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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 6, 2023 6:00am-7:00am PST

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we want to start things off with a look at weather and traffic. i know, kari, you have been checking that forecast for us and you say it's going to be a cold one out there. >> it's a cold start. we have a frost advisory in effect for parts of the north bay. some of our valleys and the areas you see shaded in blue are included in that frost advisory until 9:00 this morning. we may see temperatures dipping quickly around sunrise and then some of the valleys may dip into the low 30s in a few spots. we'll take a look at our current temperatures right now. 34 in fairfield, as well as santa rosa, 35 in dublin and livermore. we have some upper 30s for mountain view and fremont. after this cold start, it will be kind of a cold day, reaching into the upper 50s and low 60s. but at least it will be sunny. we'll talk more about sunshine and temperatures in the forecast coming up. mike, you're checking on the backup at the bay bridge. >> yeah, metering lights were turned on at 5:35, earlier than we often see, especially on a
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monday. we see the backup continuing to build for all lanes. this happened in the last ten minutes. so there is traffic coming off of 880, and off of the berkeley curve. the maze is moving smoothly, but we see blips for 24. there may be bigger volume coming in out of lafayette and walnut creek. we show highway 4 with an early slowdown as well. we're tracking this part of contra costa county. focusing on the bay bridge, and also highway 37 slowing. same thing for the tri-valley, no big surprises in pleasanton and a little approaching the dublin interchange. back over to you. >> thanks, mike. we do begin with breaking news. that tragedy unfolding in turkey and syria after a powerful quake that has now killed more than 1,700. >> the numbers are staggering and the number of deaths is only expected to climb higher.
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isn't that devastating to watch and to imagine people were inside? that video showing one building collapsing during an aftershock from the 7.8 quake, which struck a little after 4:00 a.m. monday local time. it's been about 12 hours now since the initial quake. the same area now being hit by a swarm of aftershocks, including one with a magnitude 7.5. here's a look at where that quake was actually centered, the damage heavy on both sides of the turkey and syrian border. and now the desperate search is under way to find survivors that are trapped in the rubble. in fact, this is a live look right now. you see the painstaking work they will have to do to try to go through the rubble and see if they can find any survivors. of course, we'll continue to follow this huge story and the very newest developments coming out of turkey and syria. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is in the newsroom right now gathering more information. we'll bring us an update at 6:30
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this morning. you can find more online at it's right there on the top of our home page. 6:02 this morning, and threats of violence against locally elected officials is a growing problem not only in the bay area but across the u.s. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in alameda county. later this morning, east bay leaders are going to rally against this kind of harassment. >> reporter: correct. good morning to you, marcus. oakland mayer sheng tao and council web and state senator who represents parts of the east bay will rally later this morning to speak out against threats of political violence against elected officials, especially against women of color. senator wahab posted a threatening voicemail she received last october. she posted this on instagram. >> what's up, you [ bleep ]. >> reporter: and, unfortunately,
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she is not the only local leader facing these kind of threats. last month, city council member fife tweeted out a voicemail she received in which someone called for her rape and murder. across the country they're receiving these kind of threats. they started tracking these threats and they have found they present a, quote, significant challenge to american democracy. according to the report published in october, women officials were targeted 3.4 times more than men and a threat to kill or shoot an elected official was twice as common as any other kind of threat. the oakland progressive alliance, which is a housing and labor coalition, has set up a petition to get people to condemn the ongoing attacks against local black community leaders. several leaders are raising concerns following the attack on congresswoman nancy pelosi's husband that took place at their home in san francisco. reporting live, bob redell,
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"today in the bay." >> it's tough that they have to deal with that. bob, thank you. it is 6:04 right now. this morning the u.s. is working to recover pieces of the chinese spy balloon that was shot down. the debris field spans about 7 miles. president biden directed the military to take it down over the weekend. "today in the bay's" brie jackson joins us live in washington. president biden is really facing some mixed reaction to his decision. >> reporter: that's right. good morning, laura. well, president biden is receiving praise from allies while critics say that the biden administration should have shot down that chinese spy balloon much sooner. >> boom! >> reporter: eyes were glued to the sky as a raptor shot down a chinese spy balloon on saturday. >> i ordered the pentagon to shoot it down on wednesday as soon as possible. >> reporter: the biden administration first detecting
