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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 6, 2023 4:00am-4:31am PST

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breaking overnight, a massive earthquake devastates turkey and syria more than 600 people are dead. we are live with the rescue efforts just getting under way as we come on air. tensions soar after the u.s. guns down a chinese spy balloon. the reaction from beijing this morning as the navy searches for answers in the debris. outrage spills into the streets of los angeles county after the police shooting of a double amputee what we could learn from the new video due out today. and what looks like the deal of a lifetime could be dangerous, the warning for
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anyone using online sites like facebook marketplace. anything but the same song and dance this year at the grammys. the history made on music's biggest night. let's kick off the week. "early today" starts right now good monday morning, i'm phillip mena. >> i'm frances rivera. breaking developments on the chinese surveillance balloon shot down by the u.s. military on saturday. video from sunday obtained by the associated press appears to show members of the u.s. navy bringing the remains of the balloon to shore in north myrtle beach, south carolina. nbc news' brie jackson joins us with more from washington. brie, what's the latest on the situation as we enter a new week >> good morning, frances, phillip. as we know the chinese surveillance balloon was spotted over montana thursday and was finally shot down by a fighter jet near south carolina on saturday afternoon the incident has only increased tensions between the u.s. and china during an already fraught
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period for the two super powers. china had harsh words for the biden administration following the takedown of the balloon. their defense ministry on sunday called the actions taken by the u.s. a clear overreaction and that the country now has the right to use necessary means to deal with similar situations additionally, china has claimed that the balloon was being used for research, meteorological purposes the president is receiving praise from his allies and criticism from his opponents over his handling of the situation. here is what house intelligence committee chairman mike turner and senate majority leader krs ha chuck schumer had to say about the incident. >> if you hadn't broken this story the american public would not have even known. there was no attempt to notify congress, no attempt to put together the gang of eight i think this administration lacks urgency. >> the bottom line here is that shooting down this surveillance balloon over water wasn't just the safest option, but it was the one that maximized our
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intelligence payload >> and schumer also said that the senate will receive a briefing on the balloon on february 15th in lieu of a previously scheduled classified briefing about china nbc news is also reporting that house republicans are in the early stages of a possible resolution condemning president biden's handling of the balloon situation. following the incident it's expected that the topic of china will be a major component of tuesday's state of the union address. frances? >> brie, thank you rescuers are scrambling to find survivors in turkey and syria after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked the region this morning according to turkish and syrian officials there are more than 600 people dead. for more on this we turn to claudio who joins us from rome what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, phillip. the u.s. geological survey said that the epicenter of that 7.8
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earthquakes was located 20 miles from a town on the border of syria. as the search and rescue operation continues the number of the dead and injured continues to rise. let me read you the latest from turkey the vice president said 284 people died, more than 2,300 were injured and more than 1,700 buildings collapsed. similar situation in syria, while the health ministry confirmed 237 people died, 639 were injured and, again, a lot of buildings collapsed, which is why authorities fear that the number of dead and injured may rise in the coming hours the earthquake was so strong it was felt in neighboring countries like lebanon, egypt, jordan and israel. back to you. >> claudio, thank you. new video is expected to be released today by police in huntington park, california, that could provide new details about what led to the fatal shooting of a double amputee protesters have been demanding answers and accountability
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dana griffin has more and a viewing some viewers may find footage in the report disturbing. >> reporter: outrage in los angeles county as the city of huntington park awaits the release of new surveillance video showing the deadly police shooting of 36-year-old anthony lowe jr. into we have to find a way to hold the police, the sheriff's department accountable. >> reporter: the wheelchair-bound double amputee was shot roughly ten times by huntington park police during this encounter on january 26 captured in this grainy cellphone video. it shows lowe attempting to flee from officers while holding what appears to be a large knife. another angle shows officers approaching with their guns drawn, one flincher before they start firing you can hear the sounds of gunshots as a vehicle obstructs the full view. before the shooting officers say lowe stabbed a man with a 12-inch butcher knife.
