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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 8, 2023 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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right now at beloved:00, an east bay bakery owner attacked. what left her fighting for her life. the search for survivors in truckee and syria, ongoing. how you can help the victims of the earthquake. plus, when life and death
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are at stake, i think we have to take risks sometime, and now is the time your >> now is the time, a critical vote for a controversial plan. san francisco supervisors pushing forward with a proposal to let people use drugs under supervision. we investigate. good evening. it's been more than 72 hours since the earthquake hit truckee and syria, and with each passing hour, hope of finding survivors diminishes. >> one bay area family is watching closely, hoping their loved ones are not among the more than 15,000 men, women, and children, who have been killed. so many are still trapped under a mountain of debris. frigid temperatures. we spoke with a bay area woman who has yet to hear from her family in truckee and says she is frightened. >> i didn't know if they are still alive or not. i still don't know if maybe my
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family is there under the building. or if they rescued them. >> this is her sister's home that collapsed over her nieces, nephew, and her parents. they miraculously escaped, but not without emotional scars, especially for the 9-year-old. >> she does not want to go anything, she does not want to go in a shelter, because she's afraid of being under the earthquake again. >> all lost their homes, and many of those rescued hours after the earthquake are severely injured with no hospital or medicine insight. >> i'm not able to drink or eat for the last couple days, because it reminds me, all of them, so when i eat something, i feel like okay, they are not able to find food right now, so i feel lt. >> she created a gofundme page for her family as she waits to see who else got it out. families here are helping. then
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we went and bought clothing and blankets, medicine for those who are suffering. >> just like lisa, this entire table at menlo park are answering the cause for help coming out of syria and truckee. some with bags, checks, or ideas. >> restaurants , hospitals, urgent care centers, that we are determining what they need, and if we could get it locally we are just sending money and getting it locally.tran01 the northern california tickets association has been organizing events and collecting donations since the quake hit. a lot of conversation we are hearing is about what's next and how to collaborate with companies here to help rebuild communities in truckee and syria. in menlo park, i'm stephanie for nbc bay area news. this is new drone video now
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in truckee close to the epicenter. search crews, you can see what they were up against, building after building left in rubble. despite the odds there are miraculous stories of survival, like this little girl, a rescue group in syria rescued this girl trapped for more than 40 hours under her own home.there are fears that holdings that are standing now could still we spoke with the pastor of the armenian evangelical bethel church. the reverend opened his church to about 500 people who no longer have homes. >> we are providing food, drinking water, some warm clothing, and blankets, because these people are out of their homes, and they ran to the streets, and they're never able
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to return home. >> that church, a couple hours away from the epicenter. we've made it easy for you to help . we've posted a link on our website with information on charities raising money and sending supplies to the earthquake zones. head to and click the link in our trending bar. a bakery owner in oakland is in critical condition after violent robbery. angel cakes owner, jennifer angel, was backing out of a parking spot when a car blocked her in. her fiance says thieves jumped, smashed her window and stole something out of the car. this happened monday afternoon at the wells fargo on webster street. angel allegedly chased the men down, but caught in the door of the cart was dragged more than 50 feet, hitting her head multiple times. she is now in a medically induced coma at a nearby hospital. pausing police the, the robbers took something out of angel's car, but not her phone, nor her wallet. >> more heartache for the alameda board of supervisors. alameda supervisor richard
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valle has passed away. gia vang is in oakland with what his death is prompting, and next. >> after 12:30, alameda county supervisor richard valle passed away of prostate cancer. >> did he ever talk to you about that experience? >> on occasions i would call him and ask him how he's doing. >> nate miley on his reflection. and when he would bring that calm collective determination to the table. >> many new valle as a hard worker, but he enlisted as a u.s. army medic serving in vietnam in 1970. he continued his commitment to people until his death.
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his passing comes after that after wilma chan who was struck and killed by a motorist in 2021. >> it was difficult losing supervisor chan and supervisor valle. they both served for many many years, they have a lot of knowledge and wisdom between the two of them. >> as for the person who will fill valle's position. >> the expectation is you live up to the are that supervisor valle set, and that is protecting the most vulnerable and much more. >> as in the case of wilma chan, valle's seat still needs to be filled. in oakland, gia vang , nbc bay area news. a man who wanted to kill
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numerous police officers made his first court appearance today . it's a different name than the lease used yesterday.investigators say the man who is undocumented has multiple aliases. he initially refused to walk into the courtroom until the judge ordered him to enter the prosecutors say he was out tissue police officers, and that he got into a gunfight with a police officer during a traffic stop friday and shot at an officer during a standoff before he eventually surrendered. >> not a random act, but intentionally find it put firing at police officers. >> he is being held without bail. it has been a tough day for gilroy tonight. many in the community came together to mourn the loss of a man suspected of dying from a fentanyl overdose. when alonzo was one of four men who was found unresponsive
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inside a home recently. nbc bay area's audrey has more on that story. >> the message tonight is to get help through dozens gathered tonight remember you when alonzo including his children, grandchildren, and fellow church members. they comforted one another and focused on the way he lived, not how he died. >> one by one, loved ones spoke about the man some called dad. >> he would always say i am proud of you, and that. that's always going to be with me. >> grandfather. >> he was really kind. he would try to joke as much as he could, and he was successful. >> and friend. >> gilroy has been giving a lot. >> pastor human is a victory church said he knew alonzo for 35 years. >> we know he was not a
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fentanyl user. he may have partied and did things, but that was not a drug of choice. and you know, it's unfortunate to hear about his, our loss. >> in the past week alone his church conducted four funerals, some due to drugs you may remember a couple days ago, investigators say they found four people unresponsive at a home north of gilroy, each were given narcan, but three ended up dying. over their 50s. they say alonzo was one of them, but that's not how the plant remember him. >> we will continue to keep him in the light and make sure that people that don't have the wrong opinions about him, you know? he was a family man for sure. >> and they have a message for those suffering from drug addiction. >> find help . get help.put your pride aside, because it's your life. >> 100 $.25 no related deaths in 2021. there were only 25 just two years earlier.