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the surveillance tool on january 28th in alaska, its path crossing into montana, wyoming, kansas, missouri, and finally the carolinas, flying over sensitive military sites before it was blown to pieces near myrtle beach. debris picked up and brought to shore. >> the president taking it down over the atlantic is sort of like tackling the quarterback after the game is over. >> reporter: republicans argue china was testing president biden's strength. >> and, unfortunately, the president failed that test. and that's dangerous for the american people. >> i would use two words in answering these gop criticisms, they are premature and they are political. our friends are playing politics with u.s. intelligence. >> reporter: administration officials saying the president's actions weakened china's surveillance capabilities. >> we saw a great example of the coordination and cooperation between a lot of different players in our government to
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make sure everything happened safely. >> reporter: tensions with china are rising. officials in beijing blasting the united states for shooting it out of the sky, calling it a clear overreaction. and today china accused the united states of an indiscriminate use of force. the vice foreign minister said he lodged a formal complaint with the u.s. embassy, laura. >> thanks for following the latest, brie. and president biden will deliver his second state of the union address tomorrow night. he's expected to cover a wide range of issues from the economy to international security, to policing and gun violence. you can watch the president's address right here on nbc bay area. coverage starts at 6:00 tomorrow night. suspended oakland police chief leronne armstrong today plans to ask for reinstatement. it follows an event he attended yesterday organized by the oakland naacp. new oakland mayor sheng thao placed him on leave two weeks
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ago after allegations the department mishandled cases of misconduct. armstrong says the findings do not add up. >> my review confirms that the federal monitor conclusion about me is not supported by evidence. frankly, the report and information provided by the monitor is embarrassing. it's inaccurate. >> armstrong goes on to say that narrative of his role in the investigation, quote, defies even common logic. the mayor's office did not respond to our request for comment. it is 6:08. moving you forward on the fentanyl crisis, some local health experts believe they've found a way to address addiction more effectively in teens and young people. experts say more and more opioid addicts are turning to fentanyl and a new program at santa clara valley medical center have a
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treatment with a drug called buprenorphine. >> we continue to assess them and give them medication until they feel what i would call normal again. >> generally deaths from fentanyl happen when users unknowingly take it with other drugs. but the rate of fentanyl addiction is said to be climbing. 6:09. happening today, victims of the recent winter storm can learn more about resources they can tap into for help. california's u.s. senator alex padilla will join the insurance commissioner for a forum that will focus state and federal resources being offered. the event will includes representatives from fema and the department of insurance. let's take a peek outside. waiting for the sun's arrival over the bay area. a nice, live look at san francisco this morning. the lights glistening. a little break in the rain today, kari? >> we are going to have a chance to dry out as we go throughout the week and we're going to have
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cold mornings and mild afternoons. we take a live look outside in oakland this morning. it is a busy start to our monday morning and almost time to wake the kids up. we're still about an hour away from sunrise. in sunnyvale, it will be clear, 41 degrees when your dropping the kids off. at pickup time we're in the upper 50s, but it will be clear and dry. we can leave the umbrellas at home. 60 in oakland, 62 will be our high in santa rosa. san francisco reaching 57 degrees and also 57 in los gatos. we'll talk about what's ahead for the rest of the week. temperatures going up, but, mike, i was hoping gas prices would be going down. >> you can hope, but we're looking at the best we can do. san francisco county, san mateo county, nothing below 4 bucks. it's not unusual for most of those spots. north bay, san anselmo, $3.99 there at the lucky service on sir francis drake.
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contra costa county, $3.89. one of the best in the state is great gas, a good reserve of the lower priced gas. it's $3.69, the best in the county for santa clara county. a pretty good drive. most of the traffic flow is sorting itself out. we have 101, at the 85 split, a disabled vehicle. chp is not there but i don't see slowing. we heard about a couple of incidents near the dublin interchange, both east and westbound reporting clear. we do see a bigger volume of traffic but no problems. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:11 this morning. apple may be ready to bite on an idea that bigger is better. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," the next iphone display may be more of a handful for a lot of people, literally. how size could factor into what some believe may be a more
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advanced and more expensive device. >> meantime, restaurants are telling some customers enough with the secret menu. if we were going to give it to you, we would put it on the regular menu. we'll take a look coming up. so the big great, awesome jobs report, has wall street in a stir. it looks like we'll lose about 200 points off the top with the dow. plus -- [ cheers and applause ] >> queen bey queen at the grammys. the record beyonce just broke.