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lowe allegedly threatened to advance or throw the knife at the officers who say they had been deployed two separate tasers but were ineffective. police say after lowe's continued advances officers opened fire. >> they treated my cousin like he was an animal. >> reporter: the officers seen in the video have been placed on paid administrative leave pending the investigation. on friday the family announced they would be filing a lawsuit against the city alleging wrongful death and civil rights violations. >> you can tell that he was in fear for his life. you know, he had no legs it could have been handled any other way. >> reporter: according to police officers do not wear body cameras, the huntington park police department plan to release videos and audio that caught the incident from different angles back to you. >> dana, thank you. there are also new developments in the death of tyre nichols and his beating by memphis police a sixth officer who was at the scene of nichols' traffic stop has been fired and the mayor of
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memphis says the department of justice is reviewing the police department and its use of force policies members of nichols' family are expected to attend the president's state of the union address tomorrow night the congressional black caucus said nichols' mother and stepfather accepted their invitation tyre nichols was a skateboarder. tony hawk and rick thorne are selling signed photos that say half of the proceeds will go toward creating a skate park in nichols' honor breaking news from eastern ohio where burning tanks full of toxic chemicals could blow up days after a train derailment. officials are warning the risk for a major explosion and leak is high. meagan fitzgerald reports. >> reporter: a toxic threat looming over this eastern, ohio, community just outside pittsburgh the volatile and dangerous scene with first responders and investigators staying back as they try to determine how this
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happened and why. >> we have obtained two videos which show preliminary indications of mechanical issues on one of the railcar axles. >> reporter: some 2,000 residents ordered to evacuate and sheriff's deputies are still going door to door urging residents to get out. >> i can't stress enough that if you are in the evacuation zone you need to leave. >> reporter: ntsb investigators now say 20 train cars were carrying hazardous materials, ten of which derailed though they aren't sure which cars if any have been compromised. >> big, huge flame, a police car came up and said evacuate, evacuate, evacuate >> reporter:s the massive fire still smoldering as fears grow around dangerous chemicals that were on board. the ntsb says five of the cars that derailed were carrying vinyl chloride which is associated with an increased risk of certain cancers. officials say air quality and the water supply which are being monitored remain safe but the
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ohio epa says some material entered local waterways before containment measures were in place. >> we are not aware of any elevated readings that we would anticipate that would impact human health. >> reporter: a state of emergency is still in effect forcing businesses and schools to remain closed. >> we are still not conducting any on scene operations. it's still too volatile of an area. >> reporter: meagan fitzgerald, nbc news no one won the powerball jackpot on saturday night so that means the prize has now grown to $747 million tonight's drawing will be the ninth largest jackpot in u.s. lottery history. the mega millions pot is at a measly $31 million. now to a cross-country storm brewing in the west. let's check in with nbc meteorologist michelle grossman who is tracking the latest hi, michelle. >> we are tracking wintry weather in the intermountain west, heavy snow falling, wind as well and also watching a long stretching cold front from portions of the northern plains
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into the south we will see the chance for freezing rain and rain in the northern plains. that's going to move off to the upper midwest and also parts of the great lakes as we head throughout the afternoon and evening hours. then this cold front will move off to the east as we are looking at rain falling from the ohio valley into portions of the southern plains. it could be heavy at times, too, throughout the mid-mississippi valley, also watching the chance for strong to severe storms along the texas coast, louisiana and even into mississippi. wednesday into the northeast we're going to see that rain falling. we're also looking at the chance of heavy rain, where you see the brhter colors that's wigheks above average, too, in the mid-atlantic and the northeast, temperatures into the 50s in philadelphia all right. guys, it was so cold last week in the southern plains, a big warm up this week, we will talk
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more about that coming up. >> thank you, michelle. we are back in one minute with new disturbing allegations against george santos. plus an off duty offeric shot during a facebook marketplace robbery. life... being together. celebrating together. ♪ ...without letting anything keep you apart. walgreens pharmacists are here to help you stay well. and stay...together. ♪ i love my hardwood floors. but honestly, i didn't really know how to take care of them. that's until i found swiffer wetjet wood. it's specially made for wood floors with a microfiber-like pad that's really soft. and it sprays with a light mist that dries in half the time. that dirt and grime gets absorbed and locked away. the coolest part... it prevents streaks and haze better than my old mop.
