroom came home with the win that year >> bragging rights this is my third reading challenge. and i haven't lost yet
3:58 am
so i feel like i have a lot on the line. >> reporter: and her students are behind her. >> i like reading books at home. and it's fun >> two books every day >> i'm going to read six because that's how old i am. >> reporter: but why do you want the read so many books >> so we can beat the eagles. >> reporter: they're going into their play-offs with no doubts >> because we have a lot of people in our classroom. >> good. better than good >> reporter: any edge you can get helps. so i jumped in off the bench did you eat all your classmates? eeeee! cried pennpenelope the laughs are fun, but the bigger goal is forward progress. no lateral moves >> it shows them it's exciting and it's fun and it gives them a new avenue to explore that andpicture, we get more
3:59 am
kids reading >> reporter: but tackling the competition is nice too. >> sure is thanks for that report i'm all for anything that gets people into football and reading. >> and reading can't get that combination in any better form than that way and having fun along wit >> agreed. thanks for
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breaking overnight, a massive earthquake devastates turkey and syria more than 600 people are dead. we are live with the rescue efforts just getting under way as we come on air. tensions soar after the u.s. guns down a chinese spy balloon. the reaction from beijing this morning as the navy searches for answers in the debris. outrage spills into the streets of los angeles county after the police shooting of a double amputee what we could learn from the new video due out today. and what looks like the deal of a lifetime could be er


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