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the time is 6:15 on your monday morning, as you head out in the north bay, we're taking a live look at san rafael. it's all clear. the rain is gone and our temperatures will slowly warm up today. we're going from low 40s to upper 50s at 1:00 today. overall, a cool but sunny day. we'll take a look at the workweek forecast coming up in a few minutes. i want to say gradually building here in palo alto, northbound 101, more taillights. no major problems toward san francisco on the bay shore freeway. east bay, a lot more slowing and building. that's pretty much on schedule. good morning. very happy monday to you. dell will reportedly lay off several thousand employees.
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there are dell offices here in the bay area, but it's based in texas. this comes as the computer world notices people don't want to buy new computers. santa clara's intel announced cuts last week. they make the chips that go in those computers. pg&e is going to pay some sun run customers as much as $750 for the rights to tap their home batteries in the early evenings to ease the load on the electrical grid. some home solar systems store electricity during the day, so homeowners can use it when they get home at night. under the arrangement, the solar customers will help their power through the neighborhood. bloomberg the first to report the deal. pg&e says it will leave some of the power in the homeowners' batteries. >> the stock market trying to figure out what to do with that blockbuster jobs report friday. the unemployment rate the lowest in 60 years, more than half a million jobs added to the economy last month alone.
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head of the fed, jay powell, will speak on tuesday. wall street may wait until then to make any big moves. >> and a number of fast food chains are notifying their customers there is no secret menu and, no, we will not make your food to order if the order is overcomplicated. it comes after a number of tiktokers have been posting secret menu ideas leaving restaurants to put up handwritten signs that say, order from the menu, we are not making anything you saw on tiktok. meantime, tiktokers posting new menu ideas for more than one million followers. >> steak quesadilla with extra cheese and veggies. the person that suggested this said that it tasted like a philly cheesesteak. >> old people will remember burger king, that's how they separated themselves from
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mcdonald's. they don't care what you order. i would say if you're going to order something really weird, look behind you and see how many people are waiting. if it's a lot, just order off the menu. >> like they're going to listen to that. >> have it your way. >> get out of the line. apple is reportedly exploring the idea of launching a new expensive iphone called the ultra. it would be priced above the pro and pro max models. bloomberg says it could arrive as soon as next year. it's unclear what features may come with the ultra, but some believe it may have a better camera, a faster chip and possibly a bigger display. trying to stick an ipad in your pocket. >> hello? this is trending this morning. select tickets for beyonce's "renaissance" tour go on sale as soon as today for those registered members. >> and it comes after her
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history-making moment last night at the grammy awards. she has the most grammy wins ever. >> we are witnessing history tonight. [ cheers and applause ] >> breaking the record for the most grammy wins of all time, show your respect. it's "renaissance," beyonce. >> yeah, beyonce won the award for best dance electronic album, bringing her total wins to 32. >> taking home the big one of the night, harry styles, winning album of the year for "harry's house". the bay area well represented last night. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> yeah, you know who that is, legendary oak rapper too $hort took the stage, doing his thing with "blow the whistle". this was during a celebration of 50 years of hip hop. the same performance featured a lot of top rappers from over the
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decades representing each era of hip hop. >> there was a lot of high energy. another bay area local making headlines, the south bay's molly tuttle and her band, golden e was nominated for best new artist. >> fun night last night. >> rap, blue grass, everything. >> it was a packed show. >> that's what the bay area is all about. and it's also about some cold weather today. >> i don't know if you're about that. >> we have some rain from the weekend and the system has moved on away. we're back to clear and dry weather, but let's take a look at how much rain we measured. over an inch for calistoga, but much of the north bay was an inch of rain. san rafael measuring over 2 inches and concord with over 1 inch of rainfall. most of our east bay and tri-valley totals, three-quarters of an inch of
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rain to about an inch. san francisco, a little less than an inch of rainfall and almost one-half inch of rain for san jose. as we take a look at how much we've measured throughout the season, we've had over 25 inches of rainfall in santa rosa. we're still at a surplus of nearly 6 inches. and in san francisco we've had about 22 inches of rain, about the same in oakland. livermore getting over 17 inches of rain so far. san jose measuring over 9 inches of rain. now we start our drying trend, and as you head out the door in antioch this morning our morning start in the low 40s here. we'll reach into the upper 50s early in the afternoon. that's about where those temperatures stop for today. so it is going to be a little cooler than what we typically see, even for this time of year with a high of about 59 in fremont, san jose, as well as 59 in san mateo and in san francisco. and then we start out tomorrow morning basically the same as what we're feeling this morning, with some upper 30s and low 40s. we're not seeing a lot of rain