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yeah, this is definitely the way to go. wetjet wood with a money-back guarantee. also try new sweeper wood cloths. leading the news, a disturbing allegation against couldn't verbals congressman george santos. a prospective congressional aide has accused santos of sexual harassment in a letter to the house committee derek myers claims santos touched him inappropriately while he was in his office he says this happened on january 25th when myers was working as a volunteer. he alleges santos asked whether he had an account on grindr, called him buddy and asked myers to sit on the sofa next to him he alleges santos touched his groin and told him his husband was out of town. nbc news confirmed myers letter has been received and declined to comment further nbc news has reached out to
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santos but has not heard back. myers told the "new york times" he filed a report with the capitol police. a new york city police officer is fighting for his life after a sale through facebook marketplace turned violent the incident sparking new concerns about online resale our emilie ikeda looks at how to stay safe. >> reporter: the nypd combing for clues after a facebook marketplace transaction involving one of their own turned violent >> he is currently fighting for his life. >> reporter: police say an off-duty officer alongside a relative arranged to meet a seller in brooklyn to buy a car advertised on the social media platform >> almost immediately the suspect displayed a gun and announced a robbery. there was an exchange of gunfire where the off duty officer was struck. >> reporter: now a sprawling manhunt for the shooter is under way as the 26-year-old father shot in the head remains in critical condition. >> if this can happen to an officer it can happen to anyone. >> reporter: the botched holdup
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fueling safety concerns over peer to peer platforms like offer up, craigslist and facebook marketplace which gets more than 1 billion visits monthly. facebook did not respond to nbc news' request for comment. >> anytime there's new technology that can be used for a good purpose it can be exploited for a bad purpose as well. >> reporter: it happened 19 times within just a few months in chicago, police say suspects luring in would be buyers with online listings for motor bikes and all-terrain vehicles to then steal their belongings at the meet up. experts say bad actors are more likely to target high-end items. earlier this year police near los angeles arrested three people for robbing an offer up seller of their roll lengths and a facebook marketplace sale of a car went wrong on camera in houston. >> are we seeing an increase in these kinds of robberies >> there is a spica cross the country. >> reporter: more police departments now marking their precincts as safe exchange zone. >> look at the time.
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is it a well-lit lot is it a place where there are many people? >> reporter: to help ensure your safety when uses online marketplaces, if a deal sounds too good to be true it probably s don't forget, there are lots of safety features built into some of these different platforms. facebook marketplace, for instance, allows you to create a meeting plan within the app that you then can send and share with friends and family to help keep tabs on your exchange. back to you. >> emily, thank you. still to come, blown out of the water. "avatar" gets dethroned at the box office after seven weeks. plug egg flation we unstruggle it all for you. ike... ...chocolate bars? ♪♪ ♪♪ ready to shine from the inside out? say “yes” to nature's bounty advanced gummies
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"avatar" knocked off its throne, the newest movie "knock
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at the cabin" topped the box office with just over $14 million, "80 for brady" office with $12.5 million the "avatar" sequel fell to number five. a check on how the markets are looking with a big speech from the fed head expected tomorrow cnbc's steve sedgwick joins you now. good morning, steve. >> very good morning, phillip. good morning, frances, we will get to your egg puns in a few moments, frances the markets last week had a bit of a sobering time towards the end of the week, they lost a little bit of ground, i'm looking at the futures for the major u.s. indices, all around 0.4 lower, this is after we had way better than expected job figures at the tail end of the week, 517,000 jobs created in the january payroll. i can tell you that the market didn't see that coming and as such i think that interest rates might be higher for longer and as such is potentially a
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negative for the markets the key event of the week in what is a light data week after a busy week last week a jay powell speaking in washington on tuesday. good news for all of those who love an egg and i love an egg at breakfast as well, prices are finally dropping we recall stories they have gone up because of concerns about avian flu, inflation concerns, the transportation, the feed costs, but now wholesale prices in the midwestern market have fallen 58 cents to $3.29 a dozen at the end of january, that will eventually feed through into consumer price as well all those hoping we will hit $1.50 a dozen that is a forlorn hope at least they're moving down at long last. >> $1.50 may seem from a time not coming back. thank you. michelle is tracking wicked weather in the forecast. she will tell you where next. plus beyoncé fans are praising for resale.