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the man accused of opening fire in a san francisco synagogue is now being charged with a hate crime. if the incident was captured on surveillance, and you can see here. dimitri mission walked into a richmond district synagogue, then fired blanks out of that gun. no one was hurt, but members of the synagogue say they are glad mission is facing serious charges. >> the shooting itself is very quick, and people don't know what is going on, what's happening. there was a concern in my mind that somehow he would only be charged with more minor crimes and be let out in a year to happier. >> the district attorney says the hate crime enhancement was added after stated comments and posts that he was motivated by anti-semitic views. he is being charged for a
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similar incident at the balboa theater. prosecutors will ask he be held without bail. a supervisor is apologizing tonight for flipping off a protester. chairman walton says it happened last week at a rally for tyre nichols. he flipped off a man using the microphone to interrupt the rally. we are back in 60 seconds. ahead, the city no longer holds the title for the most expensive rent in the bay area. how the south bay now tops that list. it's a controversial proposal that would allow drug addicts a safe place to get high in san francisco.supervisors, about to make an important vote on the supervised injection sites. we investigate. and right now, 49 degrees in san jose. son has a, one of the areas tomorrow that could be closing in on 70 degrees for
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okay, ask anyone, which city in the bay has the highest rent, and the answer is usually san francisco. well, not anymore. mountain view is now the most expensive city in the region for a one-bedroom apartment, according to a new report. you can see here a one-bedroom will cost you $3100, that is up 24% from last year. it's also a couple hundred more than you a one-bedroom in san francisco. one factor leading to the recent spike in rent is low inventory. that's actually leading to bidding wars over rental apartments. >> people are willing to pay between over $100-$200 more per month just to get a property. >> on the flipside the least expensive area city to rent an apartment is in vallejo.
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one-bedroom goes for about $1600. antioch in richmond goes for $1800. tomorrow, a big decision which impacts the people and streets of san francisco. the city is taking another stab at trying to create sanctioned drug centers, where people can easily and freely use drugs. these drug centers are controversial and have been scrapped repeatedly over the years. here is our senior investigative reporter. >> what has become the norm in san francisco isn't normal. rampant drug use has left the city with one of the highest overdose death rates in america. but desperation can lead to strange politics. >> we are going to sit back and do nothing while hundreds are dying? it makes no sense. >> supervisor hillary ronin had long been at odds with the mayor over how to curb drug deaths. even calling out the executive branch directly at a recent
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hearing. >> we are so sick of being given the runaround, and that's what you've been doing, because you speak, and you say nothing, and you say the same thing over, and over, and over again. and nothing happens. and you slam the brakes on the community. training aside. >> san francisco has tried to open what are known as supervised injection sites for years, these are centers where people can use their own illegal drugs under the care of trained staff who can provide medical attention in the case of an overdose. >> there is a saying , people who are dead can't access treatment. >> for nearly a dock decade, in the city there were 620 drug overdoses last year. a slight decline from the year before, but a still more than 500% increase from 2015. dr. sun says there are multiple
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centers abroad. in 2018 we visited a facility in canada. research found after opening the site in canada, used syringes on streets and sidewalks decreased by more than half while enrollment in rehab and addiction services spiked by 30%. some learning about these facilities for the first time might think how does a place that allows people to use illegal drugs actually help them get off drugs? >> when you think about it it seems like a crazy idea. but what people don't realize, is that when someone has opioid addiction it's very much a relaxing condition where people will go through periods of wanting to get on treatment. in that case the center is able to link them to treatment and offer and take advantage of that one moment. truman the first time they walk in may not be the moment they ask about addiction services? >> might be the seventh, the
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25th, the hundreds, but the fact they keep coming back and engage with an organization, that is what saves people from addiction. >> the sites violate federal and state law. even governor gavin newsom vetoed a plan last year that would have allowed injection sites to open on a trial basis. in cities like san francisco, that legal limbo stalled planes in the city. the mayor, saying she was unwilling to move forward with the centers, since they could put employees at risk of federal prosecution. >> when it comes to overdose prevention programs i want to see them happen in san francisco, but they remains serious legal issues that have not been addressed for city operated or city funded sites. >> but hillary ronin post back. and the biden administration has not engaged in prosecuting anyone. i think when life and death are at stake i think we have to take risks sometimes. >> the mayor says she is no
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longer waiting on guidance from the federal government. in a sort of political compromise, the two come to copy what new york city did more than a year ago. the big apple opened the nation's first-ever injection centers with a pair of facilities that are privately funded. no taxpayer dollars. mayor london breed and ronan want to bring that model to san francisco's by opening three centers by the end of the year. a prescription to lessen liability as the city takes another shot at addressing its drug crisis. with the investigative unit reporting. >> a board committee will vote on whether to move this plan forward. if approved tomorrow, it moves on to the full board next tuesday. if you have a story tip for anyone in our investigative unit, 888-9 and six-tips, or visit our website, /investigations.