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this week. there will be a couple of systems that get very close and may fall apart as they get here, but we'll have some slight rain chances for the weekend. maybe a better chance for the middle of next week. but overall our outlook for the next ten days doesn't show a lot for us. maybe a trace amount of rainfall. and that's what we're expecting with those slight rain chances for this weekend. look at these temperatures. we're in the upper 50s inland. then we warm up into the mid-60s by thursday. not too bad for friday, either. mike, you're starting to see the build out of the east bay. >> we had early metering lights on and things calmed down. for a short period a few minutes ago we saw this traffic gum up. now we're seeing movement once again. i think more folks are starting to head out of the house a little earlier the last couple of weeks. we don't see anything major, but we did see 24 with a lot of slowing traffic out of orinda. richmond showed an early slowdown and continues into
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berkeley. nothing unusual for 37 or highway 4. tri-valley looks great and the south bay shows the traditional slowing for san jose, a crash west 237 that has a little slowing as you get toward lawrence. back to you. >> thank you, mike. it is 6:22. no curry on the court tonight. and we hate to say this, but dub nation, maybe for a while. >> we're going to give you an update on his injury and coach steve kerr's
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welcome back. a live look at the chase center this morning, where the warriors will be without star steph curry when they head off against oklahoma city tonight. sounds like they actually may be without him for a while. steph injured his knee late in the third quarter of the warriors game saturday night against dallas. according to espn, curry is likely to be out at least through the all-star break. head coach steve kerr says curry suffered a partial ligament tear in his left leg. but at least he's not lost for the season, so the team will only say so far that they plan to get a clearer timeline for curry's return over the coming days. less than a week away now from super bowl lvii. the game takes place in glendale, arizona, next sunday. and yesterday both teams arrived in phoenix. so the chiefs and the eagles
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kick off the week with tonight's opening night event at the home of the phoenix suns and coyotes. six days now until super bowl sunday, as i was just saying, but the chiefs eagles are actually hitting the field with serious game day foods will be hitting the plates of many fans. >> according to the national chicken council, did you know there was one, americans are expected to eat just about 1.5 billion chicken wings this sunday, about four wings for every man, woman and child in the u.s. it's enough to give nearly 20,000 wings to every fan at glendale arizona's state farm stadium which is hosting this year. should be good weather. >> i'll eat enough for a whole family. >> that's a lot of chicken. we are monitoring developments in turkey and syria. this is after the powerful earthquake there. our kris sanchez is in the newsroom. >> the president has promised
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aid to syria and to turkey for the rescue efforts. we're going to talk about that and we'll show you some really frightening video of people trying to escape the fling bualil everyone is making room mom? for the medicine cabinet's new essential. binaxnow -- with the same technology doctors use to test for covid-19.
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everyone is making room hm. *coughs* seriously? for the medicine cabinet's new essential. binaxnow -- with reliable covid-19 results in just 15 minutes. just devastating. breaking right now at 6:30, a frightening scene during one of the strongest aftershocks
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following the massive earthquake in turkey. the number of confirmed deaths is rapidly climbing. we're breaking down the latest developments as the search for survivors is intensifying at this hour. this is "today in the bay," streaming live on roku, amazon fire, and online. a very good morning to you. thanks for starting your morning with us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we will get to the breaking news in just a moment. first, we want to turn things over to meteorologist kari hall because she's been monitoring what we can expect. we had a wet weekend. how is it looking this week? >> it's drying out but cooling off. we're going to have cold mornings and frost to scrape off of the windshield before you get going, especially in the north bay for areas shaded this blue. under a frost advisory until 9:00. we may see some mid-30s for the next couple of hours. we'll see that continue for santa rosa, napa, as well as fairfield. we're also in the mid-30s in the tri-valley, as we're seeing temperatures dipping there. as we go into today, a lot of sunshine in our forecast.