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welcome back on this monday. we have a welcomed warm up in portions of the southern plains, temperatures into the upper 70s, the low 80s in texas big difference from the frigid air last week. we will be warm also along the gulf coast into the southeast and mid-atlantic into the northeast. well above normal for this time of year. we do have wintry weather in the intermountain west, heavy snow and wind looking at the chance for ain, freezing rain, snow and rain in portions of the northern plains that will move on into the great lakes. you need the umbrella on wednesday in portions of the southern plains. rain stretching from the ohio valley into the southern plains. could see strong storms in texas. we are looking at more snow in the intermountain west by friday, looking at that rain into portions of the northeast back to you guys >> thank you, michelle. up next, we are turning up the heat on "early today" with fiery grammy performances and biggest wins from last night keep it right here on "early today" on a monday morning
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♪ keep on loving ♪ ♪ believers keep on believing ♪ ♪ sleepers just stop sleeping ♪ steve joe wonder brought the audience to a higher ground at this 65th annual grammy awards performing a medley of songs with chris stapleton and smokey robinson. trevor noah hosted music's
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biggest night in los angeles >> sam graciously wanted me to accept this award because i'm the first transgender woman to win this award >> kim petras became the first transgender woman to win the best pop duo performance for her song "unholy" with sam smith global superstar bad bunny opened up the show, the first performer of the night, he also took home best musica album. the accolades add up for viola davis. she scored a legendary egot. she has an emmy, grammy, oscar and tony after winning for best audio book for her memoire "finding me." >> harry styles rocked the stage performing "as it was. also nabbing album of the year and dr. dre with presented for the global impact award. the speech was followed by the 50th anniversary celebration of
4:28 am
hip hop featuring performances from run dmc, ll school j and missy elliott. beyoncé is not just breakin souls she is smashing records. she is now the most winning artist in grammy history with 32 awards she may be that girl, but will ticketmaster break some souls of their own today that is because pre sale is beginning for beyoncé's "renaissance" tour her first solo tour since 2016 after taylor swift's ticketmaster meltdown the beehive could be in for a stinging disappointment. demand was so high for swift tickets it crashed ticketmaster' system and eventually they had to halt sales. this times ticketmaster is staggering sales based on city so select members of beyoncé's fan club received access codes last night so they will be able to start buying tickets for shows in group a that includes los angeles, new jersey and houston. ticketmaster will repeat that process for those in groups b and c. we will see if this strategy
4:29 am
works. >> i really want to be optimistic, especially for the fans, the younger fans, who so are dying to go and having the strategy when it comes to those bots -- >> we will believe it when we see it. >> thanks for waking up with "early today." m
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breaking right now at 4:30, a deadly earthquake rattles syria and turkey. the search and rescue efforts under way at this hour. also, a look at the devastation left behind. >> plus -- >> we have youth coming in. they are sweating so much that water is kind of coming down their arms and hitting the ground. >> treating addiction. doctors in the south bay believe they've found a way to save young lives from fentanyl. the steps they're taking to help stop the addiction. this is "today in the bay" streaming live on roku, amazon fire and online. goorn


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