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if you liked the way it's going to felt yesterday you are going to love the way it feels tomorrow. >> we are looking at which are perfect conditions around the bay. beautiful view of the golden gate bridge. san francisco right now, still hanging on to the mid-50s. fog free for now. might see patchy cloud cover, and we will take you over to san rafael, 45 degrees over the san jose also in the mid-40s. a texas to dublin in livermore, down to 44. could see patchy fog and a few inland east bay valleys which is what futurecast is showing right there and hazy sunshine headed into the afternoon. dress in layers. the morning temperatures are still cold. we have 30s and 40s, we might even have patchy frost across the tri-valley into the north bay to start. but watch how these temperatures climb up. by lunch
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time, san jose in the mid-60s. one place, half moon bay in san francisco, look at oakland down into fremont. numbers in the mid-60s, mid to upper 60s in san jose. 70s in downtown san jose towards san martin. there is a big shift between thursday and friday, and there it is. cloud cover and a chance of showers late friday. notice the high pressure itself never comes on shore. it stays offshore all the way down the coast, so the best chances for measurable rainfall should be right along the coastline, and when those lows stay offshore we don't get big rain totals. that looks to be the case in early saturday, so plan on clearing skies as early as saturday afternoon. as we head towards your sunday, another warm-up begins just in time for the second half of the weekend. san francisco should climb back into the 60s.
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for inland areas with the warm day on the day tomorrow, chance of showers friday night into the first half of saturday, and now sunday. it is trending warmer. we could see mid to upper 60s again for the end of the week where folks will be watching a big game going on. >> the 49ers aren't in it, so what's happening? >> that of the game. [ laughter ] >> tomorrow would be a suspicious six-day. up next, creative solution to help our climate in crisis. a santa cruz company as an alternative to styrofoam. we'll tell you what they are using to make it. a company specializing in electric motorcycles is cutting jobs, laying off 10% of its global workforce, including an entire assembly line. this was a reconfiguration they said, and part of a strategy to
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new at 11:00 the cohost of a popular podcast is no longer behind bars. today, our. thomas was released from san quentin. he's the cohost of the podcast called here also, produced while he was locked up did hit your collect calls. he was serving 55 years to life for second-degree murder conviction back in 2000. governor newsom let him out early citing his dedication to
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rehabilitation. thomas was named in the group of pardons and sentence reductions which was announced last month. now to our climate and crisis. shrimp shells and food waste may be the answer to more eco- friendly packaging. a startup called cruz foam as an alternative to styrofoam is in part used with used crustacean shells. it melts and water and is generally safe for animals to eat unlike traditional styrofoam which adds to micro plastics pollutions in our seas. pollutions in our seas. >> we have a blockbuster - life is uncertain. it's okay to feel stressed, anxious, worried, or frustrated.
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- life is uncertain. with calhope's free and secure mental health resources, it's easy to get the help you and your loved ones need when you need it the most. call our warm line at (833) 317-4673 or live chat at today. okay, this is huge, we are talking huge. within the hour, news of a blockbuster nba trade, get ready. kevin durant is leaving brooklyn and going to the phoenix suns. >> the former warriors superstar traded by the brooklyn nets to the suns for four first round picks in the a host of players.
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it is rocking the nba before tomorrow's trade deadline. i think the warriors play the suns in mid-march. after the warriors tonight in portland, jordan poole swapping jerseys and smiles and hugs with his former teammate as gp two, gary payton ii. happy birthday to klay thompson, finishing with 31 points. this was a close game, but late fourth quarter, the warriors just kind of collapsed. the blazers go on a run and never look back. the warriors lose, 125-122. big news for brock purdy. surgery on february 27th, a couple weeks from now to fix that ruptured ucl and his throwing elbow. reports indicate that texas rangers doctor will perform the surgery. it's a surgery similar to what baseball pitchers received, though it's not quite tommy john surgery.
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okay, in case you forgot the super bowl is this weekend, the question is who is going to win? the eagles or the chiefs? for that, we go to our friends at the zoo. rookie followed the veteran, picking the chiefs for the win. the animals at the zoo have picked nine of the last 12 super bowl winners. and the orangutans picked the chiefs. by the way, a sea lion in arizona picked the eagles yesterday. so it is an animal tossup did look at that baby orangutan. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the gh


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