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san rafael will go from about 46 hours and breezy to some upper 50s by early in the afternoon. we're looking at the east bay for the slowing, getting to the peninsula is fine, but we're seeing more slowing in the usual spots. we have on crash causing unexpected slowing southbound 101 around oyster point. three lanes are blocked by this injury crash just past oyster point boulevard. 280 is just fine on the left-hand side. no problems there. east bay, typical build through the castro valley y. there's a crash in sunol that may affect traffic toward fremont. we're tracking that as well. back to you. >> thank you very much. we're following breaking news at the turkey/syria border. strong shaking continues in the wake of this morning's powerful 7.8 earthquake. this is a live look at the
6:33 am
aftermath. you see the crews there trying to start cleaning up some of this rubble and they're trying to find bodies as well. the number of confirmed deaths so far, sadly, is already approaching 2,000. and a nearly as strong 7.5 aftershock struck only a few hours later. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is here with developments for us this morning. kris, just a frantic search for those survivors, and we see why. >> this is a horrifying disaster for the people both of turkey and syria, and the latest estimates of people killed is expected to continue to rise throughout the day. our news crew was reporting as this building just pancaked, sending people running amid clouds of smoke. at one point, the correspondent sees a mother running with a baby and a little girl. he swoops up the little girl and orders an older boy to run. this is how urgent the situation is. people in that area immediately start to dig through the
6:34 am
collapsed building, searching for survivors. this is a different rescue in syria where a person was buried in the rubble of a building. that area alone has 230 confirmed deaths. that does not include the areas held by opposition forces. similar scenes playing out along the 200 mile fault on both sides of the turkey/syria border. you see rescue workers and residents shouting up to people trapped in their apartment building, which is just threatening to fall. rescuers were using flashlights to search through concrete and metal rubble. this is the moment that 7.8 quake struck early this morning, as captured by surveillance cameras. emergency aircraft have been delivering rescue teams and supplies, declaring a level 4 alarm which calls for international assistance. this is very similar to the san andreas fault that runs up and
6:35 am
down california, but if we have an earthquake this powerful, we will likely see fewer deaths and less damage due to seismologist dr. lucy jones. >> the construction i saw is what's called nonductal reinforced concrete. it's a type of construction that we haven't allowed to be built in california since 1980, but we have not required retrofitting of these known very dangerous type of concrete structures. so when we have our biggest earthquake, we expect to see this as well. >> just to a lesser extent. in the last hour or so, president biden responded to the quake using the traditional spelling of the country turkey, saying i am deeply saddened by the loss of life and devastation caused by the earthquake in turkey and syria. i have directed my team to closely monitor the situation in coordination with turkey and provide and all needed assistance. now, as of 5:40 our time, nearly
6:36 am
1,900 people were dead in the region. in addition to that, more than 7,600 people are injured in turkey, more than 1,000 injured in the government-controlled areas of syria, and more than 1,000 more held in rebel areas. and as you know, that country has been ravaged by war for the last 12 years. >> it is really tragic what they're dealing with there. we are continuing to monitor the breaking news. when we're not on air, you can always find the very latest updates online. you can find a link to that on our website, the front page on our trending bar. head to 6:36 this morning. today an assisted living worker charged in the death of a resident at a walnut creek facility is scheduled to return to court. prosecutors say letitia starling allowed a 94-year-old patient to drink cleaning solution that led to his death. she appeared in court last week and asked the judge to delay her arraignment. the incident is not tied to, separate but similar to a death
6:37 am
at an atria facility in san mateo where a patient accidently drank dishwashing liquid and died. charges were not filed but the patient's family did file a civil suit claiming neglect and abuse. our investigative unit has been following this story closely and you can watch all of their previous reports on our website. go to it is 6:37 right now. taking you live out to the sierra on this monday morning. winter wonderland there. this is highway 50 in south lake tahoe. chains are still required from the heavy snowstorm that moved in through the weekend. you can see conditions drivers were facing yesterday. interstate 80 was at a standstill. at one point at donner summit they had to clear the signs to they could remind people to carry the chains. meteorologist kari hall is joining us now. the winter storm warning is
6:38 am
over. >> the snow has tapered off. we're still watching for the possibility of an avalanche warning that will continue today. we're getting things cleared out there. here at home we're going to see sunshine and temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s, reaching 62 in napa today, 60 in oakland. san mateo, mountain view reaching 59 degrees. we'll see a high of 59 in san jose, as well as san martin. we'll start out tomorrow morning with another cold one as temperatures dip into the upper 30s. fremont, a low of 41 degrees tomorrow morning and 41 as well in san francisco. mike, you've been tracking a crash. >> we have two crashes. one has been called an alert. we're looking at southbound 680, we do have a crash blocking at least one lane, causing a backup. that is as it blends in with traffic out of pleasanton and livermore. that may cause more folks to
6:39 am
head toward the dublin interchange to the dublin grade where things have started to back up in castro valley. the peninsula, that's where we have a traffic alert just issued by chp. three lanes are blocked, southbound 101, there are injuries with this crash. so we continue to follow that. i got the directions messed up again. it's southbound 101, as you know, this is over here on the peninsula toward oyster point boulevard. i'll correct the signage, but you saw the slowing. back to you. >> thanks, mike. helping our roads, transit and infrastructure. stick around. mike inouye is breaking down the improvement projects that are now in the works across the bay area. >> in washington, all eyes on china. china seems to want to be feared and a friend. out to the big board this morning, dow industrial is down but not nearly as much as we thought, on good economic news coming from friday. if you don't understand why the dow was down, watch my business
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reports more often. >> now is your chance to be a millionaire. many times over. so the rising jackpot for tonight's power ball is a big one. we'll be back. you're
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(steven) every time i come to see caremore, they go above and beyond to take care of me.
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i feel a lot better now. i'm taking medication for what i should have been taking years ago. (vo) caremore health provides advanced primary care wherever you need it, in the hospital, at home, in our clinics, or virtually. (steven) so when i call them over a medical issue, they take care of it instantaneously. i'm not afraid to go to the doctor anymore or put off going to the doctor. (vo) call the number on your screen to learn more about medicare plans in your neighborhood that include caremore. good monday morning. we're about 25 minutes away from sunrise at 6:42. as we head out the door in sunnyvale, it's going to be a cold start. 41 degrees at drop-off time.
6:43 am
at pickup time we're in the upper 50s. overall a cool day, but we do keep the sunshine. we'll get a look at what's ahead for the rest of the week as temperatures gradually warm up coming up in just a few minutes. we have an alert continuing on the peninsula, south 101 backed up because of three lanes blocked at oyster point boulevard. that will affect folks leaving the city. 280 is a much better route. 680 much slower because of this crash blocking one lane at andrade road. that's trouble for the tri-valley. this is an important time for that portion of the bay as we've had a lot of shift, a lot of folks hitting the road. we're examining a legal decision that's having a big impact on transit, traffic, and more here in the bay area. a judge overruled a challenge recently to regional measure 3, setting the stage for a windfall in funding to help our roadways, rails and more. joining me to talk about the
6:44 am
efforts to relieve traffic congestion is john goodwin with the metropolitan transportation commission. thank you for being here today. once that money gets released, we've already had press releases from other agencies. they've been talking about all the improvements they have on slate. can you help us understand some things like the regional programs? for example, b.a.r.t., they're talking about extension cars? >> yes. one of the biggest pieces of the regional measure 3 expenditure plan is more new b.a.r.t. cars to allow for the eventual expansion of b.a.r.t., the silicon valley extension will go from the current terminal at berryessa into downtown san jose and up to santa clara. they're going to need more cars to operate that extension, in addition to the ongoing replacement of the legacy cars with what b.a.r.t. calls the fleet of the future. >> what about water, the ferry?
6:45 am
the ferry systems are being enhanced? >> right. this will allow the san francisco bay ferry fleet to expand and to expand its route network. next up is san francisco's mission bay district and berkeley, i know, are on the expansion horizon. while some other project sponsors have been able to use other funds to proceed with projects while awaiting the release of regional measure 3 money. >> i'm focusing on the fremont area, the funnel where 680 and 880 come together. i heard about a change over there from mission boulevard. can you expand upon that? >> again, that's another project that has been in the works for many, many years. that's to create a direct connecter to essentially replace mission boulevard with a direct connecter between 880 and 680. so that's a project that folks
6:46 am
in the south bay and the southern part of alameda county have been clambering for for decades. and the release of regional measure 3 funds later this year will put that another really important step closer to reality. >> well, mike and john talked about so many other things, including what can be done to fix the process that's had these funds in limbo for so long. plus, updates on an extension for caltrain and whether the new bay area express lanes have been a success. you can watch at, also on roku and amazon fire. 6:46 this morning. u.s. forces are searching for wreckage of a chinese spy balloon off the coast of south carolina. >> scott mcgrew, they're saying the debris is spread over 7 miles. >> yeah, there's a lot there. not just the balloon, there's a
6:47 am
9-foot long american air-to-air missile. it's one of the rain reasons the u.s. waited, instead of shooting that balloon down over the continental united states. instead, shot down as it left south carolina and headed out to the ocean. critics are quick to say that was too late, even though it was the military that said it advised the president to wait. >> do you think we should have a policy that just anything that enters our airspace that's a balloon from china gets shot down immediately? >> you have to understand this administration didn't just fail here. they failed to prepare after the first time this happened during this administration. the administration has already admitted, which i've been briefed on, that china has done this before in the continental united states, during this president's tenure. >> actually, there have been four balloon incursions made public in the last few days. one earlier during the biden administration, three during the trump administration that we're just now hearing about. bloomberg quoting intelligence officials on those. our u.s. secretary of state has
6:48 am
canceled a trip to china over this incident. china warning it reserves the right to take action, sticking to its story the balloon was not designed for spying and that it was simply off course. china and president xi have found themselves stuck between a desire to be a feared world power and continued good relations and trade with the west. it's been saber rattling with those artificial islands in the south china sea and now this balloon, but at the same time china wants to engage with the world and get us to drop some of our trade restrictions. but they're finding out maybe you can't have it both ways. here is senate leader chuck schumer. >> and i will say this, the biden administration is considering other action against china for their brazen activities. and we can work with them on this process in the senate should the need arise. >> a new "washington post" abc poll shows americans are not excited about a potential
6:49 am
biden/trump rematch. more than six out of ten americans say they would be dissatisfied or even angry if biden returned to the white house. about the same, slightly less, feel the same about trump. >> state of the union is tomorrow. we'll be previewing some of that on social media. on facebook, you can find me @scott mcgrew. pro golfers returned to the links today to complete the final round of the at&t pebble beach pro am. weather conditions over the weekend led to delays. justin rose leads by two shots at the top of the field. as for the pro am event, that was won by green pay packers star, aaron rodgers. he teamed up with ben silverman. this is the first time rodgers took home the trophy. good for him. talented athlete. a giant jackpot is on the line in tonight's power ball drawing. >> it grew to $747 million. this will be the ninth largest
6:50 am
in u.s. lottery history. last november was the last time someone actually hit all six numbers and the power ball drawing. the drawing takes place at 8:00 p.m. our time. >> if you don't play, you can't win. i don't know, those odds. that's on you. >> here is my $2. >> we can always dream. is sun is. >> a nice start, fog linger in some of the valleys. temperatures are cool everywhere. this is a live look outside in dublin. we're seeing it jamming up as people are heading out and then some fog in castro valley as you continue to make your way along the interstate. over the weekend we had decent rainfall totals. much of the north bay measured about an inch of rain fall, san raf fell had 2 inches of rainfall and we had three-quarters of an inch to about an inch for much of the east bay.
6:51 am
for santa cruz mountains, nearly 4 inches of rain over the weekend. our sierra snowpack doing very well, over double its normal amount. and even if we don't get any more snow, we'll still end the season with above normal snowpack, even taking it out to april 1st. with our rainfall, we've measured over 25 inches of rain for the start of the water year, all the way up until now, and we're still at a surplus of about 6 inches of rainfall. we can see in san jose and oakland, 22 inches of rain, we're also at a surplus with livermore, over 17 inches of rain, and about 9 inches for san jose. now we're letting all that water soak in. it's going to be dry throughout much of the week. we are seeing a couple of storm systems toward the end of the forecast, friday into saturday, as well as possibly sunday. but it doesn't look like those systems are going to hold together. i'm just going to keep a slight chance of rainfall in the forecast. we may have a better chance for the middle of next week. but once again, much of this week is dry. when we look at the light blues
6:52 am
here, that shows about a trace of rainfall as we take it out about a week. so we're not expecting a lot of wet weather here. just slight rain chances for saturday and sunday. and overall we're going to see a lot of sunshine and temperatures getting a little bit warmer for the end of the week. mid-60s for a high inland on thursday. mike continues with that alert. >> a heads-up, if you're choosing between 101 and 280, 280 is in the green zone, 101 south in the red zone. minor injuries reported at oyster point boulevard, but the crash blocks over half the freeway. that's why the alert was issued by chp. 680 southbound also jammed up. there may be a new crash in the backup. the original crash at andrade is in the middle of the freeway. out of pleasanton and into sunol, we're looking at that portion of the tri-valley as the problem spot.
6:53 am
we don't have a lot of issues in castro valley. we see more traffic at the bay bridge, but things are moving better here than they did about a half hour ago. back to you. >> thank you, mike. it is 6:52. happening now, millions of californians are set to lose access to food. calfresh is expected to issue its final emergency covid benefit allotment next month. they were put into place to help residents struggling with food access during the pandemic. many food banks and pantries across the state are bracing for a so-called food cliff and an influx of those in need to have those services due to the benefits expiring very soon. and a quick look at the top stories we have this morning. a catastrophic earthquake rocking turkey and northern syria. the number of confirmed deaths already surging toward 2,000. and new video coming into our newsroom showing an entire building wiped out during a powerful aftershock. >> and oakland's top cop demanding that he be allowed to
6:54 am
return to his job after being placed on administrative leave. the new action he's set to take and why he believes he's being and why he believes he's being treated
6:55 am
i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. with skyrizi 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months, after just 2 doses. serious allergic reactions and an increased risk of infections or a lower ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms,
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had a vaccine or plan to. ♪♪ ♪ it's my moment so i just gotta say ♪ ♪ nothing is everything ♪ talk to your dermatologist about skyrizi. learn how abbvie could help you save.
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welcome back. it is 6:56 this morning. here are our top stories on "today in the bay." we want to begin with the tragedy unfolding in turkey and syria after that powerful earthquake that has killed at least 2,200 people. >> it is staggering, the number of deaths is only expected to climb higher. at least 8,000, we know at this time, are injured. isn't that amazing? a video showing a building collapsing in the aftermath of the 7.8 earthquake, which struck a little after 4:00 a.m. monday local time. it's been about 12 hours now since that quake. that same area now being hit by a swarm of aftershocks, including one with a magnitude 7.5. here is a look at where the quake was centered, the damage heavy on both sides of the turkey and syria border. in fact, we have a live look
6:58 am
right now in turkey. look at what they're up against, a desperate search under way to try to find survivors that are trapped in all of that rubble. they've got to go through it layer by layer. the "today" show will have much more coming up in just moments at 7:00 a.m. >> certainly our thoughts and prayers are with them. happening today, east bay leaders plan to gather outside of oakland city hall to speak out against threats of violence against elected officials. it comes after oakland council -- actually, state senator aisha wahab posted threatening voicemails they received recently. oakland mayor sheng thao plans to join them. suspended oakland police chief leronne armstrong today plans to ask for reinstatement. it follows an event he attended yesterday organized by oakland's naacp. the new oakland mayor, sheng thao, placed him on leave more than two weeks ago, amidst
6:59 am
allegations the department mishandled cases of officer misconduct. armstrong argues the narrative of his role in the investigation, quote, defies even common logic, unquote. the mayor's office did not respond to our request for comment. time to get a look at that forecast. another cold start to the week. >> it's a cold start. it's also mostly clear. we're waking up to a nice sunrise. then we'll take a look at our high temperatures, we only make it into the mid to upper 50s for most spots today. we're back down into the upper 30s tomorrow. we put it on repeat but get a little warmer throughout the week and only slight rain chances for the weekend. and a couple of key spots to warn you about on the peninsula, south 101, continues with the alert, approaching oyster point boulevard. just past that exit everything is clear on the peninsula, 280 is a much better route, but this injury crash continues to block three lanes of south 101. south 680 look a little better as the crash just cleared at andrade. look at the slowing out of pleasanton and soared sunol. >> that's what's happening at
7:00 am
"today in the bay." join us again at 11:00 this morning. >> we'll be back at 7:25 or a local news update. a live look at dublin as we get started with this week. beautiful shot there. stick around. the "today" show is coming up next. good monday morning. breaking news, a massive earthquake rocks syria and turkey. >> the staggering death toll this morning. it is february 6th. this is "today." devastation, more than 1,900 people killed in a powerful earthquake toppling buildings across hundreds of miles. thousands more injured, a frantic search for survivors underway at this hour. complete coverage straight ahead. fallout off the coast of south carolina, the race to gather sensitive debris this morning after the u.s. shoots down thach


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